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OmNomNid's page

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All of these sound great, though agree with Lindley- 1 and 2, with 1 first.

Cerulean Seas is a awesome setting with a Core Setting book, three supplement books (Waves of Thought, Indigo Ice, and Azure Abyss) , and even its own Bestiary. It has at least one more source book on the way (Viridian Something), as well as an adventure path along the way.

All of this material also comes in both PDF form and colored books (The Core and Bestiary are hardcover); you will find few settings with as much support as Cerulean Seas.

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#1- Dark Sun!

#2- The World of Midnight

#3- Dragonlance

#4- Dragon Star

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Alright; get better Scott and keep up the good work!

PS: Before I forget to mention I loved the Gonzo PDF, especially the craven and the punk.

Let's see, I currently have-

- A male human sorcerer with the Arcane bloodline.
- A female kitsune oracle with the blackhands curse (their Mystery escapes me at the moment).
- A male magus (eldritch scion) with the Elemental[Air] bloodline.
-A aasimar[half-archon, I think] marksman [kaigun]

I also might have a player rolling a time thief, though no race decided yet.

We played last night for the first time and had a blast.

Excellent! I want all of these, can't wait; I am especially interested in your Exotic Martial Book- lately traditional combat has been lacking for me, to the point I added a vitality subsystem to the game to give more varied actions in combat.

Cerulean Seas is a good option, as is Thunderscape, especially if you'd like stuff already drawn up for Pathfinder.

Midnight is a good setting, however I'd take another setting from the same company any dy of the week: Dawnforge. Basically the setting takes place at the beginning of a traditional fantasy world's history; while many games are typically set in a world with tons of background events Dawnforge places players at the helm of these events. The dwarves are starting to dig too deep, yet for the moment have a powerful nation; what will happen with them? The orcs are a savage race yet not evil; instead they have just met many of the world's other peoples and feel frustrated for they don't have a racial identity (dwarves are unparalleled craftsmen, elves have potent magic, and even humans are a hardy people with close tie to nature [instead of elves for once]) but want one. Even the elves are new, only having emerged from the fey realm a few centuries back. They liked this new world at first but their leaders (sun/high elves) decide that they have had their fun and need to go back; yet many of the other types don't want too (especially the night elves/pseudo-drow)and thus fight back against their betters.

For a Middle Eastern setting to insert into a custom why not the actual Middle East? Somewhere on Paizo is a setting that takes place during our real crusades- I just can't remember the name of it.

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Odraude wrote:
As an aside, what is a good example of third party companies that do some of these genres? Like steampunk or future or my favorite dieselpunk.

For Steampunk the Pure Steam Setting is a most.

If you like magitech, go with Thunderscape.

Little Red Goblin Games produced the wonderful sci-fi setting Necropunk (though note it's more in the line of Dune than say Star Wars).

There is also a setting called Conquests of the Universe being made by Tripod that will be a space-opera setting with psionics (which I know you don't like greatly but the space rules should be worth it).

Broken Earth is a great setting to get a Fallout feel.

Also, Rouge Genius Games has a series of classes (with pulp rules) called the Anarchistic Adventures series. They also have a apocalyptic setting (someday) known as Warlords of the Apocalypse in development.

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Looking forward to this, though I seem to recall you guys mentioning a racebook with unorthodox races, like a swarms and oozes; is that still in the works or has this one taken its place?

Either way this book is on my must own list.

Interjection Games wrote:

Alright, let's face it, shadow magic is all about the flavor, and I'd be a fool if I thought I could port that without intense modification. So, we're left with generic shadows for the flavor, or something new entirely that I cook up. That bit should be easy. Just invent some quantity with the word "Umbral" in it somewhere, build it up as a collective negative of the forces of nature, and go with it.

The original mechanics themselves encourage crippling overspecialization or master of none builds and are unable to fit happy mediums without exceptional work by a player. Sinkholes everywhere. A tiered system would be made significantly easier for players by reducing the number of spell levels to 6, or even to 3, thus making heavy investment in one "tree" less restrictive and allowing a magical "jack of all shadowy trades" balance to exist. Still, this doesn't remove the fairly awful "hard resets" that occur when moving across the tier line. In the old system, level 3 abilities are hard to get, while 4s are easy. That's just twisting wires together to make something work and looks bad.

