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Belkar Bitterleaf

Pathfinder Maslen's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 58 posts (1,776 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 8 aliases.


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Alan_Beven wrote:
Pathfinder Maslen wrote:
Brisbane Northside (Bray Park) checking in.
Hi there! We have a group together, what type of games are you looking for?

Are you running out of Dicespot? Probably already played with you if that is the case. I GM'd their for a number of sessions. The Second Darkness AP.

Brisbane Northside (Bray Park) checking in.


  • Healing/Divine - Mlungsi
  • Arcane/Skill - Arkwright
  • Skill/Melee - Gibz
  • Melee/Combat - Sol Alar
  • Melee/Combat - Morgrym
  • Melee/Combat - Cale Stoneweaver

I am aware this is six but I will balance stuff around.

Move over to discussion and please be patient.

Life is hectic for me at the moment (twin babies) but will do my best to make daily posts.

I will make my decision in about 48hrs.

You'll need a account.

You'll need to post once daily at least.

Nope, haven't checked and will just run this my proven way for now.

I will be looking to fill the four roles mentioned in the party requirements and an extra.

Last chance for PC creation! Selection happening end of the weekend.

Ganny wrote:
Maslen, what are your thoughts on content in the Advanced Races Guide? Assuming we stick to the Core Races, that is.

ARG is fine but I wont accept a built race.

Let me read into this arvo and post a reply. I will make a selection of players this weekend.

Monks should have no problems at all making the spend. My 13th level monk has weapons to her budget and that wasn't hard to do at all.

This is forcing you to act as you otherwise would. Just go with it or get denied access. The bounds on creation are tight, tight, tight.

Waiting on more submissions.

And unfortunately is not what I am looking for. Granted, extremely creative but too flawed for me to accept. May he sail into successes somewhere beyond this.

A new thread for recruitment

Please submit your level 15 PCs here, built to the restrictions in my previous 'Gauging Interest' thread

Previous thread found here Gauging interest Lv15 Trophy Hunters.

I am finding your sheet to be not very user friendly .

Hard to read. In all honesty. I don't really want to this to be an experiment in character concepts. Like I said before, I don't wish to spend time going over rules for obscure pc builds.

I know this may sound unfair but those pcs that don't need alot of revising by me will probably be accepted before one requiring alot of attention on my part.

Dark, why are there skills with .5 ranks? What are your class levels per class

Warsor wrote:
Hey Maslen. Thank you for the responses but unfortunately I am going to have to withdraw my interest. Good luck in your game.

Yo Warsor. No problem and thanks. Happy gaming.

I'm working on this stuff non-stop at the moment (when not at work) so it may sound empty here but if you listen carefully you can definitely hear cogs turning and tinkering of mind gnomes!

Also, I use for map sharing.

Lv15 encounters complete. Map design commencing.

Mlungisi wrote:

Maslen, how would you rule on the use of candle of invocation for an oracle?

Same question for incenses of meditation, per RAW you could say the incense doesn't work since it talks about all of a casters prepared spells - and since oracles don't prepare their spells ahead of time...

If either/both of those are good I'll add some to my consumable equipment. If not I'll need to see what the party looks like to try and fill voids with wands or other items.

(Thanks Twig for pointing those out)

Until Paizo see fit to include the Oracle, I play it as it's read. I don't have time to go into house rules and interpretations. I leave that to those that get paid to do it. I'm not uncaring, I just don't have energy to waste on this sort of thing when it's plainly written on the SRD.

Okay everyone else, this is turning into an actual recruitment thread. I haven't called for them yet but their are some excited players out there who have already submitted PCs. If you care to submit a PC now, then do so. It will take some time to pick the party so if I have my pool of PCs on the thread then I can start making decisions on this sooner rather than later. Thank you.

Buy wands for the arcane or divine caster to use on you then.

I'm flat out with my twins, work and sick wife at the moment. Putting in as much time as I can to my pbp. Bare with me one and all.

Mlungisi wrote:
Warsor wrote:

Hmm not seeing any healers though at this level its hardly a surprise that no one would want to take up the healer role. Still I'll submit one so a true complete party can be formed without the need for magic item reliance.

I also feel the strict amounts allowed on spending your money is geared toward a fighter type class and not really fair to someone who may not want a weapon at all unless you are willing to allow clerics or such to shuft that gold elsewhere. Otherwise theres a tens of thousands of gold I'll have left over with no way to spend it.

Mlungisi is a life mystery oracle.

