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Cayden Cailean

Protoman's page

Goblin Squad Member. FullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 2,169 posts (2,182 including aliases). 1 review. No lists. No wishlists. 13 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Oh man I hope there's new nifty stuff for Shieldmarshals when it comes to gear and traits and feats. The gunman's duster in UC sounds cool but is such a waste of money.

Hey Mark, quick questions about kineticist wild talents (specifically with form infusions) that deal with area effects centered on the kineticist.

Back during the playtest you said that the aerokineticist's Cyclone's "All creatures and objects within a 20-foot-radius burst centered on you take half your blast’s normal amount of damage" shouldn't hurt the kineticist itself, but allies should clear out.

Is that still applicable post-playtest? Or is the kineticist considered damaged also now?

What about Detonation from Psychic Anthology? "Flames explode outward from your body, dealing your blast damage to all creatures and objects within a 20-foot radius." Would the pyrokineticist be hurt inside the radius like everyone else? Or because the flames explode away from the body, he doesn't get hurt? Or should it be like the Detonate spell, where it's auto-success on the saving throw for half damage?

Dr Styx wrote:
elven cavalier wrote:
A sword with a hardness of 16 takes 7 points of acid damage. How do you reverse the damage or return the weapon back to prime condition?
Magic Armor, Shields, and Weapons wrote:
Each +1 of enhancement bonus adds 2 to the hardness of armor, a weapon, or a shield, and +10 to the item's hit points.

A Steel Sword with a Hardness of 16 would be a +3 Sword (CL 9 minimum) and have over 40 Hit Points (30 from the +3).

Energy Attacks wrote:
Energy attacks deal half damage to most objects. Divide the damage by 2 before applying the object's hardness.

An attack of 7 Acid Damage would only do 4 points of damage, which does not overcome the weapons 16 Hardness. No damage to the Sword. (7 / 2 -16 = <0)

An attack of 46 Acid Damage would do 23 points of damage, dealing 7 points to the Sword. (46 / 2 -16 = 7).

Mending would have to be cast by at least a level 9 caster at least two times to repair the Sword.

Since 7 acid damage (or any damage that doesn't ignore the weapon's hardness) wouldn't have got past the 16 hardness anyways, why not assume the 7 acid damage is AFTER the reduction from energy damage against objects and hardness reduction?

EDIT: I also tried using Chrome browser with same results.

I'm trying to purchase a PFS scenario. But the transaction kept declining when I used my current payment method. I noticed that the address is of my previous residence which I haven't updated on Paizo. I can't add a new address in either the Manage Shipping addresses page (it lacks an "Add" button, just has the options to delete my old addresses) or the Select Address-Enter New Address button when adding new Payment Method (when I enter my new address then click "Select this Address" the page just resets back to the Manage Payment page, and the address still isn't saved but just has an extra address column with no information in the Manage Addresses page).

I tried using Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Safari browser from iPhone. All the same results.

Bigdaddyjug wrote:
Protoman wrote:
Bigdaddyjug wrote:

@Sammy, the only problem I see with your build is you don't have Improved Shield Bash. So any round you attack with the shield you lose the AC bonus until your next turn.

Also, what in your build allows you to use the +3 AC enhancement bonus as a weapon enhancement bonus on your shield? Because that is the other sticking point I am seeing with two-handing the shield. TWF with the shields gets a feat that allows the shield's AC enhancement to work as attack on enhancement as well.

The Shield Master feat Sammy's build gets as a level 6 Ranger Combat Style bonus feat allows the enhancement bonus to AC the shield has to be used for attacks.

You know, I read that feat so many times and never saw that part of it.

Also, I have no interest in throwing shields (although I am naming this character Reeves Todger), but what is this controversial language that has everybody all in a hubbub?

From your posts I'm aware you don't plan on doing throwing shield. I wanted to reiterate it's not a cool move to do them.

