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Owen Weldon's page

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Dekalinder wrote:
White Templar wrote:
(Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that the way WotC handled 3.5 errata?)
Mostly. They would add proofreading erratas directly in the print, while balance-related changes would be added at the end of the books as an addendum. Which was a good way of doing it imho.

This is my preferred solution as well. Leave the original books alone except for typos and whatnot. Any balancing changes or clarifications should be in a separate document for PFS and anyone else interested.

I'd like to cancel my Adventure Path subscription. I hate to do it since I subscribed way back at Book 5 but our dollar is dropping and my job is vulnerable so I'm out.

For some reason my shipping costs have doubled up to $13. I fiddled with my subscription and I got them to go back down to under $7 but the current order is locked at $12.50.

Can I get the shipping changed for my pending order?
Why did my shipping costs get doubled? (I have not changed anything before today)?


Please cancel my Pathfinder Battles subscription. I got dinged hard on Customs fees and shipping charges last time and I've found a local place where I can pick them up cheaper even without the subscriber discount.

Mine worked just fine although the $30 shipping fee caused me to reconsider my order.

Wicht wrote:
I'm a bit surprised that this was a WotC book. I thought most of the Dragonlance stuff was from Margaret Weis' company.

IIRC the campaign book was WotC, the rest were Margaret Weis' company.

DragonBringerX wrote:

Ok...I know both spells tell you they don't stack, but I still don't see what they mean by "don't stack, they over lap". Neither of them offer the same bonus, they both offer two completely different effects... my question is this:
I'm playing a 7th Ranger in a future game where acid and fire based weapons are common, so this is a big deal in the game; if I have both spells Resist Energy and Protection from Energy up does it work like:
- I reduce energy damage by 10 first, then subtract remaining damage from protection (total of 48 at this level)?
- Or do I simply reduce from protection, then when that's done, I have resistance 10?

If the later is the answer, then there is no point to having both spells on at the same time. I also provided links to the descriptions of both spells above.

The second one. The first one would be stacking.

I have to second "Gods and Magic".
After the campaign setting it's my favorite book so far.

Frogboy wrote:
Say you're facing off with a powerful rogue who's sneak attack could jack you up. One of his allies summons a weak creature to flank you so that the rogue can get his deadly sneak attacks on you. Can you turn all of your defensive focus on the rogue to prevent him from sneak attacking you? What would be the bonus to the other attacker(s)? I'd say +2 or +4 and you're flat-footed. I'm not aware of any rule that covers this but I feel that there should be.

We had a fighter in our campaign have the same question. The DM ruled that the second opponent could not be ignored. The fighter turned around killed the weak foe in one round and the problem was solved. The rogue still got in one sneak attack though.

I just played an archivist in our LoF campaign and I don't think it needs any upgrading for Pathfinder. You get some goodies almost every level and as long as your DM lets have access to scrolls of druid, ranger and paladin spells, you will be very powerful already.

Selven wrote:

hello sorry if this question is just answered somewhere but i'm not too much good with mssageboard:

first question: about item creation a magic item can have an maximum bonus of +10 and to make it the caster should be three time bonus level, it's mean to make an +10 item is needed an 30th level caster?
second question: ever on item creation you can add some other thing on item listed on table 15-29 but i no have clear what is the limitation or the bonus to determinate the power of item
for example an item that take an +2 dexterity bonus it cost 2000 gold it's ok (uhm n item that take +10 to an ability cost only 10000 gold 8)?) but what power it is to determinate maximum level of this item?

Items that increase attributes are limited to +6. You can calculate the cost by taking the bonus, squaring it and multiplying it by 1000gp.

+2 = 4000
+4 = 16000
+6 = 36000

You can add a second attribute by taking the bonus and multiplying it by 1.5 and adding it to the original item cost.

David Melendez wrote:
Thanks for all the responses. Back in the 3.x days, if u were a fighter 5/wiz 1, u would be a 1st level caster. Is this still the case or would it now be character level -3 like a paladin/ranger?

Still the case. Paladins and rangers are level -3 because they don't get spells until level 4.

TriOmegaZero wrote:
Because the orange ioun stone says +1 caster level and untyped bonuses stack. There is no mention in the item block about a restriction of using multiple stones of the same type.

Untyped Bonus from different sources. Dodge bonuses stack too, but they have to come from different sources.

Edit: Ninjaed!

Erik Walraven wrote:

I have a question about the bardic music ability and effective bard level.

I understand a 7th level pathfinder chronicler has an effective bard level of 5.

