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Bloodless Vessel

PathfinderFan64's page

Goblin Squad Member. 396 posts. 1 review. No lists. No wishlists.

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Thanks for posting. Good article.

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I want all my subscriptions cancelled along with any pre-orders and anything in my sidecart. I notified you yesterday about the Gothic Horror book that you placed an order for. I NEVER ordered it and it was your company that placed it in my orders without my knowledge or permission. You are just ignoring what you did. I will be disputing the charge. You have terrible customer service. I notified you about the problem and you just ignore it. I also want the $10 refunded to me for the shipping mistake instead of store credit since I never plan on ordering here again. I will also be disputing the charge if you don't since the order total is above $50 and I can dispute it.

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I love how it is for sale here before the kickstarter supporters receive it. It's even cheaper here with the 15% discount for subscribing to the adventure paths. I am skipping the current ks and will just wait and buy it here before the ks supporters.

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What is the point in producing books if they don't have everything in them? If some things are in print and some are in pdf's it is too scattered. I thought the idea was to put all of the material in print like the gothic series. I was interested in this until now. If things change I will be in but until then count me out.

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Makarion wrote:
Sadly, Rite Publishing has the kind of track record that causes people to ban all third party material in PF games. No quality control whatsoever.

You must be thinking of another company. Rite Publishing has always put out quality material and it is run by very nice people. I should know since I have almost all of their books and I have never been unhappy with a purchase. The only problem has been with the HL file that was for this book but that was handled very well by Rite and had nothing to do with their book.

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Thanks for the review. I now will never consider buying this. $30 for the maps is crazy. Even then it is just a pdf. Print it yourself and spend even more on ink. There is no mention in the product description that the maps are not included. I have a feeling that parts 2 and 3 will never appear since few people will be buying part 1. If the company that made this expects to sell this then they need to think about the price they are charging and include the maps with the product.

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Could you reinstate my subscriptions? I would like to give Paizo another chance. Thanks.

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I have also had trouble paying with Paypal. I even have an account but use my debit card only. I have tried paying for books ordered from Dreamscarred Press but when it came time to pay it told me it was unable to process the payment. I had to go to Amazon to buy the books. I do not have any trouble using Paypal other places but I don't use Paypal much. Is there any way I could send you a check in the mail if I have trouble paying with Paypal for the art book I added? I could even send it tomorrow so there are no problems.

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Good job on this. I hope you make more in the future.

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I read the reviews for L1 The Secret of Bone Hill. They did a new scan but they used a copy with pencil writing on the pages and the pages are crooked. I would read the reviews before buying. It appears some are great new scans and some are of poor quality. Very disappointed.

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I hope they redo The Secret of Bone Hill scan. It was free but it was broken up in many parts. It would be nice to have it in one file. I have 5 copies of the module but it would be nice to have a HQ pdf.

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Have you thought of maybe collecting all of the Falcon's Hollow adventures and updating them for a collective book that forms a campaign for 1st to 8th? level?

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Thank you. That fixed it. The setting must have been changed by pc tune up. Paizo has the best support. I challenge anyone to find better customer support.

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A great bonus might be a print copy of the bonus module if that is affordable.

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Thac20 wrote:

Here is an idea for a hybrid system: part point buy, part die roll.

1. Design a character with 20 or 25 point buy, no stats allowed below 10. Choose a race and class.

2. For each attribute at 10, roll 4d6 keep 3. No swapping is allowed - you get what you get.

All characters won't be equal, but they will differ in the power of their secondary stats rather than their primary stats. Race and class is chosen during step 1 so you can't take advantage of a good random roll (though it might make multi-classing more attractive).

Example: 20 point fighter with (pre-racial) 16 Str, 14 Con, 14 Dex. Int, Wis and Cha determined by 4d6 keep 3. Whatever you get for the rolled stats, you will have a capable fighter with the point-buy physical stats.

I like your idea. It has both point buy and rolling.

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Last year I bought a copy on Amazon for $7.88 from a seller. I just checked and there are no copies for sale right now but they do appear sometimes. Just check each day and one will be for sale. The price will vary. Buy it quickly because they go fast.

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If you select the Linnorm bloodline from Ultimate Magic will the bloodline arcana ability of +1 natural bonus to ac for each level of spell you cast that is the correct energy type stack with the natural bonus you get from the Draconic bloodline starting at level 3? So if you are a level 9 sorcerer with the Gold Draconic bloodline and the Linnorm wildbloodline of fire and cast fireball you would get a +2 natural armor bonus from the gold dragon bloodline and an additional +3 natural armor bonus for 1d4 rounds from casting a 3rd level spell. A total natural bonus of +5 at least for 1d4 rounds. Is this correct or do they not stack?

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This is from the Advanced Player's Guide. Does a Monk of the Four Winds have to take the Aspect Master ability gained at 17th level? Could a monk refuse the choice and keep his appearance? It just would look very strange having any of the appearances.

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