Ulimate Combat and Adventurer's Armory wrote:
Throwing Shield: This shield is designed for throwing and has specially designed straps allowing you to unclasp and throw it as a free action. Tower shields cannot be throwing shields. Neither a shield's enhancement bonus to AC nor its shield spikes apply on your attack or damage rolls.

Luthorne wrote:
Protoman wrote:
Goz mask to go with the eversmoking bottle.
Well, that can be a potent combination, but it can also really mess with your party members if they don't have fog-cutting lenses, a goz mask, a habit of the winter explorer, a sniper's helmet, or a similar magic item...especially in Pathfinder Society, when you never know who you'll be working with.

Well with your earlier suggestion of eversmoking bottle, it was gonna be just like any other situation where one drops large area concealment, such an action should get party input. Even without at least one person with such methods to see through them, they were gonna cause problems. If they're cool with it and you got the mask, then it's all good.

Bigdaddyjug wrote:

@Sammy, the only problem I see with your build is you don't have Improved Shield Bash. So any round you attack with the shield you lose the AC bonus until your next turn.

Also, what in your build allows you to use the +3 AC enhancement bonus as a weapon enhancement bonus on your shield? Because that is the other sticking point I am seeing with two-handing the shield. TWF with the shields gets a feat that allows the shield's AC enhancement to work as attack on enhancement as well.

The Shield Master feat Sammy's build gets as a level 6 Ranger Combat Style bonus feat allows the enhancement bonus to AC the shield has to be used for attacks.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

DO NOT do the "throwing shield" as a free action attack. Especially in PFS. That's a dick move to throw at the GM for something that's blatantly wrong that's taking advantage of bad wording. It's the equivalent of those insisting Shield Master feat gets rid of ALL penalties to shield bashing besides those from two-weapon fighting (such as from Power Attack).

The sane interpretation to the throwing shield rules is a free action to unstrap the shield from the arm so it's available to throw. Such a view won't cause everyone at the table to want to throw heavy and sharp metal dice at the shield-throwing player.

Lausth wrote:

Hmm.Can ı wore headband of wisdom+2 and kineticist diadem at the same time?

EDİT:It seems like ı have 5 slots in my head slot.Which seems wierd.


Goz mask to go with the eversmoking bottle.

You sure about that damage?

Force Blast wrote:

Element(s) aether; Type composite blast (Sp); Level —; Burn 2

Prerequisite(s) primary element (aether), expanded element (aether)
Blast Type: energy; Damage force (see text)

You throw a burst of force at a foe. Force blast deals damage as a simple energy blast instead of a composite energy blast.

Kinetic blade doesn't add elemental overflow damage bonus, so Level 8, force blade should do 4d6+ half Con mod. I guess maybe "12d6+9" is actually meaning 3 force blade attacks that do 4d6+3?

Assuming you didn't gather power for a full round previously, that's costing 2 burn. 3 if you're empowering it. And I believe you're limited to only accepting 2 burn per round until level 9 for 3 burn.

You sure you don't wanna just go for telekinetic blade? 3 attacks that do 4d6+4+Con (I assume 6 if half Con was 3) for 0 burn, 1 with empower. You might not hit as often, but at least you aren't racking up burn for several rounds. Force blade nova seems to just really increase accuracy (which also increases DPR) but the increase doesn't seem to be worth the burn cost, even for a few rounds.

Lausth wrote:
Ring of serene contione though.Lol ı now have +17 to my escape artist check.Adaptation necklace seems awesome ı dont know should ı get that or amulet of natural armor.I wish ı could get the wands but ı cant since ı have 7 cha.Although poisons donest affect me that much since i have 24 con.My kineticist is level 6.Boots of cat is nice but is it beter than boots of speed though.That is a tough one.

The escape artist check can get iffy to rely on, since when grappled you get penalties to dexterity. But it's nice to have that or CMB as options.

Amulet of natural armor is useful if you want higher AC. I find I stopped caring about AC after a certain point if not doing character level + 15 or 20, things just hit me easy enough as is so I'd rather focus on HP or ways to mitigate effects/damage.

