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Painlord's page

RPG Superstar 6 Season Star Voter, 7 Season Dedicated Voter. FullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 1,633 posts (28,956 including aliases). 1 review. 1 list. No wishlists. 9 Pathfinder Society characters. 22 aliases.


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It would be nice to get new tools or any upgrade to Online Campaigns would be keen. I believe the format has grown in popularity (but have no data to believe that) and think it would grow more with a bit of love.

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Male Humanoidish Yahoo 4/Painlord 6/Punk 2/Cleric of Happiness & Sunshine 1

::Painlord blips in from his Demiplane of Pain::

"Am I too late? Can I opine upon things real and unreal?" Painlord looks around the wretched menagerie of scum and villainy...and GM Hmm. Painlord scratches the back of his neck as he looks around, several small bugs skitter to and fro to avoid his fingers.

"You know, I've been lurking on this thread for a while, thought I might come down and unlurk, you know, GM Hmm? And here I am, The Unlurked." Painlord flashes a smiles that is more yellow than white.

"As some of you know, I'm a big fan of PbP and encouraging good PbP play. I know I don't know everything and everything might be wrong, but I do like talking about's kind of my thing. Ayep, I'm pretty good at awkward, you know?" Painlord stretches out and gets comfortable, summoning a flumph-skin settee from aether.

Painlord waves to GM Ladile, then to Chris Marsh, and then to andreww, then GM JAFO. Ayep. Lots of villainy in here. Faces that I recognize.

Painlord eases back into his settee, his hand feeling the soft texture of the flumph. He ponders his own questions and what he might ask next.

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Ooh, this Know Direction Podcast ft. GM Hmm should be recording soon.

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DM Grimmy wrote:
Have you made any more of these tips? Also were you the one who made a guide on running recruitment? I am having trouble finding it.


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Male Humanoidish Yahoo 4/Painlord 6/Punk 2/Cleric of Happiness & Sunshine 1
Cup wrote:

Hmm quietly hands Painlord her earplugs.

(My boyfriend, Bret, issued me earplugs when I GMed for THUNDERLIPS and his battle cock at SkalCon. They worked great!)


I don't suppose he went the extra mile and offered a blindfold too?

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Male Humanoidish Yahoo 4/Painlord 6/Punk 2/Cleric of Happiness & Sunshine 1

Oh. good. thunderlips. is here.

Time for me to find a thread with less angry yelling and drooling.

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Male Humanoidish Yahoo 4/Painlord 6/Punk 2/Cleric of Happiness & Sunshine 1
Cup wrote:

Everyone, meet my beloved former VC, Leg O' Lamb! We've had so many top flight visitors to this thread that I'm now waiting for Painlord and Compton to show up!


Hmmm? You summoned me?

Sir D. Arthraven wrote:
Yeah, she and my brother's PC, another half-orc, dish out well.

Wait, what? Mavor is your brother IRL? I had no idea.

Also, let's also note that in that game, we also have well-known yahoo Scott Young (aka Lamplighter) who is also a literal moon rock carrier.

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This is good. I've always enjoyed Pain-by-Post. Nice to have yet more leadership so we can collect more victims players.

Concatulations, Hmm.

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Painlord wrote:

Among the newer scotch drinkers, Glenfiddich was preferred (as expected, it's just good) and the Nectar...well...was different. I couldn't get into it...yet. No one sipped the Nectar and loved it after one, two, or many sips.

It happens sometimes when I experience a new scotch, especially one that is somewhat highfalutin/different, like the Nectar. I opened up with Nectar, took a splash...and sipped, and sipped, and sipped...and never found a spot where I said "Yeah, I like this," to myself. I splashed out a bit of the Glenfiddich and within 2 sips, I was reminded how much I like the Glenfiddich. So, I switched back to the Nectar...I found it slightly better, but not good.

GM Bold Strider wrote:

Review of the Glenmorangie Nectar D'or:

The sweetness from the barrel-aging is subtle, but it definitely contrast with the idea of a non-sweet whiskey. They nice grape-i-ness permeates the whiskey, but doesn't overpower the true focus. It is a great whiskey that has a bit of complex sweetness.

To summarize, Painlord is wrong.

Nah. Not sure how I can be wrong...or anyone can be wrong about a preference (except for those piddlespotters who prefer to play gnomes...they're wrong).

Now, I don't want to say that I regret following the recommendation of buying/trying the Nectar...I don't regret it at all. I tried it. Others tried it None of us loved it...or even liked it that much. I like that I've had the opportunity to try many scotches and am able to figure out which ones I like and don't. There is no regret there. It's freakin' scotching.

And I'm trying it again right now, both with some water and without. I'm just not moved by it. I don't get it.

Contrast that experience with the stuff I bought on a whim yesterday and tried last night: Dalmore 12. (about $62 at BevMo)

The Dalmore 12 was instantly inviting and good. Easy to drink, nice & smooth going down. Easily 'better' (to me) than the Nectar. It's nice when a quasi-random buy (it did have an 88 score on Distiller) comes out to be a fine drink, worthy of the 88. At the price, it's a nice addition to the cabinet and I'll be enjoying for a time longer. It won't last as long as the Nectar, which is pretty much a good thing.

I'll be offering the Nectar to friends to see if any of them 'get' it more than I do.

The Exchange

Scotchery Update (from last weekend):

Let me confirm again that prices are b&%%~&%*...and only somewhat correlated to quality and taste. A few nights ago, I did splashes of comparison between three scotches that have a similar flavor profile (at least to me):

Johnnie Walker Black (about $32 at Safeway)
Johnnie Walker Platinum (about $100 at Safeway)
Aberfeldy 12 (about $55)

I started with the JW Black. I know it. It's cheap. It's good. It has a slight amount of peat. I can sip it happily. I know that it's relatively inexpensive.

Then I went to Black's big brother: JW Platinum. It's better. It is noticeably better. However, is it worth 3x the price? Oh hells no. It's still slightly peaty and is a bit more smooth.

