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Sovereign Dragon

Paladin of Baha-who?'s page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,336 posts (4,776 including aliases). 1 review. 1 list. No wishlists. 7 Pathfinder Society characters. 12 aliases.


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Ascalaphus wrote:
@Guy: No. But I don't think the arrows count as magical, for DR purposes for example.

They do if they are fired from a +1 bow, or have a +1 enhancement themselves.

Another exception is the new 64-page modules. They're more like mini-adventure paths, with parts of them sanctioned, and the option to play in campaign mode.


1d1: 1d1 ⇒ 1

1d0: 1d1 ⇒ 1 Hah, doesn't work!

Can we stop with the victim blaming? There are lots of reasons why it may not be possible to proceed with a criminal trial, such as the acts being beyond the statute of limitations.

As for false pretenses, I don't think that a person who says they can get someone a role in a movie in exchange for sex could reasonably be considered to be raping that person if they don't intend to follow through. Exploitative, yes, but consent is not being violated. However, that's not what's being alleged. Read the article, and see what acts are actually being described. They are clearly non-consensual, and are obviously rape if true.

Yes, the GM should have one, and the spell itself is in the CRB. The player should go to the PRD and copy down the stats on the monsters, and apply the fiendish or celestial template beforehand, though. Or use which has stats specifically for the summoned monsters.

voska66 wrote:
Paladin of Baha-who? wrote:
voska66 wrote:

I find this is going a little too far. I mean it was interesting when it was new but lets get away from it now.

It's kind of like when two women or two guys first kissed on network television. It was something new and different and acceptable but it lost it's charm as time went on.

Yeah, what's with all these queers thinking they can get away with being seen as normal? Everything should go back to being about straight white men like it's supposed to be!
It just comes off as the token gay couples and I find it kind of offensive actually. It's kind of hard to explain but it's like they are exploiting homosexuals. Like I'm part native and they used to do it in TV show with the token Indian way back the day. It comes off as stereotypical. Just reminds me of that.

Are you any of LGBTQ etc? If so, I understand that you may certainly have your own feelings about how members of the minority are portrayed. If it helps at all, many of Paizo's staff are LBGTQ themselves, and they are including these characters to reflect what they wished they had seen when they were growing up playing RPGs -- characters that were similar to them. If not, please understand that nearly every LGBTQ person (including myself) who has spoken up on these forums about these characters has seen their inclusion as being positive, not being 'token' at all but being positive depictions of same-sex relationships and trans* people.

Because you want to be a rogue not a pokemon?

Someone may want to put a trigger warning on that spoiler.

The acts described in the spoiler'd portion of GWL's post are unambiguously rape. No question.

This isn't "He promised me a role for sex and didn't come through," it's "He raped me and tried to get me to keep quiet about it by promising me a role."

A growth domain druid with Sheleighleigh has a very strong melee capability. Particularly a native outsider race who normally can't get enlarged.

I've got some ideas. I'll post later tonight.

Captain America (not the Ultimate version).

My stepdaughter has one that looks like Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon.

Adamantine is supposed to be a skymetal, from meteors that fell to Golarion (or wherever). It isn't supposed to be something you can mine in the zillions unless you're in the elemental plane of earth, perhaps.

Consider what you want the story to be about. If you want to provide lots of adamantine as a plot point in your story, have the Drow discover a large adamantine meteor that has been long buried.

If you'd rather keep the mine aspect, change it to mithral.

Now, we don't have a price for either adamantine or mithral ingots, but the cost of a general item made of Mithral is 500gp/lb (pre-conversion weight). The cost of materials for crafting is 1/3 of final cost, and the whole cost of materials won't be only Mithral, so let's say that it's 160gp per lb of mithral.

The difference in cost between a given item made of adamantine, versus one of mithral, varies from 5 times to about 1 and 2/3 times the price, but seems average out to about 3 times the price. (There is no price given per pound, so we have to guess at it.) Let's say 500/lb. This doesn't square with the price of an adamantine weapon, such as a greatsword, but we can suppose that being made into a weapon or armor requires alloying with steel or other metals that make the price less sensitive to the actual amount of adamantine in the finished product.

So, let's say 500gp/lb. This fits with an extremely rare metal only available in meteors that is in very high demand for weapons and armor.

Are they going to be melee orcs or ranged orcs?

wraithstrike wrote:
Elbedor wrote:
wraithstrike wrote:
The use of the word "enhance". You can not masterwork enhance anything.

Not sure where you get that from, but maybe I'm misunderstanding what you mean. Clearly masterworking a weapon adds an enhancement bonus to it...

