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Poor Wandering One's page

763 posts. Alias of PoorWanderingOne.


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I was going to say it allows one to trade a panache point and a swift for an attack/full attack sequence but the ability references a 'fighting defensively action' which does not exist so FAQ is our only hope.

Sigh one of my favorite campaigns. In one of my favorite systems.

Opening just after I started running a Necessary Evil campaign.


I cannot commit but I will be lurking and who knows ......

Abilities tend to do only what they say they do. As written fire supremacy will only ever do 1/2 level in damage even if you you are on the elemental plane of fire.

Anything else would be in houserule territory.

Personally I would consider something like it doing half the damage the gathered fire would normally do but the Wizard takes that damage less an amount equal to half their level.

I need a hand all I have now are stats.

six of one.
Spectral is nice but reach makes for a better first strike

reach is also useful for those fun sod touch spells.

"...where they were marked by an ancient prophecy"

So something want's them alive at least. That could be a plot relevant reason to make death only temporary on the island. It is only for a session or two the campaign should survive it.

Heck you could even make it part of the prophecy that they have to die before they can leave the island.

Or full plate wearing dwarven maneuver master monks.

Heck forget shotguns a modern army's go to tool for tight spaces is artillery. See no more tight spaces.

As far as a recommendation I suggest a tower shield specialist. Get the fighting while outnumbered feats/traits and be the wall.

Nohwear wrote:
How big of a drawback is it, if a sensory power requires there to be a security camera to work through?

depends on the power, and exactly what you want the power to be able to do. Sorry I can't give an exact answer but much of SW is context dependent.

Carl's audit:

Race: Human

Traits, attributes 5pt. check.

Agility d10 (3pt) (d12 Super att)
Smarts d4
Spirit d4
Strength d6 (1pt)
Vigor d6 (1pt) (d10 Super att)

Traits, skills 15pt. *

Climbing (2pt) d6
Fighting (2pt) d6
Lockpicking (4pt) d10
Shooting (5pt) d12
Stealth (4pt) d10

Edges & Hindrances

Hindrances. **
Major, Habit Drug addiction
unknown, assuming Minor, Phobia - cats
Super Karma,


Free Edge
AB Superpowers 10 power points. check
-Intangibility (5pt)
-Toughness +2, Requires Activation (2pt)
-Super Attribute, Agility +1 (1pt)
-Super Attribute, Vigor +2 (2pt)

Human Edge, TOO MANY

Charisma 0
Pace 6”
Parry = Base (2) + fighting/2 (3) = 5
Toughness = Base (2) +Vigor/2 (5) + Arcane Background Toughness (2) = 7/9


Kevlar Vest $250
Dad’s old M1911A1 $200 (2d6+1, AP, semi-auto)
Lockpicks $200
Switchblade $10 (Str + d4)
Combat Drugs (Red Agility) x 10 = $200
50 bullets @ $40 x2 = $100

* You are overspent by 2 skill points on skills. It looks like you did not pay the point to get the d4. 1pt is a d4, 2 a d6, and so on until you ceiling at 5 for d12 assuming you stay at or under the governing stat.

** Habit drug addiction. What are you addicted to? Combat drugs are a good choice for the setting plus there is a combat drug derivative called "EZ" or "Easy" that is available. Combat or traditional drugs will run you $20/day for the habit. "Easy" is only $10. That is how it got it's name, it's easy to get.

Phobia. Why Cats? It was unclear weather you took this at Major or Minor level. I assumed Minor, was I correct?

Remaining Hindrances. You can take a second Minor hindrance if you choose. You don't have to but I wanted to highlight he opportunity.

Super Karma The NE setting allows you to take a second Major Hindrance at character creation in return for 5 power points. Again you do not have to, Major hindrances are nasty, but again highlighting the opportunity.

You have too many edges. You get one as a human. Your hindrances give you 3 hindrance points to spend and you could use 2 of them to get a second edge. Taking a second Minor hindrance would allow you to buy a third edge but that is the starting limit barring tings like odd races or the Super Edge power

Note Some tricky spots but a solid villain at the core. Looking forward to the final version.

Rock with skills:

High Concept:Walker in the wastes

Black arrow deserter

Second to last survivor of the battle of three rock pass

Trained by the Crooked men in the Crooked style

Reader of the first cryptical book of Hsan

Home, home in the wastes.

Living on borrowed time.

Friends in low places.

If you see something, say nothing and drink to forget.

