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Preston Poulter's page

FullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 325 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 10 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Thank you.

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I have written a story about Lilya Litvyak, the highest scoring female fighter ace of all time.
It's weird, but the longer I spent on the story, the more I feel I knew them. My two main characters were Lydia Litvyak the White Rose of Stalingrad, and her wingman (wingwoman?) Katya Budanova. Both went on to be double Aces before they were killed at the Battle of Kursk.

It was a challenge writing a story where both the characters die in the end, but it ended up being quite cathartic and really captured the feel of Russia in the second World War- most everybody died. I really enjoyed brining the story to life and feel that this work may be one of the finest things I ever produce in my lifetime. I do so hope you will enjoy it and Take a look at my kickstarter .


My question is that it says under henchman "Random monster." So does that mean there is one more monster and not a henchman in one location.

Augury does wonders.

Radillio has the ability "When you play a spell that has the Arcane trait during an encounter, you may examine the bottom card of your deck."

I have leveled her up to the point where I may put that card in my hand if it is an ally. If said ally is an Acolyte or some other combat check modifying ally, can I use it for the spell which allowed me to out it in my hand?

I understand the logic but, just based on reading the card and my understanding of the rules, I don't see why you couldn't cast Detect Magic during an encounter.

I seem to remember seeing a card that indicated if you failed a combat check against a monster you could treat the monster as being evaded instead... or something like that. This brings the question of when a card can be evaded. If I have a Potion of Ghostly Form, can I discard it to evade a barrier AFTER I checked to defeat it?


I think I can, but I'm not 100% certain.

Please cancel my one remaining subscription to the Pathfinder Roleplaying game.

Please cancel all items on this order except for the Pathfinder Unchained book. Please cancel the Adventure Path and Maps Subscription.


Now the organized play rules say that for Adventures over level three that you should take out the Basic and Elite cards, but I don't see in the rules where that applies to non-sanctioned gameplay.

Could I explore before moving using a blessing or ally?

So I could case detect evil on another player's turn and encounter a monster?

So if I've got a box where the higher level cards have been added, do I need to remove them to run a lower scenario?

I didn't think so, but I could not find anything in the rulebook which would stop it.

I have a beginner question. Can I use an ally (or other card) to explore my location during someone else's turn?

I'm a bit unclear on exactly when I can use card effects.

How would I record that on the chronicle sheet? It would show two characters to 1 PFS number.

So the PACG guide says, "If your character is dead at the end of a scenario, your character does not gain the scenario reward, even if the
rest of the party does, but you are allowed to upgrade your
new character deck (see Upgrading Your Deck). Build
your new character before the party begins upgrading. "

Can someone please explain what this means?

I have played with and without, and I much prefer without.

Lini's ability reads, "You may discard a card from your hand to roll a d10 instead of your Strength or Dexterity die for any check."

If I use a skill upgrade to make his Strength d4 +1, and I use the ability to make that a D10, is it D10 +1?

My apologies.

Awesome, thanks.

I'm playing Kyra and I've acquired the Boots of Elvenkin which allow me to reveal them to add a dice to an Acrobatics check. But Kyra does not have Acrobatics. I believe that means that if I come across the Ambush barrier which asks for a Dex or Acrobatics check, that if I were to do it as acrobatics it would default to a D4 (because she did not have the ability) and then add a second die using the boots to have 2d4, correct?

It's hard for Kyra to defeat the Ambush, and I believe that means you reshuffle it into the location deck when it is undefeated. But you can run into the situation (if you failed to close the location) where there are no monsters left in the deck and Ambush is the only card. What happens in this case?

Are organized play scenarios ever going to be released for RotR?

I will throw my hat in the ring for play testing.


Valeros is a PC when a player is playing him. And since he is a pregen that gets played many times at every convention, he is probably more a PC than any of mine. There's also no write up that says the PFS pregens don't get their usual level bonuses.

Look at Harsk for instance. At level 7, Harsk has 64 hit points according to the NPC Codex. As a Dwarven ranger with a Con of 16, here's what he should get:

Max for Level 1 = 10
Level 2-7 = 6 x 6 = 36
Con of 16 = 3 points a level x 7 = 21

Grand Total = 67 which is what's on his sheet. Now, his skills show max ranks in seven different skills. As he is a Dwarf with a Int of 10, he should only get six per level. So Harsh then used all of his favored class points for an extra skill point each level.


