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OmNomNid's page

390 posts. No reviews. No lists. 3 wishlists.


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Well that answers half my question I suppose.

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A must have- will you guys ever make something I don't like/desperately want?

YuenglingDragon wrote:
OmNomNid wrote:
Haven't read this PDF yet but is a gravity gun out of the question?
Depends on what you want it to do. I have some ideas on a variable power mod that would allow you to increase or decrease the effective gravity of a target to various levels. Maybe give it a number of charges that could be spent to do the variable effects.

Sounds good- though I originally meant something kinda like the gravity gun from Half-Life that sounds like it could be better.

Also another idea- a rocket launcher; not necessarily a rocket propelled grenade but I have always liked the ideas of bolters or even weapons that launch fireworks (weaponized bottle-rockets!).

Steven "Troll" O'Neal wrote:
Thought that I'd mention that The Relluk from Remarkable Races is getting an aquatic variant in an upcoming product.

Awesome! I love Remarkable Races- it's one of the first PDFs I ever purchased and I still incorporate its races into my games. Any news on that Marauder class? Also do you know if Alluria is going to bring their jester and explorer classes for 4e into the Pathfinder fold?

EDIT: I only ask because I get the hunch something like Remarkable Races is in the works but for classes instead.

Hmm, Crafty Classes?

Classic Classes?

Classy Classes? No, this last one is stupid.

Haven't read this PDF yet but is a gravity gun out of the question?

Definitely getting picked up Friday when I get payed.

Ssalarn wrote:

While I'm chugging away getting the Guru prepped for final review and working on some of the other materials, I though I'd drop a little teaser for you guys. Here's the initial pitch for a proposed sequel, Akashic Mysteries: Lords of Essence.

"I'd like to do three new classes who all explore akashic energy and Essence in a way that exists separately from veils and veilweaving, focusing more on investing Essence directly into their surroundings, their allies, or their enemies. We'd take the hints that the Guru gives about Essence having uses outside of powering veils and really open that up with some new classes: the Tatvaist who mixes his raw Essence into the 4 basic elements, allowing him to control earth, air, fire, or water as though it were a direct extension of himself; the Veda or Vedist who heals by investing Essence into allies and drawing out their afflictions when he reclaims it; and the Pharaoh, who uses brief bursts of akashic energy to create whips, spears, shields, and chariots he can use to counter spells, protect allies, and force others to obey him or suffer deleterious effects. We'll also look into expanding the work started with the akashic races with new racial archetypes, favored class bonuses, and alternate racial traits, and look at expanding to provide additional support for core races that didn't see as much love the first time around, like half-orcs and halflings."

Please make this book; please very much.

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Well dang- guess I'm waiting. You cruel goblin, why must you pick on trolls like me?

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This is going to be awesome but I might need to wait until next paycheck for this- unless this is still a week off of course.

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Awesome news; I love all of the Cerulean Seas classes and often use them in any setting (minus the Mariner- works best in the water) but I have always felt my changes to the aquanaught have never been fantastic. I'd love to see that class get access to more philums that are land based.

1001 Science Fiction Weapons by James Thomson is a neat PDF full- and I do mean full- of tons of cool, advanced weapons. I do admit it is not perfect as it lacks bookmarks (yet is just short of 500 pages) and has some things that should have just been stated out as special materials (I am looking at you plastic swords) but it's well worth the cos and was made with 3.x in mind, so there is that.

Looking forward to it- it's been a long road but it's finally time.

I use a lot of material in my games and as such crashed into the magic-technology interaction dilemma fairly recently. Although I am still working out the finer kinks of how fireballs and lasers are different I came upon an interesting solution in a sourcebook for 3.5 called the Fantastic Science (a great read). Essentially the book offers the concept (and rules) that technology is derived from working within the laws of physics, while meanwhile magic, specifically the arcane, functions by breaking physics for a short time to achieve a flashy effect.

Because of this concept magic suspends the rules that advanced technology runs off of and causes it to malfunction. In my games this makes it rather hard then to merge rather complex technology with magic.

The Synergist and Battlelord are sounding awesome conceptually. However there are still two backer classes if I recall right; what are they, if anyone knows?

I'm glad to hear things are running smoothly (or at least sound like they are). I'll be waiting to back it ASAP.

Any news to share? I have been on the lookout for the Indiegogo campaign for CotU.

I do believe that, along with the demiurge, is what was taking so long. No idea what those are going to be, other than maybe one called the battlelord.

A pity you missed out on the Kickstarter- the betaed classes so far have been amazing and stand out from a lot of the stuff Paizo/3rd-parties have put out, both in theme and ability. My top three right now have got to be the demiurge, conduit, and medium. They're awesome.

