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Sovereign Dragon

Paladin of Baha-who?'s page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,896 posts (6,796 including aliases). 1 review. 1 list. No wishlists. 8 Pathfinder Society characters. 15 aliases.


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I'm a bisexual male gamer, age 26. I sincerely believe in my Roman Catholic faith, though not the people in the upper echelons of power. You could say I've become wise to how something with a good core can become twisted by people into a mockery of its professed values. I don't really have any interesting bits of personal life to share as I'm not really "out" about my bisexuality nor do I particularly feel a need to be.

If I may make a suggestion, there are reasons why you may want to be out, even if you don't expect to be in a same-sex relationship in the future (e.g. you're already married or otherwise in a committed relationship you expect to last).

You may be the only person within the LGBTQ spectrum that some of your family members are in contact with, and coming out will help them understand that LGBTQ people aren't the family-destroying monsters the Family Research Council make them out to be.

You may not expect to be in a same-sex relationship, but life has a way of laughing at our expectations. If you do find yourself in one, it will be easier to say, "Mom, dad, this is my boyfriend," than "Mom, dad, I'm bi and this is my boyfriend".

Women may find a bi guy attractive, for instance, my wife enjoys appreciating sexy men (and women) with me. Finding such women will be easier if you're out, rather than closeted.

Health: Out gay people have been studied to have lower stress hormone levels than either closeted gay people OR straight men. Both closeted gay men and straight men are stressed out attempting to be seen as straight, and afraid of being perceived as gay or effeminate. Coming out will make you less stressed, statistically.

Sneak attack, duelist precise strike, Swashbuckler precise strike, and anything else that specifically calls itself precision damage in its rules text (not its flavor text). All the examples you bring up besides the three above have flavor text that vaguely suggests precision, but do not have any rules text that call it out as precision damage.

I've used demoralize, usually in the form of Dazzling Display or abilities that let you hit+demoralize in a single action. Not the other useage of intimidate, which is under the same category as using Diplomacy on PCs IMO.

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AC and to-hit with bows.

Regarding Armor: Considering that Shield is an alchemist extract, and mutagens give you a +2 natural armor bonus, and they can wear up to +4 armors normally, lets you easily have an AC of 20+ at low levels. Giving them medium armor would be too good.

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How about a gift of Magi?

Are you a player or the GM?

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Vincent Takeda wrote:

Wow. I was planning on coming into this thread with the expectation of some really challenging nuanced viewpoints, but in fact I think this thread resolved to my satisfaction by the second post...

What if your character is experiencing some difficulty with transgendered issues? You were an M born into the body of a W... In the real world this transition can be a difficult, painful exhausting journey... On the other hand... In pathfinder...

Get a belt of gender change... Problem solved! Magic!

The T of LGBT shouldnt come up much in a pathfinder game because we've got magic...

Not everyone has the funds to purchase the magical means to transform themselves -- just as not everyone has the funds to purchase the medical means to transform themselves in real life. There will definitely be trans folk who haven't yet been able to make that happen -- they should be treated with respect and dignity, and unless you want your game to be about (at least in part) the struggle of trans folk for acceptance, they should be accepted as the gender they want to be, so that the player can just play what they want to play and not deal with bigotry or ignorance. (This is why there's not much intra-human racism, homophobia, or sexism in Golarion: these are things that are pervasive in real life and people who want to escape into a fantasy game probably want to be able to forget about these problems. People who want to make a game about these issues will have no trouble adding them to the setting.)

Greater Whip Mastery lets you do the same thing.

That FAQ doesn't address this issue. It addresses whether rider effects that trigger on "when you cast a spell" do so as well when you use a scroll or wand.

I don't think the dissapation of a held charge works in the same way. How would you determine what spell discharges when you make a touch attack if you were holding two charges? Would both discharge? If you can do this with two spells, why not an arbitrary number? Use all 50 charges of a shocking grasp wand to do 50d6 with a single touch attack! (Only takes 5 minutes of casting to build up the held charges!) That can't be the intended function of the rules.

