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Painlord's page

RPG Superstar 2013 Star Voter, 2014 Dedicated Voter. FullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 1,398 posts (17,820 including aliases). 1 review. 1 list. No wishlists. 9 Pathfinder Society characters. 17 aliases.


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Male Humanoidish Yahoo 4/Painlord 6/Punk 2/Cleric of Happiness & Sunshine 1
Magical Yamakah wrote:
Welcome Painlord. It looks like we have a full table.

Greetings Mortals. Glad to be here. I know a lot of you via your various board presences. Nice to meet you all.

I should have my yahoo done shortly.



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I've long lost faith in the once-a-day standard. It doesn't fit the possible paces of all the PbP games that exist.

Clearly, there are games that have been going a long time with a slower than 1 post per day standard.

And there are games that require momentum and post velocity to succeed.

Different players will respond better the type of game that better suits them. For me, I prefer the higher velocity games and seek to keep things moving. It helps me stay in character and keep the story and focus in my mind. Slower games hurt my ability to stay in character and retain salient plot points.

That said, posts-per-day is a limited requirement.

I consider the good PbPer to be one that advances the story, creates interactions, and responds well (with hooks). There will be times when posting more than once a day is helpful (combats) and times when you will post's not how often you post, but what you do with your posts that matter.

GMs would be better served with the following statement: "I expect you to post as often as is needed, adjusting to the pace of the group. And when you do post, I expect you to push the action/story or leave/pick up RP hooks when you do. I plan on posting at least once a day."

Qadira ***

Oh good lord...Bunnies as VLs!?

/me hides his carrots.


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Nah. It's going to be a bunch of withered plums climbing Devils Platter.


Oh...what do you mean it's Runelords and not Prunelords?!?


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eddiephlash wrote:

I just feel bad for Mike and Tannis and everybody when the majority of the comments are strictly negative. They put in so much hard work on everything, this guide included. I am so excited for this game that I am eating up every bit of information I can find, and when I come across threads like these, it makes me a bit sad. I guess people just express their excitement in different ways.

I really like how Hawkmoon's enthusiasm for the game bleeds through his posts, while at the same time he is still able to offer constructive criticism to the team. I don't see that with everybody's posts.

Don't worry too much about Tanis and Mike and Vic. They are Organized Play and board regulars and, I think, understand what the community means.

The truth is that this document will need 1000 hits from the forge's hammer (aka our community review and comments) before it gets that Year One look and feel.

And when someone like ThreeEyedSloth posts what he did above, I thank and appreciate his thoughts: he's been a store and gameday coordinator for a long time...and if he offers some constructive feedback that he feels will reduce confusion amongst his players, I hope the team will look at those suggestions.

Pretty much, eddiephlash, everyone who is posting now (this early in the process) has the best intents: we all want a great OP campaign and I don't worry about the Team taking the comments the wrong way.

Nah...don't worry.


2 people marked this as a favorite.
Drogon wrote:
If I may be so bold: a sign should be posted at the muster location saying when mustering will start for the next slot, and another sign stating when un-ticketed players will be seated. Communication can't be screwed up, that way.

What? Are you saying we Pathfinders can't screw this up? We can nitpick the freak out of the simplest and clearest rules and you think we Pathfinders can't make a farce of this?!

Challenge accepted.

Qadira ***

A few housekeeping items:

Painlord wrote:
It's kind of funny, because I thought I saw Baird...but it was just some foam in my latte. I was so grateful to my latte that it was foam and not Kyle Baird, I said "Thanks a latte".

I can't believe no one laughed at this. It might not have been funny, but I'm sure it made up for it by being painful/awful.

Painlord wrote:
Playing the marathon of the AdvCardGame, we (others, really) intend to play through all 33 Scenarios of RotRunelords over the weekend. Just started scenario 2 of 33.

We finished through Chapter/Book 4 over the weekend. With one more day or one less Banquet+GenCon Special we might have easily finished Book 5 and would be a bit less sleep away from finishing Book 6.

If next year's PaizoCon is 4 days as planned, we might make it happen. Let a gauntlet be tossed.

We played all of Book 4 on Sunday, starting at 3pmish and ending a bit before midnight. While we were all tired and sleepy on Sunday, our play and speed increased as we achieved some levels of deck and game mastery. Near the end, there were times when we were really cooking and teamworking nicely.

For the 5 scenarios of Book 4 we had:
Feral/Nick as Harsk
Verdigris as Lini
Aethelwulf as Sajan
WillJ as Kyra
Painlord as Seelah

Yep...arcane is for chumps. I loved playing Seelah; she's a smiting beat stick who digs well. I loved Lini for her versatility (seems like she could do anything with her AC). Harsk is a sniping god. Sajan was a supernova or explorer supreme. Kyra owned the undead and her fire was awesome against <the blank> from the later scenarios.

