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Reta Bigbad

Pillbug Toenibbler's page

1,277 posts. Alias of Ambrosia Slaad.

Full Name

Pillbug Toenibbler


7/8s goblin, 1/8 sewer troll (on granpa's side)


Social Goblin Justice Warrior Witch 5 / Snarky Irritant (PrC) 1


{peeks under own skirt} Female


Too short


Too old

Special Abilities

Irritate humanoid--at will; dismissive hyperbole--3/day; obscure cultural reference--1/day


Chaotic Inconsistent


Flying Frank Zappa Monster




Gibberish, Memes (LOLCat dialect), Tropes


Irritant, slacker, sekrit pickle-hater, cub reporter/freelance photogob for the Absalom's Daily Fishwrapper

About Pillbug Toenibbler

Head: +5 colander of conspiracy piercing
Foot: cursed sock of nocturnal furniture seeking

"Tumor" Familiar (no beneficial game mechanics): Stoo'Mak the Ever-Rumbly, His Angry Causticness, Wielder of the Acid Reflux [-2 to Stealth (audible) checks in the presence of food]

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