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Painlord's page

RPG Superstar 2013 Star Voter, 2014 Dedicated Voter. FullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 1,454 posts (20,108 including aliases). 1 review. 1 list. No wishlists. 9 Pathfinder Society characters. 18 aliases.


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The Exchange

Leg o' Lamb wrote:
MisterSlanky wrote:
You can read into that however you want.
You may need to ignore some baseball talk, at least for a little bit.

Yar. If you're there, Mr. Slanky, and we could have drinks and talk baseball with LegO', that would be sweet.

The Exchange

Jiggy wrote:
I think item 2.2 from the OP was my biggest issue.

Section 2.2 is a big section. What is happening? Is there no fix? What can we learn from?

The Exchange ***

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Please forgive my lateness to this party, I was really busy correcting someone on kobold slaying...

Anyhoot, congratulations, Verdigris!

I remember the day I invented Andi...she came to an early gameday I organized in late 2009 or early 2010. We ran Mists of Mwangi and Hydra's Fang (I think) on a Saturday.

Young, eager, bright-eyed Verdigris came out to full of hope and good cheer. She was a marvel and all smiles.

And 5 years later, despite my best efforts, I could never get her to realize that this is all a dumb, silly game and she was way too good for us. I completely failed to crush her spirit or her sense of fun.


She remains *the* most helpful and pleasant PFSer I've ever met. She helped me organize at least 5 big PFS conventions, added countless hours of behind-the-scenes work, and find time to GM like an all-star.

Meh...I don't like the star system for the most part, but now I additionally think it's wholly insufficient that there are only 5 stars to show what Andi has contributed to the game and to the community.

Congrats, Andi. You're more than a PFSer, you're a friend.

The Exchange

2 people marked this as a favorite.
ElterAgo wrote:

I don't think most would have a problem with that. Unfortunately you get a lot of "I don't know. I have no opinion. What do you want to do? What are we supposed to do now? Did I miss the GM telling us something? ... "

There often is zero RP. Just days of sentence fragments putting off the decision onto 'someone/anyone' else.

I put this on your GM. It's section 1.4, above.

Painlord wrote:
Don't be afraid to cut bad players. You can replace them easily enough...but if a player is not contributing, or is sucking the soul from you or other players, it is your duty to cut them before they do too much damage. As one Venture Captain once told me: “You got to scrape the barnacles off the boat if you want to sail quickly."

Get, or get with, players who want to play, and who want to push. If they aren't playing, they need to yield the chair to the hundreds of players who want to play.

The Exchange

Male Humanoidish Yahoo 4/Painlord 6/Punk 2/Cleric of Happiness & Sunshine 1
Tordek Rumnaheim wrote:
Well if Painlord is still monitoring this game, thanks for a great character who moved the story along when we needed it. I'll miss Ravens. You were totally evil. ;+)


I am vanquished to the Demiplane of Pain.

Such is life.

Best of luck with the lich.

The Exchange

Or maybe this?

Lots more posts like it linked on my profile.

The Exchange

Leg o' Lamb wrote:
I think I will be enabling Painlord in this adventure as we need to celebrate THE GREATEST PITCHING PERFORMANCE IN WORLD SERIES HISTORY. That's right, I'm talking about Game 7.

I'll totally drink to that. Best ever.

The Exchange

Majuba wrote:
I, or anyone else setup as staff on the event can add the game decided on.

Ayep. Add what game you want and when in a post here and I'll be happy to add it to the Warhorn if Majuba doesn't get to it first.

The Exchange

Male Humanoidish Yahoo 4/Painlord 6/Punk 2/Cleric of Happiness & Sunshine 1

Wren sees how many dwarves he can throw under a bus at once.

* * *
@Torgan: Oh Oaken Bucket. I should have known that. It's not a glorious and mighty axe so it's not really worth fighting for. Not that any self-respecting dwarf would quarrel over a bucket...but an axe... ;)

* * *

Interesting thoughts on the rogue, btw. I still think it's a skilltester. You can acknowledge there are better options, but to outright think it's unplayable and awful is a test of skill and confidence. A local VL went straight rogue all the way through Eyes of the Ten. They can be played, they can be successful, they can work just fine.

Anyhoot, I only ask because you might be standing next to an elf rogue right now!! ::shock::

The Exchange

Majuba wrote:
Not as intense as the full-on event style M&E, but it's a great experience (just ask Painlord!)

