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Cayden Cailean

Protoman's page

Goblin Squad Member. FullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 2,101 posts (2,114 including aliases). 1 review. No lists. No wishlists. 10 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Only tip I can think of is to give them the dimensional agility feat chain.

Gauntlets currently require a much needed FAQ.

I outlined a lot of the issue here.

When you have a caster level higher than 5, by default shocking grasp does 5d6 points of damage and no more than that.

If level 8 and using Intensified Spell metamagic feat on shocking grasp, then you do 8d6.

Intensified Spell wrote:
Benefit: An intensified spell increases the maximum number of damage dice by 5 levels. You must actually have sufficient caster levels to surpass the maximum in order to benefit from this feat. No other variables of the spell are affected, and spells that inflict damage that is not modified by caster level are not affected by this feat. An intensified spell uses up a spell slot one level higher than the spell's actual level.

Intensified Spell simply raises the maximum number of damage dice for a spell by 5 levels, in shocking grasp's case its new maximum damage is 10d6 (5d6 normally + 5d6 intensified) at caster level 10. But the second sentence says you actually need the sufficient caster levels over the spell's maximum if you want to benefit. NOT simply adding another 5d6 to the shocking grasp's damage.

So your example of level 8 character only has 3 levels over the maximum of 5d6 (5 caster levels of 1d6 for shocking grasp), so the intensified shocking grasp is 8d6 for caster level 8.

Befriend a blink dog (Leadership feat for monstrous cohort? One of the summon monster spells?). Have it be a really fast postal messenger.

People often post in the Beginner Box forum because they think it's a "fun" name for a place for actual Pathfinder beginners to ask questions without knowing about the actual boxed product. I know I did during my early Paizo Pathfinder account days. So unless it's actual "Beginner Box"-product questions posted, I'll just in general assume it's actually for the regular game. Especially in this case about monks and swords (I assume temple sword) which I don't even know are in the Beginner's Box or not.

Also I was responding to Kitty's question about 1.5xStr on flurry.

EDIT: I agree the deadline for edits is harsh. So many things I've posted in the past I look back on I still smack my head for due to the typos or grammar errors I didn't catch and now can't fix.

Yea it lasts until the beginning of your next turn so whatever infusions/metakinesis you put on it you can benefit from with any AoOs/attacks you make with the kinetic whip until it disappears.

If even Cheliax knows not to mess with the Segada Protocol, Andoran sure as heck isn't going to even if they were so inclined to help out the Lumber Consortium in a more timely manner.

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Kitty Catoblepas wrote:
Is it widely accepted that you get 1.5x Str on two-handed weapons while flurrying? That seems like something that GMs would be quick to shoot down.

It is accepted for unchained monks to get 1.5x Str on two-handed weapons because the unchained version of flurry specifically does not share the chained version's text "A monk applies his full Strength bonus to his damage rolls for all successful attacks made with flurry of blows, whether the attacks are made with an off-hand or with a weapon wielded in both hands" and specifically stated by one of the developers as an advantage of unchained monks:

Mark Seifter wrote:
Interestingly, there have also been a fair number of posts about weapon monks being buffed too much by Unchained monk (they get 1.5x Strength damage now in flurry)...Overall, Unchained monk buffed both weapon and unarmed from the basic monk in different ways. Weapon monk is still doing better damage...(1.5x Strength, better accuracy, and better crits eclipse the increasing damage dice on the unarmed strikes).

"While receiving this shield bonus to AC, your gauntlet or spiked gauntlet is treated as a buckler for the purpose of using other feats and abilities (though you are also considered to have a free hand)."

I believe while you're benefiting from the gauntlet for the shield bonus, it'll count as a buckler. Which is allowed by the precise strike ability. "To use this deed, a swashbuckler cannot attack with a weapon in her other hand or use a shield other than a buckler."

But even with Shielded Gauntlet Master, no TWF allowed with precise strike, "To use this deed, a swashbuckler cannot attack with a weapon in her other hand".
Using Shielded Gauntlet Master feat with spiked gauntlet attack as main attack and no TWF, precise strike is ok.
Using Shielded Gauntlet Master feat with spiked gauntlet attack as main attack or off-hand attack with TWF, no precise strike.

Have a different gun when there's no shooting around allies.