Then the Aberfeldy. Oh man, this is the first scotch I ever loved (after Lagavulin 16, of course). This used to be my bomb (I think I understand things differently now). Now? I think it's better than the JW Black, and equal to the JW Platinum. Is it twice as good as the JW Black? No. But do I still love having it? Yes.

By pure enjoyment (not considering cost): Aberfeldy > Platinum > Black
By pure cost: Black > Aberfeldy > Platinum

I'll probably always have a bottle of JW Black on hand. And if you're in a bar, drinking with other Pathfinders, it's not a bad thing to order neat. It's cheap, it's good sipping, it's omnipresent. I don't know that I'd ever order Platinum at a bar: totally not worth the price.

So yeah, that's a step on my scotch journey.

The Exchange

Irontruth wrote:

One of my favorite descriptions I've come up with was for Laphroaig Quarter Cask:

It tastes like someone took an old fishing boat and set it on fire; they then took it and buried under a peat bog for 6 months, and now they are currently trying to see how much of the remains of that old boat they can fit in your mouth. If that sounds like a good time, you should the Quarter Cask. I love it.

Totes McGoats.

I have/had 3 bottles of the Laphroaig: the 10 (a cheap and good staple), the Quarter Cask, and the Cask Strength 005.

All three as peaty little bastards and all three different expressions of that. I love them all differently. The Laph 10 is a staple (because of the price), but sometimes I like to explore the 005 (or 006) or the Quarter Cask.

Yeah, peat is an acquired taste, but once you get it, you get it. I strongly suggest taking time to explore at least one bottle of it. At least that you know and get it.

* * *

I keep hoping that someone will post on the recommendations that I have above: especially the Isle of Skye or Old Pulteney 12. Let's get drinking, you lecherous bastards.

* * *

Grolick wrote:
And if Painlord really wants some good Scotch, you really need to buy a bottle of Cask Strength. Glenfiddich is probably one of the best of those.

I expect to share a bottle at the PaizoCon, Trevs. Bring a bottle, won't you? I haven't had nor seen the Glenfiddich Quarter Cask, but I'll look.

Also, because flying monkeys speak to me, yes, yes, you should get into play by post. What are you waiting for?

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Fabius Maximus wrote:
How does the Oban 14 compare to the Lagavulin 16 in terms of taste? The Lagavulin was the first peated scotch I tried (after only drinking Connemara before) and it was pretty overwhelming at first.

I've been noodling over this all night. The answer is I have no idea how to answer it. They are both good...really good, but one is peaty and one is not. One is the pinnacle of peaty/smooth: Lagavulin is a thing for a reason and the more you have it, the more you'll get it. It's flipping magic.

Oban? Oban isn't peaty, nor's just freakin' scotch to me. It's easy to sip and sip and sip.

No, I have no answer to this. However, the best thing to do would be to get a bottle of each and drink a splash/dram/finger of one, then the other. You'll either figure out which on you like more OR appreciate them both for what they are AND/OR just end up nice and tipsy that it won't matter: it'll have been a good night.

(You can also do a similar and cheaper comparison with Glenlivet 12 vs. Laphroaig 10.)

* * *

Fellfire wrote:
You forgot straight out of the bottle. I thought you had to finish one before getting another.

Uhm...I think you want the "Introduction to Drunken Debauchery" thread a few posts down. It's right next to the "1000 ways to kill my liver" thread.

The Exchange

Scotchery Update:

Brought two bottles of scotch to our Thanksgiving foodfest (my contributions as I have no desire to cook, but like to drink and eat): the aforementioned Glenfiddich 14 and a new one to me: Glenmorangie's Nectar D'or (rec'd to me by rpgblue, aka BoldStrider).

We had a few samplers of each after dinner and pie. Among the newer scotch drinkers, Glenfiddich was preferred (as expected, it's just good) and the Nectar...well...was different. I couldn't get into it...yet. No one sipped the Nectar and loved it after one, two, or many sips.

It happens sometimes when I experience a new scotch, especially one that is somewhat highfalutin/different, like the Nectar. I opened up with Nectar, took a splash...and sipped, and sipped, and sipped...and never found a spot where I said "Yeah, I like this," to myself. I splashed out a bit of the Glenfiddich and within 2 sips, I was reminded how much I like the Glenfiddich. So, I switched back to the Nectar...I found it slightly better, but not good.

So, I'll keep researching the Nectar...I'm not sure what it is yet.

* * *

A certain Icy Bear, like Pan, mentioned that Oban 14 was really good and a favorite. So, yeah, not sure why it's not as beloved on Distiller. It's a mystery to me.

* * *

Pan wrote:
Now accepting your hate applications. :)

I won't hate you for liking other fact, you'll see a good amount of not-scotch in both my collection and my wish list.

And, as for the matter of posting bourbon preferences here, I think it's akin to saying "I prefer the Eldritch Knight" in a class guide thread for the Magus. It's a Paizo board tradition.

The Exchange

I created an introductory guide to Scotch for new drinkers: Painlord's Pathfinder Introduction to Scotch.

I've been enjoying some of the selections mentioned on this thread and wanted a spot to offer my own and give some context to new drinkers.

The Exchange

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Greetings Mortals-

I don't like you and you don't like me, but that doesn't mean that we can't raise a dram of the sweet, sweet nectar together. I've been scotching for a short while, but doing a lot of 'research' in that time. It's been a fun (as you can imagine) process. After about a year, I don't know much but I know much more than I did when I started.

Lemme point you to two tools have have helped me learn: first, map <MAP>. We Pathfinders know maps and this map is pretty good. See them distilleries from different regions? See that? And, in general, different regions have a different spins and flavors. No, it's not perfect, but you know if you get stuff from a distillery on Islay, you're going to taste a lot of peat. And if you go to Speyside, you're getting a more classic scotch flavor...with a bit of spice.

Secondly, get thee to, aka the ClassGuide of Booze. You can create an account, list your collection, and learn a bit. Heck, you can even find me (user: Painlord) and add me as a friend. You'll see my collection and whatnot. Mostly, you can use Distiller to read and shop for things of interest. I don't do ratings or comments because I don't know what I'm talking about (yet).

