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Lord-Mayor Haldmeer Grobaras

Owen K. C. Stephens's page

Developer, Starfinder Team. Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Society Member. 4,887 posts (4,891 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 alias.

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Paizo Employee Developer, Starfinder Team

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For those interested in a preview game using the Starfinder RPG Rules. :)

Paizo Employee Developer, Starfinder Team

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For your viewing pleasure!

Paizo Employee Developer, Starfinder Team

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In this article, which also has comments from Erik mona and James Sutter.

(Edit: Link fixed!)

Paizo Employee Developer, Starfinder Team

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Check out the new look on the Starfinder page!

Paizo Employee Developer

I wonder what level this group will get to start on?
Could the people in Part 5 get all the way to level6?

Paizo Employee Developer

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Congratulations, Monica!


So, what's next from you?

Paizo Employee Developer

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Sadly, we've had an issue with the submission tool for the final four entries, which prevents them from using it and its official word count preview function.

We've contacted our final four, and given them an alternate method of submitting.

However, because that option doesn't have the preview function, I will be giving slight leeway on these entries word counts, since different word processor programs may give slightly different word counts.

When considering your votes in the Final Round, please keep this additional difficulty our contestants had to overcome in mind. And if you see anyone mention a word count discrepancy, please direct them to this post.

Paizo Employee Developer

The deadline for round 3 will be 9/17/15 at 11:59 pm PST, as noted on the main page of the Superstar contest, and NOT 11:59 am PST, as noted in the official rules.

We apologize for the confusion, and feel using the later of the two deadlines is the only fair and equitable action.

Paizo Employee Developer

Rogue Genius Games has dozens of short 1- or 2-page Bullet Point products for sale at $1 a piece. These popular PDFs cover short collections of feats, magic items, or just random ideas, we feel they're reasonable priced when they come out new, and no one's ever complained. But if you miss 5 or 6, or a few dozen, it can seem like a lot to spend $20 to pick up 20 pages of new content. For people who want it all, this amazing Bullet Point Bundle offers ALL the Bullet Point PDFs for just $7! That's a savings of 90% for buying everything. Even if you are only missing 1/4 of the Bullet Point line, this is the best way to complete your collection!

But it's for a limited time only! So if you want every Bullet Point RGG has, get the bundle NOW!

Paizo Employee Developer

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Everyone, there are two more new maps to consider for your votes!

Stephens Stack presents the Flintyreach Cliff Harbor Ascent

Frank Gori offers up the Standoff at River Logjam

And remember, you can go back and modify your votes if one of these designers is someone you'd like to see move on to Round 3!

Paizo Employee Developer

A New Challenger Appears!

One of the alternates has moved into top 32 status! Please check out Kim's Cabin in the Woods, and consider it for your Round 2 votes!

Paizo Employee Developer

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Big thanks to the Top 32, who did an awesome job making maps that are interesting, novel, and beg to be used for memorable encounters!
Go check them out and vote for your favorite, folks! Let's pick some creative writers and cartographers to move on to the Monster round!

Paizo Employee Developer

3 people marked this as a favorite.

We may or may not get the full rules for Round 3 out early, but here's a preview.

The monster round will be for a fantasy-themed monster tied to Golarion, CR 6-9, referencing no rules elements* not in the PRD (but allowed to access any Golarion lore), with a CR from 6 to 9.

There's no specific theme requirement this year.

*You can make up your own new abilities if appropriate and within CR and word count, but don't reference any existing rule or ability if it's not in the PRD.

Paizo Employee Developer

12 people marked this as a favorite.

As promised, here are the rest of the items that make up the Top 100 entries for the Open Call of RPG Superstar Season 9!
These are in alphabetical order, so there's (intentionally) no way to know who was number 37, and who came in at 100.
Remember that these represent hard work and effort on the part of their authors, and be nice. This is not a place to be snarky or dismiss the accomplishments of either this group, or our top 32, or our alternates, or even our voting process. If you want to discuss the merits of specific items, or trends in item design, or talk about our voting, there are threads for those topics.

Many thanks to everyone who entered, and voted, and who has commented or given feedback during this contest, Without all your participation, we would't have a Supertar contest!

Anathema Brand
Armor of the Crows
Auric Hush
Banshee's Tongue
Banshee's Wrath
Belt of the Depths
Blade of The Ice Stalker
Blazing Lash
Blinking Bow
Boots of Ethereal Wake
Bottled Cloud
Brass Helmsman
Brooch of the Monarch
Caber Twig
Chameleon Shield
Chemist's Retort
Choker of the Queen Bee
Cloak of Beautiful Blossoms
Cloak of Nine Lives
Cloak of the High Plains Wind
Cold Front Gauntlets
Crossbow of the Embracing Vine
Crow Brother's Cloak
Cyclonic Darkleaf
Daylight Diadem
Defender's Door
Disks of the Solar Eclipse
Djinn's Strike
Dreadful Ire Helm
Earthen Retribution
Ebon Fury
Fate-Woven Braid of the Norns
Figurine of Wondrous Power, Ruby Butterfly
Fist of the Rimeshrouded Queen
Fluttering sphere
Fluxbane Khopesh
Fray's Fabulous Fireworks
Ghostly Tome
Glaive of the Lion-Hearted
Glimmersheen Chain
Glove of the Severed Servant
Gloves of Refraction
Gorgon Sinew Lariat
Gown of Many Graves
Green Flash
Greenwarden Gauntlet
Hand Wraps of Spirit Grappling
Haunted Sword
Hell's Restraints
Hide of the Hagfish
Horseshoes of the Storm Rider
Iounic Pipes
Iron Feather
Kabuto of the Dread Warlord
Key of the Hungry Doorway
Lava Lash
Leviathan's Terror
Lodestone Plate
Metallurgical Gauntlets
Opparan Musicbox
Pendant of Overwhelming Flame
Phantom Corsair Boots
Plate Armor of Donning Maelstrom
Purging Lotus Bell
Quill of Leng
Rat-Scratch Cane
Reefstrider Plate
Resounding Cudgel
Rimemist Tetsubo
Sash of the Peacock's Surprise
Scallywag's Tooth
Shark Toothed Maw
Shattered Blade
Shield of Crashing Waves
Shield of the Ram
Spiraled Madu
Standard of Gracious Victory
Starsling Buckler
Stepping Stones
Stirgenest Quiver
Stonecutter's Spade
Stonefish Hide
Storm's Wrath
Stormleaper's Greaves
Swashbuckling Sash
Swindler's Grasp
Talisman of the Baku
Testament of Pharasma
Transient Spear
Trident of the Kraken Lord
Troll Gut Grease
Wayfarer's Boots
Wing of the Night Monarch
Wolflord's Fang

