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Antero Ikonen

Oleg AKA DM AK's page

43 posts. Alias of Alexander Kilcoyne.


The dragon has two heads... Oleg said softly *. This Duke Demid has clearly researched us, noted Kardas' diplomatic standing and familiarised himself with our short history, and particularly the Guardians. He led up to his proposal for the entire meeting. I find it difficult to believe he does not have a counter-point ready to defend the past actions of the Surtovans who attacked you in the Narlmarches those two or three years ago; whether he'll claim they were acting alone, or on false information, its hard to say. My point is, our economy is strong and with our new allies Oleg nodded to Ricter without meeting his eyes we should be secure enough to grow our territory rapidly and keep our economy flourishing. Tis not a large sum they want. Better to just pay it and get this man and his knights away from our capital. While your at it, why not try and extend the agreement to a promise from both nations that military access will be requested in future, rather than rudely turn up at our doors.

*This is a common Brevic saying with a dual meaning- it refers to both the crest of House Rogarvia and the duplicity of the Brevic nobility. Obviously in this instance, the latter.

Statkari Meeting-

The other Statkari have little to say on the subject. Oleg, Kardas' treasurer, looks visibly relieved that the Hellknights base will not be in Swordhaven. Although he rarely visibly objects and is always polite to Ricter and civil, its clear the Hellknights make him uncomfortable.

I don't like it Malthir. Even if you trust Ricter, I don't trust those he calls allies.

Kip, I only agree with your statements about the other kingdoms partially. Surtova can't afford to look weak right now and its become public knowledge that the Swordlords sponsored the founding of Kardas. Attacking us prevents Restov's southern border remaining secure; while demanding tribute from us asserts their strength.

You can't possibility be suggesting we give in to Surtovan bullying, Akiros?! Oleg sneers.

The treasury is almost depleted right now; and we don't have a lot of goodwill or influence to call upon with our notable citizens right now. Bokken in particular is insisting we repair his company's building after he donated the healing potions for the militia force! That man's a snake, not a patriot...

While i'm not particularily keen on the man himself, his proposal would add stability and security to this realm. We're too small to really be seen as a threat to any of the River Kingdoms right now anyway, but our borders are all too often beset by monsters.

Sir Bronwyn Raslov wrote:

"So we're expecting around five trained and coordinated men with bows on horses?

Well, you have time to prepare and you outnumber them, don't you? If you work out some kind of signal with me, I can secretly let you know when they have dismounted and are beginning to load goods onto the horses. They will not be expecting resistance, they've had easy pickings here for too long.

DM Aron:

I would recommend not mentioning the board quests again yet. It makes absolutely no sense to have a board with a bounty on silver amulets when the bandits are still extorting from Oleg lol.

Tholamin Medvyed wrote:

"Sir, we shall need lodging for this night, and when did you say that the bandits will be arriving for I will need some time to prepare my spells."

Hi players, DM AK here using my old Oleg alias. I've been asked to step in briefly while Aron resolves some internet problems (hes a good RL friend of mine). I imagine he will be able to reply tomorrow or the day after.

Oleg frowns, deep stress lines visible on his forehead. Scratching his thinning hair, he answers your queries, saying nothing as Ganit helps himself to drink and noting the gold piece on the counter.

I can provide you lodgings brave soldiers. Happs is expecting the next 'tribute' tomorrow. Truth be told, I thought about fighting them, but Svetlana begged me not to.

Lukan wrote:

I'd be more interested in how many bandits come here? How well are they armed? Who leads this local group? Are they mounted? Are they well organized?

Oleg strives to provide you as many details as possible, accepting your brusk questioning without commenting on it. It is clear that the situation has left the Leveton's devastated.

He has come with four men on his last few trips, swaggering into the trading post and enjoying taunting and threatening me. They each have a longbow and short sword, while Happs is a bit better armed; his bow looks more impressive and he wears a longsword on his hip. His leather armour has studs of metal set into it. They ride into the trading post, usually an hour or so after sunrise- theres a horse for each of them and one they use to carry the majority of my trade goods; so six horses in total. They dismount when they arrive and load the horses in about twenty minutes. Kressle used to come with more men but they have gotten somewhat complacent in the past few weeks; if you ambush them I imagine they'll be slow to react. I can't speak for their organisation, i'm no military man. If you let them dismount then slam the gates shut they'll be hard pressed to get out- seems a simple but effective strategy to me.

"Ganit wrote:

"Tell me Oleg, what do you sell here in the way of poison?"

