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Pavok Kor'tell's page

286 posts. Alias of Roidrage.

Full Name

Pavok Kor'tell












Common,Dwarven, and goblin.

Strength 18
Dexterity 16
Constitution 14
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 11
Charisma 16

About Pavok Kor'tell

Pavok Kor'tell
LN Medium Human Paladin-4
Initiative:+2 (2Dex)Perception:+0

Armor Class:17, Touch:13, Flatfooted:14
CMD: 21
HP:43 Current:43
Fortitude +9, Reflex +7, Will +7

BAB: +4
CMB: +8

Melee: +6/+6* Str damage(main +4/offhand +4)

Ranged: +7 to hit, +5/+5 to hit.

Special Abilites:
Aura of Good:The power of good(see the detect good spell) is equal to his paladin level.
Detect Evil:At will,a paladin can use detect evil, as the spell. A paladin can, as a move action, concentrate on a single item or individual within 60 feet and determine if it is evil, learning the strength of its aura as if having studied it for 3 rounds. While focusing on one individual or object, the paladin does not detect evil in any other object or individual within range.
Smite Evil(1/day):As a swift action, the paladin chooses one targe within sight to smite. If this target is evil, the paladin chooses one target within sight to smite. If this target is evil, the paladin adds his Cha bonus{+3) to her attack rolls and adds her his pladin level to all damage rolls made against the target of his smite. If the target of smite evil is an outsider with the evil subtype, an evil-aligned dragon, or an undead creature, the bonus to damage increases to 2 points of damage per level. Regardless of target, smite evil attacks automatically bypass and DR the creature might possess.
Also the paladin gains a deflection bonus equal to her Cha to his AC againist attacks made by the target of the smite.
Divine Grace:
Lay on Hands:5/day Heals(2d6)
Aura of Courage (Su): At 3rd level, a paladin is immune to fear (magical or otherwise). Each ally within 10 feet of her gains a +4 morale bonus on saving throws against fear effects. This ability functions only while the paladin is conscious, not if she is unconscious or dead.
Divine Health (Ex): At 3rd level, a paladin is immune to all diseases, including supernatural and magical diseases
Mercy (Su): (Fatigued)
Channel Positive Energy: 6/day 1d6

Two-Weapon Fighting*,Quickdraw, Double Slice

Sense Motive:+7(4R+3Class)

Hunted(stealth),Sacred Touch

Cure Light wounds (1d8+1)

Travelers outfit
4 daggers
1 punching dagger
Light mace
6 darts
2 saps
Light Pick
4 Chakram
1 light hammer
sling w/ 20 bullets
-6 rations
-Artisan Tools
-2 torches
2 Belt Pouches
-Flint and steel
-5 tindertwigs
-Holy water flask
-Acid Flask
Holy symbol,wooden
2 waterskins

Coins:1gp 4sp 4cp. 456 Rupia's Also holding a sack of 100gp for the caravan.

Pavok was found in the northern part of Galt by a Edmund Kor'tell a paladin of Torag. Edmund thought that Pavok's clan left him because of his smaller size. The Kor'tell's raised Pavok as his own son. Through the years Pavok took a shine to the teachings of Torag and learned the family business of metal working. Many of the citizen's Idme didn't care for a savage kellid trying to be one of them. Cause the general dislike of Pavok, his father told him not fight anybody and never accept a challenge unless it is a just reason.

One day while he was in the market, suddenly Pavok heard a young women scream and charged to the noise. He came across a young man forcing himself on a girl. Pavok shoved the arrogant boy which resulted in the two crossing blades. Pavok won the match and severely injured the young man. The paladin made sure the young man was stabilized and took him to the local temple. After he walked the girl home, he went back to his family shop and began his work.

Pavok was interrupted by a group of guards busting in and taking him down. The strapped manacles on him, and arrested him for assaulted the eldest son of one of the Chairman's of Galt.(letting you choose oh great dm) The trial was a hoax, Pavok was angered cause all he saw from the judge was a bit of evil within him. The chairman arrange for the kellid to be sentenced to death. So they branded him with the mark of death on his lower neck. The night before Pavok was suppose to hit the guillotine, he couldn't sleep he kept hearing the banging of in anvil being hit. As Pavok looked out the window he could see sparks out in the distance towards the southeast. Pavok was conflicted he thought his god was telling him to runaway but a court had sentenced him to death. The pondered this so long when he came to an answer the morning sun was beginning to show. The guard that usually gave him his food was late, another figure appeared in his place cloaked in a dark blue robe. The figure opened the door and threw a heavy bag to him. Inside a variety of supplies and a lot of gold. The figure was his father and he couldn't allow his son to die, plus he believed Torag had other plans for him.

As Pavok was being smuggled out of the city his father told him to go to a caravan and take it south east away from the city of Idme. As he traveled, bounty hunters kept finding him. His life was to focused on keeping away from these hunters, he needed to find a way to lose the chairmen's pursuers. He then heard of a caravan going to a rumored land called Aridia...

Forged Blade March:
This ancient pilgrimage is preformed by a servant of Torag when they feel they must atone for there misgivings or to help them find what path they should take in there current time of confusion. The Forged Blade March is a journey to lands unknown to the follower, they must only carry weapons and armor that they forged themselves or in battle. The paladin can never purchase a weapon or armor, they must only create them or take them from a warrior they have defeated in combat. They can offer there weapons to others, but can’t take one from there allies. The only weapons they can accept from another is from one they defeated in battle and that being only what the enemy is currently equipped with. Whenever the paladin kills another he must leave one of his weapons on the enemies’ dead body to bless the land the two fought on. The warrior does this until he has gotten his vision or message from the Master in Stone.

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