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Mystic_Snowfang wrote:
Your own gender, are you male or female?

Male, though I've always felt that I could have been just as happy with who I was if I had been born female and often spend time imagining what it would have been like. As such, I tend to choose female avatars in video games when the option is available.

Mystic_Snowfang wrote:
Your sexuality?

Straight, though if I were hit by an alien spacecraft and killed, but then they brought me back but had to turn me into a woman because they had no way of bringing me back as a man, I'd imagine I would probably end up Bi.

I know that scenario was convoluted, but I wanted to make an anime reference.
Mystic_Snowfang wrote:
Characters you've had. Their sexes, ages, sexualities, attractivness level and what sort of attractive they are? Tomboyish girls, manly men, pretty boys, super lovely curvaicious ladies.

Currently (relatively) active characters:

-A male wizard of about 30 years of age who is very much into women, but has also been one on at least one occasion. He is more or less a crossover of a stereotypical "Hollywood Geek" and "The Charmer": very attractive(if this were an anime, he'd have bishie sparkles), intelligent, knowledge about a wide variety of media and more than a little lucky in the short-term romance department, though his few attempts making a lasting connection with a woman have all fallen through.

-A recovered alcoholic female knight in her mid-twenties who is an utter badass on the field of battle. She's straight, but while she's comfortable with the opposite sex on a platonic level, but has no idea how to act on a romantic one. Complicated further by the fact that everyone she's ever gotten close to has died. She is very attractive, especially to the wizard mentioned above. She also has a scar across her left eye(the eye was regenerated with magic, but the scar remains). For most other people around her, it is a bit disfiguring and detracts from her beauty, but for others, it isn't.

-An amoral young(~18) female summoner whose sexuality I haven't really decided on. It's not terribly important to the concept, to be honest. Definitely attractive, but in a "yeah, she'll definitely cut out your spleen if it serves her purposes" kind of way.

-The eidolon for the summoner above. He's a bipedal humanoid-form masquerading as a grizzled tiefling mercenary. Definitely a manly man. Could probably fit in fairly well with the cast if they made "The Expendables 22: Golarion Boogaloo". Not terribly attractive, though.

-A scholarly gentleman oracle in his late middle age with an air of soft-spoken nobility and refinement. Has aged like a fine wine and probably turns quite a few heads when he walks through town. Walks with a limp and carries a (sword)cane. Ended up on the adventure when he set out to find and protect his niece(the summoner, though she doesn't know that they're related).

Character concepts I'm hoping to play eventually(though I'd settle for more regular games on my current campaigns):

-Katana-wielding female dhampir inquisitor. Neither terribly attractive nor unattractive physically, but is fairly charming. Bisexual. Still in the works, haven't fleshed her out much beyond that. Probably won't until I see an opportunity to play her on the horizon.

-Male gunslinger/paladin. Was incredibly handsome once, but years of slaying evil creatures have left him too scarred to see it now. Straight but celibate. Haven't fleshed him out much beyond that. If we ever finish Runelords, he and the dhampir will be my characters for the Carrion Crown that the GM is planning to run afterwards.

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Third Mind wrote:
A lot of good points here as well, especially about the aggro aspect. My DM may target me out of the group as he only "defenseless target standing in the open" if there were a lot of minions, but I think you're right especially when it comes to solo enemies.

If that's a concern, make yourself look more threatening. Give your character a scar and an eyepatch. Pick up some kind of strength buff and call it out as making your muscles bigger. Wear spiked gauntlets stained with blood. Practice snarling. Have another party member tell you to hang back at the beginning of the fight, in full view of the opposition, because "remember what Lord Garamin said. He's not paying full bounty for any more corpses whose limbs have been splintered from being used as to beat their former owners to death."

That should, theoretically, keep the minions off of you until you can just spend the whole fight invisible casting no spells that end the effect.

Tomi Heikkinen wrote:
Poldaran wrote:
Riding Bull wrote:
And give him ideas how he can keep the story going when a certain ranger dies? ;)
Some deity gives the soul of the ranger a task to follow and chronicle the deeds of his former party in order to make up for something or other he did?
That must be one hella evil deity since it's a s#~% job watching these guys fumble their way forward from one encounter to another even when alive.. :D

Or maybe it's his just reward for that thing he did. He remembers what he did.

Pepperidge Farm also remembers.

Riding Bull wrote:
And give him ideas how he can keep the story going when a certain ranger dies? ;)

Some deity gives the soul of the ranger a task to follow and chronicle the deeds of his former party in order to make up for something or other he did?

Devastation Bob wrote:
I enjoy the "non-Russian novel" approach to campaign journals.

Now, it could just be that my caffeine hasn't kicked in yet, but what exactly does '"non-Russian novel" approach' mean?

Karl Hammarhand wrote:
Maybe your halfling lost a game of dice while with the circus and somebody will someday collect. The archeologist might have an told training or reference tome that underneath the scraped vellum has the eldritch knowledge a forbidden cult is hunting etc.

If you're doing the questionnaire approach, you could add in a line for "Describe an interesting event in your character's past, a dear item they are carrying or someone from their past. This event, object or person should be something/someone whose description helps flesh out information about the character, their motivations and perhaps their personality quirks."

If not doing the questionnaire approach, you could always give them a permanent +1 bonus to a skill of their choice or a free masterwork tool if the player will just write up a paragraph or two on the question above.

Also, if you're the writing type, posting a campaign journal could be fun, though if they're into that sort of thing, maybe they'd be willing to write up short entries about events themselves. If nothing else, it's a useful tool for looking up past events as you get further into a campaign.

elgabalawi wrote:
anyone know of anything?

Short of GM Fiat or Glove of Storing, I can't think of much. That said, you could try asking your GM what the action would be if you glued a magnet to your wand, wore metal armor and stuck it to the armor.

Personally, I'd rule it a swift action.

blackbloodtroll wrote:
The item creation feat will be a hard sell.

The Scribe Scroll for Savant, or you mean the Loremaster thing? Because he could take metamagic feats instead if it's the latter.

Damn, just missed the edit window. As I tried to say but it got lost in the edit:

There's nothing I like beyond Loremaster for a small dip without at least Eclectic Training to mitigate a single level of lost spellcasting. With it, Pathfinder Savant(from Seeker of Secrets) intrigues me as a three level dip. You lose three levels of Hex growth, but gain two spells from ANY spell list to add to your own and get to use scrolls with your caster level. I love that kind of versatility, so it might almost make up for losing those three levels of hex growth. And you gain a few other things, which are also kind of nice.

blackbloodtroll wrote:
What about a PrC dip? Just one, or two levels.

