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Cayden Cailean

Protoman's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Society Member. 440 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 3 Pathfinder Society characters.


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There are several traits that can help.

Humble Beginnings (Region trait) seems to be the simplest. Let's you act as if you have Catch Off-Guard with the frying pan. Not the best though imo.

Rough and Ready (Equipment trait) allows you to attack with a frying pan without the -4 improvised weapon penalty (without needing the Catch Off-Guard feat) AND gives a +1 trait bonus to attack rolls, but will require you to have profession (cook) or something like that. Whatever profession you can think of that uses a frying pan.

Surprise Weapon (Combat trait) gives a +2 trait bonus to attack rolls with improvised weapons. This is pretty sweet if you did pick up the Catch Off-Guard feat.

Stylistically, Improvised Defense (Combat trait) would be pretty cool. But only useful when you aren't attacking.

Black powder inquisition instead of one domain could probably help.

First, just to alleviate my confusion: Is there a special chronicle sheet allowing noqual items?
EDIT: Oh I guess if you're running the AP Shattered Star for PFS it's ok. Haven't done PFS in a while.

Second: Does noqual also affect spellcasting that doesn't have somatic components? Arcane spell failure chance only affects arcane spells with somatic components. The rules of noqual state that, "The [noqual] armor’s spell failure chance increases by 20% and applies to all magic cast while wearing the armor, regardless of the magic’s source or class abilities possessed by the wearer." Does the "all magic cast" part means it's a specific vs general ruling here or does the somatic component general rule still apply for spell failure chance?

Third: The FAQ was pretty clear that as written, alchemist's extracts isn't spellcasting. If noqual doesn't affect magic item use such as potions or wands, then it shouldn't affect extracts.

How would people here on the boards price a bokken or other wooden-version of a sword? As a club, 0 GP? Or a higher price since at least some craftsmanship was put into it? Maybe half price of original weapon?

Isn't the ISWG "Lite" file size actually bigger than the regular version?

rorek55 wrote:
oradins work well when paladins dip an oracle for cha - dex (ac/reflex, initiative)

That's not as useful for Dex/Cha kitsune though.

OOooo. That would be awesome. AND fitting!

Remy Balster wrote:

How set are you on Gnome?

Aasimar or Elf FCB are... better.

Either way, the Tiger is the strongest choice you have. At 7th, no matter what race you pick, a Tiger would be Large, and have pounce. So... it'd be really wickedly fierce in combat.

Remember! You can buff him with your tasty cleric/oracle self-only buff spells!

Or look at half-elf. They count as elf for favored class benefit too, and the half-elf or human's favored class benefit of extra spell known is also pretty sweet for spontaneous casters.

Certain race favored class benefits can allow gradual proficiency. I only know of dwarf oracle, kitsune oracle, and hobgoblin rogue, though.

Prethen wrote:
Nefreet wrote:

A Paladin may spend two uses of Lay on Hands to instead Channel Energy.

It does not work in reverse, so this may be the wrong feat for you.

Actually it does according to the rules of the Extra Channel feat.

Extra Channel
You can channel divine energy more often.

Prerequisite: Channel energy class feature.

Benefit: You can channel energy two additional times per day.

Special: If a paladin with the ability to channel positive energy takes this feat, she can use lay on hands four additional times a day, BUT ONLY TO CHANNEL POSITIVE ENERGY.

A paladin doesn't get channel positive energy til level 4. One needs to be the appropriate level to obtain the class feature before it counts as qualifying for a prerequisite. Like a rogue needs to be level 5 to qualify for something that needs 3d6 sneak attack.

Channel positive energy lets the paladin consumes two uses of her lay on hands ability for one channel energy use. The Special line explains that Extra Channel feat for a paladin just adds on 4 extra lay on hands ONLY for 2 extra channels per day, not that they can use thos lay on hands normally. The Benefit line doesn't directly apply to them, but as an effect of the Special line.

