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Peet's page

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As for a weapon, may I suggest a longspear.

You don't want to actually attack with it. Instead you want to use the Aid Another action to try to help Pumpkin the Tiger score hits. Since a longspear is a reach weapon you can stand behind pumpkin while using it. Your chance to hit will be pretty bad, but you only have to hit an AC 10 to use aid another, and this will grant Pumpkin either a +2 on his next to-hit roll or a +2 to his AC (your choice).

The problem with both acid splash and any ranged weapon is that once your enemies are in melee with your friends you will not only get a -4 penalty to hit because they are in melee but you will almost always also get a -4 to hit because they have cover (provided by your friend who is in the way). The sorcerer in my party tries to use acid splash a lot but almost never hits.

Because the crossbow can hit targets a long way away it is worth getting. The range of acid splash is so short that most of the time that an enemy is in range he is also in melee with someone in your party.

If you want a cantrip to attack with I suggest daze. Though it only works on humanoids, it is a pretty effective save or suck at low levels, assuming your save DC is decent. And you don't need to roll to hit.

BTW a masterwork backpack is a waste for a low STR character trying to keep to a light load. It increases your effective STR by 1 but it weighs 4 pounds instead of 2, which eliminates most of the advantage for using it. You want to give the masterwork backpack to the half-orc fighter with 18 STR. It does way more for him. Then get him to carry your stuff.


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Disrupt Undead is a cantrip, so you can use it over and over again.

If you could heal with it you would never need out-of-combat healing any more; a 1st level wizard could heal your entire 20th level party back to full given enough time.

Step 1: Put ranks in Use Magic Device
Step 2: Buy scroll or wand of Gravity Bow
Step 3: Profit!

If by "mutagen Warrior" you mean "mutation warrior" you should be aware that the mutation warrior is not legal for PFS:

Additional Resources wrote:

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Advanced Class Guide

All playtest versions of the ten new base classes from this book are no longer legal for play as of 8/14/14. Anyone playing the playtest version of one of the ten new base classes must have updated his or her character as of 8/14/14. Updating your character means adjusting only the things that have changed, but not rebuilding the character.

Archetypes: all archetypes on pages 75–133 are legal for play, except forgepriest, hex channeler, musketeer, mutation warrior, packmaster, primal companion hunter, primalist, spirit summoner, and steel hound.
Classes: All ten base classes are legal for play. Some classes are modified as follows:

Arcanist: The Item Crafting bonus feat is not legal for play.
Brawler: To utilize the Martial Flexibility class feature, the player must have the source book of the combat feat she wishes to utilize.
Shaman: Fetish hex replaces Craft Wondorous Item with Spell Focus. Shamans with the Nature spirit receive animal growth as a bonus spell at 10th level instead of awaken.
Skald: Skalds receive Extra Performance at 1st level instead of Scribe Scroll.
Warpriest: To utilize a blessing, a character must be a worshiper of the listed deity.

Equipment: all equipment and magic items on pages 202–237 are legal for play, except dust knuckles, false face, rod of abrupt hexes, and rod of voracious hexes.
Feats: all feats on pages 137–159 are legal for play, except Animal Soul, Divine Protection, Evolved Companion, and Spirited Gift.
Orders: The Order of the Beast is not legal for play.
Racial Favored Class Options: all racial favored class options on pages 69–71 are legal for play.
Spells: all spells on pages 162–199 are legal for play.

It sounds like the character is already generated and has risen to 3rd level. So he won't be able to retool anything like archetypes or traits at this point.

If this is the case you should speak to your local VC about it, explaining that you think that you may have violated the rules. He should be able to figure things out for you.

However, as I said, if your alignment changed prior to 2nd level this is not a problem. Since it doesn't seem to be a problem for any other features of your character, if I was your VC I probably would rule that your alignment changed to neutral and thus was playable all along.

The first step is to speak to your GM. If you think these arguments are relevant then direct him to read the thread.

I would expect that most GMs will say that this is not possible.

If I was the GM I would say that this is not possible.

If I was a player I would not expect my GM to permit such a thing.

