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Old Doc Flumph's page

272 posts. Alias of Charles Scholz.


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You are right, nothing is complicated when I am winning.

Horde smord. The win can only go to one, and I am going to win it.

Banned for hiding your age.

And Vega will become the most powerful Solar System in the galaxy.

The next poster has already fallen to our mighty army.

Pulg's facial hair is really a compost heap.

*Examines the troll with one of his tentacle sensors.*

He'll live. Just knocked himself sensless.

Ain't that the truth.

Granted, he now only eats gnolls.

I wish I had a photographic memory.

Someone call a doctor about hearing loss?

Shh. The adults are winning.

Say nothing or your laryngitis will get worse.

Meanwhile, at the Hall of Justice...

Krevon and Aquaman got into a shouting match over whose beard looked better in green light.

You can have your monkies. I will take my win.

Yes, and we do not forget.

UDS is banned by the first person to ban today.

Granted. He moves out of their shared apartment, but since he has nowhere else to go he is now sleeping in his car which is parked next to your apartment.
Even with your windows closed, you can smell how ripe he is becoming.

I wish for ^this wish^ to be corrupted.

GoatToucher prefers touching mountain goats in their natural habitat.

UDS is banned for practicing medicine without a license.

Banned for eating krevon's litter.

I take the win for all.

to lie awake

What did he say? I can't speak gibberish.

Ivan the Less than Terrible

All Katras welcome.

The next poster has a new way to make money.

krevon is banned for having an identy crisis and not seeing Doctor Sigmund about it.

Banned because your cr 500,000,000,000,000,000,000 is divided by your 250,000,000,000,000,000,000 personalities and can only manifest 1 at a time.

Banned for catching the Spanky Syndrom

Banned because I never said I was "The Doctor."

Banned for not addressing me as Doctor.

MagusJanus is banned for having eyes in the back of his head.

*Puts poor smooshed cricket into a full body cast. It poor broken body can no longer move.

Takes the win as payment.

Pardon me son, but that's mine.

Go away kid, you're bothering me.

I tried, but the Nasty Orc beat me to it.

The next poster has a special fondness for golems.

You like probing so much, lay down on my table and we will get started.


Bandages up the cricket's acid burns. Receives the win as payment.

The cricket is banned for trying to hide its obscurity.

Wouldn't want to have the group go look for another new GM would we.

Cimeies - Diapers for those over 100.


I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:
Old Doc Flumph is banned for being Lawful Good. Sorry, but King Arthur's Court is a fairy tale, and it all ended in tears.

The closet bunny is banned because I am NG.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Banned for not liking Groucho Marx.

With my tentacles, I can give a mean rectal exam.

The next poster wanted to sue for malpractice, but there was no evidence.

So how long have you had attention defecit disorder?

The ♣♠Magic♦♥ is banned for having the suits in the wrong order.

Hiding is banned for always finding the negative in others.

I am not going to acknowlede that which does not exist.

The odds of you winning are 3720 to 1.

30701 30702 30703 <<<PRIME
30704 30705 30706 30707 <<<PRIME
30708 30709 30710 30711 30712 30713 <<<PRIME
30714 30715 30716 30717 30718 30719 30720 30721 30722 30723 30724 30725 30726 30727 <<<PRIME
30728 30729 30730 30731 30732 30733 30734 30735 30736 30737 30738 30739 30740 30741 30742 30743 30744 30745 30746 30747 30748 30749 30750 30751 30752 30753 30754 30755 30756 30757 <<<PRIME
30758 30759 30760 30761 30762 30763 <<<PRIME
30764 30765 30766 30767 30768 30769 30770 30771 30772 30773 <<<PRIME
30774 30775 30776 30777 30778 30779 30780 30781 <<<PRIME
30782 30783 30784 30785 30786 30787 30788 30789 30790 30791 30792 30793 30794 30795 30796 30797 30798 30799 30800

The Great Flumph knows all and sees all.
No, you can not use him as an alias.

The next poster wants to convert.

gran is banned.
He knows why.

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