4 Alertness
3 fists
3 mysteries
2 survival
2 stealth
2 academics
1 endurance
1 resolve
1 investigation
1 rapport

cirle wrote:
...and a wanderer, so far unnamed.

I am thinking the name will be Rock. There is not a great deal left of a person once they experience the first cryptical book. The brain is there and functioning more or less normally but there is very much a before book and after book person.

cirle wrote:
So why is this quartet headed to a half-ruined port? Hassid is probably looking for the opportunity to sell or acquire some more oddities. The Wanderer is perhaps wondering if any part of their famed library survived the repeated inundations by tsunami; and if so, if the remaining collection includes any of the Cryptic Books of Hsan (though what he wants in those dire tomes is yet unknown). The thief is probably simply looking again for a big score.

Looking for another book sure but the books are cryptical and are not necessarily books. The first book for example is written in black type across the sky in a never-ending star wars crawl. Of course the exact mix of scorpion venom, oxygen deparvation, and happy green toadstools one has to experience will kill you well before you can see it. Unless you get the dosages exactly right. You get one chance per lifetime.

That said folks who have experienced a book do try to explain or record what has happened in this dark enlightenment. These books are much sought and fought over, they are far less powerful that the direct experience but they leave more of the reader intact. Rock would happily chase rumors of something like this especially as most folks can't tell the difference between one of these secondary books and the real thing.

{note: ideas stolen blatantly from Twenty Palaces book series.}

BoggBear wrote:

Well, the difference is really 1-5 points of damage or 1-10, also the sword does give a nice bonus to parrying.

Just saying guard =/= space marine. They have to be peeled first we are served ready to eat.

If we are going to kill something we want to kill it over there. Preferably with a few hundred of our friends and relations and their Leman Russ RV's lending phased energy moral support.

That said a sword is a lovely thing to have when hacking through the wilderness..

Necessary thread is live.

What the man in the hat said.
If the threat is small enough for us to have a chance with it in melee then it is small enough to stick with a mono-knife.

Bit like a wizard debating between a staff or a dagger really. By the time the threat gets that close will a point or two of damage matter?

Yes, yes you can.

Official thread should be up in the next day or so.

Actually an OMAC/Brother Eye character could work.......

So I have been thinking about massive destruction and violent psychopaths but apart from holidays with the family I was also thinking about jumping the shield and running a PbP here.

I have always wanted to give Savage Worlds Necessary Evil* a go. I don't have a recruitment thread up yet, I am waiting on an off-board friend who will likely be playing to finish vetting the announcement post for sanity.

Strike anyone as interesting?

*Elevator pitch: Modern age aliens invade Stan Lee's four-color Manhattan. Heroes die B-list villains, the players, are left to deal with an occupied earth.

So I have been thinking about massive destruction and violent psychopaths but apart from holidays with the family I was also thinking about jumping the shield and running a PbP here.

I have always wanted to give Savage Worlds Necessary Evil* a go. I don't have a recruitment thread up yet, I am waiting on an off-board friend who will likely be playing to finish vetting the announcement post for sanity.

Strike anyone as interesting?

*Elevator pitch: Modern age aliens invade Stan Lee's four-color Manhattan. Heroes die B-list villains, the players, are left to deal with an occupied earth.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
GypsyMischief wrote:

Can't seem to find a copy of the edition of FATE that we're working with...

My Google-fu is weak, perhaps?

Here you go:

Free fate pdf download

GypsyMischief wrote:
Are the important differences few enough that someone could give us a run down on here? Or should we just do our homework?

I thought I could give a quick run down on the differences but no dice. Free Fate is based on Fate 2.0 and there were shifts in design philosophy between Fate 2 and Fate Core.

So yes it looks like homework time. That said Free Fate is still Fate so the learning curve is far from severe. It looks like weapon and armor values are assumed and there is an organized way to deal with gear that I have yet to get my head around. There are more and more detailed subsystems than are present in Core and it appears less modular if that makes sense.

And more power to you.
The Trouble aspect is a great addition to the game in my humble opinion, I just didn't want folks getting confused.

Hassid the Collector wrote:


Trouble: I need just one more

Psssst Trouble is Fare Core. We are using FreeFate. There are many important differences.

Well if you are a small race Kobold style is a flat +4cmb

You are by strict raw correct Pathfinder establishes melee and ranged categories and the monk ignores them.

Booth the Ginfighter of the Empty Hand and the Magus of the empty hand are crippled combinations.