Most of those once-per-rage powers are specific full/standard/move/swift/immediate actions anyways, right? Shouldn't come up too much.

However, I think if a barbarian activates rage, deactivates rage, and activates rage for second time in ONE round; then that barbarian expended TWO rounds of rage in one round.

Sentath wrote:
Protoman wrote:

No problems. Been obsessing on the sword's stats since Master of Devils came out and Queen of Thorns only added to it. This is the first time I ever bothered typing it all out.

** spoiler omitted **

The only thing I see missing is that the blade made him feel young. Age Resistance is a spell published in 2011 (June 7th to be weirdly precise) in Ultimate Magic. It seems that it would be very appropriate to those little old martial arts masters always being described as spry or fierce.

The True Seeing would need to be when wielded, rather than at will, as it revealed illusions when the hilt was brushed.

I do not remember the sword changing its shape or nature for him to wield it. If you could provide a reference, I will be happy to change my mind about this.

For the young thing, I feel it has more to do with his

his replacement heart being half of a celestial pearl/heart of a wish-granting dragon granting renewed vitality he received in Master of Devils. And his hair color has been gradually darkening to as it was in his youth. In later books, it's noted by Radovan that he suspected Varian is dying his hair when he's not looking.

I agree with TimrehIX's thinking it was the monk training that made him feel more youthful and fit. The sword allowed him to fully utilize his swordsmanship, maybe even enhancing it (with the Speed quality).

If the "heart" was statted up, I'd definitely put in age resistance and death ward to explain how he's immune to vampires' energy drain attacks.

I agree true-seeing should be continuous/when wielded, I only included the at-will ability for alternative pricing in case anyone's actually trying to think of ways to price it for their own character/game's loot without going overboard.

I only included the transformative simply because it's the easiest way to ensure Varian (or anyone wanting such a sword) is proficient in it. D20 stats-wise, it can get tricky when dealing with monk proficiencies compared to other warrior classes or whatever it is Varian has class levels in/proficient with.

Cast Lesser Create Demiplane for the actual demiplane. Your choice on permanency.

Cast Greater Create Demiplane twice (but some scrolls or something) for the Gate effect. Pick the army's original location and destination as the Gate points into demiplane. It's instaneous so it lasts as long the demiplane does; should be long enough to move whole armies.

downlobot wrote:

Sorry to rez, but I was hoping to build this armor at some point. If I built a set of this armor at level 10 (5d8+10) could I come back to it at level 15 to give it a small bump the CL pool (5d8+15) (and then 20 etc)? If yes, estimates on cost? Or is it just magic items have their caster level, even if you crafted this armor at level 20 it would still be 5d8+10?


Sure that's doable. Important thing is to figure out how the got 30,000 gp for CL 10 first. Luckily did that a while ago on another thread:

Caster level 10 x 5th levels spell x 2000 gp use-activated x 1/5 once per day x 1.5 modifier for sticking extra effect on an existing magic item = +30,000 gp for 5d8+10.

So for level 15:
Caster level 15 x 5th levels spell x 2000 gp use-activated x 1/5 once per day x 1.5 modifier for sticking extra effect on an existing magic item = +45,000 gp for 5d8+15.

And for level 20:
Caster level 20 x 5th levels spell x 2000 gp use-activated x 1/5 once per day x 1.5 modifier for sticking extra effect on an existing magic item = +60,000 gp for 5d8+20.

So if your GM is cool with it, just pay the difference in pricing when updating armor.

Spherewalker's Staff from Demon's Heresy (Wrath of the Righteous AP) increases base land speed (unnamed bonus) by 10 ft if the staff is carried (even when stowed). It's not available for PFS though; and since it's from an AP GMs might be more reluctant to allow it, especially from a Mythic AP.

Breaking enhancement from Dungeoneer's Handbook.

STR Ranger had a pretty good intimidating-focused build.

That's most definitely a good call on your part. The other way only invites madness.

