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Pete Apple's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Society Member. 666 posts (678 including aliases). 1 review. No lists. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters. 2 aliases.

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Worthy of comparisons to Greyhawk and FR !


If you've purchased any of Paizo's other products you're well aware they go the extra mile to put together great products. Suffice to say this is gorgeous as usual. It’s clear the setting is going to provide a deep, deep well that you’ll be able to pull from plenty of times before running dry.
The character section has lots of fluff, not much crunch (rules). The roles for each of the races and classes are well thought out. The human populace still dominates and a vast array of different human cultures is provided that will make for great role playing opportunities.
The Timeline provides plenty of interesting disasters and celestial events to mine for adventure hooks. There are lost empires and evil tyrants locked safely away (ha!) to cause some mischief.
The nation descriptions are the meat of the text. There are obvious stand-ins for ancient Egypt, Arabia, deepest darkest Africa, and even flavors of the Far East. These stand-ins are familiar enough to DM’s and Players that they can jump into a campaign or adventure and immediately know the style/feel of play. Having these familiar locales will make it easy for newer DM’s and players to start playing right away. It also will facilitate more of the traditional “pulp” style adventures to be available in the setting if that floats your boat. (down the river into the deepest jungles…)
I’ve always had a fondness in my heart for the cleric class so I was interested to see more details for the deities beyond what’s already been published. I wasn’t disappointed in the write-ups as they gave a good flavor to each of the deities. I could easily see playing any of the good/neutral clerics and could definitely see DM’ing the evil folk as well. I would have liked asingle feat thrown in for each much like in the character section, just to add a bit of crunch. Guess you have to save *something* for the hardcover though!

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