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Sun Shaman

Papa-DRB's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,823 posts (4,336 including aliases). 2 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters. 12 aliases.

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As Chakka responded, there are significantly more players than GMs.

Rather than just "dot" a thread, do the following:

1) Read the GM opening post on what s/he is looking for as far as characters and how to generate them. For instance, here is my opening post for my Wrath of the Righteous Campaign (LINK). Read the first two posts by me.

2) Look at the GM campaign tab and the campaigns s/he is running. For instance here is the LINK to mine. You can read thru any of the gameplay threads to get an idea of that GMs style. You can do this by right clicking on the GM id and going to the campaign tab.

3) If you are interested in applying do the following:

If the GM just wants concepts, backstory, etc. provide that. Provide an alias of requested. If the GM wants a complete character sheet provide that.

4) Look HERE for several guides to Play by Post, both from a GM and a Player aspect.

The only way to get into a PbP is to apply. Sometimes it takes a while, but it is worth it.

Good luck and good gaming.

-- david

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I have not played or DM'd a druid since early 3.0 days so just to make sure that I understand....

Player is 4th level druid with STR=DEX=10, no armor or shield.

She shape changes into a Dinosaur, Deinonychus.

The Bestiary has its attacks as: Melee 2 talons +5 (1d8+2),bite +5 (1d6+2), foreclaws +0 (1d4+1)

So, the wild shaped druid would be: Melee 2 talons +4 (d8+1), bite +4 (d6+1), foreclaws -1 (d4)

because bab = 3, str now = 12 so +1. Right?

Also since: AC 15, touch 12, flat-footed 13 (+2 Dex, +3 natural) per the Bestiary, it would now be AC 15 (+5 natural). Right also?

No feats, traits, etc. that will change / alter / enhance either str, dex or ac.

-- david

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Well, in early December we finished my campaign, Shattered Star, and last Sunday 02/22, we finished the alternate DM campaign, Serpent Skull, so this coming Sunday 03/01(*) we will start this campaign. The other DM is taking a break so we will be playing this straight thru, starting with "The Darkness Arrives" thru the "Rise of the Drow" and ending with "The Commander of Malice".

The "party" consists of four brand new 1st level characters:
1) Male human monk.
2) Female human druid (saurian shaman) with her T-Rex animal companion.
3) Male ?? fighter (probably human & sword & board).
4) Male ?? sorcerer (probably human & bloodline unknown at this time).

For the most part (except the saurian shaman archetype) they are pretty much core rules characters.

I have created Miah, and he will come with the party back to Embla after they either find some of his gear in the prologue, or his brother Quorron is able to outfit him. When they get underground, his other brother (my creation) Gnok who is an underground ranger (crossbow) will join up with them for a good part of the main adventure.

The guy who is playing the monk also takes notes and publishes character journals here at Paizo, so when we start and he gets the first journal entry up, I will publish the link here if you wish to follow it.

-- david

ps. I am really excited to be running this !!!!

* Unless we get more dang snow here in Upstate New York. We missed three Sundays this month. Two because of snow, and one because it was Valentine's Day weekend.

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Here is the LINK to the FAQ.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

When will it be up on the Paizo site?

-- david

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Ashtathlon wrote:

God bless gave me back my roll playing games as a viable hobby again.

SFC (ret) Dan L.

And God bless you for your service.

-- david
(Army 1LT - 9/1970-9/1972)

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Thank you for the answers. Pretty much what I thought was the answers.

I am pretty much a RAW guy, but if there are multiple plausible interpretations I like to hear the RAI if possible.

Yea, my first character was an Unearthed Arcana Ranger "Traine dan Torcan". He was a lot of fun to play, and I even have my original character sheet upstairs in my old bookcase along with well used copies of "Temple of Elemental Evil" and the GDQ series.

-- david

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christos gurd wrote:
quick clarification i caught, the arcane dabbler says
arcane dabbler wrote:
The arcane dabbler selects his spells known from any arcane spellcasting list.
when it should say any One list. now the next line establishes that choice of list is fixed so this is mostly just absolute clarification. Who caught the fact that the AD allows wisdom based arcane casters?


