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Sovereign Dragon

Paladin of Baha-who?'s page

RPG Superstar 2015 Star Voter. Pathfinder Society Member. 2,277 posts (7,839 including aliases). 1 review. 1 list. No wishlists. 8 Pathfinder Society characters. 15 aliases.


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Combine that with a Silvanshee's Heroic Strength (+8 to strength for 1 minute) and it could do some serious damage.

This is the LE Lord of Darkness archetype, so Demoniac is not an option.

Black Blooded Oracle is an excellent dip, as noted.

From what I understand, the Way of the Wicked is not set in Golarion by default. However, if your GM allows you to take levels in the Hellknight Prestige class, and use Hellknight Armor, especially Mithral Hellknight Armor, you would have the benefit of full plate armor with a high max dex. It would also give you the ability to smite chaos, so if you are fighting a CN or CE foe, you'd be able to get the same kind of boost as if you were fighting a good foe.

Another option for heavy armor with a higher max Dex is Mithral O-yoroi , which has a +4 max dex. However, you wouldn't actually have a higher net AC than Mithral full plate. Only Mithral Hellknight armor, with levels in the Hellknight PC would give you that.

Another option would be levels in Fighter. This wouldn't exactly be a dip, but at the 3rd level of fighter, you'd be able to move at full speed in mithral full plate, and it would have a +4 max Dex.

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A Book of Creatures

These creatures are fascinating! I can see some of them have already been used as pathfinder monsters, but do you think ones like these might be inspiration for further bestiaries?

The benefits of the ability only last as long as the ability lasts. A permissive GM might allow you to take it, but the feat would be inoperable except when you activate the Bear's Toughness ability and gain the prerequisite feat. Most GMs would not allow you to take it.

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Trans-exclusionary radical feminists are always good for a laugh, and by laugh I mean stunned silence staring at the screen wondering if they really said that horrible thing that they appear to have said.

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Loren Pechtel wrote:
The Alkenstarian wrote:

Oh no, the dread gazebo! Phear it, everyone, PHEAR it!!

192: use bite attacks on wooden gynosphinxes, then complain about splinters in one's tongue and get IC testy when the other characters joke about eating the ... well ... cat.

Somehow I don't see "<5-letter profane word for the vagina, equivalent to house in this context> cat" as describing a gynosphinx.

I read that as a less-than-five-letter word, and was trying to figure out what the c-word had to do with houses.

(Not sure if anyone has done this yet)

193. Fires an arrow or crossbow bolt into every treasure chest they find before touching or even getting within 10 feet of it.

A blade adept arcanist does not get the Arcanist Exploits class feature until level 5, and so does not qualify for the Extra Exploit feat until level 5.


Mucronis wrote:

"simple" attack that bypasses DR.

Granted that the guy showing / teaching it would be a monk, the guy learning it isn't a monk, so maybe it's something closer to that =)

Is this the scene in Rurouni Kenshin where Anji, who is kind of an archetypal fantasy-style monk, teaches Sanosuke the Futae no Kiwami, which is a punch that is able to crush rocks through sheer manly force of will? That's a pretty good example, although I would stat Sano as a brawler personally.

I meant more that the organized worship of deities through a church with a clergy and all that, as opposed to the more direct spiritualism of shamans, is what might be seen as foreign to the native people.

Dwarf with Goliath Druid archetype could make a pretty impressive tank, especially if he has one preferred wild shape form and has Stone Plate made for it.

Axial wrote:
David knott 242 wrote:
Axial wrote:


Now that I'm reading more and more of this thread, it seems like VMCs are unnecessarily restrictive and that basic class features are stretched out to 19th level. Quite frankly, it doesn't look very appealing.

When does paladin get smite and when does cavalier get challenge?

The paladin gets smite evil 1x/day at level-4 at 11th level.

The cavalier gets challenge 1x/day at level-2 at 3rd level.

You mean I get to smite as a level 4 paladin at 11th level?


What was Paizo thinking!?

The best feature of Smite Evil, which is bypassing DR, is not level-dependent.

That said, the quote is saying that you get smite as a level 7 paladin at level 11. Level - 4.

He punches you so hard your parents say 'ow' the day before you were born.

I have a harder time thinking of scenarios that don't have undead in them than those that do.

Does extra cheese/no extra cheese make a difference in pizza alignment? What about crust flavor? I'm a big proponent of sesame-seed crust, but cajun, italian herb, and poppyseed have their good points too.

Have you considered the effect of sauce? I once had a pizza from Red Line pizza in Tempe, AZ where the sauce tasted like, no kidding, Campbell's condensed tomato soup. (A perfectly fine soup qua soup, but it was horrid on pizza.)