The reason is that while it does not directly violate the stacking rules, it violates their principle, which is that you cannot duplicate an effect to double that effect. Specific circumstances that circumvent this should be directly spelled out, and if they are not then one should not assume that stacking is allowed.

In this case it seems that the advantage from Celestial mimics the advantage gained from mithral, only it is even better. I don`t think it was ever intended that this advantage would be combinable with the mithral benefits. A big part of the problem here is that the item dates from 3.5 and has not been clarified since then. The entry in CRB about celestial armor is basically copied from 3.5.

Hi, Darksol. Thanks for trying to answer this. However, it seems like you contradict yourself here.

Darksol the Painbringer wrote:
1. I believe in cases where you need to provide a divine focus, does the shield fulfill. It does not cover the somatic component (which is the gesturing), meaning you would have to still need the free hand.

OK, so here you say you need a separate hand.

Darksol the Painbringer wrote:
The divine focus would have to be brought out (if it has a high enough gold cost, a move action may be required) in order to be utilized for a given spell, but it can be held in the same free hand and still be used to cast spells.

Now here you say you can use the same hand that holds a divine focus to perform the gesturing for a spell.

If the shield counts as a divine focus, then why can't it be used this way? Is there anything in the description of the item (or elsewhere) that clarifies this?

Note that a divine focus tattoo costs only 100 gp and gets someone around the problem of having to "pull out" one's divine focus. So there is a non-magical way to get around the action economy issue of having to draw a divine focus. So I have a hard time understanding what the benefit of having a shield classified as a divine focus is, if not for the purpose of allowing it to be used to make gestures for spells.

BTW what does the gold cost of a divine focus have to do with how it is used? I really don't understand that.

Darksol the Painbringer wrote:
2. I would assume so, since for spells that use normal foci and/or materials, the single hand is all that's needed, subtracting the divine focus on-hand doesn't change the factor that you need to have a free hand to gesture with, which can be that free hand that otherwise possessed a divine focus.

I'm not sure you understand my question.

If the spell does not require a divine focus as a component, and I "choose" to add that component to the spell if I am a divine caster? If the answer is no then I would have to drop my divine focus when casting the spell; otherwise my hand would he holding an object not used in the spell and could not then be used for gesturing.


From the PRD:

PRD wrote:


A barbarian who becomes lawful loses the ability to rage and cannot gain more levels as a barbarian. She retains all other benefits of the class.

Barbarian Class

PRD wrote:


A monk who becomes nonlawful cannot gain new levels as a monk but retains all monk abilities.

Monk Class

So you cannot gain levels in either class when you are not the right alignment.

Note though that a monk that becomes non-lawful keeps all his monk abilities; he just can't gain more monk levels. So if you only wanted the single level in Monk, you could become neutral and then take barbarian levels without losing your monk abilities.

There is also an Aasimar sub-race that can take monk levels when neutral good. This costs a trait I think.


Chopper's Isle in Wayfinder #7 is one that I am about to run for my guys that are between Burnt Offerings and the Skinsaw Murders. They are level 4 and the mini-module is for level 3, but my guys only need a small boost before they get to 5th level.

Dawn of the Scarlet Sun is a free module set in Magnimar. The only problem with it is that it is also a murder mystery and this might mix up the plot somewhat.

Feast of Ravenmoor is also connected to Magnimar (though it is not a free module). It is for 3rd level characters but probably could be adjusted for 4th level.


Use these: gs/ThassilonRunes.jpg.html

(From further up in the thread)

In the Skinsaw Murders I like the idea of the mounting threat of ghouls roaming the countryside. But in the actual adventure there is really only one encounter with the ghouls, and this is at Hambley's farm. There are a few more ghouls in the Misgivings, but they feel kind of like an afterthought.

Has anyone done any more encounters with ghouls, that might fit in between the farm and the sanatorium? Or perhaps after the farm but before Misgivings?


I like the idea that the Goblin PC will be in prison and ends up "proving himself" to the town when he escapes during the Swallowtail festival. However, many people in town may still suspect he is a spy.

