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Lord-Mayor Haldmeer Grobaras

Owen KC Stephens's page

901 posts. Alias of OWEN STEPHENS.


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New Post: And effort to create a prestige class for Pathfinder that makes the multiclass of any two classes a viable character build. The gestalt prestige class.

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New base class. Witch.

Archetype: Collateral Diehard.
Archetype: Duelist.
Archetype: Kyubi paragon.
Archetype: Mystic Theurge.

Theme: Collateral.

Scott_UAT, if you want to use links, you can use this for all the Starfarer's Companion links:

I agree that would be too much. I could see having an ability that applied to some specific weapon-targeting ability and allow it to function for all natural weapons, but it would have to be on a case-by-case basis.

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Jokey the Unfunny Comedian wrote:
AetherealFlux wrote:
So, now I am imagining running an Starfinder Society game and I’ll have 6 Drow at the table named Dr$$it or something like that. <GM cringe>
I'll have you know that my character's name is Space Drizz't, good sir, of Space House Space Do'Urden.

He likes Moon Pie and Mars Bars..

J4RH34D wrote:
I am just looking at Natural Weapon Master and that looks insanely powerful.

It's certainly good. It's supposed to be, especially given you give up an arcana for it. But since you can't just take "natural attacks" for things like Weapon Focus, being able to apply that bonus to whatever natural weapons you have in a given shape is otherwise impossible.

J4RH34D wrote:

Weapon focus now applies to ALL natural attacks they make. Improved critical and weapon specialisation can both be picked up. Improved natural attack could work as well depending on reading.

I think this is a very serious contender for some seriously awesome natural attack builds.

The weird thing I am seeing is that those 3 options above are the only options that would work with a straight level 20 strider. Or rather those are the only option that you must select a specific weapon and the strider would qualify for.

Martial focus could also work, but you might as well as select natural weapons as your fighter group for that.

Am I understanding this right?

RAW, you couldn't take Improved Natural Attack, since it selects a "natural attack form," rather than a specific "weapon," unlike say Feral Combat Training which specifies you select a "natural weapon."

It would apply to Dazzling Display, Brutal Coup de Grace, the aforementioned Feral Combat Training, Greater Weapon Focus, and likely a few others are also choices. And, if you are using a hybrid class archetype off a blog, chances are you use other 3pp material, so there's no telling what non-Paizo options might fit that description.

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New Post: A Fantasy Tabar-Shishpar (real-world axe-mace) for Pathfinder

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If been paid to be a GM, though not often.
I post homebrew material on my blog, and have a Patreon that supports that. It's far from the only thing on my blog, but at least some of the money I make there is due to the homebrew material.
And, of course, I sometimes turn homebrew ideas into products for various game companies, which is another way to monetize it.
Even so, I consider the main purpose of making homebrew material to be the enjoyment I get from doing so.

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New Post: Online Sites for Starfinder.

In less-direct-game-related material, there's also an essay on Why Kickstarter, a list of franchise mash-ups, and a timeline made up of cinematic-sci-fi.

Thanks, Rick!

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New post: Gelatinous Cube Companions

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The author has, in many ways, moved on to bigger and better things, though I'd welcome a second manuscript from him.

the Beginner's Apeiron Staff is only really of use to prepared spellcasters.

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New post: Return of the Druid/Magic-User!

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New post: the spell undead agent.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

New post: the neural-network inspired spell song of doom goom

Player Killer wrote:
I became a patron at the $20 level today so I can get future PDFs. I'm a big fan of your work and If you ever decide to sell the prior PDFs to patrons, let me know because I would definitely buy them.

Thanks for your support!

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New post, a fantasy pathfinder version of the sword, the yatagan.

Sadly, no. You'd likely get the past month or two, but the rewards are for ongoing support, so we don't make all past monthly pdfs available.

It IS all still available on the blog itself, and in old Facebook posts. :)

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James Sutter wrote:
Vic Wertz wrote:
plassteel wrote:
I hope you come around Paizocon every once a while.
Hmm. Now I'm suspecting that the whole reason he's leaving is so that he can be invited to a future PaizoCon as a Guest of Honor.
I think you should invite both me and Wes as Guests of Honor at the same Paizocon and make us split a room, so it's just like old times.



Now you have no one but yourself to blame when that's how it goes down.

9 people marked this as a favorite.

I've known *of* James, so as to say hi to him at Gen Con once every three years or so, from the old days of me freelancing for the magazines. But even when I was hired at Paizo, for quite a while I didn't work with James, or really get to know him, because that's not how the schedule ended up working.
Now that I've been working under him for more than a eyar and a half, and Starfinder s the spectacular result of that combined effort, I can say I know James. And I am very glad of that fact.
It has been an honor and a privilege, sir.
I look forward to the products of your next adventure.

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New Post: The monk/sorcerer hybrid Spell-Fist.

Thanks Chris!

Canadian Bakka wrote:
I could delve deeper into what I found engaging and/or useful, but that would take up a lot of space here. Instead, I close out this post with a sincere thank-you and I wish you the best this weekend with the convention (and some much needed worry-free sleep).

Sincerely, thank you.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

New Posts!
The First Starfinder Post and
More Starfinder Magic and Hybrid Items

4 people marked this as a favorite.
Balfore wrote:
I'm sorry if this has been asked already. But can one find the Starfarer's Companion on or elsewhere? My group is pretty jazzed about Starfinder and the Starfarer companion.

We hope to have it out this weekend... just not yet, and it may not be on until Monday, since the Paizo staff (very reasonably) don't work over the weekend.

GreatGorilla wrote:

Will you make it available on Drivethrurpg as well?

Looking forward to it, especially the legacy classes...might be fun to play a character from a "standard" fantasy world thrust into the wider universe...

