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Painlord's page

RPG Superstar 6 Season Star Voter, 7 Season Dedicated Voter. FullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 1,533 posts (21,642 including aliases). 1 review. 1 list. No wishlists. 9 Pathfinder Society characters. 20 aliases.


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The Exchange

BartonOliver wrote:

Oh, I've read it. Been meaning to try out PbP for a while, but just hadn't had a chance until this gameday was announced. (Plus, meeting Painlord added some fire to my search for a game)

+1 for the name reference, BO, (unless Jan Itor isn't from Scrubs).

-1 to BO if you have a character named 'Dr. Acula'.
+1 to BO for trying out PbP. I hope it goes well.
-1 for trusting me, BO. That usually leads to trouble.
+1 to Hmm for helping new players play. People like you make this game good.
+2 for GMing, Hmm. I bet you're going to rock this.

The Exchange

Male Humanoidish Yahoo 4/Painlord 6/Punk 2/Cleric of Happiness & Sunshine 1
Elon Steelkeg wrote:

We just freed a bunch of silurians and got a second spacecraft as my space yak took over as First Mate and commanded the ship in my absence.

This may seem tangential, but I just wanted to brag a bit. :D

Space yak?

Somewhere, someplace, an old elf *facepalms*.

The Exchange

Male Humanoidish Yahoo 4/Painlord 6/Punk 2/Cleric of Happiness & Sunshine 1


Character Name: not Jack Brown, something good, like uhm...something
Concept: 95% complete
Background: 47% complete
Mechanics: 95% complete

The Exchange

Male Humanoidish Yahoo 4/Painlord 6/Punk 2/Cleric of Happiness & Sunshine 1
Isle of Dread wrote:
Mad props to that dude. Awesome campaign ad. You know the difference between a Canadian and Australian accent, right?

Uh huh...sure... Cheerio, ol' chap.

The Exchange

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Male Humanoidish Yahoo 4/Painlord 6/Punk 2/Cleric of Happiness & Sunshine 1

Dude, GM Damo, not saying this guy looks (link) and sounds a lot like you, but wow...I think he has the same platform as you would.

Character Name: Jack Brown*
Concept: 87% complete
Background: 17% complete
Mechanics: 95% complete

*=likely to change, I hope to come up with a real name that isn't so ridiculous and doesn't sound so awful

The Exchange

Male Humanoidish Yahoo 4/Painlord 6/Punk 2/Cleric of Happiness & Sunshine 1
Isle of Dread wrote:
So, you know the starting point now... enjoy! Feel free to make up any locations you like in your continuing character intros, or use old and familiar ones. I'm unlikely to know the difference.

My yahoo is built, both exo- and intro- skeleton. I should intro posts coming soon enough, but don't feel too rushed as we await our other players.

I am getting more excited for this and long to the Isle.

The Exchange

Male Humanoidish Yahoo 4/Painlord 6/Punk 2/Cleric of Happiness & Sunshine 1
Gado Folklo wrote:
Of course I am playing the character with insane intelligence and languages to spare, so who am I to talk? :)

Eye sea what ewe did their. Not funny. The pun-ishment continues...I brought it upon myself, I suppose with the bread shennanigans.

The Exchange

Male Humanoidish Yahoo 4/Painlord 6/Punk 2/Cleric of Happiness & Sunshine 1
Silbeg wrote:
havne't read this thread yet...


Painlord lifts his head to look at fleeting Sillbug, gone almost before he was there. "You should stay a while next time. Visit. Read. You might like it," Painlord smirkingly says at the retreating form.

Isle of Dread wrote:
So. Excited.

"Why don't you excitedly check your piddlespotting email, bub?" Painlord utters knowingly. "Might get excited there too."

The Exchange

Male Humanoidish Yahoo 4/Painlord 6/Punk 2/Cleric of Happiness & Sunshine 1
GM Tyranius wrote:
I would be interested if you have room.


I also have an opening: Aisle of MuthaPiddlespottin' Bread!, Isle of Dread! We seek one quality yahoo to join our crack team of yahoos (Tektite: this is most of the Minn crew (Silbeg, etc) + GM Damo that you met @GenCon).

I'm looking for someone who really wants to bust out of the PFS PbP mindset and RP differently. We want a few players outside their usual group.

Anyone interested in Isle?

The Exchange

Male Humanoidish Yahoo 4/Painlord 6/Punk 2/Cleric of Happiness & Sunshine 1

Painlord shifts uneasily upon his rock, his ass not as hard as the stone beneath him. Whether it was the pain in his ass or a stray thought that broke his concentration, Painlord finally finds words to say the assembled scum and villainy heroes and explorers. He rises to speak, rubbing his backside as he does.

"An idea comes to me, more haunting dream than thought. It is a cascading whisper and I know what I must do. I am the Anthropologist...if it pleases you all. It would give me an answer to the whispers," Painlord says, settling his ass again upon his stone. It might occur to a viewer that Painlord could simply summon a more comfy chair from the aether...or a cushion...or a weave of flumphfeathers, but no, Painlord does not. He lets his ass hurt for reasons of his own.

Usually, I would wait until last take the dregs of roles, but this idea intrigues me and I would make it be.

The Exchange

Male Humanoidish Yahoo 4/Painlord 6/Punk 2/Cleric of Happiness & Sunshine 1

Do Not bRead:
Isle of Dread wrote:
Your half-baked attempts at humor amuse me.

At yeast you the decency to toss me a few crumbs in return. A toast then? To ryes a glass in the spirit of a good jest?

* * * *

pH unbalanced wrote:
I'm planning on being a bit of a switch-hitter,

Oh, I get why you're a switchhitter. What else would we expect from someone's alias is 'Funbalanced'?

Also, I'm pretty sure I was wrong, I think I did meet you at PCon two years ago, right? I have a nagging head sprain that I forgot, but the more I think about it, the more I seem to remember it. Anyhoot, nice to meet you again.

The Exchange

Male Humanoidish Yahoo 4/Painlord 6/Punk 2/Cleric of Happiness & Sunshine 1

Do Not Read:
Isle of Dread wrote:
Painlord wrote:
"Aisle of Bread, eh? I shall ponder the depths of my baker's soul and recipe books for a leavener worthy of this group."
It may or may not comfort you to know that neither the natives who will kill then cook you, nor the rampaging dinosaur who will eventually...

It's a relief we're not doing Aisle of Bread. I was really worried about what rolls we were going to knead.



Slowly and while wiping tears from his eyes, Painlord climbs back on to his rock and begins to think seriously again. Only rarely does he break his concentrations with lowly uttered words "knead" and "rolls".

I told you not to read.

The Exchange

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Male Humanoidish Yahoo 4/Painlord 6/Punk 2/Cleric of Happiness & Sunshine 1


Fabric rips between sight, mind, and screen as Painlord enters the thread through explosions of light and ripped fabric.

"I summon myself from the aether and into this thread! Let the circuits tremble and the pixels quake at my coming!"

