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PFWiki Scribe's page

185 posts. Alias of Branding Opportunity.


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Check out the article on the Shory from The Slave Trenches of Hakotep.

FYI, a number of the links posted by the OP go to our old website: pathfinder.wikia. It sadly still exists, but people have not updated it regularly for more than six years. Our much newer site is at You should check it out!

Guide to Absalom, p. 6 has what look to be the front and back of the copper penny.

P. 15 lists Carpenden as a "small city". With a population of 10,600, it should actually be classified as a "large city".

P. 12 lists Alvis as a small fishing village. According to the map on the inside front cover (as well as the map on p. 44 of the ISWG), Alvis is located more than 25 miles from the coastline. That would be a heck of a commute for the fishermen. Sadly, much of the description of the town relies on it being on the coast.

Slight typo: Alysande Benedict's name seems to be misspelled on p. 9 as Aylsand Benedict.

You'll be able to add Scourge of the Godclaw to this list this summer.

Fromper wrote:
My second PC from the area is a half-elf. How are they viewed in Kyonin, and the nearby sections of the River Kingdoms? Do the elves of Kyonin accept them?How would most Kyonin elves view those who date other races? If she started dating an elf from Kyonin as a young adult, would his family and friends mostly reject her for not being a pure elf?

Elves reaction to half-elves is complicated, and there are a wide variety or responses. Most elves look to half-elves with pity considering their considerably shorter life-spans. Most half-elves in Kyonin live in the town of Erages, and are not welcome in the rest of the kingdom. A Kyonin elf who dated a half-elf would not be that unusual, but would probably not be interested in anything permanent or serious, as the elf would outlive his or her spouse (and any resulting children) by centuries. Followers of Callistria would have an easier time with this, however.

Fromper wrote:
Also for that second character, given Kyonin's isolationist nature, how much interaction does it have with neighboring countries? I'm leaning towards saying my character grew up in the River Kingdoms, though her elven parent was from nearby Kyonin. Would the elves engage in trade with the River Kingdoms? I need a good excuse for how her parents met, as well as for her own interactions with Kyonin elves prior to becoming an adventurer. Meeting through merchant trading along the rivers would be the easy answer, if Kyonin isn't too isolationist to trade with its neighbors that way.

Kyonin is very isolationist, but there is some trade through Greengold. There is, however, an elven colony in the River Kingdoms called Hymbria, so that could be a very plausible place to have grown up.

All of this info can be found in

Quick question:

Page 3 of the book mentions House Carthagnian as being in charge in Longmarch, ruling from the city of Corentyn. That noble house isn't mentioned anywhere else in canon, although House Charthagnion is mentioned elsewhere numerous times (including in Cheliax, the Infernal Empire).

Is this a typo?

Question on the title of "Prince/Princess" as listed on p. 3 of the book: does the title apply only to the descendants of the current majestor/majestrix, or the direct descendants of any previous majestors/majestrixes as well?


EDIT: I also noted that the description for archcount and count are the same. Was this intentional?

Also on p. 87, it states that the Vudrani returned to Jalmeray in 2822 AR, "more than a millennium after the departure of Maharajah Khiben-Sald". If he arrived in 563 AR, that's technically more than a millennium, but more accurately it's more than two millennia.

Hmm, a year-and-a-half since the last post. Either we've found all the hiccups or no one is reading this book anymore ;)

P. 86 states that the archmage Nex disappeared "a few centuries" after the departure of the Maharajah Khiben-Sald from Jalmeray. This contradicts what is printed on p. 35, which states that in 563 AR, Khiben-Sald spends a decade on the island, and in 576 AR he disappears.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

What?!? Seekers of Secrets contains errors? Never have I heard such a crazy thought!

EDIT: Thanks for the clarification, Amanda.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

P. 38 of Occult Realms implies that Gensmaren was founded as a supply fort of Taldor's Second Army of Exploration. This seems to contradict Seekers of Secrets, p. 14, which states that it was the Third Army that did this. Is this an Occult Realms "oops"?

God, I feel as if I just emerged from my nerd chrysalis as a fully-formed and terrifying chicken-decapitating geek.

PDK, most of the Wrath of the Righteous AP takes place outside of Mendev, so it doesn't have much. The first adventures takes place there, however, so:

Pathfinder #73: An 8-page gazetteer on Kenabres as it exists before the events of the AP.

You can also look toward the Wiki for more info:Category:Adventures in Mendev

EDIT: Oh, and a good deal of the "Worldwound Gambit" takes place in Mendev.