Masterwork Weapon wrote:
A masterwork weapon is a finely crafted version of a normal weapon. Wielding it provides a +1 enhancement bonus on attack rolls.
I know that rule. I am saying once the item is created you can not make it into a masterwork item. You must do it while crafting it.

Except now there's Masterwork Transformation.

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Archpaladin Zousha wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
John Kretzer wrote:

Hey James got a question for you...

What does Milani and her clergy think and feel about what is going in Galt? Are they involved at all in Galt?

I would suspect they feel like Galt is an atrocity of swiftly approaching apocalyptic proportions, where many of the fundamental beliefs of the church are perverted and glorified in all the wrong ways. Milani is about revolution... but the idea of constant never-ending revolution is pretty much the exact opposite of her goal. In fact... if she could engineer a world where her faith wouldn't have anything to do, she'd do it in a heartbeat.
Why did Andoran and Galt's revolutions go in such wildly different directions, Andoran becoming a relatively stable and mostly happy nation, while Galt is, as you say, an atrocity of swiftly approaching apocalyptic proportions?

One could easily ask the same thing about the American and French revolutions, since those are what Andoran and Galt are loosely based upon.

Mystic_Snowfang wrote:
By consuming illicit substances at the table... without permission...

...and without bringing enough for everyone.

As written, it would do nothing, just like if a fighter archetype that loses weapon training puts on Gloves of Dueling for example. You can houserule it however you like.

I can't think of any reason why not.

Renegadeshepherd wrote:

But at the cost of one feat u can channel either. Thats all I was saying.

Not with Life oracle. Life oracles ONLY get positive energy. They don't get to choose, therefore they can't take flexible channeling or whatever that feat is name.

Waves is only useful in a heavily water-based campaign, such as Skulls & Shackles.

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The name of his high priestess is Donatella Nobody.

It's for evil aasimars who have turned against their celestial ancestors, I think.

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Jason Wu wrote:

I use Science on him.


Please. I can always do science to it.

Cog can work if you like bad boys. Conchobar is a bit of a fop, but he could certainly be a valid love interest for a gnome or halfling lady (or even a guy if the GM cooperated).

Jack Scrimshaw's age isn't given, but since he's apparently as capable of working and fighting as anyone else on the ship, he's probably a teenager. That would be a valid love interest for another teen character. My stepdaughter played a 17-year-old character, I decided to make Jack 15, and the two characters are dating now. She's also captain. It's a little unrealistic, but it's a fun family game.

Maheem is possible if your characters work diplomacy on him to turn him to their side. Maybe he's just got a scowl because no one's given him anything to be happy about?

Merrill Pegsworthy in book 2 is a reasonable possibility for romance.

Pierce Jerrell is explicitly mentioned as a possible male love interest.

OK so there's not all that many, I get your point.

In Skulls and Shackles, very little explicit romance options are available, other than Lady Smythee. However, there are plenty of options. While some of the crew are louts, others are certainly worth considering, and there are other captains such as the former Andoren officer.

A jorogumo who doesn't want to kill her mate could probably lay the egg in an animal that was at hand.

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Wrong John Silver wrote:
In the future, the world will know the power of the four elements: Air, Earth, Water, and Brown Mold.

But everything changed... when the Brown Mold nation attacked.

scifan888 wrote:

Does the additional damage from the Alchemist's throw anything ability apply to all thrown weapons or just to bombs?
PRD wrote:
Throw Anything (Ex): All alchemists gain the Throw Anything feat as a bonus feat at 1st level. An alchemist adds his Intelligence modifier to damage done with splash weapons, including the splash damage if any. This bonus damage is already included in the bomb class feature.

Really, this kind of thing should be in the rules forum.

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trollbill wrote:
4) Player uses an effect, spell, etc. on a monster that is immune to that type of effect, for example, a Witch using Evil Eye on a plant creature. Then, after you tell them it has no effect their response is, "Oh, well, I wouldn't have done that then. I do this instead."

A witch of 18+ intelligence, especially one who made his knowledge roll to identify the creature, ought to know how his hexes work and what they can affect. If it was a plant creature that didn't look like a plant creature, and they failed the knowledge roll, sure, but as the previous discussion about diplomacy covered, don't penalize a player for not being as smart, charismatic, or wise as their character.

6) The player asks what the monster looks like. I tell him it looks exactly like the Paizo/WotC mini I put on the table. The player then picks up the mini, reads the bottom, then proudly announces to everyone what they are fighting.

Nothing wrong with that as long as they keep in mind it is OOC knowledge. I would point this out to them, then use the name of it rather than a description when describing its actions in combat, but I would insist that no one try to look it up in a Bestiary or something unless they make a good knowledge roll.

OK, here's some from me.

