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Rust Monster

Pax Veritas's page

RPG Superstar 7 Season Star Voter. Pathfinder Society Member. 2,559 posts (2,560 including aliases). 8 reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 1 alias.

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Magnificent Deluxe Super-Adventure


Large 2-sided poster map: Excellent! Evokes an immediate desire to play or run this adventure.

Theme/Classic Tropes: Brilliant! Reminds me instantly of the kind of adventures we made up as kids in the 1980s, yet with the sophistication of detailed description and game content.

Structure/3Chapters with Tabs: Fantastic! The usability factor of this book just went up by a factor of 10. GMs will love the ease. I will add that the 24 additional sub-quests add tremendous structure to the actual gameplay. As an educator, I appreciate the value of having objectives, and this +24 sub-quest structure possibly makes this the first true "module" ever created. The structure takes its cue from a long-fermenting idea of increasing player interest through continuous rewards/achievements as in good game design or education. I look forward to implementing this added structural layer.

Art/color: Very good taste in keeping the central text in a readable font size with clean white background for contrast. Good use of black bars segmenting and identifying creature combat/traps/etc. The advancement track chart provided a clean, quick, succinct reference to the overall module structure. The table of contents and reference list was very helpful.

Constructive suggestions: One improvement idea would be to include a complete definitive list of all creatures and quantity (including NPCs) so the GM could more easily pull miniatures/pawns in sufficient quantity for the whole adventure. I do understand that the GM may only pull what is necessary for a session, but a small but effective chart like this would facilitate the GM's walkthrough of the whole module when reading/preparing initially.

Overall: I am very happy with the re-launch of the module design. I cannot wait to run this module! I recommend The Dragon's Demand to all GMs. It is very nicely done.


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Once again PAIZO provides GMs (and players) with another valuable tool/resource for every occasion. This book should boost the confidence level of new and experienced gamemasters everywhere, and make the next 1000 NPC encounters more interesting, detailed, and inspired! Extreme attention to detail, high production value, and based on content--the first of its kind yet so useful it feels like you've always needed it.
Nicely done.

Brick Out of print

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5 Star Quality for Gaming


I bought the full set (brick/case/collection). I'm impressed.
>The quality and detail was better than any other minis
>The design choice in the sclupts were excellent
>Many miniatures like the dwarf, the black dragon, and the lich are truly inspiring. That is they evoke a sense of adventure just like the PAIZO game does.
>The set was nicely distributed so I got all of them, with doubles in areas that make good sense for a gamemaster.
>Unpacking took a while, but I put on a little Bob Dylan and spend a few hours relaxing and opening and admiring each one.
>The collection as a whole, reminds me of that feeling one gets when looking at great fantasy art e.g. the brilliantly colored venomous snake, the sharpness of the large spider's recoil as if to launch webs, and the rugged cloak on the frost giant, all made me imagine dungeon-like scenes where these minis would live.
>The cost was bearable. I'd saved up for this case, and I have no regrets on the cost. (I decided to support my local FLGS.)
>Some of the minis actually look "real" i.e. they're more than representations of the monster, the actual pose along muscular detail give many a life-like quality.
>The functional use/value of this set is very high, and good choices were made for this "first set"; I honestly cannot wait for the next one.
>I liked the distribution of the small to mediums, and have a formidable goblin troupe along with the rest. I never thought I would actually "want" more goblins in my collections, but you've got to see this little critters. PAIZO (JJ) has re-innovated the goblin from simple cannon-fodder to something devious, mischevious, and cunning.
>The Manticore was created mythologically "correct". Although I enjoy TV show deviations such as the abstract Manticore in the Merlin series, I cannot help but appreciate the incredible authenticity the Pathfinder Battles minis posses!
>One last thing I noticed was the awesome realization of the original artwork from the Bestiary. The style of the Pathfinder RPG game milieu is completely fresh, yet authentically familiar to the 35+ year history of fantasy role-playing. In this way I have both familiar and new, like attending a Sting concert.
>One final point: The succubus. The succubus. The succubus.

- Negatives: a couple have a slight cartoon-like quality that I don't prefer, yet find artistically done. Just as sometimes the art in the Bestiary itself has this slight quality. Its still high quality, just a slightly different style (which might actually appeal to a lot of folks, so this isn't much of an issue.
- More?: the only thing that could make my experience with the Pathfinder Battles minis better - is if I had more of them, and more of the Pathfinder creatures reimagined from the Tome of Horrors. That is, while I really liked the wolf and the gnome, I cannot wait for the Slurk and the Tentamort!

Great job PAIZO!

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Imaginative, colorful, and immediately useful, this exempliary tome provides GMs with new inspiration for both new and old monsters. Key features that impressed me were the immediate usability of the tome, appropriate challenge rating assortment, the reviving and rejuvenating of old mythical and historical game beasts, as well we their incredible art and well designed descriptions and stats. This is a MUST HAVE in your Pathfinder games, but anyone leafing through the book will find it compelling and desirable. Ideas for whole adventures can be derived from just casual glances at individual creatues, and all of them combined make for a high quality monsterbook that GMs and players will enjoy. Outstanding work, once again, PAIZO!

List Price: $4.99

Our Price: $3.74

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Poor Design

**( )( )( )

For as many five-star ratings I give for quality products, this one is 1-star to 2-stars at best. I perceive poor production value and misfitting parts along with conceptually poor design in terms of usability.

I won't be contacting the company with ideas, but think its fair to suggest to peers to avoid this item.

Disassembly is also not possible once glue must be used, and no indication is given on the product that glue is required.

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