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Psychotic.EGG's page

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Sell by choice.

I have an idea of how you could sell the items and make everyone happy. Make a list of ALL the items. Atleast all the basic items found in the PH's and DMG's of the most popular Table top RPG's. in this case I will use DnD as an example. I would list all simple, martial and exotic weapons. all armor and shields. and all basic equpiment including but not limited to alchemists labs and clothes. I'd even put the water clock in there. Now you will have a pretty nice list for us to select from, and how I would get us to choose would be to put a quantity box beside the name of each item. like the way you do with the shopping cart. We know the box set of items comes with 54 cards. So what I suggest is that you make the amount you must buy when picking itmes out for yourself should be something along the lines of say 35 cards and pay the price of a full box set. because you get to pick exactly what you wanted so you're paying for convience. This way people buying for the first time would still buy the box set to get a start up for what appears to be cheaper. and people who already have 1,2 or 3 box sets can start picking and prodding through items they feel they need. Mull over my idea I think it will help you out alot.

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