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Cayden Cailean

Protoman's page

Goblin Squad Member. FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 778 posts (781 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 6 Pathfinder Society characters.


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? In what way were they in potential of being nerfed?

What Lune said.
I bring up "optimization", your words not mine, because the flavour of what you want to achieve can be done in loads of ways, and Titan Fighter is not a great one. I don't care about optimization, but when you come on the advice forums, at the very least folks will tell to you tips and traps to avoid so you can actually enjoy your character when it actually SUCCEEDS in tasks you envision for it.

I also started up a level 1 fighter for Rise of the Runelords just last month. Things are not a cake walk to hit.

Titan Fighter is bleh.

Assuming you got a 18 Strength:

Giant Weapon Wielder (Ex): At 1st level, a titan fighter can wield two-handed melee weapons intended for creatures one size category larger than himself, treating them as two-handed weapons. He takes an additional –2 penalty on attack rolls when using an oversized two-handed weapon. This ability replaces the fighter’s 1st level bonus feat.

A large greatsword (100 gp) does 3d6 damage. It's inappropriately sized for a titan fighter, -2 penalty. The titan fighter tacks on extra -2 penalty to use it at all. We can assume you'd wanna maximize your chances of hitting after the drastic -4 penalty from size issues, so you'd pick up Weapon Focus (greatsword). And let's say Power Attack.

+2 to hit = 3d6+6 damage. Average of 16.5.
Power Attacking = +1 attack, 3d6+9 (average 19.5)

Regular greatsword with same feats.
+6 to hit = 2d6+6 (average 13). Power Attacking = +5 to hit, 2d6+9 (average 16).
Heck regular fighters have a bonus feat, so can get Furious Focus at level 1 for a =6 to hit while power attacking.

If you're cool starting off with the accuracy of NPC warrior with 12 Strength with good feats and high damage potential (well only 3.5 points higher than regular fighter), then sure as you level up the penalties to hit gets reduced. You'd want to invest in Vital Strike chain to take advantage of all the dice.
Regular fighter (or any other Full BAB class) would have to simply to resort to full attacking for several applications of full 1.5xStr modifier to damage, Weapon Training with gloves of dueling, and probably moving at full speed to keep up with all the giant-sized creatures you'd be hunting.

Don't bother with Titan Fighter. You'd lose more than you gain compared to normal fighter.

Maybe you'd wanna check out the Slayer class as it looks to be a more versatile fighter.

Way more survivable!

What armor do you plan on having?

zanbato13 wrote:
...that post says 2011? And what about older characters with that combo?

Look at the one below it?

FAQ wrote:

Spell-Like Abilities, Casting, and Prerequisites: Does a creature with a spell-like ability count as being able to cast that spell for the purpose of prerequisites or requirements?

Only if the pre-requisite calls out the name of a spell explicitly. For instance, the Dimensional Agility feat (Ultimate Combat) has "ability to use the abundant step class feature or cast dimension door" as a prerequisite; a barghest has dimension door as a spell-like ability, so the barghest meets the "able to cast dimension door prerequisite for that feat. However, the barghest's dimension door would not meet requirements such as "Ability to cast 4th level spells" or "Ability to cast arcane spells".

posted Wed, Feb 18, 2015

All the older characters with that combo got invalidated.

Here's a PFS ruling PFS if that's what you're caring about.

For Arcane Strike:

John Compton wrote:
•A character who has a non-class option for which he qualified using a spell-like ability in place of standard spellcasting ability must retrain those features and any features that rely on them as prerequisites (e.g. Arcane Strike and Bloodied Arcane Strike) at no cost.

I second Chess Pwn's suggestion for Raging Vitality. Swap out Elven Spirit (Envoy) for it as it basically doesn't let you do what you want it to anymore. A barbarian without Raging Vitality is like a crummy smartphone battery that dies way faster than advertised. If you're raging and go into negatives, you end rage and lose your extra rage hitpoints immediately and that can usually spell autodeath at anything higher level than 3 or 4.

You should get Strength Surge rage power to really ensure your spell sunder hits.

Recent FAQ ruling removed that option for SLA's qualifying for Arcane Strike and others that are simply "Ability to cast arcane spells" and the like.

