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Old Zathras's page

19 posts. Alias of Ambrosia Slaad.


Liberty's Edge

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Priestess of Lamashtu wrote:
Pontiff Rysky, of Cult of Cosmo wrote:
*can't tell if sacrosanct or blasphemy*

Ah, reminds Zathras of talking to Kosh.

Liberty's Edge

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Sharaya wrote:


{clicks tongue} Zathras always warn people before gazing into the fowl abyss, but no one ever listens to Zathras, no. It gazes back, it does. Drove poor Dora mad, it did.

Liberty's Edge

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Dragon78 wrote:
There is also a chance that the new darkfolk race will get some love or maybe some unknown shadow themed race from B5.

Zathras thinks what you ask for you truly do not want. At least not without Vorlons around as backup.

Liberty's Edge

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A Shadow, 2260 AD (Earthforce reckoning) wrote:
As always, chaos is the way to strength[...] Chaos is the engine powering life. The spread of chaos is our triumph. And the greatest joy is the ecstasy of victory.
First Principles of the Shadows wrote:
Chaos through warfare; evolution through bloodshed; perfection through victory.

Liberty's Edge

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Yes, Zathras understand. Everyone always coming to Zathras with problems. Big responsibility but Zathras does not mind. Zathras trained in crisis management.

Liberty's Edge

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Mythic JMD031 wrote:
Diego Valdez wrote:
Readerbreeder wrote:
Liz Courts wrote:

Julie: I'm coming over to your department. Please stand by.

Diego: Please don’t hurt us
Katina: *hides*
This is under a flag of truce, I hope... Otherwise I fear it will not end well.
It wasn't... We're down a Katina =0(
We're going to need another Katina.

Apparently the disintegrate gaze attack against Katina's plot armor failed, but the energies unleashed splintered her into multiples across Time and Servers, evidenced by the Impossible CSR shard that recently appeared here.

Liberty's Edge

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Drejk wrote:
Or Indy has been good to Paizo despite trying (instead of succeeding) to kill Cosmo.

Yes, Zathras understand:

Babylon 5 wrote:
The Shadows believe that for a race to evolve into their full potential, they must do so through a cycle of chaos; growth through pain and struggle, conflict and war. Weak races die. Strong races are made even stronger. With this they developed their First Principles: chaos through warfare; evolution through bloodshed; perfection through victory.

Zathras recommends conventioneers and Cosmo's co-workers keep eyes trained to see if Mr. Morden or other minions show up to receive Cosmo's orders.

Liberty's Edge

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Freehold DM wrote:


The SDF-1 is holy ground...

The Ron Swanson mustache is the wave motion gun of facial hair-based weapons. It requires a dedicated bacon singularity just to power it.

Liberty's Edge

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{clicks tongue, shakes head ruefully} Zathras does not know answer to "Why are you here?" or "Where are you going?" either. Always last to know, Zathras is.

Liberty's Edge

Zathras always pictured Cosmo as more Mr. Morden's boss than a technomage groupie.

Liberty's Edge

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Cthulhudrew wrote:
Starglyte wrote:
The part about mastering the tech of "an ancient alien empire" intrigues me. I wonder if we will get hints on what empire they are talking about. Maybe Dominion of the Black?

Its not the Dominion, though they are making an appearance. IIRC, though, James Jacobs did say that we will learn where the Starmount ship came from and who its pilots were by the end of the AP.

I'm really curious to know if they're going to tie in with the Vault Builders at all, although I suspect the VBs likely predate the ship, so probably not.

Ancient alien empire that built the Starmount ship: Vorlons?

Vault Builders: The Shadows?

Still badass: Susan Ivanova

Liberty's Edge

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Your elven race's low birth rate? Yeah, it turns out those elven souls are being reborn as humans (spoilers!)... so half-elves would be a good first step in getting those souls back, right?

Liberty's Edge

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Sara Marie wrote:
christopher: If you go to Rahadoum, you will die. </kosh>

No one ever listens to Christopher. "Quite mad," they say. It is good that Christopher does not mind. He's even grown to like it. Oh, yes. {sprays more lemon Pledge on Great Machine, returns to dusting}

Liberty's Edge

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rknop wrote:
My theory: Aaroden died because of PLAP ("Paizo's Last Adventure Path"). As the world is coming apart at the seams, the Pathfinder Society finds it self as the last, best hope for mankind. They put together a group of PCs to figure out what's happening. Those PCs, in book 6 of the adventure path, travel back in time and are forced to kill Aroden.

Ah, Zathros knows, yes, was there and then Zathras was. The adventurers went back in time and used Golarion 4 in the war against the Shadows. Aroden used the chrysalis machine to become an Eldest.

No one, ever listens to poor Zathras no, he's quite mad they say. It is good that Zathras does not mind, has even grown to like it.

Liberty's Edge

Zathras bans Charles Scholz for having the poorest Red Hood cosplay that Zathras has ever seen.

Liberty's Edge

Vegas Daigle Presley Impersonator

Liberty's Edge

Weeble Sauron

Liberty's Edge

Miss Kitty wrote:
Studpuffin wrote:
I'm sure he's not talking about me. Beagles aren't may bag baby, really. There was this one time with a badger though...
"Dear Doghouse Forum, I used to think your letters weren't true until one day I met this badger in a leisure suit at Studio 54..."

{clucking tongue} Zathras knows. Yes. Zathras only reads PlayNarn for the articles.

Liberty's Edge

Zathras knows. It happens about a million years from now, when humans have become ascendant energy beings wearing Vorlon-ish encounter suits.

But no one ever listens to poor Zathras, no, he's quite mad they say. It is good that Zathras does not mind, has even grown to like it.

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