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Looking forward to your more in depth input but I think I hear where you are coming from; still looking forward to it.

Alright, we need to decide on a capstone for the Psychic class and also decide how we are going to handle psykills; I know you want squeeze them into six broad ones- how would they work in your mind with skill unlocks?

DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:

Whoops, that's my bad, I misread the table and thought you got a mastery at 2nd, like a rogue talent.

4th and every 6 levels thereafter is better, it means you can get 3 over the course of a career, and you don't step too heavily on the Bard's toes with the similar ability.

Not a problem; glad you like the setup.

You have V.P.A as a choice as early as 2nd level. However with the class's current progression you don't select your first Psychic Mastery until 4th level- either V.P.A. needs to change or the class's progression has to.

Edit: Also, I have it set so you can edit the document yourself. Wasn't sure if you knew that or not.

DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:

Only against other psychic skills.

Honestly a skill check is usually going to be much higher than a save bonus so that's not really something you want to keep around.

I would remove Psychic Shield as a skill, and make it a Mastery or a Psychic feat.

Something like

Psychic Shield
Your mental barriers are powerful enough to withstand powerful mental attacks.
Prerequisite: Psychic Ability
Benefit: When you fail a Will Save you may immediately take an amount of non-lethal damage or Strain equal to the Caster Level of the ability (or skill ranks in the case of a psychic ability). If you do so, you may ignore any other effects of the ability.

While I will admit that is true regarding normal saves, I always liked the idea of Psychic Shield being a roll off against other psychic skills [pskills]; it seemed like a nice little extra barrier against mentle attacks. Still, let's include it as a mastery and see how others like it- can't hurt at all.

DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:

Perhaps an ability similar to how a Bard can use Perform in place of other skills. A Psychic who can use Telepathy instead of Diplomacy or Sense Motive, or Telekinesis instead of Sleight of Hand or Disable Device might add some further utility to the Psychic.

The other thing to consider is that the original Psychic worked out its difficulty class via the following math:

10 + 1/2 ranks in skill + Relevant ability score mod.

Which at level 1 worked out roughly to 12 + Relevant ability mod, and if you were using point buy meant your different skills would have different DCs.

I think PF version should still use the same math, even though your ranks will be lower, because it still roughly equates to what you find with most class features (such as witch hexes or channeling or wizard school abilities).

10 + 1/2 Ranks + Relevant skill ability mod.

So saving against a psychic with 1 rank in telekinesis would be DC 10 + 0 (1/2 ranks) + Int Mod (So 13 or 14 for an Int Focused Psychic). Means there's a slight lag in DCs behind other classes, but on the other hand all of your powers will be equivalent to the highest level spells so it's a fine trade off in my book.

...can Bards do that? I feel like that's an oversight on my part.

Anyway, that was the formula I wanted to keep for the skill DCs, no worries. As for the using skills in place of others- doesn't that exist to some degree with the skills? I know at least Psychic Shielding could replace Will saves against compulsions and mind-effecting things; right, or am I remembering that wrong?

Check this out:

First draft of the Psychic Class

DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:

Back to the topic at hand.

The Psychic class should have a pool of points that it can draw from before taking Non-Lethal Damage, which would give players a reason to take the class beyond a dip.

Say 4 + Con /level. It means that you don't take damage right away and a dedicated psychic can build up a phrenic pool that lets them cut loose before they start taking non-lethal damage due to strain.

I think this idea is great and adds an element to make people want to play the Psychic for more than a level dip. Also encourages the Psychic to be a bit more liberal with their abilities without having to worry about weakening them in the field. That said 4+Con each level adds up quick and most strain is pretty minor or can be maintained after taking burn once. Alternative ideas:

-This excess strain pool gets 4+Con at level one, +2 more at each level beyond first.

-Get 4+Con at level one, again at 3rd level, and at each odd level after 3rd.

-Psychic's roll 1d6 each level, plus Con, to determine their excess strain pool.

Wow, glad to receive all the feedback! Honestly wasn't expecting this many responses right off the back:

1.) In regards to strain- I personally loved the concept and and the kineticist proves that taking strain/burn is viable way of balancing a class (at least in Paizo's eyes). That said let's get some opinions:

-Should the psychic skills use strain? Should it work exactly like the Kineticist's burn if so?

-If not are there other options to consider; power points, fatigue strain, ect.?

2.) Of the many things I was looking for help with I didn't expect any suggestions on the psychic skills themselves. In fact besides changing the wording on a few I planned to leave those as they mostly were. But Dudemeister's idea of making the powers skill unlocks has merit to it.

-Should the various psychic skills be condensed into six large groups? And if so should you gain more varied use from them with either feats, skill unlocks, or a mix of both?