Pity the poor sword owned by a MotEH 1/Blackblade Magus 19. All that power, none of it accessible.

So I was taking a constitutional to avoid imperial entanglements when I had this most likely unwelcome idea.

We are not a regiment.

Instead we are a transit group, not transport group we are the cargo not the carrier, of regimental size made up of various elements and even individuals who are needed in the direction that the transport group is heading. A direction that happens to put us as the closest force available when the SHTF. We have a commander and a command structure because not having one is unthinkable. I expect in 40K given the vast distances hermetic command charts and glacial speed of paperwork as-hock units and temporary commands can last generations.

None off this effects crunch in the slightest. Say regs require that any guard force traveling to a war zone must be trained and equipped to combat standard. As our ultimate destination is a front we were equipped as however the crunch comes out.

Mind you this might move the game a tad away from Predator/Rambo and more towards Catch-22 and Alice's Restaurant Massacree and this might not be welcome.

But I thought it was a cool idea and take some of the stress off having to make the 'right' regimental choices.

Micro beads would mean less worrying about who was where and heard what bit of info.

second try.:

High Concept:Walker in the wastes

Black arrow deserter

Second to last survivor of the battle of three rock pass

Trained by the Crooked men in the Crooked style

Reader of the first cryptical book of Hsan

Home, home in the wastes.

Living on borrowed time.

Friends in low places.

If you see something, say nothing and drink to forget.

So this is someone who knows something Man was Not Meant to Know. Why exactly? And how does it relate to the crooked men and three rock pass? Generally an odd but reliable person especially when you need to get from point A to point C while avoiding entanglement s with the folks at point B.

Story elements established by these aspects:

Black Arrows, some kind of military org as one can desert them. Mercenary? Elite magister troop?

Battle of Three Rock pass: Recent battle if there can still be living survivors. Only two folks made it out at least that is what this person believes.

The Crooked men/Crooked style: wandering order of hollywood zen monks? Take some koans add the more obscure bits of old world religion filter the whole through the Principia Mathimatica and Discordia and then let the cut-ups loose on what remains. Simmer in the wastes for a hundred years occasionally adding semi-toxic mushrooms. The crooked style refers both to their martial art and their off beat way of thinking.

The Seven cryptical books of Hsan: direct lift from Lovecraft. The crooked men/people are associated with this but do they promote or oppose?

Living on borrowed time: Something/someone is hunting our hero or maybe there is a prophesy that will not end well.

Friends...There is a criminal underground. This was not a surprise.

See something... Our hero can see things normal folk do not. Could be real could be imaginary or the question might not fit the case. Mad? Haunted? Very, very perceptive?

blackbloodtroll wrote:

Are all improvised weapons incapable of being used as if they had reach?

Take, for example, the 10ft pole, which is, longer than a Longspear, yet, can only be used against adjacent opponents.

That, seems odd.

Yes it is. It is also RAW, or rather it is RAW that no described inpro-weapons have reach. There is room for a GM to state the 10' pole grants reach but nothing says they have to or that they cannot.

Imbicatus wrote:
Let's assume that monk of the empty hand forever stops you from gaining proficiency in a weapon. So what happens when a Gunslinger multiclasses into Monk of the Empty Hand? Do they then become unable to use a firearm or any other weapon?

Firearms are 'Ranged Weapons' the empty hand weapon swapping only effects 'Light', 'One Handed' and 'Two Handed' weapons. So it looks like the gunslinger of the empty hand is functional.

High concept.
Wanderer of the wastes

1 Black arrow deserter
(+)Fighting/military knowledge/knowledge of the black arrows.(-)Someone is looking, Bad black arrow reputation. (hook)Why desert?

2 Old ways are not the best.
(+)building non storm tyrant/magister things, breaking ST/M things. (-)using ST/M things. (hook)Why this hostility to the old ways?

3 At home in the wastes
(+)Living/moving in the wastes.(-)fitting in in the magister states.(hook)Finding things out there. What happens if you gain a connection to a city?

4 Living on the run
(+)hiding, running, making due with less.(-)Reason for running, sometimes running is the wrong choice.(hook)Running to? Running from? Do you even know?

5 Trained stick fighter, wood hand style.
(+)Fighting w/ staves or clubs ect. (-)known style can be countered (hook) Trained by whom, where, and why?

6 Own little, carry less, walk lightly
(+)surviving without. sneaking. traveling.(-)buying things, looking respectable. (hook)???

