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Female Human

Princess Rose's page

4 posts. Alias of Tiessa.


MiniGM is everything in appropriately for my submission? Is everything fleshed out sufficiently?

If you want anymore details anywhere, please advise.

Hereldlon wrote:
Or a frog samurai on a dire chicken now that would be an awesome character. In fact I think I have found what I'm playing next. Regarding the fact conversation about character creation, I find that until I come up with an idea I'm happy with I can't do the crunch or tge character will always feel bland to me. That's me though everyone obviously makes their character differently.

That's an awesome idea. I agree with needing a backstory otherwise it's just 'a character', insert xp for mindless numbers optimizing.

I haven't figured that out yet, but since the story had the frog prince riding a lizard as a 'magnificent steed', I just loved the concept of a little frog humanoid riding on the back of a raptor. The only thing better would be to make her a fighter type with a lance :)

Or having a grippli monk named 'Yoda'.

I'd like to introduce Princess Rose and her Velociraptor (mount/companion) named Thorn. All of the crunch is in her profile. She has a hat of human disguise that allows her to look like a small human child (as Disguise Self) and she can wild shape if she needs to to blend in further.

I have an alternate build for her with the Weather domain and no companion if that would fit the campaign better.

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