Pirate Rob wrote:
Neat! Ask them if they saw my Thornkeep mini-path p1

EDIT:I fail at this. I asked Tanis O. if I could PM her the link, but my Paizo search-fu is weak. I can't find her Paizo alias. Can someone find her alias? Or get her to post here so we can get this to her?

Found and sent. Thank you, SearchingGnome!

Thod wrote:


Great to see you posting here again. It isn't the same without you. You are top on my list of people from PFS that I would like to meet - shame you are at PaizoCon and I will be a GenCon this year.
It really intrigues me that you went 100% to the Adventure Card Game. I was already on the brink to test it out - seems I really need to give it a try now.
This leaves one question - I haven't heard anything in this bloggery yet about PFO online which apparently can be tested at PaizoCon. Anyone here who could give a report about PFO at PaizoCon.
I offer a reward of a pint of beer if the person posting here also volunteers to place an advert for our settlement close to the PFO booth.
Doesn't need to look great - just in big letters the following text - The Emerald Lodge needs you (A PFS aligned Settlement).

Failure #2. I never really got into the PFO room. Sorry Thod. But you'll enjoy the AdvCardGame. You'll be a great PathCarder, I'm sure.

Simeon wrote:
Thanks for the mention and the praise! I had a great time with the Pathfinder Adventurers Guild. Since this was a trivia contest, I should mention this is my second Paizocon and my dad's name is Khelreddin. Still, thanks for the acknowledgement and it was great fun!

Apologies! In my defense, I'm a yahoo who should not be trusted with accuracy. It was nice to meet you (again) and you completely rock. I only mostly promise not to screw up on anyone's name again ever.

And again: thanks to all the volunteers and staff that made PaizoCon happen. You rock.

Qadira ***

1 person marked this as a favorite.
BigNorseWolf wrote:
So any news on the sczarni /Qadirian factions and if they're changing at all>?

Will J (unofficial source guess for fooferall): "Sczarni will stay the same since it's not tied to a nation; Qadiran will become a international trade group."

Qadira ***

Good morning!

* * *

Details from last night: After the PaizoCon Preview Banquet I wandered back to the marathon of the ACG game. There was already a table full and running (Lisa's table...she was there until 2amish) so we started a new table copying the marathoner's progress (end of Book 2). Lisa's table rocked for a long time.

With Feral from the L.A., GM Verdigris, Will J, Tanis O'Connor (Pathfinder Society: Adventure Card Game Organized Play Coordinator), and myself started up. We played and beat Adventure 2, Scenario 5, then Adv 3, Scenario 1. We finished those two scenarios at 3am. The other table is still going.

Sleep is good.

When I return at 8:30am, some of the yahoos from the other table are still here and still playing. They are finishing Adventure 3, Book 5. They are about to defeat the BBEG. I lurk, awaiting my chance to jump in and play, giving the all-night players a chance to go sleep.

Qadira ***

Drogon wrote:
Sorry, Hobbun, there weren't really any PFB reveals other than the Shemhazian. Maybe I can convince Erik to give up something during the minis trading this afternoon. I'll keep you posted.

Drogon...I have questions for you. I hope I can find you before people split today. I'll be in the ACG room until it closes, but am happy to go find you.

Qadira ***

1 person marked this as a favorite.

So...time for the Trivia contest (one of my favorite events). After a 20 minute 10 minute (yes, a "10 minute" break does not take 20 minutes) break, John Compton is going to test 4 or 5 teams in an X number trivia contest.

JC announced that this is a Mark Moreland question free year.

The table at which I sit (though I am not participating) has David, Steven Simon & Chris from CA, Nicolas M & Nick L (Feral), & Will J.

25 questions: Yes, this event is is every year and that's part of the charm.

Paizo Staff Lore:
1. Which P staff is the llama avatar from the animal archive?
2. What job position has Jeff A, J Sutter, Cosmo all held?
3. Name 2 Paizo employees who have joined since PaizoCon 2013?
4. Name 2 of 5 previous of the volunteers of the year.
5. On Jan 1, 2014...Paizo changed its official name: What is the new name?

Wow! Another fan moment! Wow. Lisa Stevens just came by to drag me over to play the AdvCardGame marathon...however, I refused....but was deeply awed by the invite. Wow...the things I do for you people to type up things that you probably don't care about at all.

