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Cayden Cailean

Protoman's page

Goblin Squad Member. FullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 1,969 posts (1,982 including aliases). 1 review. No lists. No wishlists. 10 Pathfinder Society characters.


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As Helpful Harry says, casting a spell typically doesn't require a concentration check just to do, yet won't work with raging song. I believe the same thing applies to kinetic blade and it wouldn't work.

I got no idea either if we're arguing or overclarifying the same thing but different aspects of the issue.

But I'm kinda in the no kinetic blade while raging camp. I see it as a SLA that requires concentration even without the concentration check, just like casting spell or regular kinetic blast when not threatened.

Modifying blast with an infusion or metakinesis (also Su) doesn't affect concentration at all (besides blade/whip not needing a casting defensively concentration check to avoid AoO). But in other cases of requiring concentration checks simply to activate a SLA, such as grapple, to use kinetic blade would still require a concentration check.

the Queen's Raven wrote:
Where does it state infusions are supernatural.

Next to the Infusion class feature.

Helpful Harry wrote:
Kinetic Blast is a spell like ability but infusions are supernatural.

Just in case one thinks an infused kinetic blast is a supernatural ability and no longer a SLA (this has been brought up before in forums), it's not. Infusions is a supernatural class feature that allows one to modify the kineticist's spell-like ability kinetic blast class feature. An infused kinetic blast is still a spell-like ability.

It's still a spell-like ability, even though it doesn't get activated and used like one. It gets activated as part of an attack/full-attack/charge action and doesn't provoke because it's part of another action rather than an action itself, unlike a regular SLA typically requiring a standard action.

If it was a grapple situation, would require a concentration check.

Deadbeat Doom wrote:
Tels wrote:
Haldelar Baxter wrote:

What's the best weapons for use with the conductive weapon ability for kineticists?

Preferably those that don't require additional feats to use

It's still a little iffy, but I believe you can only use the conductive ability with kinetic blast on ranged weapons, because kinetic blast is a ranged weapon.
Wouldn't you be able to apply Kinetic Blade to an energy blast to circumvent that?

No. You'd have to modify the blast normally with the kinetic blade/whip infusion when making the attack. But conductive weapons get activated "When the wielder makes a successful attack of the appropriate type, he may choose to expend two uses of his magical ability to channel it through the weapon to the struck opponent, which suffers the effects of both the weapon attack and the special ability." The wielder of the conductive weapon activates the conductive ability after the attack is made, not actually getting the chance to actually apply the infusion because the attack already happened.

Or at least, I'm assuming you're talking about elemental annihilator and not the elemental ascetic.

PaulH wrote:


Just checking - the blast for EA is still level based on D6's? I believe it still does full Con bonus to damage since it's a physical attack?

Just starting up a Dwarven EA in PFS

Paul H

The elemental annihilator's regular kinetic blast would be just like a normal kineticist's kinetic blast, number D6's based on odd levels of kineticist levels. If its a physical blast, then adds full Con modifier. If the elemental annihilator picks up an energy blast, then it only uses half the Con modifier.

When using devastating infusion with a physical blast, the damage is 1d8+Con modifier. If the devastating infusion melee blade is set as a light weapon, can be finessed. If the devastating infusion melee blade is set as a one-handed you can two-hand it for 1d8 + 1.5xCon damage but it can't be finessed by default and the annihilator has to use strength modifier to attack with it.

PaulH wrote:


Many of the issues raised are all changed with the Elemental Annihilator.

It specifically allows you to use Vital Strike etc with the melee attacks. Though you're melee attacks don't scale as you level. (You can take specialisation later).

It also grants access to other combat feats for ranged blasts too.

Paul H

Yea the annihilator and devastating infusion exceptions got mentioned several times in this thread.

If it gets disallowed in PFS, I'd guess it'll ber only due to PFS expecting characters to be able to read and there's currently no braille equivalent in Golarion (I think) rather than any potential "abuse and whining".

1 person marked this as a favorite.

If the trait makes someone blind by default, can really mess up other aspects of play even with all the other Blinded Blade Style feats: reading, dodging ranged attacks from further than 30 ft away, targeting with spells, detecting visible incorporeal creatures.

Kaliel Windstorm wrote:

After re-reading, I'll amend my answer to #3 to say: It's not clear.

I'd leave this to a DM decision. It looks like maybe both summoned from the elemental plane AND used from around you? I'd really think this is something they should specify. Can you use hydrokinesis in a room without water?