I agree on the spending for weapons though. I have almost 20k unspent on offensive weaponry still. And I could easily change my current weapon to something of lower quality and not feel bad about it. My combat role is much more about buffing, healing, summoning monsters then trying to do damage directly. I feel 72k for offensive for any pure caster class is a lot to spend on such unless metamagic rods for damage/debuff casters counted in that slot. That still leaves healers/buffers with a lot of cash though in that category.

This is my final reply to this question about budget. It is as I have declared. I will not modify it. I have my reasons and I don't need to justify them beyond my reckoning.

Treiden Wallace wrote:
My Bard is by no means a dedicated healer but he should be able to take some of the weight of buffing and healing off of their shoulders. I basically plan to run him as a wildcard in combat. Depending on what the party needs that round he can heal, buff, dispel or go into melee pretty easily. His UMD is pretty good so he should be able to get the healer back on his feet if something should outright kill him.

Nice. A team player who hasn't countered me once. Looking good.

Warsor wrote:
Hmm not seeing any healers though at this level its hardly a surprise that no one would want to take up the healer role. Still I'll submit one so a true complete party can be formed without the need for magic item reliance.


Warsor wrote:
I also feel the strict amounts allowed on spending your money is geared toward a fighter type class and not really fair to someone who may not want a weapon at all unless you are willing to allow clerics or such to shuft that gold elsewhere. Otherwise theres a tens of thousands of gold I'll have left over with no way to spend it.

Cast a Commune spell and hope it helps you out. No shufting other than previously stated in previous replies.

Mlungisi wrote:
Do metamagic rods which have limited uses per day, but unlimited use over a lifetime fall under limited use items or general magic items?

If anything causes direct damage, it is a weapon and can go in your weapon budget. If it is just a common metamagic rod, it goes in Magic category as it will not be consumed. Staff's which can be charged are within the limited use category

Mlungisi wrote:
Mlungisi is tentatively done pending the rule on the metamagic rod and then spending more cash based on info for the first target should I be selected.

I don't intend to tell you exactly what you are hunting before you prepare. You will learn that as you progress through the dungeon. I will tell you about the environment though.

Sky-Captain Henry Klemp wrote:

Sky Captain Herry Klemp

Gnome Summoner 15L

Captain klemp, is "as mad as a bag of Monkeys" as they say, why do they say that, well wile others Summoner have Eidolons that are beats of death by tooth and claws. The good Captain Klemp has that Gnome Aesthetic sense that others find most well stange. For Captain Herry klemp Eidolons is no less than a ship of dolls. A strange mechanical looking flying Snake craft, maned or should one say Dolled, himself and a number of Soul stone dolls. They Scurry about on top of the craft is a maze of Battlements, from which odd weapons pock. To match his crew he has use magic to make himself pertinently Tiny, and can be seen walking on deck calling out orders. He even has a little captains outfit, Slinking or flaying along this most bizarre Eidolon craft/ship seems a world all on its own. Should you wish to talk to the captain he will greed from the deck and happy chat wile smoking his pipe. He seems a happy Gnome and always up for some new adventure for his crew.

Just loved the idea, it means some of his powers will not work but I dont care, I love the idea.

HP 14d8 +8

Eidolon 14d10 +10
Eidolon 14d10 + 10 ⇒ (10, 5, 3, 10, 8, 6, 6, 7, 7, 5, 5, 2, 3, 2) + 10 = 89

I think reviewing your PC will take a day in itself.

Morgrym of Clan Dorethain wrote:
What books are we using?

Official Pathfinder Content. Not 3rd Party.

Morgrym of Clan Dorethain wrote:
Would the ARG be okay?


Morgrym of Clan Dorethain wrote:
Also what's the ruling on using item creation feats in our character building.

If you wish to spend feats in creation then do so but I will require you PC build from Lv1 through to Lv15.

Morgrym of Clan Dorethain wrote:
Am I to understand that the % value is a "cap" that we can't exceed?

Yes, only excess in the Gear budget is allowed to be spent on other categories. So, Gear budget is 5%. By your gear, then what ever is left over, can be used in another category upto the max budget of 5%.

Morgrym of Clan Dorethain wrote:
Is the leftover added to our "GEAR" pool and we can spend that elsewhere as we like?

Lol. Now that's just twisting and manipulating. If you don't spend all your budget in Weapons / Protection / Magic / Limited then the excess is carried as coin or gems. No this cannot be used in another category.

Morgrym of Clan Dorethain wrote:
And with Craft Magical Arms and armor, am I able to make the roll here and assume I've had the time to craft my main hand weapon?