The dracolisk is half-basilisk, so it can be argued that its blood is basilisk enough to be used for the "restored to flesh" effect. Or at very least a Stone to Flesh effect with Fort DC 15 to survive the effect.

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Ask the GM if good roleplaying will get you a bonus.

But for actual mechanical diplomacy bonus granting items:

Wear parade armor with the correct country represented.

On top of whatever fancy clothes you should be wearing when dealing with nobles, have fashionable accessories to go along with it.

Use book of letters to deal with city officials.

Smoke a calumet with folks you're dealing with.

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threemilechild wrote:
Why are you making a starknife-focused summoner, btw?

I'm guessing for the Divine Anthology's new Desna-worhsiping Divine Technique feat that grants attack and damage rolls with starknives to use only Charisma modifier.

Shieldmarshal is the proper name for the prestige class (no need to edit, Michelle A.J. probably needed you to confirm if it's the same class with d20pfsrd's version of the name).

As Michelle said, two different swift actions to activate each judgement ability should be fine.

Black Powder Chocobo wrote:
@Hobit: I think I have a boon that could help; PM me your email address.

Was this for PFS?

I second Deadmanwalking's suggestion of Adopted to get Varisian Tattoo.

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Sure. You can use them underwater unless you're using a style that requires being used on dry land or something (I don't that exists yet?).

Just be sure to check out Underwater Combat rules when dealing with unarmed bludgeoning attacks (it sucks). Feats like Underwater Combatant or style feats making your unarmed attacks do piercing would help out with that.

PRD Combat wrote:
If you wield a second weapon in your off hand, you can get one extra attack per round with that weapon.

Imagine someone with the Quick Draw and TWF feats and one +4 evil-outsider bane dagger and only a +1 dagger as his usual off-hand weapon. He later encounters a devil putting the hurt on the party. He COULD totally quick draw both daggers out and TWF, but he makes the argument that instead he's gonna attack with the +4 evil-outsider bane short sword in main hand, and free action swap the dagger to off-hand and "TWF" with that same dagger for an extra attack with the more beneficial weapon. Doesn't work, nor should it. The action economy is fine, but the rules of two-weapon fighting don't support it. Without using an actual second weapon (other sword, unarmed strike, etc), supposed to use the amount of attacks you get from BAB. The same thing applies to thrown weapons.

Except for stuff like flurry of blows or brawler's flurry which have an exception to the rules and can flurry/twf with a single weapon.

Nefreet wrote:

I didn't actually think about it before, but what "animal" only has two hooves?

I can think of lots of monstrous humanoids, a couple fey, and a couple magical beasts that do, but the item specifically references "animals", so one could assume the author is referring solely to creatures of the [Animal] type.

Only one I can think of for PCs is tiefling with fiendish sprinter alternative racial trait.


DM Livgin wrote:

Can we get a more complete breakdown for future prosperity?

I'm really curious what RAW is on this. I sometimes use print services to print the scenarios or maps and have been quizzed occasionally on it by the print service.

Edit: Ninja'd. Thanks for the link.

No problems. Vic Wertz says just showing the FAQ should be all that's needed. But bring it up with your local PFS group if you ever get issues and I'm sure someone can direct you to less troublesome print shops.


Link = FAQ entry.


DM Livgin wrote:

Edit: nevermind, this conversation is happening here.

Are there any copyright concerns taking these maps to a print shop to reproduce for personal use? Or printing the scenarios?

I understand the Paizo may not be concerned but I'm curious what RAW is. Especially for when the print shop starts asking.

One personal copy should be fine.

Check out the Occult Adventures Class Page in the PRD. Scroll down.

Gisher wrote:
Protoman wrote:
Psychic investigator archetype ought to qualify since it replaces alchemy with psychic spells, but otherwise no they don't qualify.
And the Questioner archetype which is an Arcane caster.

Ah nice. Totally forgot about that one. Haven't really looked at the investigator since Advanced Class Origins.

Psychic investigator archetype ought to qualify since it replaces alchemy with psychic spells, but otherwise no they don't qualify.

Azten wrote:
Sindenky wrote:
just as a reminder to my sleepy brain, buying a +1 enchant costs 2k, buying a +2 enchant costs 8k, but upgrading a +1 weapon with a +1 enchant would cost 6k right?
But doesn't using ABP get rid of those kind of bonuses for weapons, armor, shields, etc?