If you are going ahead with that idea though, I would recommend having the player come up with some kind of physical difference (like a big white birthmark on his face) that lets the people of Sandpoint tell the difference between him and the 'bad' goblins. Also, this may have been a part of why he was not accepted in Goblin society to begin with.

Fromper wrote:
I'm with NobodysHome on this one. My group had fun "having visions" and getting the history of the house and family, even if there was no negative impact.

Sure... I can see how this would work. But I do want the players to interact with things in the house; they shouldn't just be tourists.

Fromper wrote:
Of course, they also never figured out that the paladin is immune or boosts the saves of the others, and I decided not to give them any hints about that. Having them fail a few saves makes things more fun. *evil grin*

This is a neat idea. I may have the paladin character roll saves anyway (and just never tell him that he failed a save) and not tell him it's a fear effect.

NobodysHome wrote:
Yeah, I'll just reiterate: Just because she's immune doesn't mean she isn't "affected".

That was a great story, NH. And that does clear up one thing... I wasn't sure if the immunity would prevent "seeing" the haunt.

I may add some monsters to the house anyway, on account of the encounters will mostly go perception-initiative-will save-channel energy, repeat.

To clear something up though... if a haunt is directed at a specific person, then the other characters don't even see it, right? In that case, do the other players still get a chance to notice that something is up before the haunt goes off? Or do they not have any chance to intervene until they see the haunted character go nuts?

Also, can anyone give me examples of haunts with a secondary affect that will work on the Paladin?


Is there a way to do a decent archer build as a cleric or oracle? It doesn't have to be super-optimal, but has to keep up.


Sawtooth Sabre will allow DEX to damage, but does not allow weapon finesse. So basically you are in the same boat as with any other slashing weapon here except the penalty for TWF is less - you still want STR for the to-hit chance.

I think the Dervish Dance thing was that the other hand has to be empty - no shield, no weapon. So they were willing to give DEX to damage for that feat because you are limiting your character in other ways. Having an empty off-hand is bad for almost every class - except magus, of course.


If I was your GM in a home game I would probably allow this with the attack penalty applying to your feint check. Check with your GM.

But in a PFS game this will not work.


Most recently:

Seltaine Greyfeather - Aasimar (Angel-kin) Bloodrager (celestial bloodline), NG. For PFS. Seltaine is of Kellid descent and looks pretty human. Haven't developed much of a backstory for him yet.

Yazan Ashwater - Tiefling (Hungerseed) Inquisitor of Feronia, N. For PFS. Born of a half-orc priestess and an ogre mage father, Yazan was raised in the hold of Belkzen but was eventually driven out. She discovered the faith of Feronia when taught by Kellid shamans and then travelled south through Varisia where she ended up joining the Varisian wandering caravans. Not having a lot of respect for "civilized" ways she joined the Sczarni.

Dregarvonis - Silver Dragon Paladin, LG. This is for a 3.5 game and the character was originally an NPC designed by the GM, using an optional system for dragon PCs that appeared in Dragon magazine.


Okay, I appreciate the feedback here.

Reliquary Weapon/Shield seems to do the same thing as the channeling focus shield but works for any divine casting class.

Gloves of storing are too expensive and are not an option at this level. When my players get a bit higher it is possible but it seems like a waste of a slot. Once metamagic rods come into play then the glove of storing will look a lot better, but the other hand will also need to be free.

Weapon cords are not bad, though the move action to recover the weapon limits it a bit.

But my question was this:

1. When using a shield (or possibly a reliquary weapon) that counts as a divine focus, does the hand holding the shield/weapon satisfy the "hand free to gesture" requirement for spells with somatic components?

While I am at it, let me ask this other question:

2. Can I use a hand holding a divine focus to gesture if the spell does not require a divine focus as a component?

Love answers to these. Thanks.


The haunt rules indicate that the central effect for a haunt is a fear effect, and Paladins are immune to fear by the time they are high enough level to get here. In addition their anti-fear aura will make the other saves way easier for everyone else.

Is this true? Or is there a way that haunts get around a paladin's fear immunity? Anyone have any recommendations?


