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Pact Stone GM's page

2,858 posts (3,682 including aliases). 5 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 43 aliases.

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Whatever Happened to Thalia?


I did a bad thing.

In my defence, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

I had so much fun with Thalia, I had to scheme a way to get her back in the party. But there was pretty much no way that was going to happen without Karek and a few others taking her head off.

You remember this? We had a replacement player appear - a Mr. Exciting to play an alchemist named Xerissa.

Javell DeLeon wrote:

I see. A friend of either yours or Donkor's I'm guessing? Seeing how he's new on the boards.

Or is it another one of your inventive schemes by creating a new account--either yourself or Donkor--and being really secretive about it? And if that's the case then I must say... clever. One can't help but appreciate the sneakiness of it all. :)

Well Javelle is a pretty sharp guy. He was right on and didn’t fall for it, not for a second.

Xerissa was indeed a sock puppet (operated by myself). Moreover, she was Thalia in disguise.

Technically, you can see in the thread that I didn’t actually ever deny it, but there’s no doubt there was at least misdirection if not outright deception involved.

(If you're still here - stay tuned. . .)

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How the heck was the Dune Squad ever going to defeat Suekahn?

Good question, but admittedly that 600hp might have gone a long way.

Contrary to the Dune Squad's reasonable assumption based on what they saw, Suekahn couldn't actually teleport as a swift action at will. He was limited to thrice per day. But even still - that's pretty freak'n nasty, especially when you have fast heal on top of it.

I had though, if you'll allow the conceit, a cool idea - or more accurately - one of you did. Inside the treasure vault (the room the Dune Squad was headed for recently), there were treasure items called wish boxes. I re-jigged one of them so it could provide this cool item:

Jacob Trier wrote:

Bracer of Forceful Restraint

Aura moderate abjuration and evocation; CL 11th
Slot wrists; Price 25,000 gp; Weight 1 lb.
This massive metal bracer features the image of an armored knight holding a furious barbazu devil by a taut chain.

On command, the bracer launches a translucent green chain at a single creature within 30 feet. If the wearer makes a successful ranged touch attack, the chain envelops the target, shackling the creature to the wearer's wrist. The target is entangled and cannot move more than 30 feet from the wearer. The chain is a force effect and cannot be damaged, but can be dispelled or escaped with a DC 30 combat maneuver or Escape Artist check. The wearer can dismiss the chain as a free action.

Besides physically restraining the target, the wearer can also use his own life force to prevent magical escape. If a bound target attempts extradimensional travel, the wearer can choose to make a Fortitude save with a DC of 10 plus the target's HD. If the save is successful, the chain acts as a dimensional anchor. Regardless of the outcome, the bracer deals 2d6 force damage to the wearer after each restraint attempt.

Only one creature can be bound at a time. The bracer functions for 11 minutes each day. The duration doesn't need to be continuous, but must be used in 1-minute increments. A bracer of forceful restraint may be worn on either wrist, but takes up the wearer's entire wrist slot. An arm with an active bracer can't be used to wield a weapon or shield, or cast spells with somatic components.

Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, dimensional anchor, leashed shackles; Cost 12,500 gp

Seems only fair that Suekahn ought to face it.

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Karek Kogan wrote:
What kind of butterfly am I?


Well that's gotta be on a list of questions you never thought you'd have to ask. . .

But since you did, I will mention that earlier on, Gandel made a successful Knowledge check to identify the sculpture as an Osiriani firefly. (I appreciate that's not the same thing as a butterfly but Karek and Donkor are far from experts in entomology.) It seems reasonable to predict that that's the form Karek has now been forced to assume.

Karek Kogan wrote:
Karek takes desperate evasive action! He manuevers his wings to hug the wall, making himself less of a target for whatever is rushing at him. Hopefully it will miss him.


I'll take a Fly check for that funky evasive maneuver Captain. No doubt Karek has invested heavily in ranks in the Fly skill for just such an occasion.

His simulated Dex will give him a +6 but there's a heavy-handed penalty of -2 on account that Karek has been an insect for all of 10 seconds. That's a D20 roll with a net of +4 (plus his copious ranks in Fly). Surely Ilma-aello does not fill out the entire shaft.

In the event Karek cannot make a successful DC 17 check, he'll also need a Reflex save as well (with a +6 ability modifier, plus whatever else he's got).

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OOC:I occurs to me that perhaps we were hoping someone might volunteer to check for traps.

“No symbols on the doors?” says the halfling as he raises an eyebrow. “That’s enough for suspicion right there.”

He raises a hand as though he were feeling for vibrations in the air. “No magic though, not that I can tell.”