Star Voter Season 7, Star Voter Season 8, Star Voter Season 9

The antici... (aww Jester David was already on that, well played)

Paizo Employee Developer

Hey folks!

So, this is part three of my multiyear plot to have players clear all of the Emerald Spire! Last year, two groups of players using regenerated characters managed to clear levels 1 & 2! They made an assault on Level 3 but failed to clear it, so that's where the group playing Part 3 will start! So who knows, you may have to make yet another run on level 3, or move on to level 4, or even get to try your hand at level 5!

I'll have the pregenerated characters representing a wide range of classes and heroes, miniatures tied to the pregens, dice, pencils, and so on. You can bring your own dice if you want, but you are stuck with my character builds.

Decisions made by players last time impact your resources this time, and things you do this time can impact character options for years to come!

So join me for a few hours, as we see how far you can make it through the Emerald Spire Superdungeon!

Paizo Employee Developer

Hey folks!

So, this is part three of my multiyear plot to have players clear all of the Emerald Spire! Last year, two groups of players using regenerated characters managed to clear levels 1 & 2! They made an assault on Level 3 but failed to clear it, so you get to try again!

I'll have the pregenerated characters representing a wide range of classes and heroes, miniatures tied to the pregens, dice, pencils, and so on. You can bring your own dice if you want, but you are stuck with my character builds.

Decisions made by players last time impact your resources this time, and things you do this time can impact character options for years to come!

So join me for a few hours, as we see how far you can make it through the Emerald Spire Superdungeon!

Paizo Employee Modules Overlord

7 people marked this as a favorite.

Help welcome our new editor, Jason Keeley! Who had to drop out of this year's RPG Superstar when he got a new job. What we didn't mention to anyone at the time was that the new job was here at Paizo!

Paizo Employee Modules Overlord

19 people marked this as a favorite.

Last night I went over my notes for the final four entries of the 2015 RPG Superstar contest, compiled them, edited them, and posted them. And when I did, I realized that was the last time I'll be doing that at least for quite a while.

I have always followed RPG Superstar, and mentioned it regularly in my social media posts, but I'd never been part of it before. Then I was suddenly a Paizo employee, and Sean K Reynolds (the very able host who ran it so often before), was gone. I talked to a number of folks internally about the contest before I eventually volunteered to run it, but the enthusiasm I have always felt for this opportunity for new folks to break in convinced me to throw my hat in the ring, and I have yet to regret doing so.

Certainly I've made some mistakes along the way. I think more blog posts and press releases are called for, and next year I really want whoever runs it to warn people a month or so ahead of time what date the contest will begin. There was an issue with the resolution of the map round we should (and will) fix if we do it again. And there are tons of feedback on issues where I'm not positive we'll change what we're doing, but I know we'll be discussing it.

There are also things I am entirely convinced were good ideas. Changing round 1 clearly brought in a lot of people who have never entered before, and that's the ultimate reward for any early round change. The discussion about what cartographers do and what it takes to produce a good map sketch is enough to justify having a map round of some kind all by itself, however we may or may not tweak the exact rules for it. And a number of first-time judges really stepped up their participation in ways that made me glad I invited them.

And, of course, fan participation has been great. The community is fun, helpful, and friendly, which is amazing and gratifying.

Thanks to you all.

Now assuming you are reading this after the Round 5 entries have been revealed, go read them and vote for your favorite!

Paizo Employee Modules Overlord

We’ve had some comments on legibility of smaller type on the maps, and the contestants are (by the rules of the contest), not allowed to clarify anything, so I want to make a general statement about maps and resolution.

When we required all contestants to present maps at a specific dpi and size, we did so because in past years we’ve had some issues with maps (for the encounter round) being sent to us in different sizes, resolutions, and dpi, making it difficult to give them all a high-quality presentation for the contest. We found that asking for a higher dpi than we’ll use in the end allowed us to create a standard of presentation that kept all images crisp and clean. For encounter-round maps, this has worked well.

Unfortunately, since this round requires all text be provided on the maps themselves, many contestants used the dpi and size standards we required as the basis for making sure their text is clear, and otherwise tried to keep words as small as possible so as to not clutter their maps. This was done in the (reasonable) belief that the maps should look good at the size we asked for, rather than in any different size we might present on our website. When resized for smaller, high-quality images, this can result in words that aren’t clearly legible.

We’ve made a change to rescale everything to the higher end of maximum image size for uploaded images for all maps that were entered this round. This should allow for better legibility for voters when selecting their favorite maps to advance in the contest. It is our fault that this process was not properly communicated to our contestants, so consider this when adjusting or finalizing your selections.

Obviously, we’ll explain what is going to happen to the images of maps, and how to allow for it, more clearly in future rounds (and future contests). My apologies to any contestant with a map that has suffered as a result of how we handled scaling in this round.

Paizo Employee Modules Overlord

2 people marked this as a favorite.

As a result of a disqualification, a new map has been entered in Round 2. Because the timeframe on voting is getting tight, I'd ask everyone who has already voted to take a moment to consider The Sunken City of Justnoque, and decide if it's inclusion calls for a change in your vote.

This is the map of the first alternate, Allana Sliwinski, who won that position with the round 1 entry of the Harlequin's Hurlbat. It takes considerable drive to complete a Superstar challenge as an alternate, since you know there is only an outside chance anyone will get to see your work, and I congratulate Allana Sliwinski on being ready for this moment.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled contest!