The wands are for someone else to use, and even if Charisma 7 (which most kineticist and bunch of other class characters have) can still have a rank in UMD and simply trying for a 20. If you ever roll a 1, give it to someone else who can cast the spell with no issues.

Boots of the Cat is admittedly pretty situational. I just enjoy it since I'm using an element type with flight-capability and feather fall is too slow for my tastes when wanting to get down quickly. Boots of Speed's haste effect is less situational, but only good for melee kineticists for 10 rounds a day since haste doesn't benefit ranged kineticist's gather power (move action) + SLA kinetic blast (standard action) action economy. So whether you want Boots of Speed or not is whether you wanna invest heavily in melee combat or not. Also, could have both; the Boots of the Cat are pretty cheap and can simply wear those ones when using self-telekinesis for travel purposes or knowing you'd wanna stay in the air (of course this is assuming you even pick up self telekinesis) and if you know you're gonna be on the ground a lot, switch to Boots of Speed.

Lausth wrote:
You cant have cracked ioun stones for pfs.Atleast that is what my friends told me.

It's always better to confirm rules on your own instead of relying on what someone simply tells you. It's not a trust-issue, but they could be running on the same incorrect word-of-mouth rules info for years without actually looking up rules themselves; and no one ever really benefits from that. This is especially true for PFS, since there's bunch of circumstances/rules for so many character ideas, shouldn't rely on others for the legwork on making sure a character/item/idea is legal or not.

For PFS I recommend:

Wayfinder + Clear Ioun Spindle. No one needs you being dominated to blast party.

Boost Will Saves (and in general other saving throws). No wants you confused and blasting party members. Cloak of resistance, and lucky horseshoe (especially with the as of yet not errata'd/campaign clarified to be nerfed Fate's Favored trait) works great.

Cracked pale green prism ioun stone (4000 gp) for +1 competence bonus to attack. Attack roll bonuses are rare for Kineticists so might as well get cheap options.

Load up on wands of infernal healing/cure spells. Lots of hp to heal up to max and fast healing is a cost-efficient (though time consuming). Regular cure wand for more time-sensitive cases.

Stat-enhancing belt (Dex and Con).

Things I've found useful:

Boots of the Cat: Using (greater) flame jets or for self telekinesis can be dispelled while high in the air and it's pretty cool to fall to the ground in a FAST and (mostly) safe manner if dispelled or stop hovering.

Necklace of Adaptation: Can breathe underwater, in a void (and that should definitely help with extreme altitude issues if wanting to self tk yourself REALLY high up in the air), and not worry about cloudkill damaging Constitution on a bad roll. My pyro got knocked unconscious into "nonlethal damage is higher than HP" range and fell into a river since couldn't maintain greater flame jets. Would have been outright killed due to suffocation if not for necklace.

This is an odd one, I use the ring of serene contortions for the once per day true strike for combat maneuver rolls to escape grapples. Being grappled and trying to use blasts suck due to the ever-increasing concentration check DC of kinetic blasts and monster CMB's and I'd rather escape grapples than trying again and again to blast something only to roll poorly.

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You want things hot enough to hurt someone, use fire blast.

Logic arguments for kineticists break down for every element.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I think the spoilered PFS scenario has some:

Spoiler: -in-Crystal

I remember folks complaining about having to learn kineticist rules to GM it.

Gisher wrote:
If the "secret Herolab FAQ" is correct, then gauntlets can't be enchanted at all, but could benefit from an Amulet of Mighty Fists with the Training special ability. We've been waiting since last June for clarification on this issue so I have no idea when we will know. You might want to go with Spiked Gauntlets instead.

<sigh> I'm still waiting for that FAQ.