Pathfinder Rules: (no longer RPG rules)
6. Name 4 of the 6 mythics paths:
7. Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 4, name 2 of the 3 CR30 creatures.
8. Of the 7 characters of the RotR base card game set, only 2 of the characters which don't have a d12 in their card.
9. Most poison deal ability damage, what creatures have poison that do something more than ability damage, in the bestiary 3 of the 9.
10. At 10th lvl elf ranger, 16 str, 20 dex, FE magical beast +6, Evil Outsider +4, Undead +2 +3 shock composite might longbow (str +4), PB shot, rapid & improved precise shot, MW full plate armor, Maximum # of shots at a wyvern, in combat 500 feet away with eagle companion. What is his to hit? My brain exploded. I'm glad I'm not participating...I can barely type this out, let alone answer the question.

Btw, huge props to Simon, the son of Thelrraddin, who is at our table in his first Paizocon. He is rocking the questions. He's also 13.

Pathfinder Adventures:
11. What is the name of the Emerald Spire fortified settlement?
12. Name of the City the for Mummy's Mask begins.
13. Which item of the ACG RotR named loot?
14. Perils of the Lost Coast: Black the henchmen?
15. Name 2 of the 3 layers of the Abyss that the PCs visit in WotR?

Pathfinder Campaign Setting:
16. 3 gods on cover of Inner Sea Setting.
17. Name 4 of the 7 nations that border Lake Encartha.
18. Desert nation of Osirion, name the big waterway...form Sothis to Inner Sea.
19. Inner Sea Gods: one cleric domain in common: Amodeus, Urgotha, Alsetta, Savannah.
20. 4014 A.R. in PF campaign...what is the current year on Earth?

Pathfinder Characters:
21. Nerosyan: 2 active PFS VCs.
22. Who are in the Pathfinder Legends Audio drama: name 2 of the 4 yahoos.
23. What deity does Succubus follow in WotR?
24. In the Pathfinder Tales Redemption, what org does Bors and Whatshisface belong?
25. Name 3 of the 5 iconics from the ACG.

Team Names: <Redacted>, Oh Shiny!, Pathfinder Adventurers League, 3 hands of Doom, Hands of Vengeance.


1. Patrick Remie
2. Customer Service Rep
3. Various names
4 .Tim N, Mark M, Liz C, Doug M, Kyle E
5. Paizo Inc.

6. Archmage, Champion,Guardian, Trickster...and two more. (Hamburglar was not right.)
7. Look it up. PoozooZoo. Cthlulu. and #%WDGS.
8. Lem. Valeros.
9. Drow. Kraken. Homoculous, 2 Linnorm, Dark Naga, Psuedodragon, Vargoille (sp?)
10. -1

11. Fort Inevitable
12. Wati
13. Sihedron Medallion
14. Ancient Skeletons
15. Midnight Isles, Ivory Labyrth, Rasping Rifts

16. Urgotha, Nethys, Sarenrae
17. Ramz, Lastwall, Methune, Kyonin, ...and 2 more. Look at a map...I no type so beer good.
18. Sphinx
19. Magic
20. 1919

21. Thurel (sp?) and Jorcel
22. Ezren, Harsk, Mericial, Valeros
23. Desna
24. Oridian Fold
25. the blog...i fail to spell these

WINNER: OOOH SHINY!!!!! (with 21 of 25 points) They win stuff!

Qadira ***

Geezo. Reading Drogon's recaps, formatting, and presentation makes me believe that he is a devout mormon who does not drink beer at social gatherings.

Thanks for picking up the slack.

Qadira ***

BigNorseWolf wrote:
Gah! don't tease like that. Whats the news?

Wait! What?!? What did I miss!?! It's loud and confuzzling and uh, beer, uh, uh, let me know and I'll make something up fix it!

Qadira ***

At 8:37 pm, our Mike Brock takes the mic to talk about I dunno what....maybe the Mariners...or sailing. I hear...

...oh he's talking about PFS...and opens up getting thunderous applause for the VOs in the room. Without them, we could do all we do.

Co-volunteers of the Year: Rob Silk and Dave Harrison (UK). They started PaizoCon UK and now several hundred players.

Wow. Congrats guys. You have my awe and appreciation.

Qadira ***

Joe M. wrote:
Painlord wrote:

Spring 2015: Pathfinder Unchained: 256 pages of WTF? Uhm..."what if the rules team could do whatever they wanted". It's a new set of rules and different things they could do stuff they wanted to do. New Summoner. Fixed Rogue. Full BAB Monk.

JB calls the book 'a playground' can use parts or all of it for a different experience.

Now *that's* interesting. Looking forward to hearing more about this one.

Yeah...I'm not really sure how to describe it except from what JB said about it. I think they are offering a slew of things they've always wanted to fix, but releasing it as a completely optional release that you can integrate as you choose.

Not sure if or how it will fit into PFS. That's for people with much less beer in them to decide.

Qadira ***

Additional 2014 Releases: Iron Gods.