Painlord dusts himself off from the bits of alternate reality and unformed chaos from his naked body. He then slices through he silver cord attached at the waist. He looks around at his surroundings.

"Aisle of Bread, eh? I shall ponder the depths of my baker's soul and recipe books for a leavener worthy of this group."

"Isle of Dread, eh? I shall ponder the depths of my black soul and darkest intents for a character worthy of this group."

Painlord draws a large stone from the aether and places it near him. He dusts off the rock, has a sit, and begins to ponder. His chin rests upon this clenched fist and that upon a bowed elbow upon knee.

I ponder. The character/personality is still forming. I know it will be a creation of blood and suffering, but this new voice is not yet fully known to me. I will not be sharing the details of my build nor creation process with you would sicken and revolt even the staunchest spleen.

The Exchange ***

Eric Clingenpeel wrote:
1- I love the card game. Maybe not as much as a lot of our PACG VLs do, but I do really enjoy the game and I think Mike did a great job designing it. I've played every set and I'm looking forward to playing Mummy's Mask when it comes out as some of the mechanics I heard it uses sounds fun.


The Exchange

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Male Humanoidish Yahoo 4/Painlord 6/Punk 2/Cleric of Happiness & Sunshine 1
Papasteve08 wrote:

You did meet me ---> Papasteve08 = Steve = Cyrus

I think Cyrus got more associated with the real me than my actual forum handle - and I am totally ok with that :)

* * *
I laughed uncomfortably loud at this, and also felt pity at the same time.... I love this group!

Doy. Duh. Uhm...I was drunk when I met you so...uh...that's why it didn't click. Also, you totally don't look like a Papa. You don't look anything like a Papa. I've seen Papas, including notables Papa John, Ernest Hemingway, Cool Papa Bell, Papa Lazarou, and Papa Murphy. And even a Big Papi, once...but none resemble you in the least.

Yeah, you're Cyrus the Flea to me. :)

Papasteve08 wrote:
Ha! I thought I would be reading your posts in an Austrailian accent when I got home, but the sound and inflection of it is surprisingly already leaving my brain...

This. This and totally this...except that I can't shake the sound out of my head. Gah!

The Exchange

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Male Humanoidish Yahoo 4/Painlord 6/Punk 2/Cleric of Happiness & Sunshine 1

Forgive the interruption (again), but there are things that need to be said...

Damien Wilmann wrote:
As for GenCon, was an amazing time.

TOTALLY. This was a good time and it was heightened by me being able to meet (and drink with) you, Jack, Steve, & redshirt Christopher. (Papa, how did I not meet you?)

I'm still jealous that this crew is so f'ing cool and amazing. And GenCon was good. It might be my only (it's definitely my first) and I have enough good memories that I'll never regret not going again.

Damien Wilmann wrote:
I just love the freedom that running an AP (or any non-sanctioned game) gives me... too much to really want to run PFS anymore. In any case, I'm totally booned up from GenCon!

I can't wait to see what you guys do in an AP. I think you'll have a blast with it.

Damien Wilmann wrote:
I'd rather stick to Scenarios for Lort,

Lort? LORT?

Remember that time that Lort hit something? Neither do I.
What's Lort's favorite imaginary number? Anything above a 5 on a d20.
What's Lort's favorite real number? Nat 1.

Oh! New Pathfinder book announced: Unchained Lort where they are actually rebuilding the Lort to have a aura of courage added...the current Lort build is afraid of hitting anything.


The Exchange ***

4 people marked this as a favorite.

Crickey, have I really not posted here in 24 hours!? Pretty much having a good time.

Saturday night, I played in the We Be Kobolds with David S. (VC Athen GA), Dan C. (VC Atlanta GA), Auke T. (VC of the NL), Derek (also from GA) and a much newer pathfinder from Michigan. GM was Andrew Hoskins (VC Pittsburg). The new player literally had no more than 7 or 8 PFS sessions under his belt (playing a sorc in Society) and he was worried about all the stars at the table.

No, the new player was just great and we had a fine time expanding the domain of the Sewer Dragons. We laughed our butts off and David, as the kobold bard, had me rolling all night long. Derek had facial expressions to appropriately convey pretty much every known emotion in the most comical way. Damn, these guys could RP. I hit an slow stretch in terms of energy, but contributed as I could with the holy kobold of Sorrowmaker.

I liked my build and had tons of fun with the main NPC of the adventure...who was amazing in terms of flavor. GM Hoskins really brought the NPC to life in ways I hadn't even considered possible. He was top notch.

I crashed after that, stopping only briefly to chat and eat before bed.

The Exchange

Reposting from the GenCon Bloggery thread.

Painlord wrote:

Wow. Round 2, the Semifinals of the ACG Open were rough.

I thought I sucked last round...this time I wish I could have been promoted to Commoner. The thing ate us and our decks. Our team of PirateRob, Doc76, Joe and myself all returned.

Much like last time, we had no idea what cards, sets, effects, APs, whatevers we'd be playing with. And it was a jumble of mished cards from all the sets (including some that don't exist for sale yet). Yet again, we had 4 crafted decks to deal with our challenges. The decks were fair and flavored, but seemingly underpowered for the challenges before us.

To me it seemed like they looked down the boards for cards players had complained about then put them in exactly the worst location for them. Tanis wouldn't confirm (nor deny) this hypothesis. But while it seemed random, it was good and tough.

Again, we had a top notch moderator eying us and making the scenario played right. This time badass Chad from the design keep had his chance to laugh at all our (mostly my) miscues and random throwing of cards around.

We scored slightly more than half the points than we did on Round 1. Ayep. Of course there was a different scoring system, but that's what we got. It is unlikely (but I am ever hopeful) of making it into the finals tomorrow at 10am.

I'm pretty sure all you have to do to prep for this tourney is know every card and every possible interaction with every other card and location for all cards in every set, including cards that have yet to see print. If you can do that, you're golden. Also, your MENSA application card is being directly thought into your brain for you to complete and transmit back.

It was fun, but the stakes were high and not sure our score was good enough.

The Exchange ***

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Wow. Round 2, the Semifinals of the ACG Open were rough.

I thought I sucked last round...this time I wish I could have been promoted to Commoner. The thing ate us and our decks. Our team of PirateRob, Doc76, Joe and myself all returned.

Much like last time, we had no idea what cards, sets, effects, APs, whatevers we'd be playing with. And it was a jumble of mished cards from all the sets (including some that don't exist for sale yet). Yet again, we had 4 crafted decks to deal with our challenges. The decks were fair and flavored, but seemingly underpowered for the challenges before us.

To me it seemed like they looked down the boards for cards players had complained about then put them in exactly the worst location for them. Tanis wouldn't confirm (nor deny) this hypothesis. But while it seemed random, it was good and tough.

Again, we had a top notch moderator eying us and making the scenario played right. This time badass Chad from the design keep had his chance to laugh at all our (mostly my) miscues and random throwing of cards around.