P... Poison? Oleg sputters, sounding a little shocked. Squinting and examining you a little more closely, Oleg narrows his eyes and demands-

Your not the military force of soldiers the Swordlord's were promising to send are you. Oh, curse it, were you even aware of the bandit problem? Were my letters received? Whats your role here? I have no poison to sell, i've mostly trade goods and furs with a spattering of weapons, armour and a couple of potions. Regardless, you seen committed to helping, so... thanks. I'll show you around.

Oleg proceeds to give you a full tour of his trading post. Oleg’s trading post is surrounded by a wooden palisade that stands 10 feet high. At each corner of the palisade are 20-foot square watchtowers, each armed with a run-down catapult left over from the site’s original use as a border fort. These catapults are in no condition to be fired, and repairing them would take many weeks of work—they’ll be no use against the soon-to-arrive bandits as a result. There’s one entrance through the palisade— a 30-foot-wide wooden gate. After showing you the perimeter Oleg gives you a full tour of all the buildings within his trading post, even the internal rooms in case you surmise some strategy for using them. While he gives you the tour, Svetlana smiles at you and tells you she will be making you a stew for supper.

Olegs Trading Post (click here)

A1. Market Yard: This open area is where trade takes place. The two tables near the fire pit are used to display wares and serve food to visitors, while bulky trade goods are offloaded into the storage pen.

A2. Guesthouse: Oleg rents out the beds in this guesthouse to anyone who wishes to stay the night at a rate of 5 sp a bed per night. A rustic breakfast and filling dinner is included in that price.

A3. Stable: Oleg keeps his jittery horse Claptrap here. He rents out the other stalls to visitors’ steeds at a rate of 2 sp per stall per night—that price includes a day’s worth of water and feed and a complimentary rub down for the horse.

A4. Storage Pen: This fenced area has a wooden roof to keep off most of the rain and snow—trade goods like furs and other goods are stored here until enough build up to warrant a trip to the city of Restov to sell them off. The pen is currently empty, as Oleg’s been forced to turn over his stock to the bandits.

A5. Middens: Three 3-foot-deep composting pits and middens.

A6. Main Hall: This squat but solid wooden building is Oleg and Svetlana’s home and the storeroom for the trading post. The double doors leading out into the market yard can be barred but not locked.

A7. Dining Room: This is a comfortable room with a few chairs and a table—the Levetons use this room primarily as a dining room.

A8. Office: This room is where Oleg keeps his ledgers and meets with important visitors—in theory. As of yet, no one of importance has bothered visiting the trading post.

A9. Stockroom: This room is used to store the trading post’s stock. Oleg is happy to show you his wares- the stock currently consists of a suit of leather armor, a heavy wooden shield, two hand axes, five javelins, a longbow, two dozen arrows, a scythe, two spears, two potions of cure light wounds, a potion of shield of faith +2, two vials of antitoxin, six torches, two weeks of trail rations, a number of animal furs and a chest containing Oleg's revenue.

A10. Storeroom: This room contains two barrels of drinking water, a half-full barrel of lantern oil, three common lamps, a dozen candles, a week’s worth of firewood, a hooded lantern, 70 feet of hemp rope, a tent, and enough food (mostly cheese, hard bread, and dried venison) to last for 2 weeks.

A11. Bedroom: This modest bedroom is where the Levetons sleep.

Malthir Al Dagon wrote:

Does Oleg have any input on this matter?


We'd have to iron out some more details about what can or will be sold between kingdoms, but trade with Varnhold is likely to only be a good thing.


Its likely to benefit us, but it also means Varn can keep tabs on us with greater ease; although the same is true of us.

She isn't feeling particularily well my lord, so she asked me to make her excuses and apologies for her. Oleg states as he slides a tankard across the bar in a practiced manner.

Oleg scratches his head uncomfortably. Sounds like a bad deal for us. I'd rather tithe their family a percentage of their income. They are mostly tradesmen but a few are merchants- they might even pay us back in the next ten years.

What if... perhaps if it is made clear that such allowances will only be made in special circumstances, and put emphasis on the kidnapping of the boy by the lizardfolk... The problem is Baron, that this whole event surrounding the boy has gathered rather a lot of attention within the city. Its a topic frequently discussed in the taverns, and the people have faith in the Guardians to bring the boy back safely. Perhaps we could tell the people that the lad is meant for great things, and raise him here in the castle as a squire... Oleg muses.