That seems like it would be more viable. Loremaster, especially, gives up no spellcasting and, with a high enough Int, gets a free feat at first level(and even with only a +1 Int modifier, could get Toughness for free, since we know how poor his HP is gonna be :P). Two levels gets a Bardic Knowledge equivalent.

The downsides are that he'll be stuck taking three either Metamagic or Item Creation feats(neither choice being a bad idea for a caster anyway) and a Skill Focus. Also, I'm not sure how witches are for divination spells off the top of my head.

I have a couple other thoughts, but I can't remember how good they would be for dipping off the top of my head. I'll double check and be back in a bit.

Timebomb wrote:
I cant find Esoteric Training anywhere on the SRD, nor have I heard of it before this. Can I get a link? It sounds like a useful feat.

The beauty is that it's not a feat. It's something you get for ranking up in a guild. This can be a double edged sword, since it means that you have to work with the GM to rank up in the guild.

It's also in Inner Sea Magic, so I'm not sure it'll be available online. About the best I can do is link to a thread where someone paraphrases it.

Timebomb wrote:

Just remember that Magical Knack only increases Caster Level, not the spells you can cast. It's good, but not that good.

ex. a cleric 1 / fighter 2 can't cast cure moderate wounds and doesnt get the extra 1st lvl / cantrip slots a lvl 3 cleric would get, but their cure light wounds do 1d8+3 as their caster level is 1+2 = 3

Esoteric Training, on the other hand...

I don't know what kind of power level everyone in the party is running, but for a higher powered one, I'm still favoring summoning(or Winter Witch pending GM approval to keep Hex DCs).

That said, now that Dragon Disciple has been brought up, I'm really liking the idea of a dragon witch(Flemeth!). Dip a level of sorcerer(hell, make it crossblooded) or bard then into DD. Bonus Con and Str from the prestige class. Orc already gets a good Str bonus. Eventually, the goto solution could be "First the transformation, then the face eating". With Esoteric training, you'd only lose out on one level of spellcaster. And if the GM's down with mixing Crossblooded and Wildblooded, there's always Pit-Touched to go with your Draconic, because who doesn't love free inherent Con bonus?

Timebomb wrote:
Winter Witch (requires you have the Winter Witch archetype, and you should check with your DM as to if a Fetish Mask can be "native to the frozen north")

I don't think you're technically allowed to combine the two archetypes since they alter the same feature, but since it's the only one they both alter, if the GM were cool with allowing it, I think Winter Witch would definitely be the prestige class to go with. Unless the melee focus is really what he wants to do.

Personally, if I were the one GMing, I'd say go with it. Then again, anything to get someone to play a Winter Witch.

Edit: Another thought. Witches get the full line of summon monster spells. Focusing on those in some way should keep the Witch viable regardless of whatever else he decides to do. Blackfire adept might be an interesting route to go with those, though the loss of caster levels might make that painful. What are the GM's thoughts on use of Esoteric Training?

blackbloodtroll wrote:
Is Human or Scion of Humanity Aasimar with Racial Heritage(Orc) a better choice?

That one I think will depend on what prestige class is ultimately chosen.

Witch seems like a bad choice for prestiging from. Even prehensile hair's usable time per day is dependent on witch level, though I guess you could get about five minute long combats out of it if you went fifth level before multiclassing.

The other concern is going from a half-bab class to a three-quarter BAB class will put him at a BAB lower than a rogue, which I can't imagine will be terribly effective. And since the saves on Hexes are dependent on class level, that leaves only ones that have no saves or whose saves don't matter(like Evil Eye followed by Cackle).

Which brings up another thought. If the witch does go with something that requires maintenance via Cackle, does that mean they'll be having to focus on singular attacks when meleeing? That would mitigate the problem with the lower BAB a bit, but what does that leave you? Maneuvers? Vital Strike(on a 1d3, no less)?

There's a part of me that keeps saying that if he's going to be meleeing, I ought to suggest Eldritch Knight, but it's kind of a bland choice overall. I'm going to go spend some time on the SRD and see what I can come up with.

My interpretation of how somatic components look has always been taken from how Magus moves when casting his spells. Simple spells may take little more than a gesture of the arm while more complex ones can look intricate enough to be a dance.

On an unrelated note, busting out the moves from Dark Eternal does not make you look cool on the dance floor.

Quasi-philosophical rambling and the manly adventures of Orik Vancaskerkin.

With the worry that Lucrecia might be a more powerful spell caster than her sister, and the possibility that they might have had more powerful casters on their side, I have decided to encrypt my journal using a magical cipher. I will tell you explicitly how to unlock it, and anyone from my home should have little trouble unlocking it. Here goes:
1. Whistle the theme tune to MASH.
2. Using a directional light source, spell out the name of Maxwell Dillon’s alter ego in Morse Code. If you need a further hint: Spiderman.
3. The number of the Beast, multiplied by thirteen, divided by three then converted to binary. Just write it on the page.

I apologize, Aurora, that you won’t be able to read beyond this point. Once the danger has passed, I’ll plan on unlocking it for you.

<Encoded text follows this point.>

Okay, so the truth is that I’m not all that worried about Lucrecia or one of her allies. I just don’t want to share the following with Aurora or any of my companions. The truth is that I think I may be going mad.

Evidence the first: My nightmares have gotten worse. I think they might have evolved from nightmares to full on night terrors. I have cuts on my palm where I was digging my nails into it by clenching my hand as I slept.

Evidence dos tequilas por favor: I’ve already mentioned that I saw something that no one else saw. Something that evidence suggested wasn’t there. I had written this off as a form of magic or simple nerves, perhaps exhaustion. But then, this morning, things got weird.

As I walked into the common room, I saw the light of dawn streaming through a window. Painted on the wall was some glowing orange text. It read, “Praise the Sun!” Of course, that was a reference to something I had known before. But I ignored it. It must be a coincidence. It must be.

I heard Aurora open the door to her room and turned towards her. Before my eyes, another set of orange text appeared. “Beware the amazing chest ahead.” I took a deep breath and figured I’d allow Aurora to mention it first.

She didn’t even seem to notice it.

These signs are almost everywhere now. Any time I spot something interesting, there’s bound to be an Orange Guidance Sign next to it. I have no idea where they’re coming from.