Note about Distiller Ratings:
I have mixed feelings about the ratings. The 0-100 score is done by an expert which is subject to all sorts of personal preferences/mood swings/what they just ate, etc. I go by it, but also put a lot of credence into the 0-5 star rating, given by the distiller community. The wisdom of crowds thing. I kind of mesh the two in determining what to try/buy...and sometimes my preferences are affected by price/value. I can tell you that I *love* Johnnie Walker Blue, but at $150+ per bottle, it's not something I'm drinking every day. But I like JW Black, just fine and it's cheap enough for sipping at home while I play Pathfinder, you know?

Also, please don't think that the more $$$ the scotch the better it is. It might be more true, in general, but there are lots of times where I've paid a lot for a bottle but found it wasn't for me or I didn't get it. While the $200 bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue is amazeballs, it's also possible that some $$$ scotches are crap. The only way to know for sure is research and trying them out.

Thirdly, I'm just talking about scotch. I appreciate some of you might like a nice bourbon or irish whiskey, but that ain't scotch. For those of you that are confused about the difference, lemme try to explain.

Scotch? Whiskey? Huh?:
Uh, yeah it's confusing. And we can't do Venn diagrams on this site. But maybe this will help.

All drinks: milk, water, booze, sodas, etc.
All booze: beer, wine, vodka, whiskey, gin, tequila, etc.
All whiskey: whisky, irish whiskey, japanese whiskey, bourbon, american whiskey, scotch, canadian whiskey, etc.
All scotch: just scotch, from Scotland. If it comes from a distillery on the <MAP>., then it's probably scotch.

Scotch is a particular whiskey that only comes from Scotland.

Scotch is actually a lot of variety within a relatively small area. But you can buy a few different scotches from a few areas and use that to develop a taste and understanding of things. Most of the bottles below are relatively cheap and nice introductions. Here are some good, inexpensive scotches that you can use to learn about the range of flavors available to you.

How to Drink Scotch Part 1: Water? Ice? Food?:
I know there are lots of varied feelings about this issue. For me, I'm mostly neat (which means no ice). I will, occasionally, splash some water into a scotch. But mostly, no water unless the scotch seems to want it (like a spicy Abelour or CompassBox). I don't eat while I drink. Period. I don't want the food I'm eating to cloud or distort the scotch. Others feel differently about this, but for me, as I try to learn: I don't eat while drinking. Also, I don't do ice...cold kills/hides too many of the flavors, however I know that's how others like it. My feeling is that if you need ice to make some scotch palatable, then you might have the wrong scotch for you.

How to Drink Scotch Part 2: Meta:
Suppose you run about and buy 3 bottles of scotch. How should you drink them? In what order? Well, good question. I like comparisons. I like take a splash of one and sip it gone, then try a different scotch and take a splash of that. Sometimes I might go with one scotch for the night, trying to get a feel for it. I don't think it's right or wrong to switch between two or three bottles, sipping splashes away. But comparison will allow you to start picking out peaty or floral flavors more easily. You'll see which scotches are more sweet or spicy through comparison and tasting.

How to Drink Scotch Part 3: Glass? Paper cup? Shoe?:
The pros will tell you to sip through a scotch sniffery glass, however, that's for sticking your nose in and trying inhale the scents. I'm happy with just a regular glass. I tend to avoid ceramics, papers, ivory horns, & plastics when drinking scotch.

List of Painlord Recommended Starter Scotches:

Glenlivet 12 (about $30 at Trader Joes) - It took me an entire bottle before I *'got'* this scotch. Yes, it can take a while to learn how to drink or enjoy a particular scotch. This scotch taught me that. I'm happy to drink it now. It's a baseline, cheap scotch that I can use for comparisons. It's not amazing, but cheap and good.

Laphroaig 10 (about $40 at Trader Joes) - This scotch here will teach you about peat. This here is the peaty peat peatiest stuff of your dreams/nightmares. Mrs. Painlord considers it to taste like wet dog; to me, it's magic. It's rough to be sure, but it's also good, very good. Peat is boggy swampy hag magic brewed into a drink. It's great once you get into it.

Old Pulteney 12 - (about $40) OP is OP. That is, Old Pulteney is overpowered for the cost. It's good. A bit sweet and has good flavor. Don't believe me, watch this old Scottish bastard talking about it: informative OP discussion. This guy knows things and he's hilarious. It's a good listen for when you get your own OP. He also talks about adding water to scotch, which is interesting.

Isle of Skye 12 (about $42) Similar to OP, Isle of Skye 12 is cheap and good and just a nice scotch.

Johnnie Walker Black (about $40 at Trader Joes) - Ah yeah, my favorite cheap blend. It's just a solid, slightly-peaty scotch. Don't get JW Red, and if you can't afford Blue (Platinum isn't worth it), then treat-yo-self to some Black. Compare this to the Glenlivet or Laphroaig. You'll begin to taste the differences.

Glenfiddich 14 (about $50) - Nope, not a glamorous bottle, but I love this. Not too expensive and just good.

Aberfeldy 12 (about $55) - This is the first 'expensive' scotch that I ever fell in love with. That was over a year ago and now I know better. It's just good and always makes me happy. Also, it's not that expensive (now that I've seen others) but still a staple of my cabinet.

Lagavulin 16 (about $80 at CostCo) - The mack daddy of the peated scotches, this one blends peat with smoothness to equal happiness. Yes, it's the one Ron Swanson drinks on Parks & Rec...and for good reason. Sipping this while watching your favorite sportsball game is why scotch (and probably all sports) exists.

Benromach Organic (about $90) - I can't tell you how much I love this one. So good. Not even sure it's organic, but it's magic.

So yeah...where should you start?

I started by making a lot of mistakes (and them drinking them away). I tried lots of stuff I liked, and a bunch of stuff I didn't. I explored and created my own maxim: "Always Second Sip".

That means I never, ever trust myself on my first sip to judge a scotch. Try a second, third, or fourth sip. Heck, try a bottle, but be slow to make up your mind. First sips are lies. Dirty rotten lies. First sips are just wrong...unless you hit that one scotch that hits you just right. It's rare...but mostly, like especially when you are trying a peaty or spicy scotch, it may take a few sips for your 'buds to adapt to the flavors.