We scored slightly more than half the points than we did on Round 1. Ayep. Of course there was a different scoring system, but that's what we got. It is unlikely (but I am ever hopeful) of making it into the finals tomorrow at 10am.

I'm pretty sure all you have to do to prep for this tourney is know every card and every possible interaction with every other card and location for all cards in every set, including cards that have yet to see print. If you can do that, you're golden. Also, your MENSA application card is being directly thought into your brain for you to complete and transmit back.

It was fun, but the stakes were high and not sure our score was good enough.

The Exchange ***

Wilmannator wrote:
First up, regarding the table mix-up.... all that was mostly my fault for misunderstanding... everything. Second up, she was AWESOME...

Table shenannigans aside, I've a couple of community yahoos to talk about their experiences last night with the Special. However, many of those I asked are running many more slots than I or volunteering at the event and so they might be delayed in describing their experiences. I would to hear about how other tables did.

I'm still not regretting favoring skipping the first slot in favor of 'fourth slot'. After the Special, I was one of many yahoos that ended up at Scotty's to discuss the fun of the night. The Minnesota crew, many of the local VOs, and hangers on were there and gabbing about everything.

I didn't get back to the hotel room until well after 3am. I don't, as a rule, close out many bars. However, it was fun talking and complaining and meeting new people (like Seth Brummond, and hanging with Chris & Amanda Hays, and Nathan King...and more lost to the befoggery of beer).

More than once people wished that Kyle Baird was around. We thought that beer would cure us of that sadness, but no. Clearly, we didn't drink enough to not miss Baird. More testing might be needed.

* * *
This morning, I rolled into the game room to check out if my team advanced in the Adventure Card Game Open Semifinal. There are two slots today at 2pm and 4pm.

Saturday 2pm:
Blood Kings (Sean, Todd, Andrew, & Crystal)
Don't Trust Tanis (Eric, Joe, Pain, Robert)

Saturday 4pm:
On the Dot (Aaron, Dan, Jesse, Todd)
And in third place...(Chris, Matt, Leslie, Jason)

To warm up for that, I'm playing in 1-2A: The Frogs. It's getting interesting.

The Exchange ***

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Uh. Wow. Big twist.


Well, this is awkward. My yahoo has no idea how to react. Something ain't right.

* * *

Edit: Erik Mona took the might during a break and announced that Paizo won 3 Ennies, including the Silver Medal for Best Publisher. Congrats, P.

The Exchange ***

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Ah Piddlespot! The GenCon Special: 7-00 The Sky Key Solution.

We are playing tier 7-8 and our GM is Jack Brown (VL Minnecoldesota).

PH Unbalanced 8 magicky type - a glorious golden statue
Pirate Rob (VC Bay Area) 9 gnome battler named Sue
Christopher L. (Mich) playing Ibid a lvl 6 redshirt
Cyrus the Flea (aka Steve) lvl 7 darter
Lort (aka GM Damo, aka the Wilmannator) 7 figher guy
Aroden Reborn 7 - a reborn god

Again, there are 180 full tables and there is a lot of good energy in the hall.

There are some announcements before we start. TwilightBob welcomes and announces the new 5 star GMs...of which I can't possibly hear or type out over the raucous applause. These piddlespotting GMs have each GM'd 150 (or more) slots for us unworthies. Me (aka Aroden Reborn, of course) bless them all.

Mike Brock introduces the new campaign service award winners (over 1000 days as a VO).
Brett Sweeney
Eric Clingenpeel
Jason Roeder
Nathan Gilbert
Micheal Costello
Derek Boobyer
Seth Brummond
Michael Haskins
Ben F(?-too loud!)

And we Pathfinders salute Mike Brock with a stand ovation. I'm pretty sure he teared up...and he deserves every clap and every cheer.

The Exchange ***

Elrawien Lantherion wrote:
When will the announcements of new products be announced?

Not sure there will be any new products announced...but then again, I'm probably wrong. Most new announcement happened at PaizoCon two months ago.

* * *
Again, enjoyed an open slot morning. Slept in mostly before heading over. Wednesday was hot hot & humid, yesterday was mild, and today it's back to being warmer. So far, the Conv Center has kept its cool which is nice.

Ate lunch with PirateRob, VC Jeremy Chapman (Indy), & VL James Martin (Iowa) at Champions right across the street from the con. It's great because it has yet to be too crowded, they have food (which I totally love), and bottomless sodas. Also, food...which is great when you want to eat. And free wifi.

The 3 goons are all active PbP PFSers: i.e. they play PFS via Play by Post and enjoy the format almost as much as I do (or more). I play in a Giantslayer AP campaign with Jeremy (aka GM Tektite). I play in Reign of Winter and [url=] with James Martin. Though I've been playing with James for almost 2+ years, and Jeremy for 6 months, this is the first times we've met. It's keen to have a backstory and history with someone before you've actually met face to face.

We talked a lot about PFS PbP play, what we need to do improve it, and, seperately, what we can do to improve it. For guys like Jeremy, there isn't a lot of local PFS, so he instead he can play and enjoy PFS all the time rather than driving an hour for a face to face game. I wonder how many people there are out there who are in a similar position and don't know about the PbP experience.

In addition, every one of us knows a wide variety of players and styles from all over the world.

* * *
In the afternoon, I played Scenario 1 1B of the Wrath of the Righteous ACG. I tested the 'healer' druid build from the soon to be released Druid deck. We had two other players, a Sorc deck, and the Rogue deck. They were both pretty new to the game, but we managed to pretty much slam the scenario. They walked away with some nice boons and I walked away feeling that the healer druid is a pretty sweet option. He's not bad and has some nice interactions with the other characters.

Getting ready for the Special Tonight, a main attraction. About 3 different GMs have told me how much they are looking forward to running this because <somethingtheywouldn'ttellmebuthadgoofygrinson> and that just gets me excited. Their passion is pretty sweet.

The Exchange ***

TOZ wrote:
Todd Morgan wrote:

Painlord wants a post out of me:

As one of four HQ Leads this year, I wouldn't say I have impossible standards. BUT you've all sorely disappointed me and I hate you all. Good day!

Is this what you wanted, Painlord?

I hope Mrs. TOZ meets your high standards on the HQ table. :)

I'm not sure your wife can fix all the things wrong with Todd Freakin' Morgan. I mean...she's amazing, but that Cornhucker is the only Pathfinder I know who can take 10 and end up in the negs.

But yeah, she's rocking it. All the orangies are (including Todd Morgan). (The shirts for FD staff are orange, GMs are grapies, unless the VOs are wearing their reds and greens.)

The Exchange

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Tanis O'Connor wrote:
Note: participants are encouraged to avoid discussing particulars until the event is over. (Painlord is nice and vague.)