Paizo Employee Modules Overlord

So, all the submissions for round 1 of RPG Superstar 2015 that are going to get considered are now in! Here’s some next steps.
1. STILL DON’T TALK ABOUT YOUR ITEM. Wait until the Top 32 are announced, on January 20th.
2. Look for the early voting to begin. That’ll be this Thursday!
3. Make a map! No, we don’t have the rules posted for that yet, and you likely won’t be making a map you’ll submit. But the experience is good for you! Look at what was turned over for various “Encounter” rounds in previous years, and use those as your guides for now.
4. Feel free to talk about the experience in GENERIC terms, and keep the community going. You don’t want to risk revealing your item or DQing yourself, but you could certainly share items you didn’t submit and your thoughts on the new format.
5. Enjoy the holidays!

Paizo Employee Modules Overlord

17 people marked this as a favorite.

As we near the last 24 hours of the submissions process (ending TOMORROW, 2pm PST)I want to reach out to contestants and people preparing to be contestants for a moment, and say: thanks.

Thanks for coming onto the boards and creating a helpful, encouraging community for everyone to enjoy and learn from.
Thanks for applying your creativity to the benefit of this game I love.
Thanks for not murdering me in my sleep for invalidating the wondrous item you had ready-to-go. :)

And, most of all, thanks for having the courage to release your creation into the wild to see if it survives. Although I've never been eligible for Superstar, I know what it's like to put your favorite ideas up for scrutiny. It's not easy. It takes courage and conviction, and I'm constantly impressed by how professionally Paizo fans treat this event.

As a gamer and a fellow creative, and as the Host:
Seriously. Thanks.

Paizo Employee Modules Overlord

4 people marked this as a favorite.

The shadow warrior, follow up class to the shadow assassin, it coming soon. I talk about the delays that pushed this product back by 4 years, and tease the cover, at my blog.

Paizo Employee Contributor

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A teaser for Horrifically Overpowered Mythic Feats

Coming April 1st. Seriously.
But you shouldn't buy it... these are too unbalanced to be of any use to anyone.
Requires both Mythic Adventures and the Genius Guide to Horrifically Overpowered Feats for use.
Which is fine, because you shouldn't use this book anyway.

Paizo Employee Contributor

3 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

So, in the APG, the Crossbow combat style for rangers lists Crossbow Mastery and Focused Shot feats as options.

The descriptions of those feats mentions they are also options for the archery combat style.

If true, that means the archery style has more feat options than any other style, and can be used to master a crossbow, even though there is a separate crossbow combat style that offers rapid reload... which you don't necessarily need if you take Crossbow Mastery (which, as a ranger, you can take as a combat style without meeting its prerequisites, although you may still want Rapid Reload to avoid taking AoOs from reloading).

And Crossbow combat style gives you Deadly Aim, while Archery does not.

So an archer might prefer Crossbow combat style for Deadly Aim (since Far Shot is the similar option for archery style, and doesn't come up as often), while a crossbow user might prefer the Archery combat style since it gets him Rapid Shot and he can still take Crossbow Mastery.

This strikes me as odd.

Paizo Employee Contributor

Hiya folks!

So, I know there are people who are trepidatious about giving a new 3pp a try, especially when they are most interested in some of our bigger (and thus pricier) pdfs. So I just wanted to let everyone know we're having a GM's Day sale from now to March 11th, with all our pdfs here at Paizo 35% off!

While we are on the subject of GMs: What kinds of thigns would you fine GM-ing folks like to see as GM-oriented resources?

Anyone who answers that here and who
1. Shoots me a message to telling me what you said on this thread and:
2. Tells me what pdf from RGG they would like a free copy off:

will get a code for a free copy of that pdf!

Paizo Employee Contributor

Hey folks, this is me with my Green Ronin Developer hat on. I'm considering taking sections of 3.0/3.5 era GR products and updating them to Pathfinder, specifically to release as pdfs. I want to work on updating the back stock in magazine-article-sized slices, and see how they are received, and not undertake a huge process to do it.
So... what independent bit of ogl stuff from GR's backlist, that takes up no more than 8-16 pages, would folks most like to see updated?

Paizo Employee Contributor

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Our most recent book in the "Talented Class" line, The Genius Guide to the Talented Barbarian is now available!

More than berserkers, the options in this book allow your barbarians to be scouts, cunning warriors, mercenary captains, shapeshifters, and even shamans of the tribe.

Paizo Employee Contributor

Rogue Genius Games' very first M&M product is now available! 50 pages of animals, angels, aberrations and other threats from M&M superfan Jacob Blackmon (who also illustrates the book)! The first volume of the Super Powered Bestiary covers a list of monstrosities from Aboleth to Cyclops.

While obviously useful for M&M fantasy adventure games, having a long list of fully-statted out creatures is also useful for tradional supers games. whether an amazon princess is facing ancient Greek threats, the Crime Zoo is pulling heists all over Gothic City, or Captain Atlantis is facing ancient horrors from beneath the waves, every GM can make use of the stat blocks and illustrations of the Super Powered Bestiary (volume one).

Paizo Employee Contributor

Mythic Options: Mythic Rogue Class Features is available now!
While Mythic Adventures has numerous mythic spells and a long list of mythic feats (and even more are available in Mythic Options: The Missing Core Feats), none of the rogue’s class features have mythic upgrades available. There are trickster path abilities that tie into some rogue abilities or common skills, but no upgrades for the rogue’s main abilities and talents themselves.

This is unfortunate, because many rogue characters focus much more on their core abilities and talents than on feats. Mythic Options: Mythic Rogue Class Features offers mythic upgrades for every rogue class feature and talent from the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook. It allows rogue characters to focus on classic rogue abilities such as uncanny dodge, skill mastery, and trap spotter, or select just a few such abilities to upgrade while adding the normal options of mythic feats and path abilities.