This is pretty relevant for my eldritch guardian fighter that picked up Improved Unarmed Strike. I share my combat feats with my fox mauler familiar so I was wondering if it'd be getting a 1d3 unarmed attack option that can benefit from the Full BAB being provided by the fighter master.

Maybe this would help?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

OK for those that believe mithral breastplate doesn't apply for brawling enchantment, here's a question:

Does the Defender of the Society trait work for mithral breastplate?

Bracers of armor was ruled to not count as armor.

The only other instance when something calls for something specifically to be light armor besides proficiency that I can recall is arcane spell failure for classes like bard, summoner, and magus. General consensus (well I haven't found anything on the boards naysaying it) is that mithral chainshirt/breastplate/kikko counts as light armor for the ignoring ASF of those classes; so I'd see it working with brawling armor just fine.


Ouch. Well good to know.


What about a case if the OP's paladin had a religion trait specific to Iomedae? When changing gods, that trait would be illegal and there's no rules in the Ultimate Campaign book for retraining traits. Would there now be an empty trait slot?


So hypothetical situation if the Advanced Class Guide errata ever comes out and shield champion brawlers are officially proficient with shields as both weapons and defensive items (normal use of shields), what happens to those shield champions who currently have to go the extra mile to be proficient with shields in order to use the archetype as intended?

If the shield champion picked up Martial Weapon Proficiency (heavy shield) or (light shield), or worhipping Gorum only for the shield-trained trait (which isn't great for two-handing a shield), would the potential errata count enough as the class changing and a player is allowed to rebuilt the shield champion to be more in line with new rules?


The bug looks like the dash '-' is too narrow compared to all the other scenarios. Well I'm guessing that's why it's showing up on wrong order for Product Name. For oldest-newest, I got no explanation. Also probably not really important, the zip file download includes the dash in the file name whereas all the other scenarios don't.


Avatar-1 wrote:

Note to Paizo: make that document easier to find :)

There's no link to it on the GM Resources page, to begin with, at least as far as I can tell.

Cuz they put it right at the top of the Scenarios page.

Sure. Here's the rules for it.

PRD wrote:

Immediate Actions

Much like a swift action, an immediate action consumes a very small amount of time but represents a larger expenditure of effort and energy than a free action. However, unlike a swift action, an immediate action can be performed at any time—even if it's not your turn. Casting feather fall is an immediate action, since the spell can be cast at any time.

Using an immediate action on your turn is the same as using a swift action and counts as your swift action for that turn. You cannot use another immediate action or a swift action until after your next turn if you have used an immediate action when it is not currently your turn (effectively, using an immediate action before your turn is equivalent to using your swift action for the coming turn). You also cannot use an immediate action if you are flat-footed.

If you did it on your turn, it counts as a swift action. And you can still use an immediate action after your turn if you'd want.

If you activate it as an immediate action when it's not on your turn (such as when you get attacked or just showing off on a buddy's turn), then you can't use a swift action on your next turn.

Valets are great for my old caster-crafter oracle character, but for my eldritch guardian, it's hard to say "no" to the mauler for a decent combat buddy.

If I get Weapon Focus (greatsword), is the familiar stuck with the greatsword choice or would it get Weapon Focus of its own choice?

lemeres wrote:
Protoman wrote:
Started playing a greatsword-wielding eldritch guardian in Rise of the Runelords with a fox familiar. His Int and Cha are too low for Evolved Familiar feat and I'm considering Spirit's Gift. However, would Vital Strike be a worthwhile feat investment now that it'll apply to the medium fox's single natural attack: 1d6 bite?

For the fox. No. That is 1d6 extra damage. Maybe if you can get strong jaw (but I cannot entirely justify the resources used).

For the fighter? Maybe, especially if you can get lead blade spells or impact on the weapon.

I would still aim for coordinated charge though (which kind of makes a vital strike build go to waste, since you do not have to worry about move/full attack logistics anymore).

Hmm I probably won't get reliable access to lead blades with my current party and impact is just too expensive.

Coordinated charge is considered a must for me. I just gotta find 2 teamwork feats that I'll find cool/nifty and still count as Combat feats; I was sad to discover a good number of the fun ones like: escape route, shake it off, stone dodger, and stealth synergy aren't Combat feats.