Players who spend half an hour arguing about Grapple rules when they make almost no difference to how the combat plays out. (This happened to me as a player, actually, and it was a player arguing with the GM. Argh.)

Players who mistake their mini for their characters. "I've got a sword in my hand, see, right there!" "Um, no, you have to use a move action to draw your sword, and I wouldn't assume you walk around with a deadly weapon in your hand all the time."

Players who assume they walk around with a deadly weapon in their hand all the time. "I fire my crossbow!" "The crossbow that's in your backpack, unloaded?"

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Low Templar in SE Asia wrote:

As a GM you try the classic hostage situation: "Take another step and I'll kill your friend." (Unconscious ally under the BBEGs knife)

Players: "Go ahead and kill him. We'll just pay for the raise dead and at this tier still come out with a good amount of gold."

GM: "You guys suck."

To be fair, this is realistically what people would do in a hostage situation where raise dead was a reasonable possibility.

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Have everything change... when the Fire Nation attacks.

Ignitorius wrote:

We're discussing a druid20 casting antilife shell , which has Area "10-ft.-radius emanation, centered on you" totally negating an AT LEAST Large monk10/druid10 with Reach at least 10 exactly in what manner ?

That's provided he doesn't for some odd reason choose to go elemental out of pure frustration.

You do realize this is ground for endless debate and DM fiat, but antilife shell isn't an end all, be all spell?

Taking flight and blasting away, or something like that, is still pretty valid for the druid20.

A wildshaped druid in elemental form does not count as an elemental, and would still be kept out by anti-life shell.

Summoning elementals would work, but the Druid 20 can do that too, and she's got elder elementals where the Druid/monk has only large.

In Pathfinder, such people would have been bards (well, except for the lack of magic).

Bards are badass in pathfinder.

Rule zero. Alice can accept your decision, or quit the game.

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This mostly happens with kids, but...

Me: "Roll initiative."

Them: "Wait, where on my sheet is that again?"

They're a type of magic user who learn to cast spells that rely on panache, personal magnetism, charm, music, voice, and misdirection, rather than study and intellect like a wizard -- though many bards are esteemed scholars as well. Their performances are indeed magical, with their grace and beauty suffusing the very fabric of the world with the power they grant to their allies.

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That's one thing I would prefer to see in Pathfinder -- a refutation of the BDSM = evil trope. So far it's been played straight with, e.g. Paracountess Dralneen's bedroom, and Kuthite religion. There's some signs of it with Calistria but I'd like to see a LG paladin who relieves the stress of fighting evil by having his wife whale on him with a flogger on the weekends.

If you feel the need for Anevia to leave in order to keep the players from being distracted, a reason could be a death in the family, an illness, something like that, where she has to leave but Irabeth feels that she's needed in the crusade. No reason to have them break up.

As for responding in character, just a "Wow... really?" in a surprised tone of voice when they make such remarks, or a "Is that really necessary? Let's go back to solving this problem..." kind of thing should work. If they don't get a satisfying response, they won't keep poking at it.

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Deadmanwalking wrote:
Wiggz wrote:
EDIT: I do feel the need to make the point that I find it preposterous that for a gay person to have a hero the hero needs to be gay, or for a transgendered person to have a role-model, that role-model needs to be transgendered. I think you'll agree that virtues like loyalty, faith, temperance, fortitude, etc. exist independently of sexual orientation and that no LGBT person would be blind to them or unable to relate to them simply because they came from someone who was straight.

Okay, and here's where the dreaded word privilege rears it's head, because I don't have a better word for the concept. This is a very privileged attitude.

It's not about them not being able to have a hero who's not gay or transgendered, it's about the idea that if they (or straight cisgendered folks, for that matter) never see a hero who is gay or transgendered they get the impression that people like that can't be heroes, at least subconsciously. And that in today's media they pretty much don't get to ever see such people as heroes. Especially action-hero types.

The same used to be true of black people and women, and still is to some degree (though to a much lesser degree than gay or transgender people at the moment). Minority demographic representation in media is important to the people of that minority, as it effects both people within that minority's self-image and how people outside that group view the minority in question, and shouldn't be dismissed as meaningless.

Thanks for replying to that point. I couldn't find it in myself to be coherent. It's just... Wow. Really. He actually went there.

For myself, I am cisgendered male and white, so there were never any shortage of heroes who look like me in fiction. But I am also bisexual, and reading depictions of bisexual protagonists, notably in the works of R. A. Heinlein (which of course are tremendously problematic in many ways, but nonetheless were important to my teenage self accepting my sexuality) was very helpful to me.

Yeah why would not being pretty make her unlovable?

He might also have the Master Alchemist feat that lets you calculate progress in GP rather than SP.

