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Pollux's page

595 posts. Alias of PoorWanderingOne.

Full Name





Witch 5



Special Abilities

Witch abilities, Insanity Patron


Chaotic Evil




In a gutter


Common, Infernal, Goblin, Halfling, Aklo, Kelish.


failed corpse, revolutionary, wanna be arsonist

Strength 9
Dexterity 16
Constitution 14
Intelligence 20
Wisdom 12
Charisma 10

About Pollux

Background, Appearance and personality:


Gray tinted skin and thick black hair hint at something other than human, or at least other than cheliaxan in his ancestry, but he looks normal enough for Westcrown. His clothes are not the best but are in excellent repair especially the long yellow (cloak if winter/cape if summer)he wears.

Angry, very very angry. Pollux has a chip on his shoulder larger that the statue overlooking the town. But he knows that he has to play nice if he wants to keep all his teeth

Pollux was once almost a member of a minor but respected house. He was a bit of an embarrassment. The wrong side of the sheet embarrassment. So while he would never be recognized as a member of the family a place was made for him. He was bright so he was trained to assist at arcane and religious rites and largely forgotten.

This saved his life. The family had been playing politics, and other games. They lost. When the Hellknights came he was asleep in one of the storerooms. They took him for a servant. The interrogation was unusually efficient and he quickly told them everything they wanted to hear long before he passed out. Before the end he overheard a Helknight captain saying that they had killed the last of the blood relations and the torturers could do what they liked to the servants. So they did, for a very long time.
He was tossed into the midden behind the prison. It was raining, that was what woke him up. When he opened his blood-caked eyes there was a rat sitting an inch or two from his face.

He looked at the rat, the rat looked at him.

The rat said "So do you want to kill them yet?" And that as they say was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Combat stats:

Perception, +5/+7
Initiative, +3
Concentration, (5caster level +4int) +9

-Fortitude, (1+2con+2rat+1cloak) +6
-Reflex, (1+3dex+1cloak) +5
-Will, (4+1wisdom+1cloak)+6
Note, +2 to saves vs. fear
As immediate action 3/day re-roll save vs disease or poison

AC, 14
-Flatfoot AC, 10
-Touch AC, 14
CMB, +1
CMD, 15/11

Hit Points, 32
BAB, +2

Traits and Feats:

Courageous, +2 saves vs. fear
Shadowchild, ignore 20% miss due to dim light.

Level 1, Extra Hex
Level 3, Extra Hex
Level 5, Accursed Hex


{DC(1/2 level+ int+ 10)=17}

Cackle move action to extend hex duration
Charm +1 step five rounds (will)
Evil eye -2 eight rounds (will)
Misfortune one round (will)

Spells memorized:


Cantrips 4. Dc 15
-Detect Magic

Level I, (3+2int) 5. Dc 16
-Ill omen
-Ray of Enfeeblement
-Chill touch
-Web bolt

Level II, (2+1int) 3. Dc 16
-Touch of Idiocy

Level III (1+int) 2 Dc 17
-Dispel magic
-Strangling Hair


Points (2+4int+1human) 7
Note headband skill: Appraise

*class -armor penalty
Acrobatics(dex) III, +6
Appraise(int) I, +6 (+10/headband)
Bluff(cha), 0
Climb(str), -1
*Craft(int): Alchemy II, +9 (+10/headband)
Diplomacy(cha) II, +2
Disable Device(dex), -
Disguise(cha), 0
Escape Artist(dex) II, +5
*Fly(dex) I, +7
Handle animal(cha), +0
*Heal(wis) I, +5
*Intimidate(cha), +0
*Knowledge Arcana(int) III, +10 (+11/headband)
Knowledge Dungeoneering(int), +4 (+5/headband)
Knowledge Engineering(int), +4 (+5/headband)
Knowledge Geography(int), +4 (+5/headband)
*Knowledge History(int) II, +9 (+10/headband)
Knowledge Local(int) I, +5 (+6/headband)
*Knowledge Nature(int) I, +8 (+9/headband)
Knowledge Nobles(int) I, +5 (+6/headband)
Knowledge Religion(int), +4 (+5/headband)
*Knowledge Planes(int) III, +10(+11/headband)
Linguistics(int), +4 (+5/headband)
Perception(wis) V, +6 (+8/familiar)
Perform(cha):acting, +0
*Profession(wis): painter, +1
Ride(dex) I, +4
Sense Motive(wis) I, +2 (+4/familiar)
Slight of hand(dex), +3
*Spellcraft(int) V, +12 (+13/headband)
Stealth(dex) II, +5
Survival(wis), +1
Swim(str), -1
*Use Magic Device(cha) V, +8


