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Sun Shaman

Papa-DRB's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,931 posts (5,879 including aliases). 4 reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters. 13 aliases.


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There are so many possibilities that giving specific advice would take a treatise, so in general:

Using 20 point build, just the CRB and APG books, human, I would go with the following:

Str 17 (15+2), Dex 14, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 13, cHa 10

Using Treantmonk Ranger Guide go for the switch hitter type of Ranger till level six, which you need to qualify for Horizon Walker, then take HW till you are Ranger 6 / HW 10, then back to Ranger.

At Ranger 4, do not take an animal companion, but take the other Hunter Bond option (companions).

As far as terrains, talk with the DM and ask him what would be the best options.

-- david

It may be this issue HERE

Before I upgraded my phone from a dumb phone to the latest (Galaxy 6) phone, I could not even connect with the very old mini tablet that I had because of the above issue, not even to browse.

-- david

If you are allowed to use 3PP material, the Spheres of Power might be a good fit. Take the Elementalist class and the Weather (wind) Sphere.

-- david

Carnival of Tears. Hitchcock and Logue. It is a 3.5 module, and for level 5 so you would have to upgrade it somewhat, but it is a rather icky (in a good way) Game Mastery module.

-- david


dotting for interest.

Bard (gnome?) with "Trap Finder" campaign trait from Mummy's Mask. Archetype "Animal Speaker".

I am off to my part time retirement job, so I will try to get something up today or tomorrow.

-- david

No problem about Spheres of Power, but I really want to try it out, so I am dropping out. Someday, I'll get into one with that.

Good Gaming to all.

-- david

Will you allow Spheres of Power by Drop Dead Studios? I would submit a Soul Weaver with the Life, Protection and eventually Death Spheres.

-- david

Since Customer Service will ask anyway, did you look in the boxes that the cards came in. They have been putting the promo cards in the card box to protect them.

-- david

edit: yea, I meant the card pack box, not the actual shipping box, but glad you looked there also. I wasn't clear.

What I have seen folks do is create an alias with PFS at the end, so you could create "Hania PFS" as a Pathfinder Society Character, use it for PFS Play by Posts, and use "Hania" as a non-PFS Play by Post.

I did that for my "Rathan Summercloak PFS" Pathfinder Society Character.

-- david

The problem is that you created it as an alias, rather than a pathfinder society character. Two different places on your main page. Hopefully one of the tech folks can change it for you.

-- david

Luthorne wrote:
I found out elsewhere that the errata is here.

Thank you

-- david


See THIS post for a possible answer.

-- david

Paizo has said in the past that they will not institute a Like/Dislike (voting) system.

As far as the Block, there are a couple of addons that will do that for you. As I am a Firefox user, THIS ONE works for me.

Also go to Oladon profile and he has one for Chrome as well as Firefox.

-- david

Look at THIS thread for the most likely issue.

I have an Android mini-tablet and I can't get to most of Paizo because of the TLS updates, which I agree were very needed, so I downloaded FireFox for Android and I can get there now.

-- david

There is one other reason, and I found it (Yay! - maybe - lol). If you have clicked on "hide hidden" on the bottom of your Campaigns page, it hides some of them. Chris Lambertz (sp?) found this corner bug when I did got hit by it.

Another way around it is from the Messageboards page, there is a tab to the right that says My Campaigns. Click that one and everything should show up.

-- david

Look HERE.

The way that I understand the process, Paizo does not publish the Errata unless the PDF & Hardcover has been updated to that level, EXCEPT for the Advanced Class Guide. Even though there is an Errata for 1st to 2nd printing, it was posted early since there were a significant amount of changes and I believe they are still selling the 1st printing.

-- david

VanceMadrox wrote:

Don't forget the Eratta:

pg. 101: The Soul Weaver class should gain 3+ Cha modifier uses per day instead of 1+ Cha modifier uses per day for both Channel Energy and the total number of souls it may summon via its Bound Nexus.

Cool. Where is this errata located please?

-- david

Edit: Both my pdf and softcover say 1+

Ok, backstory completed. Short version.

Xodri is a very young gnome and was captured by dark elves, along with most of his village. He and the other prisoners were taken to the Darklands, but during a raid by other races on the drow he managed to escape. He developed his life and death talents by healing himself and creating undead to fool others in the Darklands while he hid. Finally he came to the Dwarven city of Embla (Rise of the Drow Adventure - Campaign) and was allowed in even though his powers were different from the clerics and wizards. He was adopted into Miah family, and now, having grown in power is ready to go with the group of adventurers that intend to help the Dwarves removed the Drow House from power and bring stability to the Darklands.

Crunch for 1st Level Soul Weaver, need to bring him to 7th. Any "issues" or "problems" with what I have done from a rules perspective?

Xodri, Male Gnome, True Neutral, HP 9, AC 13 F11 T13

Level 1 Soul Weaver
(20 point buy)
Strength 8
Dexterity 14
Constitution 16
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 10
Charisma 18

Favored Class Bonus: +1 hit point

Skills: 2 per level. Max: Knowledge (religion), Stealth

Feat: Extra Nexus Powers

Magic Talents: 1 per level, plus 2 extra at 1st level.
Talent 1 – Life Sphere
Talent 1a – Ranged Healing
Talent 1b – Death Sphere

Class Abilities:
Bound nexus – 7 souls
Nexus powers – Life: Invigorate, Cure, Restore
Death: Ghost Strike, Exhausting Strike, Reanimate
Casting – High Caster, No Tradition
Channel energy 1d6 – 5 times per day, Positive Energy
Spell pool – 5 spell points

-- david


got my book (looks terrific!) and downloaded the pdf.