Let's try this, then. We have three tiers of abilities: least, lesser, and greater, along with a very restrictive list of cantrips that, in the end, get as good as 1st-level, maybe close to 2nd-level spells in thematically-proper niches. Abilities are in categories: stealth, darkness, manipulation, imitation, etc. In each category, you have a pyramid scheme. You must have a least to get a lesser, two leasts to get two lessers, a lesser to get a greater, etc. etc. etc. To make this work, I'll need at least six categories, at least six abilities in each tier of each category (90 abilities + cantrips minimum), and powerful bonuses within a tree for specializing. Extra uses, leasts going supernatural, the ability to fire off a cantrip of that category as a swift action in the same round as cracking off a greater, bonus cantrip slots - whatever. That part will take some work, but the rest should be fairly easy to build.


Along with the four you mentioned how about a travel category, as suggested by Ssalarn and a enshrouding/devouring category; consuming shadows, more or less, though this might tie into a void concept than shadow (but then again, shadows are just created from the absence/void of light).

Edit: Ninja-ed!

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Mikaze wrote:

Did you spot the other movie monsters in the book? :)

clacks some spoons together

Oh yes, those evil insects that, hehe, Mimic people?

I will be backing this too it seems; right when I think I'm in the clear they pull me right back in.

Steven "Troll" O'Neal wrote:
OmNomNid wrote:
Steven "Troll" O'Neal wrote:
OmNomNid wrote:
Lindley Court wrote:
Hm... considering Alluria's already done work with one of DSP's lines, I wonder if a Tide of Battle and/or a Sea of Spirit (Path of War and Akasha) might be possibilities...
All my want- especially if we get a take on Fishman Karate!
I suspect the Brawler would work well for emulating that.
Really? How so?
To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure. I don't have the finished version of the Brawler yet, and I'm no expert on Fishman Karate either. It was just a thought.

Ah, well thank you still for the suggestion. That said-

1.) The Brawler is an awesome class in design and I know a lot of people love it/are going to love it. However it really doesn't click with me on a personal level- remove the mysticism from martial arts and my appeal for it really takes a nose dive.

2.) Fishman Karate is a racial martial art of the fishmen in the One Piece series. Although it's a little broader than I'm implying its big stick is that those who utilize it can use water as a medium (in the water works best, although it also includes the water in creatures and even the moister in the air for masters of the art) for attacks; those trained enough in it can even learn to manipulate water as a weapon though careful hand motions to create powerful currents and whirlpools, as Jinbei here can show you.

Obviously I'm not asking for anything to out there but a PoW style for water-based combat would rock. I already have an archetype kinda based off of monks for this, letting them use ki for a special style based of Jimbei- it's a big hit.

Steven "Troll" O'Neal wrote:
OmNomNid wrote:
Lindley Court wrote:
Hm... considering Alluria's already done work with one of DSP's lines, I wonder if a Tide of Battle and/or a Sea of Spirit (Path of War and Akasha) might be possibilities...
All my want- especially if we get a take on Fishman Karate!
I suspect the Brawler would work well for emulating that.

Really? How so?

I forget where it is mentioned but I believe the Shoanti were a caste of slave-warriors in the Thassalion that developed a unique culture after the Runelords went away.

They do make a good point. I know Conquest of the Universeis going to be psionics heavy game set in space but that's not Dreamscared Press, it's Tripod Machine.

Lindley Court wrote:
Hm... considering Alluria's already done work with one of DSP's lines, I wonder if a Tide of Battle and/or a Sea of Spirit (Path of War and Akasha) might be possibilities...

All my want- especially if we get a take on Fishman Karate!

Steven "Troll" O'Neal wrote:
OmNomNid wrote:
I would like to see it done, though I wonder how Occult Adventures are going to be designed.
Well, if I recall from the info I read, some will be casters and others won't. From the context of the name Occult Adventures, my best guess about the overall feel is that it will be heavy on mysticism. I'd imagine they'd have a similar feeling to a non-eastern monk with a lot of focus on spiritual or psychic powers. As for mechanics I've got no clue other than that it won't be power points, but that's been established already.