Don’t get me wrong. I have theories. I have a number of theories. Madness is probably the simplest. Time travel, or at least a future me sending magic back through time is another. Spell effects that are vague enough to allow my mind to fill in the blanks is also a good one.

Of course, there’s also the possibility that this is a feature of the virtual world I’m in. I’m not so sure. Heck, I’m not entirely certain that this is a virtual world. I mean, it makes sense in some ways, but there are others that don’t make any sense.

While a constructed virtual world and false memories certainly make more sense than FTL travel on the back of a monster and the actual existence of magic, there are other parts that bug the heck out of me.

I’ve been pretty open about where I’m from. Music I’ve shared with this world, music from home, has spread across the world. I’ve heard that it’s popular in places I’ve never been, places hundreds of miles from anywhere I’ve been. Why hasn’t anyone come to find me? The technology that creates our false memories can’t be that perfect.

Someone, somewhere, has to have a fragment of a memory. And when they hear the songs I’ve shared with this world, it has to strike a chord within them. So why haven’t any of them tried to contact me yet? I’m not sure I can believe that it’s possible.

There is only one possibility that I can think of that allows for the virtual world and accepts the likelihood of faulty technology. It is possible that I’m the only PC in this game.

Nope. I’m not going to accept that as a possibility. No solution that requires Aurora to not be a real person is something I’m willing to accept. Period. End of discussion. If this is a virtual world, then Aurora’s another PC. Saying otherwise to me will get you blown into tiny little pieces.

Another possibility that I haven’t mentioned assumes this is the real world. It is possible that Samantha is behind this. We spent an unknown amount of time - I suspect it was around a year, but it’s kinda hard to measure time when you’re hurtling through the depths of space - together with little to do but talk. I’ve told her everything about my hobbies back home. She knows about Dark Souls and the orange guidance soapstones. If she’s keeping an eye on me, she might find it amusing to mess with me. Not out of anything malicious, at least I don’t think so. No, it’d simply be because she thought it would be funny.

So, my choices are madness, a mildly sadistic prank and a hyper-competent secret organization. Of course I’m having trouble deciding. It feels like my devil danced with his demon and the fiddler's tune is far from over.

I’m still unconvinced that my “virtual world” theory is likely. It would make this place easier to stomach if it were true, but I fear that I’m not that lucky. I fear that this world is proof of just how awful a place the universe can be and, perhaps more than that, I fear that it’s only going to get worse from here on out.

But, while it’s not likely, doesn’t mean it’s not possible. I’ll lean on that crutch as much as I have to. I have to remain strong. Or at least, I have to pretend I’m coping. I can do that. Pretend, I mean. Everyone hides who they are at least some of their time. Sometimes you bury that part of yourself so deeply that you have to be reminded it's there at all. And sometimes you just want to forget who you are all together.

As an aside, should I be worried that I keep finding myself quoting a serial killer? Even if he’s fictional?

Returning to topic. I have to keep hiding what I’m going through. The others are worried about me. Especially Aurora. She looks at me like she is afraid that I could collapse into a quivering pile of tears any moment. And those looks of pity and perhaps of fear, well those are sins I just can’t forgive myself for.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not so macho as to believe that I can’t be protected by a girl. It’s just that she’s not a shrink. I’m not sure she’s equipped to handle complex psychological problems brought on by being thrust into a horror world after a sheltered, American standard upbringing. She doesn’t know what to do or what to say, and I can see the frustration in her eyes. So I need to protect her from that, as best I can.

Now, on the other hand, if I ever find myself being chased by a forty foot tall rabid weasel? I’ll be screaming her name at a volume and pitch usually reserved for small female children and startled dramedy sidekicks. I’m looking at you, Burton Guster.

But this is something I may have to do on my own. At least until my hallucinations bring me a friend to talk to. I’m hoping she’ll be hot. Maybe a green-eyed, red-headed lass with a nice Irish brogue. And dimples. In a green dress, if you’re taking requests.

When I awoke this morning, in the wee hours, I found waiting a sealed document binder waiting for me. Opening it, I found that someone had given me a copy of Magrim Emberaxe’s report on Orik’s unit’s mission for the day. It was very, very, VERY boring. It was also written with a phonetic spelling for all the words as the author would pronounce them. Which is like a drunk Scotsman, because, again, dwarf.

What follows is a cleaner version, and I’ve jazzed it up a bit. The depiction that follows is my dramatic interpretation based on the information in the reports, which was sparse and clinical, so I had to make a lot of it up. Trust me, it’s a lot better this way, and it still contains all the relevant information. I will not be phonetically writing in how people should sound. Just imagine the dwarves as you are prone to imagine them. You’ll probably be right, since “Our Dwarves are all the same”. It’ll be in a third person style, since why not? Also, I only have the names of anyone who scored a giant kill, so most of these names are made up. I know very little about them, so I’m mostly pulling crap out of my ass.

It was hot. It’s always hot in Varisia. The brave men and women led by Orik Vancaskerkin had set out to hunt a giant. They were good at it. Even before Orik had come along, they had specialized in taking care of the more “size enhanced” threats. Orik was simply a good leader and meshed well with the crew.

His lieutenants were a pair of dwarves. The first was named Belgren Blackhammer. He was a small bundle of concentrated spitfire and hatred for giants, pickled in a dark beer. The other was Magrim Emberaxe. He likes three things the most. The first is his religion. The second is killing giants. The third is fire. He’s most happy when he can combine all three.

Under Belgren’s command was a pair of human giant hunters. The first was Mixos, monk master extraordinaire. Okay, actually no, he was more like that guy on Kung Pow, Wimp Lo, so that’s what I’m going to call him. They had trained him wrong, as a joke. He thought he could fight a giant with his bare fists. He was wrong. His job was mostly as comic relief and a distraction so the enemies wouldn’t see Belgren’s attacks coming.

The second was a ranger. He was like Aragorn, but with stubble so hard that you could grate rocks on it, an eyepatch and testicles of cast adamantine that he can use to crush walnuts. He kills giants with arrows, or by the simply glaring at them until they explode. I’m going to call him Joe.

Commanded by Magrim was another pair of giant hunters. The first is a grizzled old veteran from the Mana Wastes. He carries a pistol and wheels around a double hackbut. He also squints so hard you can never see his eyes. It’s possible he doesn’t even have eyes. Good fashion sense, though, since he wears a simple brown duster and other gunslinger looking gear. I’m calling him Clint.