Author: Owen K.C. Stephens
Pages: 6

Paizo Employee Contributor

Rogue Genius Games' very first new pathfinder-compatible product, Mythic Options: The Missing Core Feats, is now available!

This book fills in he gaps in Mythic version of feats from the core rulebook. Every single feat in the core rulebook that doesn't already have a mythic option is given one! Mythic critical feats, mythic metamagic, and even mythic proficiencies are fully covered along with every other missing mythic feat from the core rulebook.

Paizo Employee Contributor

Right now, we're funded for a full-color print book with new cover, new interior art, and 16 more pages of new templates. We have just 24 hours to add one more batch of 16 pages, for EVEN MORE new templates.

So, even if you've pledged, or can't afford it, help us get the word out!

And after that, come post your favorite idea for making new monsters with the old templates, or what new template you've always wanted to see!

Paizo Employee Contributor

5 people marked this as a favorite.

This is, most likely, the VERY LAST 52% off Genius sale.

From November 2009 through October 2013. Super Genius Games successfully released a new product a week, every week without fail, for 4 years. At the end of each year, they held a 52% off "52 in 52" sale to thank their fans.

While SGG managed to finish a forth full year of weekly releases this year before taking a break, it didn't have a chance to hold that sale. Since a large percentage of Super Genius's products and staff are now part of Rogue Genius Games, over the past few weeks a lot of people have asked me about that missing sale.

So now, to honor our heritage and to celebrate an unbroken year of releases one final time, we're having a 52% off sale of our ENTIRE back catalog of SGG products. More than 200 pdfs at more than half off, from Nov. 19th through Dec 1st!

What Super Genius Games accomplished was amazing, and Rogue Genius Games has no aspirations to repeat it anytime soon. So please come celebrate with us as we have the VERY LAST 52% off for 52 in 52 Sale!

Paizo Employee Contributor

Thanks Liz!

This is, most likely, the VERY LAST 52% off Genius sale.

From November 2009 through October 2013. Super Genius Games successfully released a new product a week, every week without fail, for 4 years. At the end of each year, they held a 52% off "52 in 52" sale to thank their fans.

While SGG managed to finish a forth full year of weekly releases this year before taking a break, it didn't have a chance to hold that sale. Since a large percentage of Super Genius's products and staff are now part of Rogue Genius Games, over the past few weeks a lot of people have asked me about that missing sale.

So now, to honor our heritage and to celebrate an unbroken year of releases one final time, we're having a 52% off sale of our ENTIRE back catalog of SGG products. More than 200 pdfs at more than half off, from Nov. 19th through Dec 1st!

What Super Genius Games accomplished was amazing, and Rogue Genius Games has no aspirations to repeat it anytime soon. So please come celebrate with us as we have the VERY LAST 52% off for 52 in 52 Sale!

Paizo Employee Contributor

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Heya folks! I'm here to ask you something while wearing my "Pathfinder Developer" hat from Green Ronin!

So, our Advanced Bestiary has funded and we're working on the stretch goals. There's lots of great stuff (new content, new cover, new interior art) we can do if we get the support. That'll make the project better for everyone, so we could really use your help getting the word out!

But there's already an issue I want your opinions on, as Pathfinder fans. Five of the Advanced Bestiary's original templates (Broken Soul, Devil-Bound, Divine Guardian, Fungal Creature, Nightmare Creature) have been updated by Paizo and included in Bestiary 4.

So, we have three choices on how to handle that as we update Adv. Bestiary:

1. Include the templates sticking to the same updated stats as Paizo. Since we are offering people an updated version of the Advanced Bestiary, and not everyone is going to have Bestiary 4, this allows us to make sure everyone who wants all the templates we originally created in an updated format gets them, and that there aren't two versions of the same template. But it also means that for people that do have both books, there's about 5 pages of overlap in content.

2. Include the templates, but do our own conversion. Upside: Adv Bestiary is complete and there's new content. Downside, there are two versions of the same templates.

3. Ignore the templates that have already been updated in Bestiary 4, and create brand-new templates. Upside: everyone who has both books gets all new material. Downside: people who want all the Advanced Bestiary material updated have to look in 2 places for it, and those who don't have Bestiary 4 miss out on 5 templates.

I have always believed on of the reasons I have has success as a Pathfinder writer and developer is that I listen to the fans so:

How would you folks like us to handle this?

Paizo Employee Contributor

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I am thrilled to announce that game industry veteran Stan! and well-known developer/editor/writer Christina Stiles are joining me as I form my new venture, Rogue Genius Games!

Stan!'s experience with the RPG industry significantly predates my own, and includes working as a graphic designer and line editor for West End Games; an editor and game designer for TSR, Inc.; an author, senior game designer, and creative director for Wizards of the Coast, Inc.; and the creative content manager at Upper Deck Entertainment.

Of course he was also Creative Vice President for The Game Mechanics, Inc. and co-founder (with R. Hyrum Savage) of Super Genius Games where he and I worked together for the past four years. I’m happy he’s agreed to come on board Rogue Genius Games as Creative Director.

Christina Stiles’ name appears in a number of award-winning RPG products, including serving as editor for the Origins-winning Black Sails Over Freeport, and adventure and other writing contributions to Ennie-winning Streets of Zobeck by Kobold Press. She’s been involved in many, many more excellent rpg products, including serving as lead designer for Journeys to the West, also for Kobold Press. She comes on board Rogue Genius as our Senior Developer, and already has a slate of projects in the works!

Please welcome Stan! and Christina aboard! We are delighted to have them in our lab here at Rogue Genius Games!

Paizo Employee Contributor; Developer, Super Genius Games

4 people marked this as a favorite.

Heya Folks,

So as of today I am no longer a member of Super Genius Games. The company and I had ceased to be a good fit, so we can to a mutually satisfactory agreement that has me no longer being a member of the Super Genius Entertainment LLC, and no longer the lead developer of Super Genius Games. I sincerely wish SGG good fortune in all its future endeavors, and I am very proud of the work I did while part of it.

