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Pranachan's page

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Hey guys,

Thanks for the great suggestions. The Quick Runner's Shirt is definitely something I will want to buy, but I can afford it from my personal coffers. Bear Traps seem awesome. I was immobilised by an NPC recently. I think the Bear Traps will be a nice way to stickit to my GM.

My current build is:
Theibar Temidus (Elf Ranger)
HP: 109
Str 18 (enhanced); Dex 16; Con 12; Int 14; Wis 18; Cha 12
AC 22 = Studded Leather +2, Ring of Protection +1, Amulet of Natural Armour +1, Jingasa of the Fortunate Solider +1. Plus 2 when dual wielding, and plus 3 when against Humans.
Persuasion (to be removed), Quick Draw, Throw Anything, Hammer The Gap, Favoured Defence (Human), TWP, iTWP, Two-Weapon Rend, Boon Companion, Two-Weapon Defence (Bonus story feat)
-Class Features-
Favoured Enemy (Human +6, Undead +2, Outsider Evil +2)
Favoured Terrain (Forrest +4, Mountains +2)

My General strategy in combat is to get in close and blend. Sometimes I will default to a bow. If the combatant is a favoured enemy, I may cast Return Weapon (communal) on my gear and Quick Draw to throw my weapons if I do not want to get too close. I often use Instant Enemy on the odd occasion we come against a significant, non-favoured enemy, foe.

Hi all,

I am currently playing a 12lvl TWF Elven Ranger. I have been given access to a 25,000gp item of my choice. Can anyone recommend any Ranger specific items that they have found particularly useful outside the usual Ability and AC buffers?


TwiceBorn wrote:

And I would add -- if most of your players are new, best to err on the side of caution and make things a tad easier rather than harder/more deadly. You can always make things more challenging as the players gain experience and the campaign progresses... but multiple/re-curring character deaths early on might turn some people off the game.

I actually have a varied group of players. 2 Veterans (one is the GM in another game I play in), one intermediate who has played in a Pathfinder campaign, and the last two are complete noobs. Prior to jumping into the module, I am planning 2 prelude encounters to set up the story. I have made some alterations to setting and flavour, so the first couple of combats I can guage party cohesion and efficacy. I have read forward into the module at some of the later encounters that includes Vampires and a few various Demons. As a player, that scared me, as a GM, I was a little too excited. Mostly because the player who is also my GM was responsible for my first ever PC death (I had been pretty lucky to have never had one of my PCs die until he ran a campaign for us). Looking forward to putting him into some awkward situations :D

Hey Garm,

Thank you on both accounts. This has been helpful. I am both excited and nervous about running my own game. I have played in plenty but being on the other side of the screen is going to be a different experience.


Hey guys,

I am looking at running my first, short-term, campaign in Pathfinder. I have not GM'd before, but I have played in several systems, and I think I have a fairly good grasp on the Pathfinder mechanics. I do have a fairly noob question though.

I am going to run a Module, but the recommendation is for Four Players. I am likely to run a group of about 5 players. What overall recommendations can people give me for adjusting to suit additional players?

I have seen that some people recommend adding smaller minions to higher challenging encounters. Would you recommend that I recalculate the APL with CR as per description in the Pathfinder Corebook for each encounter? Or would you recommend only doing it for counters that are significant? Or, does it not matter so much with only one additional player?


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