<reads over the Arcanist playtest class>
<bangs head on table>
<throws away notes on Varian having sorcerer/wizard class levels>
<starts working on simpler arcanist/swashbuckler(/eldritch knight) build>

Check out the stickied Swashbucker Discussion thread's first post. Jason Bulmahn posted the errata there. He's also doing the same for each class discussion thread.

The swashbuckler's daring-do deed does specifically state signature deed can't be applied to it, suggesting a swashbuckler could pick that "gunslinger level 11" feat eventually for a different deed.

I'm hoping though that panache gets some wording later that states it counts as grit for feat or ability pre-requisites.

DarkenedRurouni wrote:
I don't think I've seen anyone mention this yet. But why does Precise Strike not have wording to keep the Signature Deed feat from applying to it yet? Spend one panache as a swift action to double the precise strike damage on your next attack, or take a feat at 3rd to instantly make it a swift action to double your damage as long as you still have panache.

Well Signature Deed does require a gunslinger, or in this case swashbuckler, of 11th level. From what most people are saying about the ineffectiveness of just precise strike without Dex-to-damage, the Signature Deed feat just might be necessary to keep the damage relevant at that level and onwards.

BigNorseWolf wrote:
The main problem is that it feels dexy but without finagling it a bit its better off strength based. If all you need Dex for is AC... don't use dex. there are a hundred very cheap items that all add another 1-2 points to ac.

Well a swashbuckler would benefit from Dex for all the parrying and riposting with Combat Reflexes.

Lord Twitchiopolis wrote:

"Swashbuckler Finesse (Ex): At 2nd level, a swashbuckler
gains the benefits of the Weapon Finesse feat with light
or one-handed piercing melee weapons, as well as gains
a +4 bonus to her CMD on disarm, steal, and sunder
attempts made against these weapons."

So if I am reading that right, then it allows you to Finesse other one handed weapons than the Rapier, so Heavy Pick, Morning Star, Short Spear,and a few others are now viable options.

Yeah, dwarven swashbuckler with a pick. Let that one sink in....

If that's how it actually works, that would be pretty awesome.


I'd like to read something dealing with the iconics in novel format. Comics are great and all but can't get them electronically. Or can I? I might be missing something.

I'm sure I'm in minority, but more stuff dealing with with Tian-Xia classes/characters would be nice. Probably with fish-out-of-water storylines. Master of Devils/Husk/Jade Regent AP brought up some great locales that I'd like to see explored more in the novels.

Looks like fancy magic longswords. Both iconics use longswords as main weapons (well Valeros uses longsword + shortsword).

Entilzha wrote:

Traits, traits, traits
Which are good, which are bad?
Traits, traits, traits
Ask your mom or ask your dad?

(And if you even get that reference, you must be old. And Canadian.


Clever Wordplay from Pathfinder Society Primer. One social skill is now Int-based.

Bruising Intellect from Ultimate Campaign makes Intimidate class skill and Int-based.

Bloodline of Dragons from Ultimate Campaign can get someone low-light vision.

Call of the Longships gives a +1 trait bonus to attacks while made on a ship, and Expert Boarder gives a +1 unnamed bonus to attacks with one-handed weapons while made on a ship. Both would stack. Great for sea-based games.

Reckless and Soaring Sprinter are great ways to get Acrobatics as class skills regardless of background: Rice Runner is regional, Wisdom of the Flesh is religion (and makes it Wis-based), and Captain's Blade is PFS faction specific.

I like Rich Parents simply because I like using it to buy stuff I'm too hard-pressed to justify with actual hard-earned loot: fancy clothes, alcohol, fine foods, carriage or wagon + horses, cheap magic items such as potions/scrolls or even a wayfinder, situational but useful mundane gear, or maybe even a tavern while using Ultimate Combat's optional downtime rules.

No problems. Been obsessing on the sword's stats since Master of Devils came out and Queen of Thorns only added to it. This is the first time I ever bothered typing it all out.