We'll absolutely make it available on Drivethru and the Open Gaming Store. Just as soon as we have it ready!

IonutRO wrote:
2. Will there be grafts for the new races and classes in order to use them with the upcoming creature creation rules from Alien Archive?

RGG doesn't have access to the rules from Alien Archive, so there's no way to get grafts put together for it that'll be of the quality we want to maintain. When that book comes out, rest assured we'll get that info into people's hands one way or another.

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David knott 242 wrote:
I am sure that Owen of Paizo and Owen of RGG have communicated with each other fully about that issue of higher level spells. ;)

We really haven't.

I know that sounds stupid, but Paizo Owen doesn't have time to go over design concerns with 3pp. RGG Owen isn't an exception to that just because "we know each other."

The authors of this book took what they thought were the smartest design decisions for it. I am developing those choices, but it wouldn't be possible to totally rewrite them.

You should judge RGG's 3pp Starfinder work based on our 3pp pathfinder work, and nothing more.

This is one reason this isn't a Kickstarter, and we're not taking preorders. This is a massive book, and it'll give gamers a really good idea what we are capable of. Use that to judge if you want to back any future crowdsourced projects we do. :)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

New Posts.
A musing on what things were like for Old School Freelance.
And my Gen Con Schedule.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

New Posts!
A short example of unusual mythology
A thought about the idea that full-time on-staff RPG writers are rarer than astronauts
An adventure seed featuring were-rat-ratfolk
A comic take on why Old Schoolthulhu is giving the viewer significant side-eye

Azten wrote:
I really like your Rosie's Rebels post. The powers some have are not something I've seen before(or remember seeing).

That's! That grew out of some research I was doing for my for-fun-only Diesel-Pulp setting I post about occasionally, though it's not directly connected to the previous material.

I didn't post it here as an update, since it's not specifically as Pathfinder thing. If people would rather know about all new posts, that'd be worth me knowing. :)

Yes, it does. :)

rainzax wrote:
Is that you?

You can ping me at if you need something RGG related. :)

2 people marked this as a favorite.

New post, the illusionist/thief.

7 people marked this as a favorite.

We're not taking preorders. We're not running a Kickstarter. This is not part of a Patreon campaign.
When the book is ready, no earlier than August 17th, we'll have it available for sale.
Once we have proven we can deliver quality Starfinder content, THEN we'll start thinking about money-in-advance business plans.

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Alzrius wrote:
Nice work with all of the old school combos, Owen. But here's your greatest challenge yet! Can you find a way to Pathfinderize...*drumroll*...demihuman level limits?!

You mean bring a balanced, nuanced, carefully redesigned version of demihuman level limits to a Pathfinder campaign without creating a huge problem?


"If anyone plays an elf, and the elf isn't a rogue, this campaign only runs to 7th level."


1 person marked this as a favorite.

New post. Having done the anruth [an old school druidic bard], cavalier-paladin, cleric/assassin, cleric/fighter/thief, fighter/magic-user/thief, thief-acrobat, as well as randomly acquired psionics, and even the fighter/illusionist at my patreon, I have gotten to the cleric/ranger.

Rysky wrote:


Owen's thread has been hijacked! Fittingly enough for a thief related article :3

Never a big deal for my company to publish on my thread. :)

2 people marked this as a favorite.

New post, a stab at Old School randomly-acquired psionics.

Fili and Filidh are a step back from the whole concept, and should be reserved for a Talented All Things Irish class book.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Vigilante and occult we're looking at. Other classes we may not get to. there's alot on our plate right now.

I actually began this idea years ago, and tabled it. then I took it out again a few weeks ago and tinkered with it. But I had a burst of inspiration over the weekend, in part from all the old school reading I have done for the new series of posts, that caused me to finish it.

Glad you like it. :)

I probably won't release this as a RGG product by itself, but it could easily get compiled with the rest of the Old School Class ideas and turned into a product.

This is the ABSOLUTE LAST DAY to pick up ANY PDG pdfs on, and you can still get them all for $65.
For less than 12 hours. Then, never again.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

New post, a variant bard inspired by the "druidic bard" of 1e, the anruth.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

New post, a feat to help build satisfying Small monk characters.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

New post, the thief-acrobat.

I also found this to be a highly entertaining read, to a much greater extend than I originally expected.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

That was a bundle of all Pathfinder-compatible pdfs. Since Paizo doesn't have a way to credit you for pdfs you already have, people who already had some PDG Pathfinder-compatible pdfs didn't get a discount for things they already owned.
This bundle is treated as a product. If you buy a pdf that is a collection of all the issues of a magazine, you don't normally get a discount for already having bought some individually.

When we ran that, we were trying to introduce people to the new place to buy PDG pdfs on Paizo, and we said we wouldn't do it again. And, we're not.

But no the opportunity to buy any PDG pdfs on Paizo is ending, and there are people who would prefer to have a lot of stuff in one online library, or who have Paizo gift cards, and so on. So I want to give people one last shot to get everything, before they can't do that here anymore.

This bundle is $65, and even just the non-Pathfinder pdfs are more than 150 products that have a retail value of hundreds of dollars. More than $300, and maybe more than $400.

We don't have tome to put another only-non-Pathfinder bundle up for sale, and I don't consider the price point to be high enough that asking folks to get two copies even of half of it is unreasonable. So I recommend you treat this as a bundle that offers $300-400 of pdfs for $65 for you, and note that other folks get a bunch of stuff you already have at the same price.

5 people marked this as a favorite.

It's okay Alex, we can have this conversation publicly. In code.

Tell them about the reason why Blood Space is called "Blood Space." But don;t mention the name of the thing we may rename, or the name of the thing that name is based on, or the names of the people fighting over the stuff from the thing.


And do it in 25 words or less. :D

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