It only gets rid of the enhancement bonus to AC for armor / attack+damage for weapons and I believe Sindenky is asking about the enhancement price equivalents. A flaming longsword is priced as a +1 weapon. A flaming burst longsword is priced as a +2 weapon with +6,000 gp price increase.

Finisterrex wrote:
Question, Cudgeler Style gives a free trip in a charge attack, and if trip succesfull the enemy have to save 10+lvl+STR or become stunned for 1 round... Is that save correct?

Further down the Cudgeler Style feat tree, yes the save is correct.

Cudgeler Style = You charge for nonlethal damage and damage is one size category larger (damage increase is only for first attack of charge in case you potentially have more)

Cudgeler Sweet = You charge and successfully hit, you get to make a free trip attempt with +2 competence bonus, provoke as normal so still needs Improved Trip (or whatever equivalent) to avoid AoO.

Cudgeler Takedown = You charge and successfully hit, the damage increase lasts for until beginning of your next turn or until drop weapon; and if successfully trip an opponent with the Cudgeler Sweep feat, your opponent must succeed at a Fortitude save (DC = 10 + your character level + your Strength modifier) or be stunned for 1 round.

Linguistics is always nice for PFS. Even just one rank nets you a whole language and can use it (trained only skill) to aid others too.

Accomplished Sneak Attacker feat doesn't have any text saying it can be picked up more than once for its effects to stack, so your current build only has like +2d6 worth of legal sneak attack.

Since this is for PFS, flagged for wrong forum assuming you're not wanting 3rd party stuff that wouldn't be allowed in PFS.

ChaosTicket wrote:
I do wonder if Specific Magic Armors can be upgraded to have higher enhancement bonuses?

For improving magic armors, in home games if GMs are cool with it, pay the difference in upgraded armor and previous version.

In PFS, specific magic weapons/armours can't be upgraded, but non-magical specific weapons/armour can be.

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ChaosTicket wrote:

Because it makes me laugh Ill point something out.

Elven Chain magic armor is worse than a Mithril Chainmail. I would like to think its because the Elven Chain came out without the rules for Mithril as a Special material. I know that isnt the case as the Chainmail armor and Mithril as a material are in the core rulebook.

I dont think its specifically stated to be using the Mithril rules, its just Mithril-ish. a Mithril Chainmail would be almost the same, but higher AC and actually cheaper.

Celestial Armor is also a chainmail magic armor but considerably better than the Elven Chain. It doesnt mention Mithril at all.

Elven chain has the exact same armor stats as mithral chainmail and states "is made of very fine mithral links". I'm assuming you're calling it "worse" because of the price? The price is justified because it differs from mithral chainmail in that it actually counts as light armour in every way (proficiency and for the brawling enchantment) whereas mithral chainmail only is only counting as light armor for purposes of movement and other limitations, but the actual category of armor type isn't changed.

If that's not convincing enough, you can look at the mithral full plate of speed, it has an armor check penalty of -3, so that's an example of outrightly stated magical mithral armor with only a total 3 reduction of armor check penalty.

No one mentioned celestial armor for their arguments, so I'm not sure how mentioning a specific armour that's more expensive and better than mithral chainmail or elven chain is supposed to be an argument for mithral armor check penalty stacking with masterwork or not.

Lady-J wrote:
Protoman wrote:
Rysky wrote:
Azten wrote:
Double Slice doesn't tchange what Light Weapons are, so it doesn't effect Power Attack.
Um, they were asking about TWF, not light weapons (granted there were previous mentions of light weapons and Piranha Strike but this post seemed a new question, which is kinda what this thread is atm, a general Power Attack interaction thread :3)
Power Attack states "This bonus to damage is halved (–50%) if you are making an attack with an off-hand weapon or secondary natural weapon." It makes no mention of what strength modifier is being used (except for a primary natural attack that's benefiting from 1.5xStr mod) so it wouldn't be affected by Double Slice allowing off-hand attacks to use full strength modifier.
you only get the 50% power attack mod on offhand because its normally your weaker hand(thus you cant put as much power into the power attack) double slice basically just makes your offhand another main hand for the purposes of damage so you get full str with the attack and full power attack

That's wishful thinking and unsupported by any reading of the feat Power Attack.

If a non-unchained rogue, ie. everyone else, wields an agile elven curve blade two-handed for 1xDexterity damage, they get the +50% Power Attack bonus, because it's a two-handed attack, not that they get 1.5xStr normally.