7 Friends in low places
(+)streetwise, criminal connections (-)dealing with authority, being a 'usual suspect' (hook) favors owed

8 ??? leave open for now I guess.

BoggBear wrote:

@Poor wandering one, well, seeing as we will probably do a bit of stealth, I'd use part of the starting xp to buy the stealth skill and raise ballistics once.
Gaining dodge is always useful to help you stay alive.
And you could round off with Lighting Reflexes.
Stealth, Lightning reflexes and Simple Ballistic is 100Xp each, and Dodge is 200Xp.

So we have starting xp? Cool.

So Stealth, Dodge, Lighting reflexes, and Simple Ballistics uses all the available xp?

If so then that sounds good to me.

Without access to the rules this is a bit tricky.

Assuming Theorythmus was correct re: stats and rolls and making the choices in Marks regimental post..:

Thumpy: 2d10 + 20 ⇒ (1, 10) + 20 = 31 WS +2 hardened for 33

Shooty: 2d10 + 20 ⇒ (8, 9) + 20 = 37 BS

Lifty: 2d10 + 20 ⇒ (4, 6) + 20 = 30 Str +3 line for 33

Ouchy: 2d10 + 20 ⇒ (1, 3) + 20 = 24 Tou +3 regiment for 27

Bouncy: 2d10 + 20 ⇒ (2, 8) + 20 = 30 Ag

Looky: 2d10 + 20 ⇒ (9, 8) + 20 = 37 Per +3 regiment for 40

Knowy: 2d10 + 20 ⇒ (2, 1) + 20 = 23 Int -3 line fo 20

No!y: 2d10 + 20 ⇒ (5, 5) + 20 = 30 Will

know we: 2d10 + 20 ⇒ (10, 6) + 20 = 36 Fell

Talents and/or skills? Light sleeper, +2 wounds, Athletics, Rapid Reload, Street Fighting

Standard Kit: M36 lasgun and four charge packs, suit of Imperial guard flak armour, 2 x frag grenades, 2 x krak grenades

Regimental Kit: Mono upgrade to standard melee weapon.

Equipment: Chameleoline cloaks

So a decent shot, very good eye, fun to be around but as dumb as as a post. Sounds like Army materiel to me!

So what else do I need to do?
Judging from Marks character it looks like choosing skills etc. from a list time. This is problematic without the list.

So I am opening the floor for suggestions
What specialty/traits/skills etc should I have?

I am beginning to see this mook as a standard ground pounder, lazy but willing to do what he's told and take what he is given. He still believes his recruiting officer.
So shy away from any advanced training and go more for inherent advantages. As far as gear assume the quartermaster saw him coming and took the opportunity to dump some old stock on him. Hence the cloak rather than the lined armor and the mono(knife?) rather than a fancier choice.

Mind you random determination could also work. If it looks odd just assume there was a slot open in that training program and he was handy. A less than full program gets it's budget reduced next fiscal year so it's all about buts on seats.

I am happy to let the folks who know the rules work this one out.

So it looks like Jungle fighters with new suits and no PC morale officers all off together for fun time at Camp Crystal Lake.

More or less correct, right?

oh.... I see your concern. That does sound iffy.

What is a commisar?

Or is that a question like "What is reactor shielding?"

I can live with that.

The primary goal of a player is to amuse the GM after all.

So it looks like the jungle fighters are a the most popular choice, assuming we do something I don't understand to get heavier armor.

Mind you from what I have pieced together about the 40k games is that is you are depending on armor things have gone sooooo pear shaped that it is pretty much time to go into the light.

So desert raiders with roek55 a jungle fighter commissar?

hmmmm we may have our bellman.....

Can the crunch be randomized? That could lead to something interesting....

If not I could easily be tossed into any regiment through a paper work error or perhaps "temporarily attached while awaiting transport."

Of the listed I think the Desert raiders the Iron guard or the first born appeal, but like I said attach me anywhere.

Why do you want us to come from the same home-world?
There is the whole strange crew trope to consider. The idea of random disparate folks being forged together through the military life.

Sides my idea of a hive/forge worlder is diametrically opposed to rorek55's jungle fighter.

We both seem at least slightly attached to these concepts.
Mind you mess up paperwork could explain a lot.

Queue my character being issued a Vostroyan First Born uniform: "But I have an older brother, his name is Sam. He works quality control on level onesixteen."

All the same regiment yes but same homeworld?

Oh gods...

If we go with the ship

We have me, Character name Jack Bell

We have a broker, Nohwear's collector.

