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"Chase the baby, catch the pup,
Bonk the head to shut it up!"

I don't think anything rhymes on "Welpe". So how about this:

"Fang den Welpen, schnapp das Kind,
Schlag den Kopf, bis still sie sind!"

Hey, that's disgusting :-)


Chris Shadowens wrote:

I've used Campaign Cartographer 2 in the past with similar results, slow and not what I was hoping for.

Hi Chris.

I've used Fractal Mapper ( in the past, and while it has its quirks, it is quite usable for outdoor maps. It doesn't do indoor maps effectively, and it has a smaller symbol library than CC, but in my opinion, it is much more user-friendly.

Chris Shadowens wrote:

Now, I've seen some good maps made with both programs but were they long in the making? Am I just not giving either enough trial-time or is it just the lengthy process that I'm seeing it to be?

Making good maps takes time. Making a usable sketch takes me about 1 hour. Making a good-looking map takes about 8 hours.

Chris Shadowens wrote:

I also spent a little time with the demo of Dunjinni and was also less than impressed despite the glorious ads in Dragon.

I agree.

Chris Shadowens wrote:

Also, would I be better served using a drawing pad versus the mouse?

I use a mouse, but a drawing pad would probably work better.