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Bag of Holding

Our Mysterious Benefactor's page

5,463 posts. Alias of James Martin (RPG Superstar 2010 Top 16, 2011 Top 32).

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Sovereign Court RPG Superstar 2010 Top 16, 2011 Top 32

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I would like to suggest doing Map Packs in the form of modular starship rooms. For example, the first one could be an Elven ship, the next one Human ship, all done so each tile (or two tiles) is a complete section.

Then you could release a pack of living quarters, done for different ships from different cultures. Or engine rooms. Or bridges. Then we could mix and match sections, giving the PCs' ship an organic feel to it.


Sovereign Court RPG Superstar 2010 Top 16, 2011 Top 32

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I play PFS quite a bit and I gm even more. One of the recurring themes/locations is the Blakros Museum. It's been the site of many an adventure and I'd feel less than excited to see Starfinder players denied the same opportunity to experience the wonder of the Blakros!

So, please please please, add the Blakros Historical Society or the Blakros Museum Deck or something similar to Absalom Station.


Sovereign Court **** RPG Superstar 2010 Top 16, 2011 Top 32


I am recruiting for a PFS run of Risen From The Sands as part of RollCon! This is a tier 2-4 adventure, though I strongly suggest you aim for higher rather than lower on this one. Please sign up here, at Roll20!

Sovereign Court RPG Superstar 2010 Top 16, 2011 Top 32


We are pleased to present the Inaugural Quad Cities GameFest, held on April 30-May 1 in Davenport Iowa! If you're in Chicago, Madison, St Louis, Des Moines or really, anywhere in the Midwest, we're not far from you! We will have Pathfinder Society play, D&D expeditions, board games of every variety and more!

Visit our website for more information!

The grounds of the Absalom home of the Pathfinder Society are sunny and bright today, as one of the first days of true spring dawns. You find yourself sitting on a bench outside a marble building, waiting for your call to join an expedition.

Greetings, Pathfinders!

Check in and post your names, PFS numbers, factions and day jobs, please!

Venture-Captain Roderus sits at his desk in the lodge beneath the popular Winding Road Inn in Katapesh. Maps cover every wall of his workspace, and precarious stacks of journals and papers nearly reach to the ceiling. The venture-captain glances up from his work. “Welcome, Pathfinders. I hope your journey here was not too arduous. I have a fascinating assignment for you.” He plucks a single sheet of paper from the middle of pile on his desk. “This is a letter from the Osiriani investigator Amenira, who works with the Temple of the All-Seeing Eye. Mercy, the town she mentions in her reports, wasn’t even on our map until now. It’s a small settlement out in the Mana Wastes. Magic is unpredictable out in the Wastes, and it sometimes coalesces into deadly storms. People in Alkenstar reported seeing one of these magical disturbances heading in the direction of Mercy, but the town weathered the fearsome storm without so much as a scratch.”

Sovereign Court RPG Superstar 2010 Top 16, 2011 Top 32

Good morning! Once upon a time my GM stars weren't showing my 4th star. Now at least 10-20 tables have disappeared and I've been demoted to a 3 star GM.

Help, please?

Sign in and let's have names, PFS numbers, Factions and Dayjob rolls here, please!

Master of Swords Marcos Farabellus strides up to the large crowd and claps his hands together for attention. “Welcome Pathfinders, one and all! And welcome to our traveling Venture-Captains stationed abroad as well our honored guests! I am Marcos Farabellus, and on behalf of the Decemvirate, I welcome you to the Pathfinder Society’s annual Grand Convocation! I shall address all of the attendees later this afternoon to announce some of the Society’s greatest accomplishments over the past year and our plans for the future. In the meantime, I invite you to stroll about the campus, meet with your peers, and enjoy all the sites of the Grand Lodge. We have set up numerous challenges and contests so that you can show off your skills or sharpen them if need be. I’ll send around ushers when it’s time to assemble for the speeches on the north lawn. Enjoy!"