Painlord is usually drunk by this point and is happy to be merely clothed and not dancing naked upon the tables.

Surely, if you ask Painlord anything, it should not be this.

The Exchange

Male Humanoidish Yahoo 4/Painlord 6/Punk 2/Cleric of Happiness & Sunshine 1
Torgan Steelkeg wrote:
Where are you going to dinner? My dad and uncle (among other relatives) are coming down and getting Nick's before the Oaken Bucket. I will not be attending the game, but I will be playing Sink the Biz and getting crazy drunk.

What is this in reference to? PaizoCon or GenCon?

/me confuzzles.

GM Tyranius wrote:
Ugh I wish I was close enough to go to either convention. Iowa being dab smack in the middle of nowhere. I might try to make Gen con next year. I was going to try to make it this year but the baby will be born about 3 weeks-ish before so shouldn't ditch the wife.

Yeah. Wife > New Baby > GenCon. Oy.

The Exchange

Male Humanoidish Yahoo 4/Painlord 6/Punk 2/Cleric of Happiness & Sunshine 1
Vanderhoff Steelkeg wrote:
Also said wrote:
2) You have a blog?!
Technically it's a thread on the boards.

Yeah, it's not really a blog as so much as a badgering of those yahoos who attend Paizocon that sucker ask politely to contribute to their experiences at PaizoCon.

The 2014 Thread.

Probably not worth reading now unless you were going to attend, but I do manage to drink myself silly for 3 days straight while gaming all the while.

If any of all y'all can come this year, please do.

The Exchange

Male Humanoidish Yahoo 4/Painlord 6/Punk 2/Cleric of Happiness & Sunshine 1

Oh yeah...the Indiana connection! And beer! Of course!

1) You guys know my friend Mark Garringer then, eh?
2) I still remember my first geuze. Delicious...I came home and began to research the heck of out them. Tried lambics, but they aren't nearly as good.
3) Sour beer is the next 'thing' here in the Bay Area. Right now we are still swimming in IPAs (hate them, personally) and sour beers are on the rise.
4) Will any of you yahoos be at PaizoCon this year?
5) Bold Strider, it seems that you lead a very interesting life.


Ayep. That's a good example. Sometimes bad things happen. Sometimes you have the exact right yahoo to beat the encounter. Sometimes you don't.

Tangential Untested Painlord Theory: PF Skilltesters
This theory was derived from when I used to play a bit of Magic the Gathering. There were certain cards that were defined as skill testers...i.e. they were cards that seemed good but were actually pretty bad in competitive play (no, PF doesn't usually have competitive play, but that's not the point here).

And when a new set came out, you could evaluate MtG 'talent' by how well they evaluated cards and their utility.

For me, Pathfinder has concepts that are skill testers: those that show how well a player will play the game when they sit at the table with you.

One of those concepts is wanting/needing a 'balanced' party. They might think, on the average, that a balanced party will be more successful than an unbalanced party. Of course, there is never any proof of this. Nor will there be. But just that they might argue it shows that they are either a newer player or one that has permanently bought into the default way of thinking without any critical thought that might ever challenge it.

In truth, like EF says above, it's more about play skill and working together than balance. That's the skill test right there.

Another skill tester is how people feel about the rogue. If a player is saying that 'rogues suck' or 'I'd never play a rogue', what they are really saying is: "I lack the skill to play a rogue effectively and cooperatively to contribute and have a fun game."

Me, and probably most of you, could happily play a rogue and do just fine, have a great time, and not even break a sweat.

Anyone else have any more skill testers?

Edit: One more skill tester: when someone introduces their character by class and level rather than with a roleplaying description.

Edit #2: I wrote this 4 years ago. I'm old...but it's still on topic.

I'm still working on this may be completely untrue, but that's what OOC talk is for, right?

Edit: added some backstory and description to Wren's alias.

The Exchange

Male Humanoidish Yahoo 4/Painlord 6/Punk 2/Cleric of Happiness & Sunshine 1


1) Torgan: +1 for knowing what a geuze is. +1 again for offering sour beer. I can only assume that you live in a region with an active microbrew scene or in Belguim. Which is it? ;)

2) Apologies as my profile will be coming on slowly. Still working on the character and fitting things together. It'll get there but won't stop the RP.