Just to be make sure, do you know what monster you're referring to? Or is this just a general thing?

Golems' immunity to magic do specifically state only referring to "spells or spell-like abilities that allow spell resistance". But I guess it's possible to run into things that aren't the same case, such as a GM-made monster or something really new written up that isn't common knowledge yet.

Also, kinetic blade is still a spell-like ability, but with a different activation action than most.

Rysky wrote:
Azten wrote:
Double Slice doesn't tchange what Light Weapons are, so it doesn't effect Power Attack.
Um, they were asking about TWF, not light weapons (granted there were previous mentions of light weapons and Piranha Strike but this post seemed a new question, which is kinda what this thread is atm, a general Power Attack interaction thread :3)

Power Attack states "This bonus to damage is halved (–50%) if you are making an attack with an off-hand weapon or secondary natural weapon." It makes no mention of what strength modifier is being used (except for a primary natural attack that's benefiting from 1.5xStr mod) so it wouldn't be affected by Double Slice allowing off-hand attacks to use full strength modifier.

Kerney wrote:
Arutema wrote:

Then don't play a mysterious stranger, or buy a lot of 2 prestige coat pistols as backups.

Wand of mending and UMD. I'm going one level oracle (clouded vision mystery)to get mending but you get the idea.

Wand of mending wouldn't work as it's CL 1 and would only affect things weighing up to 1 pound.

Cadynce Delholme wrote:

Thank you for the clarification, but the Infusion doesn't read like that at all. It says choose a number of targets equal to your kineticist level, but doesn't state whether a single, or multiple targets can be chosen a maximum of once per instance. Also, it's limited to a basic blast, so while it's powerful, it's not composite blast powerful... excepting if you can choose a single target more than once. I accept that this is unreasonable, as that would make it ridiculously overpowered as I showed in my above post...

So, may I ask you, at a burn cost of 4, and being a form infusion (which inhibits the use of several great form options)... what would you do, or how would you, make this a viable and reusable power at level 18, which is about when you could choose and use it.

It sure as heck doesn't say anything like "number of attacks equal to your kineticist level", but "number of targets equal to your kineticist level" which definitely reads more like "1 hit each" than any other interpretation.

No fan of flames. I never used it, traded it out the moment I got eruption. Party members always get in the way of the cone and if you're ever close enough for a decent shot, you're probably better off most times to use kinetic blade instead. Get Weapon Finesse for kinetic blade.

I'd skip expanded defense (air). Pretty meh. I'd rather up searing flame damage with burn (don't bother til after level 3 as the current wording gets you nothing, ask GM to fix that oversight, Mark Seifter says that such text like "minimum 1" got lost due to copyfitting) to really punish those that try grappling the pyro. Also try not to get grappled, the concentration check DC to use your blasts or even kinetic blade really bites. Get a fire or air utility. But if you're getting it for Aerial Evasion, then yeesh get it earlier than level 14. Extra Wild Talent for it at level 11 instead of Improved Critical.

Definitely up that strength.

Lower Charisma, if you're gonna be worried about social skills, there's traits that can help with that for using Int instead (clever wordplay or bruising intellect for example).

Drop Con to an 18 and free up more points, Constitution of +5 to a +4 isn't much of a difference at low levels when you only add half of that for your energy blasts.

With Elemental Overflow providing size bonuses to what I assume you're gonna prioritize Con and Dex, you probably don't need Improved Initiative. Maybe Extra Wild Talent feat instead and get a lower level fire/air infusion or utility talent. Heat Adaptation may not look useful but a pyrokineticist with fire resistance does end up useful lots of times. Plus you're playing in Korvosa, probably gotta deal with devils down the line with all the Cheliax-influence stuff.

I personally prefer greater flame jet over wings of air, but whatever floats your pyro is cool.

I think Spell Penetration for +2 constant bonus to caster level checks vs SR is more useful than -5 penalty to target's SR and needing to accept a burn via Expanded Metakinesis (piercing spell). Burn costs are gonna go up with more infusion options and almost constant empower. Expanded Metakinesis (furious spell) has some merit for extra damage though since you'd add 2 x spell level of the blast (which is always half your kineticist level, rounded down). Though you got air blast and plasma blast so can just skip fire blast against SR-possessing targets and save the heartache of rolling a critical hit but failing caster level vs SR check.

