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Owen Weldon's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 24 posts (473 including aliases). 4 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 3 aliases.

As my current campaign is slowly moving towards its end, I have started looking ahead to what I may play next. I haven't played a full caster in a long time so I'm strongly considering that route. I don't like it when my spells fail so I've been looking at ways to get my spell DCs way up.

I put together an enchanter build. A Kitsune Fey-blooded enchanter can get an extra +7 to compulsion spell DCs by level 16. That's huge!

I would much prefer to focus on transmutation or necromancy spells, but I can't find anyway to really bump those school spells DCs up. I don't like specializing in enchantment or illusion since so many creatures are immune to them.

Aside from the obvious Spell Focus feats, or going Arcanist for Potent Magic (all of which can be applied to any school), are there any good tricks out there for boosting specific school DCs?

I'd like to cancel my Adventure Path subscription. I hate to do it since I subscribed way back at Book 5 but our dollar is dropping and my job is vulnerable so I'm out.

We had a our bi-weekly game night and we had a couple replacement PCs show up since two of them had died to a Treant the session before. I was expecting to see a Bloodrager and a WarPriest but got a Bloodrager and a Cleric since player 2 didn't have the time required to get a good feel for the new class. Oh well. The PCs were all level 7.

The Bloodrager performed really well. He was out damaging the Anti-Paladin, made all of his saves (except a Reflex save that actually had him fall into a pit trap the party built) and could take lots of abuse. He didn't cast any spells but did put his spell list to good use by using the party Wand of Shield. I think he enjoyed playing the class and it contributed well.

One of the encounters of the night was a Lillend with 6 elven archer followers. I switched them to human rangers and changed up the Lillend's powers to be that of a Skald. In this particular encounter the only real difference was the rage song. Between the rage song and Good Hope, the Rangers, despite being only level 2, were actually somewhat scary combatants able to hit well and deal decent damage. They still had lowish HP and the Anti-paladin and Bloodrager could one shot them on most hits. They didn't last long. The Lillend would return to haunt the party, this time with two Moondogs. In this situation her Rage song was next to useless and she went down quickly. Even though this wasn't really a Skald it still showed that the Rage song is much too circumstantial, although in the right situation it works very well.

For some reason my shipping costs have doubled up to $13. I fiddled with my subscription and I got them to go back down to under $7 but the current order is locked at $12.50.

Can I get the shipping changed for my pending order?
Why did my shipping costs get doubled? (I have not changed anything before today)?


I am wondering why my ROTRL Anniversary Edition did not ship with my two AP volumes? The first email said the two orders had been combined but the actual shipping email said that the ROTRLAE did not ship.

I'd like to keep shipping costs down so I'm curious why it didn't ship with the other two books?

Please cancel my Pathfinder Battles subscription. I got dinged hard on Customs fees and shipping charges last time and I've found a local place where I can pick them up cheaper even without the subscriber discount.

My order finally arrived today and I was happy to find that my case contained a full set of minis but I didn't get my dragon booster.

I went back through all of the packaging thinking I may have missed it but it is no where to be found. Can I please get my Dragon?

After killing off half the party last game session (see Obits thread), the adventurers were very cautious as they reached the summit of Castle Caromarc and the final two towers. They opted to by bypass the cluster of 4 towers and fly directly to the bridge of the final tower. They struggled greatly against the Golem guarding the tower. They scouted out the second floor and encountered Waxwood.

I was seriously worried about a TPK in this adventure and Waxwood is a great tool to help lower the risk by providing lots of hints to the PCs about what's going on, dangers especially.

They failed to decipher the writing on the wall and also failed to get the Bondslave device fully activated. They quickly realized that the Abomination was not to be trifled with and fled. After resting they came up with a plan to lure the abomination out of the room holding Caromarc and seal him on the floor below between the two Adamantine trap doors. I thought the plan was very clever and it went off without any serious problems. They used Stoneshape to free caromarc and then retreated to the living area part of the castle in case the golem was able to free itself.

Caromarc was greatful to be freed and the adventure continued as if the Abomination was destroyed. The party had no desire to return to town so he pointed the party in the right direction of the cultists and provided them with the invite for the hunting lodge.

Next stop Broken Moon.

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Wow. I actually want to play a monk.

Dark Archive

Looks like this one will end at around 15th level.

Any ETA for this mini? She is going to be the leader of my Mantis death squad.

There is a bit of a disagreement for my group exactly how these boots work.

Lets say the ranger buys Boots for Mountains which he does not have a favored terrain. On plains however he has a favored bonus of +6.

Do these boots allow him to treat mountains as plains and get the big bonus or do they just bestow +2 as if the ranger had the basic bonus for plains?


Really looking forward to this one!

I am in the process of Pathfinderizing CotCT. We rotate DM spots and I know that at least one of my players has read it so I was going to rewrite some of the characters.

I was looking at prestige classes and realized that I had not even considered the Shadowdancer. Then I realized why I had forgotten about this class. What is it for? Most classes/prestige classes have some sort of niche that they fill but I really don't see the point here. They are pretty much weak sauce in every way except flavor. As much as I like flavor, it's no good when you are dead.

Has anyone actually played a shadowdancer? How did it go?

If you guys can please introduce your characters I'll set the stage and we'll begin.

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I'm just wondering if the Duelist's Precise strike damage is multiplied on a critical hit?

The old version did not and I find that precision damage in general does not, but its is now a static, non variable bonus so it should be multiplied on crits.

If it does and the duelist is using a keen rapier, the duelist could put out some decent damage I imagine.

I just want to let you guys know that the PRD is great and that I'm sure everyone appreciates all the hard work that has been done to get everything ready.

Long live Pathfinder!
Long live Paizo!

Now if you'll excuse me I have a 600 page book I have to go back to reading.

Vaellen wrote:

Here you can find my adventure blog written from the point of view of my PC.

We've just finished the fourth book and I usually update the blog soon after our session which we play ever weekend or two for about 5 hours.

Hope you enjoy!

We finished LoF yesterday after a mammoth 8 hour session. My character was the only one to survive from beginning to end and kept a journal of his exploits. It could still use a bit of editing and contains tons of spoilers of course.

If you are interested in our version of events check it out.

My apologies if there is already another thread on this but I searched and couldn't find it.

The level requirement (12) for the Craft Ring feat is stupid. I realize that it is a relic of 3.5 but it should be done away with. The required caster level for the item already keeps low level characters from creating creating epic level items so why have the super high level requirement for the feat?

I should be lowered to a more reasonable level, maybe 5-8, where PCs start to have the resources to start crafting their own gear. Why should rings be so different from other wondrous items?

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