A slightly wild looking old man with ragged robes, two shoulder spikes, one on each shoulder, that hold a weathered humanoid skull impaled, and a slightly rank body odor stands near you. He fixes you with his intense stare and overloudly nearly screams, "Welcome Pathfinders! I expect ye'll be looking to get ta know each other before the speech begins, eh! If'n I were ye, I would watch out for the pick-pockets and orphans that always cluster 'round these gatherin's: can't trust 'em, you know. They don't have parents!" He leans forward as if to speak conspiratorially, but fairly shouts the last line.

“I’ve finished the arrangements,” declares Venture-Captain Calisro Benarry as she clasps a mug in one hand and motions to the open seats around the table. She lowers her voice to avoid being overheard. “On the way north I was telling you about some Thassilonian ruins that just resurfaced, and it’s time to tell you the whole story. There’s an island called Flintyreach a few hundred miles northwest of here, and thanks to all of the giants, the only folk with the guts to live there are half-orcs. Averaka’s the largest half-orc town the world’s ever seen, so as you might imagine,” she notes, gesturing at her green skin, “that we get along pretty nicely.

“One of their scouts spotted fresh ruins recently, and the plan had been to have you along as we checked it out. The trouble is that the trek north took a lot longer than I’d hoped, and I’m past due to get back south to Garund and the Gloomspires. The long and short of it is that the Thassilonian site’s all yours now, if you’re still interested. I’ve secured a ship to take you there in good time, and I’ll finish up a letter to introduce you to the Averakans in just a bit.”

Benarry leans in over the table. “There’s some better news, though. For about ten years, Chief Gorgnak has ruled the local giants. It sounds like one of his underlings has rebelled and started capturing Gorgnak’s cronies to work for her, and the chief is right pissed. My Averakan pal in Magnimar let me know that our half-orc kin are planning a big assault to strike the giants while they’re squabbling, and you can use that chaos to slip through contested territory, check out the ruins, and make sure that anything you can’t explore or bring back isn’t likely to fall into the trolls’ hands before we can send a bigger team to finish the job.

“Once the Grinning Pixie is sufficiently re-provisioned, I’m sailing south as fast as I can. That gives us a little while to talk if you have questions.”

Okay, let's go ahead and post PFS numbers, names and factions, please!

Sovereign Court RPG Superstar 2010 Top 16, 2011 Top 32

Is there any interest in this game? I'd like to run it on these boards, if anyone is interested. Reply with your PFS character name, character level and a brief description of the character.


A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 7–11.

The cataclysmic Earthfall shattered the ancient Thassilonian civilization, and like its slumbering runelords who fled the destruction, many ruins lie hidden. The Ironbound Archipelago was once part of Edasseril, kingdom of envy, and word has reached the Pathfinder Society that an ancient ruin has emerged on the isle of Flintyreach. Can the PCs gain the local half-orcs’ trust and brave the resident giants’ wrath to secure this archaeological treasure?

Written by John Compton and Linda Zayas-Palmer.

All manner of beasts and monsters lurk beneath the eaves of the Shudderwood, but none so numerous or feared as the forest’s werewolves. Although the wood contains packs of these feral killers beyond counting, they can be loosely grouped into five distinct tribes: the provincial Broken Ones; the Kellid-descended Primals; the Prince’s Wolves, with their ties to Sczarni; the mighty Silverhides; and the fiend-worshiping Demon Wolves. Of course, the greatest threat these werewolves pose is that they can be anyone—the rough woodcutter, the itinerant peddler, the riverboat captain— any of them might be a wolf in human skin, and travelers through the Shudderwood are well advised to keep moving, keep to themselves, and leave the dark shadows of the forest behind them as soon as they can. For when the moon is full, the true masters of the Shudderwood fill the night with their howls, and woe be to any man or woman who becomes their prey.
—Oleandra Amandine, Shadows of the Shudderwood

It was two days before that you left Judge Daramid's townhome, armed with blank letters of invitation to the Ascanor Lodge, the last place you knew the Whispering Way cultists were headed. You were told to speak to the lodge’s warden, Estovion Lozarov, as he will be able to set you on the proper path.

