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Sovereign Dragon

Paladin of Baha-who?'s page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,854 posts (6,567 including aliases). 1 review. 1 list. No wishlists. 8 Pathfinder Society characters. 14 aliases.


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Unfortunately there's way more people wanting to play PBPs here than there are GMs willing and able to run them. In any such situation, the competition will get pretty intense.

Technically speaking, you can't 'downgrade' a swift action like that... but if I were the GM, I would have totally let him do that too.

Reading over this, the idea I like the best is twofold:

1) Make talents not suck; and

2) When sneak attacking, treat the rogue's BAB as equal to her level.

This would still focus on the central combat mechanic of the class -- sneak attack -- but make it much easier to land the hit, and if using power attack, piranha strike, or deadly aim to boost damage, would often increase the tier of damage from the feat.

WOTRF is a high-level adventure and as such is probably a lower-priority adventure. One thing to note is that one doesn't assign chronicles for one of these multi-chronicle modules when one finishes the section of the adventure they correspond to -- one assigns them after completing the entire module. For this reason, if you begin the module before it is sanctioned but complete it after, you should be able to receive chronicles. How long it will be until it is sanctioned, however, is anyone's guess.

d20PFSRD is very useful, but should be used with caution.

I think your analysis is exactly spot-on, bbangerter. Nonlethal damage doesn't deduct from your maximum HP, so it wouldn't trigger Lifelink, just like ability damage for instance. When Lifelink heals you, it would heal NL damage just like spells. Your houserule seems reasonable, though.

The spell specifically says the summoned creature(s) attack your enemies. Period, the end.

There are theories of pleiotropic effects, i.e. when a gene has more than one phenotypic effect. There may be a gene that, when you have two copies, increases the likelihood that you will be gay, but if you have one copy, increases fertility in females. Those kinds of genes would have fitness-increasing effects when you only have one copy, balancing any reduction in fitness (which just means how many of the next generation are genetically related to you) due to homosexuality.

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What specific part of this do you want the rhyme to detail or hint at? That's a lot of information for a rhyme and is more like a long narrative poem if you try to get all of it into it.

By the way, bonus points if you get it to end with, "All this is true, because it rhymes."

There's no such thing as proficiency in ammunition or exotic ammunition. The word 'proficient' in the description of the sharpstone is meaningless.

In Seoni's backstory, the tattoos are part of the varisian sorcery tradition.

She gave the hat to a PC.

A different PC demands she do something for him regarding the hat.

She declines, and points out that what he wants her to do isn't physically possible.

Second PC decides to kill her.

Crispy, deep fried whut?

I take it this character is evil. Is the entire party evil? If so, Quinn will probably leave the ship as soon as she gets a chance. She might even leave at Rickety's, or sign up with Pegsworthy.

If only the one character is evil, how does the rest of the party feel about this jackass threatening the person who helped them from the beginning without asking anything in return?

Half-elf probably isn't an option, he said they were restricted to humans. Elves, if they exist in this campaign world, are probably the mysterious beings of norse folklore.

Rather than taking extra revelation at first level, I would recommend Precise Shot. Taking a -4 when shooting into Melee is horrible.

You can use the same physical spellbook, but there is a distinction between magus spells and wizard spells.

By one going into the other, as specified in the descriptions of the items.

Are we considering the companions to be the Doctor's familiars in this analogy? There's a certain logic there...

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A feat does not give you something it doesn't say it gives you. GTWF does not give you any attack other than the one at -10. It doesn't matter if you want to call this a third, a second, or a seventy-fifth. You don't get it.

You know, one could easily use the same argument you're using to come to an exactly opposite conclusion; because you can't get a third attack without a second, and GTWF doesn't say it gives you a second attack but only a third, then GTWF has NO EFFECT, gives you NOTHING, GOOD DAY SIR, unless you take ITWF first. If the same logic gives you two contradictory results, chances are the logic is flawed.

[edit: Removed personal attack, as it really wasn't appropriate. Sorry.]

Driver_325yards wrote:

Yes, my original question was answered by DocShock.

The second question, I answered myself. Since you are expressly given a third offhand attack and since you can't possibly get a third offhand attack without getting a second, then obtaining GTWF gives you the benefits of ITWF as well.