King of Chaos has now got me wondering on Varian's class layout lol.

Definitely Speed quality.
Some sort of immortal-bane quality. Mythic bane maybe? To get through epic DR or mythic DR or immortal qualities. Important in my opinion for what happens in Master of Devils and mythicness of King of Chaos.
At-will or continuous true-seeing. At-will would be cheaper, but continuous while wielded would be more accurate.

What type of sword would take some consideration. The sword is definitely depicted as a jian asian weapon which forum consensus would be longsword (simple asian longsword), or temple sword (monk flurry weapon, but ignore temple sword physical description), or rapier (finesseable thrusting sword) for variety of reasons.

Varian's proficiencies would probably include full martial weapons; I see him as having at least 1 level in fighter or aristocrat or magus to qualify to be Eldritch Knight. However, he seems more weapon finessey than standard strength-swordsman, so maybe rapier? Monk weapon some sort seems appropriate for the Shadowless Sword's history, so temple sword works, or tack on monk-weapon quality to it like Blade of the Sword-Saint does (about 25,000 gp to make it monk-weapon and counts as unarmed, the latter which brings up enough questions on its own) Longsword too for lack of better ideas.

I think easiest would be to modify the Blade of the Sword-Saint (base of +3 ki-intesifying katana with all the extra monk goodness).

Shadowless Sword: +4 mythic-bane speed transformative Blade of the Sword-Saint with continious true-seeing when wielded.
Cost would be....225350 (+10 weapon) +10000 (transformative) + 264000 (continuous true-seeing) = 499,350. Since it's already so crazy expensive (thanks a lot, true-seeing, might as well tack on adamantine and impervious for the heck of it to protect such a crazy-expensive investment, +6000 = 505350 gp. At the +10 weapon limit but thanks to static gp price weapon qualities, get to UP THE PRICE! Woo!

Since it's transformative, it can be whatever weapon Varion or the monks of the Dragon Temple would prefer using. Blade of the Sword-Saint so a monk can flurry with it and benefit from whatever style feat that needs unarmed. +4 enhancement bonus to defeat special material and alignment DR, and mythic bane or whatever bane that might be useful to beat epic monster in whoever's game/story. The true seeing is real pricy. If it's only at-will, sword would be 373350 instead.

Well that's my take on. I look forward to hearing anyone else's.

With the existence of the robe of the archmagi, gunman's duster, and corset of witchcraft (the latter 2 can be worn by a monk for the AC benefit alone) I don't see why clothing couldn't be enchanted to provide an armor bonus. Cost of bracers of armor seems to fit after one estimates of the cost of those stated items other abilities and remove them for the armor bonus cost.

I've read all my Pathfinder novels on my kindle by converting it to Calibre. I reread a few of them on pdf (on work computer). Haven't had any issues except for Calibre messing up Master of Devils cover page.

In my head I imagine Varian speaking with either of two voices. Jonathan Frakes, specifically Xanatos from Gargoyles / Commander William Riker; and Benedict Cumberbatch. Both can be very intellectually smug.

Is it correct that with toughness, a +1 Con mod and favored class level into HP you get 3 extra HP on 4th lvl and thereafter?

Assuming you're asking if you'd get 1d10+3 every lever from level 4 onwards, then yup.

About Improved Crit + Crit Focus I actually ment why those two feats themself dont seem so popular, independend of the weapon. Of course it should be one with a good critrange. I almost couldnt believe that you can get a 15-20 crit range with a Falchion, but that was probably because of my DnD 4e experience. Since in 4e you dont have to confirm a Crit.

I think a lot of people think Critical Focus is usually only worthwhile if you're also picking up the Critical feats, like Staggering Critical or Stunning Critical, and typically recommended to fighters due to their bonus feats. A +4 critical confirmation on its own for a feat seems kind of low for a full BAB class with good strength. But then again, you're wanting to play a Warrior of the Holy Light, so you get less self-buffing opportunities, so maybe it's worth it.