Let us say that you got to Lv14 and then decided to make yourself some sick ass weapons. Make the craft attempts and roll the attempts for me in this thread. A fail = loss of wealth at 15th Level. If you wish to get ahead of the wealth / equipment curve this way, there is going to be risk involved.

Morgrym of Clan Dorethain wrote:
What happens to our unspent gold in each category?

As above.

The more attention you pay to this thread (actually reading the specifics) the more likely you are to be accepted. I dislike repeating myself when it is in black and white.

Morgrym of Clan Dorethain wrote:


14d10 ⇒ (5, 5, 10, 10, 8, 5, 5, 9, 8, 8, 5, 6, 5, 5) = 92

I'm assuming we reroll if we're under half, rather than just on a one. Correct me if I'm wrong. Both sets of results are here, for posterity's sake.

What books are we using? Would the ARG be okay? I'd be interested in using the following archetype. It seems perfect.

** spoiler omitted **...

ARG is fine. It's Official Pathfinder.

Morgrym of Clan Dorethain wrote:

I'm surprised at the lack of max level casters. Most anyone I know would be giddy at the chance of casting 8th level spells.

I'm toying with taking either a heavy shield or a tower shield. My gear is still in progress, and I've overspent a little on the defense category (about 2k, give or take. The cost of my fullplate and a little of my amulet of natural armour. Is that okay?)

I've also enhanced my hammer as a +4 weapon, which seemed to be the general concensus in the advice forums. Also in case it got lost in the sea of questions, is the Foehammer archetype okay? I haven't factored it in yet, so I'm waiting on your call)

Only if it's come out of your gear budget excess! ARG Foehammer is fine.

Twigs wrote:
I'd also ask how Maslen handles lycanthry before you submit a lycanth. In any game I've ever played the Lycanthrope is controlled by the GM in ANY of his forms.

Thanks for bringing that to my attention Twigs. I would have to refuse any inherited or acquired templates to any PC submissions. Purely to maintain equality in the party.

That is not saying I wont try to inflict you with stuff.

Mr Swagger wrote:
Paizo has high level adventures. The Witchwar Legacy is level 17, and Blood of Dragonscar is level 15. Those are the only two that I know of though.

Cool, I will see if I can get a look at them but I wont run them as part of this.

Mr Swagger wrote:
Exactly how is this going to work. Is it a very short adventure, or will it be more like an arena combat against monsters? I do understand that character development is not to be expected.
This is my theory for creation.
  • Select an environment/terrain for dungeon
  • Identify potential Bosses suitable for terrain
  • Identify appropriate mobs for terrain/environment
  • Develop/draw dungeon map concept
  • develop encounters/challenges

You will be given limited information from the monks after which you have 24hours to prepare. Once the time arrives, you step upon a rune circle keyed to a destination rune circle created by others who have gained Ascension. From this start point, you will use your limited amount of information to enter the dungeon/structure etc and fight your way to your target boss whom possesses (in some way or another) the trophy you must return with to progress onto you next test. It is entirely possible, you will spend an entire level to achieve a major boss kill while taking out lesser bosses and minions enroute. With five levels of PC interaction, I am sure the party will develop, so there will be some roleplay for sure. I don't want this to be mute of color and life.

Mr Swagger wrote:
How will we level? How many players are you accepting?

You will level when you have gained the appropriate level of XP to do so. I will accept 5 PCs.

imjohnnyrah wrote:

I've updated my Bard, Treiden Wallace, to your standards. Since I wasn't sure whether you planned to make this campaign a series of arena battles or dungeon crawls I outfitted him with standard adventuring gear to be safe.

When you say "minimum half" for HP, do you mean just take half the HD or roll and take half if the result is lower? (ie: I roll an 8 and a 1 on a d10, I take the 8 and count the 1 as 5 for that level). As is, I just took 4hp (before CON and Favored Class) for levels 2-15.

To clarify. Eg, you roll a 1 on a d8. You instead take the half which is 4.

Eg 8 / 2 = 4

It adds up to 100% because that is the bucket of wealth you have at any given time. The Gear tab is the catch all category with anything unspent accumulating there.

Sorry Dark. If you don't spend it, then it just sits in your coin bag. I don't understand why you would loose it if you don't spend it. It would just be kept as coin/gems/jewellery. Seeing as I don't include coin weight in my campaigns it shouldn't matter how much coin you have.

Not sure if it is just you as I have not had feedback from anyone else about this. I would assume they are just making do with what I have specified.

