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Ieasha Foxglove

Price's page

845 posts. Alias of stormraven.


Class: AC: 16|12|14 - For:+4 | Rex:+3 | Wil:+9 - Per:+15 Init:+7

About Price

HP: 42/42
1st Level Spells 6/day: xxxxxx
2nd Level Spells 3/day: xxx
Profane Judgment 2/day: xx
Blessed Infiltrate 5/day: xxxxx
Bane 5 rnds/day: xxxxx
Discern Lies 5 rnds/day: xxxxx
Cast Daylight 1/day: x

NAME: Price

RACE: Female Aasimar (Lawful Evil)

    Lang: Common, Celestial, Elven, Sylvan, Infernal
    Move: 30 ft.

CLASS: INQUISITOR 5 <- Favored (Skill Pts:5 / HP:0)
Domain: HERESY

CRIME: Blasphemy (+2 Know:Religion)


    STR 17
    DEX 14
    CON 11
    INT 16 (L4 bonus)
    WIS 20
    CHA 10

Senses Darkvision; Perception +15


    AC 16, Touch 12, FF 14 (+2 DEX, +4 Armor)

    CMD 18, FF 16

    HP: 42 (5HD: 8 + 4d8 + CON + FEAT)


    Fort: +4
    Reflex: +3
    Will: +9

    +2 vs Compulsion/Charm
    Resist Acid/Cold/Electricity: 5


    INIT: +7

    Hand +6 1d3+3 (20/x2)

    Bow +5 1d8 (20/x3)

    MW Heavy Mace (2-Hands) +7 1d8+4 (20/x2)

    BAB: +3 CMB: +6

    1/Day Cast Daylight
    @ Will Detect Alignment
    5/Day Change Teamwork Feat

Concentration +10
+5 vs SR

0th level DC:15

1st level DC:16 6/Day

2nd level DC:17 3/Day

  • Monster Lore - +5 to Knowledge Checks to ID weaknesses
  • Proficiency: Mace (Deity Weapon)
  • Stern Gaze - +2 to Sense Motive & Intimidate
  • Righteous Infiltration - Use WIS mod for Bluff and Intimidate (Domain Power)
  • Cunning Initiative +5
  • Detect Alignment
  • Tracking +2
  • Solo Tactics
  • Teamwork Feat:
    Precise Strike
    ->Stealth Synergy
  • Blessed Infiltration (5/day) - Roll 2 dice on Diplomacy, Bluff, or Stealth and take higher result
  • Bane - +2/2d6 - 5 rnds/day
  • Discern Lies - 5 rnds/day

    2/Day Profane Judgement (Su):

  • Destruction - +2 DAM
  • Healing - Fast Healing 2 pt/rnd
  • Justice - +1 ATT
  • Piercing - +2 on Concentration and against SR
  • Protection - +2 AC
  • Purity - +2 on Saves
  • Resiliency - DR 2/Magic
  • Resistance - Energy Resistance (Fire) 4
  • Smiting (Magic) - bypass DR



(5) outfits
Rich clothing fragments (for sewing)
Cloak (+1 stealth in the prison)
Magic Veil w/ rope, lantern, gold, holy symbol
Holy Symbol, Silver - Asmodeus

Leaf Armor +1
MW Laughing Demon Heavy Mace
Iron Circlet (Disguise)

    Quiver w/ (38) Arrows

Belt Pouch

    (1) Alchemist's Fire Flask
    (1) Tanglefoot
    (1) Sewing Needle
    Sambryl Signet Ring
    Money - GP: 697, SP: 5, CP: 0

Barhold's Magical Shirt

Capacity | Light - 86 lbs; Medium - 173 lbs; Heavy - 260 lbs
All Gear: 32.64 lbs


    ALIVE -- Witch Hunter Sir Balin of Karfield - Captured Price & Cain, sent them to Brandescar
    DEAD -- Sir Eldon (Balin's Son) - Infiltrated the Church and betrayed Price & Cain

  • Darkvision
  • Celestial Resistance
  • Cast Daylight
  • Skilled - +2 Diplomacy & Perception

Asmodeus got his hooks into Price very early - from birth, actually - stamping her palm with a mark that any highly placed member of the Church would recognize, an obscure but telling symbol. (Trait: Birthmark) What self-respecting Devil wouldn't want to corrupt a Celestial? And a Fallen Aasimar was a prize. Oh, her family tried to pass it off as a childhood injury... but Price knew better. She was always meant to serve a higher cause... even if it was for a Lower Plane.


Years passed and the Iomedaean taint continued to flourish even as Price became a force in the true Church. At heart, she was a pragmatist. Worn away by the Iomedaean abomination, the Church was too small for her to be selective about the company she kept. Any fell-handed killer with a modicum of talent could help forward her agenda - whether loyal to Asmodeus or not. So she went shopping for a henchman but came away with an improbable ally in Cain.

Orderly and disciplined, Price never wasted good material... and Cain was good material. He wasn't a member of the Church yet but Price had plans and time. Even if he never served Asmodeus, a hard-hitting killer with a taste for the chase and skills to match could be very handy at the right moment. Waste not, want not, eh?