Personally I like all the separated powers but I do think organizing them into new feats, like the six groups listed above is a great idea, so that you have no oddball powers that require their own feats: like mind-blade for example.

3.) The big question I have been facing is how to update the psychic class itself (and to a much lesser extent the prestige classes). While never getting to run the class myself, I heard it had some balance issues, primarily people having no reason to do anything else but dip one level into it to get all the psychic skills as class skills and thus avoid heavy feat costs.

-Should the psychic base class keep all of the psychic skills as class skills or have the gain them like everyone else (with more chances to get them, obviously)? And how many skill ranks should they earn each level, 6+Int? 8+Int?

-Besides psychic bonus feats, should the psychic gain other class features? Like psychic tricks or such?

-Finally, should there even be a psychic base class? Would it work better as a archetype or alternate to an existing class? And the prestige classes: should they be phased out, updated, made into archetypes for a base psychic class, or archetypes for other classes?

I have been searching for a Pathfinder update to the Psychic's Handbook released by Green Ronin, but have had little results. If anyone knows anywhere I can find a update to the book I would appreciate it.

Alternatively, if no updated rules already exist, would anybody care to help in making some? I don't think the project would be too much of an undertaking so I don't mind doing it myself; but I'd love to save the time and energy if a update already exists.

christos gurd wrote:
Aww I missed this

Pitty too; it is a solid and fun class. I used one as boss fight in a quick game I threw together to try it- might be playing it next Pathfinder campaign I can squeeze into.

I am!

I once made a series of glue-themed spells for a wizard in a Magic: The Gathering themed Pathfinder game. The first one was basically a improved web spell for level two, but then I made variants; conductive glop- 4th level, -2 to saving throws from spells with the [electricity] descriptor, and cause an extra 1d6 per 2 levels/max at 5d6 when a struck by a spell with the [electricity] descriptor- for an example.

Looking forward to snagging this. Your shadow magic rules are a blast and I never turn away extra content!

Neat! I will have to direct my Iron Gods group to this- they'd love to take a gander at it too. Looking forward to more!

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Steven "Troll" O'Neal wrote:
ladydragona wrote:
so what is the next book Alluria plans to release.
Very good question! It is not, as far as I am aware, the adventure that OmNomNid mentioned. My sources tell me that it will likely be the Trueform playable race book. Sorry I've been gone so long, I got a full-time job and haven't been able to log on as much.

~Even better! Soon I shall have a trueform shark bloodrager named Bruce!~

Anyone know how this project is going? I am looking forward to a PDF of the Daevic and I have a player running a Pharoh right now. Any word on how the work is going would be great, thanks.

ladydragona wrote:
so what is the next book Alluria plans to release.

Don't quote me but I think it is an adventure.

The Real LG wrote:
I would prefer to see the arcana pool stay, but I really like this conversion. Maybe keep the spell point bonus to one every two level? You do not have the extra bonus from int added again so I would not see there being a problem with balance issues. Also, sorry for the late post.

One every three levels?

This is actually a really neat idea. If you want help I am afraid I can offer little, though if you need to raise some funds for it I'd be glad to through a hundred or two your way via Kickstarter or something to see this happen.

Little Red Goblin Games wrote:
I have the plague (aka a bad case of bronchitis). I failed my Fort save with a Nat. 1. I am sitting here with it open now and it has like all but 5 pages formatted. Also, we had some changes in Little Red's internal structure that I'll be talking about in a blog post at some point I'm sure that slowed things down.

Ah, well get better soon- we miss you. And your product.

Everything okay? Book is a little off-schedule, which is fine. Just making sure whatever you had didn't do you in.

Awesome! The first Alternate Paths PDF was a gem and one of my favorite books you over at Little Red put out (I think Gonzo might still take the cake however). Looking forward to Saturday all the more- my party is going to love this; I know because one is a playing rockstar and another has plans to get a tarasquiling thane cohort with Leadership.

Should fit right in with the adventure path. Goes really well as the wizard who is trying to approach super-science by taking a shortcut through magic.

Further more, the tinker and gadgeteer from Interjection Games make excellent classes to fill Numeria.

Little Red Goblin Games wrote:
OmNomNid wrote:
Little Red Goblin Games wrote:

Now Live on DriveThruRPG

And thanks for the heads up Nid. I was aware as soon as I uploaded it, for some reason it snagged the name of a previous product and wouldn't change itself back. That product listing no longer exists and the URL above works just fine ;-)

Thanks but now it is saying the book flat out isn't there. Any information on that?
Yep the link I posted should work however. I was saying there was a name error in the system and the product page for that early version you saw with the weird name is not there anymore and was replaced with the new link.