I see that you are listed as one of designers in the PDF. Did you write / collaborate on Arcane Dabbler? Is the "any one arcane spellcasting list" to be considered an "official" errata / RAI?

Also, yes, I caught the wisdom based arcane caster. My first ever DnD character back in the 1980's was a Ranger who got Druid spells and Mage spells around level 8 / 9, and I am using this to recreate him.

-- david

edit: Pardon, but a clarification. Does the Arcane Dabbler get 0 level spells, or just 1,2,3 as appropriate?
edit2: Sorry, another clarification. The Metamagic Focus, does the feat have to be one that he picked up before Arcane Dabbler, or the 1st level Bonus, or can it be a another metamagic feat. For example. Character is 6th level ranger, no metamagic feats, picks up silent spell as bonus, can he pick up still spell as the focus, or does it have to be silent as that is the only metamagic spell he knows so far.

I am trying to figure out RAI since my DM will ask, thanks.

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Little Red Goblin Games wrote:
The book launches this weekend, just in time for the holidays!

Hey LRGG, it is the weekend, at least where I live. Where's the book !!!!

-- david

ps. Can you tell how excited I am for this one!


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christos gurd wrote:
Arcane Dabbler is for those that want to pick up a smidge of spellcasting on a relatively low investment, so think arcane paladin or ranger but without having to play a bloodrager.

First edition Ranger (my all time favorite!) here I come. I can now recreate Traine dan Torcan, who was my first DnD character ever.


-- david

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My apologies. I checked this morning, and found that I was to far back level on my Foxit instance, so I upgraded and everything presents properly.

-- david

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TN Male Elf rogue 4 Archetypes Scout (HP 27 AC:17 T:14 F:13 Saves F:+2 R:+8 W:+1 CMB:+4 CMD:18 Init:+6 Perc: +9 Stealth +11

Not quite sure how to say this without coming across as mean, but let me try.

When we find non-monetary loot (ie. not coins, gems) if someone can use it and wants them it is theirs. The rest we sell. Then we split the proceeds from the sale and the monetary loot equally among everyone.

This is the way we do it in my home game, both as player and GM. In the long run it all works out because, 1) my players trust me when I am GM, and 2) I trust the GM when I am a player.

Otherwise the book keeping gets to be a real pain, and we have also found that, as a group we tend to be underpowered.

-- david (aka Kelvin)

edit: So what I am saying is let Elektra have the scrolls, wand and ranseur, and let's not worry about "equal" shares.

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Land of the Linnorm Kings, and I placed Rybalka where the Whitegold River exits the Stormspear Mountains (aka northern area).

-- david

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Your original post was on Wednesday, the day before a four day holiday in the USA, so they won't see it till tomorrow. Also, bumping a post pushes it to the bottom of the stack.

-- david

1 person marked this as a favorite.


If Brewer asks me to take it down I will, but otherwise it will be here for some time.

For those looking at the guide, remember that the Crane style feats have been faq'd / errata so look carefully on that portion.

-- david

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Purchased. Because I am one, I noticed that you misspelled Deacon (Decon (Cover Artist): ) on page 2.

That really minor glitch aside, love the archetypes.

-- david

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Yup, it does, and thanks for taking the time to answer.

Now to see if my wife will let me use my unspent "gaming" allowance to fund my addiction.

-- david

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And another

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Damon Griffin wrote:
Kelsey MacAilbert wrote:
I don't. I was born in '91. What happened, exactly? The OD&D/AD&D/1st Edition/2nd Edition/Red Box stuff is confusing.

Good lord, my daughter is older by more than a decade. Way to make a guy feel old, dude. :)

DrDeth wrote:
Guys, Gravity is not what this thread is about. Can we get back on subject, please?
Yes, this thread definitely has too many irons in the fire.

My Grandson is only 3 years younger than that (born in 94). Talk about feeling old !!!