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If you see something, say nothing, and drink to forget.

KSF wrote:
Paladin of Baha-who? wrote:

So, the only thing he can do is basically beg. Here's his Gofundme campaign.

If you don't want to or can't do anything about it, you don't have to -- you don't know this person from Adam, but if you care to, anything could help.


Thank you!

Superb cover art!

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Hi, so, I have a friend Raine who is non-gender-binary and has unfortunately suffered some severely infected teeth, and doesn't have any dental insurance. He (his expressed pronoun preference) has regular health insurance, which will cover giving him antibiotics any time the infection spreads out of his teeth, but no one but a dentist will touch the teeth themselves, and they want thousands of dollars up front.

So, he's in tremendous danger of imminent death, due to the risk of the infection spreading to his brain or other vital organs. In the so-called 'greatest country in the world'. Where poor people die from toothaches, apparently.

Some people in our social circle have suggested going to the media but his non-standard sexual and gender identification makes him think that's a bad idea. Arizona's a very conservative place and the media are likely to shy away from something like that for fear of being pilloried by the social conservatives.

So, the only thing he can do is basically beg. Here's his Gofundme campaign.

If you don't want to or can't do anything about it, you don't have to -- you don't know this person from Adam, but if you care to, anything could help.

Technically yes but it wouldn't affect your mechanics at all.

Welcome out, Doomkitten! Or maybe I shouldn't be saying that, as I'm a kinda passing-for-straight bi guy. But anyway, congratulations.

Wizards have (slightly) better buffs.

Is the heirloom weapon trait ok?

Works for me.

Nefreet wrote:
But figuring out puzzles should be something the group as a whole could do, I'd think. Same goes for negotiating with NPCs, or any RP in general.

What if figuring out a puzzle gives you the secondary success condition? Or, likewise, diplomancing an NPC to 'helpful' or something.

(Say, that gives me an idea for a scenario where your goal is to FAIL diplomacy checks and make an NPC hostile to you and the PFS. I'd have to think about why this would be a goal, though.)

If there's a puzzle that requires religious knowledge to figure out, and one party has a bard with all the knowledges and a cleric who happens to be part of the religion in question and has a holy text of the religion with her, while the other party barely has enough Knowledge(religion) to tell a ghoul from a ghast, the second party probably should do worse on the puzzle than the first.

I might do a halfling lunar or nature oracle or something like that. I like the idea of a halfling with an animal companion, and an oracle seems to be the best way to do that in a way that will benefit from the halfling's ability boosts. If I put a 15 in strength (13) and charisma (17), a 14 in dex (16), and a 12 in constitution I'll be doing pretty well, I think.

A small halfling riding a medium-sized AC with a sling, a lance, and a club seems like something that could work.

4d6 ⇒ (5, 4, 1, 5) = 15 = 14
4d6 ⇒ (1, 2, 2, 6) = 11 = 10
4d6 ⇒ (3, 5, 2, 1) = 11 = 10
4d6 ⇒ (3, 6, 6, 2) = 17 = 15
4d6 ⇒ (6, 4, 5, 1) = 16 = 15
4d6 ⇒ (6, 2, 1, 4) = 13 = 12


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As long as no assistance passed between the two groups -- healing, buffing, figuring out puzzles, etc. then that would work, but I think it would be a little difficult if there wasn't separation between the tables. I've had a GM run the same scenario as another GM at the immediately next table, and it works reasonably well, but there has to be that separation.

I think he means for PFS.

MMCJawa wrote:

Such a river system would be a pretty good place to have Curupira. I would be even tempted to may them a PC friendly race.

For those not familiar, Curupira red-haired dwarf-like creatures are considered protectors of the forest, and have the ability to create illusions to lead people astray and control beasts. They are enemies of poachers or anyone who exploits the forest.

I could see them as being relatively ignored by the genius loci of the forest, and setting themselves up as protectors of the river.

Those sound like gnomes. They could be an ethnicity of gnomes, perhaps.