Check out this thread. Kineticists can can pull in elemental matter through the Ethereal or use ambient elemental matter from the surrounding environment. In regular conditions, plenty of ambient air around; in a vacuum, pull it in from another plane.

For question 3.

Mark Seifter wrote:
They can pull it in through the Ethereal or use ambient elemental matter. The only way to completely stop a kineticist from having their element is to cut off the Ethereal dimensionally and send them to a place like you describe.

Ventnor wrote:
Secret Wizard wrote:
I love Possessed Hand for Brawlers quite a bit. For Monks, not so much, because kicks are more important (to use Flying Kick for example).

Possessed Hand is nice, but the real nice feats for Brawlers are (I think): Soulblade, Ghostslayer, and Soulwrecking Strike.

Soulblade: Punch haunts until they stop haunting people.

Ghostslayer: Punch ghosts until they decide to head back to the afterlife

Soulwrecking Strike: Punch possessed people so hard that the possessing entity feels it.

All 3 are combat feats, so...

Damn. I love all that! Hope they're PFS legal later to use with my brawler!

Veering away from spells (because I don't know them that well), blasting with nifty bits is pretty much the entirety of a kineticist's offensive MO.

I rebuilt a playtest vigilante into a vigilante with the Blinded Blade Style feats in PFS. Very fun and useful for parties that need help zeroing in on invisible creatures or if ever stuck in a deeper darkness situation. Wish that trait existed back then, would have saved myself a feat instead of retraining an earlier feat to get Blinded Competence earlier than normal build progression would have allowed.

I picked up Headband of the Wolf to extend Blinded Blade Style's scent range by another 10 ft, or just 10 ft on its own. Scent isn't as useful as blindsight most times, but I find it useful when not blinded, or if something is bypassing blindsight somehow (new spells, feats, class features in each new book comes up with new stuff), still got an option.

If you're hoping to use concealment against your enemies, darkness might not cut it, since so many creatures got darkvision. Eversmoking bottle for 5,000 gp might be a better option since only very specific creatures can see through smoke (I think fire elementals?). More and more PFS players are equipping themselves with Goz Masks so they won't have too many issues, but if a party doesn't, maybe don't use it unless your party wants you to in order to even playing field (similar to tactics with obscuring mist).

pocsaclypse wrote:
Protoman wrote:
The Blinded Blade Style line of feats allows one to bypass the Perception ranks prereqs of Improved and Greater Blind-Fight and feats that use them as prereqs.
but blinded blade itself still needs 5 ranks of perception so you cant get it at level 1, right?

Unarmed Fighter archetype or Master of Many Style Monk archetype ignores the prereqs of their bonus Style feat at first level.

The Blinded Blade Style line of feats allows one to bypass the Perception ranks prereqs of Improved and Greater Blind-Fight and feats that use them as prereqs.

Well if PFS-future proofing is an issue, or even if not since it's required for any alchemical ammunition discount, then Gunsmithing feat is also gonna be necessary which cuts into more of the trench fighter's feats.

If considering monk levels, far strike monk is a great choice for its bonus feat choices.

Trench fighter doesn't grant proficiency with firearms, nor useful deeds, and if your "I would like to keep it PFS legal though" comment from the original post is still applicable then heads up, trench fighter isn't PFS legal.

The Weapon and Armor Proficiency entry doesn't say it replaces the normal fighter's proficiencies, so just take it as a modification, so the unarmed fighter is proficient with all simple and martial weapons, light armor, and all weapons with the "monk" quality.

mindbane wrote:

•If you combine this Infusion with a Form Infusion such as Eruption where it would hit everyone in a 10x40 foot cylindar. Do all targets get hit with a targeted dispel?

•If there is an ongoing effect such as Fog Cloud within the area is it also hit with the targeted dispel?

•What about just hitting a square in the ongoing effect with an AC 5 ranged touch would that allow you to dispel?

•What about magic items can you target them as you would with the spell? Such as directly attacking someones magical sword?

If you use an AoE form infusion with the unraveling infusion, then yea, all the creatures hit (and that you bypassed SR if applicable) get whammied by targeted dispel.

Unraveling infusion specifically states hitting foes, so you'd only be able to target creatures for the targeted dispel affect, not the usual dispel magic choice of "one object, creature, or spell". This is a trade-off with the potentially at-will targeted dispel (against creatures) effect of unraveling kinetic blasts.

Saethori wrote:

CMD does seem to be conspicuously absent. Hmm.