Standing at the edge of the Shudderwood is almost like staring into another world. Ominous, towering pine trees blot out the sunlight, allowing only occasional splinters of light to pierce through. Within this dimness, broken branches and occasional shrubs growing up through fallen trees create shadowy illusions both wondrous and haunting. Apart from pallid lichens, colorful fungi, feathermoss, and wintergreen, little else grows in the forest. The Shudderwood possesses an eerie stillness only occasionally lifted by the sounds of passing birds and small animals scurrying across the dry pine needles littering the forest floor.

Go ahead and reintroduce yourselves and any purchases you made with the money paid to you by Daramid and the Count.

We have just begun a game and our players seem to have fled! We need 1-2 players. Right now we have a 4th level Sorcerer, a 3rd level Cavalier and a 2nd level Zen Archer.

Who wants to explore the Drownyards?

Sovereign Court RPG Superstar 2010 Top 16, 2011 Top 32


XenoCon, the Quad Cities' bestest and onlyest gaming convention, is coming October 9-11! This year will feature PFS play as well as board games and other things gamers play!

To learn more, visit XenoCon's website for more information!

James, VL Davenport, Iowa

PS And oh yeah, there will be prizes!

Sovereign Court **** RPG Superstar 2010 Top 16, 2011 Top 32


XenoCon, the Quad Cities' bestest and onlyest gaming convention, is coming October 9-11! This year will feature PFS play as well as board games and other things gamers play!

To learn more, visit XenoCon's website for more information!

James, VL Davenport, Iowa

PS And oh yeah, there will be prizes!

Each of you have received a letter from Venture-Captain Drendle Dreng, asking you to meet him outside the main gates of the Grand Lodge in Absalom, and also to wear formal attire.

Of course, this being the Pathfinder Society, it's not going as planned. A cold fall rain is blowing in, bringing with it the smell of a storm on the horizon. Passing Pathfinders nod in greeting, but look slightly confused as to why you cluster outside the gate in the rain rather than somewhere warmer and drier!

Introduce yourself!

This is the discussion thread for the upcoming PbP game of School of Spirits. Please check in and be ready for action!

Sovereign Court **** RPG Superstar 2010 Top 16, 2011 Top 32

In honor of the GameDay and of my most recent PFS game finishing, I am volunteering to run the newest 1-5 Scenario!

A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 1–5.

Seven years ago, Pathfinders entered Absalom’s shattered Precipice Quarter in pursuit of a ruby ring but also rescued a strange survivor. She has since grown to adulthood and exhibited a rebellious spirit connected to the ruined school where the Pathfinders found her. The woman’s family has contacted the Society, hoping that its agents can escort her back to the haunted site and unravel the Drownyard’s relentless mysteries.

Written by Alex Greenshields.

When signing up, please indicate the following:
Character Name
Character Level (if you don't wish to share exact details on your build with other players, simply put down the total character level)
PFS Number

I usually post multiple times a day during the week and once per weekend. If you're not able to post I expect a message stating such as soon as possible. Otherwise, I'm pretty open to oddball builds and role-play!

Sovereign Court RPG Superstar 2010 Top 16, 2011 Top 32

Can a multi-classed Sorcerer/Psychic apply his phrenic amplifications to spells cast from his arcane list if the spell on the list is also on his psychic spells list? In the case I'm asking about, the spell is bungle which is on both the arcane and psychic lists. Can I apply will of the dead to a bungle spell cast as a sorcerer?

The Hao Jin Tapestry hangs on the wall of this stuffy basement room in the Grand Lodge. The tattered piece of fabric, five feet wide and seven feet long, looks more like a worn tablecloth than a storied artifact. The Pathfinder Society’s Master of Spells Aram Zey stands before tapestry, his arms folded across his chest. He speaks without greeting.

“As you all surely know, the Society labors at some cost to assemble a dwarven relic known as the Sky Key.” The Master of Spells produces an intricately sculpted piece of metal decorated with fluid carvings. A sudden flash of excitement fills his weary eyes. “The object I hold in my hands is one of five pieces of that curiosity. The pieces that the Society has obtained so far share the same luster and artistic sensibilities, but have different shapes and functions within the assembled artifact. Today, hopefully, you will retrieve another piece. Previous missions lead us to believe that a fragment of the Sky Key lies within the tapestry, in the company of a dwarven clan that left Golarion for Hao Jin’s realm some time ago. Your task is to enter the tapestry and make contact with these dwarves, discern what they know about the Sky Key, and negotiate for their piece, should they still have it.”

