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Sovereign Dragon

Paladin of Baha-who?'s page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,643 posts (6,046 including aliases). 1 review. 1 list. No wishlists. 8 Pathfinder Society characters. 14 aliases.


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Lazaro wrote:
Liz Courts wrote:

Seems like a lot of extra effort when you are allowed to print a PDF for personal use.
Our local print shop still refuses to print PDFs, even with this. "It's not offical, and could have put there by you, or anyone"

Sounds like they're a little bit paranoid; there isn't much more that Paizo can do to assure that the PDFs can be printed.

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An excellent example of an elven inquisitor of Calistria appears in the Pathfinder Tales novel Queen of Thorns -- she investigates possible threats to the church, using seduction, trickery, and a bit of BDSM, and handles herself well in a fight with demons and other foul creatures of the Kyonin wilderness.

Another important point is that Calistria approves of prostitution and sex, but holds consent holy. A Calistrian inquisitor could be dedicated to seeking out and rescuing those forced into prostituion against their will, and taking revenge on those who forced them and violated them.

An ordinary understanding of English is assumed in interpreting the rules. Believing someone is being truthful is synonymous with believing they believe what they are saying is true.

Yes, there is the discretionary statement. It's not necessary to conclude that one doesn't automatically believe that black is white upon the rolling of a bluff check.

VM mercenario wrote:

This is a rules question in the rules question forum.

So here is the rules:
The Core Rulebook wrote:
If you use Bluff to fool someone, with a successful check you convince your opponent that what you are saying is true.

If his Bluff beat your sense motive you belive him. If he says it's night you'll believe in that while staring at the sun. If he says he is god you'll bow down and worship, because you believe that. That is RAW.

Anything about he being a known liar or believing that he believes it and may be crazy or not rolling bluff because the player can't make a convincing pitch despite the rules saying his character can, are house rules and have no use in this kind of thread.

You believe that he believes what he is saying. Insisting that you MUST believe impossible things because someone rolls a 20 is ridiculous, on par with insisting that dead characters can take actions because it doesn't say that they can't.

Alchemists are one of the best 'spells + sneaky/skillful' combination that pathfinder allows. (Certain bard varieties and inquisitors are the others.)

As for the name, it's sometimes used as a term of abuse for people with mental illness. I was the target of it when I was at school and it wasn't a joke or fun. If everyone in your game doesn't care, it's not a problem for a home game, though.

Change the name for one thing, it's a slur.

Rogue/wizard(sorc, arcanist)/arcane trickster is the classic, but it's a fairly weak build, largely because sneak attacking is weak in general.

Blaster sorc/wizard with high stealth is possible.

Unfortunately in the new hybrid class book, they didn't create a hybrid between rogue and wizard.

I think those were jokes.

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Krith wrote:


Per the Bluff description:

"If you use Bluff to fool someone, with a successful check you convince your opponent that what you are saying is true."

Per RAW, a successful Bluff vs SM means they're convinced.

Epistemologically speaking, when someone says "I am an elf," what they're really saying is "I believe I am an elf." If you are certain they are not an elf due to other information, the bluff skill won't change that, but you may be convinced that they believe what they're telling you.

If they use a different lie, such as "I am an elf polymorphed into a human," then the evidence that they are human is not necessarily contradictory of this. However, if you happen to remember seeing that person born from a human mother, that still may only be enough to convince you that the person believes that. True seeing and other effects that allow you to detect polymorph magic would also allow you to discover that the person is not actually a polymorphed elf, but you'd still believe that they believed it.

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Keep in mind that the prestige class is over 10 years old at this point, having been directly imported into PFSRD from the open content of D&D 3rd edition, and the alignment restriction came with it. In a lot of ways, the slayer represents how Paizo would have done a base class version of the assassin.

If he had also done something to piss off someone in power, I could see a sentence for a minor crime being trumped up and extended. Taldor isn't exactly known for rule of law, I don't think.

So in situations where a GM doesn't houserule it, such as PFS - what happens when a Kapenia dancer reaches 7th level? If I'm reading the rules straightforward, It would appear that a 7th level Kapenia dancer is proficient in medium armor, but not light, and suffers no arcane spell failure chance in medium armor, but still does in light armor.

Is this correct?

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Sissyl wrote:
Worth noting is also that in the 3.5 book, probably in PF as well, the smallest two categories (Fine and Diminutive) are not used as proper creatures, instead only as swarms.