Buy should I start?

Uh...depending on how much you want to learn and explore, you might buy three bottles either immediately or over a period of weeks. You might buy 'Old Pulteney 12 or Isle of Skye 12', and Glenlivet 12, and laphroaig 10. That's about $110 or so...but is many many good nights of drinking scotch. From there, you might have a splash of Glenlivet and then a splash of Laphroaig, then try comparing that to OP.

From there, after you understand those scotches, you might feel free to explore the map, explore Distiller, and find other interesting scotches to drink. I've had a lot of bottles that I drank, but didn't love. At the same time, some random purchases I've made have ended up being pretty good. I'm still learning and don't know much...but I do have a map and I've found some things that I've liked.


p.s. My favorite scotch: Oban 14. It's not beloved on Distiller (Distiller is just wrong on that, IMO), but is the best bottle at the price ($80). It's just solid and good.

p.p.s. Yes, Lagavulin 16 is really, really good. That's for special occasions. It may take you a while to get it, but once you do...ah...yeah.

p.p.p.s. If you have any thoughts, opinions, or questions about my Distiller Collection, I'm happy to discuss. I seek to learn.

p.p.p.p.s. For more on other scotch stuff, this thread is full of fun and recommendations.

The Exchange

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Terry Tate Makes America Great.

Yeah, if you know Terry Tate's excellent work, you know that this is. I lol'd happily by the end.

The Exchange

Male Humanoidish Yahoo 4/Painlord 6/Punk 2/Cleric of Happiness & Sunshine 1
Damien Wilmann wrote:

Was a great time all around. Yeah, exhausted doesn't quite cover it does it? Gaming with you fine folk is amazing.

Special mention to the new folk I got to play with: Grapes. Grape. Grapes. Wine. Grapes.

Ah piddlespot. I'm totally not jealous about not being there. No, totally not.

Also, I bet the grapes are sour. I didn't want them anyway.

The Exchange ***

waltero wrote:
Wei Ji the Learner wrote:

...Needs to go drinking tonight with the Minnesota crew if they're around to feel young again...
My experience is that this will actually make you feel older...

Just reading 'drinking tonight with the Minnesota crew' makes my liver hurt.

The Exchange ***

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Mitch Mutrux wrote:

Checked out the wicked sweet charity auction boons, placed some bids. Money raised goes to a really good cause, the PourHouse in Indianapolis.

What is PourHouse? Excellent question! From : The PourHouse assists individuals experiencing homelessness in overcoming barriers to housing, treatment and healthcare. Through community-style street outreach and a unique peer advocacy approach, we help people define and achieve their goals and reestablish vision for their lives.

+1 to this, yo. As a professional fundraiser and yahoo who wants to actively make the world a better place, this is pretty piddlespotting cool. I wish I was there to see this.

Just like in PFS where our characters have the choice to add to the suffering/pain of the world or fight against it, I choose to try to make the world a better place. It's nice that this Con is offering that option to everyone by pairing with a nonprofit that seeks to try to help others. All it takes is the bravery to care about something that matters to you and try to make it better.

The Exchange ***

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Mitch Mutrux wrote:
Since Painlord hasn't kicked this off (not sure if he is coming this year) I figured somebody should kick this off, and in these uncertain times a gugs gotta do what a gugs gotta do.

Totally not jealous about any of this. Totally.

Enjoy your con you magnificent piddlespotters.

The Exchange

Male Humanoidish Yahoo 4/Painlord 6/Punk 2/Cleric of Happiness & Sunshine 1

I'm going to need video of any karaoke shenanigans.

Don't let me down, Silbeg.

The Exchange

Male Humanoidish Yahoo 4/Painlord 6/Punk 2/Cleric of Happiness & Sunshine 1
TheBobJones wrote:

I have to say that I am disappointed not to see a PaizoCon recap, live blog, or Snapchat from Jack.

A==Besides Starfinder, any news Jack? Anything cool happen? Or does what happens at PaizoCon stay at PaizoCon?

Maple Bacon Bourbon at the very least?

Dude, there is so much here in the Bloggery. You should be proud of your boys and their detailed accounting of their weekend assery.

Man, there is a lot of documented assery there. You should be proud of the team. They are amazing. And fun.

The Exchange

cartmanbeck wrote:
So glad to hear our goblins were so well-recieved! And thanks for the detailed rundown... I'm living vicariously through you as I read it. :)

It was really well done, Tyler. You guys nailed it.

The Exchange

Drogon wrote:
As for concerns of splitting the player base, I offer the ACG PFS as evidence that this will not happen. Sure, that system has taken some of the players away from the RPG side (most notably among them Painlord, himself). But there are a lot of new players that have come to that system for the play experience, and many of them have branched into PFS, itself.

I think it's funny that you feel the ACG took me away. I feel the ACG is has kept me in. :)

Drogon wrote:
Count me on board with the Starfinder Corps name, as well. I put "Society" up there merely for the fact that it is a recognizable part of what we see as Organized Play.

I'm going to have a ton of thoughts about this later on, but about to fly home...and I'll be posting on this thread, Drogon rather than the other one.

I love this idea and my happiest thought about Starfinder Spaceparty (name is still TBD and that's going to be mine until I hear otherwise) is that it will be much better as a fan run and written project rather than having Paizo do it.

There are advantages and disadvantages to having it be fan run, but I sincerely feel that the project will be better as a fan run and managed thing rather than if Paizo does the campaign. I'm going to chew on those advantages as I fly back to SFO.

The Exchange ***

+1 Andrew. Way to play this game.

The Exchange ***

7 people marked this as a favorite.
BigNorseWolf wrote:
Any word if they're going to let dm stars start recharging on their own?

According to MisterSlanky, the GM stars will recharge at a rate proportional to the number of Kitsune deaths that happen in a month.

Such things are unconfirmed, but it sounds legit and should happen.

The Exchange ***

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I'm eating at the Roaster (1/2 up from Hotel) with the entire-1 Minnesota crew. The place has much meat and beer...and this is MisterSlanky's quote: "Wow. That was a really good salad."