::Painlord prints out Tanis' post.::

::With a defiant and angry face, he pens out a note on the printout.::
::Running and cackling madly, he takes off out of his van down by the river house.::
::Approaching another quieter, nicer home, he runs to the front door, nailing the printout thereon.::
'Dear Ms. Mary Elephant, see below. See? SEE?!?! I didn't really deserve a B- on that essay in 11th grade now, did I?! Being vague is useful. SEE!? SEE!!?!?'
::Painlord rings the doorbell and runs away, having won life after finally proving Ms. Elephant wrong.::

The Exchange

Male Humanoidish Yahoo 4/Painlord 6/Punk 2/Cleric of Happiness & Sunshine 1

Just met GM Damo, in person. Tall mofo, with an Austrailian accent. We're drinking beer and hanging out at Scotty's.

Also, mer Silbeg yesterday. Definite rock star.

And Cyrus!! It's a trifecta of PbP Superstars!

The Exchange ***

Thurday Night: Siege of Serpents, aka GenCon Special #1. I played this at PaizoCon so am taking the slot off to type up my experience so far. This time, according to John Compton, we have 180 or so tables, putting about 1200 or so Pathfinders in the room.

There are 2 ginormous screens detailing the Pathfinder's joint efforts against what is happening. Syrinscape, again, (thanks Ben!) provides sound and mood for the event, John Compton again announcing and acting and pretty much rocking the mic. I wouldn't be surprised if he did a mic drop at the end, it would be earned.

I'm not going to spoil anything, but this room is buzzing and murderhobos are murdering Pathfinders are pathfinding.

Soon...there will be post Special 2nd dinner and beering. I'll try to get others to post their experiences here. We'll see.

The Exchange ***

1 person marked this as a favorite.

A few lessons I've learned from coming to GenCon:

  • It can be humid as anything here. I come from a generally mellow climate (the SF Bay Area) and I pretty much melted my first hours here. Wow. Thursday was more mellow as there was a breeze, but wow.
  • Food here is way cheap compared to the SF Bay Area. I went to my first Steak & Shake (apparently a chain) with Mitch (VL from CA) and we both got good burgers and fries for under $14.
  • As always, skipping 8am slots is the way to go. Ain't nothing like relaxing and sleeping in after a night of 'stuff'.
  • There were tons of pick up PFS games at various locations last night. And a few more zany antics were offered. (One group was going to do a random PvP pregen arena battle.)
  • There was a line that literally stretched the length of the Convention Center to pick up badges and whatnot (Will Call for those too lazy, like me, to volunteer to GM/help out.) I walked it twice...the first time to see if I wanted to grit and bear the wait, another time when I came back when the line was slightly shorted. Still, it was a 40 minute line...even though it moved quickly, it took that long because it was so long.
  • On the cab ride over, it was suggested that I buy a few generic tickets in case I saw something that I wanted to try out. I already had a light schedule (mostly focusing on the Specials and some Adventure Card Game) so I took the advice and bought a few. At $2 apiece, I liked that I could jump in to pretty much anything that looked interesting.
  • The Dealer Hall was overwhelmingly huge and loud and packed. I walked some of the length of it today and it reminded me of Jim Groves scenario. I'll need to go back and cover more of it, but there are an ungodly number of games and game companies on display.
  • I hit up the Obsidian booth to play the Adventure Card Game demo...and wow...they have freakin' nailed it. It took me a few moments to get the hang of the controls and what-does-what, but it was amazingly well done, fun, and can't wait to see the final product.

* * *
I played the Adventure Card game for my noon and 4pm slots. (I love having a light schedule so I can meander). Awesomely, Paizo has a few dozen of the new Monk, Druid, and Paladin class decks available for playtest and fun. There were tables of both Skull & Shackles and Wrath of the Righteous ACG, with plenty of volunteers to help run stuff.

At noon, I grab the unreleased Paladin and sat down at a table to play Scenarion 1:1A. I initially picked out the Seelah build, but was talked into playing Raz (the gnome mounted build). Raz was fun to play and they worked in the mount/ally abilities really well. However, Raz was pretty much a solo player, she didn't have many ways to help others or interact with others. I spoke to Tanis about the 3 paladin builds and she explained that Seelah, Korzen(sp?), and Raz are 3 different builds with different levels of interaction with other decks. It will be interesting to see and try out those different paladins. I like that these class decks seem to have more variability.

For my 4pm slot, I lucked out and got into the first round of the 'The Open' ACG Tournament. There were 6 or 9 tables being run today and tomorrow, with 2nd round events happening on Saturday, and the finals on Sunday. The event was timed, based on points, and was.completely.nuts.

The cards were from every set. Every piddlespotting set. We had 4 prebuilt decks. My team Doc76, Pirate Rob, and Joe H. There were 6 locations and the scenario level was about 3...and our decks (at least mine was) were built pretty well, with a mix of fun cards and some power as well. Interestingly, the characters might have been from RotR or S&Shackles or might be interacting swashbuckling with mythic. Each Open Tourney table had a designer GM: ours was Tanis. She giggled every time I failed.

She giggled a lot.

In my first turn, I get hammered mercilessly (I get a 7 total from a d12, d10, & d4) and lose my hand. It's not a good way to start a timed and scored event. The rest of the team manages to close a location as they go around. On the next turn, I use most of my hand getting my butt handed back to me and pass the turn. The rest of the team closes another location.

The entire run had them carrying my laggardly body up and down the game board as I valiantly try to anchor them to the bottom. However, despite my best efforts, we finish early...and even finish the bonus surprise. We knocked up a good score and we'll see if we make the semifinals on Saturday. Our team name was "Don't trust Tanis!"

The Exchange ***

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As you guys know, PFS is pretty much the largest and bestest thing at GenCon. We have the biggest solo room and have the most tables. This place is rocking. 4 years ago, when Brock started, it wasn't this way. Under his leadership, PFS has grown and grown. A lot of awesome that we have today are because of the decisions he's made and the policies he's enforced.

No, his decisions haven't always been popular, but they have been for the good of PFS. And looking around GenCon and seeing the diversity and size of our players (let alone their enthusiam), I can't argue with what he's done.

As you may know, Brock was interviewed at GenCon (at a WhiteCastle no less) years ago and he was offered the job. And, as any VCs will tell you, Brock responded to emails at any time of the day or night. (I'm still not sure he ever slept.)

There will never be another like him. I'll miss him.

At the same time, however....there is some neat hubbub about the interviews for the next campaign manager.

This year, more than a few applicants have had phone interviews at GenCon. I can't imagine being an applicant for the job: there is huge responsibility and a lot of pressure on the position. There is a continual balance that needs to be struck between the needs/wants of the PFS Community and Paizo itself. Is this a marketing/sales or community management position? How do you manage a huge community over many time zones, let alone one that that has (and intends) global reach?

I've met a few of the those who are have applied and I'm not worried about finding someone awesome (but different) to fill the position. With change comes the opportunity for growth. There will be new ideas and new priorities and new ways for us to grow and have fun.

The Exchange ***

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Yo Mortals--

I don't like you and you don't like me but that doesn't mean that we can't celebrate the fact that I made it to my first GenCon *and* that Kyle Baird didn't.