He begins by putting on a set of protective gloves. Once ready, he strides forward, sliding a number of slender tools from his vest. “I won’t take offence if you want to step back for this,” he says, to no one in particular.

Gandel slowly inhales and proceeds to gently make contact with the door using a stout strip of darkwood wrapped in rubber. Satisfied that the door is not electrified, he switches to what appears to be a brush of horsehair. He proceeds to gently stroke several parts of the door, examining for traces of powders or gels, even going so far as to dip his brush in a flask of ‘gods knows what’ to test for chemical reactions.

“No contact poisons at least,” he reports, stripping off his gloves.
He then inserts a flexible, snake-like tool in the crack between the door. His first tool doesn’t fit, so he tries a second, then a third, until he is finally able to wedge one inside. Gently he works his way up and down space between the two doors, gently probing for points of resistance. Several times he stops and pulls out a set of colored lenses to inspect the door visually with more care.

“It’s times like these, I wish I brought a step stool,” he remarks.
He then repeats to procedure, working on the microscopic space between the bottom of the door and the surface of the floor.

“No tripwires or gears – though I’d need a boost to be certain there’s nothing at the top.”

He steps back, resting his head in his hands as he stares at it.

“With no visible hinges, I’d say it opens outwards, just by pushing on it.”

He triple checks to make sure he’s right that there is no visible lock. “But if I’m right, it will take a lot of force to open. Maybe the pharaohs had massive servants to open it for them. Or they never came this way. . .”

Gandel then withdraws a listening cone – you’re quite certain you’ve never seen him actually pack such a thing – and applies it to the door. He nods to himself as he sticks his ear to the cone and glides it along the surface of the doors.

“All’s quiet – or so it seems. Nothing that ticks, whirls or hums.”
“OK here goes,” he says. He tenses like a cat and gives the door a hearty kick with his boot. Nothing happens so he repeats the process a half dozen times in different spots, frowning in thought as he does so.

“My verdict? Plain doors – no traps. But given where we are? I wouldn’t sign a guarantee.”

The professor puts his tools away as he shrugs.

“So do we go through? Or check out the rest of the corridor?”

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Bilbo Bang-Bang wrote:
Just stopping in to say congrats on keeping this great game going, Pact Stone and company. A lot has happened over the last two years....Man, just thought about that as I typed it. Good stuff.


Heya Bilbo, great to hear from you.

Your infamous bag of dung still remains a legend around this place.

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“So! The other dwarves arrive do they?” the monk remarks rhetorically to Halstadt on spying Breach’s approach. “I should have known, where there’s one there’s a clan.”

“I will need to finish you off now then. Playtime is over.”

Not clear if a further roll is required to convert the pin to a tie-up, but let’s assume yes – vs. Hal’s CMB of 16: 1d20 + 8 + 5 ⇒ (11) + 8 + 5 = 24 (successful)

The monk begins to laugh. He spears the captured dwarf right into the side of the dune, driving him head first into the sand. Hal’s shoulders, then torso sink into the sand - right to his waist, leaving only his legs kicking in the struggle. Now, planted sideways, his legs find nothing but air.

Hal now has the dreaded helpless condition though he is still able to struggle to escape. The escape DC is now 26. Technically, this is possible for Hal on a roll of 20, so he will escape eventually, though it may well not be in time. In case it was lost on anyone, the biggest fear here is that with the helpless condition, Halstadt is vulnerable to a coup de grace maneuver, which will, if it happens, end him.

The monk uses his move action to interpose the Scarab in front of himself and the onrushing Breach, i.e. he leaves Halstadt and positions himself around behind her, using his impressive movement speed to circle around behind the Scarab without drawing at attack of opportunity from her.

“Put your silly overly weighted weapons down dwarf! Do it now, or the girl-spy dies!” The towering Asmodean makes a motion with his hands, indicating that if his order is not complied with, he means to snap her neck.

Lastly he uses his swift action to. . . do something.”

Next up Gandel!

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moon glum wrote:
The details need some work, but I have never seen a monster like this in 30 years of role playing, so it gets my vote. Its a very creative idea.

That's a major endorsement.

I think it would be really cool to have a Huri as a recurring campaign foe, even more so if it was a PC's ex-familiar. Gah!

I could see the minor image, invisibility and detect thoughts abilities, working in combination for some long-range strategies. Used right, I think it could be an even bigger pain in the butt.

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Karek Kogan also wrote:
Of course, now we get to have exciting conversations about the grapple rules like, "If Hurgah doesn't kill the monk grappling me, can my whip token get me out?"

There's nothing inhibiting the operation of Karek's whip token. My devious mind though, suspects that your question is actually meant to be a means of proposing a course of action to Jace. ; )

That said, monk #4 is the one that is the furthest to the right, which is in Hurgah's reach.