Thought I d get a beating for choosing the Warrior of the holy light, critics werent so good after the errata...

Meh people should play what they want to play. People on boards generally just want to make sure everyone's aware of all the ups-and-downsides of everything so a player can make an informed decision. You read the comments on the archetype post-FAQ so no need to get into it. After ALL the negatives, and you'd still wanna play it, more power to you.


And our limitation on the core rulebook isnt really forced. We just dont want to overhwelm the new ones to DnD and the others are atleast new to Pathfinder.

But if I am missing out on something super great for my Paladin I could probably get that feat too.

Well maybe check out Furious Focus feat. And definitely look over Fey Foundling again if your GM might be good with it.

Fey Foundling healing with lay on hands:
  • 2nd level: 1d6+2
  • 4th level: 2d6+4
  • 6th level: 3d6+6
  • 8th level: 4d6+8
  • 10th level: 5d6+10
...and so forth. With a swift action to heal yourself and can still full-attack right in same round, that's a pretty major advantage.


Also we got two undecided ones. And we need another front line guy. And one of them wants to play a damage dealer.

The completly undecided one always played fighter typ calsses and wants something different now, better not to complicated. Ideas?

Barbarian is a good choice. Tough and high damage. Invulnerable Rager is popular for DR/- = to half barbarian level. But would need Raging Vitality feat from the APG in order to not simply die whenever he falls unconscious. For example, if a level 3 barbarian with 16 Con doesn't have that feat, and was raging (+4 Str, +4 Con) and was brought down to -10 HP, he'd lose rage for being unconscious by default:

PRD wrote:
If a barbarian falls unconscious, her rage immediately ends, placing her in peril of death.

and then he'd immediately lose 6 HP because he'd lost the +4 Con from rage which normally gives him +6 HP (2 per level). His HP would drop down to -16 and he'd be dead. Raging Vitality would allow them to keep raging while unconscious, while this may seem like a waste of rage rounds, keeps the barbarian alive long enough for emergency healing.

So a player wants to play something besides fighter (most straightforward class) but no too complicated? Hmmm...Ranger? Some spells, sure but that can be swapped out with specific archetypes if he doesn't want it. Got to make smart choices with favored enemy though. But besides that, loads of skill points and full BAB would make the character easy to play (less opportunity cost trying to pick between skillful options or combat options). The extra combat styles from APG should also be checked out as they can bring on entirely differently flavor of ranger for combat.

Orange prism ioun stone.

Zurr wrote:

@Scorpioni: Not by RAW, but I can see a case for getting it and simultaneously hitting the Alignment Channel Prereq.

Regarding getting Dimension Door, an Ancient Lorekeeper could do it by going Oracle 7, Holy Vindicator 3, then taking Oracle 8 to get it as a bonus spell. You wouldn't start DD feats until 11, but it saves you from needing Eldritch Heritage. I'll be noting this and other ways of getting this fantastic spell, but it's likely going to go down in color.

OOO! Totally forgot about Ancient Lorekeeper. Good call!

With the recent FAQ ruling reversal, half-elves can totally qualify for Ancient Lorekeeper.

But does Life Oracle actually qualify for Holy Vindicator? The HV says it needs "Channel energy class feature" as a pre-req, but Life Oracle's channel ability is really more of a Revelation class feature (channel).

Ability Scores
People don't recommend anything less than 12 Constitution for melee characters due to needing hit points, and because in Pathfinder, one's usually dead hit points are at negative Con score. Assuming you stick with a 13 Con and favored class benefit (hit points), your starting HP is 12 (Yes first level hit die is maxed out for PC classes) or 15 with Toughnessf feat which means couple hits could still bring you down as fast as any fighter or ranger who all benefit from a not-terrible Con. Level 2 with Lay on Hands makes this tons easier.

