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It looks like we have quite enough in making people miserable through violence department.

So I was thinking of a wizard, if that will not step on the Warlock's toes. Or a Druid but I think the shapeshifting would play merry hell with the plot. Hard to keep someone on a ship who can turn into a bird or fish.

Speaking of the Warlock: HEY KatsuneSage! Please make your google doc public or otherwise enable us poor players to see your background and crunch.

Also wasn't there going to be a

Your Benevolent etc. wrote:
"... Good Cleric of Sarenrae ...."

Did they drop out?

hmmm so I am leaning Fighter depending on how the rest shake out. With options on Druid should more magic How many players are you looking for?

I was contemplating trying to talk you into allowing the Lore and Lords Vampire but given that we start on a ship..... Well that did not work out so well for Dracula now did it.

What do you mean by "Monk (reloaded)" in the class options list? Does this differ from the Lore and Lords monk?

That was a fun game.
Might be worthwhile to drop DM Frogfoot a line to see if they are interested.

Aw rats no Vampires.


I do like the Lore and Lords Vampire though.

Where are you finding your class options?

Quite interested.
I have played in 2 pbp's on these boards using dungeon world and quite like the system.

If you have an opening for someone not exactly new to the forums I would live to throw my hat into the ring.

This looks quite interesting. Please roll my stats.
I am thinking of trying a Gnome Martial (Internal/Vivisectionist Alchemist 1, Freebooter ranger X. Focused on TWF with the Hook-hammer) but we shall see what the dice gods say and what the party make up needs.

I think the Halfling cleric of Abadar it is then. The halfling section on the Players guide notes that we hairy footed buggers wash up in the River Kingdoms from all over so that works

hmmmm likely LG, or LN to tweak Aleria.

Now Issian or could House Garess work..... How much do you/does this AP stress politics? Will we miss much without noble PC's?

I must admit to being partial to the Halfling as well. Haven't played one since Advanced days.

Hanspur could work as a deity..... but liking Abadar or Erastil more. Your message was a tad garbled. Do you have thoughts on this divine question?

Dotting for interest.

I knew I kept that old WEG book for a reason.


Greeting Greenlanders. Looking over the characters so far I am seeing a dearth of both noble blood and divine might.

Would a cleric of Abadar (Trade & Protection domains), noble scion of house Garess be welcome?

I know Abadar is not a major deity in the region but it would create a nice conflict with Erastil's inquisitor.
House Garess should also lead to some infighting/stress with the Lebedan transmuter.

Could also go Erastil if Abadar is an issue though that might be over-egging the divine pudding.

Alternately should you want to avoid politics in this game the character also works as an Issian halfling priest of Hanspur looking to open up a new area for trade and maybe make a bit of Brevory into a halfling homeland.

Looking at a caster/support cleric. Though like any cleric able to hold the line with the fighters at least until the spells run out.

Let me know if the concept grabs you, I'll be fleshing it out as time passes.

and Gnomes

Was considering Bloodrager. Fey Blooded looked like it could work well for a gnome.

But are there the feat slots to make a decent TWF Bloodrager?

GM_Retro_Girl wrote:
I would love to GM one of these, but I want to ensure that there are enough people interested before I create the actual recruitment for one.

There are. Players are easy to find.

I personally recommend going for whichever one you feel best about. GM burnout is the real campaign killer in these parts.

Scott Wilhelm wrote:

The cool thing about the Gnome Hooked Hammer is that it is a Double Weapon, a Blunt and Piercing Weapon, and a Trip weapon. Immediately, I am thinking of developing a Gnome Tripping Character.

The problem with that is that you can't Trip anybody more than 2 sizes bigger than you, and Gnomes are Small as it is. My normal answer to size problems with Trip is the Feat Punishing Kick. Punishing Kick sort of works like Stunning Fist except instead of making your opponents Stunned, you make the Prone. Not quite the answer, but often good enough.

Can you use any 3.5 Feats? There is a Feat, Confound the Bigfolk, that lets you get around the Tripping size limit directly.

There is a Pathfinder Teamwork Feat called The Harder they Fall that also lets you get around the size limit on Tripping.

There is a Goblin feat that allows oversize tripping, I think it's called Tangle Feet.