Wait, it isn't Bloodhound Gang? But this group of evil characters are little better than animals.

You guys do not disappoint- awesome! Keep up the good work while I bury myself into the demiurge.

Will McCardell wrote:

Hah! It's not often I actually laugh out loud at something on the internet, but thanks Drejk.

Yes, this was heavily influenced by the Allegory of the Cave, and the Theory of Forms & Plato in general.

I would say it's fairly unlike any other class, if only for the fact that the main class feature is the ability to create life in way that can kinda-sorta-maybe be described as the cast-off love child of a tripartite tryst between Summon Monster, an Eidolon's evolutions, and the Words of Power.

It does have some bardic hints, in reference to Plato and Socrates work as teachers and orators, respectively. And the Enlightenments are modeled in the same vein as bloodlines / Orders. So it's obviously not 100% unique, but the main thrust hasn't been done before in a class, best I can tell.

Sounds like it's going to be a blast to play. Any archetypes for it planned like the other classes in the book?

Now I know; thanks Drejk.

...I'm sorry but what Drejk? I don't get what you mean.

Will McCardell wrote:
OmNomNid wrote:

Don't smile, Will; it is your fault we are waiting, what with your awesome sounding but overtly complicated class.

So any update on the update?

I don't know if it's complicated, so much as there's the possibility of a lot of depth. I'm pretty sure it makes sense once you read the whole thing! And then reread the facsimile section a few times.

Oh no worries, I intend to. So far all of the classes seen have been stellar, but the demiurge has been at the for-front of my thoughts lately. Partially because it sounds different front existing classes (if what you described is accurate), and partially because it's been withheld this long from the beta I can't stand waiting anymore- I need to see this class!

Don't smile, Will; it is your fault we are waiting, what with your awesome sounding but overtly complicated class.

So any update on the update?

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Alright then, keep up the good work. All I do after and before work now is refresh my Kickstarter waiting for the update. A particularly frustrating prospect as I had five other updates today, each one my hope it was this update.

I hate to be that guy but any word on the update?

Amora Game wrote:

We didn't post the update on Sunday yet. We had it come in around 3AM on Sunday. So it's going through layout and a quick proofread today.

I personally hope to have it up LATE this eve. I had decided to wait for all the updates at once vs the one that should have gone up on Sunday and then another one with the demiurge.

The page count so far for the book is around 95, as the archetypes will be introduced as well.

Alright, thanks for the response. Cannot wait util tonight then, hopefully. Can't wait to get a glance at the demiurge and what new archetypes you guys have. Maybe this battlelord too.

I take it the update didn't get back from the editors in time?

In my very first Pathfinder game I ever ran, my own setting, I set my players off on quest heavily inspired by the Hobbit. A group of dwarfs were attempting to take back their home Oaken Deep- a dwarven hold where the roots of the trees burrowed into the mountain and those that lived there were skilled craftsmen of wood and stone -from their former slaves, a colony of demented dromites.

Anyway, in the chamber where the dwarven clans held moots the party fought the dromites' champion, the Fissure- a gargantuan-sized crysimal with a template to let it fade into the etheral plane. The fight lasted 12 rounds I believe, with the party quickly realizing they weren't equipped to kill this thing without taking a beating themselves; so they got clever. They ran, all seven of them, with the sorcerer getting just ahead of everyone to set their plan in motion. The rest distracted the Fissure long enough to lead it into a open chamber with the sorcerer. It started phasing out of the wall but once halfway through the player casted a readied spell to lock it on it's plane. Remember this was my first time working with d20 in general, plus with my own wording on the Fissure's phasing by having it only 'skim' the etheral plane, that I ruled this fully sent it back to the material plane...halfway in a wall.

To make a short story shorter, this did a butt-load of damage and lead me to giving it the staggered condition. Unable to phase, very injured, and now trapped in a small chamber the party took their time killing it- they dropped a very heavy statue of the cities founder on it. Good times.

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I have a great love for PMU, and have used it quite extensively in my campaigns (though I admit I have only used Occultists as NPCs). It's great stuff.

I can't really comment on how well it compares to 3.5 Pact Magic as I've never used the older material, but here is my point on convincing your GM that it isn't demonic possession: pactioners are no more vile than clerics- both act as conduits for greater beings whose values run the gambit. Sure, some occultists are evil but so are some priests yet I doubt he'd have problem if you ran a cleric despite some worshiping real nasty stuff. Thematically I believe the only difference between gods and spirits is that that one group (gods) seek dedication and worship from those that call upon them; spirits meanwhile (the good, the bad, and the indifferent) are a little more petty and are willing to aid those who appease them with tribute.

Also, if I recall correctly there is an angel one can bind, as well as other heroic character yet no actual fiends that I can remember (though there are a few evil still); just food for thought.