Dexterity isn't that useful for paladins. At most they'd ever usually need is 12 in order to benefit from fullplate (unless it's mithral of course). I'm not sure how much of the rules you know of Pathfinder over 4E, but all the armor has a Max Dexterity bonus, which limits how much of one's Dex mod benefits AC, the heavier the armor the lower the Max Dex bonus. Dexterity skills are rather limited for your paladin. You stated you don't want a mount, so Ride (the only Dex class skill) is out. Acrobatics/Disable Device/Sleight of Hand/Stealth aren't class skills, and even if you made one of them a class skill with a trait, you'd still suffer armor check penalty; if they aren't class skills, the armor check penalty would hurt even more. Dex is useful for initiative, sure, but hardly seems like a fair tradeoff for less hit points; and if you're limited to Core-only feats Improved Initiative is looking pretty good.

So people don't consider Con to be most-definite third most important stat, it just gets such acclaim only be default since Dex, Int, and Wis aren't seen as useful as more hit points usually.

If this was an Archer Paladin, completely different story. Up Dex all the way!

The reason why you hardly ever see Improved Crit + Crit Focus with a heavy flail is simple. There are plenty more weapons that take advantage of those feats better than the heavy flail due to 18-20 threat range: martial options include scimitar/falchion/nodachi. It's understandable if you want to use the heavy flail for flavor or in-character reasons, but everyone would consider a falchion's 2d4 15-20/x2 (30% chance for critical threat) damage is stronger than heavy flail's 1d10 17-20/x2 damage (20% chance for critical threat). Even a greatsword has more damage with the same threat range. And when you're on the forums, folks use the more optimized examples to make their points and I'm afraid the flails don't get a lot of love.

With a paladin's smite damage combined 2-handed power attack, the damage modifier is quite significant, especially at higher levels. Criticaling more often and doubling all that high damage modifer from 1.5xStr + smite + 2H power attack is seen as the best way to take advantage of it.

Due to your DM/group's severe ruling of core rulebook-only feats, your choices are very limited. Your list of Power Attack, Toughness, Weapon Focus, and Extra Lay on Hands is fine due to lack of anything better. Though I think Extra Lay on Hands is considered better than Toughness since you can self-heal as a swift action and it powers your Warrior of the Holy Light archetype abilities. But if you get Toughness, it's better to do it early or not at all.

Also, I feel bad for anyone thinking of playing barbarian without Raging Vitality feat or a monk without access to combat style feats in your group.

Scorpioni wrote:
Thanks for the info Protoman. Seems if I go the Oracle route, I need the eldritch heritage feats to get access to dimension door. It would make the dimensional feat chain very long though... 6 feats to get to dimensional dervish. Painful...

Yea I had to give up on that idea with my own oracle character. Though out of all the choices, spontaneous dimension door with dimensional agility seems more worthwhile than prepared spellcasting.

I think you're better off getting an 18 Strength and a 14 Charisma and fiddle with your stats some more. Maybe up Con to 14? or Con 13 Dex 12? Or Int 13 somehow and qualify for Unsanctioned Knowledge which is pretty awesome.

10 Int, human paladin and favored class benefit (hp) would indeed get 3 skill points per level.

Don't bother multiclassing. Paladins get too nice stuff to delay it.

For thos variant class features (called archetypes), the most popular one IMO is Oath of Vengeance. Gets extra spells added to spell list and instead of channel energy, can expend 2 lay on hands for an extra smite.

Feats: Fey Foundling from Inner Sea World Guide and Power Attack are excellent level 1 feats for a human paladin. Fey Foundling works REALLY well with lay on hands.
Unsanctioned Knowledge is good too. Might need the Magical Knack trait in order to get a worthwhile caster level for whatever spells you pick.
Extra lay on hands, level 3 and onwards is good.
If you're keeping the Cha 16 and upping it each 4th level, consider Greater Mercy and Ultimate Mercy for free raise dead effect when you ever get at least 10 lay on hands per day.
If you don't have such a high Charisma cuz you preferred Strength instead, Channeled Revival is another way to revive party member, but has to be within 1 round of the PC's death, but still has the channel energy range of 30 feet, so still useful.