The taciturn sage produces a hexagonal beard clasp of thick, polished metal. “Pathfinder agents retrieved this beard clasp from one of the sites that we suspected of holding the Sky Key fragment. It belonged to an ancestor of the dwarves who live in the tapestry, and it may assist you in your negotiations. Return it to me if it does not gain you the fragment you seek. We hold no particular ire for the dwarves. Retrieve the Sky Key fragment if possible, but try not to murder anyone.”

Aram Zey adds grudgingly, “Does anyone have any questions before I send you into tapestry?”

Go ahead and check in!

I just finished running the estimable Of Kirin & Kraken and I want to run #6-21 Tapestry's Toil next. The tier is 5-9, taking place in the Hao Jin Tapestry on a quest for another portion of the mysterious Sky Key.

If you would like to play, I will take the first 5-6 players who post here with the following information:

- Character Level
- PFS #
- Basic description of the character

I will be using Roll20 for maps. (I will send out the link to the players chosen.) Let's play a game!

Venture Captain Amara Li patiently waits in a private room of the Gilded Lotus teahouse in Hisuikirasu, the capital of Kwanlai. Beside her sits a tengu woman wearing a rich green-and-gold kimono and an elaborate beaded headpiece, her possessions and feathers immaculate. Her regal appearance is overshadowed only by the sheathed katana at her side and the stern look of an experienced warrior upon her face. Amara Li speaks once everyone has arrived and had an opportunity to enjoy tea.

“Some time has passed since I have been able to enjoy the company of distinguished Pathfinders such as you. Nearly two years ago, I expanded the Society’s operations in Tian Xia with the assistance of honored friends, and from there the Society has unearthed many discoveries once lost to this age. It is because of this matter that I would introduce you to my companion.” Shemotions to the tengu woman beside her. “This is Shiyo Takarak, a samurai of the Way of the Kirin, a noble organization we have worked with often and are sure to work with much more in the future. Shiyo has made a request of the Society, and it is our duty to oblige.”

Amara once again returns to her tea, as Shiyo begins to speak with a smooth and melodious voice. “Just north beyond the borders of fair Kwanlai lies the monstrous nation of Wanshou, a swamp-filled wasteland ruled by a vile elder kraken named Zhanagorr. Twice has he tried to expand his territories into Kwanlai alone!” She stares into her tea and regains her calm. “In the time of Lung Wa, our agents operated out of Shen-Shu, a once-grand structure now buried beneath a muddy swamp in Wanshou. Our records indicate a vault deep within contained the flute of the fallen emperor, Wise Zijao’s seal, and the second Shu coronation crown. The flute is your priority, but retrieve the other two relics if you can.”

The samurai reaches into her kimono and produces a scroll tube and a small purse, which she places on the table. “My agents report a mysterious wizard known only as Lord Rybos has begun excavating the Sunken Valley where Shen-Shu lies, most likely to unearth whatever riches were lost when Zhanagorr’s storms swallowed the region. I am told that Zhanagorr has eyes everywhere, so I suggest you avoid any settlements along your journey and travel through the swamps. I am providing you with maps to help guide you through Wanshou undetected” the tengu’s clawed hand slides the items forward— “and with coin so you might procure any supplies you need for your travels. I trust you will represent both your Society and the Way of the Kirin in a way that would make our patrons proud."

Amara Li looks up from her tea before adding,“Remember Pathfinders, you are heading deep into unfriendly territory. I suggest you use discretion while making preparations.”

Please post your PFS number and character level here, please!

Here is the Roll20 Map Link. Please join and post your character name as well as the name that appears on Roll20 here.

It is rare enough to receive a summons from a Venture-Captain ordering you to drop everything, but to be told your meeting will be with a member of the Decemvirate?