After you cleared the fishing hole for the fishermen, they happened across an Elemental Gem of some power- they believe that Old Crackjaw must have devoured an overconfident Druid. They have already sold it, but elected to spend some of the proceeds on you. This is a gift from Arven and his fishermen friends.

One ring of feather fall.

400XP each for quest completion.

Ilya Shukhov wrote:

Sense Motive 1d20

"Oh, I see. I'm not the betting favorite, am I? Well then, I suppose I will have to prove them wrong. What neighborhood did you say this was in? I shall have to go and lay a wager on myself to not die. It should pay off handsomely."

Oleg turns bright red, scribbles the neighbourhood address on a piece of parchment, passes it to Ilya and then becomes extremely fascinated with the last piece of venison upon his plate.

Ilya Shukhov wrote:
Oleg AKA DM AK wrote:
And... erm... I've heard reports that gambling rings in the housing districts are taking odd's on who among you will be the next to fall in the Southern Greenbelt... To die, I mean...
Ilya looks his way between bites, "Are we collecting taxes on that gambling?" He continues chewing, perhaps oblivious to the macabre nature of the betting.

Before Fenna and Malthir reply, Oleg answers Ilya somewhat nervously.

Y... Yes Ilya we are actually...

1d20 - 1 ⇒ (16) - 1 = 15

Sense Motive DC15:

From the way Oleg is nervous around Ilya and avoiding his gaze you surmise that the best odds are on Ilya to perish first.

Still a little uncomfortable speaking on the council, Oleg clears his throat, necks his goblet of wine and speaks up nervously.

The Swordlords have heard wind of a... a dragon of all things... Living in the southern Narlmarches. A green one apparently. They've offered an impressive bounty if its head is taken. I'm worried some of the young men in Swordhaven may decide to try and make their fortune from such a beast...

Oleg looks a little embaressed as he informs you of something else.

And... erm... I've heard reports that gambling rings in the housing districts are taking odd's on who among you will be the next to fall in the Southern Greenbelt... To die, I mean...

Oleg- First Citizen of Kardas-

Olegs fame has spread and he is affectionately known as 'The First Citizen of Kardas'. He is fondly considered to be as much of a founder of Kardas as the Guardians are. Although he no longer owns any part of Northgreen, he is now an extremely wealthy man.

Now wait just a minute here... Oleg blusters, rising. Do remember that good farmland will be critical to the success of a kingdom- and only my Trading Post has easy access to that! And an easy trade route to Brevoy will be good for the kingdom's economy, as well as the stockades benefits itself...

Forming your capital at Olegs does indeed make access to good farmland cheaper and easier. Note that farms CAN be built in hilly terrain, but at double cost. Building at Oleg's will also grant you a free Shop or Stable.

Well... These be the Narlmarches. Why not just name it Narland?

Only just spotted your edit Malthir. Its totally up to you, but as the heroes of the tale if the PC's push for a name it will happen- i'm just having the NPC's throw ideas out there in case your stuck ;).

Casimir wrote:

Once this is done, he turn to Oleg.

Oleg, Sir Edric's death is a hard blow for the Guardians. Not only was he a fearsome warrior, but he was also our best tracker and explorer. I am afraid we will have a hard time continuing our exploration, unless we have some extra help. You know the men who come here better than any. Is there someone, you think we could trust to join our numbers, and help fill the void left by Sir Edric?

What about Kalev here? Oleg asks. Hes a good hunter, tracker, and hes looking for work. What say you Kalev?

Malthir Al Dagon wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

Malthir on Treasure:

Probably best to just start working out a share for Kalev once hes actually joined and split the proceeds between the four of you for now. Edric's gear needs to go back to House Orlovsky.

Oleg and Svetlana are clearly touched by the gesture, and Oleg gently slips the ring onto his wifes finger and kisses her. Svetlana embraces Kressle, much to the former bandit's shock, and Oleg looks decidedly uncomfortable.

Erm... Why thankyou Kressle. With your task done, I suppose we can put all behind us eh? Your welcome here anytime... Oleg mumbles awkardly as he extends a hand, which Kressle shakes firmly.

Malthir Al Dagon wrote:

We will honor Edric, as is his due. Malthir suggests that we should commission a statue of him, in his honor. It would be dedicated to all those who have died and will die in protecting the GreenBelt and those who live in it. Would the group be willing to sacrifice some party funds to this end?

This would be an awesome idea once the kingdom building phase starts, but right now its not really feasible.