3) Last night's epiphany: you Wren is Core plus (CRB, Orcs & Elves of Golarion, ISWG), by choice, and just because. However, I realized last night a hidden and happy perk: treasures and loots are going to matter to him a bit more. The little things we might find, that never occurred to him before, like a Snapleaf or a, uh, I dunno, alchemical ghost salt blanch, might be a pretty keen find.

It's a viewpoint as an AP PbP player that I hadn't considered before...most of my APs have been pretty open access to everything.

The Exchange

Male Humanoidish Yahoo 4/Painlord 6/Punk 2/Cleric of Happiness & Sunshine 1

On topic!:

Worked a bit on my backstory and personality last night. I think my yahoo will be a good fit for the town and I'm trying to keep it completely separate from whatever the Dwarvesmoot* decides.

GM Tyranius: can we assume that we can start with employment someplace in town? I've seen the map of Trunau in the player's guide, and wanted to write in my backstory someplace.

When I finish the backstory, I'll mix and mesh the build...and ta-da!, I might have a yahoo worthy of this group.

I figure I still have a few days to work, right, GM Tyranius? Or are you ready to go soon?

The Exchange

Male Humanoidish Yahoo 4/Painlord 6/Punk 2/Cleric of Happiness & Sunshine 1
Torgan Steelkeg wrote:
@Painlord: I dunno. Maybe. ;-) If you search Dwarf Female Paizo, it only returned non-bearded dwarves of a decidedly female proportion.

Hmmm...that is curious. Maybe the shaved beard is the chainmail-bikinification* of dwarven women? When will the artist community stop objectifying she-dwarves?

Side Topic:

Zeroly, I appreciate all the thoughts. It's all good food for thought. Thanks for indulging. :)

Firstly, you guys all rock and you know that. I appreciate that you might make changes: because I hope it will lead better players. Players who are more focused on story and character rather than focused on mechanics, build, and balance. We are the only ones who can train players to be better. The GM should know what each player is playing, but no one else 'needs' to know.

Secondly, I recognize that it's charged topic (at least if that PFS thread is any indication)...and people have been doing things one way for a long time. And admittedly, there is a sizable portion of the population that just *loves* to talk crunch and focus on mechanics and that's part of their socialization process and conversation starter.

*=trademark me: newly minted word

The Exchange

Male Humanoidish Yahoo 4/Painlord 6/Punk 2/Cleric of Happiness & Sunshine 1
GM Tyranius wrote:
Well having the top 5 GM's playing at your table isn't intimidating at all ;).

Dude, your excellent use of the list commands intimidates me. I'm not sure I'll be able to handle, much less match, that kind of formatting.

/me notes the mad skillz

* * *
@Torgan: Yes, the GMing of Bold Strider is widely known.

@Torgan: Yes, I also think the females have beards. Hmmm...maybe that explains why your dwarf is a bachelor? ;)

* * *
GM Tyranius: I'll get you my yahoo this night (or tomorrow night) to look over, to gaze upon the beauty therein.

For the record, my yahoo will be mostly Core because it will please me to do so. I'll be selecting from the CRB, Orcs of Golarion, the Inner Sea World Guide and one other story/flavor source as it's all the stuff that I own that applies to Belkzen.

* * *
Side note: One of the reasons I'm excited about this game with this group is that because you all are so prolific GMs, I'm sure you've learned things/styles/tricks from your players and as a GM.

I'm excited to see what those things are. I want to learn to be a better player and look forward to what y'all will be teaching me. I hope my 'studentness' doesn't become too annoying...I frequently reflect on things as I try to understand both PbP, but also human behavior as we play this silly social game.

I beg your forgiveness in advance if I use this OOC thread to talk about some ideas or theories that I might have. The below is an example of such. It's spoilered as so not to distract from the primary discussion of the campaign, and so participate or ignore at your leisure.

* * *

@Jorgan & others if interested:
Jorgan wrote:
And I agree that party balance is somewhat of a false notion.

Yes, but let me ask a follow up question(s) because it is something that has been bothering me for a long time (and recently irritated moreso by the 'deceptive characters' thread on the PFS boards...gah! when am I going to learn just to avoid reading there?).

Question: If party balance is a false notion, why do so many PFS PbP GMs promote that false notion by asking for classes when doing sign ups?

PbP, at its essence, has the ability to a better RP format than F2F...yet many GMs promote and allow bad play by encouraging classes/builds rather than characters when doing sign ups and mustering.

I know that I am pretty deeply outside the mainstream on this, but I believe in a purer, RP game and detest the metagaming that goes into the average session of PFS.