And that is the quintessential MisterSlanky.

The Exchange ***

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Hmm wrote:

Hey Painlord --

Ask Keith Apperson about a) busking on Hennepin Avenue and b) dead zombie Prince and you'll understand part of why I'm excited to meet you someday. Thanks for all these updates.

Done. Keith expanded more than a bit about the busking idea. He is excited to strap on his drumming shoes and he mentions that you're an amazing clog dancer while quoting pre-Starfall pugwumpi poetry.

I'll want video of that. Plzthxbai.

The Exchange ***

Walter Sheppard wrote:
Every reporting sheet that has been turned in thusfar is now reported.

The HQ staff has been a fat load of awesome all weekend long. There is nothing they haven't been on top of or willing to help with. +1

* * *

Oh yeah, I had about 20 tokens from my ACG play. I rolled 3 potential crits, confirming once. I walk away with 18 ACG boons and one class deck. The prize table has been good this year as well and the ACG specific boons for the Guild are nice and worthwhile.

The Exchange ***

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Yesterday was a good day. I'm trying to remember it all and I'm sure there are many things that I'll fail to recall, including names. Even though it was a blur, I know it was good.

Breakfast at the hotel, eating the Continental thing again. Went to bed at 3am and awake at 8amish and drug my ass down here because coffee is better than not coffee.

Actual text I got yesterday: "You doing the ACG non-stop or being social?" Yes, Will J from Fresno, aka Sarta, was giving me guff even though he wasn't here. And yes, all I pretty much did was play ACG all day yesterday.

ACG stuff:

I played in the Gobling ACG with Tanis, Nathan from Obsidian (the guy in charge of the tablet ACG), & new friend Kate B. It was a blast because the community made content that was designed for the game was amazing. It was a mixture of custom content/cards/pictures and regular Runelord cards. The goblin-themed cards were well done and incredibly thematic. The barriers were designed with goblins in mind like eating slugs fast (two Con/Fort checks because sometimes they come back up) and fermented apples or exploding fireworks, etc.

+1 to Tanis for 'approving' the designs and mechanics. +1 to Tyler Beck for writing and having fun with what ended up being a great game. Do you know how I know Cartmanbeck wrote the thing? Because there were numerous times when I wanted to blame Tanis for some ridiculous card or challenge she said: "Don't blame me, I didn't write this." Yeah, I heard that about 50 times.

Kate B. was a good meet yesterday. She's local to my region (SF) and just started PFS and playing at what used to be my old FLGS: Endgame. In addition, this was her first PaizoCon. Welcome to the community, Kate.

Before and after the Goblins game, I played Season of Runelords, Chapter/parts 2 and 3. We finished all 5 parts 2 and the 4 in part 3. 2-3B (the TickTockClock one) and 2-3C (someone was eating Guatamalan insanity peppers while they wrote this one, Curses Foiled Again?) are freakin' nuts, both conceptually and in execution. I played with Sarah B. (Lini) & Bryan B. (Another Druid build.). I continued to play my Oracle, Alahazra and loved every minute of it. We rocked it with 3 divine casters and lots of yelling and shouting and some rare instances of accidental teamwork.

My oracle is ready for tier 4 and her role card.

* * *

Social Random Stuff:

  • Saw longtime favorites Kyle & Nani Pratt. Man, they are amazing.

  • Finally met Haunted Jester, aka Darren C. He's an San Diego local. We had a good chat and we agreed that I'm right about everything, which was pretty sweet. He might even post to this thread when he gets back home.

  • Had an all-too-quick chat with Eric B of San Diego. Apparently I erred in not remembering that he's awesome and good to speak with because every time I do speak with him, I'm reminded of it.

  • From where I was sitting, I could watch the burning remnants of sanity and decorum evaporate from John Compton's Druma table as more and more liquor invaded the players. They were having a good time but was worried as the clock edged past 2am and they were still in the lobby.

  • Played a great and fun game of ACG Seaon of the Righteous with Todd Freakin' Morgan. We had Joshua at the table and our volunteer GM was Matt. Todd played the witch and demonstrated instant mastery of pretty much freakin' everything and owned the mechanics by the time we finished. He conned me into playing with him by doing the "I don't know what I'm doing" shtick, but it's clear he's either a natural master or was sandbagging me.

  • 'They' kicked us out of the game room at midnight, then out of the bar at 2amish after that. However the lobby had lots of places to chat and hang until all hours of the night. It was then that I re-met Brad and Laura from last year's PaizoCon. They could only make it to tonight and it was good to see them again.

  • Note for next year, @Painlord: In order of preference, the best noodle dishes from MangoThai (across the street) are: Pad Sei Ew/Kee Mao (tie for first), Pad Thai, & then Ba Mee. Need to try the Lad Nah and see where it fits. Also, 3 toasts to get the everything bagel to the right crispness in the hotel buffet.

  • One significant other went horseback riding all day yesterday, while another had a full day of hiking while their partners gamed. There are options for those that are temporary Con-Widow(ers).

I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot of stuff and will probably remember later today. Will try to get a post about the Starfinder panel here as well. I didn't go, but I know a few that might be willing to type up what they learned.

The Exchange ***

Feral wrote:

Alex Greenshields (author of Dalsine Affair and the one famous for introducing PFS to the murderous magus class) was just crit by a spellstriking shocking grasp.

Karma is real!

OMG. This makes me much more happy than all the ACG play and scotch put together., best PaizoCon ever.


The Exchange ***

4 people marked this as a favorite.
Tonya Woldridge wrote:
Breaking News: Congratulations to Ray Diaz, our newest Campaign Service Coin recipient. He is number 755!!!!

Can we circle back to his guy again? I had a chance to introduce myself to Ray as he was standing in line for the banquet. I wanted to not only congratulate him but also meet him. I know too few people on the East Coast.

Let me say this: Ray is pretty much the nicest, most humble guy I've ever met. He beams earnestness and niceness. If you know me (and the assorted goonery that can tolerate me), I'm sarcastic with a bit of snark most of the time.