What kind of character is everyone considering? I'm no longer leaning towards Paladin because rebellion feels a little too unlawful to me. (I think a Paladin would try to work within existing governmental structures by advocating inclusion of minorities in those structures, a la Nelson Mandella. That could be a really interesting character, but it's not the character I want to play.)

Right now I'm considering a cleric, fighter/cleric, or warpriest of Milani, Desna, or Arshea, or a shaman focusing on battle. I'm leaning towards the last, since the Mwangi people seem to prefer shamanism to avistani-style churches. If she's a cleric/priest, she'll be someone who traveled to Avistan to be educated, and returned with liberal ideas and wants to free her people. There'll probably be some tension between her and locals who see her worship of an avistani deity as foreign.

I've briefly played part of book 1 of Serpent's Skull, but never got past it so no playing in Eleder.

I've had a very busy weekend, but I'll try to get a character worked up sometime tonight or tomorrow.

Would a Paladin be appropriate for the theme of the campaign?

Yes, but he'd also be unconscious since you fall unconscious when your NL damage exceeds your current HP. Incidentally, this circumvents diehard and ferocity, I believe.

In regards to your feat question, I'll think about it and get back to you, unless someone else comes up with something.

Dusty27 wrote:

Check out this awesome dungeon terrain. This going to make my table top skirmish matches look epic. I can't wait to start air brushing and texturing the paint schemes.


What do you figure? Is it good enough for your table? For me its just as expensive as the models but I really like the customization the kits provide. I don't know how to post pictures on here yet tho...


You can't post pictures on this board, you would have to post links to pictures. Click the button that says 'how to format your text' below the text box for details on how to use bbcode to add links and so forth.

The Great Beyond is pretty frickin' Great. (Also, very Beyond.) It's entirely possible that there are more Planetars than there are human beings on Golarion. On the other hand, whichever deity or demideity holds that planetar's allegiance would likely know immediately that their services were being bound by a mortal.

It's also possible for the outsider to be willing to be bound if the mortal doing it meets certain criteria. For instance, planetars would be willing to serve a sufficiently powerful good wizard or cleric, or a neutral one if convinced that the purpose would further the goals of good.

In terms of how long it takes to clear a level, I think you may be overlooking things like how long it takes to do a search of a body for example, or how long it takes to identify a magical item, and so forth. In other words, you may be hand-waving the time it takes for the PCs to do things. "We search the bodies of the goblins we just killed" they say, and you ignore the amount of time that would take, which depending on the number of goblins, could easily be 10-15 minutes in and of itself.

Is this for PFS?

Gory finish only works if you reduce your target to negative hit points. Nonlethal damage doesn't actually reduce HP, so it wouldn't apply. A character with 100 HP who takes 101 NL damage is now at 99 HP with 100 NL damage, which causes him to be unconscious, but he still has positive HP.

39 and 1/2 foot poles here, get your 39 and 1/2 foot poles!

A character can be of the green faith and be a member of a druid order without having Druid written on his character sheet. Is the magic part of things irrelevant to your character concept? Perhaps a Slayer of a particular archetype would work better. If you do want magic, a nature-themed bloodrager, inquisitor (sanctified slayer archetype), a hunter, or something similar might work better.

Outsider familiars are a little off-theme. Fey familiars would fit the celtic druid ideal more I would think. The crocodile domain is really good, but there weren't many crocodilians in celtic lands (any, really). Other animal domains that grant a familiar are eagle, frog, and serpent.

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Lawful good != pirate. Privateer, maybe, but even that's shaky. If you want a lawful good character, they could be part of the team until they get off the ship at the beginning of the second book, but I can't see a Lawful Good or Lawful Neutral character being a functional, much less successful, pirate without changing alignment. (Paladins are right out, and it says so in the player's guide.)

The AP is centered around being a wolf of the sea. If you don't want to be that, play something else, or possibly the GM might use this AP as the basis for a significantly different story where you end up being Privateers working for Andoran or something. It's like the Iron Gods AP: if you don't want to play a game where you fight robots with lasers, play a different AP. Or the Wrath of the Righteous: if you want to play an evil character, either the GM will need to significantly alter the AP for you, or you will need to play a different AP.

"Touched by the sea", "Ship's Surgeon", "Ilizmagorti Native", and "Dockside Brawler" all have fluff that can be used by a Good-ish character, particularly the Ship's Surgeon where you go looking for someone in danger, which turns out to be a trap.

Dockside Brawler wrote:
While drinking at a tavern called the Formidably Maid in Port Peril last night, you got into a brawl with some of the other patrons. You handled yourself well, but a group of rough-looking characters ganged up on you and overwhelmed you, knocking you unconscious. Fortunately, you were able to conceal your brass knuckles when you were press-ganged, and you begin the campaign with them, regardless of your starting circumstances.