Using the spell Black Tentacles as a base, the CMD should be 10 + its CMB, adding on the usual +5 bonus for being in charge of the grapple, so I think it's best to go with that.

That +5 bonus is only for the grappler's CMB check to maintain the hold. It doesn't apply to his CMB outside of maintaining the grapple or to his CMD.


claudekennilol wrote:
Protoman wrote:

Wouldn't the list of reroll items page have answered the OP question?

Or was it more of a request for the battle foam bag to count?

*blinks* *stares in disbelief*

...did you really not read the very first line of my post at the top of the thread?

Lol totally didn't notice it!


Wouldn't the list of reroll items page have answered the OP question?

Or was it more of a request for the battle foam bag to count?

Just to double check on the abundant ammunition spell idea: You know that abundant ammunition got errata'd to not work with special material ammo, alchemical cartridges, or bullets with weapon blanches applied, right?

If you're gonna use the boon for a cool mount, maybe spellscar drifter cavalier would be better than inquisitor levels, unless you really want the spells + bane.

ApoY2k wrote:
Divvox2 wrote:

Personally I find I have the most fun being able to walk into a fight and having my choice of options on how to take them down. I play PFS and even at level 13 I haven't run into issues adapting to most fights using martial flexibility.

My choices led me to relying on Snake Style for defense, and at level 13 I have a +34 Sense Motive, which means I usually avoid at least 1 attack a round, and touch attacks are never going to hit me if I don't want them to, I carry potions to make up for nasty conditions/flight issues, and rely on my ability to drop upwards of 260 damage during a full attack to take down opponents before they can drop me. It's a riskier approach than a monk's ability to get astronomical ACs, but I find it massively more entertaining and exciting.

Is that using the Brawler or a Monk? Can't quite make it out from your description.

I believe Brawler with martial flexibility.

ShieldLawrence wrote:

Considering Infusions are Supernatural, and that form infusions make the blast "manifest in a different way", and that the action type becomes the various attack actions instead of the "use a spell-like ability" action...

I'd say you're no longer using a spell-like ability and you don't need to concentrate when grappling.

Infusions are a supernatural class feature allowing one to even modify kinetic blasts, a spell-like ability. In other words, infused kinetic blasts are spell-like abilities simply modified by a supernatural ability. The kinetic blast is still a spell-like ability, not a supernatural one. For example, if a monster had a supernatural ability to apply a metamagic feat to a spell-like ability, the SLA doesn't suddenly become a supernatural ability and gain all the benefits of being a supernatural ability such as avoiding AoOs or being used in a grapple automatically (unless that metamagic feat allowed such specific benefits, of course).

Kinetic blade had to specifically state that it's part of another action and doesn't provoke "any additional attacks of opportunities". It only refers to provoking AoOs, not no longer being an SLA and not needing to make concentration checks when other SLAs are required to.

Grappling rules also don't care what action is being used to perform/cast the spell/SLA. Swift, immediate, standard, full-round, 1 round, as its own action, as part of another action. They all require concentration checks. Nothing in kinetic blade/whip or even kinetic fist states they avoid that concentration check. This specific concentration check is still to even perform/cast the spell/SLA. If trying to simply avoid AoO, that's a separate casting defensively check (which kinetic blade doesn't need thanks to its rules text).

Would it be awesome if a kineticist can use the melee infusions in a grapple? Heck yea! But it's not written that way to support that so far in the grapple rules + kinetic blade text.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Texas Snyper wrote:
Protoman wrote:
For the grappling, the "part of another action" never changed the fact that it's a spell-like ability, and the grappling rules specifically state "a grappled character who attempts to cast a spell or use a spell-like ability must make a concentration check (DC 10 + grappler's CMB + spell level), or lose the spell." I see that as meaning one still has to make the concentration check to use kinetic blade. For example, a swift/immediate action spell or SLA doesn't provoke an AOO normally and there might be abilities that allow one to not provoke with a spell/SLA, but would still have to make a concentration check to use it in a grapple (like with liberating command).
The part of another action is actually key to why you don't get hit with any AoO. An AoO is based entirely on what action you do. Kinetic blade is not a free action or swift action SLA into an attack action. It IS an attack action and attack actions do not provoke. The grapple rules don't look at the 'components' of your attack action to see if it is a spell or SLA. Mark is the class creator and a Paizo developer. He says the blade does not provoke. Outside of an FAQ ruling, that is going to be the most definitive answer you are going to be able to get.

I wasn't talking about provoking for casting a kinetic blade SLA in a grapple. Of course it won't provoke. I'm saying the concentration check is needed to even cast it at all.