For extra damage, there is Power Attack, of course, but there is also Sneak Attack combined with Dirty Tricks.

So I guess a good next question: what rule sets are allowed and what aren't?

Re rule sets: Assume no Unchained , no 3.5, and no 3pp.

Re:Punishing Kick: Wow those requirements are steep! It is pretty much a Monk/Brawler only feat and neither of them can flurry with the Hook-Hammer.

Re: Harder they fall. Nice but I really see another player giving up their action to help me attempt a trip. Maybe with a trip focused fighter but that is a big investment for a maneuver that can be ignored by so many monsters. Mind you a Maneuver Monk 1 / Lore Warden-Martial master X could likely make this work even with the -1CMB for a Gnome.

Purple Dragon Knight wrote:
Don't gnomes get Cha boost? Seems like a paladinX/unchainedrogue4 would work well. Dex to damage plus sneak plus debilitating injury with effortless lace, all of that stacking with the pally damage bonus? And healing and good saves etc.

No access to Unchained, sounds really interesting. Though TWF paladins seem even more feat starved than a Ranger.

Thought of that but you don't really get anything other than the SA and the avoiding the 13 Int requirement for feats from Striker.

Internal Alchemist-Vivisectionist however brings Mutagen and extracts to the party. Plus Sneak attack and the whole needing to breathe only a couple times a day thing which while not being amazing does seem more Gnomish than just being able to hit things a bit better.

Is dipping for one level to get 1d6 sneak attack worth the loss of one BAB?

The, on average, +3 damage seems worth it with the freebooter getting and granting an extra +2 vs flanked enemies at character level 5. (Sneak attack providing class1/Ranger5)

Add in Freebooters bane and at character level 6 my gnome is granting themselves and their flank partner +3 to hit +1 damage. Add in the normal +2 for flank and TWF power attacking starts looking viable. Heck at +5hit +1damage 1d3 augmented SM/SNA 1 critters could fill open flank spots to decent effect.

Toss in a Bard adding a +2/+2 competence performance and one is looking at +7 to hit +4 Damage. I feel the occasional move action is worth granting a summoned eagle 3 +10/1d4+5 attacks a turn. This makes a first level spell a threat that a CR6 something w/o DR will need to remove.

At least that is what I see.

The freebooter is party dependent, Freebooters bane is just inferior Weapon training with out folks to multiply the effect but is that really a large problem with 4-6 person parties?

Wouldn't this have the same damage problem?

And what is improved weapon finesse? I can't seem to find it in d20pfsrd.

Or perhaps it is just impossible to solve the damage issue w/o sneak attack.

Tried a 7th level build and was looking at 12/7/12 with a +1/+1 hammer before either Freebooter bonus or Power attack, but was only pulling +4/+4/+2 damage.

Best case, both Freebooter bonuses active and power attack looked like +16/+11/+16 with +10/+10/+6 which beats the un-buffed iconic fighter but that is not saying much.

At the same level a Slayer is getting +2/+2 self only as a swift and adding a d6 sneak

so best result assuming otherwise identical build would be +14/+9/+14 and assuming a (4 on SA die) +14/+14/+10 which is a marked improvement.

Hmmmmm I wonder if +1d6 sneak is worth a level delay? Perhaps via Vivisectionist? Hmmm Internal Alchemist/Vivisectionist 1. Freeboter X.
Or Internal Alchemist-Vivisectionist 1 / Freebooter-Skirmisher X to replace spells with tricks.

lemeres wrote:

It also becomes a lot faster at level 7 (basically allowing you to switch to whichever opponent you are currently facing). Also, if you get a sneak attack, you can do studied target from the get go. So, while the freebooter gave a bonus against a key enemy to everyone, but it can be hard to set up again once that one target is dead, you can instead always get a sizable boost against any target.

Also, it is extremely useful in social situations, since it adds the studied bonus to key social skills too (bluff, sense motive, and later disguise is added.

One of the main side grade archetypes (as in archetypes which are different, but equally valid like freebooter) for the slayer is the Stygian Slayer. This one gets a few spell like abilities (notable invisibility for times/day that scales with level and an upgraded gaseous form for minute/level/day), and it also can use key stealth/illusion magic items like it had a spell list.