Next AP: Giant Slayer. Hold of Belkzen. 3 big ass giants as the temporary artwork. They did not discuss much detail at all.

* * *

Erik introduced a slew of 3rd party and close publishers: the comic books, the toys, other figures, and whatnot. Sadly, it's just more than I can cover (and outside my main interest level).

Still working on the Lost Coast Pathfinder Battles set.

Qadira ***

James McTeague wrote:
Mythic ACG? Huh. I wonder how that's going to work...

Ayep. However, they added a new card to Skull & Shackles (ships!) so I bet they have a way.

Qadira ***

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Mike Selinker, wrote the Adventure Card game....uh, which you might have guessed I kind of like, is next up to speak. He speaks about the RotR game and their progress over the last year. Feedback on the Paizo boards has really helped shape the game.

Skull & Shackles will be the next AP released (which was also previewed here at the con). The theme of the ACG AP is "things that are very unstable" - ships and guns and whatnot. If you've played the ACG, then you can sort of imagine walking up after being shanghai'd and on a pirate boat.

Next ACG AP: Wrath of the Righteous. Will have a mythic card component.

Tanis O'Connor: will be running the Organized Play campaign for the Adventure Card Game. Will be starting Season Zero the ACGame Organized Play campaign. Emulating the PFSociety with gamestore play. Weekly releases of scenarios. Will need a class deck to play.

Woah...update: It's called the Pathfinder Society: Adventure Card Guild. This will be an experimental season (season zero). Launching at GenCon and your local gamestore (same day).

Qadira ***

7 people marked this as a favorite.

Sweet - PaizoCon Preview Banquet. One of the things I most look forward to at PaizoCon. The food is fine, but we have about 50 tables full of rabid Paizonians cheering on the latest news is pretty sweet. Sadly, I can't ever describe the experience properly...forgive me.

I'm sitting at a table with Nani & Kyle Pratt (former yahoos of GA), David Shaw (current yahoo of GA), Jesper Ejsing (artist for the Emerald Spire, LoF AP), Sarah Robinson, & Chris Self. I cant complain. I thought I saw Kyle Baird at another table, but it was just a stack of plates.

Erik and Lisa open up the Preview with talking about the staff and what Paizo is doing and where they are going. It's amazing how much love they have for their teams. It's good to see.

* * *
JBulmahn to the mic to discuss the iconics and the new release. (You'll probably find better and more info on the Paizo Blog.) He discusses the Advanced Class Guide. Each class has 4 pages of archetypes.

Jason liked the Magus because it blended two classes together. (Remember the glorious PFS maguses from yestermods, do you?) The Skald looks pretty hot. A new spell, bulletward, will stop gunslinger bullets.

Fall book: Monster Codex. 20 iconic monsters...much more info: ecology, new rules, unique spells, etc. Much like the Adv Race Guide & stat blocks. King and Queen Fire Giants look pretty vicious. If you're into artwork, it's gorgeous. (They have 3 huge display screens and they look great.)

Next book: Strategy Guide - late 2014. For the new players, help them learn the basics. Walks new players through the basics - combats, turns, etc. (I thought I saw a picture of Kyle Baird, but it was really just a smudged page number.)

Spring 2015: Pathfinder Unchained: 256 pages of WTF? Uhm..."what if the rules team could do whatever they wanted". It's a new set of rules and different things they could do stuff they wanted to do. New Summoner. Fixed Rogue. Full BAB Monk.

JB calls the book 'a playground' can use parts or all of it for a different experience.

Qadira ***

*REALLY* enjoyed that last game of ACG, the Skinsaw Murders, Crow Bait. To defeat the BBEG, we had 5 players working together (tossing blessings, boons, spells, etc.) to win. This game is very high in the cooperative mojo which makes it a great team experience. (If I had thumbs, rather than a collection of middle fingers, I would definitely give this a thumbs up.)

While playing that last round, since it was a life and death situation, I thought I felt the presence of Kyle Baird. I looked around for him, but realized that it was just a few leftover funyuns from the game before.

Qadira ***

Playing the ACG with Lisa Stevens (Ranzak), Ivan from Arizona (Lem), Clarence from Idaho (Ezren), Patrick for Birmingham (Amiri), Sarah from Idaho (Kyra) and Painlord (Lini).

I've learned that Lisa's favorite card is Amiri, which is also the name of her cat.

I had been playing mostly Lem and Seelah, now trying the druid for the first time. She's pretty good, explores well, and can handle most combats pretty well.

Ranzak is a favorite at the table.

p.s. I thought I saw Kyle Baird walk by in the hallway, but it was just a really dark shadow in the shape of a muffin.

Qadira ***

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Oh! I thought I saw Kyle Baird, but it was just a trick of the morning light and my sleepy eyes. In my defense, it was actually a pretty smart looking trash can.