Started playing a greatsword-wielding eldritch guardian in Rise of the Runelords with a fox familiar. His Int and Cha are too low for Evolved Familiar feat and I'm considering Spirit's Gift. However, would Vital Strike be a worthwhile feat investment now that it'll apply to the medium fox's single natural attack: 1d6 bite?

"Well we'd like to give you all this free stuff from the last party member that croaked under suspicious circumstances, but it would be weird to give it to someone whose face we haven't even seen yet. This is an investment on trust of course! If someone one day ganks you in an dark alley one night and strolls around with his own face and your stuff, we wouldn't even know it wasn't you!"

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Check out this link and search for "sleight of hand" and check off wondrous items, armor, and weapons (just in case).

lemeres wrote:
The mauler archetype for familiars has a unique feat that you can sub in for one of the base familiar's feats. It gives +2 hp per effective hit dice, which puts it on par with a d8 class at least. So that can keep them from getting squished.

Actually, that feat, Mauler's Endurance, is supposed to be taken by the master.

Bit of a necro but haven't seen it mentioned anywhere after


Impervious (armor)

Price +1 bonus; Aura moderate transmutation; CL 7th; Weight —

A shield or suit of armor with this special ability is especially hardy. It gains double its enhancement bonus to hardness and hit points (instead of just the enhancement bonus), its break DC increases by double its enhancement bonus, and it gains a bonus on saving throws against direct attacks (such as a rust monster's rust ability) equal to its enhancement bonus.

The standard rules for magic items hardness + hit points is:

Magic Armor, Shields, and Weapons: Each +1 of enhancement bonus adds 2 to the hardness of armor, a weapon, or a shield, and +10 to the item's hit points.

The impervious weapon quality states that the weapon "gains double the normal bonus to its hardness and hit points for each point of its enhancement bonus."

Shouldn't the impervious armor have similar language to the impervious weapon about doubling the normal bonus to hardness and hit points. As written now, the impervious armor doesn't affect the hardness since its text is assuming normal magic items gain bonus to hardness at a reduced rate.

Issac Daneil wrote:

A Mauler is always assumesd for this build. It's contributing ability, Battle Form, comes online at lvl 3, and since the feats thing only came in at lvl 2, you essentially have to deal with being a lvl 1 fighter from lvl 1 to 2.

Which....has always been easy. Your a Figher. even without feats, hit the Kobold/Zombie/Wolf with your Greatsword and your 18 str. Hey look; enemy dead.

As you level up, your familiar (I found Fox to be the best w/o improved) gets higher Str then you. I then used the feats Evolved Familiar to give it Claws. (3 Natural Attacks with 22 Str; and it has your BAB so it's MORE accurate then you.) I also took Spirit Gift to give it either DR 5/ Adamantine, or Fast Healing 1. You can change Spirit Gift's benefit each day, so feel free to experiment.

Hell; if you were light weight enough, you could take Undersized mount, and ride your familiar into battle.

On a side note, I like to take a level of Tattooed Sorceror with this, so that I can get Tattoo form for my familiar, and some social skill. You could become a decent Spy, keeping your secret weapon; your familiar, hidden until you need him.

Done right, it makes the fighter probably one if, if not the best Paired Fighting class.

Oooo Spirit's Gift looks cool. Evolved familiar sounds good too but requires too high of an Int and Cha for my current Eldritch Guardian to benefit from though.

Micheal Smith wrote:
With weapon focus being able to use, with this apply to all blast. So if I have both the Air and the Earth blast i only need to take weapon focus once correct? A;sp this applies to the kinetic blade attack?

Weapon Focus (kinetic blast) will apply to air or earth blast. ALL blasts. Kinetic blasts with form infusions or substance infusions are still kinetic blasts, so kinetic blast modified by kinetic blade would benefit from Weapon Focus the same as it would when modified by extended reach or magnetic infusion. Well assuming that whatever form it takes still uses an attack roll. Infusions like explosion or cloud that makes the blast into an area attack won't benefit from Weapon Focus because they don't use attack rolls to benefit from feat.

Micheal Smith wrote:
If I have 2 wild defenses can I have both active at once?