You are met with the usual rapport of cheers and high spirits from the people at Olegs, pleased as always to see you've returned from your latest sojourn safe. After some celebrating and mingling, you find out that it is becoming public knowledge that a colony will soon be founded in the Greenbelt; Oleg's Trading Post is fit to burst with pioneers and prospectors seeking to be the first to seize the opportunities once the land has been made civilised, and there is some speculation as to where the first city shall be built, and what its name might be.

Kesten has little to report, but is happy to take your word for it that the Kobold's will not be a threat to you. The messages were delivered promptly to Restov, and House Orlovsky in particular is extremely wary. The hostilities between the houses are increasing, as subtle shifts of power and betrayals mean the land of Brevoy exists in a time of great uncertainty- another reason for the pioneers flocking in droves to the Greenbelt.

Kesten grants 1,100 gold pieces to the Guardians for dealing with the Kobolds; and you each earn 100XP.

Oleg is sat nearby in the midst of all the chaos of dinner around him, having a long conversation with a muscular half-orc, clearly a hunter by trade. He does not immediately notice your group, but a flash of emotion crosses his face as he notices Kressle's presence with the group- although his reaction is surprisingly calm.

Speak of the devil eh... Welcome, welcome Guardians... Kressle. I was just telling my friend Kalev all about you. Seems the lad's taken a shine to your tales. I assume Edric's helping out at the temple? Oleg asks cheerfully.

Malthir Al Dagon wrote:

The silver coin was more for the tribe than Sootscales, the other Kobolds we have met, seemed a little more simple. Since you had mentioned they are a little chaotic, he is still in for trying to bring them into the "fold" of a lawful, contributing society with closer ties to Oelg's or where ever they are interested in trading to.

Gotcha :).


Oleg chuckles heartily, then gestures around him; a generous sweep of his arm that seems to indicate the whole Greenbelt.

Aye, seems like a tale straight out of a book doesn't it? But just over a month ago, these folk that came in with Vaysh march right into the Trading Post and kill the bandit leutenant that was extorting from me; why, the battle took place right here where we sit! Since then, they've been slowly stabilising the area and dealing with all kinds of menaces, like Ol' Tuskgutter. They even converted the bandit leader Kressle to their cause, 'tho she had to endure a trial and a whipping first. A smug, self-satisfied smile spreads across Oleg's face. Since then, folk seem to have slowly drifted down here, and they stay for the good food and company. Its no secret these self-styled "Guardians of the Greenbelt" are going to end up re-colonising these lands if they manage to drive out the Stag Lord, so all kinds of pioneers are itching to be the first ones to seize the opportunities.

Vaysh wrote:

** spoiler omitted **

** spoiler omitted **


Oleg happily receives you and still smiling, he takes you into his 'office' and sits you down- a room in the main building which has grown dusty from such little use.

Hmm, been so durn busy lately dearheart... I really should get this place cleaned up now business is booming again... So what can I help ye with?

Oleg frowns at you as you make your request.

I was planning to sell her goods in Restov... I could sell them back to you, but I have to ask- do you plan on gifting them back to that... woman?

You get the impression he was about to say Bandit.


Kressle smiles in thanks at your kind words.

Fear not, i've been through worse. The Stag Lord knows how to punish those who wrong him, whether the slight is real or imagined... she says bitterly.

How this proceeds is indeed mostly the group's decision, but Oleg insists you are all too involved with the issue to be judges, and if you are the judges you will have to have the trial outside of his trading post. He will still attend, although he's very umcomfortable about all of it, unfortunately not reassured by Vaysh's low diplomacy rolls.

Vaysh wrote:

After Mister Kavken has replied, she turns back towards Oleg, I thank you for your indulgence, Mister Leveton, and your willingness to entertain judgment. Without you behind us all of our endeavors would be lessened. I hope that if you would back a trial for Kressle as well as the Guardians, it may go a long way towards the others accepting it. She drops her head a bit, biting her lip for a brief moment, then returns her gaze to him with her unobscured eye, I know that it is asking a lot of you, Mister Leveton.

Jhod Kavken bows and returns to his seat to await the Guardian's decision.

In response, Oleg nods slowly.

I want to see her hang Vaysh. But we're going to do this the right way; especially now it looks like your group are going to be responsible for a colony someday soon. Kesten filled me in.

Vaysh wrote:

She has so far been of aid to us against the Forest Lord, otherwise known among the hunters as Tuskgutter. Without her assistance the creature would still claim the lands south and all would fear his presence there. Now she is ready to face the crimes that she has committed before and has placed herself within the mercy of the Guardians of the Greenbelt.