(Good characters can get into brawls too.)

Ilizmagorti Native wrote:
Looking to make your fortune, you hopped aboard a pirate ship in Ilizmagorti, and decided to celebrate your safe arrival in Port Peril with a few drinks at a tavern called the Formidably Maid. There were some suspicious-looking characters there, to be sure, and you decided to give them a wide berth, but as you left, feeling a bit woozy from drink, you were set upon by thugs in a dark alley and knocked unconscious.

(If you don't want to be a drinker, you can take out the 'woozy from drink' part and simply have them attack you and overwhelm you in the alley.)

Ship's Surgeon wrote:
You were between ships in Port Peril, and after stopping for a drink at a tavern called the Formidably Maid, you happened upon a damsel in distress in the alleyway outside. Thinking you could help, you didn’t notice the thugs hiding nearby, and they caught you unawares. You’ve been on enough ships to know a press gang by the blow of the sap on the back of your neck—you just hope whatever ship you end up on needs a surgeon. Although the majority of your equipment was taken away when you were press-ganged, you managed to hang on to a fully stocked healer’s kit, and you begin the campaign with it, regardless of your starting circumstances.

(This one's the best for a good character -- went off trying to rescue someone and got pressganged for your trouble.)

Touched by the Sea wrote:
You came to Port Peril in search of your destiny, and after a few drinks at a tavern called the Formidably Maid, you went down to the docks to take in a view of the sea. The last thing you remember is a blow to the back of your head and the waves rushing up to meet you.

(This is a pretty generic opening but works fine for a good character.)

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If frantically searching for your hat took one round or less, it's not unreasonable. Like Indiana Jones, you're willing to take a moment of risk for something you care about.

Only some of the campaign traits require one to fall prey to the oil of taggit. Some involve being accosted on a pier or in a dark alley.

The opening is not so much a railroad as a filter: Certainly, some individuals who encountered the pressgangers under those circumstances would make a saving throw against the poison, notice its presence and refuse to drink, or escape the kidnappers in the alley. Those people won't be on the ship with the others and therefore don't get to be part of the AP.

There's really no need for that, since IEH can be used to take the 3rd level bloodline power as well, and that does have effects that can be used by any spellcaster. The Eldritch Heritage line allowing one to take bloodline powers that have no effect, due to a class not having features that allow the powers to be used, is not a problem with the feats or the class features. One simply does not choose those bloodline powers when taking the feat.

Sandslice, the spell doesn't appear on the oracle spell list as a 6th level spell, so it can't be added to spells known as a 6th level spell other than by a class feature of the oracle class. IEH doesn't work for this, as per the FAQ linked upthread.

Aviel wrote:

I am looking to get the effect of :

Ring of Energy Resistance

But as a tattoo. The ring only costs 6k, but when I do that math from

Magic Item Creation

It comes out to 36k. Now I know it is going to cost more, but that seems a bit much.

Also, I am the DM, so I only need to run this by me.

Can someone help clarify this for me? Am I doing bad math?

Linkified for you.

Making a tattoo that is an exact replacement for the ring of energy resistance (10) would cost twice the ring, I think, because as Buri says, you're supposed to compare the effect of the item to existing items. In the case of the ring, although it uses the resist energy spell, it is significantly more limiting than the spell, as you have to choose a particular energy type when creating it. If it functioned entirely as the spell, where you could choose the energy type when putting the ring on or something, then it would be worth a lot more.

From the ACG:

Parent Classes: Each one of the following classes lists two classes that it draws upon to form the basis of its theme. While a character can multiclass with these parent classes, this usually results in redundant abilities. Such abilities don't stack unless specified. If a class feature allows the character to make a one-time choice (such as a bloodline), that choice must match similar choices made by the parent classes and vice-versa (such as selecting the same bloodline).

The mystery of an oracle and the spirit of a shaman are very similar and are one-time choices like a sorceror/bloodrager bloodline. Accordingly, I would say that since the Bonded spirit ability of the Spirit Guide oracle makes reference to the wandering spirit ability of the shaman, then it must follow these rules as well. It's not completely clear from the RAW, but then there's a lot that isn't in the ACG.

Large amounts of the CRB were cut-and-pasted from the OGL D&D 3.5 rules. They didn't go over all of them with a fine-toothed comb looking for possible contradictions or misinterpretations.

A goblin can work fine for a seafaring campaign. What I have my doubts about is a goblin paladin, and you have to pick a deity within one step of Lawful Good.

Goblins are the most fun when played chaotic and a little bit nuts, even if you're not evil about it. I guess there's a certain enjoyment to be had at playing against type, but the idea just strains credibility for me.

