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Pete Miller's page

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Better than a box of rocks

****( )

The five included games are all easy to learn and fun. All five are also extremely social games that require as much attention to the positions of other players as to ones own.

Magic of Stonehenge seems to slide quickly to any player who starts to get ahead.

My gaming group hasn’t yet figured out how to use blocks well in Chariots, but looking forward to more experimenting.

The concept of the anthology board game is entit. I’m impressed by the number and imagination of additional games already appearing.

The game components are mostly superb. Players find them interesting to see and to touch. One player started a side game of making pictures with his stash of swords and knights during Ghost Knights.

The trilithons themselves look great, although in several games, having them set up in their indicated places on the board blocks sight lines for seated players. We only wound up using them as standing features on the board while playing Auction Blocks – because the order of trilithons matters in that game – and in Chariots where they have to be on the board as blocks. Even in Ghost Nights, it was easier to put the standing features back in the box and just use the rectangles on the board to place knights.

I would have preferred full sized cards. All of the games except The High Druid make extensive use of the cards. The reduced size makes them harder to shuffle and manage. I would buy an expansion that included a deck of full sized cards. (OK, I’ll probably buy any expansion anyway, but I’ll grumble every time I have to deal with these little cards.)

Overall, Stonehenge is a terrific package and good value for money. I expect it to become a game night regular if only to keep up with all the new games published. Congratulations to Titanic on their first all new game!

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