Hmmm what comes faster? Freebooters Bane, move action to grant you and all allies within a 30' burst +1/+1 vs a selected target, Bonus increases by +1 every 5 levels, is a level one ability.

By level seven the Freebooter is granting the party +2/+2 vs the selected target. That party wide bonus is tough to beat. I will happily allow that the Slayer will have better solo numbers but how to factor in the Thief hitting more often, or the Wizard's ray's hitting more and harder, or summoned creatures.

It gets even tougher when you consider Freeboter's bond (4th level, move to grant +2 to hit to any ally flanking with the Freeboter or anyone else effected by this ability.) Now you and your flank partner are each getting +6/+2 untyped against the main target.

Is this something like the fireball vs haste thing? Fireball will let the Wizard do more damage on their own but with a party haste is the more damaging choice.

Eh likely a 6 of one half dozen of the other thing. Slayer far better if you are the sole Martial/semi-martial in a group but Freeboter for groups.

Yes I love that old school vibe!

Strength: 4d6 ⇒ (1, 5, 1, 6) = 13 drop the one for 12
Dexterity: 4d6 ⇒ (2, 4, 1, 2) = 9 drop the one for 8
Constitution: 4d6 ⇒ (2, 3, 2, 1) = 8 drop the one for 7
Intelligence: 4d6 ⇒ (1, 3, 6, 3) = 13 drop the one for 12
Wisdom: 4d6 ⇒ (4, 2, 6, 1) = 13 drop the one for 12
Charisma: 4d6 ⇒ (6, 1, 2, 1) = 10 drop the one for 9

Yes a perfect zero point build!!!

Hmmmm Str & Wis are double digit so why not a dwarf cleric!
Cash: 4d6 ⇒ (5, 3, 5, 3) = 16 x10 for 160g

God, Torag protection and good domains.
More to follow

This looks quite interesting.
I could even take the odd turn GMing.

Nohwear wrote:
The system needs to be hashed out, but I was thinking of giving downtime between missions. This can either be used for crafting or to earn extra gold.

The simplest way would to use Edward Sobel's idea of reequipping to WBL between adventures. The gm's character is just assumed to be on another adventure off-screen. This avoids penalizing the gm by shorting loot/xp and avoids penalizing the players who could not access the "GMs only" downtime club.

I would also recommend dropping xp as something you need to tack. If the adventure you want to play is level 3 then *poof* all the characters are level 3. Fast and simple, It may mean some rebuilding if GM a ran a lvl10 adventure and then GM b wants to run a lvl5 but I have yet to see players turn down a chance to rebuild. Or players could have a different character for each gm.

I also wonder if different GMs can have different rules? Say one GM dislikes psi, or Synthesist summoners, or Gnomes, or the color green, could each gm ban or allow as they see fit? This might result in players having more than one character, but if all inactive characters are treated like the GM's character this should not pose a problem. This idea could even be expanded to allow differing GMs to use different game systems.

So the slayer drops Favored Enemy in favor of the Freebooter's version except it only helps the Salyer and drops all spells for sneak attack.

At least that is what I am seeing is this correct? Sneak attack is a big help for a TWF but is is worth losing spells? Or am I missing something?

Gnome weapon focus is on the list of wanted feats.
Along with Weapon Focus (hook hammer)

So I am wondering if it is possible to build an effective gnome martial who uses the hook hammer as a double weapon.

I am not looking for an awesome fighter I know all the other races are better at this than poor gnomes but I am wondering if an effective gnome hook hammer artist can be built.

~Effective as the primary martial in a classic gang of four.
~Effective at every level
~Two weapon fighting with the hook hammer as a primary attack option

Would like to see:
~As many Gnome specific feats/traits/etc as possible
~Avoiding dump stats if you can

My ideas
~Exploiting the Hatred trait with the Vast Hatred and Greater Hatred feats to supplement a twf ranger's favored enemy.

~Freebooter ranger and using Bond to the land and Fey magic gnome racial traits to supplement Rangers Favored terrain.

~Going TWF fighter and focusing on as many of the gnome or small size feats as can fit.

So can it be done? Can a Gnome wielding their racial weapon be an effective party member?