But yeah, I am expecting to have a dispute over how grappling works in the near future. All participants will be right.

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Pact Stone GM wrote:

Oh Nos!

I didn't even notice, but it looks like post 2,000 in the game-play was nabbed by me. And not a very sexy post either.

Maybe Deca-Jaws should enjoy the hero points, or Thalia?

Better idea. Let's give the 2 hero points to Gandel for Max's Google map.

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Hurgah the Reaver wrote:
C for 500, please.

Q. “Immediately in front of Moonpate, 45 feet from the water.”

A. “What is Hurgah the Reaver’s current position.”

(Audience delivers mild applause)

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"A Lesson in Spearometry"

Once mini-Donkor joins mini-Jason atop giant-Karek, the dwarf prepares to launch himself out of the pool and head topside to link up with the rest of the Dune Squad. He is cognizant though that the last of the hydra-heads is still encircling overhead, waiting for him to try to make a run for it.

But Karek isn't exactly running.

Quite the opposite, his plan of escape appears to be straight through the shark-beast's path. For a half-second, Karek touches bottom, bends low, and then pushes off with his powerful legs. He shoots upwards like an arrow, grasping his long spear with both arms as he points it above him.

The hydra-head spots Kogan's maneuver immediately and moves to intercept with an agile downward dive. The creature hyper-extends its jaw, separating its sharply angled teeth wide enough to engulf its rising prey.

Karek angles his spear for the creatures gaping maw. The two powerful forces of nature are traveling towards one another at incredible speeds. It is all or nothing.

Just as they hit Karek redirects his long spear slightly upwards, spearing it through the creature's open maw and into the monster's skull and brain cavity. The A'Viss crafted spear stabs into the hydra-head with a sickening crunch.

Still rising from his launch from the bottom, Karek flies past the beast. Once on the other side, all with the same movement, he re-grasps his spear just below the point and pulls it out the other side of the beast's head - quickly threading his entire long spear through the creature's now-liquified brain.

Dead on impact, the hydra-head goes still in the water, neither sinking nor rising as its juices pour out of the blow hole atop its head.

Moments later, Karek's head breaks free from the surface of the water. He is but 20 feet from the beach.

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Donkor detaches from Breach and launches himself towards one of the hydra-heads initiating a feeding frenzy on Halstadt. Suppressing his natural instincts Donkor moves towards the jaws of the apex-predator, instead of away. For a second, he could swear the toothy beast actually smiles.

Donkor reaches behind him and his magical pack instantly produces the item he seeks, a glass florence flask filled with a clear liquid possessed of a permanent bubbling fizz. The young cleric proffers the flask (and his arm!) to the gigantic shark-beast.

The creature obliges with a vicious chomp.

Attack of Opportunity, bite attack, by hydra-head against Small-sized Donkor AC 22: 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (16) + 12 = 28 (hit!)

Potential damage from bite attack: 1d8 + 4 ⇒ (7) + 4 = 11 (applies)

Sooron rips his arm out of the creature's mouth, hoping the flask will shatter as he does so.

Donkor's touch attack against touch AC of 9: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (8) + 7 = 15 (success!)

Donkor pulls his bleeding arm from the creature's jaws confident his flask was shattered several times over in the creature's gullet. Indeed the fizz is escaping out the creature's gills at this very moment. But will the potion work inside the beast's mouth? And will it work before Donkor is eaten?

Hydra-head's Will save vs potion save DC 14: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (2) + 5 = 7 (fails!)

The creature registers a strange almost puzzled expression before an unnatural buoyancy suddenly overtakes it. The beast is instantly catapulted skyward. It flips end over end as it blasts to the surface.

Karek has a weapon out with reach, the hydra-head is going to move through his threatened area so he can take a strike at it as it flies by.

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"Don't Let him be Sunky,"

"It wouldn't be Funky,"


(Wha? Too much?)

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[Insert exciting theme music here as the cameras pan over a vast desert]

Welcome! This is a thread for game play for a rendition of “The Pact Stone Pyramid”, a Pathfinder Module.

Here is a link to the game discussion thread. The adventure takes place in Osirion. In case it helps, here is a link to the initial player recruitment thread and the information found there on topics such as character creation and some of the initial character concept brainstorms..

Lurkers (non-participating observers) are quite welcome here. You are even encouraged to post comments with your thoughts. If you read entertaining in-character posts by our players, for example, please don’t hesitate to encourage them by letting them know. But I would ask that you please take care to avoid posting plot spoilers or derailing the game flow with lengthier exchanges on mechanical rulings.

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