Oleg shakes his head.

I don't like it one bit dearheart, i'm sorry. I'll accede to your wishes but if Kressle is given a trial I will testify against her. I will accept the judgement of a neutral party, but the final judgement should not be yours or mine..

Kesten nods and gives his word that he and his men shall see to it that she comes to no harm.

As you enter Olegs iself the ruddy-faced man comes to meet you with a beaming smile, and turns pale white the moment he sees Kressle with you...

Wha... Wha? WHAT?!?! he says, sounding rather emotional.

Jhod Kavken seems to have returned from his own sojourn and is watching you all as you enter the post too.

Vaysh wrote:

** spoiler omitted **

** spoiler omitted **
** spoiler omitted **...

Oleg scratches his head, looking a little uncomfortable at such deep thoughts...

Never really thought beyond running my own place with my sweet Vetty... Beyond that dear? I don't know really. I guess if the Swordlord's do allow a colonisation of this land i'd like to remain involved. I can always sell the trading post... And I have a good head for running things...

Vaysh wrote:

How do you fair with all of the change around you Mister Leveton? I fear that the world that you have come to know down here is changing, and I cannot say that I know what you think of this.

Weeeell... It's all very stressful, but i'm up to the task. Perhaps i'll hire some help...

Oleg embraces Vaysh. and continues-

Your kind to worry about me dearheart, but I knew what I was signing up for when I agreed to be an agent of the Swordlords. These past couple of weeks are nothing to the fear I had for my wife at the hands of those bandits...

The music box is a sweet thing, if it has sentimental value to you i'd insist on you keeping it.

Throughout the week after you begin to spread the word of your alliance with Red Eyes and his pack, a hunter claims a huge black wolf with red eyes saved him from a trollhound in the forest.

Oleg and Svetlana seem to be doing very well, and the reduction in bandit activity is clear as Oleg gets busier and busier with trade. Things occasionally seem a little tense between him and Svetlana as the extra stress takes its toll on Oleg.

Sir Edric Orlavsky wrote:

Oleg tells you he has been hearing from travellers recently that they have come across battle sites to the south very frequently of late. The dead are always a mixture of kobolds and strange, small, blue humanoids with oversized heads. These sites seem to be common near the large sycamore tree landmark, and near the Shrike river.

Malthir, the child is reputedly being seen to at the hut of a local hermit called Bokken to the east. His hut is in the next hex to the right from Oleg's.

You all wake up on the 3rd of Erastus to far drearier weather than the previous day- the air is no longer humid, and it clearly rained last night. Large, grey clouds threaten further rain and possibly even a storm if things take a turn for the worst. Oleg and Svetlana feed you inside the guesthouse around a cramped dining table. By the time you've eaten and are ready to leave, its about 9:30AM.

Looks like your set on tackling the bandits asap then?

Im off for a few hours.. Family stuff again. I'm home tomorrow. So you have plenty of time to decide your next move, although it sounds like your going bandit hunting.

Everyone regains 2HP through sleep, not 1. Oleg isn't skilled enough to do Treat Deadly Wounds but he was able to bandage you up and provide care throughout the night. That goes for Talia too.

Over to you guys really. You can head straight for the bandits, or start your exploration, or wait for these soldiers and twiddle your thumbs at Oleg's until they do.

Before you turn in, Oleg insists he gives you a tour of the trading post. The palisade is simple but sturdy, but the four catapults in the tower are just for show; they are ruined almost beyond repair.

The central courtyard area with the two tables and several benches scattered about is where the couple entertain and feed and travellers or locals. The area includes a warm firepit and a storage pen for hanging hides etc.; which is currently empty.

The smaller building on the right as you enter the trading post is the guesthouse, where you are staying. The room is a little cramped as Oleg and Svetlana have squeezed an extra bed in there for the fifth of your party, but its warm.

At the north end of the trading post are three large middens- pits dug into the ground for refuse disposal, and a toilet for the desperate.

On the west side, the large building is the stables, currently very full with the horses you took from Happs. There's an old and jittery horse in here owned by Oleg that he introduces you to; the horses name is Claptrap.

The largest building is Oleg and Svetlana's residence, consisting of a small hall, a dining room, a bedroom, a dusty-looking office, a stockroom full of the wares Oleg mentioned to you, and a storeroom for wares he plans to arrange to sell in Restov, mostly trade goods.

