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Peter Scott's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Society Member. 6 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.


Just printed and assembled some of these (and donated - thanks for the work).
How do people use these?
Do you reveal the whole thing, or, somehow, hide parts of the maps? If so, how do you do this?

Just moving to SE23 and looking for a PF group in the area - been RP:ing for a long time. I'm a school teacher and keen to get gaming in my new area.

Living in Kuwait, temporarily, want to find a group to play with. Not actually played Pathfinder but am a mainly 3.5 player and want to migrate over.

Mark Peyton wrote:
Big problem for me doing this at Gamecon is I'm going to be working it probably for PP/Cerberus.

That could be awkward. I'm sure we can get you some time off though :)

Of course, there's the curry mile in Manchester's Rusholme - about 1 mile from our venue :)

We'd certainly want to have PF at GameCon - I love the advanced 3.5 feel that is in it and really respect the designers. It can only be strong! I'm your servant - just let me know what you'd like to do.


If you're interested in this, we'd, as GameCon, based in Manchester and held annually (this year is 17th and 18th of October) in the City Centre of Manchester at the Palace Hotel can help host this. GameCon ran 9 RPG tables continuously through Game 08 with a minimum of 6 tables active throughout. The RPG side of GameCon is one that the organisers are particularly keen on developing and as such the new venue has a suite of smaller rooms particularly suited to RPG next to a bar and cafe. GameCon has a trade hall with dice, accessory and RPG book specialists in attendance as well as two larger halls with major tournaments in many other games. Last year GameCon attracted just over 1000 gamers.

We're also negotiating lower cost rooms and the ability to start gaming free from Friday afternoon at the nearest Premier Inn, a 2 minute walk from the venue. So you can come on Friday, and start roleplaying or boardgaming with early arrivals, ready for the main events in Saturday!

The venue is within easy access of a host of hotels and hostels (The Palace Hotel is pretty dear, but very nice, however there are Premier Inns and several backpacking hostels nearby), within easy walking distance of the main train station (Piccadilly), 15 mins from Manchester airport and 1 hour by cheap coach from Liverpool airport (both are low-cost airline hubs), for the international car traveller, Rotterdam to Hull is a great link that provides overnight entertainment and is about 2 hours away.

Just let us know at (please remove the ZZ's)

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