I only looked at levels 1 and 2, but:
1: Hero's Defiance and Grace
2: Litany of Righteousness and Paladin's Sacrifice
..are good picks to front-line (tough and mobile) and keep yourself and others alive.

Human's a great choice. Bonus feat is excellent. I'm neutral about the weapon. Paladin's typically want a great threat range for smite to be miltiplied on a crit, such as a falchion/nodachi/scimitar, but the heavy flail is a good cheap weapon for low levels and you can always switch out to different weapons if you aren't married to the concept of flailing.

Other good race choices: Half-elf, due to recent FAQ ruling, half-elf counts as both human and elf for alternative racial favored class benefits, racial feats, and that means you can get the elf paladin favored class benefit each level: Add +1/2 hit point to the paladin's lay on hands ability (whether using it to heal or harm). So the best advantage of elf paladin without the -2 Con penalty.
Tieflinghas: Add +1 to the amount of damage the paladin heals with lay on hands, but only when the paladin uses that ability on herself.
Also the demon-spawn tiefling (scroll down in page) has good racial stats for it.

Scorpioni wrote:
The reason I ask about dimension door is that according to:, dimension door is not a cleric spell. I'm away from my books so I can't check. Would make for an interesting combat build if it was possible though.

You're right. Dimension Door isn't a spell available by default to clerics/oracles so I think Zurr made a mistake in his guide.

Though there are very specific cases for a Holy Vindicator to get dimension door without multiclassing into an arcane class. Travel Domain cleric gets dimension door as a domain spell; a Eldritch Heritage (arcane) oracle can pick up dimension door with the Improved Eldritch Heritage feat; and paladin with Unsanctioned Knowledge can pick up Dimension Door via Bard spell list.

I see it as him starting out as wizard level-dip since he did train at the Academae, a wizard's college, and multiclassed afterwards.

My rule-of-thumb is anything I'd allow as a continuous magic item that replicates a spell (protection from evil, enlarge person, invisibility, blur, etc), I'd allow as a spell to be permanencied. I'd definitely can picture a one-time-use BBEG benefiting from that sort of thing.

Anyways, permanencied stuff can still be dispelled with the target DC stuck at set caster levels. One successful dispel and a character is out several thousand in gp.

Would probably need:

Sage sorcerer levels instead of wizard or magus for Varian. Well one level of wizard for the Universalist's hand of the apprentice supernatural ability. Maybe also Eldritch Knight prestige class for advanced martial and spellcasting capabilities (martial weapons prereq qualified by fighter, aristocrat, magus, or Noble Scion PrC)

If a GM really wanted to increase the available spell list eligible for permanency spell for his/her own game, this formula seems to a good reference: (Minimum Caster Level - 8) x 2,500 gp. Minimum caster level has to be at least 9 for spell levels 1 to 5.
The GM should up the minimum caster level to however prohibitively expensive he feels a permanent version of the spell should be in order to maintain balance.

I'd probably price Lead Blades similar to permanent Enlarge Person = 2,500 gp since that seems similar enough.

For the Eagle Knight prestige class, maybe the Golden Legionnaire?

I did, but I wanted to keep that on the down-low in case of spoilers for the short story lol.

Plus your imagery of Varian riffling through his scrolls on his bandolier while armed with his Shadowless Sword just DEMANDS a pic for iconic purposes (or maybe a miniature).

Each new pic of Radovan just makes him look more badass.

I wonder if there's gonna be a new pic of Count Varian Jeggare anytime soon. His action pose in Queen of Thorns cover is pretty great.

This is great! I only hope my players don't read it for the next few months until I finish DM'ing book 2 and 3 of Curse of the Crimson Throne to keep the Blackjack identity a surprise. Been throwing off a lot of red herrings to keep it from being obvious.

Reckless from Ultimate Campaign.

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