I've been taking the Iconic Characters and putting them into Hero Lab. I've come across a few issues. Just for starters, Level 4 and 7 Valeros have unspent "favored class" points. Valeros, as a human fighter with a 12 Int, get's 4 skill points a level. He puts these 4 points each level into Climb, Ride, Know (Dung) and Swim.

At Level 4, with toughness and a Con of 14, Valeros should have this many hit points including class bonus:

Max hp for level 1 = 10.
Levels 2-4 = 6x 3= 18
Con of 14, toughness + favored class = 4 points a level x 4 = 16

Total is 44 hit points, but Valeros has only 42. Thus he has 2 unspent favored class points that did not go into skills.

Similarly, level 7 Valeros should have
Max hp for level 1 = 10.
Levels 2-7 = 6x 6= 36
Con of 14, toughness + favored class = 4 points a level x 7 = 28

For a total of 74, yet on Valeros sheet he only has 71 for 3 unspent favored class points.

The Pathfinder Reference Document shows that Tieflings who take the Tiefling Heritage feat can sign up for alternate bloodlines and get spell like abilities that replace the Darkness ability. It says that this comes from Bastards of Erebus, but I have that book and don't see it anywhere. Bastards of Erebus details variant bloodlines for the purposes of generating different stats, but it does not discuss variant spell like abilities except for the random 1-100 table and no where in there does it allow for Detect Thoughts, which the PFSRD shows for a Raksasha blooded variant.

I this it's a great idea, I'm just trying to find it in the rules. Any ideas?

I love the Hellknight concept but don't like the Prestige class. So I came up with this order for Cavaliers. CLICK HERE TO SEE IT.




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A villain is merely as compelling as his story. Certain monsters, like Zombies and swarms, really don't have a story and are only interesting as they pertain to the challenge of overcoming them in miniatures tactics. So, in that regard, I can see swarms as being overdone.

However I would hate to discuss scenarios where we can have individualized villains, be it Orc, Vampire, Lich, Drow, etc. as being on lump category. So I could see discussing the frequency of mindless undead, but not of intelligent undead. If the particular Special Qualities and Immunities that a given stat block designation such as Drow or Undead really become of paramount importance, then I think the focus has drifted too far off of the story, which I tend to worry about in PFS games anyway.

Be aware that this AP can be quite deadly if the GM is not going to pull punches. A lot of encounters are simply deadly or have CR that is too low for the challenge. So you may not need to scale up the AP as much as not pull punches if playing for a larger group.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Instead of doubling the width of the corridors, you could half the size of the PCs!

You might take a look at this: -group


On the evening of Saturday, the 13th, I'll be running, First Steps Part III.


We are going to be doing monthly PFS games at Aero Hobbies in Santa Monica. I will post notices here whenever a new one gets scheduled.

At the end of October, we're going to be running First Steps: To Delve the Dungeon Deep, Part II

So if you play up the antagonizism between factions, then the players are more forgiving of the discovered city?


Over on the Westside group, we have a game going on both Saturday and Sunday evenings. You're welcome to attend either.


Need 1 more to make it legal.

Thank you sir.

The Bestiary says it specifically can be done, but really gives no costs for how much one would be.

Any advice?


They seem to be, but just checking.

As I detailed, in my campaign journal we are blessed with a particularly large group for the start of this Adventure Path. We have decided to really embrace the competing faction angle of this AP by splitting the PCs into two groups and having each play a competing faction attempting to arrive at and secure Savith Yi.

We're using two GMs and 8-10 players. Any ideas you guys have would be great.

Please cancel my maps, Adventure Path, and Rules subscription as well as any additional subscriptions I might have

Does Nkechi add anything to the story. It seems like he's not mentioned much once the players secure his service.

I don't understand the Salt Mines. How can a caravan come through such a crowded location? Once the party is warned that there's trouble in the mines, should they avoid them? If so, what's the alternate route?

Sean K Reynolds wrote:
Very nice! Where'd you get the boat?

My friend run's Hand Crafted Model Boats

I tried to get in touch with Jeff Alvarez to see if Paizo might be interested in carrying some customized models in their online store, but I haven't heard back yet.

We used a 20" model boat for the Pathfinder Society Adventure "Murder on the Throaty Mermaid" and people seemed to like it. You can see the video here.

I revamped my Alchemist built to be part Dr. Strangelob and part poisoner. I posted it in my blog, which you can READ HERE.

I think the PFS rules make for using Tramsmute Potion to Poison particularly attractive, since basically every found potion is free poison. I welcome your feedback.

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