Thod wrote:


Great to see you posting here again. It isn't the same without you....
It really intrigues me that you went 100% to the Adventure Card Game. I was already on the brink to test it out - seems I really need to give it a try now.

Of course it isn't the same without's probably a nicer, happier place.

The Amazing Thod wrote:
This leaves one question - I haven't heard anything in this bloggery yet about PFO online which apparently can be tested at PaizoCon. Anyone here who could give a report about PFO at PaizoCon.

I'll see what I can do, Thod. I'm back in the card room, we are 8 of 33 through the marathon play. Hopefully, play will go faster today as we have more experienced players.

PFSers Kristina from Texas and Sarah from Idaho are helping run the ACG. It's awesome how PFS volunteers (and VOs) give their time around here.

We start Adventure 2 (Skinsaw Murders) now.

Qadira ***

Naturally, using pure divine retributions and more (un)holy oaths than my delicate ears can hear, we (not just our table) defeated the BBEG in the GenCon Special. I know it isn't much detail, but I don't want to spoil anything.

* * *
At the bar, Ben from Australia (a yahoo I met last year), stopped by to chit chat. *Remember, this is the only and most important thing about PaizoCon and similar conventions*: it's about the people you meet as you share common experiences and then, if you're lucky, you get to share the experience again.

So running into Ben, not really recognizing him, but sort of remembering, but then re-introducing ourselves and catching up...that's what I love.

Your realities may vary.

Qadira ***

1 person marked this as a favorite.

FanBoy Moment: I'm playing the marathon ACG (see above). The table currently exist with:

Tanis O'Connor (Paizo Adventure Card Game Designer)
Brian (Lead Editor for the ACG)
Lisa Stevens (CEO) my questions are getting answered and I notice that Lisa dances when she does something good.

Qadira ***

Just got a random text from a GM in the PFS room: "Playing a Kyle Baird Tier 10-11 with a group. I'm smelling a TPK."

It's kind of funny, because I thought I saw Baird...but it was just some foam in my latte. I was so grateful to my latte that it was foam and not Kyle Baird, I said "Thanks a Latte".

* * *

Playing the marathon of the AdvCardGame, we (others, really) intend to play through all 33 Scenarios of RotRunelords over the weekend. Just started scenario 2 of 33.

Qadira ***

Oh! So close! I thought I had a Kyle Baird sighting, but it was just a fern.

For the record, there was no long line at registration when I went down at 8:10 to check in. Granted, most of the tables started at 8am, so I'm appropriately and perfectly late. But yeah, Paizo check in staff ROCKED the checkin.

Currently playing the Skull&Shackles AdvCardGame with Brett (VC) from Eugene and Sarah (VL from Idaho) and Preston (VC) from Spokane. There are a lot of sharks in the card game...makes me think that Dragnmoon would fit in.

Qadira ***

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Peter from Pullman stopped by to chitchat, he enjoyed the Meet & Greet for a bit.

Clarence from Idaho stopped by to chat. He introduced me to the new VC of Idaho, Mark. Nice to see a former VC still hanging around and making introductions.

Majuba passes around his goblin brains. The hotel bar is still pretty pretty loud, but some GMs (those with some desire to run good tables tomorrow morning) have left to go prep their mods.

At 10pm....I finally meet Drogon and his wife Heather. About freakin' time.

Qadira ***

Ah, that was good. My fellow PathCarders beat Nualia in her goblin haven.

We had a decent crowd as we rocked the final battle, Seelah taking her down with a combined a bajillion dice in the last combat.

Tons of yahoos about the bar now, spending time with the New Orleans crowd of PFSers: Mike and Anthony and Robert.

Paizers John Compton, Brock, Daigle, Courts and others hold open discussions with friends the bar area.

Qadira ***

Holy Piddlespot!

Taking a break. My team of elite PathCarders have taken on and repelled the Attack on Sandpoint, then soaked up the love in Local Heroes, but now the evil has returned and we heroes marshal to repel the wraithspawn in Trouble in Sandpoint.

Andi plays Lini, Aethelwulfe rocks the Lem, Lamplighter learns with Harsk, and I'm rocking the Seelah. The Adventure Card game is pretty fun. Enjoying the heck out of it.

We're having fun seeing (and meeting) all the PaizoConners around. Bruce from LA just smashing entrance.

More and more yahooery has come's quite the menagerie. Pretty sure that things will get worse as more beer is poured.

Qadira ***

+1 to what Lady Ohno says.

Just had a run in with David Montgomery, 5-star, from Boston...nice guy.

Clarence, long time Bloggery yahoo, from Idaho, was meeted and greeted.

Other yahoos met:
Jesse Benner
Jon Dennings
Dave from Atlanta

Getting started on our ACG run of RotR.