Great but it seems in my eagerness I will be buying this PDF twice.

Little Red Goblin Games wrote:

Now Live on DriveThruRPG

And thanks for the heads up Nid. I was aware as soon as I uploaded it, for some reason it snagged the name of a previous product and wouldn't change itself back. That product listing no longer exists and the URL above works just fine ;-)

Thanks but now it is saying the book flat out isn't there. Any information on that?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Hey, PDF is up on Drivethru but mislabeled as Really Simple Prestige Classes. Heads up.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I really should get around to supporting your Patreon- it's just that my situation means I never know how much cash I will have each week :( .

Anyway, happier conversation, the thane sounds awesome, can't wait to see it! I asked about it first because I can at least guess at what each other class does from its name. That said, the Tataued Warrior I am guessing gets tattoos, however I am none the wiser on how that works as part of the class. Explain, pretty please?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

YES~! I have been waiting for this one- looking forward to it; any chance we can hear a little bit about the thane first?

TricksterHoldsAllTheCards wrote:

Note that the game is going the Virtual Reality perspective, so people would NOT be able to play during work/grave-shift/whatever. My play group typically does a lot of strategizing in combat, which is good, but it also tends to slow things down. I think the minute-turn-timer is a good feature that will speed up combat and mix up their usual mode; and make them pay more attention!

In regards to Bluff/Sense Motive: You have it right OmNomNid, its the NPCs that are actually PCs in the game that I am pondering; I figured I would use typical strategies for NPCs that are actually NPCs.

Since the game IS in VR, I was wondering if I could use that to my flavor advantage and say that the sensors monitoring mental activity are able to reveal things like someone lying or hiding information. Additionally, successful Diplomacy checks would create positive mental reactions to what the PC says; not completely forcing someone's opinion, but nudging it towards a more favorable response (as Diplomacy should be)

Could work but not as fun as making people keep track of both their character sheet and their personal sheet.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Awesome but I think you mean 32 races in the third paragraph, not classes, lol~!

Goth Guru wrote:

Sense motive is a pass fail. When an NPC is talking, you either see a window which says "Lying" or "Truth", or the window never appears and it's anybody's guess.

Selecting a statement in talking with NPCs, some options will automatically apply bluff or diplomacy.
The turn timer should be adjustable by a majority vote. If everyone is using their laptops, at work, during the graveyard shift, the turn counter should allow up to a half hour.

I think the issue the OP was having though was with 'PC NPCs', not 'NPC NPCs'. Using Diplomacy as is seems fine when you are talking to John the Smith or Rorgar the King, but what happens when you meet Katmaster 4445? Your virtual character's stats won't matter as much then unless you plan to give a minor debuff to the other 'PC.'

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If you are facing an issue with players using social skills on NPC PCs, if I understand your problem you ar facing, either-

A.) Make such characters unaffected with social skills and make players roleplay interaction.

B.) Have players keep two sheets, one their online character, the other themselves as rolled by their fellow players.

Black Star please!

Scaramouche, Retch, and the Breaker all sound like good places to start.

Agreeing with Aleron on this- the only one I can immediately think of clashing with the setting are oracles which are supposed to be cursed by the gods with strange powers; hard to be cursed by things that probably don't exist, though you could flavor them to be related to the Fallen.


Also, I know you're backed up but I have two ideas- a aasimir antipaladin and an orc monk.

Any word on the guru's release?

CrinosG wrote:
For Vel'koz, I would use the Eye King Template from Advanced bestiary. (Which basically makes any creature a knock off Beholder). I'm not sure what monster I would use as the basis...... Leng Spider maybe?

Giant octopus?

Eh, currently running a Iron Gods game- you will face more organic enemies at the start but there are enough robots spaced out to feed your pet often enough.

You know, and I don't know why, but I picture a fleshwarped catfolk turning into a feral, serpentine thing with saber-teeth.

Other ideas for fleshwarps:

Kobolds- Mini-linnorm monsters

Bugbears- ogre sized beasts with torsos that double as their mouths

Goblins- gibbering mouthers (or at least something like them)

Boggards- Bloated things that spew swarms of tadpole like leeches

Ratfolk- Furry xenomorphs

Ooze- no apparent change but now said ooze is intelligent and doesn't digest it's prey but transforms it into a fleshwarp itself loyal to its ooze master.

Rynjin wrote:

OmNomNid wrote:
Likewise, the Elder Scrolls setting would probably want to have an option for three base classes (Thief, Warrior, and Mage) that act as general, customizable classes; not something I find necessary personally- the hero of each game tends to be a jack of all trades but the NPCs always seem to be pretty specific classes.
Ehhh, not really. The NPCs are just as modular as the PCs. Most tend to have leveled up quite a few skills by end-game (mainly due to how the leveling system works for classed NPCs, in that it's impossible to reach max level while only leveling 2-3 skills to 100).