Yeah, it seems at least one of the classes will be able to use heavey spell-like/supernatural abilities. I don't mind 'psychic mages' using spell slots, so long as they get an interesting mechanic like bloodlines or hexes- something unique to them.

Anyway, yes I'd love to see this implimented into Cerulean Seas. one of my favorite things about the setting is how it keeps different core/3rd party material in its exspansions; too few settings make room for new classes/mechanics/ect., let alone incorporate others into it.

I have the PDF and I think the class is fine, especially if you use it as an alternate magus or bard. Also, I this this should be in the the Compatible 3rd Party Forum, though I may be wrong.

I am running a Slayer in a Emerald Spire game. It's an awesome class, though playing a half-elf on level one of the dungeon made me kinda useless.

I would like to see it done, though I wonder how Occult Adventures are going to be designed.

From what I saw on the PRD, yes, there is a chainsaw. At it is glorious!

4 people marked this as a favorite.

This is all so exciting- I must admit I was a little worried the Paizo design staff was afraid of trying new things, but between all the Tech-Guide, Iron Gods, and now Occult Adventures I can see I was wrong. Very wrong. I know many are calling for Paizo to keep Pathfinder lean and not produce what is viewed as 'bloat' but I love getting new stuff to add to my game, whether I end up hating it, loving it, or never even using it I like to see expansion out of my games, not stagnation.

Gen-Con 2014; I salute you! A great, great year to keep me waiting for the next!

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magnuskn wrote:
You guys seriously believe that Paizo will never do a new edition, even if they have to lay off half their staff to please you? You guys seriously believe that they can subsist on adventure related stuff alone at the level they are now?

Kinda; minus that bit about laying off employees.

Hmm, if your GM is letting you use the Advanced class guide you could theme a Arcanist as selecting which gadgets they are packing for the day and using battery charges to power them. Not sure on a build though as I just got the class.

I like grit, but I personally hope the 'martial pool' isn't just grit on top of everything- it's a cool mechanic that'd I like left for the gunslinger and swashbuckler. Personally, I am hoping the martial pool will be options in combat to make it a bit more dynamic. It's kinda hard thinking of exact mechanics but instead of just attacking you'd have options for how you go about it- 'thrust', uppercut', 'rake' -each having different effects and such. I love Pathfinder and generally I have no problem with the core mechanics save for one, and that's normal combat (not including spells and abilities) is kinda bland. Either charge or full attack this turn. Combat maneuvers and called shots are neat but seem to give little return for their investment, especially with the feat tax to really utilize them. I really want the martial pool to give us special attacks and the ability to use things like combat maneuvers without a feat tree.

That, or replacing the action system with action points. Loved that about the original Fallout games.

Ssalarn wrote:

Akashic Mysteries is still in playtest, but it does have some cool stuff if I do say so myself, and official release starts shortly after GenCon, so that's a plus :)

Hmmmm.... a privateer themed adventure.... What's the general technology level of the world you're playing in? If you've got at least steampunk levels of tech, the Thunder Guide from "Thunderscape: The World of Aden" lets you play Mad Max; it's basically a Ranger alternate class that gives you a vehicle instead of spells and an animal companion.

The Marauder from Alluria Press is one of my current favorite 3pp classes, and it fits the privateer theme pretty well. It's like a speedster cross between a Rogue and a Fighter with lots of cool mobility-based abilities.

Rite Publishing's Ironborn may be my hands down favorite 3pp race of all time. They're a customizable construct race with lots of cool options.

Thunder Scout Sslarn. The class from Thunderscape is a Thunder Scout, not a Thunder Guide.

Ironborn are tons of fun, at least when considering your race. A Guru from Akashic Mysteries may prove to be a fun class for you that may pick up slack from your loss of a Druid (though that depends on what role your Druid filled). Vitalatists are a blast to play, and really help the whole party out. Hmm, let me think, what else...

Oh! The Edgewalker and Ethermancer are fun classes if you are looking for something a little bit more involved, and the Aquanaught from Alluria Publishing would be fun, though you'd need to convert it a bit for use out of the water.

There are some pretty neat ideas being tossed around here. I really like the idea of a Monster-mimic class, as suggested by Dragon78; makes me think of 3.5's totemist class.

