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Frost Giant

Paul Hedges's page

Organized Play Member. 202 posts. 8 reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 2 Organized Play characters. 1 alias.

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I really enjoy the way the new rules can be included or not; the non overbearing nature of the new mechanics is a nice addition. If i wanted I could use the book without the mechanics and that makes my day. If a dm wants to add something to tie his players better to the world this book does that.

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I plan on using it to beat unruly players. Seriously solid and pretty. I love it.

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This group of stories are alot of fun to read. They have some pretty twisted twists. I really enjoyed Joe and his multiple senses. I am having friends read this because I enjoyed it so much.

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New fav

****( )

Taldor is my new favorite country thanks to this book. A great mix of fluff and crunch. There are a lot of seeds for adventures in this book.

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