Ravingdork wrote:

The "I don't like violence and won't fight" form of pacifism isn't going to work in the vast majority of games.

The "I don't like violence and won't KILL" however could still work quite well.

Maybe but it takes active buy in from the party and GM to make non-violent options available.

How does the pacifist feel about the party slayer coup de graceing the folks who you went to the trouble of enchanting/sleeping/beating to unconsciousness?

How does the party Hooded Champion/sniper feel about trying to one shot mooks from cover being off the table?

Does the GM need to create prisons. Would Sandpoint, which offers a bounty on Goblin ears, bother to leave the greenskins alive if our pacifist brought a string of goblin prisoners into town?

A pacifist in Pathfinder is largely just outsourcing the bloodletting.

Spells per day are at a premium at low levels.

Even at 4th lvl when the stat boost would replace the point of int I am recommending they cash in a wizard with 17 or 18 int only has, not counting Pearls etc, 4 first level spells. Burning one of then on a disc that only lasts 4 hours seems dangerous.

But like I said. Take with salt, there are good 7 STR wizards out there. It's just that the weight management becomes a pain. At least to me.

True but you still have to survive a level or two to get them, and they fill a shoulder slot, and they cost 1000gp that could have been spent scribing spells into your book and buying potions/wands/alchemial items or even buying a cloak of resistance.

I dislike dump stats in general so I might be oversensitive. Heck some GM's don't even track weight allowing low str types to carry all kinds of things. So take my advice well salted.

Be very careful about the STR 7. You will have no gear and even potions and scrolls will become an issue.
A light x-bow, 10 bolts, a dagger, your spell book, and one component pouch use up 11 of the 23 pounds you can carry without penalty.

Eventually STR is pointless for wizards but you have to survive low levels first.

Michael Weiss, "Renegade" wrote:

A) However the rest of the group wishes to travel.

B and B1) Renegade will fly. He will maintain the pace of the group and remain just below rooftop level to avoid detection.
C) Will indeed ATTEMPT to be somewhat sneaky, though likely not doing so well. He will also have his Awareness power activated, using his Sensory Array to detect anything that might be lurking about somewhat obscured/hidden.

c. With a trapping of "Rocket Thrusters" on your flight stealth poses some issues. Mind you there are benefits to having plasma torches strapped to your feet but stealth is not among them. They may not know exactly where you are until they get LOS but they will know you are around and are nearby.

Mathius wrote:

Create pit works well with just anything you put in a pit.

How does a 3rd level character dig a 5 foot cube of stone in 3 hits?

It has 900 HP and hardness of 8. Also realize that A DM is fully within his rights to say your weapon is the wrong type to damage a wall. Picks would work but swords and axes will dull after a few hits and a dagger will be useless.

Mark Hoover was making a Minecraft joke. At least I think it was Minecraft Could have been Starbound or Terraria or Don't starve or something I have simply never heard of.

Good joke in any case though.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Create pit + Summon swarm.

Look at me. I'm a wizard.
Look at you. You are in a pit.
Now look at me. Now back to you,
the pit is full of spiders.

comedy aside nothing that is low level enough to be bothered by a swarm will be able to manage the climb rolls to get out of the pit while taking swarm damage. If the GM starts saying that the spiders should die from the fall then switch to bats.

Thanks Aifric, Svog, it's been a blast.

Looking forward to it Mazatl.

It was not an easy call.

I am going to enjoy the heck out of lurking though.

Jud Smith wrote:

Jud whistles as he spies a grenade to replace the one he used to win the fight. I like grenades...I wonder if I should try throwing them two at a time. Something to think about.

Besides the grenade he grabs the Vibrosword, which is shown on the character sheet.

{Remember to record if the grenade you are taking is of human make or a V'sori fusion job.}

Imagine wrote:
Also, I think the dumb rules say that technically the hybrid telepathy only works on hybrids and Atlanteans, but I'm willing to add on 'and telepathically sensitive humans.' It seems only fair! =)

Actually the dumb rules say that Atlanteans or Hybrids can communicate with Atlanteans, Hybrids, or V'sori.