Venture-Captain Sheila Heidmarch is waiting quietly in her rather crowded study. At the far end of the room stands Venture-Captain Ambrus Valsin alongside a masked figure whose features are concealed by a dark robe and heavy cowl. Half a dozen other Pathfinder agents line the walls and face outward, concentrating on various spells that no doubt ward the room against eavesdroppers. Sheila motions to a small sideboard bearing refreshments before leaning over a small table laden with Thassilonian relics.

Ambrus Valsin steps forward and says, “My fellow Pathfinders, as you can see, the task that lies ahead transcends the interests of Magnimar’s increasingly esteemed lodge; it’s a mission that will affect the entire Pathfinder Society and merits the direct attention of the Decemvirate.” The hooded figure behind the Venture-Captain nods in silent agreement and then gestures for Valsin to continue. “Over the past year, we’ve received increasingly concerning reports from this region that the Lissalans have plans in motion to revive Krune, the Runelord of Sloth and one of the most powerful wizards of ancient Thassilon. We have set our own plans in motion to keep him in check if the Lissalans succeed, but Sheila Heidmarch has an ambitious plan regarding this threat.” He nods and steps back to cede the briefing to his colleague.

Sheila takes over, adding, “We recently acquired these refuge tokens and their command words. When broken, the tokens will take a handful of agents directly to Krune’s sanctuary. If he has yet to revive, do whatever you can to ensure he never does. If he does awaken, pray that he is too dazed and addled to command his full power. Whatever it takes, end this threat to Varisia—permanently.”

She then motions to the other relics on the table. “The Society has recovered Thassilonian relics , perhaps some through your deeds, and I would rather they be in your hands as you face Krune; they will do us little good in a museum if the runelord returns. Once you defeat him, take special care to recover his two artifacts: a dragon-tooth spear and a rune-inscribed rod. Once you are ready, I will show you how to use the refuge tokens. Do you have any questions?”

1 person marked this as a favorite.

We have a single spot possibly opening. This is NOT AN OPEN RECRUITMENT, at least not yet.

A month has passed since you came to Ravengro to attend the funeral of Professor Lorrimor, and as his will requested, the time has come to take his books to Lepidstadt. His daughter, Kendra, has been your charge and hostess for the month and she is saddened to see you go, yet thankful that you have agreed to fulfill her father's final wishes. She prepared quite a feast for you the night before and many toasts were given to the memory of the Professor and to you as the heroes who liberated Harrowstone.

After much discussion, you have chosen your path to Lepidstadt. The distance from Ravengro to Lepidstadt is about 100 miles. No journey in Ustalav is without risk, but the old Mountain Road is generally regarded as the best route. This road follows the southeastern foothills of the Tusk Mountains, passing through the towns of Tamrivena and Courtaud before following the Lesser Moutray River up to Lepidstadt. With luck, you should be there in a little over a week.

You set out with the sun, thin as it is in the early morning mist. As you travel you see less people and more marshes, trees and ruins jutting from the swampy ground here and there. Most of these are no more than walls, but you do occasionally catch a glimpse of structures that appear to be more intact.

Three days out, around later afternoon, you are somewhat surprised to come across a series of brightly colored wagons. Gaudy paint depicts images of garish figures, all performing beneath the banner of "The Crooked Kin— Ustalav’s Greatest Traveling Cabinet of Curiosities!”

You see eyes peering cautiously from the wagons, but no actual people until an albino man with long white hair wearing a tall red hat and bright red jacket with striped pants hops down from the lead wagon. He bows in a very theatrical manner and calls out, "Welcome my fellow travelers! Welcome to Ustalav's finest travelling show! I am Kaleb Hesse, ringmaster of this fine bunch. But, I fear, you have found us at a sad time; one of our fellows is missing!"

Check in with name, PFS #, class levels and any odd magic items/boons that the GM should be aware of before we begin. Once we have everyone here, we'll begin the shenanigans!

Good day everyone! We will be starting as soon as I have PFS #s, character name and level, and everyone is checked in. I expect you to post daily. I will post often during the week and less on weekends. If you have any issues, let me know and we'll work with you to make sure everything is okay.