Get a cestus or spiked gauntlet early. Especially silver (for the bludgeoning cestus). All devils are immune to fire (annoyingly even ice-based devils; all due to the devil-subtype) and Korvosa will probably have a higher concentration of devil summoning spellcasters than anywhere else in Varisia due to Chelish population (it's still a Chelish colony/vassal state); you'll need the back up weapon sooner than a lot of other APs besides those playing in Cheliax itself. Get an underwater light crossbow, using Fire descriptor spells and spell-like abilities SUCK (read underwater combat rules), don't try to unless your concentration check bonus is real high. Plus you're investing in Precise Shot, til you get air blast, might as well have a backup ranged weapon.

Jason Wedel wrote:

Going to steal this thread for a question I have been having:

If I have a double weapon (The humble quarterstaff)

Do I need to enchant both sides?

If I do enchant both sides (Either from choice or necessity) do they have to be the same enchantment? I kind of want to do one side with Spell storing, the other with Training:twf...

You don't have to enchant both sides. Could just be a +1/masterwork quarterstaff.

If you do enchant both sides, you can do different abilities on each side, as long as you pay for them.

Is the other person aware it's +2 to +3 and not +1 to +2? That would explain where he got +6k from.

Assuming the other person simply got the starting and final enhancement bonus wrong, you're both correct. Pay the difference between +2 and +3 (+ 10k). As long as those other special abilities don't have pricing equivalent to +1 to +5 (such as flaming or keen = +1) then they're already paid for in the weapon and aren't being improved and don't factor into the enhancement-bonus-to-price calculations.

GrimGrug wrote:

so i have a friend that is under the impression a slam for a medium sized creature REQUIRES 2 hands.his reasoning is creatures like the Mongrelman ( has a club OR the slam and it cant use both like a large sized creature can. (though the large sized creature usually gives up one of its 2 slams to do so)

To use your link's example of the mongrelman:

Its weapon options listed are: club +5 (1d6+4) or slam +5 (1d4+4)
Its Strength score 16.

That means the club is wielded in two hands for 1.5 x 3 strength mod = +4 damage; as listed with the club's 1d6+4. Since it's using two hands for the club, IF it uses the club it has no hands free for the slam.

The slam is the mongrelman's ONLY natural attack listed, so it benefits from 1.5xStrength modifier as if it's a two handed weapon, as per the Natural Attack rules: "If a creature has only one natural attack, it is always made using the creature's full base attack bonus and adds 1-1/2 the creature's Strength bonus on damage rolls." That doesn't mean two hands are needed for the slam, it's just one limb per natural attack and in this case the, but the monster only had one slam attack, like with a zombie.

For counter example, all the golems listed in Bestiary 1 have 2 slam attacks, one for each arm limb.

No natural attacks require two limbs/hands, so ALL natural attacks can be used in a grapple.

Nohwear wrote:
Play the healer, refuse to heal him. If you want to be passive aggressive. Seriously though, have you tried some sort of intervention? I presume that there is some reason that you do not just leave the group.

For the number of threads the OP starts to throw shade at the GM or rules lawyer player (I'm like 90% sure the rules lawyer player is the "DM's favorite" he's referring to, unless there's a new player in the group drama) as reason for the question posted, it would seem healthier to simply stop playing and/or find new group.

But back to question, I vote water kineticist. Auto increasing damage with blasts; besides the usual stat enhancing belt and resistance cloaks, not much actual item support for kineticist so nothing's really "necessary"; at level 2, can make their own armor bonus with water/ice that can be boosted with burn at higher levels, which one wants to do anyways to get the Elemental Overflow bonuses to attack and damage, and the eventual size bonuses to physical stats; AND can still player a helpful healer role to not bother healing the annoying party-loot-holder-and-most-likely-the-rules-lawyer-player.

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Water kineticist.


spartanfury1 wrote:

So i was hoping i could use the retraining rules to retrain one of the 'specific' innate weapon proficiency (not the blanket you are proficient with 'all weapons of this type') he gets to that, as opposed to having to burn a feat on it. be it treating as retraining a feat or a class ability I would gladly burn the gold to do it.

What's the "'specific' innate weapon proficiency" you're referring to?



spartanfury1 wrote:

My original question is this.