What I mean is that many of the NPCs have a special template of skills, attributes, spells, ect. that we can identify as a class. So if you jumped onto Nirn for a campaign you could still find your wizards, fighters, and rogues, ect.

It sounds like it would work well and it does make more sense then 'use and forget.'

I like it but one thing- for prepared casters why would you ever put the more ritual-y of the spells in a slot like auger or such? I would just fill my slots per day with the basic offensive/defensive stuff.

Little Red Goblin Games wrote:
We have a HUGE martial book that has alternate rules and just shy of a dozen very off-the-wall creative martial classes coming out after our Non-Traditional Race book :-). It also includes more than a dozen plug-and-play alternate rules that spice up combat, particularly in the martial sense. It includes a fatigue system (though we are still hammering out the bugs on that one).

Still really looking forward to that book. I have my own stamina/fatigue system if you are looking for ideas/inspiration; I have been looking to get my foot in the developing door for awhile now.

I am not one to argue with a president but some of us can dream, Mr. Lincoln!

Personally I would really want one of two setting:

-Dragon Age, which I know is licensed under Green Ronin already and uses the great AGE system. Still, Thedas is a fairly rich world with a pretty big amount of things to cover for a standard-grim fantasy setting.

-Elder Scrolls; to this day I can't believe no one has tried to licence this amazing power house of a setting. Heck, it originally started out as a GUPRS game from a few of the developers at Bethesda, if here-say has any value. With a rich world at I think many people in the gaming world have gotten to experience in titles like Morrowind and Skyrim I seriously want to see this utilized in the Pathfinder system.

With both settings I can see alternate magic systems maybe needed to sell these titles (or at least with Dragon Age, with it's very specific means to be a mage) but I could cope. Likewise, the Elder Scrolls setting would probably want to have an option for three base classes (Thief, Warrior, and Mage) that act as general, customizable classes; not something I find necessary personally- the hero of each game tends to be a jack of all trades but the NPCs always seem to be pretty specific classes.

-In the game I am running right now actually my group met up with some of Pathfinder's iconics who were heading off to Sandpoint or whatever the start of Rise of the Runelords is. My players had a good laugh once they were talking to The Sorceress, not just an ordinary sorcerer.

-I like peddlers offering some recognizable items to players who pay special attention. In my last game I had one guy selling both the Lambent Configuration and the Bombernomicon. No one in my group could aford either item, so they of course stole them.

With Malwing on this one- I feel like o one tries to be creative with Martial characters anymore maybe save for Dreamscared's Path of War which rocks but I still dislike that the only thing we have for a swordsman to give him some 'omf'is by essentially giving him spells. A different/alternate system for manuvers would be very nice.

Aside from that-

I would always like to more thing's done for Radiance House's Pact Magic, like more spirits specifically, and, even though it just came out, more veils for the new Akashic classes, primarily the vizier. I love the concept of the class but a few others and myself have noticed its veil selection is, well, kinda not diverse; want to make a defensive, d6 for HP- low BAB class? No problem! Want to make that same class alright at crowd control? Kinda doable. Anything else, like damage or support? Not really a thing you can do at the moment which is a shame.

So number one on my list? Veils for the Akashic subsystem.

BetaSprite wrote:
Excellent! Can't wait to get my copy. =)

You and me both! So excited!

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Desha wrote:
Oceanshieldwolf wrote:
Desha wrote:
It's a book whose theme is classes that influence their surroundings? Sounds neat but a little vague. Is this going to be available for people who weren't in the Kickstarter to purchase sometime soon?

I would say the theme of Liber Influxus Communis is communal power, synergy and sympatico - either with your surroundings, your allies or your foes attacks, among other things. With more than ten new Base Classes I'm actually very pleased to see the theme developed so well.

Though Greg will clarify this for you, I am almost certain the book will be available for non-Kickstarter backers - this is the beauty of Kickstarting a book in this way. Case in point - stretch goals for the recent Southlands Kickstarter by Kobold Press included new Advanced Races PDFs that themselves will be unit-shifting items.

Okay, I'm interested! Is there any idea when this will be available? From people who've seen it, what are your favorite classes? It sounds like there's a bender class, what are some of the other classes and how do they fit the "communal power, synergy and sympatico" theme?

All the classes are super neat and unique, though my favorite so far has to be the demiurge, a supernatural-philosopher that creates short lived servants through thought that act like one shot eidolins.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

You know I will be doing the same thing.

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