Qadira ***

Drogon wrote:
PS - looking forward to meeting you, Painlord. (-:

Ah Piddlesot! Thanks for the warning.

/me packs mithril undershirt and extra antitoxin. ;)

* * * *

Like most of the yahoos who have posted above, I also had trouble sleeping last night. Had troubling visions of boil and trouble. It wasn't until I saw the cast of yahoos above saying they they were coming did I realize why: Beerwolf? Thursty? Lady O? Drogon? Nicholas? Todd Freakin' Morgan? Walt? Spokanians?

This place is, again, going to be chaos. A better, more peaceful, vacation would have been the Worldwound.

And yet I still come.

* * * *

My schedule will be a bit freer this year, not investing tons of time in PFS, but enjoying other aspects of PaizoCon. I'll be playing a lot of the PF Adventure Card Game this convention when I'm not socializing or geeking out elsewhere.

Painlord's Schedule:
Thursday, Noon to 11pm: Adventure Card Game in Hotel Bar. A few friends (even a Canadian) and I will be playing all of Deck/Book 1 of Rise of the Runelords in Hotel Bar. This will be a perfect spot for an impromptu Meet & Greet and socializing. If any of you Thursday arrivals can stop by and help translate the ACG into Canadian, that might be appreciated.
Friday, Morning/Day: Adventure Card Game.
Saturady, Morning/Day: Adventure Card Game.
Saturday, Evening: PaizoCon Preview Banquet.
Sunday, Morning/Day: Adventure Card Game.

Qadira ***

5 people marked this as a favorite.

Hey All You Magnificent PFS Piddlespotters--

In the past, we've detailed our games, our meets, our greets, and our beerings. There are some good memories stored up in the threads of yesterPFS:

2011 PFS PaizoCon Bloggery
2012 PFS PaizoCon Bloggery (w/Grand Convocation and massive Banquet spoilers)
2013 PFS PaizoCon Bloggery (w/GenCon Special Run)

You really should have your names/thoughts/games immortalized in this new thread...whether you're attending or not.

As most of you know, I believe PFS's core is a social community and so whether you can make it to Paizocon or not, I hope that you will participate.

For you attendees:

  • Post about whom you've met and where they are from.
  • Post about the games you're playing in, with whom, and fun details. (Avoid spoilers...and use spoiler tags if you're going to spoil!)
  • Post about extraPFSular activities.
  • Get others to share their feedback from PaizoCon.
  • Post links to pictures and media.
  • Post about neat characters you've played with.
  • Post any cool 'tricks' you've learned.
  • Post about the sessions and talks you've attended.
  • Post about how awesome your judges have been and what things they did well. Heck, even thank them.

For you non-attendees:

  • Tell us what sessions you want reports from;
  • Questions you want us to ask and to whom;
  • Things you want to know about;
  • Give lip/guff/sass/snark to PFS board personalities you know (or don't...either way, sass is encouraged).

I, like usual, promise nothing...except that I'll be twisting some arms of people here to join me in describing their experience playing PFS this weekend and the people that make it happen.

This might be the last Bloggery for me for a while. Rumor has it that PaizoCon will be moving to Memorial Day weekend, which means many PFSers will be supporting their local conventions (like Kublacon). However, that doesn't mean this PaizoCon won't rock.



GM Lamplighter wrote:

Here's an old post on Grand Convocation 4712 AR...

And another recap.

Qadira ***

Just wanted to say that Khelreddin totally exists and his son, in fact, is wearing a hoodie with the word Meh on it.

That is all.

Qadira ***

Khelreddin wrote:
Is it reasonable to expect that we could get seated together as walk-ins? We'd be playing low-tier and there are a lot of scenarios on Saturday's schedule that neither of us have played.

There will definitely be room for walk-ins. They plan for them. And Andi and Euan will make every effort to seat you together if you mention it. The PFS coordination staff at Kubla are some of the best there is.

Maybe I'll even see you there.


2 people marked this as a favorite.

I post a lot via my IPhone and IPad. I've heard a fair amount of complaints about posting from phone, but I think there are hacks that help.

For my Ipad, I have a keyboard with a nice long life, all the buttons (including the all important [ ]s) which helps a lot.

Pro-Tip#1: Type posts into your email app, then copy them to your campaign posts. Nothing sucks more than losing your entire post because of the internet goblins.
1a: When you write into an email, you can more easily adapt and reuse your combat and stat blocks. Just save your posts as email drafts.

Pro-Tip#2: (IPhone/IPad): Been using a lot of the 'Shortcuts' to quicken the coding of my combat and RP posts.

