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Painlord's page

RPG Superstar 6 Season Star Voter, 7 Season Dedicated Voter. FullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 1,679 posts (29,616 including aliases). 1 review. 1 list. No wishlists. 9 Pathfinder Society characters. 22 aliases.

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Rules for Blood Pig:
Goal: The goal of blood pig is to be the first team to reach five points.

Scoring Points: A player scores a point by throwing, kicking, dropping, or otherwise placing a pig in his team’s pit. (Each of the teams' pits contains a starving wolverine.) When a point is scored, a fresh pig is loaded into the cage on the opposite side of the playing field at the end of the next round.

Starting Points: Every member of a team must start the game within one of the 20-foot squares in the middle of the field. Exact positioning in these areas is left to the game players to decide. No more than eight players can play on a team.

Limitations: No weapons are allowed in a game of blood pig. Casting spells before or during a match is also not allowed. Each time one of these rules is broken, the other team gets a point. The use of fists and other unarmed attacks does not count as the use of weapons — players are allowed (and expected) to throw punches during the game.

The Game Begins: Once all the players are in position, the Emperor flips a coin. If the result is heads, a trap door opens in the northern cage and a frightened pig is raised up into the cage from a room below. If the result is tails, the pig is raised up through the trap door in the northern cage. The game begins one round later as the Emperor cries out, “GO GET YOUR PIG!” (At this point I'll roll initiative for every player.)

The Pig: Retrieving, carrying, and throwing the pig is treated as follows.

• Picking Up the Pig: Retrieving the pig from a cage is a standard action that provokes an attack of opportunity. Picking up a live pig that has been dropped on the field requires a character to also make a successful touch attack against AC 15.

• Carrying a Pig: A pig weighs 20 pounds, so your character needs to be able to carry this weight. Each round that a character carries a live pig the pig will likely do something.

• Dropping a Pig: A character that takes damage while carrying a live pig must make a Reflex save (DC 10 + 1 per point of damage taken) to avoid dropping the squirming pig. (Damage taken does not incur a chance of dropping a dead pig.)

• Passing a Pig: A character can pass a pig to a teammate as a standard action if he is within reach of a teammate.

• Throwing a Pig: A pig is an improvised thrown weapon, and thus imparts a –4 penalty on attack rolls. It has a range increment of 10 feet. Catching a thrown pig requires a DC 12 Reflex check.

• Into a Pit: In order to throw a pig into a pit, the thrower must hit AC 6 with the thrown pig. Dropping a pig into an adjacent pit is a free action and is automatically successful.

• Dropped Pig: A pig that is dropped runs in a straight line away from the closest person on Initiative count 0 each round, moving at a speed of 20 feet.

• Interceptions: A character can attempt to intercept a thrown pig by successfully hitting it if it passes through a square he threatens.

• Stealing a Pig: A character can grab a pig out of another person’s hands by making a successful disarm attempt. The pig will likely do something when this occurs.

The Pits: Each pit contains a particularly hungry and aggressive wolverine. The pits are little more than holes that drop into a ten-foot-square room below; there are no walls to climb up to escape a pit, forcing those who fall into the pit to fly or make a standing 10-foot-high Acrobatics check to escape (for a Medium creature, this is a DC 16 Acrobatics check to leap up and grab the edge above; for a Small creature, it’s a DC 48 Acrobatics check). Bull-rushing an opponent into a pit is a time-honored tactic to weaken the enemy team’s resources. A character who kills one of the two wolverines automatically forfeits the game for his team, in which case the other team is declared the winner. The wolverines may also attempt to leap up and attack anyone standing at the edge of a pit.

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