Light crossbow. +3 1d8 P 19x2 80'

Dagger. +2/+5 1d4 10" SP 19x2

Unarmed. +2 1d3 20x2 B 20x2

Touch +2/+5

Armor and Shield:


Expendable items:

Acid flasks III
Alchemists fire II
Bolts X
Potion of cure light wounds III
Potion of cure moderate wounds I
Potion of disguise self VII
Potion of gaseous form I
Potion of lesser restoration II
Oil flask III
Scroll of Erase (CL10)
Scroll of Clairaudiance (CL10)
Scroll of True Seeing (CL10)
Scroll of Dispel Magic(CL10)
Sunrod II
Tindertwigs III
Wand of Mage Armor 50

Magic gear:

Headband of int +2 (appraise, Kelish.)
Lesser metamagic rod of reach
Gloves of reconnaissance
Lesser crown of blasting
Plague Rat Belt
Cloak of resistance +1
Potion of water walking
Potion of water breathing
Feather Token; swan boat
Pearl of power 1

Mundane gear:

Traveler's outfit, worn
Dagger, belt right side
Other dagger, left boot

Light Crossbow. Carried or strapped to left shoulder
Bolts, quiver on belt left side.

-Bedroll, 5gp mended into lining
-Winter blanket
-Six off white candles
-Hunk of Cheese
-Two oil flasks
-Three days rations
-Hemp rope 50'
-Three torches
-Traveling spell book
-Scroll case
--Ink, black. 1oz vial
--Two pens
--Three parchment sheets. One sheet cut into calling cards.

-Potion of Water walking
-Potion of Water breathing
-Potion of cure medium wounds
-Potion of lesser restoration
-Acid flask

Grey Belt pouch
-Chalk, red, white, green
-Sewing needle and string
-10gp 8sp 7cp

Blue belt pouch
-Spell components




Race, Magical rat
Alignment, unknown.
STR:2/-4 DEX:15/+2 CON:11/0 INT:8/-2 WIZ:13/+1 CHA:2/-4

Senses, perception +8
-Low-light Vision

Speed 15', climb & swim 15'
HD 4 hp 10
AC {10+2dex+2size+2Natural Armor} 16 touch14 flat12

-Fort +2
-Ref +4, Improved Evasion. 0dam on pass 1/2 on fail.
-Will +1 (using Pollux's +4)

Touch +4
Bite +4 1d3-4 20x2 BPS

Special Abilities
Grants Pollux +2 fort saves
Grants Pollux alertness feat when close by
Can deliver touch spells
Pollux can target Castor with target "you" spells
Communicate emphatically with Castor, only general emotions Pollux has the same connection to an item or place that Castor does.
Can speak with Pollux
Racial & Size Modifiers
~+12 Stealth
~+8 swim, climb
~+4 fly

*Acrobatics(+2dex +2Pollux skill +3class) +7
*Climb(+2dex +8climb) +10
Escape artist(+2dex) +2
*Fly(+2dex+4tiny) +6
Heal (+1wis +1Pollux rank) +2
*Perception(+1wis+ 4Pollux rank +3class) +8
Sense Motive (+1wis +1Pollux rank) +2
*Stealth(+2dex+4bonus+8tiny+3class+2Pollux rank) +19
Survival (+1wis) +1
*Swim (+2dex+8size)+10

Spells known by familiar

-Arcane Mark
-Dancing Lights
-Det. Magic
-Det. Poison
-Putrefy Food and Drink
-Read Magic
-Touch of Fatigue

Level I
-Charm Person
s-Chill touch
-Comprehend Languages
s-Detect Secret Doors
s-Ear-Piercing scream
-Enlarge Person
-Ill omen
P-Memory lapse
-Ray of Enfeeblement
-Reduce Person
s-Summon Monster I
s-Web bolt

Level II
s-Burning Gaze
s-Commune with birds
-Detect Thoughts
-False life
P- Hideous Laughter
-Summon Swarm
s-Touch of idiocy

Level III
-Bestow Curse
s-Dispel Magic (Tal)
s-Heroism (Tal)
s-Ray of Exhaustion
s-Remove curse
s-Stinking Cloud
-Strangling Hair
s-Vampiric touch

Unassigned party loot
Contraband novelization of the long since banned murderplay the Six Trials of Larazod

Level by level:

Level one:
Level two:
Level three:
Level four:
Level five:

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