She hired Cain for one job and he more than exceeded her expectations. He was skilled, smart, and lethal. One job became more... many more. Price was no fool. The man was indispensable and doggedly loyal if you could earn that loyalty. Price's jobs became a slow recruitment project - every action undertaken to garner his loyalty.

Price spent considerable time on the project - months, in fact. Perhaps she spent more effort cultivating their relationship than she would for other assets... but that was only reasonable. She was in a dangerous line of work and dealt with many folks who were less than trustworthy. People with all the loyalty of dockside whores. Surprise, surprise. Having someone at her back who wasn't looking for the right moment to shove in a blade was worth a bit more effort.


She could barely restrain a grin of triumph when he accepted a task just because she asked. No payment required, just a bit of fun for a friend. The strange thing was, the recruitment had worked both ways. She was invested in him as well. That wasn't part of the plan...


Normally Price avoided the high-profile Church stuff; pageantry didn't interest her. But she couldn't very well turn down the Black Father when he needed help with his summoning. They were short the required thirteen 'unholy adherents' and, frankly, none of the rest had the skills to raid the ceremony's required materials from the temple of Iomedae anyway. Price didn't let her irritation show as she accepted the assignment. There was never really a question of who she'd need to help out. This was right up Cain's alley and in line with his 'appetites'.

The plan was simplicity itself. Sneak into the temple, slay one of the few ex-Asmodeans who had shifted allegiance to Iomedae on the altar. Defile a Iomedaean cleric's vestments by dragging him through the blood. Doubly-desecrate the altar by sacrificing the cleric upon it, grab the unholy vestments along with a few relics, torch the place for good measure, and escape in the confusion. Then head back to the church crypts... and summon a devil. Easy.

And it all went as planned until the Iomedaean guards swarmed them during the summoning. They burst in through every entrance - at the same time. It was a trap. Many Asmodeans died but a few, like Price and Cain, fought until they were downed by the maces, batons, and boots of Iomedae's finest.

Price awakes in shackles to a cold realisation. Someone in the Church betrayed them. And that someone, if Price ever got free, would find out how slow and painful death could be. She tests the chains that bind her and begins planning....

    Age: 64 (Adult)
    Size: Medium, 5'9", 140 lbs
    Type: Outsider (Native)

Price is forgettable. She is a relatively pleasant looking brunette. She comes across as a generally hospitable, friendly, and well-intentioned woman. Her Aasimar heritage registers as a healthy glow to her skin. When angry, the glow manifests as a black halo.

Price cultivates a 'Suzy Homemaker' image to conceal the truth - that she has the heart of a Black-Tipped Reef Shark and the morals of a Venture Capitalist. She could happily discuss how to bake the perfect apple-pie while shoving a wagon-load of toddlers into a raging river.

Price is a True Believer. She is dedicated to the ascension of Asmodeus, his Church, and his followers. As an Inquisitor, her job is to raise up Asmodeus' Church, eradicate obstacles (including rival churches and clergy), ferret out spies, and deal with 'backsliders' within Asmodeus' supporters - those weak-willed individuals who decide to seek the solace of other gods when their 'bill' to Asmodeus is about to come due. Price likes to arrange a personal meeting between the aforementioned backslider and Asmodeus for repayment. At heart, Price IS her job. She serves Asmodeus and his Church and her only 'personal' ambition is to rise in the diabolic hierarchy through her unswerving service in his cause and getting results that the Dark Lord will appreciate.

L01 - Inq 01: Improved Unarmed Strike (level) ; Toughness (DM Bonus) ; Domain ; Judgment 1/Day ; Lore ; Gaze
L02 - Inq 02: Cunning Init ; Detect Alignment ; Track
L03 - Inq 03: Power Attack (Level) ; Solo Tactics ; Teamwork Feat - Precise Strike
L04 - Inq 04: Judgment 2/Day ; 2nd Spells ; Blessed Infiltration ; [+1 INT]
L05 - Inq 05: Expanded Arcana (Level) ; Bane ; Discern Lies
L06 - Asn 01: Sneak Attack +1d6 ; Death Attack ; Poison Use
L07 - Inq 06: (Level) ; Teamwork Feat - Outflank
L08 - Asn 02: +1 Save v Poison ; Uncanny Dodge ; [+1 CON]
L09 - Inq 07: Lunge (Level) ; Judgment 3/Day ; 3rd Spells
L10 - Asn 03: Sneak Attack +2d6
L11 - Inq 08: Improved Critical (Level) ; Second Judgment ; Word of Anathema
L12 - Asn 04: +2 Save v Poison ; Hidden Weapons ; True Death ; [+1 STR]
L13 - Asn 05: Vital Strike (Level) ; Sneak Attack +3d6 ; Improved Uncanny Dodge
L14 - Asn 06: +3 Save v Poison ; Quiet Death
L15 - Asn 07: (Level) ; Sneak Attack +4d6
L16 - Asn 08: +4 Save v Poison ; Hide in Plain Sight ; [+1 DEX]
L17 - Inq 09: (Level) ; Teamwork Feat - Shake It Off
L18 - Asn 09: Sneak Attack +5d6 ; Swift Death
L19 - Inq 10: Arcane Blast (Level) ; Judgment 4/Day ; 4th Spells
L20 - Asn 10: +5 Save v Poison ; Angel of Death; [+1 DEX]

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