Well, the party steamrolled Malfeshnekor in about 4 or 5 rounds.

The Oracle cast a couple of spiritual weapons, the Sorc used create pit to slow him down and then spammed magic missile, the paladin got in a couple good smite evil hits, and the rogue(scout) was buffed with vanish and got in a good couple of sneak attacks. Most of the melee hits made it past the blink, but even if they didn't the combat would have probably only lasted a couple more rounds.

Not sure what I could have done to make this fight harder... I probably should have had M use charm monster and crushing despair right off the bat instead of saving them as the tactics dictated.


You will have to change the campaign world rather drastically.

In Varisia, in fact in Avistan and the regions around it, goblins and orcs are universally reviled as evil and enemies of the core races. Orcs do (rarely) have some peaceful contact with humans (such as in the city of Kaer Maga), and you could work in some "orcish mercenary companies" or something, though this will be tricky. The flat penalty across the board for mental stats really hurts for orcs though.

You could change Burnt Offerings around and make the enemies Kobolds instead of Goblins. This will take a bit of work because kobolds are not as dangerous as goblins, so they will need to be beefed up a bit. Kobolds are a bit smarter and will not play as stupidly. A kobold stronghold will have a lot more traps than Thistletop does.

Doing this turns the kobolds into the bad guys and allows you to change what goblins are like. Basically replace the references to goblins in official materials to kobolds and that's most of what you need to do. You probably also need to add areas where "peaceful" goblins live... they don't have to be as peaceful as everyone else but they do have to usually not make much trouble for their neighbours. BTW for Bruthazmus the Bugbear, change him to Bruthazmus the Wyvaran.

Another thing would be to change the game so that instead of Magnimar the local "big city" is Kaer Maga, where pretty much anyone can find a place, even orcs and goblins. Make Sandpoint into a satellite town of Kaer Maga, one that produces an important resource for Kaer Maga. Make this town a lesser "Kaer Maga" where anything goes. This campaign would be pretty cool but would have a very different feel than a conventional RotRL game.

However, I have a suspicion that your players want to play these races simply because they grant a +4 to an ability score, and on paper that looks really great. But in this case I would put to them that making a more balanced character will be important for the campaign, and suggest these alternatives:

1. Have the orc player play a half-orc. Half-orcs are actually quite good and they can be customized in a lot of ways. They also count as both orcs and humans for the purpose of feats, favoured class bonuses, etc. RotRL is a campaign where skill checks can be important, and will saves are also important. Dumping INT, WIS and CHA can really make a character useless in a lot of situations.

2. Suggest the alchemist be a kobold. Kobolds are a lot of fun and they have some useful abilities especially if you get the advanced race guide. Kobolds are a bit weak and you could get away with bumping their DEX bonus from +2 to +4 or giving them a +2 to INT in addition to their existing bonuses, and this doesn't really overpower them. If the player plays a kobold then you can leave the background on goblins the way it is.



By my reading, you cannot levitate unless you are an ethereal creature. The Blink spell seems to copy the general rules for ethereal creatures, but if you are blinking you are only ethereal half the time. Therefore you can levitate upward for a second or two but then will fall again when you blink in again. Since you fall faster than your walking speed you generally should not be able to gain altitude when blinking.

So yes, an unconscious blinking character would fall, but so would a conscious one.

If someone is already falling while blinking I would use the rules for passing through a solid object, but I would give them a 50% chance of not passing through the floor at all.


Only the Paladin has martial weapon proficiency and she's using the longsword. She has a shield also, so she can't use the bastard sword without dropping the shield, and even if she did nobody else can use a longsword.


dragonhunterq wrote:
First: yeah! I'm not touching this one. It depends on whether, when you go ethereal, does the glitterdust go with you?

I would guess that it does, but ethereal glitterdust probably wouldn't be visible to people who can't see onto the ethereal plane. So yeah, I'm going to run this one as still granting the +2.

dragonhunterq wrote:

Second: yep, but I wouldn't recommend it

you don't just blink out once each round, so it's not exactly every three seconds.

Yeah, I know that, but it is implied that you spend about 50% of the time ethereal.