Ah. Well looks like you're adding in the "Creatures with class levels receive +4, +4, +2, +2, +0, and –2 adjustments to their ability scores" part to the dire goat though the numbers look off? Looks like only +2's were used for the bonuses instead of +4's anywhere? I'd have assumed the +4 would have went on dire goat's original Strength and Dexterity or Constitution.

I vote dropping it to a regular small goat if using those bonuses. Would make it more in line with a level 1 party. And if so, Str 16 could still be decent with Power Attack, and not have to worry about ability focus (no special attack) or improved natural attack yet (BAB too low). Weapon Focus could be good.

Did Jade Regent actually use a dire goat or was it a regular goat?

The moment someone is playing a dire goat / GM is encouraging or wanting such a party member and where it doesn't appear to have a boost to intelligence to suggest it got awakened, I stopped worrying about "balance" and think you should go full on Ludicrous Speed.

Do consider how it gets commands (Handle animal? Speak with animal?) and if handle animal tricks come into play.

What level is everyone else in the party?

Ah that one. Get Power Attack with the first level bonus feat for -2 attack / +6 damage.

What's the stats of a dire goat? Is it a larger version of the goat familiar? How much racial hit dice does? Need to get a sense of starting BAB and whatnot.

If it only has one natural attack, I would behoove you to consider Power Attack since you'd be getting 1.5 x Str modifier for the gore and the Power Attack bonus would be the -1 attack/+3 damage.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Nonlethal damage immunity would mean the kineticist would be unable to accept burn. If the kineticist can't accept burn they can't do anything that costs burn. So gotta Gather Power for lots of stuff but if Gather Power/Supercharge and Infusion/Metakinesis Specialization doesn't reduce the burn cost to 0, can't use it. Utility wild talents burn costs are also unable to be reduced with gather power so would be useless for a kineticist immune to nonlethal damage.

PRD - Combat - Attacks of Opportunity wrote:
Threatened Squares: You threaten all squares into which you can make a melee attack, even when it is not your turn.

If you were to do an action that would prevent you from attacking, even AoOs, or specifically states you don't threaten squares around you, then you wouldn't threaten squares: such as while casting a spell you don't threaten; there's debate if doing Total Defense action (which means no AoO can be made for the round) would leave one still threatening or not, but I say it would mean no threatening since no attack can be made (unless one has a swift action attack or something I guess. The situation is weird and unclear). So even if moving, by default you still threaten.

If Person A is moving and Person B readies an action that provokes while in threatened area around Person A, B provokes an AoO from A. The AoO is a free action that Person A didn't stop movement for, but is performed during the movement.

For example: Bugbear readies an attack if Adam the knight moves into range for a melee attack (let's say 5 ft with no reach weapons). Adam charges a Hobgoblin near Bugbear and would have to go through the Bugbear's threatened area. Adam does so and triggers Bugbear's readied action. Bugbear decides to trip Adam with his readied action (since that particular maneuver can be used in place of an attack). Bugbear doesn't have Improved Trip or another method of avoiding an AoO, so he provoked an AoO from Adam. Adam performs his AoO first (if he hits, the damage provides a penalty to the Bugbear's CMB roll), then Bugbear makes his trip attempt. If the Bugbear fails to trip Adam, Adam will continue his charge against the Hobgoblin.

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Second book in an AP would typically be levels 4 to 7.

Magic weapons and armor for the martials. Useful and situational scrolls/wands for wizard and cleric (either of them have Craft feats? would be crazy useful for APs if GM is cool with it). Stat-enhancing belt/headbands. At low to mid levels, the standard individual optimizing equipment would be fine for group survival.

By beginning of 3rd book I vote Boots of the Earth for at least the barbarian (maybe fighter also) for out of combat healing so the single cleric isn't in charge of bringing them from close to 0 back up to full using up all the channels and high level spells if you're wanting to do more than couple encounters in a day. They probably have quite a bit of HP at that point and a drain in resources to bring it up to full fighting shape.

Haldelar Baxter wrote:

Is there any way to get the metahealer ability (kinetic chirurgeon kineticist archetype) other than the archetype?

