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Poodu's page

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Is it possible for a sorcerer to carry around a spellbook and scribe spells into it from scrolls that he finds, assuming scribe costs are paid and spellcraft roll succeeds? I have looked and only see wizards being referenced as being able to write spells into a spellbook (which would normally be the only class, aside from magus, that would logically need to do so).

I am aware that the spellbook is useless for the sorcerer in terms of spell casting. However if a wizard happened to play at the same table we could theoretically trade spells.

Thematically I am hoping for a sorcerer that acts and behaves as a wizard. He carries a spellbook that he "studies" in the morning and also has a pet toad with him that is his "familiar" but is really just a random toad he found on the street.

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