D'oh! Never mind, I just noticed the Phantom. It's Estra.

Who is that on the cover image with Meligaster? Is that Erasmus?

3 people marked this as a favorite.

The Pathfinder Wiki article on Naderi has been updated to include all known canon info.

The new PFS scenario #7-05 School of Spirits is also set in the Precipice Quarter.

leo1925 wrote:

Deighton Thrane wrote:
The year 1, he raised the Starstone (creating the isle of Kortos with it) and became a living god. Can't say I know for the Starfall Doctrine though.
Wasn't year 0

Nope, there is no 0 AR in Golarion.

Sometime between when he defeated Tar-Baphon and the Shining Crusade. I believe that's as specific as the canon has gotten.

Morgethai is a well-known elven family that founded the Kyonin city of Riverspire.

What? I can't say Van D&+!? It's a Type of Beard.

Hmm, since it's actually named after a guy, maybe I have to refer to it as a Van Dijk on the Paizo boards from now on.

Is it just me, or does the picture of Venture-captain Brackett on p. 9 look a lot like John Compton with a Van D#$!?

Derek Vande Brake wrote:

So after I deep search of Golarion deities, I found this one.

Is there any more info about Kelinahat outside Chronicle of the Righteous? Perhaps a paladin/rogue prestige class to go with? ;-)

Nope, THIS is all there is, afaik.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Something similar to what happens in "Red Hand of Doom" actually happened in Golarion's recent past, specifically in the nation of Isger. The conflict was known as the Goblinblood Wars, and also involved the neighboring nations of Cheliax, Druma, and Andoran.

If you wanted to stick with Golarion canon, you could set the adventure during this period, or you could simply use the events of the war and its after-effects as inspiration for your own game.

3 people marked this as a favorite.
Deighton Thrane wrote:
However that wiki does a pretty good job.

"Pretty good"? I worked really hard on that article! ;)

Other than the "Inner Sea World Guide" there is not a whole lot out there. Alkenstar and the Mana Wastes have not yet been the subject of a Campaign Setting product. You can check out the PathfinderWiki on the subject, which includes links to lots of other related articles. As far as I know, "Wardens of the Reborn Forge" is the only adventure that has been set there.

The timeline on p. 5 states that House Thrune finally came to power and ended the Chelish civil war in 4660 AR. This directly contradicts both the Inner Sea World Guide (p. 37) and Cheliax, Empire of Devils (p. 4). I'm guessing this is a typo, yes?

There is no errata document for the book, and there never will be as it has been superseded by books like the The Pathfinder Society Primer. If you have specific questions, I'd do a search for the term in the Campaign Setting Forums or on PathfinderWiki.

Speaking of which, do developers have an alignment restriction? I know most are Chaotic Overworked, but I was wondering if that's a class requirement.

Shadowlords wrote:
wikkawak are a goblinoid race of winter bugbears, they are racialy classified as CE, so i think racial alignments trump class alignment, Granted this doesnt hold up in all sources, as the goblin druid gogmurt in Rise of the runelords pg 43 is listed as NE.

Race never trumps class (AFAIK) in terms of qualifying for a class. The only way you could have a CE character playing a druid would be to create a druid archetype that specifically allows you to play a non-neutrally-aligned druid. This is most likely a typo.

I double-checked, and the only books to mention Feronia (that I've been able to find) are KQ23, Inner Sea Gods, and Princes of Darkness. KQ23 has the most info on her, but there is little substantive beyond what is written in the wiki article.

Gwen Smith wrote:
I'm a huge fan of the Pathfinder Wiki: I use whenever I'm making a new character and whenever I'm prepping a scenario. Thanks for all the work!

You're welcome.

On a side note, it's very useful for us to know how you use Pathfinder Wiki, and also what parts of it could use expanding. We regularly monitor the "Campaign Setting" threads for this kind of information, but you could also just tell us, either here or in the Reference Desk on our website.

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Gwen Smith wrote:

I would start at the Pathfinder Wiki.

There's even a category for famous arenas.

Hey, and PFWiki includes all of the ones mentioned above! Way to bat a hundred :)

Ugmitok, the wikkawak druid on p. 50 is listed as chaotic evil. She's a druid.

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Mavrickindigo wrote:
What I'd love to see is some kind of Pathfinder index, where you can look up a term and find out what books its in and what page you can find it on.

