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Jakardros Sovark

Omaz Almas's page

168 posts. Alias of Ridge.

Full Name

Omaz Almas




(15 Power Point Currently, 3rd turn of 2nd Age done)



About Omaz Almas

Omaz Almas

Titles: "Chief of Mountains" "Storm Keeper" "He who dwells"
Domains: Air (Cloud), Animal, Earth, Glory, Strength, Weather (Storms)

General Personality and Attitude:(N) Omaz Almas, god of mountains and the storms that spring from them, seems largely indifferent of the affairs of others, and to a large degree this is true. As long as outside forces threaten not his mountains and valleys and the beings dwelling within them, he minds his own quite well. However placid he may first appear, he can have a terrible temper when finally pushed too far.

Background Story: Omaz Almas had been among the first of the gods to rise, and he took some silent pride in being among the last who would die. For over a thousand years before the end time, he had fallen out of disfavor. He was 'too primitive' a 'simple nature god'. Yet, when the world doom came, it was civilizations that broke first. Cities crumbles, nations broke apart and their people scattered. Fine machinery ceased working.

The Mountains held.

The gods of civilization, despite their finery, fought only to wither like vineyard grapes in a drought. They called Omaz Almas, asking for his the aid of his thunderbolts. But to join them, he would have to leave his mountains and valleys. And Omaz Almas realized that if he was to die fighting, he would make his stand here, where the last of his worshipers remained. So while he readied his lightning, he waited.

He could hear the death screams of other deities, and still he waited. The only goddess he had ever loved had ceased to be some time ago. For her? He might have left his dwelling. But she was a memory now whispered only in the fluttering leaves of autumn.

Then the World Doom came for his hills.
And Omaz Almas threw himself against it, with all the might of the mountains, with all the fury of the storms! But it was no use, the end of all is not to be denied, and so the mountains crumbled, the valleys flooded with dust, and all about him began to un-be. Omaz Almas kept fighting, and readied himself to die.

Only to find himself waking up among the first mountains of a new world. Somehow, he had cheated prophecy, or rather, someone had cheated it for him.

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