The Exchange

Male Humanoidish Yahoo 4/Painlord 6/Punk 2/Cleric of Happiness & Sunshine 1

Hey All--

GM Tyranius has graciously offered me the 5th slot. I am honored for the opportunity.

I know many, if not all of you, already because your deeds echo throughout PbP. For that reason alone, I jumped at this opportunity.

Them giants won't know what will hit them. Ayep.

Here comes an army of halflings with slings---[/me reads more of the thread] whaaa? dwarves? freakin' dwarves?

Oh, okay...I see that, uhm, this party is getting very bearded...uh...

/me scratches back of neck, looks for a polite way to not have a beard.


Really not Important stuff:

Meh. I love what you guys are doing above, but it isn't for me. I don't believe in roles or balance and prefer to approach character creation in a silo so that it feels much more 'real' (that is, whatever events that throw us together happen without thought to roles or balance).

GM Tyranius will have my build long before we start and most you guys will easily figure out what I'm playing, however, I truly believe in everyone playing what they exactly want to play, then working together to have as much fun as possible ('win' or lose).

The Exchange

Male Humanoidish Yahoo 4/Painlord 6/Punk 2/Cleric of Happiness & Sunshine 1
Rich Flynn wrote:
GM Kyshkumen wrote:
Expect some delay this weekend Kludde. Most if not all the other players are at a local con this weekend. Painlord might be an exception as he is a rather prolific poster.

Painlord nods in agreement.

"Kids, Friends, Family," Painlord ticks off fingers as he counts. "These are the three demons you must slay if you are going to be successful in PbP. Do not listen to ninnies who think having a 'life' is important...why have just one? You could have several..."

The Exchange ***

When you think about it, those are really my 5 stars. After all, I remember counseling Scott on how to GM at his first convention, Pacificon, way back in the good old days.

Ayep...I appreciate all the congrats, guys.

Also, Scott, you're pretty ok too.

The Exchange

1 person marked this as a favorite.

KingmakerDM: This is what you want.

Best of luck.

Start small.


The Exchange

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I really like this post from GM Rutseg: It focuses on three things I appreciate: training players, setting expectations, and, mostly important because it's something I missed in guide, contingencies.

"GM Rutseg" (edited for formatting here) wrote:

That's also a premise when you post, if you are unsure if something works in a certain way, try it out, if not, I will just ignore the action or tell you what other thing to do. It just saves a lot of time in PbP. Even more if you add contingency actions in spoilers.

For example:

If no one says against this direction, I check the left door for traps.
Perception: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (19) + 6 = 25

If nothing found:

I open the door and go into the room if there is no immediate danger.

If the door is locked:

I call the party rogue to open the door. If we don't have rogue, I try to force it open with my axe Strength: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (11) + 4 = 15

GM answer:

Great contingencies post! Thanks for helping the action to keep moving!

The door seems to have no traps at all. When you try to open it, you discover it is locked. You call the rogue and he take 20 for total 26 unlocks it.

Your torch light goes inside the room, and you see a big birthday cake. All of a sudden your Pathfinder friends come out around and greets you all. "Happy birthday!"

That saves us from expending 3 days checking questions and answers back and forth to decide where to go and what happens with it.

Well done, GM Rutseg.

The Exchange

TriOmegaZero wrote:
I fail to see why such a thing needs to be said when the number of PFS tables is unchanged from last year. Or why something specific to PFS needs to be brought up at the initial PaizoCon announcement, possibly before it is even finalized.

I dunno, TOZ. I see wac's point.

I mean it does say:

Under the Pathfinder Society:

PaizoCon 2015 wrote:
PaizoCon features a full slate of Pathfinder RPG and Pathfinder Adventure Card Game organized play events. Join gamers from all over as they work together to survive the challenges of our ongoing organized play campagins!

I guess you could argue that a "full slate" only relates to what scenarios are available. But's hard to see a "full slate" when the afternoon slots are cut. Thus, I don't think wac is out of line by wondering why this wasn't made clear up front.

In addition, I don't think it's wrong that the community might that that another day would equal more slots of PFS. It's not unreasonable to think that. It's a messaging fail. Again, you could argue otherwise, but 'full slate'.

That said, it isn't a big deal. We, as a PFS community, will self-schedule some games after the full schedule is released. We'll work it out.

After the full schedule is out, we'll see if we can set aside some tables for warhorn scheduling and play.