Not Ray. Ray is 100% pure and nice and awesome. Damn. It's striking how real he is. I'm a fan.

* * *

I didn't attend the Trivia Contest (other things called, including a fun convo with Wei Ji the Learner), but believe JCompton will get me the questions and answers so I can transcribe later.

* * *

Yesterday, I played a slew more ACG - Season of the Runelord (a set I really like) before hitting the gym before attending the Banquet.

Played a bit more with Buell, Doc76, & Bryan. Today, I hope to get into some games with Sarah Bull and Todd Freakin' Morgan (assuming Todd Freakin' Morgan will loosen his death grip on his HQ chair).

I have tix to the Goblins ACG game at noon, and Serpent's Ire game tonight. I consider blowing off the Ire game for more ACG. I ponder. I don't need to play when I can be in the same room watching the chaos safely from a few tables away.

* * *

Hmm wrote:

They are miscreants, but delightful ones! Now let's find out how trustworthy they are. They told me that it is possible that you might come out to our little SkalCon. Is that rumor true? I'd be delighted to have a chance to meet you!

It was your guide to PbP that made me decide to give it a try, and eventually to GM.


Hmm. It's possible, but not likely. While I'll pretty much say anything to get out of conversation with Leg'oLamb, Mr.Stanky, & the rest of your local riffraff, there are elements of truth in what I consider.

Hmm wrote:

Hey Painlord --

Ask Keith Apperson...embrace chaos....stare into the it....


I'll see what I can do. Talking to Keith involves staring into that 'beard'. I promise nothing.

* * *
Random Thoughts:

1) Starfinder: it sounds pretty cool. Not sure how well I described it last night in my furious rush to type everything as best I could as it was unfolding, but I liked the idea of having a potential future wherein Golarion is 'just gone' and there is Absalom Station in its place in the cosmos. Also, the new AI God? Awesome. And how/why the AI God's gift is faster than light travel? Sweet too. I like the set up.

2) PSA - Pathfinder Society Academy: I like this idea. We always want the next generation of gamers around. However, will need to see if one of the lessons focuses on RP and character backstory, rather than solely focusing on mechanics. Truly, at least half the game should be focused on RP and your character's drives, desires, story rather than focusing solely on mechanics and crunch. If the PSA is only about mechanics, then we're just training a bunch of youth to play the game badly and incompletely rather than focusing on the entire, bigger game where character & story are MUCH more important than crunch. I hope that lesson exists.

The Exchange ***

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Starfinder Panel tomorrow at 5pm. Hopefully someone who is not me will blog about it.

This is some sweet and interesting new stuff.

The Exchange ***

6 people marked this as a favorite.

More from Sutter.

All Pathfinder races will be in Starfinder. But will new core alien races as well. Androids and Ratfolk core races.

Set in possible future Golarion future. Golarion is gone (Gods won't say where). In its place is Absalom Station. In this new future, an artificial intelligence has ascended to godhood. This new god's gift is faster than light travel.

Releasing GenCon 2017. Also announcing Starfinder Adventure Line. Starfinder will be released with/under OGL (?). Sutter will be new creative director.

The Exchange ***

7 people marked this as a favorite.

Oh, one more announcement: James L Sutter.

No Distant Worlds AP.

Announcing Starfinder Roleplaying Game, backward compatible stand alone RP game. Science fantasy. Pathfinder 1000s years into the future. Explore worlds of the Pathfinder worlds in the future. Computers. Plasma cannons. Magic & science.

A bunch of new races. Rat folk will be core player race for Starfinder.

The Exchange ***

Ben Loomis Syrinscape spoke about his product. Complete Curse of the Crimson Throne package coming soon. Buy Syrinscape on if you want.

Harmonquest: TV show with Pathfinder.

Pathfinder Comics: Vol 4 Origins now avail in hardcover. Next series is Pathfinder Worldscape. Pathfinder teaming up with Tarzan, John Carter, Red Sonya, etc.

Pathfinder Battles (minis): Salamander (common). Decemvirate. PitDevil/Fiend. Set dressing: Book of the Damned (applause). Clockwork Dragon (?). Starspawn of Cthulhu.

The Exchange ***

James Jacobs at the mic for 2016 releases. 3 big projects.

Adventure Path: Strange Aeons. Lovecraft inspired. Characters start in asylum, not knowing where they have been for the last few months. Color yellow will show up a lot. Lots of tentacles. Launched at GenCon(?). Adam D leads this one.

Adventure Path next February: IronFang Invasion. Near Nymthias/Malthune (sp?)...hobgoblin invasions. Minotaurs. Medusas.

Also: Curse of the Crimson Throne hardcover redone: 400 page book. Going to press soon. (GM Angry Ankheg: the queen wears red, not green, on the cover artwork.) Lots of new art. (Oh...GM AA in alternate artwork, the Queen wears green!). September release.

The Exchange ***

Erik introduces a somber moment, asking for a moment of silence for their characters who might have died in the first few days. He then asks for a round of applause for killer GMs.

Mike Selinker is next to talk about ACG.

Reintroduces Mummy's Mask, the next ACG set. It's horror themed. Introduces cards where you get hurt just by looking at cards. Introduces ability to sell stuff...extra cards can be sold rather than tossed. New character types including occult characters.

Introduces 19+ character decks, most with 3 builds each. 2 goblin decks...Goblins Fight & Goblins Burn. Pots that stop damage. Rat headed ammunition.

Shows ACG app as well.

Mike S introduces Nathan Davis (of Obsidian Entertainment) to talk about the tablet ACG. I've already played the bejeezus out of the app and love it so he's preaching to my choir.

Nathan thanked the betatesters, like Sarah Bull (who is awesome). Then talked about Quest mode (which allows you to play a randomized version of the game).

What's next: phone optimization. They will have it for phones. Online multiplayer and PC to come. Continuing decks for RotR. Customization options: dice skins.

The Exchange ***

9 people marked this as a favorite.

Volunteer of the Year: Been around 9 years...Blake Davis. Long time contributor and fan. Tonya chokes up a bit when Blake is announced. He gets a deserved standing ovation. He manages the Archives of Nethys.