Casimir wrote:

All right. Let the bandits sweat for a few days in their camp, wondering what happened to their comrades. We will be ready for them, if they should come here. In the mean time, we can gather more resources and practice fighting as a group.

To Oleg:
What can you tell us of the intimidate area and of recent events in these parts - besides the bandits?

Well... the further south you go the more dangerous it tends to get. We've been so busy restoring this trading post that we haven't really learnt too much about the surrounding area...

Oleg tells you what he knows. To the south and south-west the land is mostly forested, and to the southeast the land starts off with fertile land and eventually runs parallel to the forest into hilly terrain. Directly to the south are two rivers that meet; the Shrike and the Thorn river. The thorn river runs north into the forest eventually, while the thorn runs east into lands not under the jurisdiction of your charter.

As for recent events; the trappers mentioned that one of their number may have gone rogue and joined the bandit's, but I haven't heard much beyond that. The locals have a whole crazy bunch of rumours though; people crazy enough to live this far south are very superstitious you see...

Happs Conversation:

Vaysh wrote:

I am confused on one matter Happs, you have told me that your camp is about a day away, this is walking and not the speed that you and your company would have covered the ground?

That is walking. The horses are not for riding; they are to collect Oleg's tribute.

Vaysh wrote:

When most people's attention has drifted away from the prisoner, Vaysh says, I have one last question, and this question is of the greatest importance to me Happs. A man came south this past fall. She pulls out a locket from around her neck, and opens it to show a portrait of a handsome Restovan man with dark hair and a scar over his left eye. Do you recognize this portrait of him?

Happs nods in recognition.

Aye. He travelled into these lands some time ago... Maybe three months or so. Kressle gave us orders not to try and accost him. Didn't say why though. Her face was always pale as a sheet when we saw him in the distance.

Only got one close look at him... When a foolosh bandit called Strutt decided his gear looked worth killing for. The man slew him with a longsword in a single blow. He went further south, into the Greenbelt.

Vaysh wrote:
Thank you for all that you have told me Happs. Is there anything that you wish to say before all of this is over? Vaysh asks, knowing that this is the last conversation that the man is to have before his death.

Aye... I wish to say that I don't regret the life I have led in the Greenbelt. You have to take to survive here; there is no room for morality, and the Stolen Lands care not for the laws of petty lands.

I do regret what happened in Restov though, and I regret that my children will grow up without a father because of a murder I committed. That is all. I shall meet my fate with dignity...

Vaysh & Svetlana:

Vaysh wrote:

I find myself in the company strangers so suddenly. I wish to prove to them that I am worthwhile on the trail, but have less skill than they do at many things. I try to aid them whenever I can, and so I have taken to cooking for our group. Sadly, I was never the most attentive to my mother’s lessons, far more interested in playing with my brothers or following other distractions on the farm. I was wondering if you might have recipes that I could buy from you to help me learn how to use the materials of this land in the proper art of cooking. I had hoped to work with you in the kitchen this night, but I am afraid that the bandit only wished to speak with me, and not any of my company.

Svetlana winks at Vaysh, with a wicked grin and a giggle.

I too would want to impress if I was around such handsome men! You need not pay me my dear, but you can aid me in the kitchens whenever your around in the Trading Post, and you can pick things up as you go along. In the short term, of course i'll write you a few recipes my dear!

I cede creative control over these recipes to you lol.

Oleg's response to Vaysh's plea for information:

Vaysh wrote:

Vaysh turns her pleading gaze towards Oleg and Svetlana, Please, do you have any word of my father?

Oh dearheart... We have heard nothing i'm afraid, but i'll ask the locals every day I promise. Perhaps he is not returning from these lands for other reasons than his demise- these lands have many mysteries, and he may not be able to return unaided.

At Malthir's proposed toast, Oleg refills everyones glasses with fine wine as the evening is beginning to settle in and cheers heartily, the big man beaming. Other hunters and locals have begun to join, paying Svetlana for a share of the meal and the warmth of the fire. Somne of the local hunter's have brought skins for Oleg, and he excuses himself briefly to do business. Upon his return, Oleg says-

The Guardians of the Greenbelt? I like it personally. No offence, but its a lot more warm-hearted than some of the suggestions you've made.

Casimir wrote:

Oleg, do you have any more healing potions about?

I already gifted you all I possessed i'm afraid my boy. Please, enjoy our hospitality and stay the night; Svetlana has already made the beds up for you. It doesn't sound like you would reach their camp in the time you have left this evening, and a long nights rest in a warm bed may become a rare experience for you in these lands.