Unimportant Stuff:
I decided in January to attend GenCon when Mrs. Painlord gave me a unopposed 'meh' when I asked if we could work it out. I hadn't planned on doing any Bloggery here, mostly because I do the PaizoCon bloggeries and have no idea how they go over and if people like them. However, more than a few people have said that they enjoy reading the bloggery and wanted me to do one for GenCon.

If you like and read this or my bloggeries, please like the post so me and other contributors know what they are doing matters. Thanks.

Obligatory Warning:
As usual, I don't guarantee of the facts or ideas in this post, much less the spelling of names nor that these actual events happened. Beer happens and so consider all my posts as quasi-delusional pompous fiction (so not unlike a Thursty scenario).

I came to meet people (especially those board yahoos whose posts I've been reading for years), play some of the Adventure Card Game, and hack my way into the Specials. There are 4 specials this GenCon. Two I already played at PaizoCon, but two new ones.

In short, I've already met a piddlespot load of new people: redward, VOs Jeremy Chapman, Seth & Kristen Gibson, Mark Stratton, Jacque Woods, David Frahm (super nice guy), Alison Ooms, Kevin Ingle (Sniggevert), Lucas Servideo, Joshua North, Texan Stephen Ross, Andrew Shumate (Netopalis), James McTeague (Iammars), and Dan Simons.

Of course, I reengaged the usual compliment of scum and villainy: Todd Morgan & TwiLiBobJonquet, Jason Roeder, Jon Cary, Chris Mortika, Jonathan Choi, PirateRob, DragnMoon, Andrew Christain (I love this guy more every time I meet him), and Jon Dehning.

I still have yet to meet Del Collins, Dan Cornett, Mike Bramnik, Joe Ducey, James Martin (who I play in two PbPs with...and have yet to meet), Joseph Kellogg, and many more.

Piddlespot...there are more people that I'm forgetting to mention than I am naming. I believe the core of the Society is the people therein and the common social bond we forge as we play this silly roleplaying game and enjoy a common pastime.

* * *
I get a chance to shake Brock's hand. I am sorry to see him leave. *sigh*

* * *
Wednesday PFS @ Scotty's bar happened. I got there late (5pmish) as they were just wrapping up. They started play at 8am and ran about 25 tables. VC Mark Stratton rocked the organization and the special menu for the event (yes, the brewpub had a *fantastic* special Pathfinder themed menu) was and is amazing.

(More on Scotty's later.)

* * *
I finally got to meet Seth Gibson, aka Disturbed1, aka GodsDMit, VC of someplace after interacting on the boards with him for years. He and his wife Kristen are co-venture officers for their region and are two the nicest, mostly easily approachable and likable people I've met. (They wear the orange Pathfinder shirts indicating they are front desk for the Con.)

As it turns out, I've been using a dice bag his wife made for years. However, I have no recollection of how I got the dice bag. It's a small world.
* * *

As some of you know, I love Play-by-Post. I'll play entire campaigns via PbP without ever meeting the other players in person. There is also a lively PFS PbP community. Why do I bring this up? Not just because you should be playing Play by Post, but because sometimes I run into other PbPers and it's nice to meet them in person.

I've met Silbeg (aka VL Jack Brown from Minn) for years via his participation in PbP. On Wednesday, we finally met. A couple of notes: the entire Minneapolis/St.Paul/Cloud PFS group is pretty freakin' spectacular. From Ryan B, to the other Ryan B, to Jon D, to Ray and Keith, Mark, and Aaron, and AChristain...they are a piddlespot ton of fun. And man do they drink. My liver can only take so much of these guys, but I love them to death.

So Silbeg introduces me to his crew and we hang out most of Wednesday night. There are plenty of bars close by and eventually end up at Scottys at midnight for more beer and food. Jack, Mark, & I polish off 101 oz of Scotty's Ghost Goblin Brew (an IPA). Damn...that finished me off for the night....

...Until I met Auke and Thursty and Tonya Woldridge (VC Ontario) and got pulled into chatting with the Paizo staff for a bit. Tonya is pretty amazing, nice and friendly, open and talkative. I like people who can socialize well.

More to come...I'm going to dinner with Auke (an old friend and VC of Netherlands).

The Exchange ***

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Congrats, Kelly.

I remember when ye when ye were mere mortal. Now look at ye...thine stars shine in a Lonely State far from where ye started.

Darn impressive that you have managed to teach so much of the state how to play the game that you learnt in the Bay Area. ;)

The Exchange

+1 for Lord Snow for this thread. I got lots of good recs that I'll probably never have time to play. My wishlist is now 23 long.

Started Valkyria Chronicles and am loving the piddlespot out of it. It's dumb, and silly, and completely dumb, but totally fun, not unlike an anime XCom.

The Exchange

Male Humanoidish Yahoo 4/Painlord 6/Punk 2/Cleric of Happiness & Sunshine 1

Oooh....EF as VL OP?

Lemme see here....EF VL OP = Elf PoV!!!

Oh yeah...where do I sign/vote to make this happen? EF would be great.

The Exchange

ThreeEyedSloth wrote:
How many of other people's cards did Painlord take home this convention? :)

Dude, I pull off Besmara's Tricorn in ways than you ever could. Deal with it.

I don't have enough experience yet, but feel Balazar could rock things too. He's very flexible.

The Exchange

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Tanis O'Connor wrote:
Agree with this. I played some AD1 with Painlord & co this weekend in a group of 5 and found Shardra's "Oh, you just pooched that attack roll? Here, try that again," to be exceedingly tasty.

I had to read her card to make sure Tanis was playing her right. She was...and that was just as I was misplaying Balazar all over the place. It was like I was playing Candyland (and getting lost), while Tanis was proving the Cake was a Lie with one set of cards and rescuing the Princess with the other.

The Exchange ***

I'm at the airport now (+1 for hotel within easy walking distance) reflecting on the weekend.

Rand'm Thoughts:
1. Sometimes a failure is a really planned success. For example, I sign up for morning slots that I know I can ditch because they are non-reserved events and want to sleep in. Or when I intented to play a lot of S&S Adventure Card Game, but failed to do so because I got caught up doing so much other fun stuff (like playing the first 5 scenarios for the Wrath of the Righteous ACG).

2. This was another good PaizoCon...the fact that I failed to do all that I wanted to do was a good thing: I had more opportunities to do stuff than I could even handle. I spent some time socializing, some time PFSing, and yet more time AdvCardGaming. I blew off my Monday morning plans when Tanis offered to sit down at our table and chat and play because I couldn't imagine anything better that I would want to be doing...especially the stuff I intended.

3. I still get a kick out of talking to yahoos that I haven't seen since the last PaizoCon. PFS is a pretty transient community and so I expect some turnover over time, but it's always nice to see a familiar face from last time.
This year's big thrill was the return of MisterSlanky, who I last saw in 2011 at The Greatest Game of PFS Ever Played. We played in another game this weekend and I can't say enough about that factor of PaizoCon: the social aspect where we are coming together to jointly rejoice in a common passion.