For the grappling, the "part of another action" never changed the fact that it's a spell-like ability, and the grappling rules specifically state "a grappled character who attempts to cast a spell or use a spell-like ability must make a concentration check (DC 10 + grappler's CMB + spell level), or lose the spell." I see that as meaning one still has to make the concentration check to use kinetic blade. For example, a swift/immediate action spell or SLA doesn't provoke an AOO normally and there might be abilities that allow one to not provoke with a spell/SLA, but would still have to make a concentration check to use it in a grapple (like with liberating command).

I usually never bothered trying to kinetic blade since the concentration check DC usually much higher than my bonus, til I reached up to 28-32 Constituon bonus but even then the things that bothered grappling me had such high strength and CMB and size that it usually wasn't worth the wasted round's effort and should have punched with cestus or down thing. My PFS pyro's searing flesh defensive talent made grappling him a big loss in HP for the grappler's turn that it balanced out and he never stayed grappled long, so I recommend any kineticist to have a melee weapon to pull out or a cestus in hand to use while grappled.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Oh I was totally tempted by the far strike monk. But I decided to forgo it because I wanted to get to gunslinger 5 ASAP to get into Shieldmarshal prestige class faster, and didn't wanna lose the BAB, wanted a neutral or chaotic alignment for the fun-loving gambler character, and still get the level 7 deeds at level 9 with Shieldmarhsal's gunmarshal class feature, needed the favoured class benefit for extra skill points for prestige class prereqs AND other skills I wanted for the character. I got a policy of trying to have as much fun with a build as soon as possible in PFS rather than delaying things for it to be fun later and it only being short-lived with the level-cap for the scenarios and I wanted the prestige class more than anything for my character idea. And in general I don't like multiclassing when I don't absolutely need to. If I can do everything I need with one class I'd rather go that way.

My PFS maverick pistoler gunslinger just hit level 4 with Weapon Focus (pepperbox), Quick Draw, Gun Twirling, and Deadly Aim. Likely to get Rapid Reload at level 5 as combat is lasting a lot longer than in lower levels. The character does fine with current feats and always mixing it up throwing wooden stakes (they're free!), fighting and threatening unarmed, or quick drawing a sword instead of reloading.

The character is also an experiment on still being cowboy-like without all the other annoyingness of gunslingers dominating scenarios GMs (I included) have found about certain usual builds: Not planning on Rapid Shot, Snap Shot line of feats, or Rapid Reload free-action-extravaganza to keep track of in combat, and more balanced stats with a decent strength to go into melee with fist or special material melee weapons).

After 5 I'm either going TWF at 7, ITWF at 9, and GTWF at 11; or PBS at 7, Precise Shot 9, Clustered Shots 11 (these feats might be earlier if I don't bother with Rapid Reload and get Improved Critical or Improved Precise Shot at 11). I consider both rather gravy at this point and will decide as I play further. Probably the latter because the idea of enchanting two weapons AND still paying for ammo is a giant UGH. Even if I decide not to dual wield, I like the Gun Twirling feat cuz I like sheathing as a free action to have both hands free at a moment's notice without having to drop the gun.

Gun twirl deed gives Dazzling Display feat when the maverick has 1 grit, which helps with the Gun Twirling prereqs.

As for why some don't take far strike monk level: alignment, don't wanna multiclass/wanna rush to gunslinger level 5 for firearm/pistol/musket training, not really caring about precise shot at low levels, like wearing armor and/or not a great wisdom.

The "until another command is given" is for the specific deactivation of the flaming enhancement.

In the 3.5 FAQ this situation was addressed:

There’s nothing illogical about a flaming, frost, shock weapon (at least not within any framework that allows weapons to generate energy in the first place), and there’s no rule against such weapons (think of the weapon as having fiery, frosty, shocking flames). The character creating such a weapon decides how it can be activated. Most such weapons probably are made so that the wielders can activate all three powers simultaneously, or activate them one at a time, as desired.

Garbage-Tier Waifu wrote:
I think the easiest method to obtain two weapon fighting with a Gunslinger is the Maverick archetype for early, condition free access to Gun Twirling. It also has some cool features and free access to Improved Unarmed Strike, which has some decent uses in of itself. I recommend checking it out here

I plan on using the maverick archetype for easy gun twirling tone extra cool with the pepperbox pistol, but decided to forgo TWF because I need to invest feats for PBS, precise shot, and clustered shot.

avr wrote:
Stabbing shot is elf-only, and you're human with no racial heritage shenanigans. This also indirectly cuts out empty quiver flexibility.