As long as you spent an immediate action each time you wanted to activate (can even be done outside of combat) you can have both (or more if you're able to get it) wild defense talents active.

The playtest forums aren't locked and folks have still been making comments on some of the new classes (well mostly the kineticist) but you might find some useful info/updates to the Mesmerist there.

So frickin' excited!

You probably forgot to apply the size modifier when figuring out the attack bonus.

The grindylow only has a +2 to attacks with the spear.
+0 BAB +1 Str bonus +1 size modifier = +2

The weapon finesss is be being applied to its bite attack. That's why it's at -2 instead of -3 when full attacking with the spear.

Laif wrote:
James Risner wrote:
There are no rules to wear a Large Heavy Shield, so how are you wearing it to use a Large Heavy Shield as a one-handed if you could.
Yes there are, it's called Tower Shield, and it already includes the -2 penalty to attack ;)

Not sure that's an applicable example if one still wants to shield bash with larger damage dice.

To remove any sort of "maybes" the snatch arrows character can catch the returning weapon, throw away, and the returning weapon will return to HIS hand before his next turn as he's definitely the most recent wielder.

Also, anyone that doesn't have snatch arrows can simply pick up the thrown weapon before it flies back to the original wielder, throw it and become the new wielder.

The MOST conservative interpretation that still makes sense is that TWF penalties are the only ones that apply.

Then there's those that talk about Power Attack attack penalties <shudder>.

If you're human, starting at level 3 and willing to get creative with backstory, can get Fencing Grace by level 3 as full investigator.

Human alternative racial trait: Adopted Parentage (tengu). Because tengu don't have weapon familiarity, you can get Weapon Focus on a weapon associated with them. And tengu has swordtrained, which means they're associated with bunch of swords (check out the tengu in the PRD). Adopted Parentage replaces your bonus feat, but that's fine as you're scoring a feat you wouldn't normally qualify for. Just state you got raised by tengu like bunch of other orphans/stolen children in folklore.

Level 1) Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus (rapier)*.
Level 3) Fencing Grace
* bonus feat.

Though with your group's funky houserules, can instead do:

Level 1) Weapon Focus (rapier)*, Weapon Finesse* (what you wrote seems to state you get Finesse for free at level 3, but you have it at Level 1 in your write up so I'll go with that), Fencing Grace.
Level 3) Weapon Versatility (rapier). This would be useful if your rapier's piercing damage not getting through loads of undead DR. Or you can pick up Extra Investigator Talent.

Level 3, pick up mutagen as first investigator talent (+4 Dex, -2 Wis, +2 natural armor) and you can be do significant damage and accuracy to tie you over til level 4 when you get studied combat.

Since you aren't multiclassing, you can dump Charisma with empiricist and even out your ability scores to be less MAD.

Only essential feat I can think of is Raging Vitality for barbarians. Without it, too easy to die if ever brought into negatives while raging.

The cavalier mounts come with light armor proficiency and cavaliers don't take armor check penalties to ride checks with them. Seems only fair that their first set of tricks are locked in as they're predominantly combat-focused.

Based on appearance? 20 Strength. Looks like she dropped Charisma and Int as dump stats to fuel a pre-racial bonus of 18. Look at those dead eyes <shudder>. Dex? Low. Doesn't even look like she's very agile. Just standing there ready to take a sword slash to the gut. Con? Forget about it.

Verzen wrote:
Uh mark, how heavy does an object have to be to inflict damage for a telekeneticist? I see nothing that is stopping me from weaponizing a teacup, a pair of female unmentionables or a nearby gnome as a weapon.

So put a little science in the mix...

1d6+con=ma (for lvl 1)

2d6+con=ma (for lvl 3)

So it takes the same amount of energy as it would to pick up a small object and throw it as it would a large object and throwing it.. but the large object would go much slower than the teacup but both dealing the same damage.

Ah clever. I'll have to remember that when my players are whining for more telekinetic damage.

At level 1? 20. Obviously.