So a ranger 6 /pathfinder chronicler 7 has an effective bard level of 5.

I am confused as to what the effective bard level is if I have a
bard 6 / pathfinder chronicler 7.

The wording is unlclear (to me anyways)how they would stack.

Is my effective bard level 11th or 13th?


Bardic music level would be 11. 6 from the bard and 5 from the chronicler. They stack.

Takamonk wrote:
Owen Weldon wrote:
David Melendez wrote:
The book states that caster level is usually the same as spell casting class level. What are the exceptions?
You can get a magic items that boost your caster level such as prayer beeds or a certain Ioun stone.
Or multiples of said certain Ioun stone, as they apparently stack.

Where did you get this?

I was under the impression that bonuses from the same source don't stack. Multiple Bless spells cast on you don't stack (as an example), why would multiple orange ioun stones stack?

3 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

I'm just wondering if the Duelist's Precise strike damage is multiplied on a critical hit?

The old version did not and I find that precision damage in general does not, but its is now a static, non variable bonus so it should be multiplied on crits.

If it does and the duelist is using a keen rapier, the duelist could put out some decent damage I imagine.

David Melendez wrote:
The book states that caster level is usually the same as spell casting class level. What are the exceptions?

You can get a magic items that boost your caster level such as prayer beeds or a certain Ioun stone.

There is a formatting error under Wondrous Items>Deck of Illusions.

Queen of Clubs

NJDemke wrote:

Sorry as an off topic can paladins worship abadar a lawful neutral pathfinder deity? I would love to get the bonus ten feet of movement from the travel domain for my paladin using plate armor.

Yes. Paladins and Clerics can worship deities that are one step away form their own alignment.

I just want to let you guys know that the PRD is great and that I'm sure everyone appreciates all the hard work that has been done to get everything ready.

Long live Pathfinder!
Long live Paizo!

Now if you'll excuse me I have a 600 page book I have to go back to reading.

My book #24 didn't show up until Friday which meant it took almost 2 full weeks to get here (Canada). The problem is that my Pathfinder book didn't ship until this afternoon <cries>.

So unfair!
Mine is going to take at least a week to get here and still hasn't shipped yet.

Ratpick wrote:

Okay, since the Bard preview thread has disappeared I'm going to start a new one about a couple of questions and issues that I have with the Versatile Performance ability. There are namely two issues that I'd like to address:

First of all, how does Versatile Performance interact with spells that give bonuses to skill-checks? Some spells, Jump and Glibness being the first to come to mind, grant bonuses on specific skills. Assuming that you have a Bard with the Versatile Performance ability related to Perform (Comedy), whichs supposedly lets him use that skill in place of Bluff and Intimidate checks, and he cast Glibness on himself, would he gain the +20 bonus from the spell on Perform (Comedy) checks he makes in place of Bluff checks to tell a lie or would he actually have to use the Bluff skill with the aforementioned bonus?

I can actually see both arguments as having some merit: On one hand you could say that since you're effectively just using your Perform (Comedy) bonus on a Bluff check you would gain the said bonus on it, but on the other hand one could argue that since you're effectively just using the Perform (Comedy) skill to invoke the effects of the Bluff skill you wouldn't gain the bonus.

My second question is about how Versatile Performance interacts with feats that affect these skills or rely on them. First of all, the Dazzling Display feat allows you to make an Intimidate check against all foes within 30 feet who can see you. Could a Bard with Versatile Performance in Perform (Comedy) make a Perform (Comedy) check in place of an Intimidate check in this case?

As a second example, there's the Intimidating Prowess feat, which allows you to add your Strength bonus in addition to your Charisma bonus on Intimidate checks. Assuming the same Bard yet again, would he gain his Strength bonus on his Perform (Comedy) checks used in place of Intimidate checks in this case?

While I am looking for an official answer I'd also like to invite other people's opinions and input on this, just to see what...

I would say no to the first question. Glibness only adds to true bluff checks, not other rolls in place of a Bluff check (and doesn't glibness now add a smaller bonus? I know my group has abused that in the past.)

To your second question, I would argue that Versatile performance could be used instead of an intimidate check but no strength bonus would apply since its a perform check and not an Intimidate check.

Of course we won't know for sure what has changed and how things are worded for a few more weeks.

Jeremy Hansen wrote:

please excuse the simple question this is my first exposure to the d20 rules and pathfinder.

A human gets a bonus feat
and a figher gets a bonus feat at 1st level
all characters get 1 at 1st level.

does this mean a human fighter would have 3 feats at first level?


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