A lot of that work is going to come with me in my new venture, Rogue Genius Games, which I am in the process of spinning up. I have also brought Warlords of the Apocalypse with me, and thus those of you with preorders are now my customers rather than SGG's.

To be clear this has nothing to do with my joining Green Ronin (though the timing is a heck of a coincidence), and I have every intention of continuing my work on things like the Godlings, Time Thief, and Talented product lines. Though it's going to take a little time to get my feet back under me. (I'll also need to get my tagline in these forums changed.... maybe "Developer Green Ronin, Rogue Genius Games").

I am sure more questions will come as we move forward, and I'll have a lot more to talk about when the ink is a little dryer.

Paizo Employee Contributor; Developer, Super Genius Games

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I was asked by a patron what Super Genius Games classes I would recommend to replace the existing Paizo base and core classes. The answer got lengthy, so I decided to include it here in case anyone else was interested in that idea.

*Alchemist: I don’t want to suggest a replacement for the alchemist, but I DO want to suggest a way to make the class feel very different with SGG products – specifically Advanced Options: Alchemists’ Discoveries. That’s because in addition to the standard “more discoveries” material, it includes two alternate forms of alchemy – spagyric devices and metamorphosis – that can replace mutagens, or extracts, or bombs. Spagyric devices are essentially “DaVinci Punk” age-of-enlightenment mad scientist creations, and metamorphosis is an in-and-out-of-combat set of options to turn lead into gold, or sweat into acid, or whatever.
With these options not every alchemist is a bomb-throwing Mr.Hyde wannabe, allowing the class to be much more flexible and much less predictable).

*Barbarian: The Mighty Godling (from The Genius Guide to the Godling). Like the barbarian, the mighty godling does well in a ‘hit-it-until-it-stops’ moving capacity, and has a set of expansion options (godling stuff rather than rage) allowing for expansion beyond thews and axe-swinging.

*Bard: If what you want from a bard is a spellcaster with a different flavor I suggest the Mosaic Mage (from The Genius Guide to the Mosaic Mage), Ryan Costello, Jr.’s awesome take on a caster that ties magic abilities thematically to one (or two) colors.

*Cavalier: I’ll go with the War Master (from The Genius Guide to the War Master), as a full-attack-progression class with group-augmentation abilities). It has group tactics powers, ties to the upper class, and fair fighting capacity on its own.
Also, the talented cavalier (Genius Guide to the Talented Cavalier), which (along with Genius Guide to More Cavalier Talents) can be used to create everything from knights to samurai to sheriffs to naval officers.

*Cleric: Though the end results *can* be very different, I’d recommend either the adept or eldritch godling (from The Genius Guide to Mythic Godlings). You’d have to pick the right spell lists to really fill the same niche, but the spellcaster-with-divine ties comes through nicely.

*Druid: Oddly, the Death Mage from The Genius Guide to the Death Mage. The death mage is to wizards as the druid is to clerics -- a similarly-built spellcaster with a strong thematic link to one concept. It won’t work as well if you want your druid-replacement to be a strong healer, but if you just want a spellcaster who is useful but doesn’t feel like a typical cleric or wizard, it fills the “other spellcaster” role well.

*Fighter: Armiger, from The Genius Guide to the Armiger. Oddly the armiger only has a 2/3 base attack progression, but its focus on defense (for itself AND for others, to encourage foes to attack the armiger first even if other PCs are doing more damage) does a good job for the “tank” role some players desire with fighters.
Also, the talented fighter (Genius Guide to the Talented Fighter), which can turn your fighter into any of a wide range of classic combatant-types.

*Gunslinger: The Fusilier, an alternate class or gunslinger presented in Ultimate Options: Grit and Gunslingers. It replaces Wisdom-based Grit with Charisma-based panache, and can use deeds with precision weapons (including rapiers), allowing it to be useful even in games with no firearms.

*Inquisitor: The Justicar, an alternate class of inquisitor presented in Advanced Options: Inquisitor’s Judgments. The Justicar is a full-attack-progression class with no spellcasting, but a much wider range of judgments available.

*Magus: The Archon, from The Genius Guide to the Archon. The archon has a full attack progression, and arcane spellcasting similar to the paladin and ranger’s divine spellcasting. If the magus is an even mix of fighter and wizard, the archon is more like a fighter with a dash of wizard for spice.

*Monk: The *clever* godling, from The Genius Guide to the Godling. Like a monk it’s a combatant, but has tricks up its sleeve and can be surprisingly self-sufficient.
Also, the talented monk (Genius Guide to the Talented Monk), which lets you built traditional students of eastern fighting philosophies, or more rough-and-tumble martial arts of any alignment, or even highly trained masters of the samurai fighting styles (with or without weapons, with or without armor, and so on)

*Paladin: The Templar, from The Genius Guide to the Templar. This class can be of any alignment and serves as the militant arm of a religion, rather than a beacon of justice and order, but a LG templar is going to act a lot like a paladin. Full attack progression, no spells, but prayers and granted powers in keeping with their religious background.

*Oracle: The Magister, from The Genius Guide to the Magister. A spontaneous class with some neat abilities, the magister’s main claim to fame is it can pick spells from multiple class lists (subject to some well-proven restrictions to maintain balance). In fact, almost any spellcasting class *can* be swapped out for a magister, but I think it’s most likely to scratch the same itch as the oracle for PCs.

*Ranger: The Vanguard, from The Genius Guide to the Vanguard by Marc Radle. It’s a hybrid fighting/casting class with moderate attack and 6 levels of spells, but it does very well as an in-the-door-first character, and compliments other classes well in much the same way the ranger does.
But also, the Spell-Less Ranger, ALSO by Marc Radle. It’s not a SGG book, but it does a GREAT job of turning the ranger into a class that depends on knacks and talents over spells, and I am a big fan. I even wrote #1 With a Bullet Point: 6 Spell-Less Ranger Feats to support it!