Can one use the rules for retraining a feat to retrain a weapon proficiency to a different weapon? I would think yes, but sometimes things are weird.

If you mean if you can retrain out a proficiency with a weapon that you received from a class's proficiency list, then no. Those proficiencies are not a blanket list of several Martial Weapon Proficiency (X).

For example, check out this FAQ.


Fighter: Can I learn a new fighter bonus feat in place of one of my armor proficiency feats?

No. Despite wording in the Armor Proficiency feats, fighters (and other classes) have a class ability that grants proficiency in those armors--it doesn't actually grant those specific feats. Therefore, the fighter's ability to learn a new feat in place of another feat does not apply to these proficiencies.

So classes had a class ability granting proficiencies, not actually getting those specific feats to be retrained away.

If you actually picked up a feat for weapon proficiency, then yea those can be retrained as long as it wasn't being used for a prerequisite for another feat picked up.


Baron Roghar Volka wrote:
Would there be any issue if my character spent Prestige to have multiple followers, but due to his lack of a Cha modifier (therefore only being able to have the minimum of 1) only have one with me for any given module (not switching mid-module, so if I start with a Squire that's the only follower I have the whole session)

That doesn't sound like a catch and release, and more of a have several followers but only using 1 per scenario, which one can't do.

Well except for the seneschal follower.


Seneschal (2 PP)

This dedicated servant keeps your affairs in order when you are away from home, ensuring that your property is maintained, your correspondence is kept up to date, and so on.

While you are present, the seneschal tends to your wounds, assists you in preparing for future adventures, and ensures that you may focus on your duties as a Pathfinder instead of the day-to-day business of keeping your property.

When you rest at your home, you automatically heal as if under long-term care using the Heal skill.

In order to gain the service of such an individual, however, you must own property or a business, either in Absalom or elsewhere.

You may retain the services of one seneschal per property--seneschals do not count against the normal maximum number of followers you can retain at a time.

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Amiros Valeri wrote:
The other seems to be from people who are thinking doing such a thing would offend members of our real-world ethnicities. Doing such a thing would not do it any more than the physical descriptions you have come up and published for them. If that has been an issue in the past then why would the books that came later (like Inner Sea Races) still include descriptions that could be viewed as offending members of real-world ethnicities. We players, know that Golarion used some real-world stuff as inspiration. We also know that Golarion is NOT Earth. We also know that the human ethnicities of Golarion are NOT the ethnicities of Earth (even if real-world ethnicities might have been part of the inspiration for them). As latter books, like Inner Sea Races, continue to include physical descriptions that deviate from average humans (core rulebook) it can be deduced that Paizo does not think that it is an issue to do so. Logical Deduction: they should not think having such a table to incorporate their FAKE (aka not real-world) human ethnicities is an issue. Problem solved.

So players shouldn't get offended simply because it's just a game and not really equivalent to real-world ethnicities?

That sounds like mighty fine privilege talk there.

Folks of various ethnicities like getting some representation in the Golarion universe, I know I do. Sure it's an in-game ethnicity, but I get to play a character of ethnic background that resembles what I get to envision is a heroic character that goes on adventures, instead of what others have defined as an acceptable list of appearances. (I'm not even gonna get started on Lord of the Ring or some sword and sorcery vision of minority ethnic backgrounds)

What I don't need is a table telling me of what upper limit or lower limit my human race character should have on height/weight when compared to a different ethnicity. I'm gonna decide that for myself and I'd find any such table distasteful. It's one thing for different fantasy races having age and height/weight charts, one gets to see how the races compare to humans which is useful for those who've never been exposed to such race examples in other media.

The "if such a table exists, one can ignore it like the current CRB Table 7-3" is BS as that table is still referred to when overgeneralized assumptions are made such as that the tallest dwarves are always gonna be shorter than the shortest humans of comparative genders.
You want a table, keep using Table 7-3 then and just increase or decrease if you find the numbers not to your liking of fitting in with the taller or shorter description. The numbers are a range for the Human race, the ethnicity descriptions are for those wanting to adjust accordingly from that table.

You're boned against constructs also.

Like Rosc said, get a cestus or spiked gauntlet to always be armed and help flank and simply "punch" things immune to your blasts. Other energy blast kineticists gotta do the same (fire, cold, electric, etc). Oh dagger also for slashing DR. Crossbow in case you'd still want to benefit from any ranged feats invested.

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