The Exchange

I will quote some yahoo--

Painlord wrote:
For those of you who are new to PbP, the format is *THE* best pure Pathfinder experience there is. It allows for a depth in roleplaying and character development that is not possible in a F2F (face to face, aka tabletop) game. In fact, I prefer PbP to my regular games: for the quality of character development and totality of roleplaying combined with the pure strategic/combat geekery that a good, updated map can provide.

Ayep. That still sums it up. It's just *good*. Better than face to face, better than RollD20.

Yeah. It's just a good way to go. In time, it will dominate f2f play...people think it's anti-social or <insert thing>, but a good game is infinitely more social, deep, and complete than any f2f is.

The future of RPGs is PbP (or the next iteration of such) and that's why it's too bad that Paizo Gamespace died. It could have been a huge boon to Paizo's long term growth.

The Exchange

rknop wrote:

Painlord, were you the one who ran "Shadows Fall" on Thursday last year?

(If so, your Drandle Dreng was awesome.)

Nope, that wasn't me (though I do do a mean Drundle Dringle). uh uh huh eh heh...I said 'doo doo'...huh huh eh huh heh heh.

And, lookee there....I do have access to edit and add crap to the warhorn. After the middle schedule gets put out, I'll work with Majuba to see if we want to use this warhorn for self-scheduling games.

I can't imagine what they have planned that is going to suck up the tables and players from PFS during the middle slots, but I hope to be proven wrong. If it doesn't work, we can organize on our own.

The Exchange

Majuba wrote:
Hey all - I've reactivated the Warhorn site I setup last year for pre-con games - LINK HERE

Majuba, might you want to expand that Warhorn to allow others to set up slots for midday games? As you know, PFS isn't scheduling any PFS for most (all?) mid-slots during the convention.

The current slot schedule is:

Slot 1: Friday, May 22, 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Slot 2: Friday, May 22, 7:00 PM to Midnight
Slot 3: Saturday, May 23, 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Slot 4: Sunday, May 24, 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Slot 5: Sunday, May 24, 7:00 PM to Midnight
Slot 6: Monday, May 25, 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Meaning that Friday, Saturday, & Sunday from 2pm to 6pm, PFSers are needing to self-organize to get games in (if they wish).

The Exchange

Male Humanoidish Yahoo 4/Painlord 6/Punk 2/Cleric of Happiness & Sunshine 1
christopher lockwood wrote:
Painlord wrote:
Mr. Painlord, I have to say again that you are the man. The shortcut suggestions are 100% AMAZING! Thank you, sir.


The Exchange

Male Humanoidish Yahoo 4/Painlord 6/Punk 2/Cleric of Happiness & Sunshine 1
Damien Wilmann wrote:
John, shame it was such a great SuperBowl! Not at all like the one last year where you no doubt could have got a lot of posting in! Amazing stuff. Lost my bet for Seattle, but totally didn't mind. Incredible game.

Great game.

Much better than the Kobolds vs. the StormGiants from last year.

The Exchange

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Calybos1 wrote:
Surely the spammers are in the running...?

Yeah, Heathansson is on the list.


/me runs away, giggling madly.

The Exchange

Male Humanoidish Yahoo 4/Painlord 6/Punk 2/Cleric of Happiness & Sunshine 1
-Karma- wrote:
Typing on ipad is ok except for the forum tags. Getting those [-brackers is annoying..


The Exchange

Male Humanoidish Yahoo 4/Painlord 6/Punk 2/Cleric of Happiness & Sunshine 1
wakedown wrote:
Now, where's the much ballyhooed Painlord's Guide to Dancing With The PbP Stars?

They wouldn't let me in the club. :(


The Exchange

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Male Humanoidish Yahoo 4/Painlord 6/Punk 2/Cleric of Happiness & Sunshine 1
GMTrex wrote:
On a semi-related note, for those jumping into GMing for the first time, here is an awesome Guide put together by Painlord (and added to by some of our very own Flaxseeders!): Painlord's Guide to PbP GMing

Some might argue that those guides were written by a Flaxseeder as well. ;)

Also, I love the Core option as well and expect to spent more of my time there.

The Exchange

Male Humanoidish Yahoo 4/Painlord 6/Punk 2/Cleric of Happiness & Sunshine 1
Silbeg wrote:

/me waves his hand excitedly.

Oohh!! ME!! ME!! PICK ME!!!!