Let's go!


The Opening Crawl!

Episode I
It is a dark time in the galaxy. The evil Galactic Empire has spread from the Deep Core to the Outer Rim, and everywhere the Empire’s tyranny can be felt.

Fleeing from the oppression of the Emperor’s minions, agents of Senator Bail Organa have run to a remote space station above Brentaal. Known to be a vocal opponent of the Empire, Organa may be the last hope of freedom in the galaxy.

In the hopes of stopping these dissidents before they can reach the Senator, the Empire has alerted its forces on Sel Zonn Station, where the struggle for liberty rages on, and the first sparks of rebellion have begun to burn. . . .

It has been about a week since you arrived on Sel Zonn Station. Thinking back to your first glimpse of the station, you can barely remember the hope you felt...

Seemingly motionless among a sea of starships and satellites above the twinkling world of Brentaal, Sel Zonn Station grows larger in your view every second. A central pylon forms the bulk of the station’s mass, and three landing platforms leading to docking bays extend from the central section, equidistant from one another and jutting out into space. The dorsal side of the station features a discshaped secondary structure, on top of which blinking lights indicate the presence of a landing platform reserved for wealthy patrons.

Now, however, you see the Station from a very different perspective. The parts you've seen are dingy, dirty and unfriendly. Jobs are scarce and your credits dwindle by the day. Crime bosses feud over limited territory and most people on the station try to keep to themselves, their heads down and under the radar of the powerful or the criminal.

Still, you've met some kindred spirits, some people who you feel you may be able to trust. But it's hard to tell, and a sense of unease pervades the Station and even the Force...

As is your custom, you meet your friends on the Promenade, enjoying a few moments of seeming peace and normalcy before you head off to try to find any work. The Promenade is filled with the bustle of revelry and commerce. Spilling out of the gambling halls are the sounds of victory and the moans of defeat, while the music of local bands issues from the cantinas. Only a handful of citizens mill about in the main areas of the Promenade, a few gazing out the massive windows at the planet Brentaal hovering below. Businesspeople hawk their wares to the passersby, and a few Imperial stormtroopers make their way down the main avenue of the Promenade on their usual patrol at a leisurely pace.

Feel free to describe what you look like and introduce your character, then we'll move along to trying to kill you.

The Ritual of The Blessing of the Ancestors

The ritual itself takes about two hours to prepare—to the outside observer, it looks like little more than a rhythmic droning chant by the
acting Sun Shaman. Those who wish to partake in the blessing seat themselves in a circle around the Sun Shaman and his focus fire
(a small campfire) so that they are each touching another, forming an unbroken ring of flesh and bone. The ritual must begin two hours before sunrise, so that it comes to its conclusion as dawn breaks. The Sun Shaman chooses the upper tier of Bolt Rock to perform the ritual, and unless the PCs request otherwise, the entire Flameford tribe accompanies them to watch, silently and respectfully, as the ritual progresses.

The shaman begins by recounting the legends of the tribe and the heroics and wisdom of the ancestors in a sing-song voice, shifting after 10 minutes into wordless droning and rhythmic chanting. This continues for two hours, after which the Sun Shaman slumps and the spirit to be contacted rises from the smoke of his focus fire to address the participants.

As Zellara rises from the smoke, her form coalesces and she recognizes the PCs with a smile. She greets them each by name, and then says that she has a message for them about their goal. Throwing her head back, she sings:

"Fate of steel—Serithtial
Her cage for years sustained
Four enthralled in lost Scarwall;
Undead to keep her chained.
A spirit first, red war his thirst
Still stands at post of old;
A second foe, infernal soul
Waits high in tower cold.
In kennel’s grime third bides his time
Then vents his killing breath.
And on a stone ’mid ash and bone,
The final dreams of death.
The spirits worn and battletorn
And locked in their damnation,
The chained one’s hold at last grows old
And ushers in salvation.
Yet hope remains amid the chains
When blade’s stone cage has crumbled,
Friends to dread and the death of the dead,
Keys to Kazavon humbled."