Anyway, I personally am not wishing for a warlock or artificer class from Paizo; I dip heavily into 3rd party and I can say the market is literally overflowing with classes like those. More power to Paizo if they do, I just feel like its not needed. No, some ideas I'd like include:

Sage: A mystical, WIS-based, arcane caster. I would really like a class in this vain, especially if it uses a spontaneous witch spell list for casting.

Harrier: A martial class that puts an emphasis on momentum.

Medium: I know there are a few of these but I love the idea of a spirit-talker class, using ghost for supernatural causes and creating haunts on the spot.

As for psionics from Paizo- I cannot say I'm in any hurry to see what they put out, as they mentioned it would use the same system as spells, though I would love it if they used Spell-like/supernatural abilities as psychic powers- maybe even make a Psychic base class that is sorta of like the 3.X Warlock- tons of mystical abilities but not really a caster.


Vitality for Pathfinder is now updated to 1.3, so it includes a few fixes and clarifications, such as how to determine your vitality pool.

I am also adding another file for Vital Feats.Enjoy and like always I'm looking for feedback.

I heard Monday.

Wait, are you making a campaign setting for Drifters?

Ssalarn wrote:
OMG, is Warlords of the Apocalypse finally coming out? Because that would be awesome.

We can hope Ssalarn. We can hope so very hard.

I think I can get a few of these answered:

1.) Not completely sure myself but they originally called for a Fall release date, I think they said late August. With the newest update though I'd wager that's been bunked up a month, so mid or late September?

2.) I don't know the total page count but it's going to be a fairly large book. It has a whole new system of magic, lots of new classes, rules for converting existing ones to the system/archetypes, a ritual system to make up for the Sphere systems weakness, and another chapter for combining Spheres for new effects (I think).

3.) I think the new system leaves casters at a fair middle ground, all in all. On one hand casters have at will abilities throughout the day that are effective, making them feel in many respects more like the 3.5 warlock than a wizard or cleric, at least from a mechanical standpoint. However their talents don't have any real way to replicate a lot of the 'godly' wizard aspects of 6th level+ spells you can often ask people about; in order for sphere casters to get things like wish, resurrection, and such they need to use rituals, at least last I checked.

4.) They are treated as two different methods of casting, though the exact differences are left up to you. They eeven have a True Mystic Prestige class that advances in both methods. Personally, I'm going to have Sphere act as riven magic, as introduced my RGG, in setting where both methods are used; basically traditional spells are the end result of years and years of magic being refined, while spheres represent the original, raw way of handling magic (and as such I might be forcing sorcerers to use the sphere system).

3 people marked this as a favorite.

In the Company of Dragons is an awesome read, but it is really hard to go wrong with Little Red Goblin Games (I'm getting Gonzo myself this Friday). Anything Interjection Games is also a must buy but remember those classes aren't for the most casual of players; each is a blast but a complex play.

No problem.

That a pretty fair assessmnet actually. Only the spheres also can be used with a spell pool to make the talents more effective.

tsuruki has some good ideas. Having it at like a mounted creature would probably do wonders; say one of the sides is the dominant half for where it moves and such. If you want to keep it more in line of 'one stat block, multiple actions' the campaign setting Necropunk by Little Red Goblin games offers the concept of phases in addition to turns. You could give the dragon extra actions in the round by having it act in different phases, like 2 or 3. I'm not really sure how much is appropriate to share so I'll stop there but consider it.

Nate Z, Malwing: no worries them, this pdf is for you. The setting does not introduce any new systems really- it basically just tells you to re-flavor your spells as either psychic powers (in the case of the psion) or advanced technology (as the case for the engineer) while providing a quick list of spells GMs shouldn't let them take (thosugh they then say to wave this away if you like). I seem to recall the medic getting a 'medicae' list, though I am probably thinking of Amythest.

All in all I can't say this setting really ever caught on with me due to the very fact it doesn't really add much new: the classes are really more like archetypes, save for the seeker, and while there is nice gear in this book it is very sparse. That might be what you are looking for in a scifi module, even if it wasn't what I was, and I still do really like races provided in this book- enough so I often populate my Pathfinder games with them.