This is an utterly fascinating (and risky) experiment...I love it. No, not that it's going to get me back to playing F2F PFS, but that it eliminates much of my current annoyance with game. (Now, if they could just get a overarching good story & find a purpose to the Pathfinder Society, I'd be really happy.)

Here's what I think:
1) Within 1 month, most PFS PbP will be Core Only.
2) Within 6 months, most PFS 'real life' will be Core Only.
3) These will both be good things.
4) I'm very glad that I'm no longer a convention coordinator. If I was, I'm pretty sure I'd be scheduling Core Only Conventions, K?, but they would crash and burn because the anagram sucks.
5) I am still not funny.

The Exchange


The Exchange

Male Humanoidish Yahoo 4/Painlord 6/Punk 2/Cleric of Happiness & Sunshine 1
Silbeg wrote:

I certainly do! Also, Andy Christian, Ray Albrecht, etc...

Been active in the local PFS for about 2 years now (wow... only 2 years? that'll mean 100 table credits in 2 years...)

Ah yes! I think I've met AC more than once. Even bought him a beer once. I can't believe I forgot to mention him.

If you can, you *should* come to PaizoCon. It's dang fun as long as you don't get roped into running the entire time you're there (unless you *really* like running). Gotta find time to play and chat and socialize too.

The Exchange

Male Humanoidish Yahoo 4/Painlord 6/Punk 2/Cleric of Happiness & Sunshine 1
Damien Wilmann wrote:

Thanks guys. Almost had a flame war going on. I'll get some head space and respond today.

As for liking my own work, Painlord, I agree it is on the nose and I was reluctant - but I was just taking advantage of the favorites system because they act like bookmarks. Is there a better way?

Flame war? Oh no, we just had some interesting discussion. ;) I like that GMs will have some discussion and ideas and can make up their own minds and try things that work for them.

I was just snarking about the liking of your own post. I don't have a better way, save to link them in my profile, but I mostly do that so others can find them.

The Exchange

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Mark Sweetman wrote:

It's a fairly straightforward one for CotCC, with the applicants asked to RP out within a tavern. However the problem comes in several points:

1) It's mixed in with the OOC posts - which makes it hell to actually follow and read what's going on.
2) You'll find it gets dominated by a few more prolific posters.
3) If done wrong it can promote wierdness - such as broody loner ish types feeling like they have to engage off type to get seen amongst the rest.
4) If done this way - do you then reset the clock for the main campaign? - or do all the characters now know each other, etc.
5) It's a lot more work for the players to do... which is fine in some respects, but also means that as a DM you're imposing more upon those that you will eventually regret - which leads to a I just spent two weeks RP'ing and still didn't get picked, bugger this I'm giving up. feeling at times.

But the best information is going to be obtained via Player Stalking (ie. researching their other PbPs or posts) for the most part.

Ah...let's be honest, Sweetman, you were also pretty awesome in this RP thread too. There are times when paths cross and there are opportunities unmet.

Olondir was there too. Oh man, what a cast we had there.

However, I tend to prefer RP recruitments because I value PbP skills so much. In counterpoint, I might argue:

  • #1: In my experience, you can figure out what's going on. I mean, a GM who is interested in RP will figure things out.
  • #2: Yes, just like your game could be overrun by the same 'dominators'! For me, pushers (those that make things happen in PbP) are gold and worth it. However, a GM can manage the thread and learn a lot from how others react and play off them.
  • #3: Yes, totally! Broodish loners are not the kinds you want in PbP. You want social interactives. So...great! Break them out of their shells, if you can.
  • #4: Uh...a GM can erase and reset at will...or they can build off the RP. This is not an issue.
  • #5: This is the part that sucks. Totally...I've felt it. However, you have to use that experience going into your next recruitment. Find a way to polish that character and make it better.

And yes, stalking is best...however, new players can't be stalked. Which is why we need to have RP recruitments. We *NEED* to have new players in this format all the time. It makes it all worth it.

The Exchange

Male Humanoidish Yahoo 4/Painlord 6/Punk 2/Cleric of Happiness & Sunshine 1
Silbeg wrote:
Well! Painlord, perhaps we will find a chance for you to p,ay at one of our scenarios, or maybe you'll want to GM the crazy bunch that we are. If you are going to be at GenCon, we could use a player or two to cover those of us that cannot make it (we are planning a face-to-face game there)!