SoonerTed wrote:
Purple Dragon Knight wrote:
SoonerTed wrote:
Purple Dragon Knight wrote:
hmmm... what about the Monk's Robe? would that stack with that cavalier thingy?
Makes sense to me, for non-lethal damage only. Same way a Robe of Arcane Heritage works on those who have the Eldritch Heritage feat line.
That is freakin' sweet. I don't see how such a dude would ever draw his sword... backhanded slaps with his meaty hands will solve most conflicts! :)
Get something that has sneak attack, add in Sap Adept, Knockout Artist, & Sap Master.... :)

At that point might as well play a snakebite striker with pummeling charge multiclassed with scout (ninja/rogue).

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Chess Pwn wrote:

as if she were a monk of her ninja level –4 means it's as if instead of being a ninja at all she's a monk. So a Monk 2 ninja 2 would have 4 monk levels. EXCEPT the ninja specifically says it stacks and as the FAQ says:

"Unless an ability specifically says it stacks with similar abilities (such as an assassin's sneak attack), or adds in some way based on the character's total class levels (such as improved uncanny dodge), the abilities don't stack and you have to use them separately."

So "she is treated as having a number of monk levels equal to her cavalier level for the the purpose of determining how much nonlethal damage her unarmed strikes deal"

from this cavalier is the same as the sacred fist

"He uses his warpriest levels as monk levels for determining the amount of damage dealt with an unarmed strike."

I think you're saying they stack? You didn't summarize so I'm not sure.

The or adds in some way based on the character's total class levels (such as improved uncanny dodge) part of that FAQ sounds like it would apply to the cavalier since its nonlethal unarmed damage progression is counting as monk levels, so wouldn't that apply to the effective "total class level"?

Combat Training is taking up all six of the available tricks for Int 2 animal companion. Any more tricks requires bonus tricks.

I'd say it would stack for the nonlethal damage only since.

LoneKnave wrote:
It's kinda really stupid that the option to bond a two handed weapon even exists if it turns out you can't cast with it in your hands at all (unless you put still on all of your spells I guess).

...You can let go with one hand and use somatic components, no?

I'm not sure if you can upgrade an elven chain since it's a named item for PFS.

Have you checked out Pummeling Style/Charge feats yet?

Xelaaredn wrote:
Dragon78 wrote:
Since your blast is a spell like ability what level spell is it to determine your DC for concentration checks?
Should be the same as your kineticist level.

GAH no way.

Occult Adventures Playtest wrote:
All wild talents have a required kineticist level, and most have an effective spell level. However, blast and defense wild talents are always considered to be a spell of a level equal to half the kineticist’s level (maximum 9th level at level 18).

I know quite a few folks don't like searing flesh, but I personally found it still pretty useful on Sunday while playing PFS: 3-02 Sewer Dragons of Absalom and got grappled.

Level 5 pyro (CMB +4, CMD 18, Escape Artist +8 (+6 when grappled) got grappled then pinned by an otyugh (CMB +9 (+13 grapple); CMD 19 (21 vs. trip)

Penalty to my escape artist skill and CMB too low to reliably escape, and the concentration check to use my blast is like DC 25 (10 base +13 grapple CMB +2 effective spell level), where my bonus is only a +9. Suffice to say, I was grappled and pinned for a while. My party eventually killed it, though I definitely contributed before the grapple with empowered blasts and during the grapple with 2d6 searing flesh damage (I was stuck there for a while so figured I might as well pump some burn and do some autodamage). The damage was nice. I probably could have killed the thing on my own faster if I had pumped in more burn for 3d6 or 4d6 damage, but didn't wanna get too greedy with glory or reckless with burn as there was tougher combat further into the scenario. Thankfully the paladin critted and I was soon free.

I would love fire resistance, I don't really see the need for searing flesh providing any AC bonus as I see it more as a bait+punish tactic of the pyrokineticists. Granted there's safer methods of being a kineticist such as sniping, but when one picks up kinetic blade, one gives up being wholly range and accepts that he's gonna get smacked around a bit.

Cloak of Resistance is gonna help you more than AC ever will at that level.

But if you're gonna fuss over AC, then at the very least, you can make the armor magical with at least +1.
And get yourself at least a +1 weapon too.

While awesome, the folding plate is probably unavailable since the beast rider gives up heavy armor proficiency. Well unless Sacredless picks up proficiency somehow.

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