Question is in regards to getting the enhanced effect of the new talents in the Healer Handbook

Very unlikely that'll ever happen in official Paizo stuff.


What books do you got?

Well that narrows down the search somewhat.

Crimson Thorny Ioun Stone = +2 competence on bull rush attempts.

Gauntlet of Skilled Maneuver = Specify Bull Rush for +2 untyped bonus on bull rush CMB checks.

Pelt of the Beast = Pick Boar for +2 competence bonus to bull rush. More expensive than Crimson Thorny ioun stone though and takes up shoulder slot, but also grants bite attack and change shape into the animal specified (boar) 3/day.

Breaker of Barriers = Worship Rovagug and +2 bonus on Strength checks to break down doors, walls, dams, and other barriers and on combat maneuver checks to bull rush and overrun opponents. You ignore the first 5 points of hardness when you deal damage to doors, walls, dams, and other barriers. I dunno who you plan on worshipping for your dwarf, but probably not Rovagug.

Tribal Scars = Pick Greattusk and gain a +2 bonus on combat maneuver checks to make bull rush or overrun maneuvers and a +2 bonus on Ride checks. On top of +6 HP.

Snowstride = regional trait (assuming your GM allows your dwarf to be from under a cold mountain?) can bull rush things two size categories larger than you. Would allow you to bull rush up to colossal with Poised and Imposing Bearing feats.

Brings up new question(s) though:
Why do you have Agile Maneuvers? Is your dexterity higher than your strength? If so are you finessing the dwarven waraxe somehow or are you using your lower strength for attack modifiers? Why not Weapon Finesse a finessable weapon instead?


3 people marked this as a favorite.

High AC - Low Damage builds are very meh at those levels. I consider them a bit of a waste of space unless dealing with very low intelligence (even 0 Int) creatures that simply attack whatever's in front of them or if specifically written with mindless/dumb tactics. Anything else would move on to easier kills, heck that's even Int 1-2 animal behaviour such as wolves.

Home Game: Ask your GM.

PFS: It would ought to be the same as replacing the feat altogether, so the full time period.

Elephant Shield is a madu, I'm not sure if need to be proficient with it as an exotic weapon to get the following ability: if equipped "the shield provides a +3 circumstance bonus on combat maneuver checks made to bull rush opponents."

If playing a chained barbarian, they get access to the Strength Surge rage power:

Strength Surge (Ex) wrote:
The barbarian adds her barbarian level on one Strength check or combat maneuver check, or to her Combat Maneuver Defense when an opponent attempts a maneuver against her. This power is used as an immediate action. This power can only be used once per rage.

If able to rage cycle (avoid being fatigued), can do that pretty often.

Well you found Impact, which seems like the best way to up CMB so far since you get to add your weapon's enhancement bonus, but from the wording of it, nothing else about the weapon.

For specific suggestions, what class are you playing? Also is this for PFS or home game or any restrictions on rules?

For the case of fighters and wearing medium or heavy armor, there's Poised Bearing which increases the size category of targets you can bull rush by one step; and if in heavy armor, Imposing Bearing increases the size category by another step. So if level 8 medium sized fighter, can potentially bull rush a gargantuan creature. Hitting that CMD would be another issue though.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Heirloom weapon specifies that you get the "+2 trait bonus on one kind of combat maneuver when using that specific weapon".

Bull rushing opponents by default doesn't use a weapon specifically, and doesn't benefit from any weapon bonuses to attack rolls (enhancement bonus, Weapon Focus, etc) unless there's a specific exception to the default rule, such as a magic weapon quality or class feature (like polearm master's Sweeping Fend ability) that states such. Since the weapon isn't used with the maneuver, it wouldn't work with Heirloom Weapon.

Shield Slam feat would be a specific exception to allow bull rushing with a shield bash, but it also wouldn't work in this case because Shield Slam uses the original attack roll to be compared to the CMD instead of a CMB roll (so it wouldn't benefit from Heirloom Weapon's trait bonus to CMB).

