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Sun Shaman

Papa-DRB's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,841 posts (4,730 including aliases). 2 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters. 13 aliases.


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sowhereaminow wrote:
My personal experience with Dropbox has been far from positive, so it wouldn't be high on my priority list. However, a better way to organize the My Downloads page would be appreciated. I have a ton of pdfs now, and it's a pain when I have to run through tbe list just to locate the new stuff for download.

Do a search for the word "NEVER" and you will find the files that have not been downloaded (Ctl-F in Firefox).

-- david

Just ordered the book and pdf. With the taxfest15 code, received a nice discount.

Took about three minutes to download all four copies of the pdf.

-- david

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Two questions,

1) Is there a list of which creatures and how many of each are in the set yet/
2) Will you create a set for Summon Nature Ally?

-- david

Adobe Reader
Foxit Reader
Nitro Reader
Sumatra Reader

As always, read the installation screens carefully. Some of them also want to install other stuff, so check / uncheck wisely.

-- david

A buddy of mine is thinking about running the latest AP with an all dwarf party. I am considering a Goliath Druid 6 / Horizon Walker 1 / Nature Warden 10 character.

In order to qualify for Nature Warden, one of the requirement is "wild empathy class feature", however the Goliath Druid alters this "Primal Empathy (Ex) A goliath druid's wild empathy functions only with creatures that are Large or larger. This ability alters wild empathy."

So, does Altered Class Feature <wild empathy> still count as Class Feature <wild empathy> or not?

-- david

Did you unzip the file(s) that you downloaded?

Read THIS for an explanation. In short, it just expires, no money changed hands, and when it does ship they will re-authorize and settle it then.

-- david

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Rise of the Drow by AAW games. The main "AP" takes the PCs from level 6 thru level 16, and there is a prologue and epilogue that expands it to a 1 thru 20.

I am running my home group thru it now.

-- david

Below 100 now!

Go Lissa Go !!!

and thank you.

-- david


The Kickstarter says 4-6 Level 10 characters. What level should the characters be by the end of the module, please?

-- david

Yes, that is the way to do it.

-- david

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Cort Odekirk wrote:
The duration is because of a whole mess of data migration scripts, anyone who has worked in the industry knows of which I speak and will weep for us. The rest of you can continue to regard us with guarded suspicion as per normal :)

Oh goodness Yes!! I was a mainframe system support programmer from 1991 till I retired year end 2009 and spent many a Sunday all night (12 hour windows) when a new release had to be installed.

Good luck to all tonight.

-- david

Looking under the Campaign tab for my main id (Papa-DRB) LINK there are four active campaigns. Three of them are ones that I am GMing (DM Papa.DRB) and one is a campaign that I am playing in (GM Mazra).

At the bottom are seven Previous Campaigns, all but one is marked inactive, and all but one are marked as "hidden". If I click on "(Hide Hidden)" not only do the six "hidden" Previous Campaigns disappear, but the campaign that I am a player goes away.

This is new behavior, but I can not pin down a date when it started, although I think it has been several months now.

-- david

edit: Not a BHD (Big Hairy Deal), but it just seems wrong and when you have some free time (hehe!) maybe you could look at it.

Is the the Maintenance Release that Scott and Chris have been mentioning in the last week or so? Or upgraded servers? Or Both?

-- david

Actually there is a 3rd party add on for Firefox or Chrome that will allow you do show/hide alias under your main ID. Those that you hide will normally not show up in your "post as" list.

LINK to the thread for this add on.

-- david

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Someone just pointed out this thread to me....

Greg A. Vaughan wrote:
(and a little place some people like to call the Ebon Shroud--if I can ever get Logue and Pett off their lazy butts)

Ebon Shroud !!!

Yes Please!!

-- david

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Ebon Shroud !!!
Ebon Shroud !!!
Ebon Shroud !!!
Ebon Shroud !!!
Ebon Shroud !!!
Ebon Shroud !!!
Ebon Shroud !!!

I want Ebon Shroud !!!

Please !!!

Short version: Amazon is always wrong.

Longer version: Paizo releases its stuff on Wednesday(?) but Amazon thinks everything is released on Tuesday(?) so since they don't have a release date yet, they always give several months. Give it a week or two and Amazon should adjust the date correctly.

-- david

Not customer service person, just seen this asked a number of times in a number of threads.

Tzzarg wrote:
Papa-DRB wrote:

Several questions:

1) Is there a listing of the adventures and what level they are for?

-- david

To answer your first question (these are based on the PF version of Quests of Doom that I got, Swords and Wizardry and 5th ed is likely different)

Thank you very much for the information!

-- david

Several questions:

1) Is there a listing of the adventures and what level they are for?

2) When will it be available at Paizo?

-- david

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Here is the LINK to the FAQ.

Chemlak wrote:

99 little bugs in the code

99 little bugs
You take one down and patch it around
127 little bugs in the code.

Got lots to do today. If I'm lucky I'll be able to fix that later, but no guarantees.

