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Phalconab's page

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Way of the wicked from an Anti-paladins view


Hello Minions
To all who think that this is a game to be played!
If you don"t play it you missing out on the most creative paths I've played yet, as my GM says all the time" i wish i was Playing!" and he honestly regrets not, but has been the best GM yet! (many thanks to the detail and organised books)
Its hard, challenging and allows for total role-play and the brutal hack and slash!!!
theres a genius to the story and the way the books are put together plus theres no way your able to guess outcomes(which is refreshing). Its so much fun I'm constantly anticipating the next session!

buy it and you"d not regret it!

i"ve had to agree to play as GM for Fire Mounatains other Campaign when this is concluded and I can say I'm excited to do that also!!

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