*Rogue: The Shadow Assassin, from The Genius Guide to the Shadow Assassin. A class with specialty darkness powers and a lot of stealth, that can do many of the same jobs a rogue does, even though it has an almost totally different set of abilities.
Also, the talented rogue (Genius Guide to the Talented Rogue), which lets you build everything from cold-blooded killers to criminal thugs, confidence men, and bounty hunters.

*Sorcerer: I’m not sure anything can replace a sorcerer but more sorcerers. Instead I am again going to suggest just changing how your sorcerers play without getting rid of the class. Use the Endowments from Sorcerer’s Options: Beyond Bloodlines. These are like the sorcerer version of wizards’ discoveries, but focus on the idea that magic is *innate* to sorcerers, making them even more different from preparation spellcasters.

*Summoner: If you like the link to another creature that is a big part of your class power, and some spellcasting, AND you happen to like dragons, you might like the more martial version of that connection from The Genius Guide to the Dragonrider. (My FIRST Pathfinder-compatible product!)

*Witch: The hellion, from The Genius Guide to the Hellion. The hellion is to the witch as the magus is to the wizard, along with having options different from either of its predecessors. I am very happy with this design, and it seems to be a fan favorite in play.

*Wizard: The Time Thief, from The Genius Guide to the Time Thief. Which is NOTHING like a wizard, but I haven’t mentioned yet, and it’s my favorite of all the classes I have designed as a 3pp Pathfinder writer. :) If you want a little more magic with your time control, try The Time Warden, instead.

Paizo Employee Contributor; Developer, Super Genius Games

So, the Talented Fighter and Talented Rogue are out, and both have expansion books. Talented Monk is in layout, and it's expansion rules are in playtesting.
I'm thinking of Talented Barbarian, or Talented Cavalier, next. Thoughts?

Paizo Employee Contributor; Developer, Super Genius Games

The Genius Guide to Gruesome Undead Templates is available now!

When talking about new templates there are two crucial questions: "Why do we want these?," and "What are they?"

On the why:

The Genius Guide to Gruesome Undead Templates wrote:
The idea behind gruesome undead is to “spice up” these monsters, to make them more interesting (and perhaps more frightening) for players and GMs. Rather than face another horde of zombies, the players find themselves facing rotting corpses with elongated, twisted limbs, or gibbering wrecks of things once humanoid that whisper maddening secrets from beyond the grave. Creatures that have more wrong with them than “just” being walking corpses, gruesome undead have uncanny appearances, smells and sounds that makes them more frightening to even veteran characters than a typical monster of the type (generally represented by each gruesome undead’s shock value – see below), while the fact that they are difficult to identify makes them more of a mystery for players.

On the what:

The slender figure constantly shivers, as though lightly shaken by unseen hands. Boils, sores, and crusty, scabrous growths are scattered across its body, some visibly oozing a thick, yellow fluid. Even from a distance the smell of soured sweat and rotting blood fill the air, and some foul miasma grows in strength each time the yellowish sludge spurts from a sore.
Carrier undead are normally a result of someone dying of disease under the same conditions that might normally create an undead – lack of proper burial, evil magic, negative material energy, or strong negative emotions. Less commonly, carrier undead may be the result of an undead disease – either from necromantic magics or from infection from a ghoul bite or similar undead injury. They are most common in areas struck by pandemic, sometimes clawing their way out of piles of unburied, festering corpses left to rot as communities flee from plague-ridden areas.

The creature's body is shiny and wet, its muscles and teeth clearly visible. A constantly sheen of blood oozes from it, showing that though standing and active, the figure is lacking any skin. Its movements are accompanied by the sound of sticky leathers being pulled apart, and the strong smell of blood fills the area.
A flayed undead has no skin (or in the case of ghosts and similar incorporeal undead that lack any organs, have a form that looks like it has no skin). Most often flayed undead are those who were tortured to death and lost their skin as part of that torture, or those who carry heavy self-hate and guilt and as a result manifest as bodies lacking the natural protection of their outer hide. Flayed undead can also be created intentionally by necromancers who like to use the skin of undead to create books of necromantic knowledge.

The pulsing mounds and growths on the creature make it difficult to determine its true shape or nature. Mushrooms, strange grey ridges, and waving patches of undulating hair cover its exterior, writhing with no discernible pattern and making soft, wet sounds.
Fungal undead often come into existence when undead dwell in damp, underground places. Leaky tombs and crypts, sunken ships, swampland battlefields, and towns destroyed by flooding are all likely locations for these gruesome creatures. The fungi attached to such animate corpses are themselves undead, making them immune to effects that target or protect from plants. Occasionally an undead fungus spreads from its point of origin, infecting undead and spreading through colonies of necromantic creatures to create a horde of fungal undead.

As the creature’s jaw lowers a creaking sound loudly accompanies the stench of death. Its mouth continues to expand well past what seems reasonable, its teeth gleaming as its maw grows to be larger than its entire head originally appeared to be.
Gaping creatures can unhinge their jaw and expand the size of their mouth to be preposterously big. Humanoid gaping undead can have a toothy mouth grow up to two feet in diameter, though the shape varies from undead to undead. As an alternative to opening their mouth to great scope, such undead may instead split their face to expose a “second” mouth, such as a gaping undead’s entire face splitting vertically to create a head-sized mouth filled with rows of sharp teeth.
Gaping undead may be the remains of creatures that died screaming in agony, or of those with strong ties to singing, speaking, or sound, or may just be a gruesome mutation of the normal undead creation process. They could easily be found in places where innocents died in large numbers while terrified and hurt (such as an abandoned bardic academy that is also the site of a slaughter), or places where negative energy is strong and effects the development of undead created there (such as the demiplane of a necromancer who foolishly drew on the negative plane).