And lastly, tower shields aren't able to be used for shield bashing (CRB Equipment Tower Shield description - "You cannot bash with a tower shield"), it's not listed as a simple or martial weapon (unlike the light and heavy shields and their variants as martial weapons), and if used as a weapon would only count as an improvised one at best. Thus the tower shield wouldn't even be an applicable choice for Heirloom Weapon: "non-masterwork simple or martial weapon".

1 person marked this as a favorite.


Balkoth wrote:
Protoman wrote:
but exactly how much feat investment did such a melee character really make?

So are you arguing that melee needs more feats to help them or that ranged needs some of those feats removed?

Welcome to the issues of Feats.

Balkoth wrote:
Protoman wrote:
Taking that out is making the combat style a lot easier when you're already feeling the archer character has an easy time doing damage.

Again, my issue is not that the archer character has an easy time doing damage. It's that the archer, if he takes PBM, suddenly doesn't get penalized for letting enemy melee stick to him like glue. I'm not trying to nerf his overall strength.

And let's talk about cover from creatures. Well, first let's talk about cover from a wall or something.

Archer -> Wall -> Creature

The archer sees the creature around the corner of the wall and fires! But the creature has cover, so the archer has a -4 penalty. And due to that penalty, the archer hits the wall providing cover. Better luck next time.

Archer -> Creature -> Creature

The archer sees the second creature behind the first creature and fires! But the second creature has cover, so the archer has a -4 penalty. And due to that penalty, the archer hits the first creature...wait no he doesn't. Somehow. Even if both creatures have the same AC. Even if the first creature is a gelatinous cube with 4 AC.

I don't mind the idea of creature #1 getting in the way of an arrow meant for creature #2. But then creature #1 should risk getting hit. Which, by the rules, it does not. It's completely safe. Why can't the archer just fire at creature #2 and who cares if creature #1 is in the way, it'll take the arrow instead if it wants?

Oh, and of course Improved Precise Shot removes this issue entirely on top of that nonsense.

I mean, I'm using the precise shot penalty and the physical objects or spell effects cover penalty. And with PBM the archer literally walk up to his target and shoot him point blank (no cover penalty) without provoking if he wants.

The cover isn't providing a -4 penalty, its a +4 bonus to the target's AC. Doesn't matter if the archer doesn't care about hitting creature providing cover or not and hoping to avoid a penalty (that's what feat investments are for), the creature is there and target can use it to its advantage for cover and benefit the bonus to AC, just like hiding behind an object with no Dexterity and crummy AC.

It doesn't auto-hit the cover because the archer wasn't aiming for the covering creature/square and its square. Why give the target a consolation prize if the cover was also a foe or punish the archer if it was an ally and already investing feats (Precise Shot and the +4 cover bonus or even negating that with Improved Precise Shot)?

With Point Blank Master, the archer full attacking without having to worry about AoOs is the absolute intent of the feat.
It's better than two-handed Power Attacking fighters/martials sure, but exactly how much feat investment did such a melee character really make? Power Attack? Maybe Furious Focus? Vital Strike (gah I hope not unless it's a very specific build)?
Whereas the archer went PBS, Rapid Shot, Precise Shot, Manyshot, Weapon Focus, Weapon Specialization, and Point Blank Master minimum from what I gathered from your description of the matter.

Balkoth wrote:
Chess Pwn wrote:
Also, are you doing penalties right? -4 if in combat without precise shot and another -4 if there's anything in the way granting cover.

Precise shot penalty, yes. Obstacle cover, yes (such as walls or clouds that conceal vision). Creature cover, no (the "blocking" rules don't really make any sense in many situations and there's already a penalty for firing into melee).

Chess Pwn wrote:
The way you stop a fighter is usually a saving throw, My guess is his will save is around a 4, even a lv2 spell from int 14 caster is DC 14, good chance of him failing.
Lemme check something...yep, that applies just as much to a 1H+Shield or 2H fighter. Nothing to do with archery specifically.