However I am willing to be flexible. As currently set up Telepathy operates on two 'frequencies' one for the Atlantean, Hybrid, V'sori racial telepathy and a a second for the telepathy power.
If Rigor and Imagine want this to change then we can collapse the frequencies onto one.

Effects of one frequency:
a)Rigor and all other Atlanteans, Hybrids, or V'sori can transmit telepathically to anyone with the telepathy power no matter how acquired.

b)V'sori have a +2 to notice rolls vs. all telepaths.

Your call, though a unanimous verdict is required.

There is also a third choice. That this frequency unification apply only to Imagine. This would make her unique as a human on the Atlantean 'frequency' and will be a mystery.

Unanimous verdict required her as well. In this case Imagine will notice nothing unusual when mind-speaking with Rigor.

Carl, most important question. Which rooms are you checking first?
Room list:
Gym. Visited
Restrooms/showers in gym. One visited one not
Four cell rooms in gym corridor. Visited
Cafeteria. Visited
Office corridor. Visited
Principal's office. Visited
Vice-p's office. Visited
The restrooms off the cafeteria that I forgot to add in, there is nothing in these. Assume visited sorry.
The playground. Visited
The bisected house. Visited
Six cell rooms in the corridor off the cafeteria. Visited
The Teacher's lounge
The Library
The front courtyard

{Less important questions How are you seeing inside the walls/floor/ ceiling? It is dark. Also how are you getting above the ceiling?}

I will need :

1) What does normal spoken conversation look like in a post when the information is not going over the link as well?

2) What does normal spoken conversation look like in a post when the information is also going over the link?

3)What does purely telepathic conversation look like in a post?

And I can add this to the Campaign info page.

Imagine wrote:

George, let's get one thing straight. I AM NOT A PRISONER. Now that we've established that, how do I, the non-prisoner, open the handcuffs on the prisoners? Are there keys somewhere?

The drone's mind replies.

"subjects restraints are retrieved after processing
no keys exist within the inventory for this facility
restraints can be cut free from subjects if desired"

Valerie and the others in the cells step back as the Drones vibro-blade extends and locks into place.

Sorry all, going to have to bow out.

Just can't seem to get a character together, which is frustrating as I love FATE.

I will be lurking though.

Good luck.

Right, forget that. I now have coffee!

School daze

Round six resolution

{Imagine, actually both attacks would.}

Sapele The Drones left themselves exposed and overextended. They will not do this again. The first Drone manages to twist so your foot fails to make a solid connection, none the less Drone manages some decent hang time before sliding down the wall next to the double doors. The second drone takes a solid elbow to the head, flips in the air twice before sliding nearly to the hole in the floor created by your dramatic entrance. It might not be Strict Rules of Golf, but I would call it a gimme .

Carl You enter the larger room and see that it clearly was once a cafeteria. There are more banners and posters about the place though these extol good nutrition and oppose bullying. There are four large rectangular tables with benches attached to their long sides.
The north wall is made of windows from about knee high up. Several windows are broken. A set of double doors leads out into what appears to have been a playground but is now largely a flat area of blasted concrete.
To the west/north-west a corridor mirroring the one you came down exits the large room.
To the West/Southwest is what appears to have been the reception/office area. There is a raised curved desk cutting off the SW corner of the cafeteria. The desk is about chest high and made of solid dark wood. The desk is open at its western end. There is an unmarked door on the south wall behind the desk. There is also a door marked 'Office' in the west wall behind the desk.
To the south there is a corridor half again as wide as the one you came down ending in two sets of glass and wood double doors leading outside. On the east side of this corridor is a door marked 'Library' across from this is a door marked 'Teachers lounge'.

Imagine Question for you in Discussion. run drone run: 1d6 ⇒ 5. Drone enters the hallway.

Fiddler You have no target. Please feel free to change your action.

DroneUnshake?: 1d6 ⇒ 1 Gm benny to unshake Fire at traitor drone, double tap, MAP: 1d8 + 1 - 2 ⇒ (1) + 1 - 2 = 0 THe final drone sends a particle bolt into the floor before running in to the Cafeteria.

So thins is correct?