Throughout dinner, Oleg tells you his own tale. He and Svetlana volunteered to restore this trading post as agents of the Swordlords of Restov, but the promised soldiers that were to accompany them never arrived; and the bandits quickly took advantage of Oleg's trade with the locals and travellers to provide themselves with a monthly tribute.

Oleg is sure the trading post could become a real success now that the bandits plaguing them have suffered a stinging blow and that soldiers from Restov are finally on their way. Oleg also proudly tells you all that Svetlana's cooking is renowned in these parts; and indeed the Elk Stew is delicious.

Disregard this next part if you do move out this evening.

As the evening draws on, the trading post becomes very busy; mostly with grizzled hunters, trappers, and small families from nearby hamlets. There is a lovely atmosphere and although Oleg is a little gruff, Svetlana is a born social butterfly; chatting and introducing you to several people throughout the evening as well as ensuring that your glasses never stay empty for too long.

If you choose to mingle and chat with the locals, roll me a D10 each to see what you hear.

As the talk turns to the loot gained from the bandits, Oleg takes the time to show you a list of his current stock.

-Oleg has enough capital to buy 260GP of stock from you. He is paying 55% of an item's value for your reference Vaysh.

A suit of leather armor, a heavy wooden shield, two hand axes, five javelins, a longbow, two dozen arrows, a scythe, two spears, two vials of antitoxin, six torches.

Oleg is giving you a good price on buying stuff from you, but standard prices apply when purchasing from him.

Malthir Al' Dagon wrote:
Of course Svetlana, we would be honored to help you. Edric, get your big arms over here and get me a hand eh! It smells delicious, what is it?

Elk Stew! Svetlana replies with a grin. With a healthy dose of vegetables too though she adds.

Malthir wrote:

What about the Thrycine pelt we recovered, was that worth anything?

It would have been but Jerek utterly botched the job.

Malthir wrote:

Oleg, are you sure you want to hang those on the outside of the outpost? I know you want to make a point but if the other bandits should return and we are not here? At least if they are all gone you might be able to tell them they came and went. Who knows what could happen to them out there.

Malthir will try diplomacy to try and talk him out of it. Part of it is that he doesn't want to see the men's bodies treated in such a manner as well as this isn't the message he really wants to send to other folk who come here. He wants it to be known that bandits will not be tolerated and they will be delt with, but we can still do it with some honor. If someone wants to assist in talking him out of it that would be great. diplomacy 1d20+7

Well... I suppose your right lad. I think we'll be safe enough here when the soldiers from Restov arrive, but I suppose we shouldn't be as bloodthirsty as the scum who steal from us aye?

Oleg's voice drops to a whisper.

Sorry lad... There's a lot of hate in my heart for these bandits. They threatened to rape Svetlana, and I think they would have done it this time too. Kressle also took my wedding ring.. a family heirloom passed down for generations. Svetlana won't have me ask you publicly to recover it... But if you did manage to find it in your travels, i'd pay handsomely for its return.

Oleg sips his wine, savouring it and sighing contentedly. Then he begins to carry the bandits corpses up onto the walls of his stockade. Turning to the group during his duties, he pauses for a moment, and then says-

Incidentally, the Swordlords of Restov recently promised me some soldiers to finally keep the trading post safe. I'm expecting them in the next couple of days. So, don't delay your exploration on my behalf; i'll be just fine here now that Happs is no longer a threat...

Svetlana emerges from the large building, staggering under the weight of a huge cauldron of tasty smelling stew. She puts the cauldron down on the ground, panting.

Can one of you strong fellow's carry this onto the table for me? she asks with a smile. The amount of food in the cauldron is collossal; enough to feed at least a dozen men.

Oleg returns during your questioning, carrying a small tray of glasses filled with fine wine and offers one to each of you. He then declares that as long as you are in the Greenbelt, you are always welcome to stay free of charge at his trading post. He also gives the group a small sack, as thanks for saving his home. Inside the sack are 60 gold pieces, a labelled potion of cure light wounds, and a labelled potion of shield of faith. As Vaysh is busy taking to Happs, he gives the sack to Malthir.

Edric, how about I give that fine steed of yours a complementary rub-down and some fine hay? The beast took a chunk out of Happs and killed a bandit single-handedly; I think these deeds have earnt you some pampering aye Talia? Oleg asks with a grin, patting the horse affectionately.