The other is the manliest of all, a female sorceress who masters the power of the cold. She has a twin brother who also serves the PRL. The two of them aren’t allowed to serve together. Last time that happened, forty-seven thousand babies grew beards spontaneously. Her name is Marissa and she once soloed an entire hive of Theriae who had been encroaching on human lands. Her report on the incident consisted of four words. “Too easy. Send napkins.”

The crew of the ballista carriage follows Orik’s direct command. The driver is known only as Tim. It is said that anyone who learns more of him dies three days later. The ballista gunner is known as Roy. He is old. This was his last mission before retirement. For anyone else, I’d be worried, but Roy is one tough hombre. He’ll probably be fine.

They began by following giant tracks in the forest. During one stop, they heard a rustling in the woods. Wimp Lo tried to sneak up on whatever was hiding so he could grab it. Naturally, he did this by slamming cymbals together to hide the sound of his footsteps. Naturally, the ogrekin in the brush took off running. Everyone with a quiet weapon fired at the fleeing thing, but failed to bring it down.

Seeing his men’s failure, Orik bit down on a cigar, which burst alight by sheer power of his will. “We’re going to have company soon. Let’s move to more advantageous ground.” Somewhere, a virgin suddenly found herself nine months pregnant and in labor. She gave birth to a fully bearded Orik Junior.

Not too long afterward, a number of ogres charged at the site where the mercenaries had decided to make a stand. The first was about forty feet ahead of his allies. For his trouble, he found himself in the sights of Roy’s ballista. A second later, he was nailed to a tree, a ballista bolt having pierced the empty space between his eyes. “That was left handed,” Roy said, his beard spontaneously growing its own beard.

The two behind the first ogre hesitated. This was their mistake, because almost immediately, Orik and Belgren were on them. Belgren used his war picks to climb up one, gouging its eyes out while standing on its head. Orik cleaved the other clean in two with his bastard sword.

Taking a puff from his cigar, Orik spoke. “Scalp them,” he said. The bounty on giant scalps in the PRL is half their weight in gold, so they are careful to get the whole thing. I hear that the PRL’s leader eats dinner seated on a chair covered in the dried scalps of a dozen giants.

They continued tracking their giant and heard something in the woods several hundred feet away. It was another group of ogres, paralleling their path. Leading them was a stone giant.

“Wait until they exit the trees and we’ll use the open terrain to our advantage,” Orik told everyone. They followed the other group for a short while until reaching the open area leading into the Valley of Broken Trees.

Orik and Belgren charged. Magrim opened with a fireball, bringing down four of the bastards. Wimp Lo almost took a hit to the face, but Orik blocked it by jumping between him and the stone giant. The giant was suitably impressed. The rest went down quickly. Orik and Magrim killed two more ogres. Roy hit another one with a ballista.

Belgren crushed both of the stone giant’s knees with his picks and bit out its throat. After a bit of scalping, Magrim healed everyone’s wounds just in time to spot another stone giant, highly wounded, and several ogres fleeing from something in the valley straight towards our heroes. They reloaded and began firing. One of the ogres ran right past them, fleeing into the forest.

“Stand fast!” Orik shouted. “Don’t let the rest escape!” I grew a beard just picturing it. I bet you did too.

From the Valley came a hill giant, followed by a pair of dire wolverines. They flanked the stone giant and attacked the stone giant. “I’m no one’s slave!” the hill giant shouted as he swung at his giant foe. Surrounded, the ogres and stone giant had no chance. They managed to bring down a wolverine, but fell under the combined onslaught.

With only the stone giant remaining, Orik commanded his men to continue pressing the attack. The hill giant was the one they had been hunting, and the price on his scalp would be measured in platinum. The hill giant responded by trying to club him in the face. In fact, he did club him in the face, but Orik was fine. In fact, I bet it made him prettier.

The hill giant was the last to fall. Belgren overswung with one of his picks, launching himself directly up into the creature’s colon. With a violent explosion, he burst forth out of the giant’s chest, its still-beating heart in his teeth. He bit down and the giant collapsed.

They took their prize and sought a place to dry out the scalps for preservation until they could return to Magnimar. Spotting the smoke from when we had burned down the Graul farm, they sent a report to their man in Turtleback Ferry. We make for the fort late this morning.

After reading the report, I decided to lay back down and get a bit more sleep. It would seem my subconscious has a sense of humor. Earlier, I asked for an Irish lass to talk to and my insanity delivered. I went to sleep and almost immediately found myself in a lucid dream. I was in a Japanese park I had seen in a number of animes. Really, the location is inconsequential. It’s just a place a lot of my better dreams start.

Sitting on one of the benches was an extremely beautiful young woman wearing a nun’s habit. Again, a number of my better dreams had begun this way, though the nun’s habit was unusual. The outfits were usually more revealing. In her hand, she held a Lilium Candidum, a Madonna Lily. On spotting this, I looked immediately to her throat. On a chain around her neck was a familiar symbol, a silver cross made to look like it was woven from reeds. I had one just like it hanging from my bedside lamp back on Earth.

Well, I had asked for an Irish lass to talk to, though I had a feeling that this wasn’t going to be the type of dream I first thought it would be. “Hello, Saint Brigit,” I said in greeting. I guess it was fitting to see her. She is said to give patronage to many different groups, among which I could be counted as a blacksmith, a traveler, a scholar, Irish and perhaps as a poet.

She responded in a beautiful Irish brogue which I am not going to bother trying to mimic here, as writing accents is a pain in the ass. I’m also going to alter more archaic words into ones more modern and recognizable. “Hello, lost lamb.”

“Come to give comfort to one long missing from the flock?” I asked.

She smiled. “You have wandered far. Perhaps further than any before you.”

“You know that’s right,” I said, almost proud. I held out my hand and Shawn Spencer materialized for a moment to give it a fist bump before dematerializing. Being in a lucid dream has its benefits.

“So tell me,” she said, “What troubles you, child?”

“It might take too long to share with words.” But perhaps there was another way. I focused and materialized a long USB cable. I tossed one end to Saint Brigit. “Put that in your ear,” I said. It was my dream, so maybe these things would work on my rules. She looked puzzled, but I insisted. She plugged in her end and I did the same with mine. “MAID GUY COPY!” I shouted, willing all the information I wanted to share to download directly into her head.

She gasped, startled as it worked. She took a few moments to process all of the memories I shared with her. “Sweet son of a rabid goat!” she swore. Actually, what she said was much longer, much more colorful and quite frankly not something I should repeat. So we’ll go with that.

“So, yeah, that’s what I’ve been going through.” I’m not sure what happened to the USB cable. I never willed it away, it just vanished at some point.