-- david

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Mark Seifter wrote:
Posted a whole lot of stuff that I don't have a clue about...

Can you simplify this for a retired dumb electrical engineer whose college days included transistor circuits?

-- david

edit: and use simple words, please.

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Tacticslion wrote:
A real Egyptian ex-general wants to give me 2.5 million gold pieces (or or something, it wasn't entirely clear):

British pounds sterling, yea I googled it... heheh. and at $1.63 per gbp, that is a lot more then 5.2 million! Your rich man !!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

You say CANCEL in the subject line which means that if/when you restart them you do not get back product and free pdfs.

However you say SUSPEND in your text, which means in a month or so you will be charged for all the back product in your subscription lines and get it and the free pdfs.

I am sure that Customer service wants to know exactly which option: CANCEL or SUSPEND you are asking for.

-- david

2 people marked this as a favorite.

The Good
Congratulations Erik ! I love it when a company "promotes" from within. Good business sense, and good for morale.

The Bad
Back in my I/T support days, you would be what we called a "knowledgeable user." Now you will get blamed for everything. The Tech folks can now say "we showed it to Erik, and he was ok with it. Blame him." lol !!!

The Ugly
Cosmo is off the hook!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Well, that stunk !!

My guys made a deal with the Drow Cleric. Agreed to give her the Shard for 24 hours, but she had to stay where the dragon died, then give it back to them. She said ok, and off they want, dragon hunting.

Got to the lair, and they were loosing, so she cast Destruction on the dragon. Rolled a &*%&*^*(&^* 1 for it's save. Dead Dragon...

She took the shard, moved over to the side and was about to complete the ritual, when the Dwarven Bard pulled out the Luck Blade they got from freeing the Fire Giant Smith in the last chapter and wished the PCs and all the Shards only back to Sheila's house.

Oh, was I going to so screw them over with a vampire drow cleric....

Now I have to figure out how she is going to get even and how long it will take for her to catch up. One of her hunt mistress heard the wish, so they know where they are.

-- david

ps. The player of the bard, told me that it was my sons fault for getting him interested in all the Drizzt books and the deviousness of Drow, so he was not taking any chances.

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anonymous101 wrote:
LazarX wrote:
anonymous101 wrote:
This might a bit embarrassing to Paizo, but it needs to be said; Your South Koreans (Republic of Korea) customers won't be able to purchase your products, while North Koreans (Democratic People's Republic of Korea) customers will be able to.
The two dozen North Koreans that have decent internet access perhaps. Have you looked at a satellite image of the Korean peninsula at night?
Hehe, I've said nothing about North Koreans being able to purchase Paizo products. I have no problems with it at all. In fact, I encourage to sell stuff to North Koreans if anyone can (I know, it won't be easy, but again, IF YOU CAN). It's just that it irks me a bit that South Korea, a country that can mostly likely give FAR more profit to Paizo than North Korea, won't have the chance to buy directly from Paizo, while North Koreans can, due to a simple honest ignorance of distinguishing between which Korea is which (S. Korea = Republic of Korea [ROK] and N. Korea = Democratic People's Republic of Korea [DPRK]). That's a bit dumb and unfair, if you ask me.

whiskey tango foxtrot?

You seem to know what you are talking about, but I do not believe the rest of us do. Please explain, in detail, and use simple words. Do not assume any knowledge on our parts as to what you are saying / implying.

-- david

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Warpriest (Sacred Fist), where have you been all my life !!!

This is my next character in our home game!

-- david

2 people marked this as a favorite.

It has been up and down since 0830 EDT this morning after I got up.

Heh, but I got my PDFs @ 0330 so I have been reading them.

-- david

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Patience grasshoppers.

It should eventually work. I guess I was lucky, only took about 5 minutes, and a couple of page refreshes to get them started. Then another 10 minutes for the download of all four files.

-- david

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Orthos wrote:
tribeof1 wrote:

And excitement ... extinguished. Call me when the announcement doesn't include the words "tablet," "app" or "card game."