And we have someone whose rapport with inanimate objects would make him generally-skilled.

We are Carrol's The Hunting of the Snark.

GM Mogthrasir wrote:

Here's the current concept, with spoilers where I try to explain and measure against the above criteria.

Voli Sivardson


  • Seasoned Forgemaster of the Jotnar
    ** spoiler omitted **

  • 11th Keeper of Ulfbert Hammer and Technique, Trained by Rokar
    ** spoiler omitted **

  • Obsessively Critical of Appearance and Detail
    ** spoiler omitted **

  • The Most Difficult Path Makes For The Best Tale
    ** spoiler omitted **...
  • Voli rocks on toast!

    That said I am not seeing how "Sucker for a pretty face" could be invoked positively.....

    Nohwear wrote:
    One idea that is gelling is that my char has no direct access to magic, is a collector of oddities. I would like the over all magic level to resemble the pulps. That is magic is rare, but powerful. It also takes a LOOOONG time to really master. Thus real sorcerers are ancient and probably powerful. However, like Ars Magica they can do little else. My char is a collector. He know a lot about magic, but not how to practice. He does know how to use certain devices and how to find them. Sorry for the long post.

    This is excellent as far from a long post.

    Would tie in to the Ship idea as well. With no banking/currency systems long range trade would be on a rare metal/barter basis. Someone skilled in assessing relative values would be a godsend. Plus a berth on the ship means you have a way to see things you could never reach on your own.
    That is if we go with the ship/travelers idea.

    So how would you like the magic to work Nohwear? Fate is a VERY fluid system and Even FreeFate appears to have multiple sample magic systems. Do you have a preference?

    I am new to the system but Fate appears to basically run on player input.

    Note to cirle please feel free to whap me with a verbal newspaper if I am exceeding a players remit here.

    How do you come down on the magic/low magic/high magic issue?

    Some things worth thinking about

    Was the former world run by magic or super science or a Neir-like mix?

    How much combat do we want in the game? This set-up could easily lead to a very social or intrigue based campaign. What are we looking for?

    The capsule set up looks a good bit like a wetter, colder Dark Sun in that the main conflict is folks vs the environment. Does that jive with how you all are seeing this?

    What overall hook are we looking for? Do we want to be the residents of a small village trying to survive and prosper? I could see that working..
    Or I could see a ship crew threading the storms doing trade and crime to keep from under the Magister's thumb. LBB Traveler or Firefly feel.

    Or we could go the recovery route. We could all be time/dimensional travelers either lost or not. Think Fringeworthy, The Morrow Project, Stargate, 1632 or many many anime series where a high-tech center seeks to aid a beleaguered hinterland.

    Do we want player usable magic/superscience? Or just abandoned semi-functioning artifacts? Or is it all unknown?

    What tech level are we looking at?
    Muscle/animal power? Steam? Oil? Common magic?
    What kind of weapons? Iron spears and axes? Steel swords? Guns, ancient or modern?

    Or a mix like Journe where a medieval/renaissance culture has arisen from the ashes of a destroyed high-tech one?

    Lots of things to talk about as we get started.

    Me? I am leaning towards the ship idea but then I have always LOVED old traveler.

    This looks interesting.

    Very much unfamiliar with any Warhammer past the 2nd ed FRPG and no access to the rules so I expect I will need a good bit of hand holding rule wise but here goes.

    What is your characters first experience with death?
    Death? Hmmm can't say I've had too much contact with the reaper. There was that accident with old algae vat but Harlen was drunk so I don't know if that counts.

    How important is family to your character?
    Family? Eh, they are scattered all over Armageddon now. I've kinda lost touch. Your work group though, that's another story. You gotta depend on them.

    Describe your characters childhood.
    Cresh raised in tower 23, left full on the Fighting 5's! Life in the hive was good. Don't believe anyone who says otherwise.

    Concept is an alpha-complex infrared who wants to see the world. A happy vat worker who signed up to see how they could help and who is now finding out that life in the Guard is just as regimented as home but the work load is far far lighter. I mean the army doesn't even have production quotas!

    TarkXT wrote:
    By the by is Poor Wandering One interested in Only War? If no one anwers the recruitment tommorrow I'll have three players which is enough for me to go with as NPC's can fill out the rest of the squad to die easily.

    Maybe.... I really dislike most military/honor/nobility/warrior code tropes but I could get behind someone who plays against them.....

    I'll run up a flag in the thread and see who salutes.

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