As she finishes her song, Zellara smiles again, although this time her smile seems somewhat sad or bittersweet. Each PC feels a sudden upsurge in their souls as the spirits of the dead infuse them with energy to aid them—even hundreds of miles away, the cruelty and evil of the undead within Scarwall are a blot in the spirit world, and the spirits seek victory as much as the PCs. The Shoanti stand amazed as the ritual ends and Zellara fades into darkness. Finally Chief Ready Klar breaks the awestruck silence. “Truly these Friends of the Sun are blessed by the ancestors. They walk with the spirits and bear their mark. They honor us with their presence and friendship. As they go forth to battle the evil that has plagued these lands of ash for many-score generations, they go with the power of the Sklar-Quah. They shall go forth with the power of Father Sun in their hands.”

The sudden influx of spiritual energy gives each PC two additional benefits to aid them in their trials within Scarwall, as detailed below.

Infused Weapon and Armor: The spirit world infuses one weapon, suit of armor, or shield owned by each of the PCs (even if the item in question is not present at the blessing). If the PC chooses a weapon, it gains the undead bane weapon quality. If the PC chooses armor or shield, the chosen protection gains the ghost touch armor quality.

Infused Soul: The next time the PC fails a saving throw against a death effect, that effect is negated but the PC is stunned for one round as the spiritual energies in his soul are burnt away. This protection can save each PC only once from a death effect.

It is a dark day when the letter arrives.

Brought by courier, by boat and wagon and foot, it arrives with faded lettering and sealed by a familiar crest: the crest of Professor Petros Lorrimor. Breaking the wax seal, you read the following:

"It is with a sad heart that I wish to inform you of the death of my father, Petros Lorrimor. You have received this letter because my father named you in his last will and testament. His body will be interred on Toilday the 8th of Gozran in Ravengro, with the will to be read following. Enclosed are funds to aid in your travels.
Best wishes,
Kendra Lorrimor"

Enclosed in the envelope are 5 platinum coins.

The date of the funeral is less than a month away, which should just about allow you time to book passage and arrive in Ravengro, if you finish your affairs quickly.

Okay, would the picked players please parlay?

Sovereign Court RPG Superstar 2010 Top 16, 2011 Top 32

Okay, here's the deal: I would run this with PFS standard characters in Campaign mode, with the idea that you would each gain PFS credit and a PFS sheet once each chapter is completed. I would need 5-6 committed PFS PbP players who are COMMITTED to the following:

1. Posting at least once per day on weekdays and usually at least once over weekends and holidays.
2. Committed to sticking with the game for the year+ it will take to finish the AP.
3. Being a good player and playing well with others, which means no rules tirades, no telling other players what to do and no "But that's what my character would do!" tantrums when I smack you for stabbing the paladin.
4. Having fun. Really this should cover all the rest, but life is what it is.

My GMing philosophy, informed by 20 years of gaming:

1. I am not your enemy. My job is to play your enemies and make for a challenging experience. You're the hero, but a hero needs adversity to shine. I'm the adversity.
2. I am not trying to kill your character. Poor choices, bad rolls and bad luck will sometimes try to kill you; I will not. If you die, it's because I offered you every chance to get away and you didn't take it. Or because it fulfills your character's purpose and story arc to die in a noble fashion.
3. Have fun. Seriously. This game is supposed to be fun for both me and you. If one of isn't having fun, send me a PM and we'll talk about it. This may mean I take vacation from the game during busy work times or GenCon. I will let you know in advance as much as I can, and I appreciate you doing the same. We can accommodate life events, busy times, sickness, real life, etc, but communication is key. let me know as soon as you can.
4. To be determined. I'm still refining my GMing style and I hope to continue for as long as I run games. If you think I'm not doing something right or there is a way I can improve, drop me a PM and let me know. I may agree, I may disagree, but I will listen.

With that being said, I need 5-6 stalwart souls who have a connection to the late, lamented Professor Lorrimor. Please download the free Carrion Crown Player's guide and be aware that this is a horror AP and will involve gross stuff and mild dementedness. Do not apply internally.

Who's up?

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