To get there: Settings => General => Keyboard => Shortcuts

My current shortcuts are: (obviously, replace { } with [ ])

cbb: {b}" "{/b}
cii: {i} {/i}
cooc: {ooc} {/ooc}
cs: {s} {/s}
cspo: {spoiler=} {/spoiler}
crl: {url=} {/url}

d6: {dice}1d6+ {/dice}
d8: {dice}1d8+ {/dice}
d20: {dice}1d20+ {/dice}
dk: {dice}1d20+ {/dice} Knowledge ( )

Anyone else got something that would make my phone/ipad posting better?


Male Humanoidish Yahoo 4/Painlord 6/Punk 2/Cleric of Happiness & Sunshine 1

Welcome Brian!

If you have any questions, I'm sure you'll get lots of help from the yahoos here (including me). PbP can be a wonderful can really enhance RP and character development. I encourage you to think of an arc for your character.

As for what is needed, my suggestion is to play whatever you want to play. I don't even want to know what you or anyone else is bringing...just have something you want to have fun with.

As for my yahoo, I'm more than 50% done...I should have an intro post up this weekend, maybe.


Male Humanoidish Yahoo 4/Painlord 6/Punk 2/Cleric of Happiness & Sunshine 1

Still working on my that a chaos element has been introduced...uh, things have changed. I need to plan differently...

...which is fine because we have more time than I thought to work through all this. I keep kicking around ideas.


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Male Humanoidish Yahoo 4/Painlord 6/Punk 2/Cleric of Happiness & Sunshine 1

Uhm...what are the construction requirements?

15 pt buy
Core races

Starting Gold?
Third party products? (you know my heart is totally set on a psionisist gunslinger who pulling up some feats from the Book of Nine Swords and some 1e stuff I have...that's okay, right?)
Advanced Class Playtest?
How many traits?
Magic Item creation?

* * *

GM Kyshkumen wrote:
Also how is that guide to PbP GMing going?

Hmm...see, I dunno that I can write one until I actually do more PbP GMing. And yes, I probably should do that, but mostly I suck too much right now to get on that. But Andi has been pushing...and you can only say no to Andi for so long before you give in.

I ponder.


Male Humanoidish Yahoo 4/Painlord 6/Punk 2/Cleric of Happiness & Sunshine 1
GM Kyshkumen wrote:
I would also like you to post your characters here when they are finished. I expect Painlord will want some special exception.

To be fair, I'll post my character here no problem. I'll happy post what I look like, my personality, my internal motivations, and some back history. If anyone is interested in some shared backstory and has some ideas, please PM me.

I'm happy to share my build with the GM. I don't want to know your builds...I want you to play whatever you want without any expectations or conditions.

GM Kyshkumen wrote:
Some recommended reading for the new players.

Oh, I see how it link to that PbP Gude, but not the other one?

Uh's going to be like that, eh GM Kyshkumen?

* * *
I should have a preliminary yahoo sketched and up here tomorrow night. I'm still going over concepts and what not. Not sure yet what will be the defining aspects of his personality nor his backstory.

Please forgive the delay.

I'm excited for this.

If we need any extra good players, I can help recruit good PbPers that I know.


Nebten wrote:
Do we want to try to carry on, or just try for next Online Gameday?

Painlord shifts on his rock as if he had just received unwelcome news.

"That is disappointing, but likely the proper call. I shall end my vigil...and so ends my dreams of playing with Ziz," Painlord grumbles.

"Let us hope this online gameday inspires more and better attendance in the next."

Painlord stands and kicks the rock into the aether, preparing to leave himself.

"Nebten, you have been a good host. Curaigh, another time, mayhaps."


Painlord continues to sit on his rock, pondering his options.

He lights a dark pipe off Pavanna's channeled energies, leaves of unknown origin smoldering.

He waits for more voices to enjoin, hoping that the promise of this endeavor is met.


Male Humanoidish Yahoo 4/Painlord 6/Punk 2/Cleric of Happiness & Sunshine 1

Give me 6 months and I should/could have 3 full campaigns done via PbP: Council of Thieves, Shackled City, and Curse of the Crimson Throne.

And I'm with Motte for two other strong campaigns. Those are a ways off...but feel good about them.




"I tear the aether asunder and will myself into this plane!" Painlord intones, stepping through a rip in time and space and into the recruitment thread. He looks around slowly, divining the true nature of those therein.

"Ziz? Is that your form? And Curaigh?" Painlord utters, surprised. "I am impressed, Nebten. You have acquired some talent. Perhaps me or one of my many forms will embark in this as well."

Painlord walks around the recruitment thread, surveying the area.

He reaches back into the aether to draw forth a large sitting stone.

"I shall ponder my existence here...and which form my mighty attendance will take.," Painlord says, moving to sit upon the stone.

