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Oggh's page

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Very Useful


When I first purchased this item I didn't use it for several sessions and thought it to be a bust but then I had a string of several sessions in a row with disagreements of line of sight and flanking. This tool has been awesome and is easy to use. You may not need it all the time but when you do it's very valuable.

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Best Mat


For the price this is by far the best product of it's type. I used the two I just purchased for the first time and am very happy with the quality and diversity. A++++

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Great Addition


These are great cards and nicely laid out. The cards are useful for both Pathfinder and non-Pathfinder users, they can be worked into any campaign. The artwork is fantastic!

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Great Art Bad Lay Out

**( )( )( )

Once again, the cards are laid out in a completely random order making it very difficult to find what you're looking for. Items are no longer organized in alphabetical order and the layout of groups have changed from earlier sets (which would be understandable if there was a gain, but there isn't). The art is great but the low score is due to the functionality issues of the layout.

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Nice Addition


Great art, great descriptions, laid out well and fills in many gaps in the gear list. I highly recommend this set.

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