“I shall pray for you.”

“Only pray?” I asked. I might as well get it out of the way.

She laughed. “You and I both know that isn’t going to happen. Even if I am nothing more than a dream, you’re too good of an Irish lad to have those kinds of dreams about me.”

I laughed as well. “True, but you have been known to point a man in the direction of a beautiful maiden from time to time.”

“You need only look over there,” she said, pointing.

I followed the direction of her finger and saw Aurora, lying on another bench seductively, wearing her flimsy nightgown. “No!” I protested. I hadn’t had any truly naughty dreams about her and I wasn’t going to start now. I wanted to be with her, but not like this. I wanted our first time, real or no, to be a joint decision. For now, I was satisfied that my naughtiest dreams of her were basically guest appearances on Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball. Though I guess the one night reliving that flimsy nightgown hug might be considered naughtier. Probably down to personal taste.

Aurora disappeared and appeared again, this time seated upon the bench, wearing an outfit I can only describe as “Sexy Librarian” in nature. From the way she was seated, I could easily guess the scenario being offered. “How about this?” Saint Brigit asked me.

“This I can live with,” I said. “Tell me, are you real? Or just another figment of my imagination?”

The saint shrugged. “I’m as real as you need me to be,” she said before fading away.

I sat down next to Aurora and then laid my head upon her lap, looking up at her and the sky above. She smiled softly and began running her fingers through my hair, humming. I closed my eyes and relaxed. I recognized the song she was humming. It was the lullaby I had sung to her when she was going through the worst of her withdrawal symptoms as we dealt with her alcoholism shortly after we first met. I held her head just like this and ran my fingers through her hair much in the same way she was doing for me now. I doubt the real Aurora remembers any of that, much less the song itself.

I don’t know how long I lay like that, nor when she disappeared, but in time, I realized I had dozed upon the bench and “woke up” alone. I was first aware she was gone when I stopped smelling lilacs. I’m not sure how, but she always smells of lilacs, even though she uses the same plain soaps I do and wears no perfume. I’m not complaining, mind you. It just perplexes me.

At that point, it was time for my regularly scheduled nightmare. I heard the ghouls before I saw them. It’s one of several recurring nightmares I have, and that’s how it always starts. I’m alone somewhere and I hear ghouls, followed shortly by seeing and then smelling them.

I would fight as best I could, but it was always hopeless. There were simply far too many of them. This time, however, I knew I was dreaming. Some rules could be bent, others could be broken. I willed into existence a flare gun with the words “Gondor Calls for Aid” written on it. I pointed it skyward and squeezed the trigger.

Suddenly, I heard singing. Appearing near me, three women with various musical instruments were putting on a performance. Nerina was playing bass, a woman in a mask was playing the drums. On the guitar, dressed in a flowered kimono that looked vaguely familiar to me, was Fleur De Lis, my female alter ego from when Chadwick and I had that little argument so long ago.

They were performing “Holding Out for a Hero”.

“Isn't there a white knight upon a fiery steed?
Late at night I toss and I turn and I dream of what I need.

I need a hero
I'm holding out for a hero 'til the end of the night
She's gotta be strong
And she's gotta be fast
And she's gotta be fresh from the fight
I need a hero
I'm holding out for a hero 'til the morning light
She's gotta be sure
And it's gotta be soon
And she's gotta be larger than life!”

And just like that, the sound of hoof beats thundering, there she was. Aurora, atop Starbrite, cut a path through the rampaging ghouls. Starbrite took a couple hits, so she had him retreat and we fought back to back against the surrounding ghouls as the music continued to play.

The dream escalated and not only were we facing ghouls, but now an influx of ogres and ogrekin. I fired another shot from my flare gun and my other companions, along with the remaining Black Arrows, joined us.

A few more escalations happened, mostly unremarkable. At one point, some pugwampis showed up. My flare resulted in the arrival of Lucky – yes, the cereal mascot – who knifed each of them in turn with a sharpened umbrella for some reason.

The dream continued its escalation, from giant ants to waves of those giant bugs from Starship Troopers to armies of the undead to flights of black dragons. My responses destroyed each of them. The final act saw me standing on the wall of a fortress, watching the approach of an undulating swarm of millions of xenomorphs – the creatures from Aliens – searching for an option to destroy them short of unleashing a monster of my own.

So it was that I stood with a C-10 canister rifle, using it to paint a target just outside the range that would kill us. In my earpiece, I heard the comforting words “Nuclear Launch Detected!” and decided to sing. Dozens of space marines joined in and our chorus filled the air.

"Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord;
He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored;
He hath loosed the fateful lightning of His terrible swift sword:
His truth is marching on.

Glory, glory, hallelujah!
Glory, glory, hallelujah!
Glory, glory, hallelujah!
His truth is marching on."

Then, as we sang the Battle Hymn of the Republic, nuclear fire filled the sky and I awoke. We had work to do and a fort to clear. But before all that, breakfast and some strange orange signs awaited me. It's probably going to be a long day.

Koi koi.

Hopefully it won't be nearly that long until the next adventure. But with Dark Souls 2 newly released and my GM being a huge fan of the series, your guess is as good as mine.

PSusac wrote:

@Poldaran "I mean, it'll suck as much as any third level spell's save would..."

Yep that's what I meant.

Blasters build around third level spells all the time. It's not that bad.

YASD wrote:
DD might be good, but I am not sure how often it would be necessary to cast it more than the one time memorized (let alone spammed).

It's not so much for spamming as it is for having in reach to use while grappled.

Diego Rossi wrote:
The problem is that Stabbing Shot call for a full attack.

I missed that. Yeah, in that case, it's impossible to combine the two, though one can cast the spell on one round, hold the charge and use stabbing shot on the next, discharging on the melee.

That said, there's still the option of using the arrow as an improvised weapon, with all the penalties that entails. At that point, though, you're probably just better off getting quick draw and picking up something you can use with it.

PSusac wrote:
Your saves will suck

Not with Staff-Like Wand. With that, Intensified Fireball will still have a save based on your Int score(and any save boosting feats). I mean, it'll suck as much as any third level spell's save would, but much better than the normal wand's save.

Also, I'm working on a list of spells of my own for SLW use and I'm currently favoring Enervate, Dimension Door and Dispel Magic. I've also got an Intensified Lightning Bolt on there for RP reasons(it just fits the character).

That said, if it weren't for crafting and a GM who is willing to work with me to make the crafting timely, I'd be sitting at over 100,000g in wands alone.