I believe I have a lvl 3 or lvl 7, both fun characters to enjoin. Save my spot.


Commissar Kip wrote:

I just received this from the account "Caprain Greg"

"I am Captain Greg Schneider, American soldier I will be glad if you if you can add me.
Capt. Greg Schneider"

Me too. Got a similar message.



+1 to this issue.

Not staying focused for more than 10 minutes or so.

It's like me in grade sch--...SQUIRREL!!!!


A half-orc enters the thread, looking around. She puts her hands on her hips, demanding response. Her mighty tusks flare with every nostril's intake.

"Who sent me this dang note? And what happened to the Professor!?" Baer says, with a clenched wad of paper in her mighty hands.

"Someone, answer me! I didn't come all this way to be ignored!"

Baer's long brown hair curls around her shoulders. She carries a quarterstaff that thumps on the ground of this recruitment thread. Her eyes look left and right, seeking an answer.

* * *

Allow me to introduce you to Baer Mytr, former student and friend to the Professor. She, a magus, has been removed from Ustalav for a while, having fled to the outskirts after several years of schooling with the Professor.

She currently makes her way as a shepherd (hard to incur her sizable anger when she is alone...with livestock), but has a variety of training in other areas: arcana, history, the planes.

Baer is young, sometimes reckless, but her energy and rambunctious behavior was well-focused by the Professor...which is why she loved him so. He saw the potential and good in her and that made her believe in herself. She knows this and will always be in debt to the Professor. She seeks a path toward further education and enlightenment.

Baer stands 5'9" tall, weighs 180lbs, but carries herself like someone who has something to prove.

Draft Build:

Baer Mytr
Half-Orc Magus (Staff Magus) 1
NG Medium humanoid (human, orc)
Init +1; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +2
AC 14, touch 11, flat-footed 13 (+3 armor, +1 Dex)
hp 14 (1d8+6)
Fort +4, Ref +1, Will +2
Speed 30 ft.
Melee dagger +3 (1d4+3/19-20) and
. . quarterstaff -1 (1d6+3/1d6+1)
Ranged javelin +1 (1d6+3)
Magus (Staff Magus) Spells Prepared (CL 1st; concentration +4):
1st—grease (DC 14), shield
0 (at will)—dancing lights, detect magic, read magic
Str 16, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 16, Wis 10, Cha 8
Base Atk +0; CMB +3; CMD 14
Feats Quarterstaff Master, Toughness
Traits reckless, teacher's pet
Skills Acrobatics +2, Climb +3, Knowledge (arcana) +7, Knowledge (planes) +7, Knowledge (religion) +9, Perception +2, Profession (shepherd) +4, Spellcraft +7; Racial Modifiers +1 Acrobatics, +1 Climb, +2 Perception
Languages Abyssal, Common, Draconic, Giant, Orc
SQ arcane pool, orc blood, weapon familiarity, spell combat
Other Gear studded leather, dagger, javelin (2), quarterstaff, 113 gp
Special Abilities
Arcane Pool (+1) (4/day) (Su) Infuse own power into a held weapon, granting enhancement bonus or selected item powers.
Darkvision (60 feet) You can see in the dark (black and white vision only).
Orc Blood Half-orcs count as both humans and orcs for any effect related to race.
Quarterstaff Master Use a quarterstaff one-handed
Spell Combat (Ex) Use a weapon with one hand at -2 and cast a spell with the other.
Teacher's Pet (Knowledge [religion]) Professor Lorrimor traveled the Inner Sea region lecturing and teaching at universities in locations as far-flung as Manaket and Magnimar, and as different in scope as the bardic colleges of Taldor and the battle colleges of the River Kingdoms.

* * *

About me, Painlord:

Uh...hi! I'm Painlord. I'm an avid PbPer and roleplayer. As you can see from my aliases, I've been in more than a few successful PbPs and I know how to roleplay. My focus is on having fun and putting together a great, collaborative story.

If you have any questions about me or Baer, please let me know.

Qadira ***

Congrats, DougDoug! You have always lead the way with selfless giving and promotion of the good of PFS.

You rock.


/me returns to the Demiplane of Pain

Qadira ***

Dear VC Caubo--

For the love of whatever gods I pray to, can you use your VO powers to see about getting the pre-gens (Ezren 1, Kyra 1, etc.) into an easily copyable/paste-able format for creating PbP aliases?

It would really help to have them someplace in BBcode, by level, so that new PbP PFSers could easily create and play.

Loves and backstabs,


Qadira ***

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Kyle Baird wrote:

Speaking of which, there are 97 of these threads, and 9 people have started more than one of them:

Author Mega-Threads Started
Painlord 2

In my defense, I *could* have more threads over 200 if more people cared about uninteresting crap that no one cared about.

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