Congrats Blake.

The Exchange ***

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Tonya Woldridge speaks next about PFS.

The new faction pins do not offer a re-roll, but offer a key bump to a faction specific skill. Watch the blog for details.

Introduces Pathfinder Society Academy (PSA). A buffed up version of the kid's track to roll out at all locations. 3 pronged program: 1) setting up space for younger gamers in a safe place, 2) Society Legal. Starting at age 6. Kids track lessons, like grappling or splash weapon rules. Will be good for PFS credit. Transitioning players to PFS. 3) Adding rating system to PFS Scenarios. Helps identify content appropriate for younger players....or help GMs tweak content for younger players. Available at GenCon.

Adventure Card Guild:Season of the Goblin. Next ACG Guild. Uses goblins bite and goblins burn decks. Season of the Mummy is next.

Updated Boons for only the ACG guild. Debuting at PaizoCon. Some are generic and some are tied to Season of the Runelords.

PFS Season 8: Year of the Stolen Storm. PFS vs. Elemental Lords vs. those that want those artifacts.

Thanked VCs and volunteers who make the campaign go. She called out Rey Diaz and David Montgomery. 56 campaign coins have go out.

The Exchange ***

Book for Fall 2016: Villain Codex.

20 Villainous Gangs: Brutal Slayers, Corrupt Guards, Demon Knights, Merry Outlaws, Sinister Cults, Cat Masks (?), Savage Marauder, Vizer. Merchant caravan. Nature's Scourge. Ruthless Brigands...+more.

Next: Core Rulebook Pocket Editions
Much lower price point. Paper and open flat. Available GenCon.

Spring 2017: Encounter Codex. Flip mat combats set ups.

Jason wraps up and I thank Feral for his help in unspoiling all this.

The Exchange ***

Upcoming Releases: Jason Bulmahn.

Starts his works with apologizing for the Jingasa.

Hardcover: Horror Adventures. Sourcebook for drag & drop horrific adventures for your games.

In book:
Corruptions: bring the terror to your characters. Tempting characters to the dark side, temptations that might change players. Allow GMs to tempt and challenge their charactes. Sagan as a corrupted ghoul? 11 different corruptions: vampirism, hive larva, etc. Prometian. Accursed. Deep One. Hell bound. Lich. Possessed. Shadow bound.

Expanded rules for fear. 7 levels of fear. Beyond shaken and levels within.

Sanity rules.

Archetypes: great for villains. For alchemist: mad scientist. Slayer: Family Hunter. Profile Investigator. Vigilante: Serial killer. Gingerbread witch?

Chapter of feats. Story feats. Dozen of new monster feats: skin suit. Able to skin the fallen and wear them?

More spells. Contact entity spell series. Decapitate. (Slashing instant spell for when you crit?). Maze of Madness and Suffering (like to a clown circus.

New rules and subsystems: curse template (contagious). New diseases. New environmental rules and hazards: Bat colony. Blood Moon. Watchful Doll.

Fleshwarping chapter. More Haunts. Haunt templates (like not divine inspired/fixed). Complete system of madness.

Running Horror Adventures chapter. Different types of horror. How to create the right atmosphere for the game.

More magic items: Black Heart...doesn't take body slot, but when you squeeze it, it does damage to people. Cursed items too.

More monsters too: wax monster, painting monster. More templates to apply corruptions to monsters.

The Exchange ***

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Good dinner. I ate food. I like eating food.

And then the lights go down and I try to hook to an Internet. HHilton wifi? Fail. Tethering via Verizon? Fail. I move chairs to the other side of the room (it's a big room). Crash a table of nice people. They let me steal a seat. I get connection. I can try to blog this banquet.

Logan Bonner is sitting next to me and looking concerned about my activities...or maybe he's worried that I might note his reaction to the tonight's announcements. Logan is a designer with Paizo. Logan is a nice humble guy.

7:50 pm...Erik Mona welcomes us to the 9th Annual PaizoCon. "Crazy. Humbling," that we (fans, yahoos) are here today. A nice opening speech.

He introduces Lisa Stevens who gives thanks to Tim N for pushing and promoting the idea of PaizoCon 9 years ago. Calls Tim the 'father of PaizoCon.'

Erik presented a hand crafted wood Grey Maiden that was created by fan Becky Barnes. It is a nice piece of work that was made from over 120 pieces of wood.

Erik thanks the Paizo staff, acknowledges all of them. And then notes the Guest of Honor.

The Exchange ***

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Ah piddlespot. Ryan Freakin' Bolduan aka Mr.Freakin'Slanky just came by and disparaged, in loud and no uncertain words, Seelah *AND* Lini (as if saying Seelah sucked wasn't bad enough) were the worst characters in the ACG for tablet game. He quoted Valeros and Harsk as characters worth playing.

Wow. Just wow. Shots fired.

And no, he wasn't joking. He wasn't trying to get a rise out of me (it's easy to do, of course) but genuinely has no idea what he's talking about.

Hmm? No..the user named as 'Hmm'? You there? I pray for your soul. You have to deal with people like him far too often.

The Exchange ***

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Kevin Mack wrote:
Much pathfinder online on display there this year?

I heard there as a room upstairs where there was PO, but have yet to go check. I will aspire to do so.

BigNorseWolf wrote:

Geez. For a BigNorseTeddyBear, you sure are demanding. :)

Hmm wrote:

Keep sharing, thank you!


Damnit. I admire your enthusiasm, Hmm...and like your PbP deeds too. I'm going to double your request despite the deprivations and turpitudes of your Minnesota counterparts. They all speak wonderfully about you, but they are known miscreants and not to be trusted.

James McTeague wrote:
I always enjoy reading your spoilers Painlord - they're the next best thing to actually being there!

For the love I bear you after our meeting at GenCon, I consider this.

GM Lamplighter wrote:
Yes please - I'll be checking my phone between sets tonight to see what's what!

Damnit, how do I turn down a Canadian? I might need to move to Canada after the US elections in November and the word of a Lamplighter might hold sway....hmm....

Drogon wrote:


I mean, I'm not there to do it, so you kinda have to...