Petty Alchemy wrote:
Or can you cast shocking grasp, then draw the arrow to deliver it with?

If you can take a free action between the casting and the delivering, I don't see why you couldn't.

I believe you can cast a touch spell, 5 foot step, then deliver the touch, so I don't see why you couldn't perform a different free action between those two steps.

That said, there seems to be another problem. Spell Combat calls out specifically that your other hand needs to contain a light or one handed melee weapon, so I don't think you could combine the two for a full attack while drawing the arrow as your weapon. Unless you drop the bow first, of course.

leo1925 wrote:
Other than the ARG (which is setting neutral), where can i find golarion specific information on the race of planetouched known as the Undine?

There's a Blood of the Elements book coming out in a couple months that should contain a lot of what you're looking for. Sadly, until then, I'm not sure that there really is much beyond the ARG at the moment.

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meatrace wrote:
Can anyone post a link, or point me in the direction of one, to the Blockbuster wizard guide? The link from the original thread to a pdf seems to be broken because of overmuch traffic.

Here ya go.

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sunbeam wrote:
Dazing Spell made the God Wizard in that guide obsolete.

Not entirely. A lot of the draw of a God Wizard is knowing that you were the one who completely won that battle but allowing your allies to bask in the glory of actually killing everything. It can be difficult to de-emphasize your contribution when it's all explodey and requires you to roll a bunch of damage dice.

LazarX wrote:

One piece of advice for every Blockbuster Wizard.

Be Kind.... Rewind.


Mark Garringer wrote:
Today's lesson? 1st level characters really shouldn't be fight dragons. :)

Some first level characters probably shouldn't fight house cats.

I'm assuming the link loaded, right? They start on page 6 of 18 and continue on to page 9.

Brewer's Guide to the Blockbuster Wizard wrote:

Everything listed as blue: Spell Focus, Spell Specialization, Greater Spell Focus, Intensified Spell, Quicken Spell, Dazing Spell, Spell Perfection, Improved Initiative, Improved Familiar, Toughness, Spell Penetration, Greater Spell Penetration, Additional Traits.

Listed as Green: Sicken Spell, Empower Spell, Maximize Spell

Listed as Yellow: Persistent Spell, Rime Spell, Quick Draw

Some of them change in value as certain situations change. For instance, Additional Traits is blue only if it's your only way to get a specific trait. Each of them on the list comes with a great explanation as to why he thinks you should get them. You should really read those in order to decide if his reasoning for each is pertinent in your situation.

If you're planning to truly focus on a particular element, then adding in elemental focus and greater elemental focus can further boost your save DCs. They're not mentioned in the guide because he advocates against focusing, but if you're making a draconic lightning blaster, you might find them useful.

andreww wrote:

The DC difference is a big issue, especially if you start adding in Dazing instead of Maximise. Chain Lightning also discriminates between targets which Fireball does not allowing the rest of your group to mix things up with the enemy. Electricity is also a less common resistance than fire.

If you want to make significant use of chain lightning then obviously you want Magical Lineage with it so that you can also quicken it.

While I certainly agree that it can be a bit of an issue, if you're building for it, the +4 for Spell Perfected Greater Spell Focus and your already high caster stat should probably have most foes saving no more than a quarter to a third of the time. Since you can Dazing AND Quicken a third level spell w/ Magical Lineage, that means they get to save twice. And if you're really wanting to conserve, you could do it in a third level and fifth level slot.

Chain Lightning's effectively built in Selective and Intensify(when compared to a Fireball), is nice, though.

Primus Agnarok wrote:

hm yeah.Ive got toughness and imp. initiative and at lvl 2.. probably going for imp. familiar at lvl 3. wow dang Cold Ice Strike is awesome.. probably worth intensified(i think thats the one) to add 5d6 later on. So what should my feat plan be? My bloodline feats are

Bonus Feats: Blind-Fight, Great Fortitude, Improved Initiative, Power Attack, Quicken Spell, Skill Focus (Fly), Skill Focus (Knowledge [arcana]), Toughness.
Maybe i should ditch imp initiative and toughness and get em as bloodline feats later... although tattooed sorcerer loses 7th level bloodline feat... probably should drop toughness but idk?

I would go through this guide and look at what he has to say about feats. It's designed with a blasting Wizard in mind, but the feats section should still prove fairly useful to you.

andreww wrote:
At mid levels a lower level metamagicked spell will produce more damage. Once you hit 15 and spell perfection comes on line then chain lightning starts to pull ahead.

Intensified + Empowered + Maximized(Spell Perfection) Fireball: 75 + 1/2x15d6 for an average of 101.25 before saves

Maximized(Spell Perfection) + Empowered(Metamagic Rod) Chain Lightning: 75 + 1/2x15d6 for an average of 101.25 before saves

It is a little higher due to a higher save DC(and in the OP's case, the Bloodline ability kicks in), but when you start considering things like having the ability to throw out a second IEM fireball using a quickened rod, that pulls ahead when you're really wanting to burst. And if you add in a trait, you can do it with fifth level spell slots, which is nice.

Edit: Forgot to apply the 1/2 when multiplying the empowered. That's what I get for posting when I first wake up. Corrected.

Primus Agnarok wrote:
Let me know about any spells that are really useful to have.

If you're looking to blast, Cold Ice Strike is a fairly useful 6th level spell, since it's a swift action cast. It's like a cold damage version of lightning bolt with Intensify and Quicken already attached(which should make it level 8), though it does have a shorter range to balance it out a bit.

Generally speaking, when blasting, it's usually better to use a lower level blasting spell(Fireball is the mainstay because it's harder to hit a bunch of enemies with a lightning bolt) beefed to high heck with metamagics(which gets even better with a certain trait) instead of having a higher level one taking up a spell known at that level. Not only do you save a spell known you can use for utility, but it also does more damage overall. That said, I am a fan of Chain Lightning's targeting.

If you're willing to consider using a feat on it and your GM will allow you to do so, Words of Power allow you to get a lightning effect in numerous variations of pattern. That said, they can be a bit complex to understand. There's a pretty good guide on them around here somewhere.

Also, I could be wrong, but I don't think the draconic bloodline's arcana applies when you use elemental spell to change a spell's type, since it does not gain the descriptor, only the damage type. It's kinda silly, but that's sadly how it is. On the plus side, your Elemental(Acidic) Lightning Bolt still benefits from your bloodline.

There are options for changing a damage type and descriptor, but that isn't one of them.

