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PRIMUS of Pathfinder Fiction's page

27 posts. Alias of Mairkurion {tm}.


Great job on the show, Rone & Ed: fun intro, solid interviews! Everyone should drop what they doing, listen to the show, and then at some point in the show SUBSCRIBE! I've read them all and they all get the Mairkurion Seal of Approval. The newest one is another proverbial page-turner: Robin Laws is to be congratulated.

And that Dave Gross guy...yeah, he's on fire.




Read your Prince of Wolves, people! It's there for buying and reading. Discussion may follow after you thank me for whipping you into doing what you already shoulda. (And I guess the author, too, if you must.)

Seriously, between PoW, the Advanced Gamemastery Guide, and all those ENnies, the soundtrack at Paizo ought to be Ray Charles' Wonderful World on loop for the next month or four.

I feel like the first subscriber should get the first copy.

The Primus approves!

Great for whipping up excitement.


Any chance of an ePub format? As the new owner of a Nook, I can attest that pdfs are usable on the Nook, but how glitchy (or just downright ugly) they are varies greatly from pdf to pdf. I'd love to have pretty versions of the new Tales on my Nook.

Spanky the Leprechaun wrote:
New fiction! Woo Hoo!

That's what I said.

Oh wow, I really like this cover.

Again I say, WOO-HOO!

Vic Wertz wrote:

We've updated the product image to reflect the finished product.

We've also posted the first installment of our weekly serialized Pathfinder Tales Web Fiction, beginning with the first chapter of Dave Gross's four-part story, "The Lost Pathfinder." Look for new Pathfinder Tales each Wednesday!

Boingy! Boingy!

I guess my alias doesn't get updated...

So, no tiefling on the cover?

So, we'll be getting previews? Author interviews?

I say there's a connection with Woden's day.

Smurfpuffin wrote:
Aaron Bitman wrote:

Carthage must cease to be!

Delende est Carthago? First Mairkurion joins with the Marian faction, now this!

Fer Smurf's Sake!

It's not enough to only be the First Man in Pathfinder Fiction.

Smurf no!

Doug OBrien wrote:
Hmmm, It's got Ustalav, but someone had to go use the 'crime-solving duo' descriptor. I find myself at an impasse.

Have you read the stories in the Council of Thieves AP? There is no need to be off-put by such a descriptor. Surely Holmes-Watson isn't off-putting? For what it is worth, the two characters get the "Mairkurion Seal of Approval." I might even give them double honors...

So, since this is coming out early, will we get to see the cover soon?

Also, will Dave be signing the copy of the first subscriber? ;)


*Sashays through thread*

Moorluck wrote:
PRIMUS of Pathfinder Fiction wrote:
He's almost as important as ME!!!
Hah! I am far more important than Primus of fiction, after all if there weren't the game, there would be no fic. :P

I have an evolutionary theory of Paizo development.

He's almost as important as ME!!!


Urizen wrote:
Mairkurion {tm} wrote:
Good night, Taig, if you don't want to read my updated profile first.
First Subscriber..... <rolls eyes> :P



I demand happy music! You should be celebrating!

Being first.

Too soon to cheer people up?

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