Thumpy: 2d10 + 20 ⇒ (1, 10) + 20 = 31 WS +2 hardened for 33
Shooty: 2d10 + 20 ⇒ (8, 9) + 20 = 37 BS
Lifty: 2d10 + 20 ⇒ (4, 6) + 20 = 30 Str +3 line for 33

Ouchy: 2d10 + 20 ⇒ (1, 3) + 20 = 24 Tou +3 regiment for 27

Bouncy: 2d10 + 20 ⇒ (2, 8) + 20 = 30 Ag +5 Operator for 35

Looky: 2d10 + 20 ⇒ (9, 8) + 20 = 37 Per +3 regiment for 40

Knowy: 2d10 + 20 ⇒ (2, 1) + 20 = 23 Int -3 line for 20

No!y: 2d10 + 20 ⇒ (5, 5) + 20 = 30 Will

know we: 2d10 + 20 ⇒ (10, 6) + 20 = 36 Fell

Wounds 10+2 regiment for 12
Fate 1


Agility, Ballistic Skill, Fellowship, Fieldcraft, Intelligence, Tech

Common Lore (Tech), Operate (Surface), Tech Use, Athletics


Technical Knock, Weapon Training Las & Low Tech.
Die hard, Rapid reload, Street Fighting, Survival,
Fluency: can speak Low Gothic, Wary of Outsiders: -10 on Interaction tests in formal surroundings; also -10 on Interaction tests made on them by non-death worlders,
Light Sleeper


Auspex/Scanner, common craftsmanship mind impulse unit, combi tool, dataslate, lascutter, M36 lasgun and four charge packs, suit of Imperial Guard flak armor, 2 x frag grenades, 2 x krak grenades, chameleoline cloak, Mono knife

With experience spent to get:
Simple INT +5 to int stat for 250xp
Increase "Tech" (tech use or common lore tech?) to trained (+10) for 200xp

Leaving 150 xp unspent?!?

I think I understand the system but why did only one side exploit it in the example?

Should not the guards, acting in the first guard slot have attacked Charlie thereby preventing his attack?

Also If the guards had attacked Alice and forced her to concede thereby removing the slot created by Charlie's roll, what happens to the advantage created by Bob who used that slot?

I would call an arm more a Small Improvised weapon d4 damage -1to hit/parry. The whole body would be more like a Large Improvised Weapon d8 -1hit/parry.

At least that is my first reaction. Willing to go d6 and forgo the improvised mod in this instance.

Question: it does not matter after that amazing string of aces but are you slamming the arm into the target or throwing it? You are rolling Fighting which would be slamming but the description implies throwing.
There strengths and weaknesses to both. No real difference here but let me know and it is something to be aware of next time.

There is no -2 from Mind Control but there is a MAP from using TK twice. First use: Grabbing the arm and moving it about. Second use: attacking.

'Hot-blooded' is more flexible letting in romantic issues (conflict with Dillinger over a pretty face) as well as a readiness to fight

High Concept: Proletarian Boatman, Senior student of Salle St Maurice.

Trouble: Hot-Blooded.

"A short, simple history" and "A writing sample, in character, detailing how the character was captured by the Guard." TBA

'Proletarian Gondolier '
hmmmm clunky... but maybe

It is almost 2 aspects
"Favored Student of X" or ""

I am liking
"Proletarian Boatman, Senior student of Salle St Maurice"

'Boatman' to separate him from open water sailors and to give a knowledge of the rivers and canals and the folks living near and on them.

'Senior Student' and 'Salle St. Maurice' to reinforce the social dichotomy established by 'Proletarian'

I can see this lending a bit of a Scaramouche feel.

Now trouble...
'River rat' is out it was folded into the high concept.

'hot-blooded' or 'duelist' could work.

We might be getting close to something...

My problem exactly.

Trouble is easy High concept is hard. "Shugyōsha gondolier" would work but only in anime.


Having trouble codifying trouble and high concept

Trouble is likely something to do with social class. We are talking Bottle street level here. A step up from scavenger but he does subsistence fish on occasion. Maybe 'River rat'?

For High I could go with 'Student of X' where X is the fencing master or style. A little bland but it could work.

These would bring both Class conflict and style/school rivalry into the game. Could even be a more explicit master:student thing which allows most Kung Fu movie plots into the game.

Are these worth further exploration or do you not want these elements in the game?

I am good either way.

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