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Abraun Chalest

Prof Chaos's page

23 posts. Alias of JMD031.

Full Name

Professor Whittlebottom J. Chaos




??? Professor







Special Abilities

The cord of wagon has a lot of teeth




He who shall remain nameless


Where ever I happen to be


I like to talk



About Prof Chaos

My story begins, unlike most peoples, in the middle which actually was more like the end which was close to the beginning before becoming the middle again. There I was, no kidding, right smack dab in the middle of the symphony...which reminds me what is the deal with the oboe? Oboe's are a weird instrument aren't they? Texas Instruments is a technology based company in the state of Montana. Hannah Montana is a terrible show. Seriously, you should not watch it. I used to have a watch but then it broke. I used to be broke and then I won the lottery. I once read that book The Lottery, it was boring. I don't like to be boring it makes me sleepy. I'm going to go to sleep now.

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