ROTFLMAO !!! And my wife now has it confirmed that I am a raving lunatic!

-- david

(retired, after 35 years, IBM Engineer / Programmer)

Sorry to have to do this, but I have enough adventure material to last me the rest of my life, and my wife and I have started volunteering at the local SPCA and we are putting time, energy and money towards that.

-- david


Me - Human Cleric
Son - Half-Elf Wizard
Grandson - Gnome Wizard

Aubrey the Malformed wrote:
OK, I appreciate that this is a relatively low-level issue, but it was pointed out on Wednesday and still isn't fixed on Monday. When is this likely to be fixed?

It is 05:35 on Monday. They are not even in the office yet. And you posted at at 00:50 (or so) on Monday.

-- david

GinoA wrote:
Rich Parents (or anything ruled illegal in Classic PFS) is also illegal in Core.

This is not meant to be argumentative, but as I am thinking of DM'ing again, and I do not deal well with jackasses, in fact I don't deal with them at all, may I suggest that a specific statement from the head honcho be made to that affect. The first bullet point in the announcement is that the "additional resources" apply to the Classic campaign, leaving it open for someone to argue that since that is where "rich parents" is mentioned, that it is now ok for the Core campaign.

First time someone made that argument, I'd leave the table and go home. Like I said, I don't deal well with jackasses.

-- david

Apologies if this has been asked / answered, but I have a couple of questions.

I assume (and we all know what that means), that the Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play, will be re-written some day for Core, as it presents a lot of options that are now no longer valid and too numerous to ask about.

Two traits in particular. Adopted. Does this open Race Traits, which are not part of the Web Enhancement. Rich Parents. Is this allowed?

-- david

W00t !!!!!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

When will it be up on the Paizo site?

-- david

1 person marked this as a favorite.


Jodokai wrote:
Drogos wrote:
Iirc, firepelt cougars are identical to the small cat in the CRB.
You don't remember correctly. They have more DEX, and more natural armor.

Well, in the RotRL (AE) they list Firepelt cougars as Bestiary page 40 which is the page with cheetah and leopard, so it is a reasonable assumption that as an animal companion you would use small cat. Also, there is no entry for specifically a firepelt cougar animal companion with starting stats.

Do you have better information than what you have said already, like starting stats, etc?

-- david

Look HERE for the reason.

I use point buy myself for my home game, but put restrictions on it. One score 8+ all others 10+ after racial adjustments.

The reason for the restrictions is that I saw, really, a Society Character that was Str 20, Dex 14, Con 16, Int, Wis, cHa 7. He played a barbarian.

Also, I use point buy because of what Protoman said above, although it would be Richie rolling that low, but then we have Pete who would roll nothing less than a 15........

-- david

two things,

1) a big raise in my social security check so I can afford more of your stuff.
2) an update with more monsters for the Underdark book.

-- david

I am building a Mystic Theurge for an upcoming campaign (Reign of Winter) that I will be playing in.

So far, Male aasimar (archon-blooded) Cleric 1.
Trickery domain, so other than the required Knowledge skills, both Arcane and Divine spell requirements are covered.

S:11, D:14, C:14, I:12, W:18, cH:10

Will take a 2nd level in Cleric, then Empryeal Sorcerer, then MT and finish off whatever levels are left with Cleric. So at 13th level for spells he is effectively cleric 12 / sorcerer 11 with a 21 or better wisdom via level bumps.

He will be a pure caster, ie. back line character.

Couple of questions and some advice seeking:
1) What should the 2nd domain be? (he worships the good pantheon)
2) What feats should he take and when? (think the spell penetration line, spell focus line, improved initiative, ????)

Also, I really don't want to get into summoning unless absolutely the only way to go.

thanks, -- david

Galnörag wrote:
I'm going off topic, the point is that behaviours and attitudes like this anti-hero lab sentiment, will be tolerated because we have to few GMs, and is probably more symptomatic of some GM burnout and frustration levels being high due to lack of relief.

And this is why I won't play PFS, except online in a PbP and even then very limited (3 sessions total across 2 characters). I blew a gasket when one of the 5 star GMs started boasting about how many PCs he had killed and even though I calmed down a bit, this kind of crud really annoys me no end and makes PFS just not worth the aggravation, just like the anti-Hero Lab sentiment. And I don't own Hero Lab.

-- david

Assuming that you are on a Windows PC there are at least three that I know of and use and I am sure that there are more:

1) Adobe Reader
2) Foxit Reader
3) Nitro Reader

As usual, read each page carefully. Lots of download pages want to install other stuff besides the product you are interested in.

The one I normally use is Foxit and other than one Paizo PDF it works great (and that one PDF works 90% of the time). Nitro is my backup and Adobe is there just in case there is a really weird one.

-- david

4 people marked this as a favorite.
Ashtathlon wrote:

God bless gave me back my roll playing games as a viable hobby again.

SFC (ret) Dan L.

