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Phrennzyd1's page

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We just finished EaBK, so we're not too far in. My group consists of two somewhat experienced players and two brand new players.

Whispering Cairn: 1 death, from the swarms. I would suggest putting a gap between the swarm attack and the mad slasher attack.

The encounter with Kullen and his gang in the bar was great fun. Merovinn Bask was bull rushed into the dog fight pit and torn apart by the fighting dogs.

Three Faces of Evil: Read all the threads here about for tips on this. The dungeon should be split up. Its kind of stupid otherwise. I replaced the maze with a smaller series of secret doors. The maze is pitch black, but none of the occupants have darkvision. That makes no sense. I also replaced the allip with a shadow because the whispers of the allip should have been damaging the acolytes. The Hextor branch is easily the most lethal, due to their preparedness. Fun wing though.

As for hooks for TFoE, I was fortunate that the party cleric tried going to the mines to administer aid to the poor workers, and was turned away so gruffly that he mentioned it to Childramun, the old priest at the garrison. He even asked CHildramun to check it out. This led to old Childramun being snatched by grimlocks, and the PCs searching for him. He was found alive, chained to the wall of Grallak Kur's lair, with his leg having been chewed off below the knee. "Fresh meat!"

EaBK: I had Alustan accompany them. Rewrote his spell list as a diviner. When they reached the keep, He dimension doored to the balcony and used his wand of magic missiles to fight the lizard folk. I added a few extra to the horde just for this purpose. Him teleporting away is lame, especially when the whole purpose of him going is to get the PCS to like him.

I also had Marzena at the keep, having just returned from a peace mission with the lizardfolk shaman. She was sick with exhaustion from the battles at the keep, and begged the PCs to go after the soldiers taken by the newly hostile lizardfolk. Allustan offered to teleport to Diamond Lake to get reinforcements. While the PCs were away, Marzena succumbed to the slow worm from the potion she rec'd as a gift from Hiska, and turned into a spawn.

Then, after the PCs had slain the lizard king and saved the eggs, I had the players play four soliders preparing lunch as Marzena erupts from her room as a spawn. This was a great idea from these boards. I eliminated the fear effect. The soldiers tried valiantly, but in the end, only one made it out. The other three became spawn, along with two soldiers who were sleeping upstairs.

The PCs return to the Keep and go to fight 6 spawn in the basement. They were at full strength with undead bane weapons (from the worm paste) and it was a good fight. The party wizard was feared with a burrowing worm, and they were able to cure disease him with only a round or two to spare...

I didn't like that the PCs travel to Blackwall Keep only to find that the person they want to meet has been kidnapped. Seemed lame. This way, they still traveled to the lizardfolk lair, but were saddened and surprised to find Marzena the spawn when they returned.

HoHR: I am setting up a 'side quest' for the party rogue to be tasked with sneaking some poison into the Free City and delivering it to the thieves guild there. On the way back from that, its doppelganger attack time. With any luck, he'll be replaced.

The turn undead suggestion sounds great and I am going to suggest it. I hate having to track fleeing monsters, and I don't like them to just cower while being beat, I think that's stupid and a waste of time.

Congratulations. We're just entering into Blackwall. Nice to know I'll have something to do for the next 4 years...

The acid beetle swarm knocked out and then dissolved the DMPC I had in the group, my poor little halfing rogue named Digger. He was mute (so I wouldn't have to have spoken, and therefore influential, input).

He was a tragic character with a horrible ending.

But, I am also relieved of having to play a DMPC.

Same swarm also killed the druid's animal companion wolf. Sizzle....

Our three man party - druid, cleric, mage - just ran this. Almost a TPK because I forgot to nerf it a bit for their 3-manness and relative newb group.

The bad - zombies have SO many hit points. And the DR is rough.

The saving grace - the druids animal companion rushed in and tripped Filge before the old boy could even react.

Then, when the necromancer tried to ray of enfeeble the wolf, he blew his concentration check for cast on the defensive. The wolf also made his save against a Scare spell, and that was the end of Filge in the battle.

The heroes were on the ropes fighting the zombies. They used the two Summon Mad Slasher tokens they had found in the Whispering Cairn (an idea I stole from Erik Mona himself). And the druid went down. But they made it, barely.

Also, zombies are too stupid for real tactics.

And, luckily for me as DM, Filge stabilized on his own, and will become a recurring NPC, if only so I can do his voice - think Orpheus from Venture Brothers. Good times.

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