That's funny because I had already asked Wilmann if any of you yahoos was going to go to PaizoCon. ;)

I don't know that I'll make GenCon (mostly because I need to find the right accommodations), but it's possible. (This old, cranky yahoo needs an extremely local hotel room and his own bed.)

And Silbeg, you run in Minn, eh? With the my Ryan boys? Boulduan and Blomquist, and maybe even Koelmann? Oh yeah, I know Dehning too.

* * *

And verdigris just posted our response to Sweetman.

The Exchange

Male Humanoidish Yahoo 4/Painlord 6/Punk 2/Cleric of Happiness & Sunshine 1
christopher lockwood wrote:
Awesome! It looks Super Duper!

Ayep. But I'm grumbling @ Sweetman's response.

I'm trying to find the words to politely disagree with all the things I disagree with. I only wonder if I will find them.

+1 for the good post, Wilmann.
-1 for liking your own work. ;)

The Exchange

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Ohh! Love the new-ish forum (Online Campaigns General Discussion). Please also consider stickying the following? I think they've had enough community review and feedback to be worthwhile.

Building a Better Doomed Hero

Guide to GMing PbP

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christopher lockwood wrote:

The one and only mr. painlord?

To what do we owe this honor, sir?
Are you joining these adventures and shenanigans?


Just joining in the snark and gaming, two of my favorite things. You guys have it good here, no doubt. Organization, passion, fun...all the good things.

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Male Humanoidish Yahoo 4/Painlord 6/Punk 2/Cleric of Happiness & Sunshine 1
Damien Wilmann wrote:
Painlord also PM'd me (what is it about us that attracts stalkers?)


It's probably could you possibly be superstars and not have me?! ;)

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These are the only two complete Paizo APs that I know that has been completed via PbP that I know of:

#1:This bad ass run as Pirates.

#2:GM Evilan's Curse of the Crimson Throne. There is a reason why GM Evilan is so mentioned in the original post.

And this mofo is in the final fights of Book 6:

Council of Thieves. 3 GMs, some early turnover,'s almost in the books.

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DM Jelani wrote:
Stuff like running initiative in blocks, and putting up the monsters stats so that the PCs can completely resolve their own actions without DM feedback. Has any thought gone into adding stuff like that to the guide?

Oh, that would be good and welcome addition here. Please add!

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GM-JZ wrote:

Hey guys, great thread...

How many APs run to conclusion, Would you say even 5%?

I've been on the PbP boards for years and I know of 2 APs that have been completed. I am in another that is a month away from completion. Out of 1000s of games started. It is too rare.

Oh yeah, I guess I should link to this Guide to GMing PbP here.

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Can we get some love for this PFS combat post by Vasari? A lot of stuff going on, but it's clear and readable.

+1 to this kind of play.

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+1 to all the GMs adding to this thread with their experience and ideas.

This post becomes better as people contribute (not unlike any PbP)...and by joining voices, we can make the PbP format better and stronger.

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Jiggy wrote:
That... was a lot to absorb. But my first PbP as GM (which happens to also be my first homebrew campaign) has about 800 posts now, so I guess I must be doing at least a passable job. :D

You must be. And you're probably doing other things that I didn't mention. What is working for you? Or what are you going to adopt from my post?

Jiggy, what else to PbP GMs need to know? Where was your steepest learning curve? Biggest hurdle?

p.s. I guess you're liking PbP, eh?

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motteditor wrote:

My first thought to add, even if it's sort of on a bad note: You talk about the Prime PBP GM Commandment, which I agree with fully. I think what bothers me more than GMs not finishing games, though, is that they just disappear.

...I wish I hadn't had to, but for various reasons they weren't working and I wasn't enjoying myself (and I don't think the players were either). So I explained that I was calling an end to them and said why.

I think that's a huge difference than when the GM just (slowly) stops posting and eventually leaves the players to figure out that the game has ended.

Oh're one of the good ones, you know that. And I have no problem with communication that draws down a game. I have a *huge* problem with new GMs failing because they were not prepared and withdraw from PbP completely.

We all lose when the fade away happens. We lose players and a potential future GM. We need to stop that from happening both to protect our players, but also to protect our future GMs.

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Cevah wrote:

Check out the competition :-)

Why not add this to the Guide to the Guides?


Lol. :)

We are not competitors, but on the same side. His post was crucial in setting the norms by which we post and communicate.

I had considered the Guide of Guides for builds and whatnot, but if you think this should be there, please recommend. I would appreciate it.

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