Also, if you are planning to be in the area long; I do have some stock and some trading capital if you need to buy and sell especially as the bandit's didn't take my stock this month. I'm the only trader in the area, and i'll give you a good price. If i don't have what your after, I can always get it from Restov in a few day's.

Oleg scratches his balding head before continuing.

Plenty of local hunters, trappers and hermits frequent my trading post in the evenings. You'll hear a lot about the Greenbelt from these folk, and most are friendly and a bit gruff.

Malthir Al' Dagon wrote:

Oleg, we owe you the life of one of our compatriots, you have already paid us back for any debt you feel towards us by saving his life through your quick actions and whatever magic you had to bring him back from so close to death! Lets find out what what this Happs fellow knows before we go stringing anyone up.

Oleg smiles.

No magic my friend, merely a potion I had been keeping back in case of emergencies.

Oleg gestures to Happs and the other man.

Do what you will here; i'll go help Svetlana make dinner for you all it's the least we can do. Later, i'll give you the tour of the place; it's not much but its home.

Assuming Vaysh does indeed charm person...

His face visibly straining from the effort, Happs attempts to resist the magic... but eventually his willpower fails and his head sags as the enchantment flows through him.

Addressing Vaysh, Happs says-

My lady... I feel great shame for attacking you and your friends- how can I repent for my sins?

Can't stop thinking about Confessor's from Terry Goodkind's books now...

Vaysh wrote:

Mister Leveton, are these men brigands that are here to steal from you? I heard you call Missus Leveton from hiding. Were they expected?

They were here for their regular tribute my dear... They came a few months ago originally, about a dozen of these miscreants; led by a sinister woman called Kressle. Happs deferred to her, and she also wore one of those silver amulets Happs wears.

They have got used to our compliance by now though, so they have been sending fewer and fewer men. Happs was the second-in-command of their little band I believe.

Oleg quickly fetches some rope and binds both of the sleeping men.

That should do for now.

Vaysh wrote:

I believe you already have familiarity with Sir Edric Orlavsky, Knight of Eagle Watch, and his powerful steed Talia. Our company’s stalwart bastion is Mister Malthir Al’Dagon, a holy knight of Iomedae, Lady of Valor. Our greatly talented healer is Miss Fenna Thistleswade, and finally Casimir Bodevski is a student of the Aldori Dueling Academy in Restov.

As Vaysh is introducing her companions, a young and pretty woman in her mid-twenties comes out of the large building and embraces Oleg in a fierce hold. The couple stand together for a moment, their touch lingering as they listen to the introductions.

Quite the band of heroes... Oleg says softly. We are forever in your debt, great warriors. Svetlana; perhaps something special for dinner tonight- and some of that fine vintage i've been keeping hidden hmm?

Of course dear... Svetlana replies, kissing the older man softly on his cheek. I am honoured to meet you all the younger woman says, smiling and curtseying, before entering the large building once more.

Casimir wrote:

The terms of our charter are clear. Any bandit who does not repent is to be put to sword or rope. I could probably shake his resolve a little again, before you cast your spell. That will increase our chances of your magic working on him. But if he resists, I say so be it. Like Jerek, he has chosen his own destiny, and I have no qualms of helping him reach it. If he will not talk, his death may serve to encourage his unfortunate companion to do so.

Oleg nods in approval as you mention the sword and rope.

Aye, and with your permission i'd like to hang these bandits on the walls of my trading post as a warning to others... But what is this charter you speak of? Vaysh, what have you gotten yourself into dear heart?

Happs and the remaining bandit groan and wake up. Seeing their predicament, both of them sit quietly, brooding and awaiting their fate.

Well done everyone, that was a nasty fight! 183XP for everyone.

Oleg rushes over to Vaysh, embracing her.

Vaysh my child, you and your companions could have died! he exclaims, hugging her tightly in a bear hug.

Although I am most grateful to all of you... Vaysh could you make introductions?

SVETLANA!!! It's safe now, come meet our saviours! the man shouts towards the largest building.

Oleg gestures towards the benches. Please, all of you have a seat once you have dealt with these miscreants; you must be exhausted.

C'mon lad, your not out of this yet...

Oleg rummages around frantically through his pockets, eventually pulling out a small blue vial.

I had been saving this for an emergency, but this certainly qualifies... he mutters, forcing the potion down Edric's throat.

Sir Edric:

2d8 + 3 ⇒ (8, 7) + 3 = 18 Healing

Wow what a roll. Regain 18HP!

With a gasp and a frantic fit of coughing, Edric returns to consciousness. Oleg pulls him to his feet.

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