And God bless you for your service.

-- david
(Army 1LT - 9/1970-9/1972)

Two ways.

1. Your subscriptions are listed on the line below your name in your post, so you have: Pathfinder Adventure Path, Card Game, Maps, Roleplaying Game, Tales Subscriber
2. Subscriptions and look at that page.

-- david

Well, I unsubscribed the Iron Gods one, and I was a charter subscriber. I will re-subscribe to start with this one.

However, different strokes, and I am glad that the folks who like Iron Gods got what they wanted.

-- david

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Thank you for the answers. Pretty much what I thought was the answers.

I am pretty much a RAW guy, but if there are multiple plausible interpretations I like to hear the RAI if possible.

Yea, my first character was an Unearthed Arcana Ranger "Traine dan Torcan". He was a lot of fun to play, and I even have my original character sheet upstairs in my old bookcase along with well used copies of "Temple of Elemental Evil" and the GDQ series.

-- david

1 person marked this as a favorite.
christos gurd wrote:
quick clarification i caught, the arcane dabbler says
arcane dabbler wrote:
The arcane dabbler selects his spells known from any arcane spellcasting list.
when it should say any One list. now the next line establishes that choice of list is fixed so this is mostly just absolute clarification. Who caught the fact that the AD allows wisdom based arcane casters?


I see that you are listed as one of designers in the PDF. Did you write / collaborate on Arcane Dabbler? Is the "any one arcane spellcasting list" to be considered an "official" errata / RAI?

Also, yes, I caught the wisdom based arcane caster. My first ever DnD character back in the 1980's was a Ranger who got Druid spells and Mage spells around level 8 / 9, and I am using this to recreate him.

-- david

edit: Pardon, but a clarification. Does the Arcane Dabbler get 0 level spells, or just 1,2,3 as appropriate?
edit2: Sorry, another clarification. The Metamagic Focus, does the feat have to be one that he picked up before Arcane Dabbler, or the 1st level Bonus, or can it be a another metamagic feat. For example. Character is 6th level ranger, no metamagic feats, picks up silent spell as bonus, can he pick up still spell as the focus, or does it have to be silent as that is the only metamagic spell he knows so far.

I am trying to figure out RAI since my DM will ask, thanks.

Dafydd wrote:
How about most prehistoric world exist underground (or remote islands). The dwarves found one such cavern and, after expanding the tunnel quite a bit, are the leading world supplier of Exotic/prehistoric pets and bronto burgers.

That might actually work. There is a dwarven city in the under dark, so it could have exotic pets.

-- david

I am trying to mostly recreate my first ADnD V1 character from the mid 80's. An Unearthed Arcana ranger. He got some druid spells and a few mage spells, all around 8th / 9th level. I can do this by creating a ranger and a 2 level dip in to a new 3PP class, Arcane Dabbler from Little Red Goblin Games, to give him a few 1st and 2nd lever sorcerer spells.

So, yea, I think I have discarded the Hunter. Using Boon Companion, I can get within 1 level of a full druid level Animal Companion. I may rethink this, but right now I am sticking with ranger.

Yea, I was looking at the dinosaur but I need to come up with some kind of back story as to why he would gain it as an AC. thanks,

-- david

edit: Ugh, no on the snake. Sorry, but just no. thanks for the suggestion though.

I am creating a character for a new campaign that I will be in.

Campaign background:
Level 1 thru 20
Level 1 thru 6 above ground
Level 7 thru 20 under ground (major enemy is drow and other things)

Character decisions made:
Dwarf Ranger (archery combat style (others are monk, fighter (melee), druid (melee) and a sorcerer))

When he gets to 4th level he will take the Animal Companion option but will wait till he gets back home to his city (around 7th level or so) to pick up the creature and also take Boon Companion as his 7th level feat.

What I am looking for help with is:

What Animal Companion should I choose, given the mostly under ground nature of the campaign?

The DM is pretty flexible as long as I can show him the source for the creature.

-- david

Since I was most interested in the Arcane Dabbler, I have read that one and have a question or two.

Arcane Dabbler wrote:

Metamagic Focus:

..... he treats its actual level as -1 lower for determining the spell’s final adjusted level.....

Ah, it shows up as -1 when cut'n'paste above, but -I (Capital "I") in the PDF.

Does he get bonus spells cast due to "high" chosen mental score?

By the way, I frackin Love this PrC !

Thank you !!!

-- david

And purchased !

Little Red Goblin Games wrote:

Hi David,

It's being formatted as I type this (we are on AZ time). It'll be out later today.

Woot !!!

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Little Red Goblin Games wrote:
The book launches this weekend, just in time for the holidays!

Hey LRGG, it is the weekend, at least where I live. Where's the book !!!!

-- david

ps. Can you tell how excited I am for this one!


At 8th level got a few druid spells (up to level 3), and at 9th level got a few mage spells (up to level 2).

HERE is a link to the OSRIC PDF.

-- david

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