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Sovereign Dragon

Paladin of Baha-who?'s page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,498 posts (5,597 including aliases). 1 review. 1 list. No wishlists. 8 Pathfinder Society characters. 13 aliases.


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Maybe dragon culture has a social more that says when you kill a worthy opponent it is moral and proper to take his hide, skull, etc. as trophies, and wearing dragonskin armor is just showing respect for their culture?

(Only half joking.)

The game has rules for falling objects. Real life considerations should not have been used, although I understand the desire to do that.


Falling Objects

Table: Damage from Falling Objects

Object Size Damage

Small 2d6

Medium 3d6

Large 4d6

Huge 6d6

Gargantuan 8d6

Colossal 10d6

Just as characters take damage when they fall more than 10 feet, so too do they take damage when they are hit by falling objects.

Objects that fall upon characters deal damage based on their size and the distance they have fallen. Table: Damage from Falling Objects determines the amount of damage dealt by an object based on its size. Note that this assumes that the object is made of dense, heavy material, such as stone. Objects made of lighter materials might deal as little as half the listed damage, subject to GM discretion. For example, a Huge boulder that hits a character deals 6d6 points of damage, whereas a Huge wooden wagon might deal only 3d6 damage. In addition, if an object falls less than 30 feet, it deals half the listed damage. If an object falls more than 150 feet, it deals double the listed damage. Note that a falling object takes the same amount of damage as it deals.

Dropping an object on a creature requires a ranged touch attack. Such attacks generally have a range increment of 20 feet. If an object falls on a creature (instead of being thrown), that creature can make a DC 15 Reflex save to halve the damage if he is aware of the object. Falling objects that are part of a trap use the trap rules instead of these general guidelines.

Let's assume the statue was Colossal, and was made of particularly dense material (the rules don't mention this, but if stone is the baseline, gold which is much denser than stone would probably do more damage), and was dropped from much higher than 150 feet.

Higher than 150 feet indicates double damage, and much higher could be houseruled to double it again. Very high density could also be ruled to double it further.

So 160d6 is a hell of a lot of damage, and impractical to roll, so you could assume the average, 560 damage to anything or anyone underneath the object when it hit. That's enough to kill everyone in the palace, if it hits the palace, and demolish the palace, but not enough to do a nuke-style explosion.

Consecrate doesn't care who created a magic item that is used to cast the spell. Whoever activates a magic item, whether that's a scroll or a wondrous item, is considered the caster. Whoever the caster is, is "you" for the purposes of the rules of the consecrate spell. Therefore, your priest of Groetus is consecrating the area for his own faith, not Sarenrae's.

It's not unusual for PFS GMs to give a pass to any material that is available on the PRD, since it's easy to look up in this era of smartphones and tablets.

Not in PFS, sorry. Aasimars have the Scion of Humanity alternate racial trait, but why Tieflings don't have something similar, I have no idea.

Some classes have abilities that duplicate the effect of enlarge person without the restriction on target. E.g. Growth subdomain of the Plant domain.

Some people in threads like this have made the assertion that they see the restrictions as saying that if you already have an aasimar or Tiefling character, you shouldn't make one now to get it in before the deadline, and that doing so (even one) would be abusive.

Clearly there's a wide range of interpretations about what is or is not abusive.

It doesn't make a lot of sense from a metallurgical standpoint, but it's just incredibly f#!$ing metal.

(pun intended)

Somewhere near the Shackles or Mediogalti could work, as they have dinosaur-inhabited islands in canon.

Alchemical weapons used by a small character do the same damage and weigh the same as the same used by a medium or large character.

That doesn't change the fact that one can threaten with a hand that is capable of making magical melee touch attacks.

You should make sure to award XP if the characters use diplomacy or intimidation to turn a hostile NPC friendly (or submissive), knock out an NPC but do not kill it, use nonlethal means to capture it, or stealthily sneak around it and completely avoid it. (The last should be a situation where the party is aware of the NPC and actively takes steps to avoid it, as opposed to where they make successful stealth rolls and the NPC never pokes its head out of its lair, and they bypass it without succeeding on a perception check to notice it as well.)

Avatar_name_1 wrote:

Graceful Grappler

Stunning Pin

You put < and > brackets in the URL tag. That seems to have confused the forum system.

Fixed links:

Graceful Grappler

Stunning Pin

Still interested if it's a possibility.

I mean, it's not like they're going to design an adventure where some guy in full plate mail armor is able to make his standing 10 foot jump across a moat full of acid.

Is that sarcasm? Because a fighter of at least 7th level with mithril full plate and armor training to allow movement at full speed, who has invested ranks into acrobatics could quite possibly do that.

You could cremate him and use carbon produced from that in alloying steel to make a sword, perhaps?

Ifrits get a bonus to charisma, and treat their charisma as 2 higher when using the elemental (fire) bloodline. (It would make sense for this to apply to the Efreeti bloodline as well, and if you can get your GM to houserule that it does, clearly you should use that one.)

Having someone in a square between you and your target doesn't break line of sight. It gives a soft cover bonus, but you can still shoot.