4. Ever walk by a guy about 8 times and know you know but forget his name every time you walk by? Sorry Trevor. I suck. You're good peeps. Sadly, there were a number of people I saw, but didn't have a chance to hang with: Ben Bruck, another time.

5. People change. And PaizoCon shows those changes. One yahoo lost 120 lbs since last people saw him. Another yahoo came in with a big bushy beard that I didn't even recall. Marking change in others in 1 year increments reminds me that I'm probably showing change too. I hope I have people who notice change in me...and hopefully for the better.

6. The Special, while overshadowed by the Serpent's Rise Special, was essential to making the latter so good. Without the set up and events therein, the second isn't quite as good. In short, I believe they are a pair and conjoined and should be thought of in that way. It was a good experience. If you get a chance to play them, do so and revel in the coordination that it took to fit together as well as they did.

7. I want to get my hands back on Balazar, the summmoner from the Wrath of the Righteous ACG. I enjoyed playing him, but didn't feel like I had achieved mastery with him yet. We finished the first Book, had a good time doing so, and enjoyed the story elements that reminded us of our PbP run of Wrath. I look forward to time with this set and the Mummy's Mask ACG.

I'm out. Thanks to all who helped make PaizoCon so good.

The Exchange ***

Quadstriker wrote:
Painlord, thank you for taking the time to type up the trivia questions for everyone so we could all play along at home.


Trivia Answers:

Link to the questions.

1. The Gauntlet
2. James Jacobs, JBulmahn, MMoreland, Adam Daigle, Liz Courts, John Compton, Crystal Frasier
3. Core Rulebook (PZO1110), PF#55 Wormwood (PZO9055), ISWG (PZO9226)
4. James Sutter (Kirin the Heretic), Erik Mona (Ostog the Unslain), Wes Schneider (Styrian Kindler), Jason Bulmahn (Velmarius Elazarin), SKR (Vorn), Christopher Carey (Zandu Vorcyon), Rob McCreary (Thalestris), & Tim Nightengale (Howell Talbot III)
5. 2002

6. Kineticist, Medium, Mesmerist, Occultist, Psyhic, & Spiritualist
7. 2322 (11x6/3+2300)
8. 10 rounds
9. Celestial, Entropic, Fiendish, & Resolute
10. DC 10 (-10 for pitched battle, +5 distance, +10 sleeping, +5 through a door, no effect for weather)

11. Divinity (also accept Destiny because of typo)
12. VC Nieford Sharrowsmith
13. Bloodmarch Hill
14. Cassomir
15. Bunyip

16. Flintyreach (Ironbound Archipelago), Hermea, Isle of Kortos, Stonespire Island, Valkus Island
17. The Diaspora
18. Arcadia, Azlant, Casmaron, Crown of the World, Sarusan, Tian Xia
19. Elysium
20. The First 5 Kings War (1571), the Oath Wars (2498), Everwar (4305), Goblinblood Wars (4697)

21. Pharasma
22. Jemma Redclaw
23. Droogami, Biter, Padrig
24. Adowyn, Crowe, Seoni, Shardra
25. Lini (in Issue #4)

Tie Breakers:
1. According to the ISWG, Golarion's history can be divided into 8 ages. Name as many of these ages as possible in the order in which they occurred.
2. Chapter 4 of the Pathfinder Unchained introduces esoteric material components variant, which allows one to fuel spellcasting with 5 different special components. Name as many as you can.
3. The appendix of the Monster Codex presents class templates that allow one to apply a simple template to a creature to grant it several abilities from a core class. The amount by which these adjust a creature's CR varies; some are CR+2 or +3, others are CR +1 or +2. Name three class templates that increase a creature's CR by +2 or +3 (but not +1).

The Exchange ***

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Ever notice how mornings happen all at once and usually before you've had coffee? Someone should fix that.

* * *

I still love last night's Serpent's Rise special this morning. So it wasn't just the beer and excitement.

* * *
Last night, we played scenario 1 of adventure 1 of the WotR AP. We failed the first scenario once but then succeeded the second time. The first scenario highlighted the learning curve of WotR. Admittedly, we probably would have been better served if we, you know, read the freakin' cards better, more, and with some brainpower.

We (Euan, Verdigris, Rich Flynn) were able to play both scenarios 2 and 3 of Adventure 1 of the Wrath of the Rigtheous AP with Tanis in the morning. One of our number prefered to play the RotR version of Kyra rather than the WotR version of Kyra. This lead to some interesting discussion (of which Tanis was completely fine with). The player wanted Kyra's RotR healing. By design, there is very little healing in WotR and the player wanted to heal.

It was great to have Tanis at the table, especially as we built our decks and could ask and confirm questions as we did. Tanis is just wonderful and fun and happy to hear questions and respond to discussion points. During our build time, I spoke to her a bit about the ACG spoilered stuff above and she responded positively and with understanding. She believes the future class deck releases will alleviate my concerns.

Rich: Adowyn (Hunter)
Euan: Imrijka (Inquisitor)
Painlord: Balazar (Summoner)
Verdigris: Kyra
Tanis: Shadra (Shaman)

I *really* liked Balazar after playing him twice. The first time, I completely misbuilt him (as I was jabbering at Tanis), putting a bunch of spells that I could use, but couldn't use properly. Despite that, Balz and his battle chicken (Padrig his cohort/eidolon) were a blast to play. This card game summoner is not nearly as annoying as the Pathfinder summoner. I rebuilt after the scenario and had a good time.

Rich, playing the Hunter, quickly moved like green slime to achieve character mastery...completely making her job harder on herself by ignoring on of her primary abilities. Once we realized that issue, things began to open up. Who ever reads the ability text when you can recharge a card to evade a summoned monster when you face once at every start of turn? Reading is for chumps!

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Quadstriker wrote:
Painlord, thank you for taking the time to type up the trivia questions for everyone so we could all play along at home.

Answers coming soon. Was going to do them this morning, but Tanis sat down to play with us as we play Adv 1, Scenario 2 (Under the Broken City).

My plans kind of changed when she wanted to sit down and jabber, answer questions, and game with us. More later, as this is pretty awesome.

The Exchange ***

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That was a good entertaining special. I had fun at the same time I had to think different. I like things that stretch our confines and make us look at things again. +1 to the John Compton for more than matching the previous Special. This was really well done.


  • Good purpose. (I knew what I was supposed to do...and wanted to do it.)
  • Fun to be the bad guy.
  • Characters themselves were done well. Lots of flavor.
  • In general, the builds were good and effective.
  • The tie ins to the previous Special were great.
  • Good 'faction' missions...(see below).
  • Creative magic items. Every yahoo had fun, unique stuff to use.
  • We felt non-harried/rushed in this Special. It was nice not to be too rushed.


