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Sandpoint Devil

Polevoi's page

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Carrion Crown and Prince of Wolves spoilers follow

It's revealed in the campaign that Lucinean Galdana is a distant blood relative to Tar Baphon, which brings up some questions regarding A.A's plan:

In David Gross's Prince of Wolves we find out Lucinean has a sister (who has a son Casomir that Lucinean has adopted as his heir). Is Lucinean's sister still alive? If so could A.A. use her for his plans or does she have a different mother or father than Lucinean? Could A.A. have targed Casomir for his plans?

I'm guessing Lucinean's age is anywhere between early 40's to late 50's and his description in Rule of Fear seems to portray him as a rake and a ladies man, isn't it likely that there are at least a few bastard's of the counts out there and if so wouldn't it be much easier for Adivion to just nab one of Lucinean's bastards?

I know I'm the DM (GM) and can do whatever I want but i'm curious to know what other's thoughts/speculations/ideas on this are.

Maybe Lucinean isnt in to the ladies; in fact maybe he and Prince Aduard III, who I think is in his mid sixties, both dont have any offspring for the same reason...

I'm working on a map of Darkmoon Vale and my primary reference is the "Pathfinder Chronicles: Guide to Darkmoon Vale" but I'm also referencing the map of Andoran from "ANDORAN: Spirit of Liberty" as well as the map of the Five Kings Mountains from "Dwarves of Golarion."

The poster map from "Pathfinder Chronicles: Guide to Darkmoon Vale" shows Mount Gustus just north of the eastern perimeter of Darkmoon Wood and Mount Kia just east of Mount Gustus near the edge of the map.

The map of Andoran from "ANDORAN: Spirit of Liberty" shows Mount Gustus in approximately the same location but moves Mount Kia about 200 miles northeast and shows Mount Langley approximately another hundred miles further north.

The map of the Five Kings Mountains from "Dwarves of Golarion" clumps Mount Langley, Mount Soryu, Mount Carissa, and Mount Onik all directly north of Darkmoon Wood where the Guide to Darkmoon Vale places Mount Gustus and Mount Kia and moves Mount Gustus east to where Mount Kia is shown on the Andoran map and moves Mount Kia north to where Mount Langley is on the Andoran map.

So amidst all the conflicting Mount placements my question is:
What product got it right?

Anyone know of a spell or magic item that could be used to neutralize a ghost from materializing in an area they are haunting?

I've been looking at the ever growing number of dice being rolled in any given encounter (I DM for 5 10th level PCs) and thinking if there was a way to keep the complexity of the game while still speeding things up a bit what would it be?

Taking a cue from the DnD Miniatures rules i started looking at how they dealt with damage by just factoring the average damage any given attack could deal and rounding it to the closest value divisible by 5.

Not wanting to have to force the group to recalculate their set damage value every time they try a new weapon, or raise a level, or get a buff spell cast on them, I tried to devise a good way to just apply set damage for each damage value for all the various weapons, spells, and natural attacks.

I came up with something like this:


1d3 or lower
Set value: 1

Set value: 2

Set value: 3

Set value: 4

Set value: 5

Set value: 6

Set value: 7

Set value: 8

Set value: 9

Set value: 10

Set value: 11

Set value: 13

Set value: 18

My question is: Has anyone else experimented with something like this, and if so how did it go?

It seems like it would speed things up at least a little--but would it be at the expense of most of the fun of not knowing if you’re going to deal out massive damage (or roll all ones and hang your head in shame)?

My party finally finished EaBK and the Black Dragon Egg did not get destroyed in the final battle in the egg chamber.

So what do my PCs decide to do with it?

The paladin summons his Horse, straps the egg to it and then sends it back to the celestial realms until they need it again!

Anyone have any good ideas on the repercussions of an act like this?

Okay, with 4th Edition coming out this may not be the best time for a product line like this, but...

How cool would it be to make a line of cards that have the stats for all the creatures that can be summoned with Summon Monster & Summon Nature's Ally.

The cards could have the stats on one side and the reverse could be some cool artwork of the summond critter.

Each card could also have a token (or miniature but this would probably be prohibitively expensive to produce) that takes up the same size as the summoned creature. The token could be hard plastic with an image of the creature on it.

I dont know about others but I would gladly pay for something like this.

Hello, just wondering how much longer I'm going to have to wait for my order that was placed 11/15.

Post your top 5 favorite movies, they don’t have to be what you consider the best ever, just the ones you’ve watched time and time again yet still enjoy.

My picks (not necessarily in order):

--Fight Club
--Lord of the Rings (Extended Edition)
--Pulp Fiction
--Kingdom of Heaven (Director’s Cut)

Any updates on when this book is going to be available? I've been eagerly anticipating my preorder since august.

In Three Faces of Evil the adventure background says: “The Nethertome quoted an even older source, the fabled Way of the Ebon Triad, a blasphemous collection of apocalyptic essays, epic poems, and cryptographs that discuss the advent of an era of darkness called the Age of Worms…”

This gives me the impression that the Ebon Triad has been around for quite some time, at least a century I’d say, but I’m curious to know just how old the organization really is.

Anybody know?

I haven’t received Dungeon 128 yet.
I am in Washington State.
I would like it soon

I think it would be really cool if the pics for the classes in the class acts section were different every issue. That way readers could store up several different images for the core classes and use them as either pc portraits or the dm could use as npc portraits (I think Wayne Reynolds would be perfect for this).

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