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President Obama's page

22 posts. Alias of Doodlebug Anklebiter.


Kung Fu Joe wrote:
President Barack Obama wrote:
I'm off to buy stuff for my freeloading base.
At least you're not like the last guy, buying freebasing stuff for getting loaded...

Biznitch set me up!

(Stay strong, Bob!)

meatrace wrote:
"Anybody got a smoke?"

[Gestures with shotgun]

Get in the FEMA camp, baldy!

All of you, that is, except Scott.

[Pets Scott's bald head]

Scott is my favorite.

I'm putting you all in FEMA camps!

The only way to make sure is to shoot us both.

What slanderous calumny!

[Adds Samnell to the List]

You know, I'm really good at killing people...

First the mutant mosquitos, then the FEMA camps!

Sissyl wrote:
Bwahahaaaa! If I go to a FEMA camp, I will have tons of little commie goblins to keep me company. Could be worse...


The goblins run the FEMA camps!

If I could get it done wholesale, I wonder how much it would cost to put all of you in FEMA camps?

I'm putting all of you in a FEMA camp! Especially you, Ms. Sissyl!

No, not at all.

Now get in my FEMA camp!

I'm going to put you in a FEMA camp, Archpaladin Zousha!

[Laughs villainously]

Yes, "make me" do it.

[Laughs hilariously to himself while calling up Timothy Geithner and the boys]

You hurt my feelings when you say I don't care.

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thejeff wrote:
P.H. Dungeon wrote:

It also baffles me that in the US Obama is viewed as being very leftwing. I guess he is relative to the current crop of republicans, but I see him as fairly right wing in many ways.

Sometimes I feel like half the country thinks he's a socialist, and the other half thinks he's too far right. And they all despise him for it.

It's not easy being me.

President Obama wrote:
[Adds Grand Magus's name to list]


Almost every time I post with this alias, it gets deleted. I don't know why.

[Adds Grand Magus's name to list]

Gruumash., why are you so awesome?

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Aretas wrote:


Here is what the moderator posted before he locked the "Where is President Obama" thread.

Lambertz(Digital Products Assistant)Thursday, 10:27 AM
While we are totally okay with political discussions, it seems like this is quickly derailing. Please do not insult each other. That generally hinders fruitful discussion. I've removed most of this thread for that reason. This thread is now locked.

All the insults were directed at me for expressing my disappointment
on economic/political issues and saying we need a statesman not a politician.

I like this community & I really appreciate everyone but its shamefully obvious how the moderators turn a blind eye to the hateful anti Christian rhetoric while lockin down a thread critical of President Obama.

Citizen Aretas,

Not that I have anything to do with messageboard moderation, but I'm pretty sure the thread was locked not because it was critical of me, but rather because of the outpouring of not niceness against you.

If I am correct, the moderators were defending YOU, not me.

Now, let's address why there was an outpouring against YOU.

Some of the amusing hijinks that I have observed since you came on the boards: asking Comrade le Couard two questions about the Balkans and then determining that he hated America; accusing BNW of anti-semitism because he doesn't support Israel; saying that you voted against some Proposition for gay marriage because you hate the Democrats so much; etc., etc. As Irontruth pointed out above, there have been other shenanigans that I have missed.

This kind of behavior generates bad feelings. So, when you decide that you're going to stop your trollish ways and begin such a thread as "Where Is President Obama?," surprise, surprise, some of the people who have been offended by you go on the attack. You can say that you are going to change your ways, but people aren't going to change their approximation of you until you actually, you know, change.

And, getting back to your thread, posting what reads like an open-letter to the President of the United States of America on Paizo is pretty silly, regardless of political content, and that was the only point of my posts (Comrade Anklebiter, on the other hand, also dislikes me, which makes me sad.)


I'm sorry you feel that way, Mr. Gersen.

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