If a person used ethereality to climb for three seconds, this would probably be at walking speed, like air walk or other similar abilities. Then if he fell for three seconds, well, you can fall a lot further than that in three seconds. If you were falling first, and then went ethereal mid-fall, you would have to use your ethereal speed to nullify the momentum you already had.

So I think what I will do is rule that a blinking creature falls at half normal speed and suffers half falling damage, but cannot use blink to fly.


I suppose the issue is for spells like sleep and color spray. Do negative levels reduce your HD for these spells?

First: Does blink still grant a +2 to hit against people who can't see invisible ethereal creatures if the blinking creature is under the effects of glitterdust?

Second: The description of blink describes the ability of ethereal creatures to move in any direction, including up and down:

PRD wrote:
An ethereal creature is invisible, incorporeal, and capable of moving in any direction, even up or down.

Does this apply while using blink? Or is it simply an explanation of how ethereal creatures work? A blinking creature is only ethereal 50% of the time, so I have a hard time imagining that blink would allow you to effectively levitate. You would rise for three seconds and then fall for three seconds each round.


I'm not going to have him levitating at the start of the battle, because the party sorcerer has create pit and I don't want to completely nerf that. But M will use levitate to get out of the pit, and after he has it up he will be immune.

Magic Weapon-wise the party has Koruvus' +1 longsword and Ripnugget's small +1 shortsword. Nobody can use Nualia's bastard sword. The oracle has a couple scrolls of magic weapon. I'm not worried about invisibility as the party has a couple scrolls of glitterdust.

It looks like the trick will be to spam force effects which get past blink. The party sorc can spam magic missile @ three missiles a pop and the oracle can throw spiritual weapon up to 4 times.


Some neat ideas, but I would be hesitant to make so many plot-important characters related to one another.

Also, the problem with Nualia being Lonjiku`s daughter is that I have a hard time imagining a celestial being interested in Lonjiku.

A 10th level sorcerer would charge 500 gp to cast teleport, so they are making about par for a caster casting teleport, but then nothing on their way back (assuming the trip`s profit is 480 gp).

If your caster can cast teleport he could just offer to teleport people around and make just as much. :)

Well, he can turn into a goblin or a wolf if he wants to walk around without getting burnt, but DR does not protect against fire damage, strictly speaking.

Hi, folks.

My players will be encountering Malfeshnekor next session and I`m looking for some tips.

The thing that disturbs me about this fight is the room itself. With the pit of fire in the middle, there are limited spots that Malfeshnekor can stand in without being burned. He has almost no mobility unless he uses the squeezing rules to get past the fire, or dimension doors or levitates across the room.

Is this your experience And what did you do about it?

It may be that the limited mobility is intentional in order to give the players a better chance. But forcing Malfeshnekor to park in the corner makes it tricky for my party rogue to do much here.



Deadalready wrote:
From the amount of time I've spent trying to *understand* Magnimar and learn all the districts/locales/people I think you're doing a great disservice to your players roleplaying and opportunity wise if you visit another city.

I am actually thinking more about during the party`s exploration of the Storval Plateau, either in Part 4: The Fortress of the Stone Giants or in Part 6: The Spires of Xin-Shalast. Magnimar really only features in Part 2: The Skinsaw Murders, and after that the players don`t have any adventures there, though they do remain in connection with the people of Magnimar.


If a rogue uses stealth to gain total concealment, and succeeds, and then attacks, does he lose his concealment in the same manner as with invisibility?

In other words, would total concealment due to stealth only grant sneak attack damage on the very first attack? Or all of them?


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I'd love to play a Gillman, though I do feel they get a bit short-changed on the racial abilities.

Also Strix, definitely... but this would never be allowed.


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This will not be a problem.

Technically you do not have to register your PFS characters at all, though I personally find that it is fun to do so.

Go ahead and open the "My Account" link. Scroll down to Pathfinder Society and click "Make Changes". This will opena a page where you can create a second character by clicking "Register a new Roleplaying Character". It works just like the first one. You can end up with lots of characters if you want.