  • New players may have a hard time with mechanics of the classes. A new players jumping into a lvl 7 bloodrager, summoner, brawler (swapping feats), assassin, occultist, inquisitor (swapping judgements)...etc. will require a lot of system mastery.*
  • A few of the faction mission were difficult to read. (font issues)
  • Needed a bit more time to decide and discuss characters.
  • Faction missions could have been more clear.

*=Obv. no spoilers there. Lots of classes require some learning curve.

The Exchange ***

Let's be honest, breaking into Skyreach was pretty easy. It's amazing that the Pukeslingers have any secrecy at all. That was all too easy. This is why the Consortium always wins the important stuff.

I buy our GM a beer: Andrew Christian. Other heroic Aspis agents include longtime board yahoo Mr. Slanky, Euan, VL Dan Wilson (Canada BC), Matt & Ron.

I have never played with AChristian before, but was delighted to have him as my GM. I had heard that he rocked in the Special 2 days ago and wanted my own chance to play with him. His style is clear and fun, he's willing to roll with chaos 'alternate ideas', and is quick to smile.

From looking around the room, the 30+ tables are having a good time. Tables are animated and alive. There is a bar in the room that has a selection of local beers, both tap and bottle.

Side note: this hotel is a far superior option than the previous location. *Much* better food options, and the hotel breakfastorium has kickin' coffee (better than the internal Starbucks) and a buffett. This room is much quieter than previous specials. +1.

Our first encounter. The VL next to me comments that he plays a <blank> at home and admires the build he has been given. He crits and one shots on his first attack. These punkclingers fall so easily. No wonder they are the laughingstocks of the Inner Sea.

The Exchange ***

Ah piddlespot. Just had a jaw dropping realization, but one that was probably pretty obvious: we, as Aspis agents, are setting up all the piddlespotting chaos that the Packminders had to clean up in Friday's special. Haha! Suck it Packminders!

One of my missions is to do the thing that I hated fighting against a few nights ago. Because I am a loyal snake, I do it willingly and revel in the suffering that it cause. Eat stone, Crusader V! From the snakes nest I strike at thee.

I am forced to work cooperatively with another agent to accomplish what will cause much terror. I think it goes well enough. I think. I hope. Elfgirl, I can't wait to hear the screams of the Pathfinders when that happens. Awh yeah...about time these murderhoboing happy stickers know the kiss of the snake.

Ah yeah, these weak minded Parkbinders don't even have clear ioun stones in their wayfinders. The poor suckers...

The Exchange ***

Ah yeah...the Serpent's Rise Special.

I'm going to avoid spoilers. So far, this event is just too cool to want to ruin anything if it will be run again. I'll be speaking in general terms mostly, and spoiling even the slightest stuff that might be spoilery.

So far, given the energy in the room, the assembled Aspis teams are pretty excited about kicking some pathetic Pathfinder backsides. (I think it's well known we are playing pregen lvl 7 Aspis C members.) We're going to make them weep, wishing that Grandmaster Torch and Adril Hestram were still in charge. "We should throw some swarms at them! You should hear them cry when they see a swarm!"

I get the feeling that the tables really like the theme. There is already a lot of 'dark' talk at our table, figuring out how many quickrunner shirts we can buy as Aspis agents. Yes, I kid, but we did talk about it.

The pregens are pretty cool, lots of the new classes and some dark themes. Mine is pretty 'out there' and doesn't even have a name: just a number. Each of the characters has a name and a 'designation' which is a nice touch. These Aspis pros don't have meaningless classes fighter or wizard, but true designations like "The Vengeful" or "The Leader" or the like.

The Exchange ***

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According to table talk (and beered table talk at that), the Vigilante playtest will be happening in 'a couple of' weeks. Source: some yahoos who attended a seminar.

The Exchange ***

Hawkmoon269 wrote:
So, it looks like you hadn't played much of skull and shackles before this weekend. And it seems you've now got a fair amount of card game time in with both S&S and WotR, so which one are you liking more?

@Hawkmoon269, ACG Spoilers:

I have played a lot of RotR, but little of the S&S and the S&S I did play was a bit of Card Guild Season 0. I played about 8 to 10 Season 0 S&S scenarios.

Comments on the WotR Card Guild:
In the litte experience that I have with the class decks are highlighted and worse with WotR. For instance the limitations on card choices for card builds make it much more difficult to enjoy the game.

And the core problem is choice: I don't have the choice of how I build my Lem. I can't customize to my style or what I want my Lem to do. I don't have much if any flexibility.

For example...I'm playing Lem. The base Lem gets 4 spells. Starting at B basic, only two of which are combat spells (inflict and lightning touch). Lem starts with one B weapon. So...I have 3 options out of my 15/16 cards win a combat...and 2/3 of them are spells (I know I can gravedig them).

There were many encounters, including most of the Villians in 1-1e, that require two combats checks. It would be rare to have the tools to combat them, but even harder to ask my allies to help poor resources into letting me pound face with d4s.

However, WotR has a lot of demons...and demons (and other monsters) are immune to electricity, so that even if I thought I could explore and have a, my lightning touch is useless. And I don't have another spell to choose from/substitute in.

We know the class decks were probably designed with RotR (or maybe even some of the S&S) sensibility, but it's really frustrating to have no options.

Thankfully, in July/Sept/Oct, there will be new release class decks that may offer more flexibility and options.

This is matter of lack of choice. It bothers me that I don't have options. I'm sure there are many other players (who may not have the experience I have) and so they don't know what they are missing. (Like if they haven't played Lem through RotR and didn't realize that Lem can pretty much play solo and rock stuff, then they don't realize how limited the class deck Lem is.)

Right now, you can find ways to get things done. I certainly had fun, but we also had far more discussion about what we wanted and couldn't do and wondering why I had to have this card in my hand.

Also, the class decks have significantly less healing resources...and some of the new barriers do NOT have that in mind. There were numerous times when things happen. Because things happen. And healing is rare, at basic, in the class decks.

The lack of healing is highlighted when some of the game turning barriers hit. The Arboreal Blight barrier (unavoidable, everyone summons and fights a Fiendish Tree...the Fiendish Tree auto damages 1 on entry and 1 again after). We had a game where we were sailing...we hit the Arboreal Blight and we struggled to succeed.

* * *

However, the standalone WotR seems to be very interesting, the new characters have neat mechanics. I had the opportunity to play the Adv 1, Scenario 1 (The Fall of Kenabres) with Imrijka (Inquis), Seelah, Adowyn (Hunter), & Crowe (Bloodrager). That was a very different and fun experience.

* * *TL;DR:
So...liking WotR, still have issues with the class decks for the Card Guild.

The Exchange ***

Good morning all. Got to bed at 1:30am ish, and awoke happily at 7am ish this morning. I'm back at the ACG WotR Card guild tables this morning. I have played and finished the first 3 scenarios of the WotR card guild with Lem, we are in the process of finishing the last two this morning.

In other news...

I managed to rofflestomp speak kindly with John Compton and he graciously offered me his notes from the last night's trivia contest.