Incorrect. Sprites, for example, are Diminutive.

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It's easy enough for the writers of APs to put in characters that can be romance options if the GM and players want that, and are just fun NPCs if they don't.

Your epic fantasy may not include romance. Mine sure does. Stop having badwrongfun!

Bob Bob Bob wrote:
Well, the defined only by their class levels one is easy. If you don't have Outsider Hit Dice, you do not get the benefits of the Outsider type. That's what I think a dev came in to say on the subject last time.

Yeah, that's why I said it's an unwritten rule.

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There is an unwritten rule that creatures with racial hit dice get skills and proficiencies listed in their type and subtype definitions, while creatures that are defined entirely by their class levels do not. This rule ought to be made explicit, and also humanoids with racial hit dice ought to get proficiency with weapons listed in their stat blocks. As it stands, by a strict reading of the RAW, aasimars, tieflings, and all the elemental-kin races have martial weapon proficiency as a consequence of their type. This is ignored in nearly all cases, however.


Probably there was an ability related to drinking potions etc. without provoking AoOs, that got edited out of the archetype, but they never bothered to remove it from the archetype description.

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Worse -- you'll get sent back to villain kindergarten!

I'm not sure that 2 - year - old discussion, made long before the ACG was even conceived of, is relevant to this issue. For one thing, no FAQ or errata was ever made to say that a wildblooded sorcerer with the Draconic bloodline is ineligible to take levels of Dragon Disciple. A comment by the campaign coordinator on a long - ago thread doesn't make much sense as a way of establishing a PFS rule that is in explicit contradiction with the normal rules of the game.

The Empyreal blood line is the celestial blood line, just with certain features altered by the archetype. So you can do that. However it's not clear that the arcana of the Empyreal would apply to the bloodrager bloodline abilities.

FormerFiend wrote:
Paladin of Baha-who? wrote:
I'm more concerned about this demigoddess making the proposition. In terms of imbalance of power, this is way worse than, say, an adult propositioning a child. How can your consent be said to be free and uncoerced when, in the back of your head, you can't forget that she could squish you like a bug just by thinking it?
By that logic, is a level 1 commoner not competent to give consent to a level 20 adventurer?

Possibly, especially if the 20th level person is a spellcaster. I don't think the 20th level person should be propositioning someone over whom they have such literal power of life and death.

All class abilities are based on level of the class in particular except in the rare cases where they're specified as being based on hit dice or character level or something else.

The third option.

Yeah, Slayer can play pretty much like a ranger without magic if you choose ranger-like talents, like the style feats and favored terrains.

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I'm not sure that a mortal could be considered competent to give consent to a deity.

Makes it easy for the schoolkids to learn geography.

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I'm more concerned about this demigoddess making the proposition. In terms of imbalance of power, this is way worse than, say, an adult propositioning a child. How can your consent be said to be free and uncoerced when, in the back of your head, you can't forget that she could squish you like a bug just by thinking it?


(That's the sound of having the muzzle of a handheld laser cannon stuffed in your ear.)

Items from the technology guide are not legal for PFS unless they appear on a chronicle sheet. No Medlance for you. Not even a steampunk-style syringe.

Character who don't get at least 8 hours of sleep a night (doesn't have to be consecutive hours) are fatigued the next day.

In the case mentioned above, the characters who require sleep to prepare spells (Wizards, arcanists, magi, and witches I think are all of them) will need 3 more hours of sleep. All other characters will need 2 more to avoid fatigue.

The Wormwood Mutiny is good as a one-off if you make it so the goal of the PCs is not to gain their own pirate ship but simply to escape being enslaved on the pirate ship.

Suceptible = able to be affected by. Works for a literal reading of the wording.

It should also be noted that this only applies to the ARG. If there is an elf or orc-only archetype or other choice available through another source, such as Elves/Orcs of Golarion or the Advanced Player's Guide, you can select it as a halfbreed.

Eric the cleric.

Preston the priest.

Duncan the deacon.

Meacher the Preacher.

Alastor the Pastor.

Fry the Friar.

Lunk the Monk.

Hector the Rector.

Verate the Curate.

Dikar the Vicar.

Gontiff the Pontiff.

Mather the Father

Moly the Holy.

Cadre the Padre.

Schelder the Elder.

Awakened animal? Or polymorphed?

Ioun stones are useful since they don't have slots.

If you do lots of channeling, phylactery of positive channeling is a help.