Op attack = attack of opportunity? Snap Shot lets you threaten at 5ft with a ranged weapon, and lets you take attacks of opportunity with it. Zen archer monks also get an ability that allows something similar.

If you're looking for something that will let you send an arrow at a wizard who starts casting 30ft away from you, sorry, no way to do that except with a readied action.

Create undead has no HD limit. Its downside is that the undead you create aren't automatically under your control, and Control Undead does have limits. However, if you use people that are loyal to you already, you can turn them into skeletal champions or juju zombies and they will retain their class, attributes (other than constitution) and memories of their life, and will presumably continue to be loyal to you.

Gator the Unread wrote:
Ravingdork wrote:
Not when a single caster can wipe the floor with both your characters with one well-placed spell.
Make that a catfolk caster and the whole image is complete...

Especially if he hates those meeses to pieces!

Let me expand on that. The way you're using the word 'stealth' it's as if there were a condition called 'stealthy' or 'in stealth', sort of an 'invisibility-light' where doing certain actions causes that condition to end. That's not the case.

Stealth is a skill that allows you to not be seen or heard. If you have concealment or cover you can make a stealth check to hide or move around without being detected.

If at any point you no longer have cover or concealment from someone, you can't use stealth to avoid being seen by them.

So, if your familiar has cover or concealment vs. All foes all the way to your team mate, including in the square the team mate is occupying, then with a successful stealth roll vs. Perception, your familiar can avoid being seen while delivering a touch spell.

There's no such thing as breaking stealth.

And the battlefield control wizard will just be rolling his eyes at you and winning fights with one spell while you plink...plink...plink the BBEG for an average of 3.5 HP per missile per round.

By RAW, lost forever in the nothingness between the different planes of reality.

In the game, of course, the GM gets to decide whether this means "OK, Aster, time to roll up a new character," or "After a timeless interval spent in utter nothingness, you emerge into [insert description of whatever plane the GM wants the character to have ended up in]." Then have the other PCs find out, perhaps through an oracle or prophetic dream, that Aster's PC isn't dead and they have a goal to achieve -- rescue him from wherever. Aster could control an NPC ally during this time, or play solo for a while. They could even have a dual campaign -- Aster creates a new character to be with the existing PCs, and the other players create new characters to be the allies he meets in whatever place it is he ends up. Maybe axomites or proteans or who knows what.

There's a whole lot of national and ethnic stereotypes there...

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Bob_Loblaw wrote:
I don't know anything about Constantine but my understanding is that his bisexuality plays little to no role in the comics. If that's the case then they could have it mentioned in passing once in a while and call it good.

Well, it's just another drop in the huge bucket of bisexual erasure.

Any chance I could get in here? I see you have just 4 in the first group. I'd like to put in an Aasimar Paladin. I'm an experienced PFS player but haven't played the Confirmation before.

The description of the tail evolution for eidolons doesn't say anything about it allowing manipulation of objects with it. Every race that has a prehensile tail has specific rules allowing them to use their tails that way. Using skills requiring fine manipulation would require at LEAST a tentacle evolution, if not Limbs. If you always play with the same PFS GM or group of GMs, you might be able to get them to form a consensus about it, and allow you to fluff a tentacle evolution on a serpentine eidolon as a prehensile tail -- but table variation is almost assured.

I've seen people try to do the same thing with a tongue. Any such idea always carries a distinct eau de limburger in my opinion.

What sort of creature? What spell does it act like? Beast shape (#)? Monstrous physique? Elemental body? Polymorph self?

If your GM allows you to, you could reach out of the bag's mouth with your arm to stab the inside of the Jotund's stomach with the dagger, or fire the pistol through it. He might rule against it, though.

The problems with morphing into something with lots of claws and jumping out of the bag to claw your way out is that you'll take bludgeoning damage, probably enough to kill you, as soon as you do. Do you have a good perception? The rules do include being able to identify potions by taste when taking a sip, using the perception skill, DC = 15+caster level. You could check the other potions, maybe one is a cure serious wounds potion or something.

A plump, BBW Shelyn would be awesome.

I find that ferocity is one of those things where you always forget to use it until you're packing up to leave after the game session.

"Oh, wait, Zugzug the barbarian didn't have to die after all, I forgot about orc ferocity!"

"Well, it's a bit late -- the PCs already returned to town, found a priest to cast raise dead, and returned to the dungeon where the foes were more prepared this time. No retcon."

I've got an elf fighter with plans to go into wizard and then arcane archer. I'll post him and a backstory later. Maybe tomorrow.

The dragon could have set up a contingency spell with the necessary spells to capture his soul upon his death and bind it to the phylactery, which had previously been completed, prepared, and hidden.

Or the Lich could have prepared the phylactery, and made a contingency scroll for the dragon to use if the dragon wasn't at high enough CL to cast the spell.

Why is the dragon in the lair of a lich, anyway? Is it an ally? Maybe they're friends (or lovers? that would be weird enough that none of the players would see it coming, I bet) and the lich was planning to assist the dragon to achieve lichdom anyway.

Houserule it if you want. You could tie this into the campaign -- Asmodeus is secretly becoming more LN than LE, and having a select few LN clerics able to channel positive is a reflection of this. Reasons? Whatever you can think of. Maybe he feels guilty about killing his brother (Ihys).