It is restrictive and that is my call as the GM for that which I am organizing. It really is quite simple. If you don't agree, then start your own thread in a similar theme more to your liking.

Does anyone else agree with DarkLightHitomi here? Cause I am afraid my answer will be the same.

Well I would suggest that you do kit yourself out for all purposes for if you have never been entirely separated from your party and had to survive, then IMO you have definitely been in some pretty linear gaming.


Crap. Missed the edit opportunity.

DM_Waife_the_BiPolar is my alias.

Sorry for segmented posts. I just have to get stuff down when I can. Will post in full when done.

I'm building encounters when able outside of work and my twin bubs needs.

Follow cost capping on PC creation.

Below are your allowable budgets in percentage of your starting wealth.
(starting wealth 15th level 240 000gp)

Weapons 30% 72000gp:
This includes normal, masterwork, and magic weapons, as well as magic staves and wands used by spellcasters to harm their enemies. For example, a wand of scorching ray would count as a weapon, but a staff of life would count as a piece of magic gear.

Protection 30% 72000gp:
This category includes armor and shields, as well as any magic item that augments a character’s Armor Class or saving throws.

Magic 25% 60000gp:
This category includes all other permanent
magic items. Most rings, rods, and wondrous items fit into this category.

Limited Use 10% 24000gp:
Items that fall into this category include alchemical items, potions, scrolls, and wands with few charges. Charged wondrous items fall into this grouping as well.

Gear 5% 12000gp:
Use the amount in this category to purchase
standard nonmagical gear for the character. This category can also include jewelry, gems, or loose coins that the PC might have on his person.


Psionics - No (3rd Party)
Intelligent Items - Yes

Right now this is information regarding what will be required. I am at no point ready to accept or critique PCs. When I am ready, I will ask for submissions. If you wish to submit a PC to me however, feel free to PM me.

Having finished work and had time to read your post again Rysil, I think your basically implying what I have already suggested. I don't intend on just running combat encounters by any means. Players will need to make their way to the end boss for the said trophy. Instead of an ultimate goal a couple levels, I would like to give the players 5 levels of game play without writing out a specific adventure path. Merely a string of trophy bosses in their own settings/dungeons/environs that will entail combat/hazard or obstacles/puzzle/randoms/RP or story/traps /combinations encounters. If they gain the trophies then this allows them the gift of Ascension. It will take time and it's time I am happy to spend. Dungeon design, encounter building and tactics it will all take time.

Rysil wrote:

But I'm in with a 15th level 75 year old Wizard Ala Gandalf or Elminster...Hey don't knock'em those two are the reason we have gaming to start with.

Rysil, I got lost in that post. What was your actual proposal?

PM me directly if you wish to GM. I will email you the base info when complete. And that way I can keep a log of GMs when we get enough players to fill another group.

Let me ponder Psionics GSV.

Trophies of Ascension

Upto 5 PCs per party

Roles required:
Combat (Melee/Tank)
Healing / divine caster
Stealth / skill mastery
Arcane caster

No third-party content for Player Characters

Abilities - 20 Point buy (High Fantasy)
No Stat reduced below 7 or raised above 18
Apply racial modifiers after all points spent
Races: Core Races only
Classes: Core / Base / Alternate / Prestige including Archetypes
Starting wealth at 15th level = 240 000gp

Monkeygod wrote:

Sorry about that. The way Stormraven made it sound it seemed to be both to me.

Sort of like a help wanted type of deal. I decide I want to run a hunt vs a Pit Fiend Barbarian so I come to the recruitment thread and go "Hey, I need me 4 or 5 PCs to take down this menace"...

At least that's how I read it...

I understand what you mean entirely but that couldnt work in a single game thread as I am sure they would be run concurrently. Also, in separate threads GMs could share their around their encounters which can be modified for the required CR.

I'm going to be using maptools with for maps aswell. I find it works well and my current PCs enjoy it.

Okay, I propose this, considering Monkeygod's response.

The round-robin was with regard to GM's, not so much players as the objective is the the PC to reach 20th level.

I am happy to write up the base of this system but it will only have sanctioned Pathfinder rules and content in it. This will include the background information regarding the monks as well as the specifics of the trial system.

If PC interest continues to build on this system in this thread, then I would expect other Game Threads to start up using the 'Trophies of Ascension' system. I don't wish however to put aside PCs in my thread. I will take them through to 20th level if they survive.

So far, interest seems to be enough that I will start pondering and fleshing out my thoughts more with regard to style and the plot/theme. Might even start planning the first encounter.

I will get back to the thread soon with PC creation boundaries.

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