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Paladin Denai's page

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Not the GM resource I was looking for.

***( )( )

What I liked what several NPC's was the several fleshed out characters and special designed NPC's around the world of Golarion which I have adopted as my new home for my players as GM. this was a cool feature, but is of limited use to me as you can only use so many low level Hellknights.
What I would have liked to see in a GM resource such as this and would still be VERY interested in purchasing from Paizo. Is an NPC generation guide. I am an Extremely busy person but the majority of my GM'ing occurs within cities, so my players antagonists and protagonists tend to be humanoid. I think something that took the base classes and leveled them up each level or say 1,3,5,8,10 and gave me the stats for each level and maybe one or two different twist so not every fighter I used had power attack and every mage used sleep. other sections I think would have been and still could be great would be area specific building charts, such as a name, height, clothing chart for Cheliax, Linnorm, Ustalav, Etc. so i could take those stat blocks and give them personalities on the fly. I'm not sure about other GM's but this has always been one of the biggest time consumers for me and slows both battle down and storyline as I now I have to give Bob the guard a name and levels for his shiny new sense motive check I didn't see coming.
For what it is, it will be useful. It just not what I was hoping for.

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