The manlike shape seems too long, too lean, with one shoulder much higher than the other and an oddly hunched posture. Its arms twitch and dangle, and its legs tremor as though it can barely stand. As one long, twisted arm reaches forward there are loud snaps and cracks as its shoulder visible pops in and out of the socket.
Racked undead were subject to merciless stretching prior to death. Most often they are the result of being put on the rack as torture and pulled at wrists and ankles, but a racked undead might have died by being drawn by horses, caught in a clockwork device that tore it slowly apart, or been ripped limb from limb by a carnivorous ape. They are likely to be encountered in places close to the scene of their torture and death – most often mad alchemist’s labs, haunted dungeons, or dangerous wildernesses.
A racked undead has long, twisted limbs of uneven lengths. They pop in and out of joint, twitch spastically, and periodically show signs of still being pulled and twisted by some unseen force.

The sound of dozens of voices whispering in endless, overlapping, urgent hushed tones fills the area and drives out all other sounds. Horrid secrets are hinted at and vile names spoken, as though a choir of children was quietly reciting a book from hell.
Whispering undead are normally either undead spellcasters who have never given up seeking knowledge, or the remains of someone killed after betraying a secret it swore to keep to itself. They most often haunt old libraries and places where divination and sonic magic was stored or researched.

Paizo Employee Contributor; Developer, Super Genius Games

The Genius Guide to Name Traits adds a new category of trait -- name traits -- based on the idea that what your character is called can impact who your character is. There's a brief primer to make sure you can use name traits even if you don't normally use other traits, and then rules for determining what minor bonuses characters' names can give them.

There's a name generator with 38 name prefixes, 20 male name suffixes and 2 female suffixes, with each name segment granting its own 1/2 trait benefit (allowing for 1,520 unique name traits), and 12 thematic name traits (such as "name of Strength") to allow traits to be assigned to existing names with iconic fantasy meanings.

So that's 1,532 new traits! Sort of. :)

Paizo Employee Contributor; Developer, Super Genius Games

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This is a charity pdf. 100% of the proceeds will go to the Red cross for disaster relief, starting with their fund for the Moore, Oklahoma tornado.

The cover sketch was donated by Wayne Reynolds, the layout and production work was donated by Hyrum Savage, and I donated my time to writ the text.

Because of the accounting tools available on those sites, Charity Product: The Merciful Cousins Cavalier Order is currently slated for release only on DriveThruRPG and RPGNow.

The Geniuses would also like to thank world renowned illustrator Wayne Reynolds, who kindly donated the sketch used for the cover of this product. The sketch, and his kind gesture to make it available, not only inspired the Order of Merciful Cousins, but this entire charity pdf.

The Order of Merciful Cousins, who also go by the name the Masons of Recovery, are an order available for cavaliers (a class presented in the Pathfinder® Roleplaying Game: Advanced Player’s Guide™). Dedicated to assisting those who have suffered tragedy or disaster, the merciful cousins wander the world trying to help those communities in greatest need. In addition to defending those too weak or shocked to defend themselves, the merciful cousins spend time healing the injured, rebuilding shattered homes, and helping communities plan to better weather future hardships.

The merciful cousins see themselves as kin to all the distressed and dispossessed, and believe communities that have suffered significant disasters must be protected and helped to rebuild. Of course, the cavaliers also believe in preventing such disasters before they strike and are happy to hunt down bands of pirates or brigands, secure destructive artifacts before they fall into the wrong hands, and help protect caravans and keeps where danger looms, but has not yet befallen. But if a community or settlement has already been ravaged, that is the where cavalier’s first duty lies.

The symbol of the order is two four-pointed stars overlapping one another. These represent the four pillars of their duty – defense, preparation, recovery, and rebuilding – both in the present (the front star) and in the past (the star in the background). Whenever an order of the merciful cousins cavalier helps a community recover from disaster, she adds another smaller star to her personal heraldry, much as soldiers mark their successes in major battles. To the cavalier, those she has helped are more important than those she has defeated.

Paizo Employee Contributor; Developer, Super Genius Games

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(...and PaizoCon in one case)

Heya folks.

Christina Stiles, whose name most of you should recognize, is running an IndieGoGo fundraiser to help cover the costs of Con travel from herself, myself, and Amanda Hamon. To incentivize folks there are various rewards for pitching in, ranging from a good-sized pdf bundle ( the bundle currently includes pdfs from Misfit Studios, Super Genius Games, LPJ Design, Fat Dragon Games, Fat Goblin Games, Black & Green Games, and Total Party Kill Games) to advertising to one-on-one time to talk to us about whatever you want.

Having freelancers who make the things you enjoy travel to events like this is good for everyone, as it helps build relationships that open doors to otherwise impossible programs (I suspect most of the SGG/Rite Publishing collaboration can be traced back to meeting at Gen Con), and helps keep the minds of your favorite creators fresh and inspired.

So if you feel like getting some cool stuff and helping offset the costs of independent creatives building a stronger industry, check it out!

Paizo Employee Contributor; Developer, Super Genius Games

So, The Genius Guide to the Talented Rogue isn't out yet (soon, I hope). But I shared this teaser section on Facebook, and some folks who don't like/don't use Facebook found out about that and asked if I'd share it here, sooo.....

Save Vs. Wall of Text
Because it includes well more than 175 edges, talents, advanced talents, and grand talents, getting through the talented rogue class write-up can be daunting. Once a character has been written up its easy to look any selected edges and talents if they are presented alphabetically, but when thinking about what talent to take next the abilities can form a nigh-impenetrable “wall of text.”
To help with this issue we’ve categorized all the edges and talents into the following themes and sub themes, based on common rogue character concepts: Defensive (general and saving throws), Flexible Customization, Magic/Mysticism, Movement, Offensive (general and sneak attack), Traps, and Skills (with several sub-categories for specific skills). Each talent gives its name and notes if it is an edge, advanced talent, or grand talent. This allows a GM or player looking for a new option to see which edges and talents are most likely to match his desired character concept without reading through the entire list of options.