If you really want to play a goblin paladin, a ranged paladin would work very well and take advantage of the dex bonus while also making heavy armor less necessary.

Look at the Divine Hunter archetype for a possibility.

Your point buy doesn't look right. Do you have a belt of strength or something?

Power attack is a must, and it could be a good idea to take something to offset the attack penalty, such as weapon focus or furious focus. Alternatively, you could take an archery feat to help out when you can't get into melee.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I don't think the devs ever considered that someone would interpret creature!hardness as working differently from object!hardness, considering that the only creatures that have hardness are those that are also objects.

Hardness is only defined in the rules in terms of its effects on objects. So, your GM is saying that the rule for adamantine ignoring hardness is a rule about objects and not about creatures. Well, by the same argument, the rule for subtracting hardness from damage dealt to objects is a rule about objects and not about creatures. If he looks in the universal monster rules, and in the specific rules of the robots, there's no rule saying to deduct hardness from damage, so unless he's applying the rules from attacking objects in the CRB, he shouldn't be doing that either.

Of course, this may not sway him if he's convinced this is the way it's supposed to be, but you might be able to make the point to him if you ask him to show you the rule that hardness decreases the damage done to robots and other such creatures, without reference to the Additional Rules chapter of the CRB.

It seems to me that it would work alright. The Eagle Shaman still has the Nature Bond class feature. The animal and terrain domains in UM say "A druid with the nature’s bond ability can choose an animal domain or terrain domain listed here instead of one of the standard domains." The Eagle Shaman's Nature Bond feature says "If choosing a domain, the eagle shaman must choose from the Air, Animal, Nobility, and Weather domains." These, then, would be the 'standard domains' for the Eagle Shaman.

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Abraham's AT guide

Another AT guide

You'd have the best luck in the Advice forum, so I flagged this post for moving.

What's the context? Is this for a campaign or are you just theory-crafting? If it's for a campaign, what is the character generation method (i.e. point buy, rolling, or a standard array), what level do you start at, is it a standard pathfinder setting (i.e. high magic), what resources are available for use, and does the GM allow spell-like abilities to count for prerequisites of a prestige class that involve casting spells of a particular level? (Until a recent revision of the rules, they did; after that revision, they do not, but some GMs still allow the previous way.)

azhrei_fje wrote:
Here's an interesting question... Would a tanglefoot bag thrown to target the center of the swarm cause the myriad little buggers (pun!) to be stuck still? And if so, does a lit torch easily wipe out the swarm? :)

A tanglefoot bag targets a single target and is not a splash weapon. It is ineffective against swarms. An alchemist tanglefoot bomb, on the other hand, does affect a swarm.

I'll FAQ it, in the hopes that the Bard ability is clarified.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Thanks! In fact, I think there's a video of it. Googling intensifies Ah, found it!

A Bookmans Wedding

The store let us use the space for free in exchange for letting them use the video as a promotional thing.

The harpoon does 1d6 in the hands of the NPC who is using it because said NPC is size small. If you want to say it can resize to the hand of the person using it, that's fine, but otherwise it is a small-sized harpoon.

Most of the Man's Promise crew joined the Wormwood. As GM, I decided to explain this by saying they were mostly slaves and liked the idea of becoming slightly more free pirates.

Additional information that could help us give advice: What deity you're going to follow, and what blessings you're considering using.

Toughness. You need it if you're going to be a melee-er with a 12 Con.

Two-weapon fighting if you want to be able to use both ends of the spear at the same time.

If not, fey Foundling could be helpful (you'll be self-healing fairly often), Improved Initiative, or point-blank shot if you want to use missile weapons as well and leverage your relatively high Dex (for a warpriest).

I agree, 'in addition to your other forms' is a reference to the change shape ability.

That makes her an even better candidate!

Thanks, Chris.

I don't think the gay or male bi iconic, if there is one, has been revealed.

Sharda is awesome but still corresponds to binary gender.

My understanding is that there is an older woman iconic, yes, but who it is hasn't been revealed.

Let's try to get this back on something resembling the original topic.

Representation in general: Kyra is official lesbian according to the comics, which are considered canon. Merisiel is officially bisexual, like most elves, and the two of them are officially in a relationship.

Representation of non-binary gender people: It would be great, and not by adding a non-human race without a gender binary, but by including a human or nearly-human person who falls into the category. It's too late for the Occult Adventures iconics, unless the Paizo people have already decided to include someone like that without telling us, and I have my doubts that very many more iconics are going to be created. Somehow I don't think more new base classes are the way Paizo is going to go in the future.

More information about Reiko seems to be the way to go, since it seems that she was intended by her author to be genderfluid asexual. Perhaps one of the Pathfinder Origins comics could include her?

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