That's basically PathfinderWiki. The reason that we haven't been able to do this for every book that Paizo has published is tri-fold: 1) Paizo publishes A LOT of material, 2) Because of the Community Use Policy we can't copy text verbatim (nor would we want to), and 3) on any given month there are roughly only a dozen active users (defined has having made at least one edit), and of those only four have made over 100 edits.

So what is the solution? Come join the editing team of PathfinderWiki! Every addition helps!

The most complete information (including lots of stuff that can't be found in any other source) comes from "Guide to Darkmoon Vale". That's your go-to resource. Every other book just has a mention here and there. PathfinderWiki may be helpful for some additional info.

This may be of some use (it's from our PathfinderWiki): Adventures in Darkmoon Vale.

Also, here are all the books that in some way mentioned Darkmoon Vale; it may only be a single sentence, mind you:

Andoran Spirit of Liberty
Campaign Setting
Classic Horrors Revisited
D0 - Hollow's Last Hope
D1 - Crown of the Kobold King
D1.5 - Revenge of the Kobold King
D4 - Hungry are the Dead
Dragons Revisited
E1 - Carnival of Tears
Fey Revisited
Fingers of Death - No, Doom!
Guide to Darkmoon Vale
Inner Sea World Guide
LB1 - Tower of the Last Baron
Lords of Chaos
Mystery Monsters Revisited
Pathfinder #1 - Burnt Offerings
Pathfinder #7 - Curse of the Crimson Throne - Edge of Anarchy
Pathfinder #8 - Curse of the Crimson Throne - Seven Days to the Grave
Pathfinder #9 - Curse of the Crimson Throne - Escape from Old Korvosa
Pathfinder #10 - Curse of the Crimson Throne - A History of Ashes
Pathfinder #11 - Skeletons of Scarwall
Pathfinder #12 - Crown of Fangs
Pathfinder #13 - Shadow in the Sky
Pathfinder #14 - Children of the Void
Pathfinder #15 - The Armageddon Echo
Pathfinder #16 - Endless Night
Pathfinder #17 - A Memory of Darkness
Pathfinder #18 - Descent Into Midnight
Pathfinder #27 - What Lies in Dust
Pathfinder #68 - The Shackled Hut
Pathfinder Society Scenario #43 - The Pallid Plague 1-7
Paths of Prestige
PSS #2-23 - Shadows Last Stand, Part 1 - At Shadow's Door
Towns of the Inner Sea

p. 37
Regnat the Green of the Storm-Screamers of Rull seems to be missing his class level.

I'll second what karlprosek said.

Nothing has been detailed in canon, although books have mentioned that Ninshabur and Kaskkari lie along the western and southwestern edges of the Castrovin Sea.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

There are two mentions of tiefling ghettos in "Blood of Fiends" (p. 8), but both are located outside in Cheliax (in Absalom and Jalmeray). No book that I know of has specific mention of a tiefling ghetto anywhere in Cheliax, but it would certainly be plausible, given how they are treated there.

In "The Infernal Syndrome" (p. 36), the fourth book of "Council of Thieves", there is a room called the "Tiefling Ghetto" that is part of the Nessian Spiral underneath the manor of the mayor of Westcrown, but that is just a room and not a neighborhood in the city. Maybe that's what you were remembering blackbloodtroll.

Gromnar, as far as I know they have not been detailed anywhere.

There's also the orcs of the Wingripper tribe of the city of Wyvernsting. They ride and train wyverns, which are sort of like dragons.

Very minor, P.328 again.

In Yog-Sothoth's entry the Darkness and Chaos domain are in reverse alphabetical order.

Again P. 328

Verex has Chaos as both a domain and a subdomain. He must really like chaos!

I suggest you read the PathfinderWiki Article on the subject. It's the best compilation of information on the subject. I should know, I wrote most of it myself.

What is written on p. 5 of "Seekers of Secrets" is all that is known of that oath, as far as I know.

Just caught another:

P. 328

The orc god of slavery, Lanishra, is listed as having the Leadership domain. Leadership is a subdomain. The other domains/subdomains seem to be in order.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Magda Luckbender wrote:
Dark Immortal wrote:
While on the topic, anyone have the link to the list of which deities encompass which sub domains. I found it once and have since not been able to. The best I found was one for minor deities and emoyreal lords (useful but I need core deities sub domain access).
Here you go: Which Deities emcompass which subdomains.

Note that I won't be done with adding all the new subdomains from Inner Sea Gods for a few days. I'm most of the way through, however.

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