Grishnackh wrote:
And something on the universalist wizard: The only reason to play a universalist wizard is because you want to do it. From a mechanical point of view the universalist is strictly always worse then a specialist.

If your character is built on crafting, there is something to be said for Arcanamirium Crafter Universalists. Possibly even better in a game with a lower level cap to allow you to grab all the feats you wanted.

Not sure it's quite on par with specializing, but it definitely feels more useful than straight Universalist.

Monrail wrote:
Bumpin' this thread in the hope of seeing more updates soon!

I wish I could say it's because I've been too lazy to write, but really, between last minute out of town trips, weird work schedules and illnesses, scheduling a game hasn't happened for a while.

I'm hoping to have a game this weekend, though it's possible it may end up being the other AP(or even We Be Goblins Too if neither other GM is prepped).

That said, I've been spending my time overanalyzing leveling plans, working on a few nifty ideas that I'm hoping to work in* and writing a side adventure where Kyle and Aurora go to Absalom to pick up something nifty his adopted family has secured for them(which I'll post as a bonus once we get to the point where I can logically have it). I've also written up the intro and closing thoughts for the next adventure, which was easy since it's not one that involves Kyle's group directly(it's Orik and Co's mission).

*Here's a clue to two of them. This was(will be?) Kyle's inspiration. I've already gotten them mechanically approved.

Keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be able to have something next week or the week after at the latest.

Gluttony wrote:
I wouldn't necessarily say that good is always hard

I generally agree, but I'd like to take it a step farther. Good not only isn't always hard, it can sometimes be easy.

Because, as the site says, sometimes, Good Feels Good. Sometimes a person simply is good because it makes them happy, and making oneself happy might be one of the easiest things for someone to do, or at least attempt to do.

Tacticslion wrote:
Poldaran wrote:
Irontruth wrote:
Enlarge Person would work well in the NFL or NBA as well.

With the Dex penalty and reduced to hit, that's debatable, at least for some of us.

Put me in the camp of "If Cantrips allowed, Prestadigitation". Flavoring things alone would be worth it. The other stuff would just be awesome.

If I were evil, Grease(as mentioned for pranking) or Bungle(for same). If I wanted to be able to change the world by playing the long game, and assuming the RL GM let me take another race's spell, I'd probably go with Sow Thought. Honestly, I think played shrewdly and over a long period of time, that one has way more possibility for abuse than Charm Person.

But naturally, I'd never, ever abuse it. No sir, not me.

I thought of Sow Thought, but isn't that one on the witch list and not wizard? Did I just miss it?

SRD says Bard, Sorcerer/Wizard, Witch.

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Irontruth wrote:
Enlarge Person would work well in the NFL or NBA as well.

With the Dex penalty and reduced to hit, that's debatable, at least for some of us.

Put me in the camp of "If Cantrips allowed, Prestadigitation". Flavoring things alone would be worth it. The other stuff would just be awesome.

If I were evil, Grease(as mentioned for pranking) or Bungle(for same). If I wanted to be able to change the world by playing the long game, and assuming the RL GM let me take another race's spell, I'd probably go with Sow Thought. Honestly, I think played shrewdly and over a long period of time, that one has way more possibility for abuse than Charm Person.

But naturally, I'd never, ever abuse it. No sir, not me.

Hitdice wrote:
I can't be the only guy here who's had a female character with the backstory that she started adventuring after fleeing an arranged marriage, can I? (I'm not sure exactly how that relates to the suitability of modern values in fantasy games, except to say that playing with a group that wanted to concentrate on how according to the rules sixteen year olds are adults so the gloves are off would creep me out.)

One of my current characters fled an arranged marriage, then some things happened(it's a long back story), she ended up running into the guy along with some of his guards, killed them all and fled the country.

I made the guy she was arranged to be married to over 60(describing him as four times her age - 16 at the time she fled) because adherence to duty is one of her defining traits and I wanted it to be so onerous that even she had to opt out.

Really, though, "Ran away from X" is a nice easy shortcut for a character back story, I'd have to imagine "Arranged Marriage" comes up from time to time at many tables.

Silent Saturn wrote:
Master of the Dark Triad wrote:
"You stupid dumb."



I, Garland, will knock you all down!!

Capt_Phoenix wrote:
Note: Why do we need spoilers? This is the ROTRL forum. If you are playing, this forum is one giant spoiler. Leave now.

It can be interesting to see how other people have dealt with things you've also gone through while they're still fresh in your mind. Putting things in spoilers and noting what section they occurred in can allow those of us who do so with GM acceptance to both enjoy what people have gone through while also keeping from learning things that might change how we view the upcoming parts of the game.

The Obits thread is a great example of a thread where it can be awesome to see how others dealt with encounters you have already gone through.

Jayder22 wrote:

I couldn't find anything on it. If I were to guess I would say yes, but only things like Dex, shield, morale. Armor and Natural probably wouldn't be easy to just stop gaining.

That seems like it would make sense.

It also seems like it would make sense for you to be able to perform an Aid Another action to help someone hit you.

blackbloodtroll wrote:

Weird suggestion here:

No PC can take more than 5 levels in any Full caster class.

Basically, requires no extra rules, paperwork, and keeps options open.

5 Levels Sorcerer -> 5(more, since it misses 3 levels?) levels Dragon Disciple -> 5 levels EK? Substituting other prestige classes as your build demands?

There's a Runestone of Power that does what I suspect you're trying to do. It's from the Pathfinder Society Field Guide, I think. It's also more expensive, but is guaranteed to work.

OilHorse wrote:
Any other ways to simply control to power level of magic in a standard fantasy setting?

It might be a little more work, but one option I've considered for a reduced magic game I'm thinking of running after I finish my current campaign is to reduce spell progression for full casters to something like that of 6th level casters by making it so that new levels of spells come every three levels instead of every two and capping spells at 6th.

You'll end up with them maxing out at 6th level spells, which are still fairly powerful, but less so. I'm also thinking I'd compensate them a little, either with something class specific(free second bloodline, 2nd focused school, additional revelations, etc), 2 more skills per level, higher hit die, or maybe a bonus feat for each lost level of spells(one every 6 levels?).

You'd probably also need to drop the levels of 6th level casters to 4th, and 4th to 2nd or 3rd. So it's a bit more complicated, but I think it could work.

Might be a bit difficult to gauge what monsters need a CR bump with fewer spells available, though.

MagusJanus wrote:

Fighter: "Um, Winslow, you've misled us for years now... Made us think you were an idiot... What do you have to say for yourself?"

