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Pavane's page

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A great start to the AP


Wonderfully creepy. The locations, story, NPCs and encounters are really well executed. Just the right amount of horror and mystery. It's looking good for the AP so far, and I am glad to have restarted my subscription for this.

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Dark and well-written


There are many good things to be said about The Haunting of Harrowstone, as you can see in these reviews. I have just finished GMing it with my group, and I will join the choir. Sure, there are things that need tweaking - the trust point system for instance - but they are minor, to my eyes.

Depending on your group, the module can be played like a railroad or like a sandbox. You can give the players information that shoot them straight towards the mysteries, or you can let them explore the town and slowly uncover things. In my case, I have players that love a good mystery, and that actually want to bond with (or provoke, or quarrel with) the NPCs I put in front of them. And it has worked well.

The atmosphere is great, the writer created a good gothic feel to the monsters and the events. The NPCs are memorable and the hidden facts are possible to decipher without being too obvious, I think. The locations are dark and gritty, the monsters challenging and fun.


I like the fact that the prison actually influences the town. Instead of a dungeon far away in the woods, with the occasional raid or missing travelers, this dungeon makes a difference in town. In the tavern, in the town hall. As a GM you can increase the tension step by step, until the PCs realize that something precious will be lost if they don't act. And that makes the dungeon feel like it's actually a part of the game world. This is a really good thing.

The Haunting of Harrowstone gets 5 stars from me.

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