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Kelsey Arwen MacAilbert wrote:
Orthos wrote:
Paizo sells fiction. There is no such thing as fiction that does not have a social agenda of some sort.
Eh, on this we'll have to disagree. I've read plenty of books whose only "agenda" was to tell an entertaining story, with no intent nor result to challenge any perceptions or status-quo. Doesn't make them any less entertaining IMO. So I can't say I agree with the idea that all fiction has an agenda, social or otherwise, beyond telling a tale.
There is a difference between aiming to push an agenda, and having an agenda. Having an agenda is having moral beliefs, and they always creep in somehow. Let's say you're reading Harry Potter. It's espousing the agenda that killing your enemies is wrong and loyalty to friends is of utmost importance. Harry himself outright says both within the series. The author may not be overly blatant about it or using the book as part of a political or social campaign, but the agenda itself is there. If it were removed, Harry would have killed death eaters, which espouses a different agenda.

Not to mention "being mean to people because they're different is evil".

Very impressive!

Not as written. However, you could give the PCs an opportunity to rescue her or something like that, perhaps she could give them valuable information on what Harrigan is planning.

It's BDSM without the safe, sane, or consensual parts. Pretty scary.

I wonder if SM would be called Kuthism or something in Golarion? Calistrians seem to enjoy it as well, with less creepiness and a lot more committment to consent.

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TOZ wrote:
Erosthenes wrote:
I think it is awesome that the CEO takes her time-on a Saturday (When she should be gaming instead of working LOL ;) ) to respond to posts on the message board!
When the worker finds the task to be his entertainment, then all is leisure.

That's nice work if you can get it.

Whether it works or not depends on whether "confirming" a critical hit and "scoring" a critical hit are the same thing or not.

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Wiggz, the elixir of sex change is clearly the magic item used by

Wrath of the Righteous Vol. 1:
Anevia and Irabeth to transform Anevia into her current body

which inspired a great deal of discussion on the message boards, among which were people asking for it to be given form as an actual magical item. People were INTERESTED in it, and so one of the developers decided to spend some time putting this magical item, which had been hinted at in an AP, and which people were interested in finding out more about, into a rulebook. If this were a magical sword or a helm or an elixir of hair-color-change instead, you wouldn't have cared.

There's the goddess Shizuru, of the sun and swordspersonship.

Works with the name, too. Shizuru no Mahou Shoujo!

I guess magic boy would be Mahou Shounen? I have a warpriest of Shizuru...

It doesn't say it uses a different item slot. Unless the chronicle specifically says so, I would think it functions as the item it says it is in all ways, including what magic item slot it occupies.

Glamered armor that appears as a chainmail speedo or the equivalent. You can certainly afford it at that level.

Here's a really simple idea:

Bastard swords, Katanas, etc. are two-handed martial weapons, with the special property that if you have Weapon Focus in them, you can use them as a one-handed weapon, or you can use one that is one size too big for you as a two-handed weapon. Dwarven waraxes have this ability, but also give dwarves the ability to use them one-handed.

If you've purchased it as medium, make sure you don't have any adjustments applied like enlarge person or reduce person in the appropriate tabs.

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There's always the option to avoid XP entirely and just tell them "OK, you've reached the next level" when the narrative calls for it.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

They've acknowledged that (read the thread, really) and made the point that creating an expectation of compilations, even an unfounded expectation, could potentially hurt the profitability of the company. They want your feedback on everything they do, EXCEPT this. It's not about whether the compilations would sell (they're sure they would), nor whether they would pay for themselves (they're sure of that too) nor whether they would be profitable (they probably would be, to a degree). Paizo's continued existence really does depend on the subscription model for their APs first and foremost, and doing anything that would provide an incentive for people to cancel their subscriptions in favor of waiting for compilations is something they will never even consider doing. And asking, creating threads like this one, and getting a bunch of responses that chime in saying, "Hey I'd buy that!" might lead to some people thinking a compilation might be coming, and result in them reconsidering a subscription.

So it's not that they're saying, "Please don't tell us what you'd like us to make!" It's that they've said, "Please do tell us what you'd like us to make, except for this one specific thing that we have determined we will never ever make because [reasons] and are worried that getting lots of people asking for might hurt our business model. But other than that one specific thing, we're open to suggestions! We might not do anything with them but we're always listening. Except for that one thing. Please don't ask for that. Anything else, go for it."

If he has the infusion discovery, the familiar could drink the extract itself to breathe fire.

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