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Petri Wessman's page

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A very strong follow-up to Crypt of the Everflame. I always appreciate adventure modules which are something other than a tired old combatfest, and this one delivers.

The default assumption here is infiltration of a mysterious cult, but enough info is given to also fuel direct-assault and sneaky spy approaches. The cult headquarters is nicely mapped out, as are the key NPC personalities.

Excellent module if you want to give your players some freeform fun with social-fu and sneaking around, instead of just "kill&loot".

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Perhaps my favorite Pathfinder module so far. Lots of emphasis on social interaction, investigation and sneaking around, which is a very welcome change from the combatfests most modules tend to be. Don't get me wrong, a good combat can be fun... but it can get old, too. This one looks like a great, open-ended sandbox to drop players into and see what they do. I also liked the fact that the players have a mission which relates to local politics, instead of the tired old "save the world from ancient evil" thing or some such.

Good stuff.

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