Like most anime characters Kurama is probably a multiclassed/gestalt character. I think the herbalist base class by Interjection Games is third party but probably captures the 'flower power' aspect of his character than any druid could. I'm not sure what else you'd want to use to round him out- rouge for his old stealing ways, monk for acrobatic fighting, or even just a fighter to make him a better combatant- it's really up to you how you want to capture him.

Azten wrote:
Thread necro, but what's happened to the database?

Good question; can't find it either.

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Another good one, though I have to admit I am noticing a trend: Rouge Genius Games Investigator, the Deductionist by TPK, Paizo's own Investigator, and now your Detective. Sherlock must be big right now.

Keep up the good work; I think the nomad is next but I just want to say I'm excited to see what your toon and rockstar classes are going to be like, not to mention your up coming race book; I want a swarm character so bad!

Thank you for the response Covent for the answer. I would definitely buy the product now that I know what I know, though i agree with Prince to a certain extent: I'll buy this class but I would love to invest in a PDF with various 'alignment paragons.'

I am always interested in getting my hands on a new class but I have to ask what is your take on a CG paladin?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Wonderful mechanic; definitely going to used in my games from now on. Thank you.


Is it? My, how embarrassing. Still, I stand behind my call.

I do feel like magical beast are is an animal type thrown around to willy-nilly. I always found it weird that owlbears are animals while bulette's are magical beasts. Magical beasts, in my opinion, need to either have and Int higher than two, some supernatural abilities, or a combo of the two. Otherwise I think they should be animals.

Oh I know. Due to a shipping accident I bought two copies of Deep Magic- I have been thumbing through my copy for the past few days.

Still I loved to see what RGG will do with loud spells.

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I second this. I am a fan of screaming at my enemies until they die.

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I don't think I've ever looked forward to being broke before, but there is is a first for everything I can see. Get these wonderful products out, Red, so that I can own them all.

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So close...cannot wait for your return, Lil' Goblin.

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Please hurry back. My wallet has grown fat without your support- I need a diet of Necropunk goodies to start slimming it down, as well as a hard workout courtesy of the Hero base class.

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KahnyaGnorc wrote:
The Fluff parts of the 3.5 Ed Draconomicon book would also help iirc.

Aye, they would.

As I recall all dragons are born knowing and speaking Draconic instinctively. Something about racial memory. I also recall the book saying wyrmlings were very instinctive there first few weeks of life, behaving like cunning lizards while they processed everything. Something I ado in my games is have dragons close to hatching soak up information around them- they are listening weeks before they hatch and learning before even out of the egg.

Ssalarn wrote:

I just have to say, I bought this .pdf on something of a whim and was blown away. The races, classes, feats, archetypes, etc. are all amazing and well executed, and they did a great job of bringing the whole thing to life.

My biggest disappointment as regards Thunderscape: The World of Aden was that I never knew the Kickstarter was happening and now can't seem to find a hardcopy of this book anywhere, which I would dearly love to add to my collection.

I know how you feel- I'd give away my next paycheck for a physical copy of Thunderscape.

Steven "Troll" O'Neal wrote:
OmNomNid wrote:
No worries, take your time. Any new bits to share?
Afraid not.

Ah, pity.

No worries, take your time. Any new bits to share?

hmm, Jack is from Fable, and Fable is hard to do justice with a Paizo only selection; you may need to 3rd Party for this, but if not a magus/antipaladin gestalt isn't a bad way to go about it.

I actually played a summoner whose eidolin was a Minion- it's been forever, so I don't have the build on hand anymore but I remember making it work.

RJGrady wrote:
OmNomNid wrote:

Second on the books final release ETA.

I feel bad now; I would have gladly kickstarted this project. I even remember hearing about it, though my friend painted it as mostly fluff not crunch product. This sounds completely different to what I had described to me.

You're not the only one who missed the Kickstarter. That is one reason I plan on running an Indiegogo campaign soon, as things get really hopping. (the other main reason being, of course, that more money always helps with development and keeping the lights on :) )

The book is designed around "enough": enough fluff to run a complete campaign, enough crunch to support the options you would expect.


On top of Malwing's questions, I don't suppose could also add in what sorts of new races will appear, as well as new classes/archetypes?

Fourteen new races, plus cyborgs, robots, and a simple menu-based system to play minor alien races (that is, build-an-alien).

Seven new classes, designed for high-tech play, including the psionic starblade.
A section on psionics and psionic classes, compatible with Psionics Unleashed.
New archetypes and talents for core classes.

Thank you for the response. With that much new content you can assured I will be buying this product- the fact that it's a space opera is a rich gold lining on this platinum platter.

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