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Wiggz wrote:
I regret that you were unable to understand my post. No one has said that LGBT people don't belong in fantasy adventure. No one. Instead of antagonizing, I would like to suggest that you discuss the points being made rather that re-interpreting them into something 'odious and bigoted' and then arguing against that...
The idea of one NPC selling a family heirloom so that another NPC can have a sex-change operation might seem romantic or noble, but there is absolutely nothing about it that says 'fantasy adventure' to me.

I'm pretty sure you don't mind the idea of selling a family heirloom -- that happens all the time in lots of fantasy adventures. I also assume you don't mind magic that causes changes in a person -- healing magic, magic to change appearance, etc. because that's all over pathfinder and similar fantasy genre stories. I also would assume that you don't mind romantic and noble gestures from one person to the person he or she loves, because, again, that's all over fantasy.

I'm left with the magic being specifically sex-change magic as what you object to. I.e.: Trans people don't belong in 'fantasy adventures'.

Bigotry masquerading as 'I just don't like politics in my fantasy!' is still bigotry.

Eridan wrote:
Lifat wrote:
It is in no way "cheating". People here have been quite clear that RAW doesn't cover this tactic and that we entered house rule territory... At least it was clear to me. How can you call house rules "cheating"?
You can not do it (or it has no game effect) if there is no RAW support.

Nonsense. There's no RAW for a lot of things that one can logically do, and it's up to the GM to make rules for the appropriate situation.

Just because there's no rules for it, it is not impossible for a character to run willy-nilly all over a place where she thinks an invisible person might be. If she bumps into the person, she would then know where he is, or was at that moment anyway.

I'm not saying it would be an effective tactic, or should be, because most likely the invisible person could move out of her path as she approaches, and could certainly move after she bumps him. But if he were otherwise occupied, or she was invisible too, or it was dark, or something else happened, it could work.

Now, the OP's scenario of 'run around until you find a square you can't enter, and that's where the invisible dude is' doesn't work -- clearly not. But saying it doesn't work because there's no rules for running around and bumping into an invisible person isn't the way to look at it.

Be a ranger. You'll have the skills to be stealthy, the BAB to be accurate, and will be able to cast longstrider to be speedy. If you must have trapfinding, take one or at most two levels of rogue, but you can get disable device with a trait, if your GM allows traits (they're part of the core rules, but not in the CRB) and any non-magical trap can be disabled by any character with enough disable device training.

If you don't have the darkness spell-like ability, then you don't qualify for the feat. Anything else would be a houserule.

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voska66 wrote:

I find this is going a little too far. I mean it was interesting when it was new but lets get away from it now.

It's kind of like when two women or two guys first kissed on network television. It was something new and different and acceptable but it lost it's charm as time went on.

Yeah, what's with all these queers thinking they can get away with being seen as normal? Everything should go back to being about straight white men like it's supposed to be!

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Wiggz wrote:

Honestly, I think the problem for many is that they simply don't engage in fantasy role-play with the intent of pursuing (or having catered to) a particular political or social agenda. I have nothing against gay couples - I don't want issues like abortion or gun control in my campaigns either. The idea of one NPC selling a family heirloom so that another NPC can have a sex-change operation might seem romantic or noble, but there is absolutely nothing about it that says 'fantasy adventure' to me.

I get that Paizo is a progressive-minded company and that's laudable, and I get that these kinds of discussions are a deliberate driving force behind these kinds of NPC's - above and beyond simple inclusion, they 'raise awareness' - but its my position (admittedly no more valid than anyone else's) that they should reflect those beliefs in their hiring practices and in their work environment, which I'm certain that they do, and focus more on crafting superb fantasy adventures than pushing social agendas. Reign of Winter, Wrath of the Righteous and now Mummy's Mask - Paizo's M.O. has become pretty clear. Sure, we can alter the NPC's however we wish, and we often do, but doesn't the same hold true for predominantly LGBT groups? Aren't they just as capable of altering the NPC's to suit their group's preferences?

The position that LGBT people don't belong in 'fantasy adventures' is a political stance as well. A rather odious, bigoted one. The excuse that you want to avoid controversial social agendas is bogus -- your existence is not a controversial social agenda. The existence of LGBT people shouldn't be one either, but apparently it is.

The FAQ is pretty clear on this, spell-like abilities count as spells for feat and PrC prerequisites. Some people have argued that a spell like ability doesn't actually count as 'able to cast 1st-level arcane spells without preparation', however, given the FAQ, an SLA -- which you do not have to prepare -- that counts as an 1st-level arcane spell will pretty clearly meet the requirements for DD. The FAQ explicitly recognizes that this allows entry into PrCs early or with class combinations that wouldn't otherwise work.

Many of the wizard school powers will work for this purpose.

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