Empty quiver style lets one ignore the elf race requirement for stabbing shot.


K cool I'll go with that. Thanks!


Ah totally missed that "rounded to the nearest gold piece" bit. I guess it probably wouldn't be applicable for regular bullets then since gunsmithing itself brings the price down to 1 sp and I doubt they intended artisan shop to have that rounded to 0 gp or have it rounded back up to 1 gp.


With the Gunsmithing feat, one can purchase black powder and regular bullets at 10% of regular price and alchemical cartridges at 50% of regular price.

Assuming one also has ranks in Craft (firearms) specifically to benefit from Artisan's Shop (Firearms) for a 5% discount on non-magical firearms and ammunition, how does that work with the Gunsmithing discounts?

Would the Gunsmithing prices be the new default price to apply artisan's discount? Black powder dose (10 gp) becomes 1 gp base price and 5% discount for 9 sp & 5 cp? And paper alchemical cartridge (12 gp) becomes 6 gp base price and 5% discount for 5 gp & 7 sp?

Or would the Gunsmithing and Artisan's Shop discounts be applied together? Black powder 10 gp dose gets a 95% discount (assuming Gunsmithing is considered a 90% discount) and becomes 5 sp? And paper alchemical cartridge 12 gp gets a 55% discount for 5 gp & 4 sp?

OOOOR would the two simply not stack?


Quick question as I'm volunteering to run this in the near future:

Does the robot's hardness get applied to damage against the force shield's temporary hit points? Or only to the robot's regular hit points once the force field gets taken down?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'd be happy with more Golarion Sun Wukong lore.

Theodor Snuddletusk wrote:

I agree regarding charges. If you dont need to have permanent invisibility available. Just have it for 2-3 times each day. Why spend X times more gold?

Regarding limitations for religions or genders or similar things i dont view them as a bad move, generally yes, but not completely.

If a church of some religion gives out swords to their followers than they would not want them to be used by none-believers, or sold by fallen followers etc.

Just like Judge Dread`s gun that is imprinted with his dna, it would lower the creation cost quite a lot.

Making it limited to only certain users that the creator of the magic item specifies that doesn't limit himself shouldn't give a discount for himself. He made it an exclusive item and those wouldn't be cheap.

If trying to sell it, it should sell for less since there wouldn't be much of a market for it.

The example of Judge Dredd's Gun, no one is gonna think it being DNA-locked is gonna make it cheaper. They had to invest MORE into the gun for it to do that.

haremlord wrote:
Imbicatus wrote:

Unarmed attacks include all attacks that are not weapon attacks. This include four subsets: natural weapons, touch attacks, unarmed strikes, and gauntlets. All are in the grey area of being treated as weapons for most effects, but not for others.

All unarmed strikes are unarmed attacks, but not all unarmed attacks are unarmed strikes.

I'm fine with this interpretation as well. And this allows for the "when you use an unarmed attack" allowing you to use Unarmed Strike.

This would also allow you to use some Style feats and Stunning Fist (as well as Dazing Fist and some others) with your Natural Attacks.

Oh, and by RAW, this would also allow you to still deal Monk unarmed strike damage with the Cestus and Brass Knuckles (despite Adventurer's Armory removing the part where it said specifically that Monks could use their unarmed strike damage, it still says that it allows you to deal lethal damage with your unarmed attacks... I'd like to quote an online resource for this, but I just noticed that d20pfsrd and archives of nethys don't agree with the exact wording, and neither matches my copy of AA).

Paizo seems pretty definite that everything but the gauntlet is weapon and not unarmed attacks.

Mark Seifter wrote:
Basically Herolab asked our Licensing Coordinator who asked me, so I asked Jason, and he said that gauntlets are basically just a way to do lethal damage with your unarmed strikes, not an actual weapon (basically an inexpensive modifier for unarmed strikes that's in the unarmed strike category) and can't be enhanced on its own, whereas all those other weapons are listed separately as weapons, including spiked gauntlet.
Paizo Response wrote:
Gauntlet is actually an unarmed attack, not a separate weapon, so it can’t be enchanted (it uses amulet of mighty fists instead) and it uses all the unarmed strike stuff. All the others are separate weapons and work like manufactured weapons.