I recently got the City of Strangers PDF and I'd love to find a way to work it into my RotRL campaign. Anyone ever do this? And if so, at what point in the campaign did you do it?

Love to hear about it.


My group will likely finish Thistletop in its next session (though they may never encounter things like the Bunyip), and this will be their fourth session there. Our sessions last about 3.5 hours, usually.

Mind you, the party was 2nd level when they arrived there, which is about what is normally expected in the module (typically they would level to third after clearing out the mainland and getting to the bridge, and get to fourth before encountering Nualia).

Ashkar's party of 4th level guys no doubt finished the area quickly, as they were a lot stronger than is necessary for the module.

The first session got off to a really slow start having a big debate within the party as to the "perfect" way to approach the area. They ended up taking a boat and scaling the cliff up to the top of the island. They then broke into Ripnugget's bedchamber via the roof, and their first fight in Thistletop was in his throne room. It was a big fight and we called it after that since the fight brought them to 3rd level.

The second session got them through the rest of the ground level of Thistletop and the group decided to camp in one of the towers, so I had Bruthazmus come up the stairs with some goblins to interrupt their camping attempt.

They swept the 1st underground level (except the tentamort) in the second session and explored some of the 2nd underground level including the portcullis trap, but we called that session before starting another combat.


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A bit of threadomancy, but it is useful to note that in INNER SEA GODS there is a Gorum-themed magic item called Iron Lord's Transforming Slivers that costs 1000 gp and can be expended to change the size of a magic weapon or armor by 1 size category (only towards the size of the user though).

So it would only cost 1000 gp to change the size of a magic item which would be worth it in this case. If someone in the party could craft the slivers it would only cost 500 gp.


Peet wrote:
Umbranus wrote:
About the focus: You can get a sanctified shield (channeling focus) that counts as a divine focus.

Whoa, does that mean if my shield counts as a divine focus then my shield hand can be the one that is considered to do the gesturing?

Also, I notice that the passage from AA refers to clerics specifically. Is this kind of item legal for Inquisitors?


Um... anyone?

John Compton wrote:

Well, let's assume that it's a use-activated item for the purposes of Table 15–29 on page 550 of the Core Rulebook. The x2000 gp multiplier gets divided by 5 for having only one "charge" per day, so that's x400. That means that the 1st-level version of a pearl of power has a [spell level x caster level] value of 2.5 If we plug that into the "single use, use-activated" line, we multiply by 50 to get…125 gp. That's 12.5% the cost of a normal pearl of power, and perhaps that would work fine for other pearls of higher spell levels.

From sniff-test perspective, that's not a bad price. It's certainly in the right range to test in your game and see if it works. Let us know how it goes.

I actually think I came to this figure on my own at one point (though I think I arrived at it in a different way) but I wasn't sure if that was too high or low.

However, counting it as an item that uses a command word to activate (the above is use-activated which wouldn't require an action to use), then we use 1800 as the base cost.

1800 / 5 = 360
1000 / 360 = 2.7777
2.7777 x 50 = 139

Maybe I'll go with 140 gp, not sure. I think I would probably still buy it at this price, were I the wizard. 125 gp is good too.

I would make version of the Page of Spell Knowledge and Runestone of Power using this formula too, I suspect.

OK, here's one more question:

Thematically, what would you make such an item look like? Would it be an elixir? A stone that crumbles to dust? A scroll that burns away when read?

A friend of mine came up with an idea for 3.5 that any half-race would actually be represented by a feat. So humans would be the most common "other half" of the half-race as they have that extra feat to burn. I like that idea.

That would leave:

Halflings (gnomes could be made with a half-fey feat)
maybe a feline race - I don't like the implementation of Catfolk though.
A Large race - maybe Centaur (or maybe just have a half-giant feat)

Personally I would like to see a fantasy world without humans, because let's face it: it isn't Earth. There's no need for there to be humans. But I doubt that such a world would ever get published.

I don't think I would be satisfied with a world with only seven playable races though. In my mind any race that gets 0 racial HD should be a playable race, and on top of that I feel that a lot of races should have been built that way (like Gnolls and Lizardfolk) but the 3.5 designers were a bit lazy in that regard and most of those monsters got simply copied over to PF.