Trivia Contest Questions:

Paizo Staff & Lore:
1. For two years running, a team consisting of Erik Mona, Stephan R-McF, Jessica Price, & JB has competed in a charity even at the Mox Boarding House in order to win what trophy?
2. Each year Paizo runs RPG Superstar. Each year a panel of Paizo staff and guest judges critique the entries and select our next superstar. Name three current P employees who have judged the RPGSS for the last two years.
3. Each P product has an alphanumeric code (like PZ09439 SKU number) found near the barcode. The first two numbers designate the product type and send two numbers designate the product number. Place the following three products in ascending order of their SKU numbers: Pathfinder #55: Wormwood Mutiny, Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Inner Sea Guide, Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook.
4. In April 2015, James Jacobs' six year campaign Sands of the Scorpion God concluded, as commemorated in a blog on Name one of the players and that player's character that participated in that campaign.
5. Paizo didn't start with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game; it already published board games, magazines, and more before the Rise of the Runelords launched in 2007. In what year was Paizo founded.

Pathfinder Rules:
1. Pathfinder next hardcover book is called Occult Adventures, which includes 6 new classes. Name them.
2. Begin with the number of classes in the Core Rulebook, then multiply that by the number of classes in the APG. Divide the result by the combined number of classes and alternate classes in Ultimate Combat. Finally, add that number to the market price (in gp) of a +1 club. What is the result.
3. During a typical three player session of the Pathfinder ACG, how many turns would would each player take before running out of time?
4. The Bestiary includes two simple creature templates used for creatures touched by good or evil planes. In Bestiary 2, two more simple templates appear that can make a creature more lawful or chaos aligned. Name all 4 of these templates.
5. Valeros is on guard duty in a house with no windows and a locked, strong wooden door. To his discredit, he has fallen asleep as a trio of invisible stalkers creeps up on the house and hail begins to fall from the sky. Taken aback, the invisible stalkers squabble and begin fighting with one another once they are 55 feet away. Based on these conditions, what is the DC of the Perception check that Valeros must make in order to perceive the pitched battle...and presumable wake up?

Pathfinder Adventures
1. Numeria is a land of savage technology influenced heavily by an immense starship that crashed there millennia ago. It is also the focus of the Iron Gods Adventure Path, which answers many questions about the ship's purpose and origins. What is the original name of this starship, the largest remnant of which is known by the locals as Silver Mount?
2. In the three-part series of Pathfinder Society scenarios Scions of the Sky Key, the PCs travel to Sargava in search of Nantambu's venture-captain. What is his name?
3. Trunau - the town where the Giantslayer Adventure Path begins - is built upon a tall mound. What is the name of this geographic feature in the foothills of the Mindspin Mountains?
4. The module Tears at Bitter Manor begins in which coastal city also featured in Pathfinder Campaign Settings: Cities of Golarion?
5. One monster with Aquatic and Elite traits has appeared in each of the three Pathfinder Adventure Card Game base sets published to date. What is this creature drawn from Australian Aboriginal legends?

Pathfinder Campaign Setting:
1. Array the following islands by latitude from north to south: Valkus Island, Flintyreach, the Isle of Kortos, Stonespire Island, & Hermea.
2. The planetts of Damiar and Iovo are today known as what?
3. The Inner Sea region is bordered by two major continents: Avistan & Garund. However, the Inner Sea World Guide refers to six other continents. Name three.
4. Like most gods, Calistra makes her home on one of the outer planes. On what plane is Calistria's realm?
5. Dozens of wars have rocked the Inner Sea region. Place the following four wars in order based on when they began, from first to last: the Oath Wars, The Everwar, Goblinblood wars, the First Five Kings War.

Pathfinder Characters:
1. In the Pathfinder Tales novels Death's Heretic & The Redemption Engine, the main character Salim Ghadafar once lived in Rahadoum but now serves which god?
2. In Pathfinder Module: Plunder & Peril, it is her treasure that the PCs seek. In the Pathfinder Society ACG adventure Lost at Sea it is she who leads a mutiny and pressgangs teh PCs. Name this pirate captain infamous for her clockwork arm.
3. Each of the recently released Pathfinder Battle: Iconic Heroes sets includes 5 iconic characters as well as one creature such as an animal companion. Name the three companion creatures that appear in the first 3 Iconic Heroes sets.
4. The Add-on Deck adds four additional characters to the seven included in the base set of the Pathfinder ACG. Name three of the four additional character included in the WotR add-on deck.
5. The Pathfinder Comics follow the story of six iconic characters. The six-issue Pathfinder Origins series explores these characters backstories, during which each of the six teams up with a guest iconic. Five of these guest characters have never appeared in the comics before, but one appeared much earlier during the Dark Water Rising arc. Name that character.

Please place your answers in spoilers if you wish to attempt things. I will put up the answers when I am tanked sufficiently amused by your answers when I have time.

The Exchange ***

Hawkmoon269 wrote:
Painlord wrote:

New mats from UltraPro. Mats and card decks.

Characters for the set: Non-major race iconic: Sylph. Elemental tie. 3 occult adventures iconics will be in the set. From the fiction: character

If possible, can you elaborate on those two things? Any indication of what they mean by card decks? Was it more deck boxes? And what is that about a fiction character in the set?

Thanks for posting this info and letting those of us not there experience the banquet vicariously.

Hi Hawkmoon269! I'm a first time responder (to you), but a long time fan (of your posts and insight into the ACG).

Anyhoot, apologies for the vagueness of the items, the banquet can be loud (beer drunks), confusing (beer), and hard to see (beer goggles). Let me try to 'esplain:

UltraPro is vowing to unleash a few new card mats for ACG play in the future. Secondly, they have some new deck boxes (for holding your ACG decks and whatnot).

Verdigris says the fictional character Varien Jaggiere and bodyguard Radavan. I trust her on such things. Probably for the MMask.

Also, a Slyph will be one of the iconics in the MMask, probably with an Occult class. I hope that clarifies things. Anything else?

The Exchange ***

Skeld wrote:
Edit: Please tell me that thing about the Rusty Dragon mini set case incentive is a joke.

Nope. It's true.

The Trivia Contest happens next. I hope others will be able to explain what happens. I play the ACG.

The Exchange ***

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Erik still highting new products....

Pathfinder Battles minis coming soon. WizKids does good work. Next set: The Rusty Dragon Inn. Coming in Fall. Highlit minis: Serving Girl & Merchant & City Watch Commander (Cassidy from Magnimar). Monsters from next set: Bugbear Tyrant, Ghoul Champion.

Case Incentive for the Rusty Dragon Inn: The Bar. An actual fully stocked bar mini.

* * *

Volunteer of the Year Award:

Who will follow Tim, Liz, DougDoug, Mark, Big Kyle, etc...?

Two recipients: Ryan Costello and Perram of the Know Direction podcasts. Well piddlespotting earned. I love the podcasts.

The Exchange ***

zergtitan wrote:

O.O What?!

Is Hell's Vengeance like a sequel to Hell's Rebels?

Yep. Definitely. As evil.

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