Make sure to use the rules that inflict disease on them for sleeping on the island if they do. Have the ghouls on the island take every chance they can to inflict ghoul fever -- even if they save against it, it will weaken them.

Have Plugg and Scourge be strategic -- if the PCs aren't sneaky about returning to the ship, they can have all the PCs allies locked in the hold so they can't get any assistance. You can have Sandara Quinn very weak and barely able to cast spells to help. If you can arrange to have the Brinebrood Queen survive the encounter in the grindylow lair (have her hide behind the Whale and use a hidden escape tunnel if he dies) she can show up in the middle of the battle to attack and serve as another threat -- not that she's likely to be on the side of P&S, but she's happy to cause additional trouble for the people who killed her brood.

You can also rebuild Plugg and Scourge using the Swashbuckler and Slayer classes from the ACG, which I recommend. Applying some system mastery to these two can make them significantly more challenging.

I don't see any reason why not. Most hexes require only an effort of will.

Also, this really ought to be in the rules forum.

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I have a winter witch in a RoW campaign who happily walks barefoot through the snow in a light sun dress.

Does the entire party have bottles of alchemist's fire? This is a pretty expensive method of attacking. You can always throw a golem that's immune to fire at them.

The golem would presumably continue to try to climb out during this period and if it succeeds (golems have good strength so it's likely to) it can continue to attack.

I don't see why a golem is any more at risk from this tactic than any other creature.

Any polymorph effect eliminates any attacks you have and replaces them with the natural attacks of the form you shift into.

As a GM, I wouldn't consider your hair to work in raven form, but then I also wouldn't let a Tengu take the prehensile hair hex or the white-haired witch archetype in the first place, since they don't have hair. It's not entirely clear whether, according to a strict reading of the rules, an individual with no hair of any sort can make use of such abilities.

Whatever natural weapons are listed in the bestiary entry for the creature. Which Songbird are you using, a thrush?

It's effectively granted by both. If you had an alchemist archetype that removed the Throw Anything feature but not the bombs feature, a character with that archetype would get +Int damage on bombs but not any other splash weapon. If you had an alchemist archetype that removed the bombs class feature but not the throw anything feature, splash weapons would still do +int damage, including bombs if the character got bombs from some other source, such as the rogue talent that gives bombs like an alchemist.

Edit: Ninja'd!

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People learn the secrets of guns, realize how often they misfire unless you spend a lot of time training on how to prevent misfires (i.e. take levels in gunslinger), realize how expensive ammunition and firearms are, and decide to stick to bows, which still do tons of damage without all the investment required for firearms.

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A silence sneak attack would clearly do unsonic damage.

Talk to your GM and suggest a house rule. If it's PFS, just deal.

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I would expect that Hasbro considers 'DnD' to infringing their trademark as well. Trademarks are tricky things -- if you don't defend them you can lose them.

Arcane strike and combat casting are not very good for a witch, since hexes are not subject to concentration checks, and unless you're doing a very unconventional build, your witch should rarely if ever be attacking.

Extra Hex is the best feat for witches at low levels. Don't go overboard, though -- there are a limited number of good hexes. If your GM will let you use the Ultimate Campaign retraining rules to retrain an extra hex feat into something else later, then go for it.

A human witch can have Slumber, Evil eye or Misfortune, and Cackle at first level. If you think you may be in an undead-heavy campaign, you can skip slumber. (Misfortune+cackle DOES work against undead.)

Caliban_ wrote:
Errant Mercenary wrote:
Furthermore, if you crit often and combine it with Critical Focus feats then you're getting the effects more often.

True, but it's kind of limited usefulness for a Pathfinder Society character - your characters are effectively retired at lvl 12, due to the very small number of official mods for lvl 12+.