Defensive (General)
Another Day (advanced)
Blade Sense (edge)
Defensive Roll (advanced)
Deflect Arrows
Hardy (edge)
Hold Breath
Improved Uncanny Dodge (edge)
Offensive Defense
Redirect Attack (advanced)
Slow Metabolism
Snatch Arrows
Uncanny Dodge (edge)

Defensive (Saving Throws)
Daring (edge)
Divine Purpose (edge)
Evasion (edge)
Hard to Fool (advanced)
Improved Evasion (advanced)
Iron Guts
Slippery Mind (advanced)
Unbending (edge)
Unflinching (edge)

Flexible Customization
Feat (advanced)
Forgotten Talent
Talent (edge)

Divine Epiphany
Endure Elements
Familiar (advanced)
Feather Fall
Ghost Step (advanced)
Hidden Master (grand)
Invisible Blade (advanced)
Ki Talent
Ki Pool (edge)
Major Magic
Major Petition
Minor Magic
Minor Petition
Mystic Disguise (advanced)
See the Unseen (advanced)
Shadow Clone
Shadow Split (advanced)
Unbound Steps (advanced)
Vanishing Trick

Driver’s Fortune
Expert Leaper
Fast Getaway
Fast Tumble (advanced)
Getaway Artist
Getaway Master (advanced)
Ghost Step (advanced)
Hard Drive
High Jumper
Ledge Walker
Light Steps
Positioning Attack
Rogue Crawl
Roof Running (edge)
Rope Master
Sea Legs
Spring Up
Stand Up
Swinging Reposition
Terrain Mastery
Tumbling Descent
Wall Climber

Offensive (General)
Adaptable Flanker
Ambush (edge)
Assault Leader
Blinding Bomb (advanced)
Choking Bomb
Combat Swipe
Combat Trick
Convincing Lie
Deadly Cocktail (advanced)
Deadly Shuriken (advanced)
Finesse Rogue
Firearm Training
Flurry of Stars
Greater Finesse
Gut Stab
Instant Poison (advanced)
Ki Block
Ki Pool (edge)
Ki Charge
Lasting Poison
Martial Mastery
Martial Training (edge)
Master of Poisons (advanced)
Master Poisoner
Ninja Training
Opportunist (advanced)
Poison Bomb
Poison Use (edge)
Smoke Bomb
Snap Shot
Strong Impression
Swift Poison
Unarmed Combat Training
Unarmed Combat Mastery (advanced)
Weapon Training

Offensive (Sneak Attack)
Angel of Death (advanced)
Assassinate (advanced)
Befuddling Strike
Bleeding Attack
Bravado’s Blade (edge)
Brutal Beating
Confounding Blades (advanced)
Crippling Strike (advanced)
Deadly Range
Deadly Sneak (advanced)
Dispelling Attack (advanced)
Distracting Attack
Entanglement of Blades (advanced)
Fearsome Strike
Hunter’s Surprise (advanced)
Knock-Out Blow (advanced)
Master Strike (grand)
Offensive Defense
Powerful Sneak
Pressure Points
Scout’s Charge (edge)
Skirmisher (edge)
Slow Reactions
Sneak Attack
Sneak Stab
Sniper’s Eye
Style Master
Surprise Attack
True Death (advanced)
Unwitting Ally (advanced)

Careful Disarm (edge)
Cunning Trigger
Frugal Trapsmith (advanced)
Quick Disable
Quick Trapsmith
Trap Master
Trap Sense (edge)
Trap Spotter
Trapfinding (edge)

Skills (General)
Master expert (grand)
Ninja Training
Skill Mastery (advanced)

Skills (Acrobatics)
Acrobatic Master
Daring (edge)
Expert Acrobat (edge)
Fast Tumble (advanced)
Ki Pool (edge)
Ledge Walker
Peerless Maneuver
Second Chance (edge)

Skills (Bluff)
Coax Information
Natural Born Liar (edge)
Honeyed Words
Rake’s Smile (edge)
Rumormongering (advanced)
Skilled Lair (edge)

Skills (Climb)
Expert Acrobat (edge)
Nimble Climber
Second Chance (edge)
Wall Scramble

Skills (Diplomacy)
Black Market Connections
Coax Information
Follow Up (edge)
Rake’s Smile (edge)

Skills (Disable Device)
Careful Disarm (edge)
Quick Disable
Trap Master
Trapfinding (edge)
Undetected Sabotage’

Skills (Disguise)
No Trace (edge)
Quick Disguise
Master of Disguise (advanced)
Mystic Disguise (advanced)
Sudden Disguise

Skills (Fly)
Expert Acrobat (edge)
Getaway Artist
Second Chance (edge)

Skills (Intimidate)
Frightening (edge)

Skills (Linguistics)
Guileful Polyglot

Skills (Knowledge)
Esoteric Scholar
Thoughtful Reexamination (advanced)

Skills (Perception)
Canny Observer
Follow Clues
Thoughtful Reexamination (advanced)
Trapfinding (edge)

Skills (Sense Motive)
Hard to Fool
Thoughtful Reexamination (advanced)

Skills (Sleight of Hand)
Deft Palm
Expert Acrobat (edge)
Fast Fingers
Hidden Weapons
Measure the Mark (edge)
Stab and Grab (edge)
Weapon Snatcher (advanced)

Skills (Stealth)
Effortless Sneak (edge)
Expert Acrobat (edge)
Fast Stealth
Hide in Plain Sight (advanced)
Misdirection (edge)
No Trace (edge)
Stealthy Sniper (advanced)

Skills (Swim)
Strong Stroke

Paizo Employee Contributor; Developer, Super Genius Games

The Genius Guide to Relics of the Godlings II is now available at Paizo! This pdf presents six magic items that grow in power as characters advance from 1st-20th level (the magic rings draupnir and lokanaut; the suits of light, medium and heavy armor drakkenhael, myrmix, and kavacha; and the magic shield svalinn) and five templates for GMs to create their own godling relics that grow from 1st to 20th level (for rings, shields, and light, medium, and heavy armor).

This book uses the same system as Relics of the Godlings, but all the items and templates in this follow-up are brand new! Between the two books you gave 14 items that grow in power from 1st to 20th level, and seven templates covering rings, staves, weapons, shields, and light, medium, and heavy armor!

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