The dealing with soft cover provided by other creatures DOES have to do with archery (and other ranged combat specifically). Taking that out is making the combat style a lot easier when you're already feeling the archer character has an easy time doing damage.

And determining cover is easy. Take a corner of the archer's square, "if any line from this corner to any corner of the target's square passes through a square or border that blocks line of effect or provides cover, or through a square occupied by a creature, the target has cover (+4 to AC)." (PRD: Combat) That last part with the "or" means that another creature doesn't have to block the shot, but if its square is in the path of the line used to determine cover, then there's cover.

If in doubt = Cover.

Speaker for the Dead wrote:
You might want to look at pummelling style. You roll each attack of your flurry of blows but it's resolved as if it were one massive blow.

That got errata'd. While you total up the damage to apply to DR once, it's no longer described or applied as a single attack (it caused issues with how strong/often critical hits were in the original write up).

Yea that just means if it ever gets available, it'll be via boons. The aether version probably doesn't exist yet (if ever).

Where did you get any indication aether elemental saturation boons exist? Did you see a player with it? Read that someone's benefiting from it?

Lausth wrote:
Texas Snyper wrote:
Lausth wrote:
Anyone knows where can ı get the boon for aether saturation for pfs?

Don't know much about PFS but I think those games are very structured and railroady while the saturation were designed in such a way that any GM could make up where one is. Having said that:

Aether saturations can be found where creatures associated with the Ethereal Plane are common. Aether saturations occur frequently where powerful ethereal eddies and rifts to the Ethereal Plane there.

I searched through every scenario ı have.Looked at archive of nethys and did an online research.Only thing ı got is a quote from addtional resources saying elemental saturations only accesible through special boons which at this point ı am preety sure they dont exist.

EDİT:Problem is besides pfs ı only gm soo as a player ı need a boon to use that.What am ı supposed to do to get this boon.

Chronicle/Boon fishing is discouraged in the PFS forums so no one wants to outright state the scenario. And Archives of Nethys or Additional Resources page isn't ever gonna state which scenario has what boons. But it's understandable to not want to accidently play the scenario with a character that doesn't benefit from a very specific boon. If you're willing to GM or can make requests for scenarios in your lodge, aim for the season 7 ones (since they came out after Occult Adventures did and some feature occult classes). Maybe look at scenario descriptions to see which one sounds like it's element-focused.

EDIT: Just saw that the question is about Aether saturation specifically. Not sure there even is one. I know of one particular element but it's not even that useful for season 8.

Oh make sure you're stocked up on wands of infernal healing and CLW. You go through lots of HP (because why care too much about AC when you got decent HP and monsters' attacks scale a lot faster than light armor AC does? Maybe even invest in few potions of CMW or CSW in clearly labeled flasks in case someone needs to heal you a significant amount due to loads of burn-nonlethal damage to get you conscious again.

Evilserran wrote:

Everyone's posts have been quite useful, and i have made a few notes on my character sheet, and kudos to your conclusion Protoman, it will indeed by PFS char, i never thought of snakeskin tunic.. such a good idea. Already grabbed will boosting trait, and cestus for basic flank assistance. I was planning on grabbing earth at level 7 for magma blast. I am also planning on trying to keep my umd up for wand buffs, incase i find myself less then helpful in combat, and yes i am aware of fire being the most commonly resisted element, also why i chose it myself, one of our number has already succumbed to the difficulty of the class and bailed from the four elements to go healer instead, so we are going to lack a wind guy now :(

what about the overflow rod? thoughts?

The overflow rod is useful if GMs are cool with Mark Seifter's explanation of the intention that the rod can simply be in one's possession like Rod of Splendor. But his explanation is in his Ask Anything Thread and doesn't count as official word for PFS if a GM chooses to see it that way. But Mark wrote the class and item and things got left out due to copyfitting so his word is as official as any to most kineticist players. But if GMs rule against it, it's pretty detrimental if one's hand is occupied and can't gather power to reduce burn costs.