Dude. Man, I wish you were here.

Tineke Bolleman wrote:

Fine. For you, the guy I don't know we'll make this work. I do worry about Internet access but I'll do the best I can.

* * *
The Banquet starts at 7pmish and the line to get in starts building at 5pmish. Why wait in line? Well, if you get in early you get first choice to sit with the Paizo employee/yahoo or VIP. Each table has a yahoo of note and you might want the company of So-and-So and I think they are mandated that they have to be nice to you.

But's 6:15 or so and the line is already pretty big.

The Exchange ***

8 people marked this as a favorite.

RE: the Preview Banquet...every year I try to highlight the spoilers from the presentations as they happen. But I also recognize you can get them from other sources or may not care in the first place. Should I do it again this year? Or is it not worthwhile?

Respond or like this post if you want the spoilers.

The Exchange ***

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Freakin' Walt! Good update/post.

My own is less glamorous but I had a piddlespot-ton of fun last night. And we kicked butt and took goblin names in the ACG. Pretty much, last night we got as good as it can get in playing at a Convention.

Sentimental but important side note:
I've blathered about this in the past, but it's the social connections that make PFS & Conventions like this worthwhile. The gaming can be fine, but it's not the endpoint and the reason why we're here. We're here to share a common pastime among friends and develop experiences that can be shared.

For example, Part 1: I first met Balodek, aka Finneas, aka Bryan, during a recruitment thread for PbP Shackled City in June of 20-freakin'-11.

We started Shackled City online later that month. We played, online, for years before I met him at PaizoCon 2012.

Then I saw him at PaizoCon 2013 and met his wife.

Then he mostly disappeared as their first child came. But now Bryan is back at PaizoCon and we played a ton of ACG last night and had a great time doing it.

Also, though it took nearly 5 years, we mostly finished Shackled City. It took nearly 16000 game posts, but it was good times all the way through.

Part 2: I met Andrew the Brit aka Nizari, in 2012. I've seen him and again ever since. This year, because we chat occasionally, I asked him to bring me chocolate from far away. He did. I returned to him a Kublacon coin (a rare 2011 vintage) and a tin of my wife's cookies.

My table last night was Buell (an ACG volunteer from WA), Bryan B (see note above) and Eric/Doc76, who I met playing ACG at GenCon last year.

I as starting my new Alahazra deck. We played 5 of the Season of the Runelords 2 scenarios in 5 hours. We were rocking in the zone (despite and maybe because of the stares of TwiLiBob and Todd Freakin' Morgan) because that is a quick rate of play.

Bryan had a Druid build, Eric the Varril Inquis (surprisingly effective...or maybe I 'misunderestimated' the deck when I looked at it), and Buell had a Wu Shen. We played together, we talked trash, we caught each other's mistakes, and just had a blast.

I'm abed by midnightish. There were no exploding pipes in or around my room last night, which was a nice bonus.

* * *

Now? I breakfast in the hotel, sipping first coffee (and awaiting 2nd coffee), while I graze the continental breakfast. Not only are the bagels and coffee good, but free wifi. Also, I can eat my body weight in blueberries and Greek yogurt.

Today is more ACG in the morning, I can try to finish up Season 1 of the Righteous with my Inquisitor or play some tier 2 stuff with Alahazra.

Tonight is the Preview Banquet thingy. That's always fun.

The Exchange ***

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Todd Morgan wrote:
Bob Jonquet wrote:
I should mention I'm giving Painlord the stink-eye but he's soo immersed in a round of ACG he fails to notice.
I'm staring at him too at my end. He can pretend like he doesn't notice but we know the truth...

Dude, if I had to acknowledge all the yahoos who stare at me for the things I do, I'd never have time to be glad that I'm here enjoying this fine gaming night. It's pretty damn good; you're right, TwilightBob.

The Exchange ***

Yeah, I'm still liking the ACG Guild. I've played Season of the Righteous scenarios 1-1A, 1-1B, & 1-1C with my new Inquisitor. Had fun playing her, only mostly made a lot of mistakes in my intro runs.

All my games have been 4 players (a sweeter spot than playing with 5 or 6) and, for the most part, today has been mostly reintroducing the game to new and returning players. Most players are initially confused about rules and routines in their play.

I may finish up the season tonight or tomorrow.

* * *

Saw Jon Cary and his wife, Jenny. Good peeps.

Dinners get with Andrew Christian, Rusty Ironpants, & Auke. The burger in the bar is pretty good.

Got a hug from Thursty. I don't think he's mad at me (yet).

* * *

Sadly, I missed some of the cooler seminars that happened today, mostly importantly the diversity seminar. If anyone could post about that, it would be appreciated.

The Exchange ***

It's surprisingly nice and quiet in the PFS room. There are about 35 tables of PFS going on and another 7 or so of ACG. The big room is...uh...big and since it's not completely full, it's not too loud. People can talk without screaming which is a wonder and joy.

The HQ desk is well staffed by Todd Freakin' Morgan and his gang of orange cronies and yesmen. They are quick to offer help.

* * *

As many of you know, I'm a big fan of the Adventure Card Game. Recently after their work with Obsidian, Paizo released the ACG for IPad/Tablet. It's a damn good adaptation of the board/card game in digital form. I've played the heck out of it.

I spent the first slot reviewing the newly released Inquisitor deck, building a character for the Guild out of the 3 choices offered. I opted for Alahazra as the Oracle and Imrijka as the Inquisitor builds. I can't wait to test them out in the Wrath of the Righteous.

+1 to Tanis and Vic for being available to chat about the ACG. Tanis, in particular, *still* has a lot of passion and love for the game and her work. Talking to her is a blast because she cares and is happy to geek out.

In addition, Noah from Obsidian is here presumably to discuss the tablet version. I plan on hitting him up and asking him questions. Mostly because I've played the s$&& out of the IPad version and have opinions.

* * *

11am: Starting Scenario 1-1A of the Wrath of the Righteous. We have an Ostog (barbarian) and Ramexes (oracle) and an Varril (squishy Inquis) and I'm going with my new Imrijka. I can't wait to misplay her all over the board.

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