Yes, I got your opinion that GTWF would give you nothing if you did not have ITWF. However, since your opinion is not expressly stated in GTWF, ITWF or the ranger combat style ability which makes possible the selection of GTWF without ITWF, I will have to take your opinion for what it is - made up out of then air.

You could argue in the same fashion that the Dodge feat doesn't expressly say that it doesn't give you a +10 insight bonus to your attack as well as a +1 dodge bonus to your AC. Obviously, the Dodge feat doesn't give you any such thing. Feats give you what they say they give you and nothing else. For example, Kobold racial feats relating to tail attacks can be taken by a human with the Racial Heritage (kobold) feat. The human doesn't get a tail as a result of taking these feats.

GTWF gives you an attack with your offhand weapon at -10. It doesn't give you another attack besides this, regardless of the presence of the word 'third' in the text, which is obviously an expression of how the feat chain normally happens. Using an ability that lets you take the feats out of order will result in these normal occurances not happening, so the word is meaningless when you take the feats out of order.

Cats like belly rubs. But only 3. Then they bite.

I like other people's dogs and cats. Our kids are destructive enough for us.

Sneak attack is iconic for rogues. Many people who play rogues do so for the fun of being able to do this: "Ha, I sneak attack for..." *rolls a dozen dice*

Clerics can get perception as a class skill by taking the Revelation subdomain.

GTWF gives you an additional attack at -10. It doesn't give you an attack at -5, which is what ITWF gives you.

It doesn't require concentration to activate them, but it doesn't say explicitly that the casting can't be disrupted in any way. I agree with you that this is probably the right answer.

Half elves get a skill focus feat for free at first level AND get a +2 to perception. That's +5 right there before you even make a class. If you choose one with Perception as a class skill, and that uses Wisdom, you could easily have a +10 at first level.

5 people marked this as a favorite.

Stealing horses because you don't have money and you need to get somewhere quick: CN.

Stealing horses because you don't have money or don't have time to negotiate a sale and if you don't get to a place soon the BBEG will conquer the world: CG

Stealing horses because you'd rather not pay even though you could: CE.

2 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

I don't think it would require a concentration check, since it doesn't provoke an AoO which indicates it doesn't require the same sort of distracting concentration that a spell does. However, I agree that the rules as they exist are not entirely clear.

A search of the rules forum reveals this question doesn't seem to have been addressed in the past. I propose we ask the question clearly and FAQ this post.

Does activation of a Spell Trigger item in circumstances that require a concentration check to cast spells, e.g. grappled, on a galloping mount, taking damage while casting a spell, etc., require a concentration check on the part of the user of the Spell Trigger item?

You'd get an additional attack, but at a -10 instead of a -5. In other words, there's no reason to do it. In fact, GTWF is generally thought to be a useless feat since that additional attack will almost never hit.

Claxon wrote:

Never make a paladin fall unles you provide explicit warning to the player of the consequences of their potential actions before they are actually carried out.

For what it's worth, Torag the Lawful Good Dwarven god actually doesn't allow for the surrender of "their people's enemies". He gets pissed off if you let the bad guy live.

So in short...I'm sorry but you handled this incorrectly.

As to what happens when a paladin falls...they retain the paladin class but do not have access to any of their class features. They can retrain existing levels if they desire. If they level they cannot take more levels in paladin. This effectively makes the a warrior (the NPC class) of equivalent level as they only have BAB and saves from their paladin levels while fallen.

If the player is having fun, then he didn't handle it incorrectly. It's completely up to him how trigger-happy the paladin's deity is on the 'Fall' button.

The paladin is severely handicapped while fallen. You should consider her basically a level below other party members; two if above 10th level. A quest to recover her powers is a good idea but it should be achievable and sensible, and ideally related to the event that caused the fall. Maybe find a way to bring the slain person back to life? This could be easy if they're high level, but more difficult if they're low level.

Yeah time to make a portfolio and start sending it around. You have a unique look and a few features that are appreciated: Ladies in sensible armor, people who are not conventional body types, and faces that are not stereotypical flawless fantasy art types. I love the halfling lady's face in the 'failed charisma check' one -- very communicative of the idea, 'Oh great who's this a##+$#+?'