One thing I feel is that a Dex-to-Damage feat should specify that while this replaces STR bonuses to damage, any STR penalties to damage should still apply.

Thus, if a guy with DEX 18 and STR 7 got this feat he'd get a +4 for DEX and then a -2 for STR. I don't feel that there should be a complete pass on STR to damage when this feat is used as I think it should generally be a mistake to dump STR to 7 and still use muscle-powered weapons.

I am personally OK with the damage being precision damage, though I know this reduces the feat's utility. It will still apply enough of the time for me to get this feat for that kind of character.

I don't know if anyone has brought this up, but I find in interesting that in the lastest version of the world's oldest roleplaying game (am I allowed to call it by name?) the finesse category of weapons automatically use DEX to hit if you wish and if so they also automatically use DEX for damage.

Not that this should necessarily inform Pathfinder devs since it's a completely different game, but it's worth mentioning.


If I was the GM in your game, I would probably just call this a +1 property and have done. It can't be placed on a keen weapon though.

Kudaku wrote:

My character is going to invent the axe cane, a one-handed slashing weapon that's the perfect stylish accessory for young swashbuckler out to paint the town red.

I'll make millions!

Well in that case I will invent the cane cane, which is a cane that secretly is also a bludgeoning weapon.


I support the idea of a generic feat that allows dex to damage for finessable weapons. I am fine with the prereqs for slashing grace applying to this feat and requiring the weapon in question to also be one the user has weapon focus in. I would call it "Weapon Grace."

One way in my mind to make such a feat palatable to the devs would be to have the extra damage be precision damage, so it is negated by the various immunities to precision/sneak attack damage. This works for me thematically.


I could enjoy such a game... but I would get bored of it a lot faster.

The variety keeps me coming back.


Sean K Reynolds wrote:
Peet wrote:
Well, what can I say... you did start with:

So, having forgotten the actual printed wording of that rule, I was talking about the intent behind it, which is "the formulas are a fallback option if the comparison method doesn't get you anywhere." And of course, there's the unwritten caveat of, "items that are explicitly formulaic in their pricing, such as potions, scrolls, and wands, do follow the formulas rather than using the comparison method."

But whatever, we're nitpicking. :)

I really do mean it when I say that it is valuable to me to know what the intent of a rule is. When I run home games I try to go by RAI instead of RAW when the two things are different.

I do think though that Dennis Baker has a point that an item should cost a fair price which makes the item worth buying without breaking the game. There are a lot of items in the game that are great for low level characters but cost enough that by the time you can afford one the item is essentially useless.

On the other hand, I am careful about overdoing it with players' access to things. I use a lot of PFS rules about items even in home games, like not letting people buy paladin versions of potions of lesser restoration, for example.


DungeonmasterCal wrote:

For years I thought it would be clever to name my campaign world some variant spelling of Earth (Urrhth, Ereth, blah blah) but never really liked those. So about 2 years ago I finally just picked "Nibiru" (from mythology and alien and conspiracy crackpot fame). Now if I could just pick a name for the main continent that I like. For over twenty years I've called it "Nehlas". I never liked it, but it's become canon for our homebrew.

The primary city in my setting is Unkhoor, the largest city on the continent and scene of most of the "domestic" games. Other cities include Marikam, Dar-Shalul, Damul, and Qarikan.

Tell me some of your place names!

Jeff Merola wrote:
Unfortunately, the only spell I can think of that Vital Strike would work for is Flame Blade, since that's the only one I can think of that uses the normal melee rules for attacking with it.

Gozreh's Trident is another one (from Inner Sea Gods).

Produce Flame maybe.


Sean K Reynolds wrote:


I know how you're supposed to do it. Whether or not the rule in the book actually says that is not under my control.


Well, what can I say... you did start with:

Sean K Reynolds wrote:
Actually, according to the rules... (snip)

But it is useful to know what the intent of the rules are, even if they don't specifically spell it out.

Anyway, I do wonder if there is some other item that has this kind of property for comparison. Anyone?


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