Winslow: *thinks for a bit* "Hi!"

Fighter: ... what.

That was awesome. I think I hurt myself laughing.

Valmoon wrote:
Cory Stafford 29 wrote:
You got your share of the loot. It is customary for adventurers to split treasure, rewards, payments, etc. they acquire in their adventures. It is a bit gamist and falls into the metagame, 'out of character" territory, but not completely so. It does make sense to loot the bodies of evil cultists and monster treasure hordes to fund your adventuring.
So its customary to give lot to someone who wasn't there for the fight at all? o.0

At some tables, yes, at others, no. Your table seems to be a yes.

If you need in-character justification, it all depends on what your downtime stuff was. If it was something to benefit the party and the other characters knew it, it would only be natural for them to split the fruits of their endeavors if your character is doing the same.

Shifty wrote:
Gilarius wrote:

But if you are actually being totally fair, you should insist that any crafter is paid at least 5% in a 4 person party.

Hmmm party of four loots 2000gp from a dungeon, the crafter takes that and makes four items worth 1000gp (retail) each, all four now have the same worth, how is he worse off again?

The crafter has certainly gained a benefit, as have his friends. Its a win/win.

We'll ignore the in character perspective, as I'm tired of bringing it up. Let's look at the player perspective.

The GM later does a tally of character wealth and says "Three players are above where I expected them to be, one is either at or below where he should be. I'll have to cut loot for a while. If it's not too much of a pain in the ass, I'll fix the other one later."

Umbranus wrote:
Ipslore the Red wrote:

Crafting non-vital items is more like helping a buddy move. Sure, I'll do it, but the unspoken obligation is that he gives me free drinks and food as repayment.
A lot of posters here claim that this is not enough. When I proposed that the rest of the party goes hunting, does the crafter'd laundry, cooks and stuff like that they yelled "But I still charge money because".

There are situations where an "equality of sweat" applies, and situations where it doesn't. Both of these types of situations can exist within a set of characters or at a table. Often at the same time within a table.

I'm not even sure I can say which would be more appropriate at the OP's table. Not without input from every player there. All that seems like it can truly be stated is that the OP is unhappy with the current paradigm, along with other problems at the table.

I can say that it seems like the GM is showing favoritism(even if only by virtue of laziness) by allowing one character to make use of downtime without allowing the others to do the same.

Ultimately, I think it's up to the GM to keep things more or less even - in spotlight, wealth, etc. - either by talking to the players or making adjustments to the game itself, depending on the nature of the particular problem. In this situation, it would mean keeping an eye on each character's relative wealth and making adjustments so that each remains within a certain percentage of each other.

If the GM's not willing to do that for a party crafter, then it probably really is simpler just to say "You craft at 50% for you and 100% for all others, but the extra money goes to charity or gets stolen by bandits or something". Otherwise, things will end up off.

I continue to hold the position that it's perfectly acceptable, perhaps even preferable, for crafters to charge if it's appropriate for the character s and table.

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Shifty wrote:
Poldaran wrote:
That's not quite the same. If 30 gold of that was material component and it took him 8 hours of work to do it, thus preventing him from working a day job, meditating or something, then yeah, of course.

But he can do all of those things.

"The caster can work for up to 8 hours each day. He cannot rush the process by working longer each day, but the days need not be consecutive, and the caster can use the rest of his time as he sees fit."

He can even go adventuring if he likes.

Fair enough, but as a person, would you want to spend 8 hours building something for your buddy for no pay after spending eight hours at work, giving you just enough time to sleep, assuming you neglect other day to day chores and things like eating, hygiene and the like unless you can find a way to cram them into your other tasks? Or would you rather use one set of those eight hours to unwind?

Assuming, of course, building stuff isn't how you unwind. I personally prefer a good book, video game or TV for my unwinding.

Of course, if your character is nothing more than scribbles on a page to you, then you are free to look at your daily 24 hours as nothing more than a game resource to be used to maximize your benefits on a page.

DrDeth wrote:
Poldaran wrote:
DrDeth wrote:
Sure, so when the cleric gives a 40% discount on healing, not charging the full 60 gps for a Cure Moderate but only 36 gps, then that's fine? That's a 40% discount on some of the best spells in the game. Deal?

That's not quite the same. If 30 gold of that was material component and it took him 8 hours of work to do it, thus preventing him from working a day job, meditating or something, then yeah, of course.

In fact, most characters I have would insist on paying him more than that.

In the Op's game, crafting takes less than a minute, not 8 hours. The crafter is not prevented from doing anything. It takes whatever time it takes for him to utter the sentence, a matter of seconds. It's more or less instantaneous- crafting taking about the same time it takes for a cleric to cast a cure spell.

Crafting takes the player less than a minute. It takes the character eight hours. If I, as the player, am role-playing my character, then that's the decision I make, regardless of whether it takes me any time as a player.

If I'm roleplaying my character, there are a lot of choices I make that don't make any sense from a metagame perspective, but make a ton of sense from an in-character roleplay one. Not saying that doing things this way is always right, only suggesting that it is right when you're approaching the game with an in-character view of the situation. Some people view player to player fairness* as more important than remaining in-character and that can be fine.

*Player fairness can mean different things to different people and will invariably be different from table to table and player to player.

DrDeth wrote:
Sure, so when the cleric gives a 40% discount on healing, not charging the full 60 gps for a Cure Moderate but only 36 gps, then that's fine? That's a 40% discount on some of the best spells in the game. Deal?

That's not quite the same. If 30 gold of that was material component and it took him 8 hours of work to do it, thus preventing him from working a day job, meditating or something, then yeah, of course.

In fact, most characters I have would insist on paying him more than that.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'll be honest. After the third or fourth thread on this, I've started thinking maybe it's easier just not to craft for other people.

Shifty wrote:
Every Feat you spend on Crafting is one less Feat you had for Metamagic. You traded off pulling your weight in battle effectiveness and now the party has to carry you more. Your free choice was to bring less 'Fireball' and instead you brought a extra item capacity to the party.

That's not entirely accurate. The extra WBL for the crafter should come fairly close to making up for their lack of combat effectiveness. Especially since metamagic rods are a thing.

And, of course, even just the customization of your gear, even at full price, can make a hell of a difference in some campaigns.

Besides, let's be honest. If the party's wizard is having trouble carrying his or her own weight in combat, it has nothing to do with lacking a single metamagic feat. Or four metamagic feats, for that matter.

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