If you feel the need to be able to disable magical traps, a dip into Trapper Ranger archetype will give you that, a boost to BAB, full martial proficiency, and medium armor proficiency which will let you wear mithril medium armor (counts as light for everything except proficiency).

Ninja is an excellent member of a party. Are you getting full wealth by level for 3rd?

25 pt buy will let you get 18 dex, allowing the following stats before racial modifiers.

14 - 5
16 - 10
14 - 5
10 - 0
10 - 0
14 - 5

Any dex-boosting race will work well with this array.

Elves will have slightly lower HP, but will have more skills, get low-light vision which is very helpful to avoid concealment (which prevents sneak attack unless you take a particular feat or talent), and bonuses to spells that are generally will saves, which is a poor save for rogues/ninjas.

Halflings will get a boost to Cha for more Ki, and have extreme stealth capabilities and boosts to other useful skills and saves. The reduction in strength won't make that much difference if you can get an agile weapon or succeed on sneak attacks.

Humans get a feat, which is very helpful, and more skills.

Half-elves get a skill focus feat, which is great for skill monkey PCs, low-light vision and similar bonuses to elves.

Half-orcs get darkvision, which avoids concealment in nearly any light situation, the option for a natural weapon, an option for a bonus to all saves (which you can increase further with the Fate's Favored trait), great racial weapon proficiencies, and lots of options.

Dwarves are less useful, but you can take the boost to CON and use the points it frees up to compensate for the lower Dex. Gnomes are the same, but with the boost to stealth that small gives and the ability to take Arcane strike due to the racial SLAs.

If non-core races are an option, there are tons of good ones.

ITT: further evidence that no plancampaign survives contact with the enemyPCs.

Golarion is a kitchen sink setting. It was designed that way from the start, so that the writers of adventures could write swords and sorcery, gothic horror, steampunk, sci-fi/fantasy blend, game of thrones, pirates, jungle exploration, arabian nights, egyptological tomb-raiding, wuxia samurai romance, epic plane-hopping demon-lord fighting, and urban intrigue with the same assumptions of religions, races, classes, equipment, organizations, etc.

Tengu would be a great race for this. Use natural attacks, or use existing proficiency with wakizashis with two-weapon fighting.

I've always assumed that if the wand was in a weapon-type location, e.g. a wand sheath on the belt, or tucked into a sash, you could draw it on a move as a weapon. Quickdraw doesn't work, of course, and if you're not moving it takes time to draw; this reflects that while you're walking around, your hands can do things like grab an easily available item from your person.

Knowledge (religion) to know what an altar (note spelling) to your God would require. Craft(carpentry) to build a wooden altar, Craft(stone) to build a stone one. If you don't have a craft skill but you make the religion check (which shouldn't be hard, probably a DC10) you can probably make a makeshift altar out of basic materials at hand.

I think Gnolls should be a 0-HD humanoid, really. There's racial stats for a 0-HD Gnoll in the Advanced Race guide. If I were running a campaign with gnolls, I think I would rebuild them using those stats, and making base gnolls level 2 warriors, or something like that.

Well, yeah, a human trying to attack someone barehanded is going to do a much worse job of it than a tiger with the same intelligence but who has natural weapons and is familiar with using them, but the level of thinking, planning, and reacting to events should be similar.

I'll post an application later.

We're disagreeing over whether the stats are intended to be absolute except for a couple of cases, or whether the stats are intended to be mainly relative. I'm arguing the latter. If you reject that and insist the former is the case, then we can agree to disagree.

This is the rules forum, not a discussion of our respective houserules. In the rules, Intelligence is an absolute scale of intellectual capacity. Animals are intelligence 1 or 2. A human whose intelligence has been drained to 1 or 2 should behave like an animal, because he has the intellectual ability of an animal. He should drop his weapons and tools or use them poorly, be unable to speak, attack opponents at random or based on which one hurt him most recently, and so on. (It doesn't say this in the rules, specifically -- I'm just giving an example of how I play NPCs of animal intelligence. However you play NPCs of animal intelligence, is the way a human drained to 1 or 2 Int should be played.) A magical beast with an 18 intelligence should have the same cognitive ability as an 18 intelligence elf wizard, and may be better than the wizard at some skills. Said magical beast may think very differently than the wizard, certainly, but is no worse or better at thinking than the elf.