Cool, I guess, for people who are into that sort of thing. Personally, very disappointed. Note: I have $50+ with Paizo's and Obsidian's names on it as soon as you announce an actual CRPG I can play on an actual computer.

+1, sadly. Shame. Congratz for those who enjoy this type of thing but it's not my cup of tea. Oh well.

+1. Not my cup of tea either. I am playing NWN2 for the 10th or so time. Also have played ToEE at least 4 times. Guess I will give "Divinity - Original Sin" a try next.

-- david

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idilippy wrote:
It's interesting how different people reading the same thing read completely different motives and tones into the exact same material. I read the statement as an obviously facetious statement, clearly not something actually meant as a serious suggestion. I honestly can't see how anyone could possibly interpret it as serious, and wold have been perplexed had the poster felt the need to further point out the obvious sarcasm with an emoticon or "j/k" (and to be honest probably a little annoyed by the use of those).

Couple of comments so perhaps you can understand my point of view.

I believe that it is a "generational" interpretation. I am 67, and my dad taught me the "old" values from the WWII generation. While I have passed this on to my children and grandchildren, I see so many teenagers and 20-somethings today have the attitude that I read into the original statement.

I did not take it as serious, in that it was to be taken literally, but I read it as "I want it FREE, I want it NOW, and you jackasses better get working on this above all else, because I WANT it!"

Read his two posts. "not buying the book, just want to read it" and "lock them in an office till it is done." With many of my generation and background "them's fightin words, hoss" and like I said, I failed my will save.

-- david

6 people marked this as a favorite.
snickersimba wrote:
awesome... If they need help, they should just lock the doors to the office and tell everyone they cannot leave untill the work is finished

You do realize that Paizo does not have to put anything into the PRD. This is not required by the OGL, regardless of what some folks think. And they do not recuperate the time and money spent doing so, other than good will to their customer base.

I know that I am going to get in trouble for the following, but I failed my will save:

What are you, 12? Paizo folks have SOs, families, friends, and other things to do, rather than sit around all day and do just what you want them to do.

-- david

ps. Moderator, delete this post if you need to. The Quoted statement just really pissed me off.

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Liz Courts wrote:
DM Papa.DRB wrote:

Liz Courts,

Favor to ask of you. Before you go home next Wednesday evening (13 Aug), could you preset this PDF to go on sale as soon as it rolls midnight PDT?

My wife will kill me, or at least make me sleep on the couch, but I'll get up at 03:01 EDT and purchase and download if it is available then!

I really want to see the final Shaman and Warpriest.

-- david

Already done—I know how we gamers are. ;)


-- david

ps. I got around sleeping on the couch the old fashioned way. I bribed her by taking her out to dinner tonight for a really good prime rib!

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Haladir wrote:
Richard Boone played "Paladin" in the 1960s TV series Have Gun - Will Travel,, but I didn't think that was germaine to the discussion either. That character was a gunslinger, anyway ;-)

I loved that show. Watched it every week as a teenager!

-- david

1 person marked this as a favorite.
DoubleGold wrote:

Not going to submit anything, you gave specific suggestions as to what you want for warrior, arcanist and divine. I can accept that arcanist means level 9 spells, and I can even accept a well balanced party. But Not that I'm against Paladin, but I would go in knowing that Fighter or Barbarian or cavalier are less likely to get in. Not that I'm against sorcerer or wizard, but I would go in knowing that witch which also has level 9 spells wouldn't be as likely to get in. Not that I'm against cleric or oracle, but Druid which has level 9 divine as well wasn't on the suggestion list.

It just seems like a lot of railroading for submissions and not my style.

Your opinion, your choice.

As I am the person GM'ing the game, I get to pick the characters. Would you rather me say "open to everything" and have a hidden agenda where I won't even consider anything not on my hidden list? Or would you rather me provide guidelines so folks do not spend time on characters that I know won't stand a chance of being chosen?