Eyes of the Ten

Ruby Phoenix Tournament
The Price of Infamy (S&S part 5)
From Hell's Heart (S&S part 6)
Ashes at Dawn (CC part 5)
Shadows of Gallowspire (CC Part 6)
Forest of Spirits (JR Part 4)
Tide of Honor (JR Part 5)
The Empty Throne (JR Part 6)
Beyond the Doomsday Door (SS Part 4)
Into the Nightmare Rift (SS Part 5)
The Dead Heart of Xin (SS Part 6)
The Frozen Stars (RoW Part 4)
Rasputin Must Die (RoW Part 5)
The Witch Queen’s Revenge (RoW Part 6)
Secrets of the Sphinx (MM part 4)
The Slave Trenches of Hakotep (MM part 5)
Pyramid of the Sky Pharaoh (MM part 6)
Parts 4-6 of Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition
Tomb of the Iron Medusa
Academy of Secrets
The Moonscar
The Witchwar Legacy
Wardens of the Reborn Forge will be sanctioned soon.

Not as many as the options below that, true, but hardly 'very small', especially since each of those except for the parts of Eyes of the Ten are full-level modules. Leaving out WotRF, which I'm not sure how many levels it will give you (probably 3 or 4), there's enough levels there to take at least 3 characters from 12-20, and twice that if you GM. Note that the adventure paths and large modules (WotRF and similar) can be run in campaign mode which means you can play a normal AP game with your friends and then get credit for it as PFS.

taldanrebel2187 wrote:

>Dimensional assault also doesn't require a straight line per se, as there could be difficult or even non existent terrain between the start point and the end point.

Yes it does, it functions as a charge, or thats the implication with the pre-req feat as well.

The spell allows you to move anywhere within 100+10/lvl feet, regardless of difficult terrain (or no terrain) between you and the destination. Dimensional assault says you teleport a distance up to twice your move speed, but doesn't say you have to actually be capable of charging over that distance. (If you did, what would be the point? You could just charge instead.)

It does not function as a charge. You seem to be having a problem with reading implications into rules that do not exist there. Stop that. Read the rules that appear in the feat or spell and take them at face value.

You can't change a character in the middle of a pbp, so finish the scenario, then stop playing the character until it's legal (unless you have the boon making it legal after the play test).

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No, no, it turns you into an awakened, permanent-anthropomorphic animal turtle, with ninja class levels.

Half-orc Archeologist Bard with the fate's favored trait and Sacred tattoos alternate racial feature.

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Unfortunately there's way more people wanting to play PBPs here than there are GMs willing and able to run them. In any such situation, the competition will get pretty intense.

Technically speaking, you can't 'downgrade' a swift action like that... but if I were the GM, I would have totally let him do that too.

Reading over this, the idea I like the best is twofold:

1) Make talents not suck; and

2) When sneak attacking, treat the rogue's BAB as equal to her level.

This would still focus on the central combat mechanic of the class -- sneak attack -- but make it much easier to land the hit, and if using power attack, piranha strike, or deadly aim to boost damage, would often increase the tier of damage from the feat.

WOTRF is a high-level adventure and as such is probably a lower-priority adventure. One thing to note is that one doesn't assign chronicles for one of these multi-chronicle modules when one finishes the section of the adventure they correspond to -- one assigns them after completing the entire module. For this reason, if you begin the module before it is sanctioned but complete it after, you should be able to receive chronicles. How long it will be until it is sanctioned, however, is anyone's guess.

d20PFSRD is very useful, but should be used with caution.

I think your analysis is exactly spot-on, bbangerter. Nonlethal damage doesn't deduct from your maximum HP, so it wouldn't trigger Lifelink, just like ability damage for instance. When Lifelink heals you, it would heal NL damage just like spells. Your houserule seems reasonable, though.

The spell specifically says the summoned creature(s) attack your enemies. Period, the end.

There are theories of pleiotropic effects, i.e. when a gene has more than one phenotypic effect. There may be a gene that, when you have two copies, increases the likelihood that you will be gay, but if you have one copy, increases fertility in females. Those kinds of genes would have fitness-increasing effects when you only have one copy, balancing any reduction in fitness (which just means how many of the next generation are genetically related to you) due to homosexuality.

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