On the character sheet pdf, can you use a bigger font for the skills section and for the languages? These old eyes are having to use a magnifying glass to read those sections, thanks,

Still working on my 1st SoP character, a Soul Weaver who will come into the campaign at level 7. Probably with Life and Death spheres.

-- david

chaoseffect wrote:
Literally anyone in the world can come up with a story for a character that interests and excites them.

Not everyone can come up with a story. I can not. Math / Science nerd here. Honors Physics and Math in High School, Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, finally turned System Support programmer before I retired.

I can make any reasonable character mathematically, but backstories are always extremely hard for me to do.

The last time the home group had another DM run things, my statement was "Other than a cleric, I'll pick last and fill in whatever hole there is in the group." There are five of us, DM and four players.

-- david

Jason Nelson wrote:
The Assimilation Strain will be on sale generally once To Worlds Unknown goes out to backers, which should be right around the end of August, give or take a little.

Are we there yet daddy? :-)

-- david

Yes, I am soooooo bad, but I really want this !!!

I am using the latest production FireFox 40.0.3 and Jiggy line looks like:

Jiggy RPG Superstar 2015 Top 32, RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32,
Marathon Voter Season 9, Dedicated Voter Season 9, Dedicated Voter Season 9

ie. 2 lines

-- david

Starting LINK HERE there are 5 FAQs on shipping. Also there is a, if you buy US $100 physical product, Paizo takes US $10 off the shipping cost.

-- david

(not Customer Service, just a reader of the CS threads. They will be back on Monday 0900 Pacific Coast time US)


Well this ^^ is not going to happen, ie. saving money on shipping. I ordered something yesterday with a 14-28 day before it ships, and it shipped out this morning.

Now this is a dumb complaint. (snicker)

I'll buy The Assimilation Strain from where ever I can get it, but still preference for here at Paizo.

-- david

Thank you. I'll pick it up from here then and hopefully combine it with an existing order that will go out in early September to save on some shipping costs.

-- david

Look under Paizo: Cheliax for the download. It is mentioned in another thread that there is a glitch so it is displaying in the incorrect place and they are working on it.

-- david

(not CS here, but a reader of the Customer Service threads)

Never mind the above ^^. I ordered it anyway and tried the summer15 code and it gave me the discount on the softcover/pdf bundle.

-- david

When will The Assimilation Strain softcover go on sale. Either here, DTRPG or on you site?

I did a dumb thing for the Kickstarter and only pledged enough extra to cover one softcover instead of both, so I choose To Unknown Worlds in the survey, but I really do want all of them.


-- david

If I order the Spheres of Power Softcover/PDF bundle do I get the 10% off the 34.99 price?

-- david

Unfortunately I have to withdraw. Good luck and good gaming to all.

-- david

Creating a Slayer from the Advanced Class Guide. Pretty much got the crunchy part done, and have some ideas rolling around in the back of my head for the fluff but I have to think about it more and I am leaving in a few minutes with my wife for an evening out, so I will have something up by Tuesday.

-- david

ohhh... Interested....

Gisher wrote:

They will issue the 2nd edition once a single week goes by without a new "When will

Pathfinder have a 2nd edition?" thread.

So there will NEVER be a 2nd edition?

-- david


Under your primary ID, there is a campaigns tab that has a "Hide Hidden" link at the bottom. Did you click on that? There is a bug in the code, low priority fix, that Chris discovered because that is what I did when one of my campaigns disappeared like that.

-- david

Link Here

Two sites that you should look at, probably starting around January(?). for all things GenCon, including hotels, etc. for cheap air flights.

-- david

captain yesterday wrote:
What the F*+@ are CAPTCHAs?

In case you are being serious, LINK HERE

-- david

They don't mention my university, (class of 1970). I don't know whether to be insulted or glad....

Also, why can't I post to the Spamwar thread? Is it locked?

-- david

sacklunch wrote:
I'm currently trying to place an order to the occult adventures pdf, but every time I press the place order button it just sends me back to payment method. I receive no notice telling me something is not correct and have double check my provided credit card and it was filled out correctly and is not maxed out. The order remains in my cart and there seems to be no sign that I'm being charge for my attempts to buy it.

Is your address on file exactly the same as your bank has for you? Even a misplaced comma, period, abbreviation, or typo will cause their system to reject the charge.

-- david

Either a moderator is really fast this morning or the downtime yesterday afternoon put a search and destroy filter in for the Korean spam.

Was watching General Discussion, saw three posts and was waiting for the fourth so I refreshed. Bam! All were gone.

Just saw the same thing happen, two posts one about 2 minutes old the other just over a minute old. I had flagged them at about 15 seconds each and all of a sudden, Bam! they were all gone.

Good job guys!!!!

-- david

edit: Again again. 4 flagged and within minutes gone !!!!
edit2: I really hope that it is a filter and not Cort wielding his physic ban hammer.

And now only 5 backers (minus paypal) and with paypal probably around 1k to go.

-- david


Dang just beat me to is.

11 backers and less than 2k to go !!!!

Come on folks, lets get this done!!

-- david

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Holy Thread Necromancy...

Some sub-human Alex Gonz brought back 4 threads. Two of them from 2006....

-- david

Cool !!!


-- david

And we just hit 350 backers so who is the surprise artist??

-- david

I believe that if you "hide" the gameplay thread the campaign disappears from the campaigns page.

-- david

or at least someone mentioned that in a similar post to yours. I have never tried it.

2 people marked this as a favorite.
captain yesterday wrote:

F$!&ing g%*$%@n s$@@ is what you mean Papa, it's okay you can swear, they have a filter for that :-)

Just whatever you do, don't say xxxxx

Edit: s%%*! I said it!

heh, yea I know about the filter, but we have an almost 3 year old granddaughter and I am trying very hard to watch my language since she repeats everything.

-- david

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