I have looked thru some of the recruitment and other threads, and I understand that you appear to want the "open to everything", and that is ok. I truly hope that you find a GM that will allow you to create the kind of character that you wish to play. That GM is not me.

Good luck and good gaming.

-- david

1 person marked this as a favorite.

They do not normally work weekends and it is 05:55 their time zone now.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
zane samples wrote:


This program was recommended to me previously, and when I tried it only the first 5 pages were extracted. Does it require purchase to extract the entire PDF?

Not unless it is a new feature. I am version 1.5 and I get all the images for each chapter that I extract.

-- david

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Here is Gabriel Worldwalker.

I will update him to 3rd level and 25 point buy when I get home this evening. He has two main roles in the group, 1) as healer / buffer, and 2) as face, with secondary role as knowledge boy.

-- gabriel

Edit1&3: 2nd & 3rd level hit die roll: 2d8 ⇒ (2, 7) = 9 - I'll take the PFS+1 for the 2nd (6) and rolled for the 3rd (7). (Ok, got it I think)

Edit2: Updated!

1 person marked this as a favorite.


Once an hour has passed, posts in the forums can NOT be edited. You need to look at Broken Zeniths Guide for the up to date listing, not this forum.

-- david

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Jenner2057 wrote:

BUT - as far as the new format goes - this is much closer to actual usable content for the adventure itself. I could see me using this as a backdrop/side adventure for the AP.

So bottom line: big improvement. I would actually stop to read this now that it could be directly used as a location in the AP.

Other than the first few AP chapters, I really never read the fiction in the AP before today. Not because it was bad/good/whatever, but it did not interest me. Other than my annual re-read of "Talion: Revenant" I have a stack of sci-fi / fantasy books on my night table that I still have to read, and the pile grows and shrinks with time.

Since seeing this thread, I read the fiction in my just downloaded PDF, and agree with Jenner. I can use this fiction in the module, so it becomes more than just something to read, but something that I can use in the AP.

-- david

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Bought and downloaded. All I can say is bloody awesome!!!!

My guys are gonna hate you !

-- david

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Request: Please give us an option to be sent plain text emails.

I am a paranoid SOB (NOT Sweet Old Boy) and really don't like nor trust html emails and the latest email from the March order spawn came thru as html with remote content, which does not show because I disable it.

Bug: I switch back'n'forth between the Messageboards and My Campaigns tabs on the main Messageboards. When switching to the Messageboards tab, if it has been more than 15(?) minutes or so, it automatically changes to Focus mode, regardless of what the setting was.


-- david

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Danubus wrote:
Can someone from Paizo please tell me why you don't allow American Express or Bluebird prepaid Amex?

It is an old post with an explanation from Vic, HERE, but this comes up every once in a while and the same answer is given. Amex charges the vendor (ie. Paizo) significantly more than Visa or MC. Also, Vic and others have said that they revisit this and other payment options periodically to see if it makes sense, like they did with Discover card.

-- david

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Chris Lambertz wrote:
DM Papa.DRB wrote:

I am using Stylish to change the color (and background) of some thread titles. It is no longer working.

-- Start Script --
@namespace url(;

@-moz-document domain("") {
.messageboardListingNoNewPosts a:link {
background-color: #F781F3 !important;

-- Finis Script --

What replaced ".messageboardListingNoNewPosts" please?

-- david

You're looking for .messageboard-no-new-posts. Part of the goal of this stylesheet change was to normalize class names and remove specificity (as much as within reason) from it. If you can't find any other classes, it's possible they were rolled into a different class or removed altogether. I can't say for sure if there won't be more future changes to those names or not.

I will be pushing some adjustments for mobile views in a bit here which should help with some of messageboard text formatting.

Thanks Chris. That let me find it in the stylesheet.css. Small correction, it is "messageboard-listing-no-new-posts", but my threads now show up with the purple background that I like. Appreciate the help.

-- david

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I used the Brawler from the Advanced Class Guide playtest document instead of the gunslinger. Kept it a skeleton. My guys had a real hard time. Look at the playtest boards, for some builds in the Brawler threads.