CRB wrote:
Intelligence determines how well your character learns and reasons. This ability is important for wizards because it affects their spellcasting ability in many ways. Creatures of animal-level instinct have Intelligence scores of 1 or 2. Any creature capable of understanding speech has a score of at least 3.

There is nothing there that even hints at intelligence being relative. You made the analogy with strength, earlier, and the problem with that analogy is that strength is explicitly stated as being relative to size and number of legs in regards to carrying capacity. Without that explicit rule, we would conclude that an 18 strength halfling (presumably with a belt of strength or level 8 or higher) could carry more than a horse with strength 17.

The thing about chaotic alignments is that a chaotic character can obey a law if she feels like it, if she thinks it will benefit her to obey it. Similarly, evil characters can perform good acts if they feel like it or think it will benefit them. (Antipaladins aside.)

So, unless you feel a chaotic character is behaving in an excessively disciplined, organized manner, there isn't really a behavior that can be called out as 'too lawful'.

It's up to you and the GM to decide how aasimars, and more specifically, YOUR aasimar, ages.

Malachi Silverclaw wrote:
Faelyn wrote:
Paladin of Baha-who? wrote:
Rings big enough to work as improvised brass knuckles would be pretty damn big and hard to miss.
Yup! Not to mention the reason brass knuckles are so dangerous is due to the added weight and support it gives to the fingers. The rings would add a little sting, but you still are missing on the support the knuckles give to the inner hand, which allows the outer portion of the brass knuckles to remain rigid. It's similar to putting a roll of quarters in your hand before hitting them...
The points you raise re: brass knuckles versus heavy rings are neatly reflected in the attack and crit penalties for using an improvised weapon.

This gives me an idea for a magic item.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

This ridiculous idea that a 10 Int Magical Beast is somehow not as smart as a 10 Int human is simply unsupported by anything in the rules, the setting, or anything anyone has said on the boards.

Deusvult, if this is something you run in your home games, that's fine, but it is not part of the rules. A 10 Int familiar is just as capable of cognition, planning, and problem solving as a 10 Int human, and will actually have more intellectual resources at its command because of sharing skill ranks with its wizard (or whatever). If a fighter with 7 Int can figure out she needs to wake up the party wizard when he falls asleep in battle, so can the wizard's familiar, especially if they've talked about that contingency beforehand.

My father-in-law GMs family games from time to time. He gave my stepdaughter a "Wand of Spores, Molds, and Fungi" that produces random things from those categories on command. He gave my wife a "Wand of Probable Help" which, when you activate it, will probably help in some way.

He's a bit deluded as to the nature of Asmodeus. The LE priests of Asmodeus have convinced him that Asmodeus's primary attribute is law, not evil, and He's in Hell because that's the only place He could establish complete dominion over, since Axis has lots of other deities in it. Slavery is necessary because some races (e.g. halflings) are constitutionally unfit for self-rule. (This is what he's been taught, so it's just like the casual racism of people in the 19th century when "everyone knew" blacks and indians were less intelligent than whites.) There is a hierarchy in the universe -- the great chain of being from lesser beings to greater.

Yeah, it's kind of a weird mindset to get into.

Also, only a few years have passed in canon Golarion between RotRL and SS.

Shattered Star assumessage that the events of Rise of the Rune lords and Curse of the Crimson Throne (and maybe Second Darkness? I forget) have occurred, but doesn't consider the other APs as having taken place. If your play group has gone through JR of course you can make the Rusty Dragon be owned by someone else, but if not, just have it be Ameiko.

Natural attacks are just whatever natural attacks the designer of the creature wanted to give it. The standard damage dice for a given size and attack can be adjusted up or down as the designer wishes, as it notes in the monster rules: "Individual creatures vary from this value as appropriate."

If you upgrade your familiar with Improved Familiar, you don't lose any spells.

For what it's worth, the value in that quote is in the second sentence. You could paraphrase or omit the first sentence and lose nothing of any worth.

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