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Dwarf Fighter

Poof's page

57 posts (78 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 6 aliases.


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Sorry to hear that MJ. Hope you feel better. If you feel a bit better later maybe hop on and listen to see how the game works a bit

can i have connection (Sassy Baskets)?

can i have drunkard as an extra language?

Bbut zaaaach, thats tooooo muuuuch to remember D:

What combo did you go with for your guy MJ?

totally cool man. Hope the heat comes back on soon

yay excuses!

My backstory is up

I speak all languages

we still playing Wednesday nights?

I'm posting so i get added

righto. I'm waiting for others to post so I have a good example of what I need to include. Cause frankly, I'm pretty damn confused.

when do we need to have our characters posted by?

yay! for multi-campaigning!!

My guy is a tattooist and worked/works at a traveling circus

my characters are fluff characters so MJ kills them whenever, and Garett and sirnef are just side characters in Zaviers story. Nuff said

He's at -7 currently. His con is 11 and ya, 14 was my las roll to stabilize

lol, Garett still has a chance. I'm bleeding out in a corner staked to the ground with a bear trap. I think Garett is the only one who knows where I am.

whoa, some characters might be able to live

Edit to Zach's post,

Asshat has recently been replaced so here are a few alternatives you might like to consider for future use

Example 1: also your an asshate*

Example 2: also your an asshater**

and in extreme cases (or being foreign)

Example 3: also your a wanker

* asshate is the latest trend of ass-word usage

**asshater does not always mean one puts hats on asses

I believe so

im cool with it too, 2 weeks of not playing might be too much for me

totally cool mj, i'm looking forward to it

I've definitely decided on Mage Hunter/Pirate

I totally got Mage Hunter - Pirate.

I have no problems with the name or any of the recording stuff MJ. The holding your die roll till called sounds good to me

But I like Natpik's voice!

ya man, i'm totally down. Our group is just serious enough and just silly enough to work perfectly.

pssh, Tathar is gonna run the brewery now that hes no longer adventuring. I read over the new stuff. It sounds interesting. Do our magic items we currently have still work? Like the amulets of nat armor? What are the rules to rebuilding? Can we change classes? Races? those are my major questions. The augmented weapon stuff sounds really sweet though

I'm cool with that zach. Tathar has to see to his garden and brewery

I'm cool with splitting it or keeping a shared pot. Whatever you guys want to do

Not sure if we were supposed to roll perception and survival so heres my perception for Tathar and Dante

Tathar: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (8) + 10 = 18
Dante: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (11) + 1 = 12

o ya, i forgot to ask. MJ, what time do we normally play eastern time? 9ish?

All set up in Tennessee now, so i'm g2g

P.s. i apologize for any spelling errors as i am doing all my board posts from my phone since i am moving cross country currently

I will do the same and roll survival checks for Tathar and Dante

Dante survival: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (17) + 1 = 18
Tathar survival: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (10) + 10 = 20

should i make an alias for my companion?

Brian is a halfling rogue, and sam is a halfling cavalier

I picked Pioneer as my campaign trait. What sort of horse do i get? Should I go to mounts/hirelings in HL and pick a heavy/light horse and add it?

I'm cool with either. I'll let the other guys decide. Zach, since you're not going dorf with me I decided to make a half-elf druid

a dwarf?

Top 3! First to say first!

Sam made a cavalier

I am indeed. Dwarf druid!!!!


I'm pretty sure we're going with 1.3.b87

I will try and make it this Thursday. I am moving cross country on Wednesday but am stopping at a friends house along the way. I will be at her house sometime Wednesday night so i should be able to make it.

chris, get on skype!

i redid Veits point buy slightly. I still add up to 20 though. I would love to find the yaks.

you start at 4th level and add 3445 xp.

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