-- david

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Try SomePDF. It has an image extractor program. Just be careful during the installation, as it asks to install other stuff, so read the installation screens and uncheck as necessary.

-- david

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Dale McCoy Jr wrote:

<lots of stuff>

Would I like to finish Shadowsfall, absolutely. However, it is not going to be for Pathfinder. Like I said in the post DM Papa.DRB quoted, I hope to do it in a different system. Should it ever get done, I'll keep it as system neutral as possible, making it easier for a Pathfinder conversion.

If (hoping for When) you finish it for which ever system, please announce it on the Paizo boards. I will buy a copy, regardless of system, thanks,

-- david

1 person marked this as a favorite.

After a long days work, you are spending a relaxing evening in the Rusty Dragon Inn, run by Ameiko Kaijitsu, friend to all, and confidant to some of the younger crowd in Sandpoint. Dinner and beverage have arrived, and just as you are about to being eating, Sheriff Hemlock comes in and after speaking briefly with Ameiko, announces to the room at large, ”the Licktoad goblins of Brinestump Marsh have grown unusually aggressive lately. Must be those fireworks that they have. I am re-instating the 10 gold piece bounty on fresh goblin right ears, but listen up. A few adventurers went there 3 days ago, but have not come back yet, so you young'ns be careful if you go.” With that announcement he leaves the Inn, and all the young folks, including yourself gather to start making plans to save the town from these creatures.

Please provide the following information in your request to join:
A complete character sheet, including short description, and a brief history.

Recruitment ends on Thursday evening, January 9th. Four characters will be selected and announced Saturday evening, January 11th . Play will begin on Monday, January 13th.

Character Creation

  • Download and read the Players Guide.
  • Allowed books/rules: Core Rulebook; Other books/rules: Most archetypes; Cleric sub-domains; Ranger alternate combat styles.
  • 25 point character buy. All scores 10 or greater after racial adjustments.
  • Maximum gold for 1st level, maximum hit points all levels.
  • Two traits. One must be a campaign trait.
  • Social skills (Diplomacy, Bluff, etc) as well as all Knowledge skills and Survival are important.
  • Alignment. Looking for mostly Good aligned (LG, NG) characters, but will think about other alignments. NO CN, or Evil.
  • Daily posts are expected, Monday thru Saturday.
  • I will select 1) Fighter or Paladin (melee), 2) Wizard, 3) Cleric (melee), 4) Other (Ranger, Bard, Barbarian, Druid, Rogue, something else?)

PbP rules

  • To speed up play, I will roll perception, survival, initiative, and other rolls for the group as appropriate.
  • Because this is a PbP, encounters will be changed or removed and there will be more story and RP rewards. I will also tell the group as a whole when to level instead of handing out XP.
  • Please provide your timezone in GMT. I am in upstate New York, USA, GMT -5.

Jade Regent

  • If you have played this AP, let me know how far you got in the adventure. I will not eliminate someone for prior knowledge, but do expect it to be kept to themselves.
  • Will not be using the Caravan rules.
  • Will be using the Relationship rules, if the PC wishes to.
  • Student Survivalist trait is changed to follow the James Jacobs update HERE

-- david

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Did the general, brawler and investigator surveys. Have not taken a very detailed look at the others.

One comment that I did not put in the surveys is. While I am not fond of the alchemist class, I find that the combination of minimal alchemist abilities with the rogue abilities is "exactly" what I am looking forward to playing in our next AP (once we finish Serpent Skull).

-- david

5 people marked this as a favorite.
rpewin01 wrote:

+1 to trapfinding and disable device.

Please get rid of sneak attack. Let that be the rogues thing. Instead, give it some damage boost or status infliction that is unique to the slayer and can work well with ranged attacks.

-1 to trapfinding and disable device.

My take on this class is a non-evil assassin type. He is out for the kill. Doesn't need the trapfinding, etc. But the sneak attack is just fine.

-- david

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