Alright, been playing around with some ways ideas to incorporate a lower vitality pool while still keeping the system tied to BAB.

The formula for determining a vitality pool is now the suggested 1/2 HD + CON. This keeps the pool small but a constant force in the game. That said though I think changing the maximum amount of vitality you can spend in a round to your BAB is a good compromise.

I'd like to get a a little feedback on this; getting the basics hammered out is my priority so I can then start on feats, archetypes, and two base classes I've had in mind for awhile now.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I intend to get this Friday with my paycheck but I was wondering if anyone who's gotten it is willing to give feedback on the book.

I would normally have no problem buying this but I am a bit short at the moment. Free copy please?

Created a Document on Google Drive to make updating changes easier. Here is the link:

Vitality for Pathfinder

Take a look~!

Rynjin wrote:
If the Fighter gained extra Vitality equal to his Armor Training (or Bravery?) bonus it would make one of those abilities more worthwhile.

The simple archetype I included in the original post does that more or less.

It's working for me now, thanks!

Thanks for all the feedback guys! It's really helping me in the long run. I think I have a list so far on topics I need to go over, let me know if there is anything else I need to address at the moment-

1.) Recovery of Vitality: I hear where many of you are coming from; what if your pool fully restored after one minute of none extraneous activity? I also am interested in Rub-Eta's idea about using a standard action to take a breather and recover some of your pool. CON mod sounds good to me but we can hash it out.

2.) Max Vitality Pool: noted guys, though I'm not sure 1/2 HD + CON is a winning formula either. I originally tied vitality to BAB in order to give martial characters a bit more flair in combat without completely cutting out everyone else. As such I approaching this system with the mindset of dedicated warriors (fighters, rangers, paladins, ect.) getting most out of it. I personally felt the system added a few more things for monks and that with their ki abilities they could make up for the lower BAB. Rouges I admit I wasn't as concerned about as I don't see them as dedicated warriors, though i did have a tree of rouge talents in mind for the class.

I will make another crack at the max vitality pool but I still want a system that rewards dedicated fighters. Suggestions?

EDIT: thank you RDM42 for the suggestion; that very well may end up happening, though I'll need to see what others say first about the system as a whole.

Thank you- I have a few more ideas for the system but I'd love to hear a little feedback first to know where my current setup is balanced-wise. I'll tweak it with the advice I'm given and expand it from there.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Hey there! After subjecting myself to thread after thread of Martial Fix debates I have decided to throw in my own idea. However I don't propose altering any classes drastically or changing the core rules in any great extent; instead i have developing a sub-system to tac onto the game. And for that I'd appreciate help in hammering out the system.

The idea is to give every character, PC, NPC, monster, ect., a recovering vitality pool that lets them modify physical actions. The inspiration for this comes from two places, one being the Book of Martial Actions from Necromancers of the Northwest, which offered up the idea of a vitality/stamina pool to me, and Monte Cook's Book of Blood that had a list of martial actions that could be taken in exchange of penalties to hit. Basically I'm looking to combine the two, only letting players spend vitality to accomplish these actions instead of taking penalties.

In a nut-shell here are a few basics I have figured out:

1.) Baring the exception of some feats and class features, a creature cannot spend more vitality in the course of a round than its HD.

2.) All creature types posses vitality barring Undead and Constructs, which use the following rules; corporal undead that have just finished feasting on the corpse (although other food may suffice at your GM's call) of a slain creature with a vitality pool gain there own, counting as non-undead to determine the size of their pool. Every hour an undead goes after feeding without feeding again loses on point of vitality from their pool. Constructs are unable to gain a vitality pool under normal means but have the option of taking on strain. Strain functions in part like nonlethal damage, as the Construct gains strain through its actions rather than spends it, with the construct shutting down once it's strain equals or exceeds its current amount of hit points. Many constructs are designed to recover from this sort of activity and repair a point of strain once every minute. Alternatively anything done that repairs a Construct's hit points can instead repair double the mount of strain.

3.) Any effect action preformed with vitality, unless otherwise noted, counts as an extraordinary ability.

4.) Vitality is a resource capable of being recovered in the field. Each round (six seconds) a creature goes without spending vitality it recovers an amount of vitality equal to its alliterative attacks. Example: a fighter with BAB of +5 would only recover one point of vitality if it didn't use any that same round. However at BAB +6/+1 he would recover two points of vitality that round. Corporal undead with their temporary pools only recover vitality when they are eating.