As to the rod itself, it's ok but pricy. +1 to attack/+2 damage (another +1 with Fire's Fury) for kinetic blast is always good, and early entry to the size bonuses makes it a nice option, but PFS level limits would still mean one wouldn't ever benefit from the level 16 overflow bonuses without going into Seeker or high-level modules/AP play. I probably wouldn't ever buy it for my pyrokineticist who hit level 12 and waiting for Eyes of the Ten.

From your other posts/threads, I believe this character is for PFS. At level 7, definitely pick another element's physical blast via Expanded Element. Fire immunity and resistance is a VERY common thing in PFS. Devils? ALL are immune to fire, even cold-based ones. Demons have fire resistance but also decent to great spell resistance, both things you can avoid in higher levels (and you'll want to because they're crazy threats at higher levels and you can't afford to not be contributing in fights against them despite the occasional missing) with an Expanded Element (physical blast).

At low levels, underwater crossbow. Unlike other elements you have to make a caster check to use your fire SLA kinetic blasts while underwater (caster level check DC 20 + spell level; so that means the fire blast DC progresses at half the rate of your class level) on top of the concentration check (DC 15 + spell level) just for using SLAs underwater. Don't bother at low levels and fire the crossbow instead. Stuff with hardness (robots/animated objects) is gonna suck to fight against at low levels, having some adamantine crossbow bolts would not hurt, otherwise be cool with aiding allies' attacks.

Weapon Finesse is an obvious choice for Kinetic Blade. You SHOULD get kinetic blade as the kineticists get into melee range a lot more often than one would think. Plus benefiting from haste and BAB iterative attacks is nice. However, Weapon Finesse is also good for whatever special material spiked gauntlet or cestus you should also be wearing: those will help provide flanking bonus for your party members and let you threaten so you can actually make attacks of opportunity; special materials to contribute to damage against things with DR. Also, if you get grappled, you're gonna wanna use spiked gauntlets/cestus against the grappler instead of trying to make a concentration check (DC 10 + grappler's CMB + spell level) at low levels to blast; searing flesh will punish them further, but at times you might wanna damage things further (one round can make all the difference).

Fire's Fury will keep your fire blast damage to be a respectable short distance from physical blasts.

Wayfinder + Clear Ioun Spindle. No one needs you being dominated to blast party.

Boost Will Saves (and in general other saving throws). No wants you confused and blasting party members. Cloak of resistance, and lucky horseshoe (especially with the as of yet not errata'd/campaign clarified to be nerfed Fate's Favored trait) works great.

Belt of Constitution +6. Could make that +Dex also I guess, but instead I got Snakeskin Tunic (8000 gp) for body-slot +2 enhancement Dexterity to go with +6 Constitution belt. I haven't felt the need to up Dex with enhancement bonus more than that with touch attacks while still benefiting from elemental overflow. But do get a cracked pale green prism ioun stone (4000 gp) for +1 competence bonus to attack. Attack roll bonuses are rare for Kineticists so might as well get cheap options.

Absolutely true. The one I'm playing for Hell's Rebels I had to focus on AC (ended up being party tank because everyone else is playing charismatic low-damage/AC characters) and swapped out darkvision for 1/day make whole alternative racial trait.

Hoping to get party crafter to make Boots of the Earth for fast healing soon.

I vote Arachnid Wildsoul Vigilante and using the Cornerstone Crossbow to get around places and fluff it as webswinging, well more as webbing to a point and beelining towards it then rinse and repeat.

Play a wywrood. Constructs are immune to energy drain/negative levels.

Have the Vigilante NPC AND ANOTHER Vigilante NPC/doppleganger/clone/someone with massive disguise check dressed as Vigilante #1's other identity both meet the PCs.

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