Uncomfortable and uncertain what questions to ask is different than assuming who you're talking to is required to divulge intimate details of their body and habits on demand. The latter assumes that your own curiosity is more important than their privacy or comfort, in a way that would not be assumed when talking to a percieved social equal.

I've always figured the eidolon needs the mount evolution, and an exotic saddle (unless you make it shaped exactly like a horse or a dog or something) for you to ride it without the penalties associated with riding bareback, or riding a creature that's not suitable as a mount.

thejeff wrote:
Yuugasa wrote:

Actually, the more I think about people's common attitude of forwardness in asking transgender folks about their genitals the more messed up I'm realizing that is.

I think the next time I see someone doing that to a transgender person I'm going to interrupt and start asking them about their genitals.

"So, Frank, how you doing? How's your penis? Describe it's shape and size? Does it work or do you have ED? You are getting older after all...Wait, Why are you calling me a freak? I thought this was the kinda thing you like talking about?!"

OTOH, not that it's excusable or acceptable, but it's understandable I think.

People are curious about sex. And this is something new and strange to most people. It's not surprising that's where many people's minds go first. And they may think that because the trans* person has disclosed that part, they must be open to questions on the rest.

I suspect as trans people become more commonly visible, the social awareness will grow along with that and such invasive questions will grow rarer. And education that it actually is rude and invasive will definitely help.

It's entirely understandable once you comprehend that the person asking the question doesn't actually consider the trans* person they're asking to actually be, you know, a real person.

Too bad those arms had to be banded mail... the +1 to dex is rough. That said, it's pretty snazzy to have +8 armor bonus and still be able to move 30ft/round.

I played this via PBP and it was lots of fun. I am a little confused about the piecemeal armor. I'm looking at the rules for it in Ultimate Combat and I don't see anything that would result in heavy armor that allows you 30ft of movement and has an ACP of -3 (-2 due to masterwork in the chronicle).

Would a multiclassed fighter/wizard going into arcane archer work as an arcane caster?

The second ability isn't used with the first. It's for when you trigger a primal magic event without using the first power.

Is it useful? Not unless you're in an area where you expect to get lots of primal surges.

James Jacobs wrote:
Whether or not you like how they look or think the stats are lame or are annoyed that they're in the way of the art... they still do what we intended them to do quite well. I mean... their images have been stolen for roller coaster cars, of all things!

Really? Are there any pictures of that? I'm curious how that transition was made.

No, there's no such requirement.

With a tiefling magus, there's no reason not to take the fiend flayer archetype, as it doesn't replace any existing class features.

Forlarren, Baobhan Sith, Dryad (possibly one that somehow survived her tree being cut down but went mad as a result), faun (males and females both exist), gathlain, huldra, lurker in light (a great opponent to invert the dark=evil, light=good trope with), lampad or nymph (have spell casting as a druid so adding druid levels would be very synergistic), pixies are classic, quicklings can be lots of trouble with class levels.

You can find info about all these here.

Spellcraft: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (16) + 5 = 21

Whoa, someone just cast Animate Thread!

So, Let's see how to answer your question. First thing we do is look at the prerequisites of the Weapon Focus feat.

Feats wrote:

Weapon Focus (Combat)

Choose one type of weapon. You can also choose unarmed strike or grapple (or ray, if you are a spellcaster) as your weapon for the purposes of this feat.
Prerequisites: Proficiency with selected weapon, base attack bonus +1.
Benefit: You gain a +1 bonus on all attack rolls you make using the selected weapon.
Special: You can gain this feat multiple times. Its effects do not stack. Each time you take the feat, it applies to a new type of weapon.

So, you have to have a +1 BAB, which the Magus does not have at first level. Does the Magus let you ignore the prerequisites for this feat?

Staff Magus wrote:
Quarterstaff Master (Ex): At 1st level, the staff magus gains the Quarterstaff Master feat as a bonus feat, even if he does not meet the normal prerequisites. He only gains the benefit of this feat when wearing no armor or light armor.

The only feat it lets you ignore the prerequisites for is Quarterstaff Master. So, no. It does not allow you to take that feat at first level.

In all cases, you must meet the requirements of a feat in order to take it, unless a class feature gives it to you as a bonus feat.

Bloodrager perhaps? Given the bonuses the race gives you, focusing on Dex doesn't make sense. You've got a boost to strength and constitution, best use it. The natural armor bonus gives you a boost to AC equivalent to a 14 DEX.

Well, do you want him to be a sword wielding magic user; a sneaky, skillful type; a hunter and tracker at home in the wilds; or a wild fighter who gives into blind rage when in battle? What's your primary goal with the character?

I have an elf fighter with plans to go wizard and then arcane archer. I'll post more about him later today.

Yes, absolutely. You are a sorc with the infernal bloodline. You have a sorceror archetype called Wildblood that modifies the features you get from that bloodline, and calls these changes "Pit-Touched". It still counts.

RAW allows a half-orc to take orc racial archetypes. Link to FAQ

If your GM is serious about playing by RAW he'll let you take the archetype with a half-orc.

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