5.) When your vitality hits zero you are fatigued.

6.) Spending vitality typically modifies an existing action a player can take instead of taking its own; therefore vital actions are free actions that alter existing ones.

Now we actually move on to a rather simple question I haven't yet answered- what goes in to determining a max vitality pool. I have toyed around with some ideas and have decided that I definitely think you should add your highest BAB to it. I'm just not sure what else should be included in that formula. So far I have considered the following:

-Highest BAB + HD

-Highest BAB + CON Modifier

-Highest BAB + CON Attribute

None seem bad to me yet none feel right either. Would love to hear opinions on what works best.

Now onto what you can actually spend vitality for:

- Convert lethal damage into nonlethal damage: 2 vitality/ +1 lethal damage.

- Move an additional +5 feet when you take a move action: 1 vitality/ +5 feet, plus 1 extra vitality for each +5 feet movement. Example- +5 feet is 1 point of vitality, while moving an extra +10 feet is 3 vitality, and 5 vitality for +15 movement.

- Gain a untyped bonus to a physical (STR/DEX) oriented skill: 2 vitality/ +1 to skill, max of +5.

- Temporary gain a Combat feat for which you met the requirements; only one Combat feat can be active in this way at a time and it only lasts one round: 3 vitality.

- Perform a Combat Maneuver without provoking an attack of opportunity: 1 vitality.

- Perform a Combat Maneuver as a standard action: 2 vitality.

- Preform a Combat Maneuver as part of a attack action, only once per round: 3 vitality.

- Move 10 feet and make a full attack action: 5 vitality, +2 vitality per additional +5 feet of movement made with the full attack action.

- Repel incoming attacks by parrying them away; use your highest bonus to attack with your current main-hand weapon as a shield bonus to your AC, taking a cumulative -1 to this bonus for each attack deflected: i vitality/ per round active.

- Knock an opponent back after a successful attack, up to 5 feet for every 5 points of damage inflicted: 1 vitality/ per 5 feet, max distance equal to the total damage roll divided by five, round down.

- Add +1d6 of precision damage to a damage roll; must be done before the attack roll: 3 vitality/ +1d6 precision damage.

This is what I have so far, with a couple feats in mind for the (even) more outlandish stuff, as well as a simple fighter 'archetype' called a 'Vigorous Warrior.' Basically they get 'Vitality in Battle'- treat BAB as +3 for determining vitality pool and recover one extra point of vitality whenever points are recovered. They also swap out Bravery for 'Vigorous Training'- a scaling bonus added to their level to determine the max amount of vitality they can spend in a single round.

This is an idea I have been sitting on for awhile now that I have finally just started testing out. I recently just used a simplified version of these rules in a one-session Dragon Age prologue. I only had one player running a martial that made use of this ruleset (the other was a mage you wouldn't bother with a sword) but they seemed to like it and wanted to see where I could take it. Please critique, criticize, and call out my idea for any faults you find but please also help me make this into a functioning, well thought out system.

Thank you.

Congrats but I have actually been having a problem with Supplemental. I bought it over on DriveThru and every time I download it I only get a picture of the cover, no other files. Solution?

Little Red Goblin Games wrote:

You could totally rock as Eddie as a rockstar.

You could also pull stuff like Dazzler, Midvalley the Hornfreak, or even some Noise Marine style thing.
It all works as long as you rock out and have a mix tape ready to go for game ;-)

Wow! Slow down for sec; you're saying I can make beasts of pure destruction like the jazzy-cool Midvalley and melt-your-face-with-sound Noise Marines? I mean I always imagined Eddie from the moment you announced this- a psudo-palabard combo who incites magic through riffs and is a hardcore brawler in a fight. But now i am getting images of barbarians manipulating sounds for explosive effect. I... I really want this book. I don't care I'll be wearing pink, MAKE ME A GNOME NOISE MARINE NOW!

1 person marked this as a favorite.
christos gurd wrote:
OmNomNid wrote:
I get a very 'Brutal Legend' vibe from the rockstar.

as you should


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