Cestus has the wording that it affects unarmed attacks, but it's in the light weapons table. The developer comments work with how the "unarmed" weapons have always been seen to work in the past (they are manufactured weapons and monks don't get nice things), but this gauntlet thing is like a giant outlier that needs clarification.

haremlord wrote:
swoosh wrote:
Gauntlets are very very confusing, IIRC according to the most recent FAQ gauntlets are non-weapon weapons and you can't enchant them at all, so you still need AOMF.

If this is true, that changes everything. Do you remember where that is? I couldn't find it in any of the FAQs and it wasn't on d20pfsrd nor did I see anything like that in the prd.

Both sites just had gauntlets under weapons.

As Imbicatus says, it's not an actual FAQ but a rule clarification sent to Hero Labs. Hopefully an actual FAQ will clear it up because gauntlets and (magic) special material gauntlets and AoMF are kinda in a weird interaction territory right now.

"at 2nd level and every 2 levels thereafter, a kineticist selects a new utility wild talent from the list of options available to her."

You pick from talents available to you.

You got expanded element (aether)? Excellent you expanded your list of options available to you.

"If the kineticist's expanded element is different from her primary element, she treats her kineticist level as 4 levels lower for the purpose of determining which wild talents she can learn from her expanded element."

Your kineticist levels are 4 lower to determine which aether elements are available to you.

At level 10, your expanded element (aether) kineticist level is 6. That's too low to qualify for Telekinetic Maneuvers (level 4 talent), so it isn't available to you.

The -4 penalty applies to see if one even qualifies for the expanded element talent choice, whether it's picked up normally from regular progression, free swaps at the specified utiliy/infusion talent levels, or with the Extra Wild Talent feat (it uses -2 spell level but basically the same as -4 kineticist levels). If you don't count as a level 8 kineticist for expanded element (aether), you can't pick up Telekinetic Maneuvers at level 10 in any way.

No, you're still restricted by the -4.

Texas Snyper and OP's example of trying to get expanded element (aether) telekinetic maneuvers (spell level 4) at the 10th level swap won't work because his kineticist only counts as a level 6 aether kineiticst.

Sorry I didn't see the example given at the OP's post.

Despite Telekinetic Maneuvers being same level as (example given of) Expanded Defense, the kineticist in question never qualified for Telekinetic Maneuvers at level 10.

Mark's post specifically gives the example of replacing low level primary element talents for low level expanded element talents.

Texas Snyper wrote:
I want to know if the -4 levels still apply for retraining to an expanded element. E.g. if I expand into aether can I trade something of equal level for telekinetic maneuvers at level 10?

The -4 levels for expanded element talent choices still applies to the talent swap.


Mitch Mutrux wrote:
Protoman wrote:
John Compton wrote:

The re-roll situation has not changed since Season 7, and one still receives only a single re-roll—and only when in possession of a qualifying shirt or other merchandise. I have not had the means or time to investigate the exact nature and source of this misprint, but I assure you that it is by my initial assessment an error introduced somewhere in the Guide's reorganization, rewriting, and/or editing. We'll address this and similar concerns after Gen Con.

Please help correct this misunderstanding by directing people to this post.

Does this apply just to players with no GM stars and GMs with stars get more than re-roll per session?

Or is the WHOLE re-roll situation out of whack and GMs with stars AND players with no stars limited to one re-roll per session? And if this is the case, does GM stars have any effect on re-rolls like previous season's guides' "number of stars = bonus to the re-roll"?

The reroll situation is the exact same as it was last year. Everyone playing gets one and only one reroll, provided they have a qualifying item. Players with GM stars get a bonus on the reroll equal to the number of stars they have.

Ah ok, I thought the misprint issue being corrected was about several re-roll granting items still only allowed one re-roll for players and the GM stars superceded that restriction. I'll stick with one re-roll + GM stars as bonuses.

I use the light quickdraw throwing shield (one each of different special materials) with the Quick Draw feat with my Shield Champion. Free action to unstrap (throwing shield), free action to draw it from stowed position (Quick Draw feat), free action to strap/don it (quickdraw shield + Quick Draw feat), free action to stow it (quickdraw shield + Quick Draw feat).

I list more reasons why the Shield Champion has action economy issues here and why I feel the need for the light quickdraw throwing shield.

The action economy is useful if the Shield Champion ever needs to throw the dang shield. You get it back at the END of your turn (whenever you declare your turn to be over) so no free action available to equip the shield again, so would need to equip it at the beginning of your NEXT turn, and it being a free action would be incredibly useful. Unequipping it and/or stowing it to have two free hands is also useful for climbing that needs two hands or other activities where don't want any armor check penalties like tumbling/jumping/swimming.

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